First impressions?

Rattle That Lock is released today. What do you think of it so far and which version did you go for?

This is the place to blurt out your first impressions on everything from the music, the artwork, the lyrics, the packaging – or whatever else has immediately caught your eye or ear.

Which songs are your favourites and which do you think might now start appearing in future setlists?

We still really want to hear about last night’s gig in Orange, of course.

Oh, and the total raised so far for MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station is now over £5,000, so very close to David’s target figure of £5,300. Thank you all so much for making that happen so quickly.

Have a lovely weekend, all. Next stop: Oberhausen.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

140 thoughts on “First impressions?”

  1. Just bought if from Amazon mainly down to their wonderful MP3 stream option after purchase….

    Wish me luck!! *Presses play for the first time*

  2. Out and About – Ken Bruce, BBC Radio2 – just played Rattle That Lock, quote “album of the week,” and said it is lovely stuff.

    Sorry I waffle on here, it’s my way of showing support for this wonderful site.

    Can’t wait for RAH. Can’t remember if I booked holidays. Going anyway.


  3. I bought the CD format….darn thing kept skipping…but the content is fabulous…. I guarantee there will not be a dry eye in the RAH when ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ is performed. ‘Dancing Right in Front of Me’ kind or reminds me of the Kaiser Chiefs…guitar wise. And the lyric in ‘In Any Tongue’: “I hear “Mama” sounds the same in any tongue” is heartbreaking.

    A great album and brave step away from Pink Floyd which absolutely works. It is good.

  4. Awesome record. Beautiful music, great lyrics. Think David is right in saying this might be among his best work to date.

  5. I’ll have to come back to this over the weekend as I have not yet had my delivery (I see from the tracking that it is out for delivery which means I should have it in my grubby little hands before lunch time 😀 ). I had planned to sneak out a little earlier today so that I could get a head start on what needs to be done when I get home and then I’ll indulge … can’t wait.

  6. OK, got it. Write later, now I’m going to listen to it properly, in my way…around in the car first, for heart, and then in the studio to notice all highlights and the great work of the production team.


  7. Absolutely I love “A Boat Lies Waiting” as I lost my father a few months ago, and it makes me think of him anytime I hear it, “5AM” is an absolutely classic Gilmour song with great feeling, have to admit that I used to hate “Today” but now I changed my mind.

    See you in Chicago Mr. Gilmour!

    1. My condolences, Jose. It is a beautiful song indeed and expresses that deep feeling of loss that most of us, I think, can relate to on some level.

      Enjoy the gig in Chicago.

  8. First time through, David says this is the best his ever done, I have to agree. The theme is a day in a life, and what a day it was! In Any Tongue, is such a deeply emotive song, and the Black Strat is giving me shivers. A Boat Lies Waiting, equally moving, and a fitting tribute to Richard Wright.

    Overall, just a wonderful mix of musical styles. Every song brilliantly crafted. All for now, I need to fully digest this. 🙂

  9. Happy RTL Release Day everyone! And congrats to David on raising £5300! It went over the mark not that long ago, and we have another 12 days to raise the bar even higher.

    Plenty of reaction upon hearing the new album. Faces of Stone resonates deeply for me as my grandmother who raised me had dementia for years before she passed in 2003.

    More later, but for now it’s comforting to hear a familiar voice and guitar in some new music. Feels like home.

    1. Plenty of reaction upon hearing the new album. Faces of Stone resonates deeply for me as my grandmother who raised me had dementia for years before she passed in 2003.

      The same for me, Angelo. I think anyone who has watched someone they love be so cruelly robbed of their memories, at times their personality, and much that is familiar and comforting to them, will find that track particularly moving.

    2. I too thought the song was brilliant. I work with dementia patients everyday and see how heartbreaking it is. David captured it well in his writing….

    3. I hear you Angelo. My Mother has Dementia and every year brings new challenges. I try to explain to my kids that it’s not Grandma’s fault that she doesn’t remember your names.

      I haven’t heard the song yet, but later when I get home from work, I shall hear the album as a whole. I can’t wait.

      1. Sorry about your mother, it’s a horrible disease. I’ve heard it called “the long goodbye”. As FEd wrote above, anyone who has experienced this in their family would find this track particularly moving.

        I think I figured out chords to the title track, but Faces of Stone is next for to learn.

        FEd, will there be a songbook with RTL as there was with OAI?

        1. I now have an answer, but it’s not a very helpful one.

          No plans for a songbook at this time; it’s not yet been decided if there will be one.

          (I bet there will, all these Number Ones…)

  10. I received it yesterday (lucky), but could listen to it only once. I bought the deluxe edition CD+Blu-ray, so this afternoon I’m going to sit down on my sofa and relax listening to the 5.1 mix, then I can give a better review.

    Anyway, after the concerts, there were just 3 songs still “unknown”, and they’re not bad.

    See you later! 🙂

  11. I wore my T shirt yesterday! I love it. 😀

    I haven’t listened to it yet . . . I was stunned at how good the new songs were at Brighton, well, generally stunned at how good the concert was too but I think, like David said, this could be his best work to date.

    So having heard the new songs for the first time, in concert, I’m fighting with myself over whether to listen to the album or wait to hear it in London!! 😀 When in doubt, don’t. 🙂

    I have looked at everything though, I bought the deluxe version, long sleeve shirt, gorgeous, T shirt gorgeous but different fabric which I love the feel of, I wore it yesterday! AND I got admiring glances!

    I very carefully opened the cellophane/cling film (?) wrapper on the CD/DVD box set so I didn’t tear the stickers (mad, I know), removed the cardboard binder without tearing it, opened the beautiful box and removed the first book. Thoroughly examined it then the next one, isn’t the art of Dore beautiful? Another artist I have to see more of after finding out where to view his work. Honestly, I don’t want to batter any of it. You know how repeated handling damages the edges of cardboard and book bindings, the presentation of the box is lovely and it feels nice in your hands too.

    The CD and DVD are at the bottom of the box. I’m scared to play them because I think I want to wait for the London shows but also, I want to make a copy of the CD for playing and keep the original in good condition.

    This is bad. . .I never used to be like this. 😀 I definitely have to make a copy for the car. Although I’m thinking of buying the CD so I can play that and not touch my box CD! Like I said. . . this is bad.

    I got a key chain! I bought one in Brighton too so I might put one on my keyring or favourite handbag.

    Le Chat Noir? Hmmm this will be a great conversation item I think, I’ve already looked up the address of the other Chat Noir. Anyway, Yellow Dress which I heard in Brighton, the jazzy song, is absolutely fabulous. I loved it. David suggested we might think it was a departure from what we expect from him but it was lovely and very much a David Gilmour piece!

    So, I don’t know if I’ll break and play it. . . .I do have to check that it doesn’t skip like Julie’s. . .

    ash (aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh. . .getting excited again. . . .)

  12. Waiting and waiting, the postman could turn into my best friend today if he delivers it before I go to work, rt now it remains to be seen!

    My countdown calendar to Chicago April 8, 2016 keeps rolling along, only 203 days left!

  13. So I was lucky enough to attend the Brighton concert and, as I suspected, David played the best of the new album at that show (and all the other shows to date). Of the remaining songs, nothing stands out to me on my first play of these. I don’t like ‘Dancing Right in Front of Me’ and I doubt it will ever grow on me. Still, what do I know? I’ve never liked ‘Coming Back to Life’!!

    The new album is a little too short and it seems like every song fades out when there could be another minute or so of good music left in the track. Also, the first and last tracks are essentially the same piece of music split into two.

    Like with On an Island, I think the songs work better live than on the album, particularly as they don’t get prematurely faded out when played on stage.

    I know it’s not a fair comparison, but I prefer the brilliant Endless River album and would love to hear some of those tracks played live.

    Looking forward to RAH next week. Hope it’s at least as good as it was in Brighton!!

    1. “Also, the first and last tracks are essentially the same piece of music split into two.”

      Pretty standard…bookends. Lovely touch.

      1. Nice touch to close out the album. I figure those tracks are what implies this being a “day in the life of my thoughts” album.

      2. I was just surprised that ‘And Them’ was so similar to ‘5 A.M.’, due to it having a different title and I don’t think David has ever bookended any of his solo or post-Waters Floyd albums before. I think the two tracks would have worked better as one longer opening track to the album.

        Having now listened to the album several times, IMHO, the best tracks are In Any Tongue, Today, Rattle That Lock, A Boat Lies Waiting, Faces of Stone and Beauty.

  14. I bought the Deluxe Set CD/DVD.

    I’ve listened to it through once and I love it! Great music and lyrics! The only thing that pains me is I have to wait til April 11th in NYC to hear it live! So looking forward to it!!!!

  15. I think it’s his strongest solo album yet. The opening and closing of the album are simply gorgeous.

    Faces of Stone is my favourite track though, knowing it was inspired by his mother’s failing health makes it a lot more powerful than it already was, and it has two very moving guitar solos. In Any Tongue and Beauty are already favourites too. I’ll be listening to this again and again, already planning to stick it on in the car as I’m driving tonight.

    Bravo David and Polly, I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this, roll on the Albert Hall gig on Wednesday. 🙂

  16. I’m holding off until after RAH. How often do you get the chance to hear (most of) an album live before listening to the recording? Stay strong, Ash! x

    1. BUT, but, but didn’t you already hear most of it at Brighton? I’m thinking you might get even more out of RAH if you’ve dug in a little deeper …. but of course you will ignore me as usual and probably rightly so …..

      1. Yes, yes, yes, and (jammy git that I am) I’ve got one more chance to listen to it live before listening to the album. Just you wait until you hear it live….it’s stunning. 😀

  17. Beautiful music, stunning and sometimes heart-rending lyrics, a work of art. A CD for any occasion! Purchased this morning in HMV and had to laugh because the number 1 vinyl slot was filled with…….’Rattle That Lock’…..when did it come out? and no it wasn’t me who put them there….though I have been known to rearrange the ‘G’ section before!

    One thought though for those travelling to RAH: remember the Rugby World Cup is on and many matches are taking place at QE2 Stadium Olympic Park and Twickenham, so there will be a lot more people around. I know a match is on Thursday at Olympic Park but whether this will help or hinder access by public transport…could there be more trains or later trains or even more crowded tubes? But I would suggest allow more time.

    And now for the DVD!!!!

    Thank you so much David and Polly.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Best wishes

  18. First impressions, 5am is an instant hit with me. Classic Gilmour sound.

    To be honest I forgot the album was out today until about ten minutes ago, so only just on Rattle That Lock.

    Still not convinced about RTL… will see how the rest pans out.

    1. Standout tracks for me,

      Faces of Stone
      A Boat Lies Waiting
      Dancing Right In Front of Me
      In Any Tongue

      Just on my second play through… enjoying it. Rattle That Lock is a real ear worm.

  19. Wonderfully beautiful album.

    Don’t want to spoil it, but don’t miss Barn Jam #1. Couldn’t help smiling and crying watching Rick with the grooviest groove!

  20. By the way, FEd, David said in one of the early interviews that Nick played on the album but he’s nowhere on the credits. Do you know what happened in the end?

  21. Thank you to iTunes, got Rattle That Lock just after midnight 18th, couldn’t go to bed till I heard it all. It’s a great record. The black Strat and Gretch duo jet and the great gold top are distinctly heard.

    5AM and the haunting A Boat Lies Waiting, a tribute to a great friend and uplifting delight.

    Thank you Mr Gilmour, your zest for music continues to please fans all over the world.

    Tom Purdie
    Coventry UK

  22. Bought the Vinyl version – that comes with a free download code – and it still didn’t arrive here in Brazil…

    Can’t wait to listen to it! And I also don’t want to read all the comments and reviews so they don’t interact with my own opinion. 😀

    Best to all of you!

  23. Fantastic! First run-through in 5.1. from the Blu-ray just sounds amazing.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow in Oberhausen!

  24. What Lorraine said, first time ever I will see a show live before having bought the album.

    Looking forward to Oberhausen on Saturday, and the RAH in London next Thursday. Where and when shall we bloggers meet? Anything planned yet?

  25. I’ve been looking forward to this but the drip feed of snippets released before the album kind of reduce the whole anticipation thing but let’s face it, we all love hearing those snippets.

    I got the iTunes deluxe version as I wanted the Barn Jams.

    The reason I picked up a guitar back in 1986 was because of Mr Gilmour… This album is class and quite emotional in parts. The standouts for me on first couple of plays are:

    5 AM..simply beautiful and classy.

    Today..different funky and packs a punch with some unusual but excellent vocal arrangements
    Faces of Stone very personal wasn’t sure it first but then it grew on me mostly for the splendid guitar.

    A Boat Lies Waiting.. Love the intro. Love the old mini disk stuff and I love Richard Wright and Crosby and Nash so this was really moving and perfect. My second favourite.

    In Any Tongue; echoes of Comfortably Numb in here (pun intended), the guitar solo we have all been waiting for and very excellent and moving lyrics excellently sung with nice piano from Mr Gilmour’s son. Most Floyd sounding number.

    And Then….a beautiful ending.

    The others may grow, not sure of the jazz number but it’s well delivered and frankly David can do whatever he likes at this stage of the game and we should appreciate that.

    The best lyrics Polly Samson has written are on this album. Great orchestration. “Sorrow tastes the same on any tongue” – pure class.

    A major highlight was Barn Jam #1 and #4. Rick was on fire in Barn Jam #1, very emotional.

    I enjoy this album more than On an Island and the Endless River.


  26. At home and it’s Friday. I have not got the album until tomorrow from my friend’s store in Hexham. But at the Verona gig the tracks from Rattle That Lock were all fantastic – 5am, Rattle That Lock, Girl In the Yellow Dress. All stunning work, great lyrics from Polly and I believe some excellent piano from Gabriel, David and Polly’s son.


  27. OK, first impressions. Title track apart (it’s really an ear worm, can’t think to it in the album still), I have to say it’s really balanced and the sound is just outstanding. Great work, as ever, by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins, who actually plays in one song of the album for the second time in two years (‘Autumn ’68’, from a certain record…). Have to say these two men, with David along on the mixing desk, are amongst the best engineers in the world.

    David. What can I say, really touched by grace. He had another approach to this album, in my opinion. More bluesy (even in sound) and he wrote such beautiful words, do it again please. But leave Polly onboard too. 🙂

    She is really a great lyricist, we all know, but this time she used a certain taste, poetry taste, as she did on ‘The Blue’ sometimes ago, lovely. The most beautiful lyric for me? The one on the best song, ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’.

    The way David plays the piano, the movement, and the sound itself is amazing. In a strange world of ‘perfection’ and talent shows, is a great thing to listen to that rough sound of a soul finding the way. No one else could play it, David neither, maybe, years later. This is the highlight for me.
    Most beautiful guitar? 5 AM, no words to describe touch and feel on it.

    This is for first, maybe I’ll write a book the next time!

    Good listening everyone and please FEd, would you share your feelings on it? Best song for you?

    Have a nice evening everyone

    1. I’m with you, Emilio: I’ll go for ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’, which would be beautiful enough without Crosby and Nash pushing it to a whole new level with those heavenly voices of theirs. It ends far too soon for my liking, though.

      The lyrics on ‘In Any Tongue’ obviously stand out as being particularly powerful. As Paul just pointed out, “Sorrow tastes the same on any tongue” is such a great line. David’s ‘Faces of Stone’ is another that gets to me for reasons already mentioned.

      All those little moments reminiscent of The Division Bell are my favourites, but that’s always been my favourite Pink Floyd album.

      Better than The Endless River? Most definitely.

      1. I can say the same about “In Any Tongue”.

        I was listening the album while reading the lyrics, and when I arrived at that line I thought something like “Wow! So true…”

        A verse so simple, but powerful and full of truth. I like very much all Polly’s lyrics, for David’s solo albums, and for Floyd’s works too.

        FEd, “The Division Bell” is really your favorite album?

        Is very strange to hear someone saying this. Yes, it’s one of my favorites too, for sure is in the top 5, but for me “The Wall”, “Wish You Were Here”, “The Dark Side of the Moon” are some steps beyond every record on Earth. Then I can put “The Division Bell” and “Meddle” (just for “Echoes”).

        I’m so curious to know why you put it at the top.

        1. I’m not saying it’s necessarily better than the albums you listed, but I like it more, and it’s firmly fixed in my mind as a soundtrack to a particular time that I look back on in a way that the others aren’t.

          1. The Division Bell is to me a Floyd classic and up there will the rest. And not forgetting the first time we heard lyrics from Polly.


      2. Different from TER indeed and more personal, there’s a ‘homemade feeling’ that is interesting.

        I agree with you for that great line you mentioned, the only thing that I don’t like of the song is the end, but I’m sure there will be a great and long solo when played live!


  28. Still waiting for the CD from Amazon, so I’ll get back on that.

    In the meanwhile I have to say the Amazon Front Row interview is just a gem. David has never been so eloquent to us, I am sure everyone here will agree we feel him very close to us now, more than ever. The album EPK is also incredibly touching.

  29. The LP cover is absolutely beautiful in person. I had to order another copy just to keep one pristine and untouched.

    As others have said the music is just fantastic.

  30. OK, I’ve heard all and seen all.

    It’s a good album, but live it sounds better, specially for “Today”.

    My favourite songs are “5 A.M.”, “And then…”, “In Any Tongue”, “Today” (live).

    I’ve listened to the 5.1 mix and has a great sound, but I’m not convinced about some songs, like “Dancing Right In Front of Me” (it seems so similar to Beatles’ “Michelle” and other stuff) or “Beauty”.

    “The Girl In the Yellow Dress” is a strange song for David’s history, but it does make sense, even if it’s not my favourite.

    The extra contents are very, very interesting: barn jams 3 and;4 are great, the interview with Polly and David at the Borris House Festival is really nice and the “Making of” helps to better know the work behind the album.

    Can I say that the “Youth mix” of “Rattle That Lock” is simply dreadful? I’ll take it as a joke, because it can’t be a serious thing.

    If I’d have to give a vote it would be maybe about 6,5.

  31. Deluxe box set type thing came Thursday, a day before official release (thank you DG/Amazon/ye-gods-of-quick-internet-sales-delivery!

    5am, And Then and Beauty, great solo pieces. Good examples of why I ditched trying to be a technical guitar player and focused on taste, tone and feeling. Faces/Stone, Boat/Waiting and Tongue, very poignant and beautiful songs. Yellow Dress was totally unexpected, but very welcome (love the video to it on the DVD).

    Today is just pure f@$king awesome. It is the track I think I am looking forward to most live off of the new album. Very ’70’s funk vibe, would love to see Nile Rodgers jam with him live in NYC with this one. Kudos also for working with Youth (Killing Joke/Orb/check your CD collection – guaranteed he is credited as producer and/or bass player on at least one track on one CD) on the RTL remix. It took me a few listens but it grew on me (I am of the generation that grew up with remixes).

    Overall, sonic nirvana. Thank you David.

  32. Just finished album for first time. A Boat Lies Waiting is my favorite. 5 am to open the album and then to close are great instrumentals.

    I hope Dancing Right In Front of Me is added to the setlist as well as And Then.

  33. Got the Blu-ray CD box and also got 4 of the standard editions. Moving music that I will treasure for the rest of my life due to it being released on the same day we buried my dad.

    Thank you David for all your music as it’s the soundtrack of my life more now than ever.

    1. Thoughts with you here. At the Verona gig I wore my dad’s neckerchief and my brother’s belt and my dad would have loved this album.


  34. It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! An oh so beautiful LP that I have set aside some ME time tomorrow to give a spin. And probably another two or three spins come to think of it. The house will be empty, and I’m preparing to be transported. Can’t wait.

    I’ll report my impressions after. In the meantime, enjoy everyone!!

  35. Masterpiece. Title track just OK for me, but everything else hit all my emotional buttons, from the lyrics starting the story to the guitar ending the story. I did not want In Any Tongue to end.

    Thank You David.

  36. I shared some of this in a side bar with some of you, but I’ll throw this personal insight out here:

    This is a well crafted album on many different levels. Been through it about 5 times now. I have to say it’s beginning to grow on me as a companion piece to OAI. A trip further along the path from “Where We Start”. The personal reflections and the crafting of the individual songs from music/melody construction to lyrics to mixing/production is an evolution of the same OAI species.

    He’s made some very interesting choices here musically, and if, as he says, these songs have presented themselves to him, then RTL and OAI are fascinating insights into the creative duo of David and Polly. I’ll have to give a listen to the pair in sequence. It should be a nice journey.

  37. Commenting on what Cesar said, it was Nick himself who mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview that he did some work for a few tracks on David’s new album. David never confirmed this himself which is obviously because the tracks did not make the cut. I really hope they find their way into the next album David has in the works because they probably would have been welcome additions to this one.

    I overall really like the album but I must say that production or editing or whoever is in charge ended almost every song too soon. You’re expecting a nice Gilmour solo to wrap each song up and instead the track ends almost abruptly and shockingly.

    I must admit I don’t enjoy the Jazz parts and track. It just doesn’t work for me hearing David do it and honestly it sounds like a struggle.

    The early release of the title track really gave me a high anticipation that this album would be moving back to a higher tempo direction which was slightly disappointing to hear only two or three tracks were more upbeat then OAI. RTL, Today, and In any Tongue were highlights for me with Girl In a Yellow Dress being the low point and almost unlistenable.

    While I sit here and give my opinion of the album I must note that I’m so happy that I have a new album from David to listen to and I hope he keeps working. He is and always will be my favorite artist and my least favorite song on this album will always be in my playlist above any other artist.

    1. People who say about jazz forget ‘Biding My Time’ and ‘San Tropez’….nothing new on the palette…David is good at it….and ‘Girl With The Yellow Dress’…is sultry and sexy which I find myself shaking my hips to…

      1. Very true. Girl/Yellow Dress actually reminds me of She Brings The Rain by Can. If they can throw a jazz tune on an album then so can Mr. Gilmour (plus he, I believe, produced a latter Can album).

      2. I got lost in my imagination with the song. I was in an underground smokey jazz club watching this girl teasing all the blokes in there and probably doing it every weekend. Wonderful and I expect Rick would have loved this one.


  38. teasing tears out of my face like a snake charmer. i got the deluxe box, i’m still digesting the additional content but the album is incredible. haunting, heart-wrenching, soaring, a mix of agony, joy and mischief. faces of stone is my new favorite song. i love, love, love that he’s still using that octave bending pedal his guitar tech (Phil Taylor?) gave him before the division bell. god, what a gorgeous sonic experience. i’m so lucky. he has the voice of an angel, his guitar speaks the language of the soul.

    as for the box itself, there’s extra touches of awesomeness just for the sake of being awesome. the picture of the lightning on the inside cover, a totally unexpected extra kiss of David’s superlative grace. the iridescent guitar pic, the double sided poster, the two books, the post card…all of this feels like an unprecedented personable glimpse of David himself.

    there’s something irreverent in his guitar during Dancing Right In Front Of Me. the insouciant sass of jazz. followed by the relentless driving force of In Any Tongue…. i’m breathless. Beauty is a feather’s tickle, a ballerina’s twirl and a hardened strut all in one. The Girl In The Yellow Dress is a siren of a song, bluesy and evocative. i should stop because i’m probably sounding crazy now.

    i lack the language to fully express my joy. it’s a completely transcendent experience, listening to the entire album at once. i’m so grateful.

  39. I became so engrossed in the album I forgot about the extras! The Barn Jams are excellent, and the last 15 seconds of Jam 4 was a tear jerker.

    FEd, I need to know: what was the original intention of these Jams? To generate new material? To experiment creatively with these “core four” and see what came out of the jams? There was obviously a lot of attention paid to the documenting of these sessions as well as attention to the music creation process itself. I’m not sure if you know the answers, but I’m fascinated.

  40. I’ve not felt this vulnerable in recent memory … my lock has certainly been rattled! ‘Faces of Stone’ is exquisite, painfully exquisite! It articulates musically and lyrically so many universally shared emotions – pain, regret, confusion, despair, helplessness and even a little bit of ‘madness’.

    5 A.M. didn’t disappoint until it ended too soon. Or did it? (“… to come up behind you again” came to mind) and I smiled (and cried).

  41. Some folk here still don’t understand how hurtful their comments will be. I don’t wish to sound rude but I’m putting it down to their grasp of English. Has to be.

    You know who you are. Think before you write on here.


  42. It arrived today! It’s an epic album, it really is, so heartfelt. Lyrics make you shiver, especially In Any Tongue. Beautiful piano from Gabriel Gilmour. On the latest Mojo CD you can also hear Joe Gilmour singing beautiful harmony with David on their Here There and Everywhere cover. Well done boys!

    My favourite is Faces Of Stone, sparse vocals, and a guitar solo which is the most intense cry. Pure David, pure Floyd.

    1. I totally agree about the piano on In Any Tongue. It’s superb and fits so well with the track. The guitar solo at the end of the track has to be one of David’s most powerful ever. It was amazing at the end of In Any Tongue at the Brighton concert. From the audience reaction, you’d think he’d just played a decades old classic Floyd song.

      I still wish he’d play Dogs though!! That track has some of David’s greatest guitar work on it.

      1. Agreed. Dogs is in my spine, I love it, but I respect the fact that David has moved on from that particular period. I don’t think he’s gonna play it again.

  43. I’m not generally someone who likes an album on first listen ….. which is very encouraging because I’m loving almost the whole thing straight off. Maybe we’ve all got that level of connoisseurship with David now that we just appreciate the nuances of his unique guitar sound and musical sensibility whatever he does.

    In brief summary terms – I get the distinct feeling that we can and will be raking over the merits of various songs in due course – I would say the following:

    Stand out tracks are

    In Any Tongue (which I hadn’t realised is the renamed Boots on the Ground) – spine-tingling at first listen, I can see how this would be an absolute belter live and has an epic quality earning comparisons with Comfy – and that is of course praise indeed. It’s close to perfect.

    The Girl In the Yellow Dress – it’s straight, pure, “easy” Jazz and none the worse for it – it sounds like an absolute classic piece and is sooooo cool – and the animated video is a piece or art also.

    Dancing Right In Front of Me is also very nice with a jazzy swing – maybe David has found a new calling – I predict this is also going to become a standard and a real grower …

    Faces of Stone as noted above is also an instant classic with a strangely French feel – indeed I think accordion is even there just as you think it should be …. interestingly a David lyric so he needs to keep at it … even though as noted we can also see that Polly has come into her own as lyricist throughout.

    Rattle That Lock we’re all quite familiar with and fits nicely.

    Today is nicely funky but I’d like to have seen the band really go for it a bit more – Stevie and Guy can funk with the best of them and this could benefit from being a bit tighter – as it becomes towards the end of the track.

    A Boat Lies Waiting is a beautiful evocation of the rhythms of the sea … the vocal delivery lacks a little something for me – which is a little strange it being so close to David’s heart but I’ll probably change my mind about that.

    Beauty I like better as it grows – there’s some nice rhythm in there and it’s better than most instrumental tracks which can be difficult territory …

    And hey with ‘5:00am’ and the bookending ‘And Then’ which are indeed very nice curtains to the piece and classic Gilmour – I find myself liking the whole damn thing!! JOY!

    The RAH gig is going to be an absolute TREAT.

    1. I was going to update my previous post with a 24 hours later type post, a view after the songs have been played over and over and a real sense of how it all works together as a coherent album. Your review is almost exactly what I would have posted. It’s not an immediate album, it takes a few listens before you truly ‘get it’, much like Endless River was for me.

      Enjoy RAH, I have to wait until April and the NYC gigs.

  44. Fed, if you buy the Deluxe version (all added fluffy bits) you only get the standard 11-track CD as part of it, NOT the 14-track deluxe CD edition. Is this right?

    1. You get everything with the two-disc Deluxe Box (that’s CD+DVD or CD+Blu-Ray, if you prefer): the four extra tracks (the different mixes), as well as the album in 5.1 sound, the promo videos, documentaries, etc.

      The only CD available by itself is the standard CD and this contains 10 tracks.

      I think that’s right. It is a little confusing.

  45. Listening again and again…..beautiful….highly emotive…infectious. I love it. Well done.

    Looking forward to the Royal Albert Hall. I shall be accompanied by a huge consignment of Kleenex tissues to capture all my teardrops…

  46. “Faces of Stone” is great. The song has a sort of Leonard Cohen vibe lyrically (and musically, at times) and the guitar work is just what the song needed. To me, that song must be somehow linked to OAI (the song, not the album)…

  47. Just letting the album ‘sink in’ day by day until the live experience at RHA on Thursday night. I am sure I will ‘remember that night’ as I remember the night of David’s ‘On An Island’ gig at the Glasgow Armadillo.

    The whole RTL album is brilliant and I’ve been listening to it everywhere, everywhen and everyhow … through my headphones, in the car, and streaming through my house system. Love it. For me, I want to get to know the album before the live show. I respect that others want to get the live experience first, but I know I’ll personally gain the most from the night by getting to know the music a bit first … it pushes my anticipation buttons.

    Looking forward to being in the company of so many DG fans next week … travelling from Scotland, which is not so far compared to some travellers I’m sure.

    1. Ringing endorsement of the album by my Jack Russell dawg. She howls at the moon when ‘5 A.M.’ is playing and again at ‘And Then’ … shades of Seamus on Meddle. Got good taste … well-trained.

  48. WTF? The full version of Rattle that Lock is on the DVD and it’s amazing. Whose idea was it to fade it out half way through, cut David right out of the track and stick on the album? Whoever fades David out while he’s playing needs a good slap. If it’s David doing the fading out, then someone needs to take a hammer and chisel to his mixing desk and chisel the stupid fecking faders off. It’s like an album of teasers.

    Please could we have a proper album of extended mixes…?

    1. I did enjoy the extended version too, there are a few others on the album that I’m hoping he will get to stretch out a little more on the live versions (for some reason I have a picture of Father Ted in my head doing repeating you post in a serious manner to an always bemused Father Dougal).

  49. Dancing Right in Front of Me. What a terrific little tune that is with its eclectic mix of styles and chord progression. A little Beatles and Beach Boys influence in there me thinks.

  50. Several listens in now and there are so many positives to this album.

    The only negative, and I guess it is a back handed compliment, is that the tracks fade out too quickly. Track 1 for example is just beautiful but finished far too soon. Would have loved to have heard another couple of minutes of that groove.

    Anyway, that minor gripe aside…………it is lovely!

  51. What I do enjoy about albums like this is that you can relate to the songs. Yes, they were written by David about his own personal circumstances but we all, during our lifetimes, suffer from loss, family issues and other such s**t. All part of life I am afraid. So I do find records like this a kind of tonic.

    It must be fantastic to be able to partially unload those issues into a song.

  52. ‘In Any Tongue’ is definitely going places – as Tim observes, it has an epic quality about it.

    The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. I do have to agree with George though … some tracks fade away too quickly (not a complaint, just my own observation).

    Only 6 months before I hear most of it live!

  53. I’m not a musician or a writer and I hate to critique anyone’s musical work, but here’s my first impression.

    So I’ve listened to Rattle That Lock through my earbuds from my CD because I could wait on my vinyl to arrive.

    5 A.M – There aren’t many words I can use to express the feeling I have about 5 A.M. I’m completely in love with the feeling I get from this song. Such depth and conjured emotion that no words could ever hope to express.

    RTL has a very anthem-ish feel, which I can appreciate but it’s not yanking my heart strings just yet. It’s odd too, I’ve a tattoo on my shoulder of a flying blackbird with a broken chain trailing from one leg.

    Faces of Stone – I love it! The piano music in the beginning of the song is wonderful to my ears. I’m not sure what it means to me yet, but I went back for a second and a third listen and each time I was transported to some dark seaside circus.

    A Boat Lies Waiting – a sad image of lost friends and loved ones is all anyone can envision with this beautiful homage to Rick. Sad and lovely.

    Dancing Right In Front of Me and In Any Tongue – need to listen more in order to talk about them. Will say I did hear a Penny Lane vibe in DRIFOM.

    Beauty – down right sexy guitar playing. I really like this song a whole lot and shall listen often.

    The Girl in the Yellow Dress – very unique for David. I see a different musical direction through this tune. A Rat Pack-ish smokey piano lounge type song. Perhaps he was thinking about Amy Winehouse whilst putting this one down. 🙂

    Today – I can’t connect with this song for some reason, I’ll keep trying though.

    And Then… – another favorite of mine as I feel David’s emotions are never more raw, genuine and freely given than songs where he casts his eyes to the floor and simply makes music flow.

  54. Expecting my copy in on Tuesday although I am also considering not to listen before going to the RAH on Friday. Wonder how long I will still consider that once it arrives …

  55. The album is good and at times great, really great.

    Two questions:

    – Why some songs fade out so early? At least In Any Tongue and Beauty, but also 5AM, are really frustrating as they finish … too soon! I am not a fan of fade outs in general but here I found them quite annoying.

    – Head’s up. The DVD has the Italian subtitles inverted between two documentaries…I do not care so much as I don’t need them, but lots of Italian fans were not so happy today.

  56. Lots of good analysis here and some varying opinion which makes it more fun on the blog! Unfortunately I’ve been too busy this weekend to have a ‘deep’ listen. However my first impression is of a piece of work that is emotionally moving (especially the words) with elements of reassurance (that unmistakable guitar tone).

    I like the departure in styles: darkness and light. Need a few more listens…

    Unfortunately my Blu-Ray disc seems to have a lip sync problem, most noticeable in the ‘Making of RTL’ film. If no-one else has found this I might have to return it to the DG eurostore.

    Anyone else had this problem??

    1. Delaying the audio by ~4 frames does the trick. Only music Blu-ray I’ve got that’s ever needed it. Else David’s lips move but I can’t hear what he’s saying, to coin a phrase…

  57. The wife and I listened to RTL for the first time Friday night on our boat, which made it extra special when A Boat Lies Waiting came on. It was late and there really were no other boaters out except for your occasional stray heading to their final destination for the night. The sound of the music along with the calm water were really something…

    As for Faces of Stone, all I can say is, it’s spot on. When you are going through this kind of situation, and then you hear one of your favorite musicians describe their experience in a such a beautiful song, relating to it, it’s kind of emotional.

    The whole album is excellent in my opinion. I heard it about 3 times so far, and each time, I really like it more and more. I never had any doubts anyway. Bravo David.

    I’m really looking forward to the shows in the spring.

  58. Clearly his best since his first solo album. This is an outstanding recording. Everything about it simply fantastic. I love “In Any Tongue”.

  59. Look Fed, I’m really really sorry, my mate’s still not got RTL in so don’t be mad. I just got the chance in Morrisons. I know, bit naughty but I’m still getting through my friend’s store so one for him and one for the car. Don’t be angry.


  60. Think I’m gonna embarrass myself Friday.

    Been really great this past week or so. Took my mind away from stuff, that’s what the man’s music does for people. Gets you on your feet again.


  61. Aaaarrrgh, no CD player in courtesy car. Forgot my work car in for repairs, crashed it a bit.


    1. It’s God’s will that you don’t listen until after the concert Damian . . .

      I bought another copy for the car too. 😀 Still not played anything yet, so looking forward to RAH!


      1. One of the most gizmo things but I was a bit ashamed I bought it from Morrisons.

        I’m at the RAH Friday. Anyone staying at the Lancaster Terrace Hotel, I’ll be starting in the bar getting slightly merry but doubt I’ll be buying litre size beers in London.

        Kind regards Damian

  62. I’m only going to throw this bone out there, but is there any chance the next Bond Film will be called “In Any Tongue”?

    Just sayin’ ….

  63. I love the album, it transports me. I bought the deluxe edition cd + dvd, it’s great to very good bonus but there is a problem because the French subtitles in the making of are not good, its subtitles Boris Festival House????

    Thank David for this beautiful album and I hope to return in France in 2016?

    David is the greatest.

  64. Well…after a good few listens it really is a great album..I hear little sounds that remind me of The Division Bell which is my fav album and the playing from all the musicians on it is first class. The production and lyrics also keep up with the standard of playing.

    Stand out track for me is And Then…incredible feeling and playing!

  65. My copy arrived in the mail from the ticket purchase for Madison Square Garden. All I can say is OMG – what a “fun” album – not to slight it in anyway – it is fresh, totally enjoyable, even some Floyd type pieces – Thank You David!

    Can’t wait for the concert!

  66. We’ve all been lying on the bed, me, Kat and Floyd, listening to Rattle That Lock. Fabulous, Kat loves the Brief Encounter shots at the station. I love Pink Floyd, always will, but I would very happily travel down to London or wherever just to listen to David performing this album on its own. Brilliant.


  67. Let me share a funny story; Wife making an effort to appreciate the record before going to the RAH on Friday with me:

    * Good: Sitting down on the sofa on release date with me to listen to the 5.1 on the hot spot
    * Bad: Falling asleep during “Today”
    * Good: Liking the jazzy “The Girl In the Yellow Dress”
    * Bad: Saying that Gilmour cannot sing the song properly!
    * Good: Wife downloading the album with her Spotify account to learn the songs before the concert
    * Bad: RTL jingle ending up as WhatsApp tone few days after…

    I’ll keep on reporting on the progress, most likely listening to RTL jingle too many times a day will not do any good to me. 🙁

  68. J’aime tout dans cet album, absolument tout de A à Z (hi, Ken), profond, prenant, envoûtant, j’aime le mélange des styles, le côté plus ‘aventureux’, plus audacieux de David, les guitares ciselées, parfois éthérées, parfois déchirantes, toujours limpides, oh et que ça fait du bien de juste entendre la voix de David, grave ou douce, sensuelle, rauque, parfois. J’aime aussi quand il se montre plus ‘rock’, ça lui va très bien. Oserais je dire que j’apprécie de plus en plus ‘Today’?, même si mes morceaux préférés restent ‘In Any Tongue’, ‘Faces of Stones’, ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ et ‘5A.M.’/’And Then…’ (et que j’aime la toute fin de ‘And Then…’ qui me rappelle les dernières notes acoustiques de ‘High Hopes’). On sent qu’il s’est fait plaisir en composant cet album et c’est un régal.

    Le travail d’un esthète…

    Je dois maintenant étudier les paroles, je ne les connais pas encore.

    Oh et que ça fait du bien d’écrire en Français pour une fois… Désolée, FEd, vous me pardonnez?

  69. After giving the album a few spins, I guess I’m ready.

    I heard most of the songs live before I could be introduced to the studio versions. Those studio versions are, of course, more polished and precise and there’s the orchestra no keyboard can replace, but the live tunes have a certain unforgettable flavour and… liveliness… that’s very hard to encapsulate in studio. I hope David will consider releasing live recordings as well, just like it happened last time. For me, it would be a real treat.

    I was, indeed, expecting more of the epic sounds “On an island” boasted, but I’m not disappointed – for me, “Rattle that Lock” picks up right where “The Endless River”‘s last note died out, introducing a new, light but not superficial David Gilmour I think I really want to know better. It feels as if David finally learned how to stand on his own and Pink Floyd is no longer a threat or something he has to compete with. The album has his dramatic points, but it pretty much feels like a peaceful autumn afternoon. This collection of songs sounds as if it is equally a gift for us and for David himself.

    That being said, I also have to say that there are times where the production is not as sharp as I expected it. There are great moments like “In Any Tongue”, “Faces of Stone” and “A Boat Lies Waiting”, but there’s a feeling I get when I listen to the rest of the songs like something is missing and was either purposely left out or had to be left out due to requests that couldn’t be refused. Some of the songs do feel as if they were cut short and that’s a real shame… but maybe it’s just me.

    “5 A.M.” has, for me, the only instant guitar hit of the album: I only had to listen to it 2-3 times before I became attached to the guitar part just as I was, in 2006, to the “On an Island” epic second solo. “Rattle That Lock” is a good tune, but I would not have chosen IT to be the album’s main star. To me, the power to carry the weight of the album should have been distributed between “Faces of Stone” and “In Any Tongue” – both amazingly powerful, meaningful and well-crafted pieces of music that sound familiar and new at the same time.

    I instantly fell in love with “A Boat Lies Waiting” – the only thing that would have made the song better for me would have been a long guitar outro a la “The Blue”. The piano work is great and the vocal harmonies Crosby and Nash build up are otherwordly, reminding me again how great the “On an Island” song was. Speaking of David’s last effort, I have to say “Dancing Right In Front of Me” feels like a smaller sister of “Smile”, as it shares a lot of vocal and instrumental similarities. It’s a good song, but to me the strong resemblance is a turn-off. The guitar theme, though…

    “Beauty” has a lot of potential and manages to build up nicely, but there are moments when it feels like this would have fitted better on “The Endless River”. Of all the songs on the new album, this one feels to me like the most “engineered” one and the only candidate so far for the “skip when album played” slot.

    For me, “Today” and “Take a Breathk” share the same originating point, but the first fails to make the impact the latter had – I like the flow of the song and there are some surprising musical solutions for the vocal parts but there is something strange about this song I can’t quite “put my finger on it now”.

    “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” was unexpected and I feared it would not mix well with the rest of the songs, but as it turns out there was no reason to worry. Granted, one may find it hard to get used to hear David jazzing the night away in a smoky underground pub, but there’s something about the honest flow of this song that makes it work for me.

    “And Then…” closes the album in the best way possible: the circle is closed. That circle turns into a key chain with 10 keys – all of them keys could, maybe, free us from everything we assumed David Gilmour’s music should be in 2015. I really hope David returns to Europe next year for more gigs.

  70. 5 A.M. – Rousing, Tender, Luminous.

    Rattle That Lock – Re-inventing, Transitional, Liberating.

    Faces Of Stone – Remorseful, Talismanic, Lamenting.

    A Boat Lies Waiting – Reverence, Tragic, Limpid.

    Dancing Right In Front Of Me – Relative, Tenacious, Luminary.

    In Any Tongue – Realization, Tempestuous, Lingual.

    Beauty – Recognition, Tranquil, Lucent.

    The Girl In The Yellow Dress – Rapturous, Teasing, Luscious.

    Today – Reposing, Temporal, Lustral.

    And Then… – Reflective, Transcendental, Languorous.

    1. I even hear sultry in And Then…

      To steal a quote from A Beautiful Mind: I’m “Terrified… mortified… petrified… stupefied…” (all in a good way of course).

  71. My copy of RTL was delivered at work today at 09:45.

    Since then it has been sitting on my desk unopened, staring at me and I hear a little voice from inside the box screaming “Open me! Open me!”

    I have urged the clock to hurry up to lunch time …

  72. I love it! My CDs acquired by concert ticket purchase did not arrive in time for the official release day and there is no mail delivery on weekends here in Canada. I couldn’t wait until after the weekend so went out to my local record shop yesterday (Sunday), and picked up the vinyl album version.

    Every song is great to me. I look forward to many repeat listens so that when I hear them being played live I’ll hardly be able to stand it!

    Thank you David. I agree with you about this being your best opus thus far.

  73. OK, it took me a few listens but am I the only one on here to appreciate the Youth remix of RTL? Granted the beginning isn’t too appealing but if you stick it out it is actually quite good. Try it, I was yearning for the OAI remix teasers we got on the Remember The Night Euro documentary, which never materialized.

    Big Floyd/Orb connection: Guy Pratt went to school with Alex Patterson (The Orb) who was a roadie for Killing Joke. KJ bassist was/is Youth (nee Martin Glover) who was part of the Orb and also produced a song on Endless River (Skins?) and remixed RTL. Guy has also played bass on numerous Orb tracks (along with 4 string alumni Jah Wobble, but that’s a different blog).

  74. Here’s a question. Tickets to the North America shows were sold with a promotion of the new album. So when do we get that copy? Upon purchase of a ticket there was a blurb that more details would be sent, yet to date I have received no further information and no copy?

    Any insights here? Is there something else I need to do?



    1. I’m sorry to hear this, Andrew. You should have been contacted by e-mail. I take it you bought your tickets online, not over the phone? Please send me some details of your order and I’ll look into this for you.

      1. FEd,

        Yes. I bought my tickets through Ticketmaster on the first day of sale for the first date that was announced for MSG. I will get you the additional info.


        1. Thanks, Andrew. We’ll chase this for you, I’m just sorry you didn’t receive your CD on the day it was released (or the following Monday, as many said that’s when they received theirs).

          1. I didn’t get mine until Wednesday (and I only received 4 of the 5 CDs that their email stated that they were shipping) so there may be hope yet.

            Listened to it a few times already. The guitar solos are, as always, impeccable. It gets better with each listen, so many nuances.

          2. FEd,

            Here are my order details, […]

            I have been traveling the whole month of September and still on the road as I type this. All the travel has been on business but I kinda get the sense of what going on tour is like.

            I have been home for a few days over the last few weeks but have not seen any CD in the mail. Also, I checked with my wife earlier and she says that no package has arrived for me either.

            Of course right now I don’t even know when I will get to relax and enjoy the new tunes, but I would look forward to hearing them.

            Anything you could do to track this down would be greatly appreciated.


          3. FEd,

            I am still travelling but my wife told me today that the CD arrived. So it is something for me to look forward to when I get home.

            Thanks so much for your time, your efforts and your pointy stick.


  75. “A Boat Lies Waiting” is absolutely gorgeous. The imagery that David is able to paint with music has never been more evident than in this song. It has a feel, flow, and melancholy heaviness that “rocks you to the core”. I think it’s brilliant. The rest of the album is wonderful as well. I’m pleasantly surprised at David’s songs that lean towards the jazz-y side, and I’m just scratching the surface of the album as a whole. Overall, I’m thrilled with it.

    Now, if I could just get myself a ticket to MSG!! I didn’t realize they had gone on sale, and missed it. I hate scalpers!!

  76. The more I listen to this album, the more it smooths its way to my heart. It’s funny how every single David / Floyd record has done that for me over the years.

    I especially like how the song ‘And Then’ finishes the album reminiscent of ‘5am’, and then you hear the fire crackling…Superb!!

  77. I love it – all of it.

    I’m most amazed at hearing Rick, at the beginning of “A Boat Lies Waiting,” say:

    “It’s like going into the sea… There’s nothing.”

    I feel like he’s describing what happens/happened at death. And I’m wondering if that’s what Dave meant by including it there.

  78. Listening to this album again in readiness for RAH tomorrow….my gosh, what a fine album…..many highlights….

  79. My CD arrived by post on Friday. I’ve listened just a couple of times and I am still wrapping my head around it. I love the torch song but David, I hope in the live version there is more howl in your growl. You can’t expect the sax to be the only down and dirty element.

    This album is congruent and shows boy, man and sage are finally aligned. Watching the total lunar eclipse tonight and pondering the place where magic, dreams and truth walk together. Thank you for this gift. Everyone is enjoying the show!

  80. Love the CD, it is the best David has produced. Love 5am but wish it had been at least three times as long, it is a beautiful piece of music.

    Thank you David so much for the pleasure all your music brings and have a great Christmas and new year.

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