Night Eight: London

Well, the opening night at the Royal Albert Hall seems to have been a happy one, with special guests David Crosby and Graham Nash not only adding their beautiful voices to ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’, but also ‘On an Island’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ (you lucky so-and-so’s). There were pretty lasers, too.

It’s also good to hear that there was a lot of love for young João Mello, making his debut on the saxophone.

If you’re making your way to Kensington for this evening’s entertainment, hoping for a repeat performance, have a safe trip and a splendid time. Please do tell us all about the bits you liked best when you get home.

If you need a fix before then, there’s this rather nice video of the band performing ‘Today’, shot at the Brighton Centre and directed by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, featuring plenty of enthusiastic fans. Are you one of them? (Select ‘Today (Official Music Video)’ at the top of the list). Hope you like it.

There’s still time to send us your questions for Guy, by the way.

And if you missed David’s statement over on the Latest News page earlier, because you’ve been so very generous already, there’s been a change made to his Migrant Offshore Aid Station fundraising target…

What an incredible week it’s been. Thank you everyone who has given to the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). Your donations, large and small, will make all the difference. We initially began with the aim of raising £5,300. This would have been enough to fund MOAS’s refugee-saving mission in the Mediterranean for a day. So far you have raised £17,018 – more than three times that amount! Can we keep going? It would cost £21,200 to fund MOAS for four days.

— David Gilmour

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

16 thoughts on “Night Eight: London”

  1. A friend of mine met João yesterday (they are from the same city – Curitiba (I’ll be there on Dec 14th, if you know what I mean (and I know you know)) and he says he is a very fine man.

    Hope you all in the RAH tonight and every night have an explendid time…

    Boat with Crosby and Nash is a real treat, wish I was there…

  2. Well, FEd, we are installed in our seats in the grand tier (complete with real wine glasses(!), they seem to trust us up here!)

    We had a great time last night, Crosby and Nash were a particular highlight, along with the chap on the sax, who was fantastic. We will report back after this evening, we are hoping for more of the same, but maybe there will be different guests? Or maybe a couple of different songs?

    Hope all who are here enjoy!


    1. Thank’s Pavlov, 🙂 I’d be so jealous reading rave reviews and having to wait.

      Wish you were here. X

  3. I’ve just written several paragraphs about Thursday 24th. 😀

    Then deleted them!

    I decided the surprise is so good I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. You’ll thank me later and say, ‘ash was right, it’s the best concert I’ll ever hear and the best show I’ll ever see’. Until David does another tour. 🙂

    David’s band are brilliant! João Mello was fabulous Fed, 🙂 the crowd gave him a big cheer and loud applause!

    My arms and hands are sore from all the clapping, my throat is sore from all the screaming and woooohoooooing and my face and teeth ache from all the smiling. 😀

    I didn’t see any camera men, but if they are going to film for a DVD from RAH they’ve still got three more nights. (Maybe they will have got it right by next week. :p ) Either that or they’ll have to do some more nights . . . .

    ash, not telling you very much, from a hotel room near the Royal Albert Hall, London.

  4. Really cool if Coming Back to Life was just a tribute for a few days to Rick. But it sucks it’s no longer on the set list! Hopefully it makes a come back.

    Only 198 days to New York! I am counting the seconds.

  5. A special request for Friday night’s show.

    Any chance of finishing the 1st set with And Then…?

    Go on, you know you want to, David.

  6. Really enjoyed the RAH show last night. I attended with my wife and two teenage daughters and we all had a great time. The venue was great, the performance and visuals were excellent and there was a really good atmosphere too. I’m now sitting here in my new DG Albert Hall tee-shirt wondering whether I should have bought it in XL rather than L!! Still, I guess it’s an incentive to eat less pies. 🙂

    On a separate issue. I think the official promo video for Today is excellent and I even spotted myself on it. I’m playing the part of ‘man stood in the queue looking away from the camera’ and I think my performance is stellar!

  7. 9am here in Brazil: break on my research to say I’m listening to Take a Breath and I reeeeaallly wanted this one in the set….

  8. Had a fantastic time at RAH last night, David’s singing and playing sounds even better than ever (if that’s possible). The whole band seem to play with such vibrancy, energy and enjoyment it just gets absorbed by us in the audience. Sitting much higher up this time we were able to appreciate the spectacular light show even to the extent of peering through the green lasers to David standing below on the stage.

    Set list same as Brighton which we loved with just a few extended solos which were magnificent.

    Special thanks to all involved for being so punctual and much as we would have liked to keep David playing all night the last train had been our aim but we managed one about an hour earlier and got home before turning into pumpkins!

    These shows have been absolutely wonderful, the production has been first class, Polly’s emotionally expressive lyrics together with David’s beautifully melodic music and vocals (and lyrics) have provided us with a first class album and a great tour. Withdrawal symptoms are already setting in and we should consider ourselves very lucky to have seen the show twice but would there be an outside miniscule chance of a UK 2016……….!!!!!! We can live in hope.

    Thank you again Fed for the advance notice earlier in the year. Have a great time to all those still eagerly awaiting this wonderful experience. Have a great weekend.

    Best wishes Heather

  9. Even though I’m a little on the portly side and would normally purchase a T Shirt in XL size, I instead bought a small size one on Wednesday, to hatch a long standing plan; combined with method in my madness! I’m having said small T Shirt, programme and concert tickets for both Brighton and RAH, professionally laid and framed with (“anti glare glass”) no less; to hang and take pride of place in my living room! A fitting tribute to say thank you to David, who has brought me so much musical pleasure over the years and for me taking it right up to date; with the memorable and special month of September 2015.

    Shine on…..

  10. Another spellbinding and mesmerizing concert, at an even better venue than in Oberhausen. What more can you ask for, the best musician and band of the world performing at the best venue of the world. David is the only artist we would travel for around the world. Thanks to no strike of Lufthansa we even made it in time, and had the time of our life. The next day we planned going there and were looking to meeting other bloggers, but sadly couldn’t make it in time.

    Thanks also to Fed for all his help and info. And of course thanks to David and his band for another wonderful tour and album. Too long no album and tour!

    After the show we tried to meet other friends at that pub, but no one there.

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