2015 South American Tour

You’ve heard the rumours. Finally, here is the official confirmation, with dates and venues.

All tickets go on sale on Thursday 10th September at the times shown below.

Saturday 12th December 2015: São Paulo, BrazilTickets on sale at 12am (BRT), 10th September
Allianz Parque, Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1705 – Água Branca, São Paulo – SP, 05001-200

Monday 14th December 2015: Curitiba, BrazilTickets on sale at 12am (BRT), 10th September
Pedreira Paulo Leminski, 876 R. João Gava, Curitiba, Paraná 82130-010

Wednesday 16th December 2015: Porto Alegre, BrazilTickets on sale at 12am (BRT), 10th September
Arena do Grêmio, Av. Padre Leopoldo Brentano, 110 – Humaitá, Porto Alegre – RS, 90250-590

Friday 18th December 2015: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaTickets on sale at 12am (ART), 10th September
Hipódromo de San Isidro, Av. Márquez 504, 1642 San Isidro, Buenos Aires

Sunday 20th December 2015: Santiago, ChileTickets on sale at 11am (CLT), 10th September
Estadio Nacional de Chile, Grecia 2001, Ñuñoa, Región Metropolitana

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

56 thoughts on “2015 South American Tour”

    1. I hope with all my heart that you can make it to one of those dates.

      Thanks for being so patient. (I told you to have faith, didn’t I?)

      1. If I had purchased to New York I would have a collapse here at work. God willing, I will also somewhere in my beloved Brazil! Thank you, Gilmour! It is a waiting life! We love you with all my heart!

  1. Excellent!! those 50.000 tickets in Santiago will get sold out in 10 minutes!!

    I can remember in 2012, when Roger came to Chile, I tried to buy the most expensive tickets as close to the scenery as possible. Then I did travel to Santiago (I’m not from the Chilean capital) and arrived to the very first place where the tickets could be bought (even before the internet sale). Then, I was very happy to be one of the very first person in Chile to get my ticket… but, by my surprise, the 10 first rows was completely “already bought”… of course the company just reserve this for friends and “VIP” people…. very Chilean style…. hope this does not happen now with Gilmour.

    Anyway! I’m so happy. I will be watching him in London twice and now in Chile!!

  2. Ooops…it was an ‘Old Man’s Tour’, David, what happened? 🙂

    Really so happy for our friends!

  3. So happy for our South American Irregulars! 🙂 2015 and 2016 are going to be FANTASTIC years!

    Cheers All!!




    Thanks to all who made it possible!

    FEd, if you have any patience left, please organize a pre sale… Let like 10% of the tickets be sold this way, so the problems of the past remain in the past… (I understand if there is no pre-sale.)

  5. Merry Christmas Brazil. All of your dreams have finally been answered.

    Now then, when will David be down under, I wonder?

  6. Finally…I am so happy to have this single opportunity…I am counting the days! My daughter (18yo) is also so excited to be there…thanks David! You will find Brazil a very warm and emotional country…I can ensure you will be absolutely happy and passionate by your fans!

    Thank you!

  7. Great news! I will go to all shows in Brazil. I hope so for presale code, if happens.

    Thank you, FEd.

  8. Well I never.

    It seems that sometimes persistence and passion can be rewarded after all …..

    Ahem ….. Daviiiiiiid ….. Please come to Norfolk! Lots of old men here.

  9. This really surprised me – a lot!

    What can I say? – I’ll be there!!!

    FEd, if you happen to meet the man, by chance, one of these days, please, tell him “muito obrigado”.

    And…Emilio, Erin, Lorraine, KenF…GREAT to see you here! It’s been a long while… 😀

  10. I am so happy that David’s fans in South America get to experience this event of a lifetime too. Reading blogs for a few years now, I have seen many fans from that area hoping to see David in concert.

    So now it is a world tour. Pretty darn good for an “Old Man Tour” (his quote, not mine. I feel our souls are forever young, therefore not old at all). He is spreading happiness throughout the world. And the world really needs positive events to look forward to.

    I am ecstatic. I was able to purchase a couple tickets. It was like a quest. Ticketmaster had a nearby store listed as a distributor. I went to the bank to make sure I had enough in my account. Then to the store to find they are no longer associated with Ticketmaster. So then I called to buy the tickets. To only find out that the price I saw did not include the fees. So I needed to put more money in my account. But the bank had closed and I had to wait till Monday. By then the tickets I had hoped to get and many more had sold.

    So I feel fortunate I get to be part of this phenomenon at all. It took perseverance and patience. But as the saying goes, “Nothing worthwhile is easy”.

    Take care, Suzy.

  11. Thank you very much FEd.

    We are so happy here in Brazil!!! It’s amazing to have David here for the first time…

    I hope all the Brazilians fans here in the blog can buy at least one ticket… I access this blog every day and today was very special.

    Thanks again!


    1. I’m genuinely thrilled for you, my friend. I’ve said it many times before, but if I could have chosen just one place for David to visit, without a doubt, it would be Brazil.

      Enjoy it.

    2. Sharing your feeling, João!!!! I’m so happy! ^^

      By the way, I think he will play the same set every night, what do you think?

      1. I’m wondering if, as it’s his first time in S.America, he would throw in just a little more Floyd for the fans there. In Europe and America in thinking he might ration that a bit but you guys are going to want the full Shine-On and Comfy treatment …. Or as usual I may be completely wrong!

        1. You are not wrong! I’ve never been in a Gilmour show (just Waters here in São Paulo) and it will be perfect if we have a special set here…

      2. Alvaro, I think the sets will be the same here in Brazil… But not in London, for example (5 shows)…

  12. I see you work late Fed.

    On another note I was catching up on The Wall. The video for The Worms kind of speaks volumes on some people’s reaction to immigration and it’s more than 30 years ago.


    1. I think Coldplay put it best, back when they didn’t annoy me:

      We never change, do we?
      No, no.
      We never learn, do we?

  13. Yippee!!! Wonderful news!

    David must have seen (and enjoyed) this lovely video that Brazilian fans shared a few years ago via
    FEd’s Twitter. 🙂

    It’s so good to see tenacity and enthusiasm rewarded.

  14. Glad to see that David’s Old Man Tour is gradually extending around the world..!

    So, as a Brit currently stuck in Aus, the big question is whether some dates will be added down under…? Or even Asia will do…?!

    Any idea FEd?!

    Cheers, Steve

      1. That’s a real shame 🙁 ….but thanks for the reply. Here’s hoping for change then..!

        Great outcome for all in South America though…Enjoy!

  15. My nephew and his family just moved from Cairo to Buenos Aires. What a treat for them! 🙂

  16. Just heard “Today”, great, brave song. Is it only me or the central part is coming from the Barn Jam 121?

    1. The new home of Palmeiras looks like a fine stadium indeed. Paul McCartney was the first to play there (he lost two-nil). 45,000 tickets sold out in less than 24 hours, or so it says here.

      1. The sound there is awful. Acoustically speaking, it is a disaster, even Paul didn’t get the sound right… However, the other two venues in Brazil are amazing.

  17. Good luck to all our South American bloggers with tickets next week.

    On another note, will David Gilmour play on the Later with Jools Holland TV show this September? The 4 shows on, all on a Tuesday, will be filmed in Maidstone at 7.45 on 15th / 22nd / 29th and 6th October.

    You can register for the first random draw by clicking on Google and going to BBC Two – Later… With Jools Holland and then hit tickets anytime until 7th September at 10 pm!

    Gary Hurley London England.

    1. Hmmm,

      An interesting prospect Gary and thanks for the heads up on this.

      I suspect there’s a strong possibility that he will, as David will be back in Blighty for the last 3 of those dates.

      As most of us know, David also, has ‘previous’, with Jools, so I’d stick my neck out and say it’s pretty much odds on that we can look forward to seeing a session on ‘Later’.

      Let’s hope so.

  18. Delighted for the folk in South America, hope they all enjoy it. Next up?

    Just realised Today is available on iTunes for those that have pre-ordered the album there, haven’t had a chance to listen yet, on the way home in the car maybe, yeah a good start to the weekend and one more sleep until we get to Brighton, but I’m not counting…..enjoy these times people!

    Tom B

  19. Well done South America….it is nice to finally have your dreams, wishes and desires heard and therefore come true. It shows there is hope after all and I am so glad that the rumours turned out to be true. Enjoy….

    1. Well said, Julie. I think fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement about this visit to South America. Everyone in Europe and North America, at least, having always been so spoiled when it comes to concerts.

  20. I’m so happy for the folks in South America, they have waited a long time. They deserve this.

  21. Great. I can’t believe. Finally our dreams come true. Thank you, so much, David Gilmour.

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