More teasers

For those who prefer to wait to hear Rattle That Lock in its entirety, please ignore.

For everybody else, expect some more teasers to appear over on the ‘Listen’ page. If you go there right now, for example, you will notice a bit more of ‘5 A.M.’, the album’s opener, complete with orchestra.

Next up: a short clip concerning a different song and featuring some familiar faces. Familiar voices, certainly.

Do let us know what you think of them.

Rattle That Lock, as if you need reminding, is released on 18th September. Won’t be long now…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

36 thoughts on “More teasers”

  1. If 5 A.M. is the last piece of music I ever hear (and I truly do LOVE listening to my music), I could be content! Just beautiful.

  2. I think 5am has potential to be David Gilmour’s best ever song. What I’ve heard is remarkably beautiful so far.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  3. The 18th will be very difficult to me… Concerning Floyd (and Gilmour, and Waters and… well, that’s it) I don’t want to download illegally albums. However, as I live in Brazil, they take a while to arrive here (although I already bought my RTL at, it should arrive by October, considering customs and stuff)… It will be a looong time for me to wait, but if I could wait for Endless River I think I can wait for Rattle…

  4. The coming days will be busy for all of us, but most for you FEd! Only a couple of days until the album and before that, the feedback of the irregulars re the concerts before…

    Only 17 days to Oberhausen.


  5. I have just noticed that despite the fact that there had not been any lengths of songs listed on the iTunes page of the album (except single), today the length of the song “Today” was added… another single??? 🙂

  6. Loving both 5am teasers. Can’t wait to hear it in its entirety. Thanks for all the heads up during this exciting period FEd.

    Really looking forward to the Brighton show on Saturday. Keep the teasers coming.

    Best wishes


  7. Only 17 days left for the album release date, and only 3 days for the Brighton show, good times ahead for all of us!

    Gary Hurley

  8. I think it’s great! I’m really looking forward to the album being released.

    Take care, Thomas

  9. I’m holding out for the whole thing after thinking about it some bit. I listen to RTL enough (daily), that I think it can hold me over till the real deal.

    So glad it is September, so happy/jealous for everyone who gets to see him this month!

  10. That teaser sounds really nice, all you lucky Irregulars are in for a special treat at Brighton.

  11. Just heard the beautiful next teaser. Familiar faces and voices, indeed…

    I can’t decide, is it pain- or joyful having to wait until I can hear the album in one run?

  12. Unbelievably beautiful.

    I agree with Pavlov – if this was the last song that I ever hear, that would be great.

  13. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    Mais si on cherche des mots, ce serait: Classe, élégance, sensibilité, finesse, pureté, subtilité, délicatesse, grâce, raffinement… tout ce qui, en fait, caractérise M. Gilmour.

    Also, it reminds me a little of the beautiful ‘Island Jam’ which appeared on the blog (or was it on in December 2005 as a Christmas gift.

  14. The “Glassman” is very happy and cracking a smile as he listens to some smashing music.

    1. “Cracking a smile” sounds so wrong in Glassman’s case, Ian. (He doesn’t have to be in a case.)

  15. Beautiful teaser, I think the album will be very good, and can’t wait for it.

    Another 48 hours also to know the setlist for this tour, so we will know what we can expect in Italy…
    Hoping for Coming Back to Life…

  16. So beautiful…I am really looking forward to the album.

    I have also set myself on a new challenge….to not look at the internet to see what songs have been played live until I get to the RAH on 25th September…that way all will be a surprise.

    Don’t mind me, I always set myself on challenges…which I usually win…. 😀

  17. ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’. This piano piece really touched me. Rick’s presence is tangible and the sea is a leitmotiv since ‘The Blue’, if you want. A moving analogy with a picture I’ve just seen of the dead baby in the sea, which I will not post here like I didn’t on Facebook or other places. Well, it fitted immediately and I felt so little. What the hell the man is doing?

    Sorry if I went off topic.

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