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Still the good news keeps coming.

There will be a third concert in Los Angeles, on Sunday 27th March 2016 – that’s Easter Sunday – at The Forum on West Manchester Boulevard.

Tickets go on sale at 10am PST this Friday – the 7th – available from Ticketmaster’s website, its mobile app, over the phone or in person at Ticketmaster outlets.

Before anyone asks, there is no pre-sale this time. Not for anyone.

As before, with each ticket purchased online in North America, you will receive a copy of Rattle That Lock on CD when it is released on 18th September.

Those details again:

Sunday 27th March 2016: Los Angeles, USATickets on sale at 10am (PST) Friday
The Forum, 3900 West Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90305

Good luck and please let us know who hopes to be there.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Boy, it’s certainly becoming a rather busy schedule! Great news for all the folks living on the West Coast or are able to travel there.

    I’ve ‘lost’ two of my presale tickets for Madison Square Garden – Ticketmaster determined that despite two separate individuals purchasing with two separate credit cards, having the same billing address was an absolute ‘no no’. I’ll take my husband and will decide later if we’ll try again closer to the date so I can then take my son.

      1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Pavlov. Ticketmaster does it again… to ruin our lives. πŸ˜‰

        1. The sad thing is, such measures – in this case, as it was a pre-sale, a limit of two tickets per person – are put in place to stop the touts. Ticketmaster usually allow people to purchase eight tickets, which arguably (well, surely nobody would argue this?) makes it very easy for anyone wishing to profit by re-selling them.

          1. I saw someone selling 2nd row tickets for $5,000 apiece! Someone could buy a house, or a car with that madness!

    1. Hello… I was wondering if someone can confirm this? At the moment I’m traveling through Argentina and there is this rumor that he is playing down here in December. This website says so. It’s in Spanish and basically it says he will be here on December the 18th… thanks!

  2. Yay!

    (The Ticketmaster links don’t work yet, but I presume it has not been officially announced.)

    BTW, there may be preferred seating available if you have a Chase credit card.


  3. Please no more dates, my wallet can’t take it!

    No further plans to add a 3rd Chicago date is there?

        1. Might be quite nice for the people who’ve not got tickets for multiple (or any) concerts though.

      1. Would love him to do one further north of England.

        Any news of when Wroclaw goes on sale? Planning a trip.

  4. When it rains, it pours, huh FEd? Erin and I are at our limit (in terms of spending and time) with the two Hollywood Bowl shows. We are so lucky and so grateful that we can even pull those off, I cannot say how happy we are. . .we have you to thank FEd, and David, and Polly, and the all the management teams and the production teams. . .there are a lot of people to thank. I feel like I’m at the academy awards. . .and I want to thank David’s staff, his family, the band. . .and their families. . .and the families of the families. . .and. . .oh drat. . .here comes the music. . .

    1. πŸ™‚ On behalf of all those people, and their families, I’m sure they’d like me to say that you’re most welcome and we hope you enjoy the two Hollywood Bowl shows.

  5. Man, I hope he doesn’t add another NYC show. My pocketbook hates me right now. But I think I would try if he added another in NYC… πŸ™‚

    1. …here’s hoping he does a secret club show at the Bottom Line. (With FEd keeping us in the loop, of course.) πŸ˜‰

  6. With tickets ‘in hand’ for both Hollywood Bowl shows, I’m ecstatic. A third show feels like an embarrassment of riches. If my bank account could talk it would be screaming obscenities at me right about now. But seriously, this is once in a lifetime right? If I can somehow get past the villains of the Fourth Circle (Ticketmaster minions and scalpers) then it will be three glorious nights of David Gilmour music.

    Thank you to one and all who are bringing these shows to North America. I feel so lucky – and very, very happy.

  7. Nice to see more shows being added – keep ’em coming! Wish we could travel for a few more of them.

  8. Way cool (about third LA show!) Very cool also that David is coming to States with the new album!!

    Thank you David! And you FEd for the heads up!

  9. Hi Guys. I’m new on this blog. This is very cool. Good luck to all for the LA Forum tickets.

  10. I’ve been waiting my entire life for a chance to see Gilmour. As with his last tour, he will not be coming to Atlanta, or any other southern city at all. Why? I get that the man is almost 70, but so is Waters, and he played in cities other than New York, Chicago and L.A. Why only those three?

    You have fans in the south who have been waiting their entire lives for a chance to see you, and we can’t afford to just hop on a plane to see you in one of your three “favorite” cities. How about just ONE show down south? Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, plenty of good options down here, and you will make your fans happy.

  11. Wow.

    Toronto has to be there now after 2 shows.

    We are there for the first show only but who knows?

    FEd, which show(s) are you attending by the way?

    1. None, unfortunately. For many of the reasons others have given for not attending, not because I don’t want to, of course.

  12. Wow, that’s great news for the west coast fans who’ve been unable to get tickets thus far. I really wish I could make it happen, but like others, my time and treasure are pretty much tapped out with the two Hollywood Bowl shows. Rest assured though, I’ll be scratching my head for the next few days trying somehow to make it work out. Seeing a third DG show in the span of 4 days would be awesome, but I mustn’t risk marital conflict, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

    1. Marital conflict? Either you married the wrong woman or you have yet to “educate” her on the fine music that comes from any DG album………


      1. Your “maybe” sound like a “masked yes”. πŸ˜›

        So you won’t be attending the US tour. πŸ™

        But will you be in Verona or Florence? You got a couple of paid beer. πŸ˜‰

  13. I really hope he does add another New York show.

    I’m a long time fan, but couldn’t get tickets to either of the two when they went on sale. And if I’m going to travel all the way there, I’d like to get close seats, but the resale ones are out of my price range.

  14. Please, one more NYC show with presale!

    I am just happy to have a ticket to the MSG 1st night but I’d be blessed to have a chance to get tickets to see him up close.

  15. FEd,

    I am Gilmour/PF fan on US West coast who still doesn’t have any decent tickets for any of the shows.

    Having missed the sale of March 24 show by a day, I had waited an entire week, holding my breath and standing on one leg, when the tickets went on sale for the Mar 25 show. Right at 10am, I started refreshing the browser windows – only to discover everything is sold out. Nothing came-up – zilch at 10am. This was shocking and horrifying. I have been waiting 20+ years for one chance to see Gilmour. As a consolation, after countless refreshes, I got two tickets in some really obscure section, from where I’ll be basically watching the video feed.

    Later on, I realized the cause for my misfortune was not checking the blog and missing the pre-sale (which has allowed many of the fans here get excellent tickets).

    Now the 3rd concert has been announced and I am wondering if there’s a presale this time? If so, please please include me.

    Or, is there anyway I’ll again find tickets to be gone, by the time I start checking Ticketmaster on Friday? Should I watch out for something?

    I don’t want to leave any stone unturned as I don’t want to live the rest of my life with a massive regret weighing down on me! Hence, a message to you – what’s better than straight dope from horse’s mouth. πŸ™‚

    If there are pre-sale codes (or anyway to get decent seats) – I just want two for my wife and me.

    Thanks for taking care of the fans.


    1. Sorry, Raymie. There’s no pre-sale for anyone this time, so nobody will be ushered to the front of the queue as we tried to do for the four extra nights.

      1. Raymie,

        Get the TM app for your smartphone or tablet. It is much better than the TM web. I missed the pre sale for the 4/4 show in Chicago but managed to get 4th row NON-VIP seat on the general public sale. It would be good to note I only bought 1 ticket which of course betters your chance. But with the app, you should be able to get 2 at decent price. Give it a try.

  16. Good news for West Coast fans, Easter Sunday eh? Wonder will there be any eggclusives that night? Sorry couldn’t resist!

    Off on hols soon and come back to get ready for Brighton and RAH shows, then plan NY trip for next April, guess I’m a little too happy!

    Take care all!

    Tom B

      1. Thanks FEd, looking forward to a break, having the craic and getting out of my shell for a few weeks.

        I hope I haven’t opened the door for lots of egg puns now.

        I just read the bit about the choir singing on the title track of the album, was the intent to be ironic to get a group of inmates singing ‘rattle that lock, lose those chains’? Good stuff anyways.

        Tom B

          1. When something positive is coming from a negative experience, it’s always good. Bravo.

            Some photos of David recording ‘Rattle That Lock’ with The Liberty Choir have been posted to their website. πŸ™‚

          2. Hard as it is to cram into this new age of activity and toil for you Fed, this story may merit a blog entry all of its own … very typical of the man and a positive message all round.

          3. Providing people leaving the bonds of jail and coming back into society need a great deal of help. This program sounds like one that gives them a great spiritual lift at a time when spirit can be missing……

            Nice work David and Polly!

  17. Yay, got tickets in section 103. I had to use the automated phone system. Too many failures on the web and mobile. Ticketmaster sucks big time.

  18. This dog is scratching at the ticket door waiting to see if another NYC bone is thrown……

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