Chicago Auditorium Theatre

Just one more, then. If Los Angeles is having three…

There will now be a third – and final – concert in Chicago, on Wednesday 6th April 2016, at the very fine Auditorium Theatre. (And isn’t it fine? It looks absolutely stunning. But not a theater, surprisingly.)

Tickets go on sale at 10am CDT this Friday – the 21st – available as ever from Ticketmaster’s website, mobile app, over the telephone or in person at Ticketmaster outlets.

Please note that there is a strict limit of two tickets per customer.

There is no pre-sale but, as is the case with each ticket purchased online for the North American dates, you will receive a copy of Rattle That Lock on CD. For those attending more than one concert in North America, you’ve practically got Christmas presents sorted several months in advance. Well done, you.

Here are those all-important details again:

Wednesday 6th April 2016: Chicago, USATickets on sale at 10am (CDT) Friday
Auditorium Theatre, 50 East Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL 60605

If you’re hoping for tickets, the very best of luck to you; it promises to be a special night in a very special place – a National Historic Landmark, no less. I think it could well be the loveliest venue that David will visit on this tour. What do you think?

David last performed there with Pink Floyd back in April 1972.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

60 thoughts on “Chicago Auditorium Theatre”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful venue!

    For me one in Chicago is enough.

    I’m planning the trip and unfortunately on 6th April I’ll be in Washington D.C.

    FEd, what about the news regarding the band? In a Rolling Stone interview David said all the names down: Guy Pratt on the bass, Steve DiStanislao on drums, Phil Manzanera on guitars, Jon Carin and Kevin MacAlea on keyboards.

    He also said the he won’t play Echoes anymore because it wouldn’t be the same thing without Rick.

    1. Well, there you go. You already know the band.

      Unfortunately I have to wait for someone to send me this information before I can use it, and the priority for some time now has been arranging concerts.

        1. Well, it doesn’t seem much like an “old man’s tour” any more, does it? I’m worn out just by looking at the schedule.

      1. OK, understood.

        Sorry about that, I didn’t want to steal the news…

        Anyway, there is another band member who wasn’t announced by David, but himself on Facebook revealed he’ll be part of the band: Theo Travis on the saxophone.

        It would have been nice to see the “old” Dick Parry on stage, but… that’s it!

  2. Looks like a lovely venue, nice to see a smaller location added. Best wishes to those who try to get tickets!

  3. I’d love to go to a concert there. It looks beautiful and cosy and I imagine the sound will be excellent. Perfect for Gilmour. If I had tickets for the United Center already, I’d be kicking myself.

    I don’t see why extra dates get added for the same cities at nicer venues weeks later. I know which I’d have chosen if you’d given the public a choice, but you didn’t give a choice.

    Looking forward to the Royal Albert Hall anyway!

  4. Hi FEd, fingers will be poised for Friday, many thanks for the heads up.

    Link to the Rolling Stone interview with some interesting and insightful comments from David.

    “I haven’t completely closed the door to Pink Floyd songs. They’re so much fun,” is very reassuring but maybe this means more of his solo material will feature in the set, would love to see his first 2 albums featured on this tour.

  5. Lovely venue, but can’t beat an Ancient Roman Amphitheatre… 😛

    Just kidding. Good luck to our American friends on Friday. 🙂

    Off topic, but I read on (not sure if this has already been mentioned on the blog):

    “Rattle That Lock’s striking cover was art directed by Dave Stansbie from The Creative Corporation under the creative directorship of Aubrey Powell from Hipgnosis.”

    So, I was curious and went to ‘The Creative Corporation’ website. How interesting! And I didn’t know that the cover design featured a Welsh landscape! You must be very proud, FEd!

  6. The Auditorium is a very nice theater indeed. I will be trying for tickets for sure. Thank you FEd!

    1. There’s always a chance. If there was one place I’d dearly love David to play, it would be Brazil.

  7. So, first LA and now Chicago……………….NYC is next (we hope, we pray!)………………????

  8. Not quite on subject, but noticed a Polly Samson tweet in the right column referring to her dog as “Khan…”

    Is that Khan as in Khan Noonian Singh, the 1990’s Eugenics Wars, Moby-Dick spouting super-villain of ‘Star Trek’ fame?

    Or is that just not even close?

    1. And by the way re Khan and Rattle That Lock…

      In the original Trek episode, “Space Seed” (1968), Khan himself references Milton: “It’s better to reign in Hell, rather than serve in heaven…”

        1. Oh my goodness there are any number of possible Khans …

          Kublai Khan, Ghengis Khan, The Aga Khan, Imran Khan, Citizen Khan … this is obviously something we need clarification on.

          1. Oh no!! I had no idea David and Polly had a dog called Khan when I was wittering on about Ghengis Khan and the spread of his genes. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. . .

            Steve, as an almost but not quite, Star Trek nerd, I had to look that up because I only remembered the Khan from The Wrath of Khan. I lost track of Star Trek when they introduced those ridiculous Ferengi. I couldn’t stand them and stopped watching. I couldn’t get into the space station one either. 🙁 But I did like The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise and all the films!

            Ah, I am a nerd after all. . . .

            ash 😀

  9. I’m guessing there’s virtually no chance of him adding any more UK dates?

    I’d hoped he’d at least head to Manchester and Glasgow again. I can’t complain too much with seeing him in Brighton and London but I’d have liked to have seen him on a date where the travel wasn’t quite so extensive too!

    Good news for the Americans though, good luck to everyone getting tickets. 🙂

  10. Please Dave – add one more for New York now too.

    How about at Radio City Music Hall like you first imagined – and on Sunday, April 10th?

  11. Is there a chance of a NYC theatre show? Any seat in a theatre ought to be better than the first tier at MSG. MSG is ENORMOUS!

  12. WOOOHOOOO!!!! I’d love to see this show!!!

    That will break up the break between the 4/4 and 8/4 nicely!

    Thank you FEd for the heads up!!!

  13. Hey FEd,

    Any chance I can buy you a drink (or dinner? or you can have my dog?) at any of these shows? I’m at both Hollywood Bowl shows, and both United Center shows. You’ve helped complete a super important circle in my life, and I owe you a deep debt of gratitude. Let us know if you’ll be available for receiving appreciation.

    1. That’s so kind, Maya. Your kind words are thanks enough, I’m just doing my job (and you really mustn’t tempt me with the offer of another dog; I’ve got my hands full with the ones I have). 🙂

      1. Oh that’s disappointing Fed. I was rather hoping you would be providing a dog-sitting service for those attending the RAH shows … all you would need is a deck chair in Hyde Park and a big tub of liver biscuits.

        1. It’s a nice idea, Tim. I’d like that, but only if all joggers, cyclists and children can be kept out.

  14. Can we just have extra dates here in the UK? We could just beam back live via satellite to North America.


  15. Another added show, sounds like we can get one more in NYC. I hope it is going to be in Radio City Music Hall. I have been there before and I wish I can do it again if so.

    Any update yet?

  16. Thank you David for having this date. I will be attending this one, The Forum in Los Angeles and I’m hoping for one more intimate date in New York.

    Please don’t read this as complaining but I was really hoping for a jaunt like 2006 at historic intimate venues. The thought of sitting with a bunch of drunks at MSG or The Hollywood Bowl screaming ‘Play Another Brick in the Wall”‘ terrifies me. David’s early interviews about the tour led me to believe he would be playing those gorgeous venues like Radio City but he must have been pressured by someone to play these large grotesque arenas. To that person or group who talked them into that I say, shame on you! On the other hand it’s been ten years and it’s a absolute privilege to see David play anywhere and for that I thank David. I’m waiting to see if one or two more venues like The Auditorium Theatre are announced and if not I will pick up some tickets to MSG and/or elsewhere.

    What I hope the most is that David enjoys this tour and goes right back to work on the next album he has already started.

    David, please don’t stop sharing your music with us, you have no idea the profound positivity you have on my life.

    1. “The thought of sitting with a bunch of drunks at MSG or The Hollywood Bowl screaming ‘Play Another Brick in the Wall”‘ terrifies me.”

      Absolutely right Rae. That’s what this place is for!

      1. Why does this remind me of something funny that happened in Paris Palais des Congrès in 2002?

        Durga McBroom sang with David on ‘Comfortably Numb’, and when she came to the front of the stage, a man in the audience shouted “Do you want to marry me?” – And David replied “No, thank you.” 😀

  17. will there be another teaser or something else before the album comes out next month?

  18. Oh darn it…..6th April is my birthday and I cannot get there…booooooo…. LOL. Looks like a wonderful venue. I hope David and the band enjoy, oh, and the lucky people going to that performance too.

  19. I’m fighting against my pc-tablet-phone connection in these days, sorry…I read only now the news.

    Good luck to everyone for the Chicago show, great venue!

    Just read the comment about the band, are the new names only rumours or it’s true? And if it’s true, where the hell is Ringo???

  20. Will we see David perform at the Apple Music festival (the old iTunes festival) at the London Roundhouse? The 10 gigs this year are from the 19th to the 28th September and will fit in between his 2 sets of dates at the Royal Albert Hall.

    And if so please do not forget us bloggers for the free tickets!

    Gary Hurley

  21. Well, this seems like the one to be at. Or maybe both United Center and the Auditorium Theater. I saw him in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater in 2006, and it was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever witnessed. Hopefully I can get tickets! Thanks for the info FEd.

    I hope he does a slightly different setlist in the theaters, and for the other multiple shows in cities. So grateful that he is willing to hit the road in any capacity. I’m a fan who came late to the party, never seeing Floyd live, these shows he does are truly exceptional.

  22. That looks like a beautiful theater! It’ll be by far the most intimate show of the tour (what’s been announced to date). To those who seek tickets, best of luck.

  23. It took some serious heart palpitations to get it done, and Ticketbastard had an error on my 5th row center seat so, of course, I lost that one, but I managed to get the equivalent of row 8, on the left side. I’m still shaking. WOOOHOOO!

    Thank you FEd!

    1. Good job, Maya. What time did you land 5th row, and what time did you land 8th row? My sister and I both logged in before the onsale. We got zilch on pairs and then immediately went to singles. All we could get was two separate seats in the rear balcony. We went ahead and bought them since we were afraid the small venue would sell out. I then continued to browse just in case a golden egg appeared. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I drew 3rd row. Crazy. So we have one good seat and one not-as-good seat… and one that we are happy to sell for face value if anyone wants it. 🙂

  24. One last irritating question.

    Will David allow non-flash photography at any of his shows? I’m trying to figure out if I should purchase a decent camera that will be too large to possibly get my finger in the corner of the shot, and much more obvious when I have gunk on the “lens” making all my pictures look like they were taken through fog. 😉

    1. It all depends on the venue’s own policy and how keen its staff are to enforce it. Some will frown upon it, some will turn a blind eye completely, some will even confiscate your camera if you persist after a warning and possibly ask you to leave if enough people grumble and fidget.

      However, knowing how annoying many people find others taking photographs all around them when they’re trying to enjoy the show (we discussed this not too long ago in relation to a request by Kate Bush to please refrain from using cameras at her concerts), I’m not going to encourage anyone to take any type of device along, even if the venue is relaxed about photography. I agree that it’s a nuisance to others.


  25. And… a ticket for Chicago Auditorium now as well 5th Row at front of Balcony in bloc FBLC. Anyone else sitting close to this block here!?

  26. I was able to get tickets to the Apr. 6 show at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. I am so Stoked! I saw Pink Floyd there in 1972 (Strawbs were the opener) and I will always remember that show.

    Saw David at the Rosemont Theater in 2006 however the Rock ‘N’ Roll History of the Auditorium Theater is legendary.

  27. Hello Fed,

    I don’t know what else to say other than I feel truly blessed. I and a friend somehow managed to get 15th row dead center VIP tix for this beautiful intimate venue. First 6th row VIP on Monday at UC, then 15th row on wed at the Chicago auditorium, then 35th row again if Friday night at UC!

    Thanks again for the presale as well as all other updates! This is basically a dream come true!

  28. Feeling lucky I got tickets for all three Chicago shows. Can’t wait.

    Thank you FEd.

    Keep rockin’.

  29. Well it is very irritating that no matter how hard you try for the best seats possible, even with a two ticket limit, there are still some people getting away with getting more than they should.

    Especially the guy with 8 front row center seats for the Chicago Auditorium Theatre.

  30. I have a bittersweet situation regarding this show. I was lucky enough to get a 3rd row center ticket during the onsale. Unfortunately, I used my wife’s credit card. The fine print on the ticket says that she must be present to collect the ticket at the venue – similar to RAH, I guess. Initially, my wife had planned to travel with me to Chicago in order to pick up the ticket. But her aunt has become ill and is now under hospice care. We explained this to both Ticketmaster and The Auditorium Theater, but they will not allow me to pick up the ticket on her behalf – even with her credit card, DL, and marriage license. Obviously, my primary concern is with my wife’s aunt. So I am not throwing a fit over this. But it is a terrible disappointment. The silver lining in this story is that they are sticking to their ticket policy in order to block scalpers. So at least they are trying. Just wish they would be more reasonable since scalpers are still getting tickets, and some of us honest concert goers are getting screwed…

    FEd, any suggestions? Maybe ask Mr. Gilmour to throw some muscle for me? Hahaha.

    1. That is a terrible shame. The trouble is, they’re hearing just about every excuse you can think of from the various opportunists trying their luck, so it gets to a point where you don’t know who to believe. I take your point, though.

    2. With the show rapidly approaching, I decided to elevate my request to a Ticketmaster manager. Finally, after providing sufficient verification they agreed to move the charge to my card. So I will be able to pick up the ticket without my wife being present. I completely understand and appreciate the scrutiny that was used by both the Auditorium Theatre and Ticketmaster. But, wow, was that stressful! Having a third row seat dangled in front of me and then taken away is not cool. Hahaha.

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