Pink Floyd’s 30 best songs

David features heavily in, and is on the cover of, Uncut magazine this month – the September edition. Available in all good shops, as well as some rubbish ones, there is even a digital edition available, if you prefer to be paper-free. A quite candid interview, it contains several interesting revelations about Rattle That Lock, with much more besides.

The Uncut website is listing Pink Floyd’s 30 best songs, as chosen by David (who also provides the foreword), Nick Mason, some long-time friends and collaborators, as well as a host of famous fans.

What do you think of the list and which, if any, do you think will be played on David’s tour this year and next?

David does suggest in the exclusive interview that he could well dust down another rarity, as he did with ‘Wot’s… Uh the Deal’ in 2006 and several Syd Barrett numbers in addition, which is a tantalising prospect. Now might be a good time to shout wild ideas at him. Go on, he won’t mind. Trust me.

That’s something to mull over this weekend.

Don’t forget that tickets to David’s concert at the Los Angeles Forum go on sale today at 10am local time. If you’re going to try for tickets, be lucky, remember this, and do let us know how you fare.

Author: FEd

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113 thoughts on “Pink Floyd’s 30 best songs”

  1. Guys, please check out the last Uncut number, the interview with David is just amazing, he opens up a lot.

    I have to say the pictures look a bit weird, a bit like he has lipstick, or is it the red wine? πŸ™‚ Well who cares, he looks great and we are so looking forward to the rattles.

  2. Interstellar Overdrive
    Jugband Blues
    Welcome to the Machine
    One Slip

    Not that Marooned needs dusting off.

      1. Count me as a second for Marooned. Played live only 3 times ever. Add Dogs and Sorrow and I will be in heaven. πŸ™‚

  3. Come on, I disagree with the list! Comfortably Numb should be higher than 18th!

  4. Misread or was it wishful thinking that David would perform all 30 plus Rattle That Lock, On an Island etc.!!!!! Dream on girl!!!

    Would definitely settle for:

    Fat Old Sun
    On the Turning Away
    Comfortably Numb (of course No 1 selection)
    High Hopes
    Fat Old Sun…..again and again!!!!
    One Slip (especially with Phil M on stage with him)
    Time/Us and Them (maybe too poignant though)
    Louder Than Words

    Whatever David chooses to do will be wonderful, we’ll have a great time but spare a thought for those that won’t be there or unable to see him.

    Best wishes

  5. I am on the road, so this is only a first short comment.

    Childhood’s End please and anything from Animals.

  6. Well, when this tour was announced I immediately talked about ‘Mudmen’, don’t know exactly why, but it still fits well in my mind. ‘Marooned’ is another great piece of music too, and, as you’ve said, rarely heard live.

    Thinking about some tribute, I’d suggest ‘Opel’, with some rhythm added and guitar fills during the instrumental section (love it really), or, maybe, a version of ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ with, in the middle, a giant organ (have seen the real deal somewhere?) playing ‘Autumn ’68’, would be very moving.


  7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    What Do You Want From Me
    High Hopes
    Yet Another Movie
    See Emily Play
    No Good Trying
    Green Is The Colour
    Learning To Fly


  8. What a long interview, I have to save some time to read it all, time that I don’t have it just now, but I’ll read it soon…

    My dream was realized in 2006 playing Echoes in Florence.

    I’d like to hear, among the “classics” and the “rares” these songs:

    Comfortably Numb (definitely the best song of Pink Floyd, one of the best in history. Period.)
    See Emily Play
    Brain Damage/Eclipse
    Astronomy Domine
    What Do You Want From Me
    Coming Back to Life

    Some are my favourite songs, some are songs I never heard live played by David, some are songs I feel deep inside for personal reasons, even if they’re not the most famous or considered in Floyd’s discography.

    Of course Comfortably Numb will be in the setlist, but I hope to hear at least a couple of the other five I wrote.

    And you, FEd? Which are your favourite Floyd’s songs? Not 30, maybe your top 5 or top 10.

    1. It would probably change from week to week, and many of them get played in concert all the time, but to the obvious ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Echoes’, and without thinking about it too much, I’ll add ‘Sorrow’, ‘Dogs’, ‘What Do You Want From Me’, ‘Welcome to the Machine’, ‘Coming Back to Life’ and… ‘Marooned’. That’s ten and I’ve left out ‘Poles Apart’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘On the Turning Away’, ‘Lucifer Sam’, ‘Ibiza Bar’, ‘The Nile Song’, ‘Mother’, ‘Embryo’, ‘Fearless’ (those football fans singing are the best) and ‘Us and Them’.

      That’s another ten.

      Might as well go all the way to 30 now: ‘Cymbaline’, ‘Childhood’s End’, ‘Green Is the Colour’, ‘Take It Back’, ‘Cluster One’, ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Careful with That Axe, Eugene’ ‘The Final Cut’, ‘The Gold It’s In the…’ and ‘Yet Another Movie’.

      1. I am with you all the way on ‘Cymbaline’ oh and ‘Nile Song’ although not sure David can scream/sing like that these days.

        As for Syd songs, my absolute favourite is one of his solo songs ‘Effervescing Elephant’ but I don’t want to hear David Gilmour sing that, it would just be weird! His version of ‘Dark Globe’ is beautiful but sends me to tears.

        ‘On the Turning Away’ is one I’d like to hear live too.

        There are just so many amazing tracks it must be incredibly hard to put a set list together, I certainly wouldn’t want that job. I tried to think of a top 30 and couldn’t even manage that.

  9. I guess if you put 1000 groups of 30 people together and asked them to compile a top 30, they would all be very different, and that’s not a bad thing, though I’m a bit surprised nothing from Animals made the list. Dogs and Pigs would both be in my top 10.

    If I were to pick one song for David to dust off it would be Dogs. Not sure how he’d manage to pull all the guitar pieces together for a live show though as I doubt anyone else could pull the rhythm guitar together quite like him. Maybe Phil could, I dunno. Well, you did ask for wild ideas!

    It’s been an amazing few weeks and thanks for keeping the blog and the chats so fresh and alive. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Can’t believe Animals didn’t get any love! Anything off Animals would be such a treat!

    Fearless, is up there for me. But I will get a list going, since I want to take a break from work… πŸ™‚

    One of These Days
    Summer 68 (Tribute to Richard. πŸ™ )

  11. I would love to hear Fearless, The Narrow Way 1, 2 and at least 3, Interstellar Overdrive would be very cool, Green Is The Colour, Cymbaline, Childhood’s End. These would all be a treat.

  12. Green Is The Colour, Fat Old Sun (really blew me away in 2006), Childhood’s End, Louder Than Words and anything off the self titled album (yes, I still call them albums). Anything he plays from Rick or Syd will be a special moment.

    I’m sure David and the band have songs planned that will make memories for all!!!

  13. Would love to hear:

    Childhood’s End (lyrically, one of David’s best songs)
    Dogs (seldom played, and possibly his greatest lead guitar work)
    Short and Sweet

    1. I agree 100% Mike. Childhood’s End is the first song popped in my head when I read this post. Yeah, put that in your iPod ‘n’ smoke it.

      I loved that song first time I heard it and was simply delighted to know David had written it!

      There’s nothing better than having it shuffle on.

      Green is The Colour comes in second and Fearless. Wouldn’t Fearless be nice to sing together…

      I have more, but I’m about to be fearless and hit the Barre!

      Be back later.

  14. I expect that he’ll do some tribute to Rick – maybe “Remember a Day”.

    I’d love to hear “Childhood’s End”.

    And “Dogs” but I doubt he’d do it, plus I’m not sure If he’d want to sing Roger’s vocals that are toward the end of the song.

  15. At Brighton David and the band will do everything we want because we are bringing chains and padlocks to lock all the doors and not let them leave until they’ve tried everything out on us. . . .

    ash }:-) (Fed, this is supposed to be a devilish, naughty, cheeky, wild eyed, mad fan on the loose. . . .emoticon. I don’t know if it will work. )

    1. I see what you mean, Ash. It just about works.

      Maybe you need wider eyes and a tongue sticking out? }8-P

  16. Right. I’ll play my Pink Floyd collection over the weekend to try to decide what I’d like to hear. . . I’d be happy to hear anything though. πŸ™‚ I have every faith in David’s brilliance at putting together a great concert.

    I’ll also go out and get a copy of Uncut.

    ash πŸ™‚

  17. I would really like to hear anything from Animals even it was just the grunting pig at the start.


  18. What a listing… I can’t say I’m d’accord with the chosen songs and their ranking, but it’s not my listing, isn’t it? Fortunately tastes differ. πŸ™‚

  19. FEd,

    Haven’t seen the list yet “Green is the Colour” would be my pick.


  20. BTW: did I mention that Childhood’s End would be a great song to dust down and play it in September? I think I did, but I like repeating that.

  21. I agree with Taki that something from Animals would be fantastic but probably a long shot.

    It would also be great if he played something from the Final Cut. Even though some consider that to be Waters solo album there are some great numbers on it. And would love to hear David take a stab at it.

    And, I would absolutely love to hear There’s No Way Out of Here from his first solo album. Might fit in well before or after Rattle That Lock, LOL.


    1. It would also be great if he played something from the Final Cut. Even though some consider that to be Waters solo album there are some great numbers on it. And would love to hear David take a stab at it.

      Absolutely. I’d vote for that.

      1. Me too, good shout! But which song? Apart from the one he sang, I mean. Maybe…’Your Possible Pasts’?

        1. Of course Not Now John could be another decent number from that release.


          1. Yes sir, and even if it’s unlikely as well…’Fletcher Memorial Home’ is maybe my favourite David’s solo ever. Maybe in a more ‘naked’ version, who knows.

  22. Here’s a few ideas for the new tour:-

    – Some tracks off ‘David Gilmour’ and ‘About Face’
    – A Pillow of Winds
    – Cymbaline
    – Childhood’s End
    – Welcome to the Machine
    – Dogs (I’d rather hear this live, than all of the other songs put together!)
    – Anything from The Endless River
    – Sorrow
    – Hey You
    – Goodbye Blue Sky
    – What Do You Want from Me
    – Green is the Colour
    – Ibiza Bar

    1. I’m with you on Dogs. That said, since FEd was courteous enough to ask, here are my other ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to hear him play’ songs:

      Shine on You Crazy Diamond
      Wot’s…Uh the Deal
      The Blue
      Till We Sleep
      Green is the Colour
      Us and Them
      Goodbye Blue Sky
      Run Like Hell
      Pillow of Winds (since I’m taking my 17 year-old God daughter who is CRAZY about that song)
      Wish You Were Here (for Richard and Syd)
      Everything on Rattle That Lock

      Like everyone else here, I just feel gratitude for the opportunity to see Himself. He can play whatever moves him, and it’ll move me too.

  23. Poles Apart
    Green is the Colour
    Fat Old Sun
    Or Childhood’s End..

    Tracks off his first and second album would be nice and most of all…..

    M I H A L I S……… πŸ˜€

  24. I loved the following songs so much on the last tour that It would be sad not to hear them again. I would normally put Echoes at the top of that list but I don’t feel it would be right without Rick.

    Fat Old Sun
    Wot’s… Uh the Deal
    Dark Globe – Once is not enough!
    On an Island

    What I would like added to this tour that he did not play on the last or he did but not at any shows I attended.

    Marooned – Every night!
    Fearless – Never seen it done live anywhere.
    On the Turning Away
    Breakthrough – for Rick
    Green is the Colour
    The Dimming of the Day – I know it’s not David or Floyd but David does it so beautifully.

    I really want this tour to be about David’s new album, a tribute to Rick, and a celebration of their music. I personally don’t need to hear Roger’s lyrics or any of the major hit songs just to hear them and please others. That’s why I was really hoping for a smaller venue, intimate show like 2006 but I’m not complaining considering just the chance to see David again is a privilege.

    The point I’m getting at is I want David to play what makes him happy. If he enjoys himself enough hopefully that next album after Rattle That Lock comes just a little quicker and we have one more chance to see this amazing musician.

    Thank you David.

    1. Great post, Rae. Thank you for that.

      ‘Dark Globe’ and ‘The Dimming of the Day’ are two of my favourites, as well. Two beautiful songs.

  25. David once said that he can’t perform many songs without Rick, so it is going to be hard to imagine what songs like Echoes will sound like without his unmistakeable touch.

  26. Good morning FEd,

    My brother Paul is accompanying me to the Brighton show and he tells me that he lovingly sings a lullaby to his children every night to get them off to sleep. David’s voice on this song is truly outstanding. He creates through the simplicity of the song a haunting melody, atmospherically capturing an aura of peace and serenity. Creating a perfect setting for children to fall asleep to. If this song could be included in the later part of his set, I promise there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house! I am of course referring to the beautiful and mesmeric……Hushabye Mountain!



  27. I’m saving the magazine for my holiday read, so haven’t seen the list, but in terms of Pink Floyd songs, next year, I would really like to hear…

    Take It Back
    On the Turning Away
    Learning to Fly

    There are obviously loads more. But I would really like to hear those live. I hope the On An Island songs remain in the setlist choices too!

    1. What Davie said only I’d like there to be bagpipes on ‘On The Turning Away’. Genuinely, I would.

  28. I don’t know where the song came from, but I loved hearing Hushabye Mountain at the end of that acoustic concert…aaah, just lovely.

    1. That’s from the 1968 children’s film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, composed by the Sherman Brothers.

  29. I got some poster paper to put on the floor with some neon pens and some flowers for Wyatt and Victoria to have fun with today. How is this relevant? They will be singing Wattle dat Wock the entire time! πŸ™‚

  30. Well this is a lot to think about on a warm weekend…. So in no particular order and very little structure (no change there then):

    The 30 list seems to have been compiled by Floyd veterans with a misty eyed preference for the old days … There are some glaring omissions as noted above (I mean ‘Dogs’ surely for goodness sake) and the order seems almost in reverse excepting Shine On which tops pretty much anything. That said I am above all a fan of the music of Pink Floyd rather than the songs so my criteria may be misaligned …. Is Great Gig a song? If it is only a complete arse would omit it? I’d personally put ‘The Final Cut’ from ahem ‘The Final Cut’ on the list and the delightfully off key ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ from The Wall, I’d leave virtually nothing on Dark Side or WYWH off, you can see I am a walking clichΓ© but it seems to me a bit ‘arch’ to revel in the obscure, unpopular stuff sometimes.

    The Uncut article is very interesting – I agree that David seems to have spent a little too long in make-up but as we are rattling locks I see no harm in that – and that 30 list itself is a good read. I did notice that David’s introduction (was it about 2008?) did state that playing ‘Roger’s songs’ was something he felt uncomfortable with, but this may have a changed a little as he looks at the back catalogue and puts together a set list – I’m thinking particularly about Dogs which does seem to me high on the list of the ‘classics’ which I’d like to see dusted off.

    I think we can safely assume that Echoes will stay in the box this time and I hope that last time’s real revelation, Fat Old Sun, stays. I’m hopeful that Autumn ’68 can somehow miraculously play through the RAH organ and it would be nice to see Louder Than Words get a play … I would assume some choice cuts from On an Island will stay so back catalogue will feature a little less and as I said some years ago, if I was to nominate a little treat for myself, I would love to see David nail the Great Gig using guitar as voice – boy that would be some way to celebrate Rick and other lost friends if he could pull that off (and I think only he could) … Otherwise I’d just like to sit in that seat and follow where he takes us … If it is anything like 2006 it’s going to be some transcendental experience.

    1. “Glaring omissions” are most prevalent indeed, Tim, from the 30 chosen greatest songs. So much so, that there’s no tracks at all from any of the ‘Animals’, ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’, ‘Obscured By Clouds’ or ‘The Final Cut’ albums.

      Which, if David was to restrict himself to just the ‘Uncut’ list, would preclude many a fine song, of popular Irregular requests already made on here.

      The list does however, offer scope for tributes to both Richard and Syd with the likes of ‘Apples And Oranges’, ‘Chapter 24’, ‘See-Saw’, ‘See Emily Play’, ‘Lucifer Sam’ or ‘Jugband Blues’. Will he play any of these, I wonder?

      ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ is proving to be a strong candidate (an ideal replacement for the surely (sadly) retired, ‘Echoes’) and would go down a storm.

      I’m certain that David will pull a rabbit or two out of his hat and take us all totally off guard with gems that everyone will have overlooked.

      No matter what the eventual set list is honed down to, it will make for a compelling and enthralling evening of bliss for everyone present at each of the shows.

      I’ll be in heaven, listening to whatever he chooses to play for our pleasure.

  31. My fave PF songs are mostly those composed by David, like Young Lust, Comfortably Numb and Learning to Fly, then my fave album is the first PF album without Roger, a Momentary Lapse of Reason.

  32. I’d love to hear:

    Learning to Fly
    One of These Days

    I can’t wait until Brighton!

  33. I’m in full DG/PF mode now. The Orange concert is in a little bit more than one month away (my wife doesn’t know she’s coming, please can everyone be quiet until I tell her on 16th September please? Thanks)…I’ve been reading posts from around the world for the past four weeks and I have to say, Fed, you really are a patient one! So thank you for being…well, you.

    Songs I’d like to hear in Orange?

    First period : Shine On You Crazy Diamond + Rattle That Lock.
    Second period : A Pillow Of Winds + The Endless River.
    Encore : Dogs + Wish You Were Here + Comfortably Numb (lasting an extra more than the P.U.L.S.E. version).

    Mmmmhhh I’m asking too much, don’t I.

  34. You want us to “shout wild ideas at David ?

    – ‘Dancing In The Streets’ (Martha and The Vandellas)

    It would be great fun to see David and his band (oh and Polly) dancing like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Imagine… in a Roman Amphitheatre… And the audience starting to dance on those old stone seats…

    After all, this song was one of David’s Desert Island Discs, no? πŸ˜‰

      1. Wild? And then some … would they have to wear big baggy ’80’s suits with the sleeves rolled up …?

  35. Being the 40th anniversary of WYWH, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V and VI-IX) that will eat up about 26 minutes from TER Callings, Eyes to Pearls, Surfacing and Louder Than Words. Fearless, High Hopes and Comfortably Numb.


  36. I have not missed a Floyd show or Gilmour solo show since 1987 here in the good old USA and I have yet to hear something from Animals. I think it’s about time to let the dogs out.

  37. Well, a little list for David to play in his new tour :

    – If
    – Have a Cigar
    – Mother
    – Sorrow
    – Marooned
    – Lost for Words

    Echoes and Fat Old Sun are welcome again.

  38. Yeah, Marooned is on the list, even if I was lucky enough to hear the first performance of the song live at Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, August 29th 1994, which by the way is the greatest day of my life.

    But last time there was Echoes, this time I really really really want to hear a full version of Atom Heart Mother Suite with the choir and the brass and everything, and since there is not a lot of dates on this tour there should be no problem travelling with a setup like that.

  39. This homework is hard! Everyday my choices would change. Today though is a Sunday, so …..

    Julia Dream
    Allonsy – 1 and 2 (and Autumn ’68 when at the Albert Hall)
    Childhood’s End
    Intersteller Overdrive

    And another vote for Dogs.

    Four weeks only to Brighton!


  40. I would LOVE to hear David play “Dogs” from the Animals album. And maybe “The Nile Song” and “Cirrus Minor” from the More soundtrack. And if he plays anything from his first two solo albums, I won’t mind….

  41. Favorites are difficult because there are just too many, but some songs I’d love to hear live,

    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Embryo (the way they played it live in the early 70’s)
    A Pillow of Winds
    See Emily Play
    Childhood’s End
    Dogs (if Jon Carin plays on this tour, he could sing Roger’s parts. I thought he did a great job singing David’s parts when Roger performed it live.)

    BTW, speaking of “Dogs”, I just love the bonus disk on the Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition boxed set. “You’ve got to be crazy”…Outstanding!!!

  42. Please play:

    One of These Days

    …and every song he would like to play… All Songs are Welcome!

  43. Dave, please, please! Childhood’s End, Cymbaline (or Green is the Colour) and Murder!

  44. Hmmmm. A tricky one, but fun to suggest! Lots of good suggestions already.

    Three live tracks I’d really like to hear live are:

    – ‘Cymbaline then into Autumn ’68’, as there could be a visual montage of Rick pictures over the keyboard outro.

    – ‘Dogs’, as it’ my favourite ‘guitar’ number after Comfortably Numb and a ‘long’ song to replace Echoes in the set which may not get played for personal reasons

    – Something from The Final Cut, like FEd suggested.

    Has anyone suggested ‘Seamus’ yet? Fine bluegrass guitar playing….perhaps there aren’t enough canines that want to audition these days??

  45. Childhood’s End, Marooned, Dogs, One of These Days, Learning to Fly, One Slip, Sorrow, Allons-y (Part 1 & 2).

  46. Well now, I thought Fed was asking us for our hoped for playlist. I read your post again Fed and realised you asked us what we thought of the 30 and which might be played on the upcoming tour. Very interesting list and songs chosen by a variety of people. I really like that each has described their memory of the song.

    The one I really chuckled at, was Phil Manzanera’s description of learning to play Wish You Were Here! So funny. I think they’ll play that one.

    I really can’t imagine what else David will want to bring back. He might not want to do Fat Old Sun because he did it on the last tour but we’d all love to hear it again. I think he’ll want to keep it fresh. He might be thinking about songs that complement the new album.

    In case anyone wants to know, old songs I’d love to hear on the tour would be:

    Everything that irregulars have already said!
    The new album. Obviously. πŸ™‚
    Wish You Were Here
    Fearless. . . let’s get that choir singing You’ll Never Walk Alone’
    The Dogs of War
    One Slip (actually I’d like to hear all of MLOR because I love the album)
    Take It Back
    Coming Back To Life
    Take A Breath
    Run Like Hell
    High Hopes

    Really though, I’d be happy with everything and anything that David wants to play because like I said before, I have every faith in David’s brilliance at putting on a show. πŸ˜€

    Tomorrow it’ll be different song I’ll want. :))


  47. As for requests, it would be absolute heaven any of the following were played:

    Green is the Colour
    Anything from Dark Side of the Moon.

    1. I’m hoping to hear Nervana from The Endless River as well.

      In tribute to a chef and Pink Floyd fan and old friend who suddenly passed away this past October,
      a selection from The Orb perhaps? 14:30- 20:00 remind me of him. He loved The Orb.

      As for favorites, there are far too many to mention.

      Thanks bunches for the article, Fed! That was such a treat to read and play!

  48. OK, my two cents which echoes much of what has been suggested (pun not intended yet apropo).

    From the Uncut List of 30:

    Green is the Colour into Set the Controls (played live like the old days, and David, I wouldn’t worry about doing Roger’s Screech the exactly the same way. Just Scream, Dude!)
    Lucifer Sam
    See Emiy Play
    Shine on You Crazy Diamond, all parts played in sequence.
    Atom Heart Mother (like the old days)

    I’d also like to hear Jugband Blues, but can’t see how one would execute that one live?

    Not in that Uncut “List”, but I’d like to suggest:

    Childhood’s End
    Seamus (have fun with it)
    Embryo (played live like the old days with the crescendos)

    I’d absolutely love to what him try The Final Cut (title track), but can see he feels funny about a track so closely Roger’s. I think he’d do a good job at it.

    And from his Solo Catalogue:

    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Short and Sweet
    Out of the Blue

    One one from my Bizet List:

    Je Crois Entendre Encore (hey, I can’t get enough of that track when you did it…cello or not, I’d love to hear it)

    There. Maybe that was three or four cents.

  49. I am very hopeful that David will play SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND! My idea for a deep cut would be FEARLESS! David’s guitar work on the two songs is unbelievable.

  50. Thinking about this further and maybe thinking too much, if David sticks to tradition then he won’t play anything from his previous solo albums.

    And if he decides to play something from OAI and nothing from the first two, what does that say?

    With all due respect, I hope he does not play anything from OAI as there is so much other material to choose from.

    My sense is he will play all of his new album in the first set and then a second set of assorted songs.

    Within that second set he will probably include:

    Shine On…
    Wish You Were Here
    High Hopes

    Those are fantastic songs that all love to hear. So then there would be a bit of room for a few other gems. Maybe, One of These Days. And I would not be shocked if he included something from The Endless River.

    The encore would probably be Run Like Hell and Comfortably Numb.

    Anyway, it’s got to be hard to chose what to play when you have such a tremendous back catalog to chose from.

    And, I have to say that it is so hard to believe that David is hitting the road at 70. It is utterly awesome that he is doing it and I give him high marks for getting out there again. How many of us would still want to be working at that point? How many of us will still be able to work at that point? And he is putting on shows on consecutive nights? Just wow.

    So whatever he chooses to do will be just fantastic and in my eyes very appreciated.


  51. I’d kill to hear:

    Green is the Colour
    Cirrus Minor (Always found this song so beautifully haunting, Rick’s organs and David’s vocals are just perfect)
    Keep Talking

    Would also be ecstatic for:

    Lost for Words
    Marooned (this track is just an absolute masterclass in guitar)

    However there’s one track that if it were played I might even have a heart attack on the spot (don’t let this discourage you please):

    Dogs. It’s just a great track and that’s some of David’s best guitar work ever for me and I’m sad that we’ve never had one good live recording of it (I’ll admit to having several bootlegs though).

  52. After looking over the list I am in total agreement that SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND is the best Floyd song of all time. Also awesome that FEARLESS made the list. Although in my opinion ON THE TURNING AWAY should have made the list.

  53. Of course if you want a really wild suggestion, then David’s take on 4:47 (The Remains of Our Love) or Radio Waves could be a very surprising inclusion to the set. Might be interesting to hear how David would interpret Clapton’s playing on a number like 4:47.

    By the way, I recently read that Waters is working on new material, writing a memoir and planning a tour for 2016. I don’t expect the two to cross paths but how interesting. Mainly because Jon Carin can’t be in two places at the same time. Of course that announcement will just feed the fire, the rumors and the begging. Couldn’t RW wait till 2017?

    Not sure what his memoir will add to anything that’s already been said. And he has gotten so political and radical lately that his new release may be just that. Guess we will see. But I could imagine him on tour with the first set being his new stuff and the second set being the Animals release. That would ensure sell out crowds.


  54. Gonna cry without High Hopes… And I have High Hopes for Echoes, Rattle That Lock. Astronomy Domine, Smile, Comfortably Numb, Have A Cigar, Louder Than Words, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Interstellar Overdrive, In The Flesh…

  55. Hi FEd, sorry for this off-post question.

    I am from Argentina and there is a strong rumour that David will be performing in Argentina in late December. Do you know something about it?


    1. I think that would be great. It’s just a rumour for now, though. If that changes, I’ll let you know.

  56. Suggestions (pleadings) for David to play:

    Out of the Blue – with David on piano, of course
    Near the End – the classical guitar mixed with electric at the end is one of my ALL TIME favorite solos in history
    Red Sky at Night – not very dusty
    Blue Light or All Lovers are Deranged – fantastic 80s Miami Vice realness
    Raise My Rent
    Short and Sweet

    Any one of these from the Floyd catalog:

    Wearing the Inside Out – pure loveliness, as a nod to Rick
    Seamus – bluesy and perfect
    Lucifer Sam – makes me feel COOL every time I hear it
    Fearless – one of my all time favs

    or from Syd:

    Effervescing Elephant – I completely adore this little tune. Completely.

    Thank you for the link to the digital version of Uncut. It was a wonderful read. David sounds happier than he has in the past, and I love that. I’m so excited to see him in March and April of next year!

    Thank you FEd for everything! You are an angel!

    1. Maya, I just read yours after posting mine. I agree completely about Near The End. The acoustic solo that blends into that soaring Stratocaster? Phenomenal! Murder, Blue Light, and All Lovers Are Deranged are also amazing choices. I’d love any one (ALL??) of those!

      David’s About Face tour was my very first time seeing him live. It was (and remains) one of the greatest shows I’ve ever witnessed. He made every track better than the album version…and that is saying a lot.

        1. You’ve got the extra ticket, I’m there! Maybe we can convince him to do a few About Face tracks if we’re loud enough? (Only BETWEEN songs mind you!)

  57. No votes for “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict?”

    I like that track.


  58. I want to start off by saying, though I am a massive Pink Floyd fan, I would have no complaints if David decided to do all solo material on this tour. I would love to hear the entire new album for the first set and choice selections from his other 3 albums in the second. That said, I realize Pink Floyd material will feature prominently, so here are a few infrequently heard gems I would absolutely love to hear:

    Pink Floyd:

    1. Remember a Day
    2. A Pillow of Winds
    3. Childhood’s End (best track on Obscured By Clouds)
    4. Money (OK it’s not infrequently heard but it’s been a long time hearing this from the master!)
    5. Have a Cigar
    6. Dogs (highly unlikely due to length but it is easily the best from Animals)
    7. Young Lust
    8. Sorrow
    9. Marooned


    1. Mihalis
    2. Cry From The Street
    3. Raise My Rent (I couldn’t possibly put enough votes behind this masterpiece!)
    4. Until We Sleep
    5. You Know I’m Right
    6. Lets get Metaphysical
    7. On an Island
    8. The Blue
    9. This Heaven

  59. Okay, here goes nothing …

    My ‘wish list’ for the Rattle That Lock tour would be as follows:

    Rattle That Lock (in its entirety)
    Remember A Day
    Dark Globe
    Childhood’s End
    A Pillow of Winds
    Fat Old Sun
    Raise My Rent
    Out of the Blue
    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-9)
    Hey You
    On The Turning Away
    Poles Apart
    A Great Day For Freedom
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes
    The Blue
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Louder Than Words
    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

    I imagine that rehearsals are well underway and most song choices have already been made, others possibly still being worked out. This is (one of) my list(s) of songs I would be thrilled to hear, but honestly, I’m just so happy to be able to share in this musical adventure one more time! πŸ™‚

    Peace ‘n’ love to one and all ~

    1. πŸ˜€ Man, that list is a whole lot longer than I thought! Oh well, it IS a wish list, right? All wishes can’t come true but maybe a few will. πŸ˜‰


    2. Gabrielle, have you timed that list of songs to see how much time it would take? I am not sure if the “old men” are up to a Springsteen-style marathon concert…………..but yeah, it would be one for the ages! However, no “Echoes”? No “…Axe…”?….and, is Dick Parry still around to do the sax on “Shine On…”?

      1. Absolutely fabulous instrumental, isn’t it Julie? He did it back on his ’84 tour and it was brilliant! During the breakdown in the middle, he played solo under one lone spotlight. Fantastic. I remember he played a very peculiar headless guitar for this one (no, not a Steinberger) but of course still sounded like David: in other words soulful, lyrical, immaculate.

  60. Tweet sized blog post ==> I think “Obscured by Clouds” might inspire some festival style dancing if David were to perform it while on tour! That wouldn’t be a shame at all!

  61. I always wanted to hear Echoes live and I was pretty much sold on the idea that it’ll never happen but I was in for a surprise back in 2006. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen PF live… but one of the standout tracks that mean the world to me is Sorrow. I consider the performance on the Pulse (both DVD and CD, though they are different) absolutely spectacular… and maybe I should be satisfied with that. But if it ends up being in the set list I’d be a happy camper. πŸ™‚

    If not, I know that his show in Arena, Pula will be spectacular, no matter what he decides to play. πŸ™‚

  62. Gabrielle, that’s about a 7 hour set list! I think I want to hire you as David’s tour manager.

  63. Cymbaline
    Keep Talking
    What Do You Want from Me?
    High Hopes

    Anything from The Endless River

  64. If he could play Marooned like the 50th Fender anniversary…Then hook it up. πŸ˜‰ And Poles Apart.

    Other than whatever is played, I`d rather pick who the special guests will be.

  65. Was looking on how to start a new Topic.

    Was reading David`s interview for Rolling Stone and he said he would like to do Wish You Were Here. It seemed for other reasons then just Syd…. So… I’m sure the shows will be recorded, can we have the best sing along song for Wish You Were Here? If he plays it….

    Live shows are incredibly moving (to me) when the crowd sang along with the band.

  66. I would love to hear Stay from OBC get an airing as a tribute to Rick, Cymbaline reworking, saying that David could sing the hits of Milli Vanilli done to a dubstep remix with pan pipe accompaniment and I’d be happy. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I don’t know about that. ‘Girl, you know it’s true…’

      He would sing them, he wouldn’t just lip-synch?

  67. Figured I might throw in a ‘wish list’ of sorts …

    Red Sky at Night
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    A Pillow of Winds
    Anything from Wish You Were Here
    Anything from Dark Side of the Moon

    For me personally, I’d love to hear a cover of …

    β€œWell I’ve heard there was a secret chord
    That David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don’t really care for music, do you?”

    David would knock it off the charts with his ‘secret chord’!

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