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Two more coming up this week on BBC Radio, which is available to everybody online.

First, Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2, on tomorrow evening’s Drivetime show – from 5pm (UK). There will be an interview and some songs from the new album, Rattle That Lock, which is released next week.

On Thursday, you will want to be listening to Front Row on BBC Radio 4 – from 7.15pm (UK).

Both programmes will be available on demand should you miss them when first broadcast.

Do let us know if you hear David on the radio anywhere, with or without his guitar.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Not the radio, but Arte aired “More” last Saturday… I saw it while the Brighton concert was going.

  2. Dear Fed and chatroom pals, 🙂

    I’m sorry I can’t make it to chat today because I have a busy afternoon and I’d love to come because I’m sure there’ll be lots of excitement and chat about Brighton.

    I will have a radio on at 5pm though. 🙂


  3. Great interview and my god, how good did A Boat Lies Waiting sound on radio??? Very emotional piece of work.

    1. Exactly! Great that he incorporated a bit of Rick Wright talking. Never thought I would see a DG tour without Rick Wright though.

      1. In 1984 David’s “About Face” tour and album were done without any input from Rick or from anyone else in PF. I think he was at that time trying to put PF behind him. Almost all the material he played came from his first two solo albums, though he did play “Money” and “Comfortably Numb” and “Run Like Hell.” And Nick, in his book, says that on the last night of the tour he did invite Nick and Rick to join him on “Comfortably Numb.”

  4. ‘Lo All. FEd.

    Wow! Some luckier than others eh! Not been on the radar as of late. But see things worked out fine for all who were at Brighton. I’m so pleased that you All had such a great time.

    Just had a listen to ABLW. ‘Tis a bit good ain’t it.

    Have fun everyone and roll on the 18th eh!

  5. Great interview. Very calm. Wish I could be like that. Funny that passion and calmness dont obvioulsy go together.

    Hope all well,


  6. Great interview, am I the only one who thought it to be too short?

    Loved his playing on ‘Boat’. Nice to hear Crosby and Nash on harmonies, Roger Eno was a bonus too. David has paired with The Orb before, what about a Brian Eno collaboration? That would be something else! (Now I have the Half Man Half Biscuit song Eno Collaboration going through my head, thanks me.)

  7. I really enjoyed listening to A Boat Lies Waiting and to find out it was a tribute to Richard Wright and hearing him saying a few words was great. Plus what a great interview.

    Take Care, Thomas

  8. ” A Boat Lies Waiting” is a very beautiful and moving song. I loved it in Brighton and on the radio today. What I like is that, for once, there is no solo in the end…in Brighton, David (SPOILER!) performed it without guitar at all, which made him look “naked”, vulnerable and human.

    “What I lost was an Ocean”.

  9. ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ is amazing. Great lyrics and feel. One of my ten favourite David’s or Pink Floyd songs ever.

  10. I heard ‘Rattle That Lock’ yesterday on the way home from work on the Spectrum channel, Sirius XM. It was a welcome surprise.

    Then listened to David’s interview and heard ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’. A beautiful song and fitting tribute.

  11. Hey FEd, since I am getting concert tickets as a VIP and since I have not actually purchased the tickets yet, is it safe to assume that I won’t get a copy of the “Rattle That Lock” album with those tickets? Just thought I’d ask before heading to the record store next week.

    1. You’ve not bought the tickets yet?

      My understanding is that those who have bought tickets in North America through Ticketmaster have now received an e-mail explaining how they will receive their copy of the CD. But if you’ve not bought the tickets, I think you’re right.

      I’m sorry if I’m not following, but how are you going to get them? (And is it Friday yet?)

      1. FEd, you gave some of my info to Ticketmaster which then contacted me by email. I supplied all of my info to Ticketmaster, which said they would process it closer to showtime. This was because I was unable to get presale tickets to the NY show. Subsequently, I have been PROMISED tickets to the show via Ticketmaster but have not actually purchased them yet.

        1. Ah yes, of course. Please excuse my terrible memory, Dan.

          Let me find out about that. I think you should certainly receive a CD, but I don’t know if that will be when everybody else who bought tickets online for North America (or, to be precise, everybody else who bought tickets online from within North America, because apparently they’re not shipping them outside North America) will get theirs. I should hope so, but let me check and get back to you.

          1. Thanks again, FEd. I see that there are extra tickets for Hollywood Bowl. It would be WONDROUS if extra tickets, if not an entirely new date, became available in New York. I would certainly try hard to get a pair.

    2. As Michèle would say, “mon dieu!” 😮 NYDan … aren’t you tempting fate not having bought tickets yet?

  12. Do let us know if you hear David on the radio anywhere, with or without his guitar.

    On this page, just type David Gilmour in the ‘Artiste’ box, then click ‘Rechercher’ and you will see that Classic 21 Belgian radio station plays ‘Rattle That Lock’, ‘Today’ and the Beatles cover ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ on a regular basis.

    We also hear ‘Rattle That Lock’ every day on French RTL2.

  13. I’m feeling quite grateful for each song, radio interview and magazine article recently. Thanks to some very thoughtful “irregular”, I have received both MoJo and Uncut which was sheer joy to snatch out of the mail box! I also need to mention the fantastic article in Rockcellar Magazine. The fact that David referred to himself as a “lazy fu€Ker” in that interview made me laugh out loud.

    I know it must be a pain having to answer so many questions, but I know I speak for many when I say that we really appreciate the fact that David has opened up and offered some of his thoughts and feelings to his ever hungry musical adorators.

    Only 9 more days until we can hear the entirety of the special day that awaits us in Rattle That Lock.
    I can’t wait!

    Thank you for everything you do for the love and art of music David, and you Ms. Polly for encouraging and nurturing his talents. X

  14. … And today I received an e-mail from Classic 21: From 10 to 13 September, you can win tickets for David’s concert in London at the RAH on 25 September. You have to reply to seven questions about David, some aren’t that easy, but the concert is sold out, isn’t it? Last chance…

  15. Great interview with DG – from BBC Radio 6 Musicand also a short one from Amazon which you’ve all probably seen….. looking forward to 2016 UK dates. 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll manage to get a ticket for the “real” tour, although I did make it to Brighton which was FANTASTIC!

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