Extra tickets – Brighton and London

The news some of you have been hoping for.

A limited number of extra tickets are available for the Brighton Centre on Saturday 5th September and all five nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall – Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September, as well as Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October.

These tickets go on sale at 10am (UK) tomorrow – that’s Friday morning.

For Brighton, click here or telephone the Box Office on 0844 8471515.

For London, click here or telephone the Box Office on 020 7589 8212.

Don’t forget that tickets for Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre also go on sale tomorrow – at 10am CDT.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

159 thoughts on “Extra tickets – Brighton and London”

  1. eventim.hr asks for a promotion code purchasing tickets for the concert in Pula. How can I get this code please?

    1. That’s strange, Roman. There has never been a code for Pula. I believe tickets are sold out but will check this for you.

  2. thank you, FEd. they are still asking for this code, the site is open for seats in first and second category. asked with contact form for the code, answered promotion codes are restricted via management. strange indeed.

    1. Very strange. The concert sold out immediately so there are no tickets available, I’m sorry to say.

  3. Good luck at 10am Friday to all bloggers without tickets.

    And if you are calling from Europe 10am UK time will be 11am in your part of the world.

    And for North America New York, it will be 5am Local time!

    Gary Hurley.

  4. Oh God… RAH. The last ticket I need to get hold of. Ideally 3rd October if not 2nd October. Keep ’em crossed folks!

    1. Oh Yes!!! Picked up Front Row tickets at Royal Albert Hall for Saturday 3rd October! Elated is such an understatement. My tour is complete!! (Well, barring any other newly announced venues.)

      Hope some of you were lucky too. If you are quick, there are still some tickets left for the Shows!!!

      Soo Happpppyyy!!!!

  5. And speaking of the “Big Apple”…….”wat are we? Chopped Livah?”

    Where’s our third night?

    Did we miss the starting gun again?

  6. Thank you again Fed! I am going to be flying from the states for the RAH 24th and the 25th shows, this gives me a chance to get tix for the 23rd too.

    I’d like to personally thank you and express my gratitude if you will be there.

    1. Thank you, William. Unfortunately I won’t be there, but have an extra drink for me. 🙂

  7. Annoying Ticketmaster is letting me search for tickets… then saying none match my search!

    …and position 400+ in the RAH queue. Safe to say I will not be in Brighton!

  8. Thank You FEd! I just got tix to Albert Hall Friday 2nd Oct!!! I already got tix to the Hollywood bowl in March next year (on resale) as I thought going to a UK gig was out of the question, but I got tickets and for half the price I paid for the US ones. So now I’m apparently going to see David Gilmour twice in 2 years on two different continents (!) and I live in Australia.

    Now I just have to somehow explain this to my family as I promised I wouldn’t get London tix, oops….

  9. Thank you again for helping us fans get in the door! I am good to go for the 23rd, 24th, and 25th now. After queueing for about 40 minutes, I purchased 3rd row Choir (behind the stage) for the Wed 23rd show. Even though I won’t be facing the band or the light show, I will have a very good view of the drummer (Steve) and keys (Jon) from above. This should really be pretty cool because usually their handiwork is obscured by their instruments.

    I hope he does one more theatre show in NYC!

    1. And I know exactly what theater would be perfect! How about a third night in a more intimate setting at the Beacon Theater, uptown from the Garden? It is one of the best concert halls in NYC.

      1. I saw David in 1984 when he played at the Beacon Theater. That’s a show I cannot ever forget, even all these years later!

  10. I’m frightened to admit it. . . I wasn’t going to go to lots of shows on one tour thinking it would dilute the experience.

    I have been lucky enough to get tickets for RAH. Great.

    Then Brighton came up. A small venue, it would be madness to not go, so I got tickets.

    Then more tickets for RAH. I’ve decided after all, it’s not insanity to go see a great artist and his band a lot of times. It would be mad to miss the opportunity. So I got some!

    Sorry I missed the chat yesterday Fed and everyone, I had a lot of work on.


  11. Thank you FEd!

    I have been trying to get tickets since the first announcement, after waiting for almost 10 years. Today I got tickets to RAH!

    Wouldn’t get this without you, thanks, really, you made my day, week, month year!!!

  12. Nice… because of these new tickets being released I got better Wed Sept. 23rd tickets and great Friday Sept. 25th tickets… now going to all three of those shows. Also, I got VIP tix to the newly added Chicago show. I can’t wait for March. 3 Hollywood Bowl Shows, 2 Toronto Shows and 1 Chicago shows. I’m so broke!

  13. Ermmm… I’ve just bought one ticket for Friday at RAH as well as the tickets I got earlier today for Saturday night. Am I nuts?

  14. A very happy nut and now a ticket for Chicago too. Anyone know any good budget airlines flying over the pond?

  15. To all fellow DG fans,

    I am looking to sell extra tickets for the Orange, France show to true David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans at a fair price. In the past, on a more than one occasion, I have bought tickets from ticket scalpers for obscene amounts of money just to see live in concert the artists I wanted to see (including David Gilmour back in 2006).

    Consequently, I do NOT feel comfortable using sites like viagogo since it is very likely that my tickets would be snatched up and later resold at a much higher price and I do NOT feel comfortable charging extortionate ticket prices to fellow fans.

    If you are interested in these tickets (Orange, France) at a fair price FEd will provide you with my email address.

    I have been able to make one fan (from the US) already happy (he contacted me through FB). He will be attending the Pula, Croatia show and now also the Orange, France show.

  16. The extra RAH tickets were a nice surprise – I was able to secure a Choir section seat for 25 September to go along with the tickets I had already purchased for the 23rd and 24th. I’m really looking forward to the experience of concerts in such a famous venue, especially with David on stage.

    Compounding my joy today, I also booked a ticket for the Chicago Auditorium show. My personal “David Gilmour 2015-16 World Tour” is now up to six shows in three cities!

  17. Hi, I tried to buy Chicago Auditorium Theater tix at the opening and was immediately given the message that they were sold out. However, I checked in again at 8CST and found that more tix had been released. I bought mine!

    Don’t give up. Keep checking the event sites (I use Ticketmaster in the states.)

    Saw this blog post randomly but thought I’d offer my experience. TM still says tix are available for two shows in Chicago.

  18. hi, having never been to a preview show just wondered: if you had the choice which would you go to, the preview show or the rah show? must be a bit of difference, ticket prices etc. would like to do both but on a budget. just wondering in your humble opinion which would be best.

    cheers neil

  19. Here, there, and everywhere…well done David and son. 🙂

    It’s a great feeling for sure. I’ve done myself a cover of ‘Yellow Submarine’ a couple of years ago with my daughter but she didn’t finish her vocals yet! I can understand how big is the feeling and how much David loves the Beatles. Really a good song, thank you Maestro. Certain things come from heart and you hit it right!

  20. Having been very lucky with the initial pre-sale for the RAH, I decided to forego the tickets that came up for Brighton. Partly to let others have a chance and partly because of the expense. My son and I are flying down from Glasgow and flights, tickets and hotels don’t come cheap! However, when the extra tickets went on sale, I just couldn’t resist! Got one (just for myself!) and booked the train. Now all I have to do now is try to get a hotel or guest house. Most are now full and those that still have vacancies are hideously expensive – why is Brighton so damn expensive?

  21. Hi FEd! Here in Brazil people are going crazy because some say that Dave could come and play some gigs in December (at soccer stadiums, this is the most crazy), do you know something about it?

    Thanks for everything!

    1. I do, and I’m also going crazy, but nothing is confirmed yet, so I’m afraid we have to keep reading these rumours with fingers crossed until an official announcement can be made. Please hang in there.

      1. Oooh, that almost sounds like a yes to me FEd.

        Braaaazzzeeeellll will go fecking mental if this indeed does come to fruition.

    2. I hope the rumours bear fruit — it would make my heart happy and I know fellow bloggers would agree!

  22. I’m grateful David and his loved ones were not involved in that tragic air plane crash recently. I am a worrier. Do not like any thing bad near him. Do not even care to hear of such horrible events being near him. Hopefully they were not even in the area.

  23. Thank you BloodE for your positive hope to keep checking Ticketmaster even if previous tries have turned out to be sold out.

    I do not believe I will ever get the opportunity to experience David Gilmour in concert. It would be a chance of a lifetime to listen and feel his music live. Very spiritual. I am extremely happy for those that get to do so.

    I have tried to purchase tickets. But was unable to do so. At least I have his CDs, DVDs and what is played on the radio to tickle my ear drums.

    Any hope for another concert up north on the West Coast FEd? Perhaps with the code for early opportunity to purchase, via this wonderful blog?

    Does not hurt to ask… I have heard “no” many times in my life. So thought I would inquire.

    Thank you FEd for keeping us all up-dated on this ‘out of the world’ event of a lifetime. I will look forward to the DVD. Also September is soon upon us. More beautiful music to enjoy.

    Take care, Suzy

  24. OK, so slightly off topic, but is there any way to subscribe to your postings? There seems to have been an RSS feed some time ago, but I can’t find it anymore?

    Please advise.

  25. I’ve read some recent interviews with David and I have a general question for all the irregulars here.

    Does it bother anyone else that David refers to Pink Floyd as a pop band? I heard him say this more than once.

    From my perspective if someone asks me to name a pop band, PF is not one to come to mind. Justin Beiber is a pop act. Of course it’s David’s band and he can call it what he wants.

    I know music has evolved significantly since the 60s but even back then you had pop acts and rock bands.

    How could you call PF a pop act when they were not a band created to just pump out hit single after hit single?

    Just wondering if anyone else has a thought on this.


    1. Well, genres apart (psych-rock-prog), I think he’s right calling PF a pop band. Pop means popular, and they have entered millions of houses, like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beethoven or Michael Jackson. This is the meaning for me, is not the kind of music you do, or that can make you dance or not, it’s how many people you’ve touched with your art. So Mozart is pop too, as many others, even Led Zeppelin, Charlie Parker and many others.

      The pop acts of today will not stand for 50 years or more. I hope. 🙂

      1. Interesting perspective as you look at the word pop in a different fashion.

        But it seemed to me that he was identifying pop as a genre which I cannot agree with for that band.

        As for the pop acts today not surviving. Don’t be so sure of that. I never thought the Backstreet Boys would amount to anything, yet they had a wildly successful reunion tour and apparently we’re still very popular.

        Katy Perry will still sell out arenas in 50 years if she is still performing. Remember, Cher still sells out shows too and she is no spring chicken.


    2. ‘Popular’? Yes.

      ‘Bubblegum pop’? No.

      Anyway, maybe David meant to say that what they did was just music and it’s not the most important thing in the world… (Sorry, Nietzsche. 😉 )

      1. I heard David say he thought Pink Floyd (presumably also his solo work) was a bit underground.

        I always thought Pink Floyd (and David) were Underground. They were the very rarest, if not the only underground band to make it big with the masses, because of Dark Side probably.

        If David ever referred to PF (and himself) as a pop group, I think it may have been in the context of “popular beat combo (m’lud),” as opposed to classical music.

        Mind you, I think PF and David have created the classical music of the future. 😀


        1. Ash,

          I think the only band more underground and still made it is Frank Zappa.

          PF, you at least heard on the radio. As for FZ, aside from a handful of songs, you barely heard them played. Yet he still sold out venues.


          1. Yeah, you’re right Andrew. 🙂 I think I only ever heard Peaches En Regalia on the radio. There was a single he put out. . .I don’t remember any other singles, it was a cover of Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven. It was absolutely brilliant! It didn’t chart as far as I know. 😀


  26. Brazilian journalists take for granted the coming! Thank God, since I got my ticket for the show at MSG, but wanted to see DG in my country as well.

    Come, Gilmour.

  27. hi there fed, any idea what the difference is between a preview show and the full concert at the albert hall?

    cheers neil

    1. Not much. The Brighton show is obviously a warm-up, public rehearsal, call it what you will. It’s a full-length show in any case.

      1. thanks for your help. going to both brighton and rah on 24th sep. no more teasers yet? don’t know if I will survive for another 3 weeks to album release. no tv or radio planned?

        cheers neil

  28. Does anyone know how long the Brighton show is? I assume as David is going on at 7:30pm and does a two hour set? Just trying to work out the latest train I need to catch back! 🙂

    1. The usual 10-10.30pm, I would imagine. I don’t know for how long the band will perform exactly, but that seems like a sensible time to be getting away.

      1. Me and my gang are gonna keep them playing all night. I’m drawing up my cunning plan for how to do it right now, I’ll forward to you soon Fed for circulation to fellow bloggers. . .

        What’s wrong with you people? We have to raise the roof with noise until they come back on stage. . . SIX TIMES!!! We’ll send Gilmourettes out to lie down under the wheels of the tour bus so they can’t get away.

        Call yourselves fans?!


        1. Oh, now I have a mental picture of Ash jumping on stage and forcing David to do some crowd surfing!

  29. Thank you FEd for getting back to me in regards to my hopeful question that he might perform in the NW. Was not what I wanted to hear. But what I expected to hear. Thanks for letting me down gently. There is always hope…

    Take care, Suzy

  30. Hi Shugster,

    You’re right, Brighton accommodation is outrageously expensive and scarce! We’re staying in Worthing, which is a little easier on the pocket! (Still circa. £80-£100 ish per night though!) We’re getting train into Brighton, which is only about 30 minutes away. I hope this helps as an alternative?


    1. Brighton University still have single en-suite rooms available in their halls of residence. Minimum stay is 2 nights but it’s only circa £35/night. According to their website it’s half a mile from the centre of town.

      1. Shugster,

        I’ve spent considerable periods of time, trying to find a single night’s stay in Brighton. It seems impossible to book just the Saturday night in any of the hotels, or even B&B’s, within close proximity to the BCC where David is playing.

        As I am travelling alone, I have opted to book into dormitory accommodation on West Street (just around the corner from the venue), it’s a snip at £35 and even includes breakfast.

        It’s something I’ve never done before, but I’m prepared to give it a try, as I’ll be travelling light, just to get a bed for the night, before heading for the railway station on Sunday morning.

  31. Here in Chile some media and TV channels are now saying that David is confirmed by December 20 in Santiago de Chile!!


    I was sure he wasn’t coming, so I just go to London…just to see him!!

    It is possible? Or just fake?

  32. Hi FEd, how can I reach you with doubts and comments (recently you’ve mentioned that people should have asked you about pre-sale codes)? Not sure if this is the right place. I heard a rumour that David will be playing here in Brazil. Do you have any information about that?

    Thanks, and congratulations for the blog. Big fan!


    1. I’ve heard them, too. They’re good rumours.

      I’m sorry, but for now, we have to wait and hope that there will soon be an announcement.

  33. I forgot to request anything off The Endless River when on tour – thank you.


    P.S. Are you going to any the dates Fed seeing as you are a fan?

    1. Unfortunately not, although I would love to attend all of them. (Obviously my greenhouse gas guilt would never allow that.)

      1. Oh IF (IF IF IF) he does go to Brazil Fed, you have to hitch a ride on that flying pig and get on down there …..

      2. It don’t seem right you not getting to a gig or two. A train may be not too bad on carbon emissions. Or I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it’s got a bell, a very nice bell.


            1. Mine wouldn’t stay in there for long. They’d be out at the first sign of a cat, squirrel, rabbit, cyclist, jogger…

  34. Hi FEd,

    If Brazilian gigs come true, how can I request pre sale codes?

    Sorry, if I’m not using the proper space but I’m having trouble to access the blog.


    1. If there are to be Brazilian gigs, or gigs in South America, or anywhere else for that matter…

      I’m sorry to say that, after the way the pre-sale for North America went, we would not arrange another.

        1. Considering that the pre-sale password was sent to a list of chosen individuals based on visits to both this blog and chatroom, many other people bought tickets using addresses that were not on that list.

          It was disappointing that people shared the password, that’s all. Not unexpected, but a shame.

      1. I can’t say I blame you! That must’ve been absolute HELL to manage and my guess is we don’t even know the half of it.

        1. Well, the main thing is that many people were happy. That’s a very good thing. But after hearing all the “real fans” stuff so much and so loudly once again, I did wonder: Would they be the ones who shared the password when they were asked not to? Who complained that there wasn’t a pre-sale but then let other people know about it? Who bought more tickets than they needed and sold them on?

          No matter what lengths you go to, it’s never free of fault. Two tickets aren’t enough, eight tickets are too many, and the only people that should have been able to buy tickets in the pre-sale should have been those whose names/e-mail addresses were on the list – nobody else.

          1. Well can I have your tickets Fed seeing as you’re not going? I bought 2 for Verona, and 2 for RAH. But I’m now thinking I need more. Maybe 6 but that may be too many, and if any more dates come up will we have a pre sale? I promise not to give the password out.

            Bet you cant wait for the tour to start, bless you Fed.

          2. I for one took it very seriously, did not share and did not even buy in the presale as I already had 1 ticket to the first show.

            Would it be nice to see the show multiple times? Maybe. But not on consecutive nights or even in same week. That just seems like greed. Think about it, how many real fans are not going because another real fan purchased tickets for every night in a city?

            I get that it’s an experience. But while you’re sitting there on consecutive nights, some poor bloke is sitting at home just wishing they could be there.

            It’s a bit different if you are seeing the show in different cities. But then you are flexing you carbon muscle and denying a local. Heck, FEd even said he is not going to one show due to his environmental mindset. That’s a pretty strong stance.

            Presales are sometimes nothing more than another shot for scalpers to get tickets. It really guarantees you nothing and they always find a way because after all it’s their livelihood – like it or not.


          3. I cannot complain about your decision, FeD…

            I understand your feelings, you do a lot of work just for the people who participate in blog’s activity (comments, chats, ecc…), and then the presale it’s gone in few seconds.

            It’s really impossible.

            The best thing would be a different code for every person, limited to 2 tickets, and after that it expires, so the number of tickets that can be bought is known, and also who bought what. But obviously it requires an incredible amount of work for you and also for the ticket seller, who can eventually not accept that system.

            I can report my experience with a couple of fan clubs here in Italy: we have this method, the presale starts 2 or 3 days before the general sale, and there aren’t problems. Of course, a fan club is a service you pay for, here is all free, and everything you do, you do it for us (cit.).

            In this way it’s understandable the choose to do not set a presale code again, if even a neswletter sent to selected users can fail and reach scalpers.

            I hope there will be a solution for the next events, because anyway without your fundamental support many of us wouldn’t have the tickets for the shows (me, among others), but I can understand that you think about some solution to make happy the REAL fans, change method after the first presale, and there is always someone else who comes to ruin that.

            And, of course, the ones who will suffer about that will be the honest fans, which maybe won’t find good tickets or won’t find tickets at all.

            We respect your decision, you’re on the right side from a lot of points of view.

            1. Thanks, mate.

              It wasn’t perfect, I think there are better ways, but it was always going to be better than doing nothing. I’m still happy that it worked out well for a lot of people who might otherwise have missed out or felt obliged to pay a small fortune to the ticket touts.

          4. Maybe a little bit maniacal for someone. For me one show is enough, not that David is not important in my life and he surely is. But sometimes some people seem like they’re talking about some drug addiction! Relax! 🙂

          5. Can’t of course speak for our American friends, but I have to say that the Pre-sale that you arranged for the concerts in Croatia, France, Italy, Germany and England in March worked very well. And I remember you helped everyone who could have had personal issues, myself included. So, bravo and once again, thank you. Voilà.

          6. Shame on whoever disclosed the password. I hate the thought of it being one of the irregulars.

  35. Hey FEd, any inkling on a third NYC date?

    Thanks for all the inside info to date!

  36. Hey Fed,

    I first must say that I haven’t been myself for some time. It’s been a hard slog but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday I saw a life long friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time but he had kept at me to see him knowing my situation. As we were talking, David’s concert next year in Toronto came up. Out of the blue he asked me if I would like to go with him for free as he had an extra ticket and knew that I wasn’t flush with money.

    I was completely gob smacked and overwhelmed at the same time. I still am over 24 hours later. I do forget sometimes that I have such wonderful friends who genuinely care about me. It was so comforting and reassuring.

    Cheers, Howard

    PS. I did take the ticket. Hope to see some of you at the show beforehand.

    1. I meant to say how lovely I thought it was too, so I’ll join Dan in saying so! I thought it was really beautiful, David’s voice absolutely excellent. 🙂


  37. I hear you FEd, that’s people for you. You did try and that’s what’s important. We will have to work on this gas guilt of yours sometime.

  38. JC_2410 and Lorraine,

    Thanks very much for your help and suggestions. I felt that, as time was running out and most places were full, I had to book a place asap. So I booked a room last night at the Jury’s Inn hotel in Brighton and it’s costing me £207! I didn’t think of trying Worthing as I didn’t realise that the trains still ran quite late. Nor did I know that the University Halls were available during the non-term time.

    In hindsight, I could even have got a train back in to London and booked a hotel a lot cheaper there. At least I’ll manage to get a few beers after the gig I suppose.

    Anyway, thanks again to both of you for advice – much appreciated. Shine On!

  39. The lock is starting to rattle.

    My ticket just landed for Brighton.

    Bring it on home David…

  40. Here, There, and Everywhere…Beautiful. The guitar solo is the perfect touch.

    The Revolver album is always in my rotation, but ever since I heard David’s rendition, I just can’t get that song out of my head.

  41. Booked my tickets for Brighton last Friday through Ticketmaster. Not received them yet.

    Wondering if you guys going to Brighton have had yours.

    1. You’ll have them soon, Simon. Please don’t worry. If you didn’t get them today, I’m sure they will be with you tomorrow. Let me know if you’re still waiting on Monday.

  42. Quick update, Royal Albert Hall has released a load of return tickets this morning online for the following shows. 23/24/25th Sep and also 2nd Oct. There are seats in the front stalls, Grand tier and elsewhere in the venue.

    Get on line quick if you want to get one of these!!

    You will need to book them on the RAH site – here.

    The returns have not been listed on Ticketshafter.

  43. My tickets for Brighton arrived this morning. Shaking like a leaf, I opened the envelope to make sure they were for David at Brighton and I hadn’t inadvertently found a link to a Ken Dodd show or something but no, they were perfectly correct (thank you so very much Fed) and ironically the next track on the radio (Absolute Classic Rock) was Pink Floyd ‘Great Gig in the Sky’!!! Settle for a Great Gig at Brighton.

    Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing some of you next week….Shine on now, not long to go!

    Safe travelling.

    Best wishes

  44. Hi all,

    Anyone know if there is any flexibility regarding admittance without the lead booker? My wife booked 2 tickets for Brighton but unfortunately looks like childcare may be an issue. As it is a present for me, I will be going with my brother but she booked using her card (we have a joint account, same surname, same billing address). Ticketmaster was adamant that the lead booker must attend (which she knew about when booking but circumstances have changed). The Brighton Centre was a bit more helpful saying that there is no guarantee but I can try bringing a signed letter from my wife, proof of address, her ID etc.

    Anyone been to any other gigs with similar policies and got in without the lead booker?


    1. Unfortunately it boils down to how sympathetic the person who takes your tickets at the door is feeling at that moment. Circumstances do change, but if he or she has heard several similar hard luck stories before it’s your turn, their patience might be wearing thin.

      I hope you get in. Please do follow the suggestions made. Good luck.

      1. My ticket for Brighton arrived yesterday which now gives me a feeling of reality that I’m finally going to see DG playing live. Have to say though, the tickets are a bit rubbish looking! Hopefully the RAH tickets will be more of a souvenir style.

        I know, I know, I should just be grateful to be going, but it’s good to have a nice souvenir of the event!

  45. Tickets for Brighton arrived yesterday, many thanks FEd for the heads up.

    Pre-Gilmour party this weekend.

  46. Ticketmaster’s website no longer shows the “Resale” tickets for some of the North America shows. Good move by Mr. Gilmour and his team having those removed – very nicely done!

  47. Tickets haven’t arrived for Brighton yet Fed. Postie has been today. Travelling to Brighton on Friday. What happens if they are not delivered by Monday?

    1. I’m sure they will be. If you don’t have them by Wednesday, give the Box Office a ring and they’ll set your mind at ease.

  48. The dream becomes reality – Brighton tickets arrived today! It’s like when I passed my driving test, as I danced and jigged around the test centre car park like an uncontrollable lunatic! Fast forward in time to my living room for more of the same and let me tell you, we’re all going to have one memorable and fantastic time; I’m so excited! (Thanks FEd, as without you none of this would be possible!)

    Shine on…….
    John 🙂

  49. I just wanted to thank you personally, Fed, for this chance of a lifetime.

    We’ve got lodging and travel booked and will be flying out soon. Jeff is sounding more like a Frenchman each day!

    I never would have seen David Gilmour in concert if not for this amazing RTL tour.

    Isn’t it amazing: the birth of new solo music in our midst?

    It’s been on the “bucket list” of things to do for many years!

    Incidentally, one show is enough for a lifetime for me (I also suffer eco-guilt about travel).

    So for me, I will be singing RTL tunes from the air…

    Bisous, et merci, mon ami!

  50. Others blogging on how they did not give up trying to get tickets has given me hope that I may also be able to still experience David’s concert.

    Anything can happen. It rained last night and for the first time in a month the skies are smoke free. So it makes things brighter and that anything might be possible.

    Take care, Suzy

  51. Wooohooo!

    Just got tickets for RAH Sep 23rd, in addition to the one I have for 24th!

    I’m sooooo excited!

  52. David and FEd,

    I just want to reiterate how nice it was that you let us get tickets with the passcode. It’s so hard with these son of a b**ch ticket companies that buy up all the tickets and then sell them at outrageous prices.

    Last week, if you were registered on Paul McCartney’s website, you had a shot at getting on to a presale for his 5 and only shows here in North America. I tried for Buffalo and couldn’t accomplish anything. Gone within minutes, (same deal in Toronto for that matter), but guess who has a lot of tickets at overinflated prices – yes, it’s the ticket outlets.

    So today, they went on sale to the general public, and once again nothing. Sold out in minutes, but there are hundreds available at tickets.com, stubhub, etc. The cheapest seats at $29.00 are for sale for $300.00. I’m disgusted. I just wanted to bring my wife and kids to see one of the Beatles, but with College costs looming over me for my daughter, I guess we won’t be seeing Sir Paul.

    I apologize for the rant, but I just wanted to express gratitude to David for adding more dates, among other things, and to you FEd for your part in helping the fans. This is just one of the many reasons why David, bless your heart, and Pink Floyd are my absolute favorites.

    Thank you.

  53. Hi Fed,

    I suddenly find myself with a spare ticket for the RAH gig that takes place on Thursday 24th Sept as my friend can no longer make it. I don’t want to advertise it on eBay or the likes and would prefer that the ticket goes to a genuine fan, particularly one that hasn’t been able to obtain a ticket for any of the gigs so far. So, would it be possible to offer it here to blog users?

    If so, the ticket is for a seat in Stalls L, row 8, so a good view! It cost me £104.50 inc RAH booking fee and that is all I would like for the ticket. Clearly I will have to meet the person buying the ticket at the venue due to the ID restrictions involved which isn’t a problem for me.

    I hope this will be great news to someone who is currently ticketless!



  54. May have 2 tickets for Brighton on Sat, travelling to gig with friends who may not be able to come, will know Friday evening or Saturday morning at latest. Will post again if they become available, just want face value plus booking fee – £140 for the pair, prefer to let a member of the blog have them if possible.

  55. FEd, any hints about a third NYC show? With all the other cities getting their “thirds” one would think the Big Apple is also in line for one more………….

  56. Fantastic – Brighton tickets arrived today. I am naturally very excited, but not as much as my 15 year old son who will be seeing David for the first time.

    Thank you!

  57. I received my Brighton tickets on Saturday. Today I received an email from Ticketmaster explaining the Terms and Conditions of the concert and telling me that the name of the lead booker is printed on each of the tickets.

    Now, unless my name is David Gilmour or Harvey Goldsmith, they’re talking utter crap. My name is NOT printed on the tickets, so how they can stop people selling tickets is a mystery to me.

  58. Hi Fed,

    Old blogger here resurfacing, I last posted around the time On an Island came out. I even won one of your competitions back then. My winning entry was “eyepod” if you can remember back that far! Sadly I return to you with a big problem. Like the other gentleman who’s wife bought him some tickets but can no longer attend, my better half and I have a similar problem.

    She bought the tickets for me as a surprise treat. The problem is she does not have any photo ID. She had intended to use her old passport but unfortunately it’s gone missing. We contacted the promoter and they are being very strict about this. We’ve been told that there are no exceptions, you must have photo ID otherwise you will not be admitted. We asked if we could bring any other form if ID but the answer was no. Obviously we’re both feeling pretty gutted, since our baby was born this was going to be our first night out together for several years. We appear to have run out of options. It looks like we won’t be admitted to the show.

    I understand the need to combat the touts but this rule seems very harsh. There must be quite a few people without a driver’s licence or passport in the UK. When we first asked the Brighton Centre about the photo ID they said just bring the card you purchased the tickets with and all will be fine. I was not convinced so with the show approaching we called them again. This time we were told that we must bring photo ID. Now we have no chance of getting any as the gig is on Saturday. If they had told us the truth in the first place we might have had a chance. Sadly that chance has now gone.

    Things have changed a lot since I started going to concerts, I had not realised quite how much until now. Apologies for this sad story as I say hello after such a long time.



    1. Oh, that is a shame. I’m sorry to hear it and expect to hear on Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning that people were allowed in without having to show any ID.

      As you say, a lot has changed and not necessarily for the better.

      1. Our local council-run leisure centres issue photo ID cards on the spot for people who sign up. Think if there’s anything like that in your area? I think you have to take two bills showing your address.

        Good Luck. There still might be time to do it!


  59. Pete,

    That is a brilliant article, worthy of inclusion in any of the notable music mags – Classic Rock, Prog, etc.

    Many thanks for posting it on here and whetting my appetite for Brighton and RAH – not that it was needed!!!!!!

    Rock and Shine On!

    1. Thanks very much!

      The strange thing is, is that when I read others (such as our FED) I am in awe. So I do not really consider myself that good.

      However I am passionate,……..LOL, sometimes too much.

      1. Don’t be daft.

        (Obviously, I think the same when I read certain others and I like to think they do, too.)

      2. I liked your article Pete. 🙂 I’m no writer, couldn’t write like that to save my life. But I love reading such stuff so keep on doing it!

        ash 🙂

        1. Thanks Ash.

          BTW – wedding went well.

          For those interested I lost a daughter and gained a son in law (his taste in music leaves a lot to be desired though).

  60. Got another reminder e-mail from Ticketmaster saying “The name of the lead booker will be printed on each ticket. ” There’s no name on my ticket, neither is there on another one I’ve seen.

    1. I got through to Ticketmaster after a long time holding, asked about no names on the tickets with all the fuss over it, he seemed as surprised as me, consulted with colleagues and came back and said that the staff will have scanners that’ll pull up the ticketholder’s name, you produce the ID then and no problem.

      I was only waiting for him to tell me that it was a requirement that we bring along the other “blank ticket” that comes attached to the ticket with your name and address so they can post to you using the window envelopes which state “This is not a ticket” but he said no need to bring that which is just as well as that got binned.

    1. Even with regular gigs, tickets from Ticketmaster quote your name in the corner of the ticket in small print. This time round, I was expecting my name “up in lights” but instead no mention of a name, whatsoever. The Ticketmaster guy told me how, in his opinion, the name supposed to be printed on the ticket but then actually not being printed is an “extra security feature” since this concert is “super strict” so if you buy a ticket off someone and you rock up to the venue, when the staff ask you are you such and such a person, this is the 1st time you’re learning of who the owner actually is so you’d no time to scheme a fraudulent ID and subsequently will not gain admission.

    2. It’s possible the bar code has your name embedded. When it is scanned your name appears on the device??

  61. My tickets came yesterday. 😀 No names on them but as Shane said above, they have bar codes which are attached to my reference number.

    Come in number 51, your guests are all present and correct!


      1. Nope…I contacted Ticketmaster and they have arranged for duplicate tickets to collect at the venue…hope it will be fine.

  62. A lot has been discussed about the security procedures regarding tickets for Brighton and RAH. I think most would agree that something needs to be done to control the scalpers. However I don’t think stopping people at the door if they’re not the original purchaser is the answer. I mean, think about. Someone buys tickets then can’t go and passes or sells them on, or someone buys tickets for someone as a present (not going themselves), or the hated scalper who buys with the sole intention of selling at a vastly inflated price. Someone turns up having made an honest purchase, receipt of a gift or paid over the odds. They get refused entry, but the promoter still has the original money for the ticket – and there are empty seats!

    The biggest scalpers are the ticket agencies themselves who I’m convinced are creaming off tickets at source then selling for outrageous prices on their own secondary sites! So, Ticketbastard and all the rest of the ticket agencies – get your own house in order before you start picking on the innocent music lovers.

  63. Sorry I missed the chat yesterday. Are there any official, or unofficial, pre/post gig meetups planned for Brighton?

  64. Hello there. I have bought tickets from the RAH for the 24th. I can’t go now unfortunately. Do you know if the RAH is accepting returns? Two empty seats otherwise and me £200 down if not…


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