Important update: São Paulo and Buenos Aires

Tickets for David’s concerts in São Paulo and Buenos Aires will now go on sale at different times.

Tickets for São Paulo will now go on sale tomorrow night at 22.00 local time (instead of 00.01 tonight/tomorrow morning, as is still the case for Curitiba and Porto Alegre).

Tickets for Buenos Aires will now go on sale on Thursday 17th September, not tomorrow.

There is no change for Santiago, Curitiba or Porto Alegre.

To clarify, the full details with booking links included are now as follows:

Saturday 12th December 2015: São Paulo, BrazilTickets on sale tomorrow at 10pm (BRT)
Allianz Parque, Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1705 – Água Branca, São Paulo – SP, 05001-200

Monday 14th December 2015: Curitiba, BrazilTickets on sale tonight from 12.01am (BRT)
Pedreira Paulo Leminski, 876 R. João Gava, Curitiba, Paraná 82130-010

Wednesday 16th December 2015: Porto Alegre, BrazilTickets on sale tonight from 12.01am (BRT)
Arena do Grêmio, Av. Padre Leopoldo Brentano, 110 – Humaitá, Porto Alegre – RS, 90250-590

Friday 18th December 2015: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaTickets on sale 12.01am (ART), 17th September
Hipódromo de San Isidro, Av. Márquez 504, 1642 San Isidro, Buenos Aires

Sunday 20th December 2015: Santiago, ChileTickets on sale tomorrow at 11am (CLT)
Estadio Nacional de Chile, Grecia 2001, Ñuñoa, Región Metropolitana

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

13 thoughts on “Important update: São Paulo and Buenos Aires”

  1. FEd, forgive me for jumping into the South American blog but is there any new “dirt” on the NYC dates and a possible third night?

    Shine on!

  2. Thanks for this important information FEd!

    There is no pre sale for these shows, am I right?


    João Siqueira

  3. Cambien la empresa de venta de tickets. Fullticket es malísima y poco seria. Su servidor se cae, va a ser imposible comprar una entrada en una web que no funciona.

  4. Got the tickets! 🙂 Thanks to all! Thanks to Dave! Thanks to the cat on the street and thanks to the flowers, I’m so happy!

  5. Wow – nightmare for you FEd, that’s all you need at this stage, hope everybody interested gets the message.

    Off topic, do you/any of the irregulars know if the RAH tickets have been sent yet, was expecting to see them in the post by now…..only a slight worry now but potential to turn into a gut buster.

    Enjoyed Brighton, I thought there was a sign of some nerves/first night jitters in places but it was a preview show after all. I was a little surprised with the set list and running order, but I believe this will develop as the tour progresses and the album hits the shelves.

    I wasted the time on the flight over listening to the first two solo albums, I was convinced that they would play something from those records and was really surprised to with only 2 songs from OAI.


    Tom B

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