Ticketmaster pre-sale

For those wondering who didn’t ask (you should have, I’d have answered): Yes, there was a pre-sale today.

The code was distributed by e-mail in an attempt to create a more level playing field for everybody.

The whole idea was that those who contribute to the blog, have done so for many years, and make use of our chatroom first and foremost would get the first chance to purchase tickets. That was the aim and, after trying other ways previously with varying degrees of success, this was felt to be the best way to achieve it.

There were limits in place; nobody could buy more than two tickets and they cannot be resold, so it won’t be the same as the recent pre-sale for the European concerts, which ended up with very few tickets left over for general sale. The problem then, quite simply, was that too many people had the pre-sale code and were able to buy far too many tickets.

I truly am sorry to disappoint anyone reading who didn’t receive the code by e-mail yesterday or from me today (really, you should have asked), but hope you agree that this was the fairest way to guarantee that fewer people had access to fewer tickets, leaving more for the general sale on Monday.

Thank you for understanding. For those who kept it a secret, your co-operation was very much appreciated. For those who didn’t, well, we always expected some of you to blab.

Please let us know your thoughts about, or experiences of, today’s pre-sale.

The general sale begins at 10am local time on Monday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

140 thoughts on “Ticketmaster pre-sale”

  1. Thank you so much. You can’t possibly know how very much this means to me. I gave my daughter the middle name of Gilmour, and in fact, she was born while I was watching Sorrow from Pulse. Sorrow is a very special song for me. I was young and dumb, and I annoyed David a LOT on the 1994 tour. I seriously underestimated how close the 5th row was, and David is surprisingly able to see the first few rows very clearly. So he hated my awful signs. A LOT. It’s really hard to survive dirty looks from him.

    But David saw how much I genuinely love the song Sorrow. It was Minneapolis when I first saw David add a TON more reverb to the intro and outro (for me!) and the video P.U.L.S.E is very nearly the same way.

    I was too sick and missed On An Island tour entirely.

    I’ll be a perfect little church mouse this time and nobody will even know I’m there, but in 1994… I made David promise that he would be back. (Caught him on a sobbing/sign technicality.) Nick Mason felt very sorry for me, for all the dirty looks I’d brought upon myself. He tried to toss me both of his drum sticks – one after the other after I proved I’m a terrible catch! (Didn’t get either one! I’m hopeless! Haha!)

    RTL tour will complete a circle in my life. It’s more than just a show. It’s a promise I’ve kept to myself. These little promises we make with ourselves make all the difference. It’s these silly little experiences I’ve had and the beauty I’ve seen, heard and felt that I remembered when I was so sick. That’s what was important. What a gift.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much. This is one of the nicest surprises in history.

  2. Thank you so much for the corrected MSG Tuesday pre-sale code, FEd (and whomever else is responsible). I couldn’t get through to get tickets for the Monday concert when they came out, but I got 4th row center (section B) for Tuesday!!! I am so pumped!!!

  3. Well that’s my Thursday and Friday evenings in late March 2016 sorted out. Thank you Fedmeister for the info.

    I have nose-bleeds on the Thursday and Level 1 Centre Stage on the Friday which is a perfect view of the stage…

    Diolch yn fawr!

  4. It was scary there for a while, but it all worked out, thanks again FEd. The system works, even though you had to pull an all nighter for it! LOL. And still minding the fort today, must be due a well deserved break.

    Thanks to you, David and the management team for listening and arranging this for the fans, I know it couldn’t have been easy.

    Tom B

  5. FEd, thank you so much for all your hard work delivering pre-sale passwords to this motley bunch of lowly bloggers. We are all greatly appreciative. Me and my oldest, closest buddy (been friends since 4th grade!) will be enjoying both nights in Toronto. Floor, center section, row 6 on the first night, and same section row 11 on the second. We’ve been MASSIVE Gilmour fans for over 30 years now so this will be an INCREDIBLE experience.

    Thank you!

  6. After a little work (and a few heart palpitations) I managed to get 3rd row for Toronto night 2.

    Thanks for the e-mail FEd.

  7. I’ve got a ticket for HB #1, now gotta hope for getting show #2. Gotta see both!

    Please Mr. Gilmour, these songs were so awesome on the “Island” tour, we’d love to hear you do them again: Fat Old Sun and Sorrow. Maybe you can add One Slip and/or Take it Back? You’re my guitar hero.

  8. I will be at the MSG show on Tuesday! Looking forward to sitting near many loyal fans.

    Thank you for making this possible, FEd! I thought the pre-sale went very well (aside from the MSG blip).

    1. Thank you, Meg. MSG should get the pointy stick treatment, but I think it turned out OK in the end.

  9. I received a pre sale code yesterday, but hours after my code was cancelled by Ticketmaster. I tried use it today, but don`t play.

    I live in Brazil and I always read this blog (and fansites), but I don`t can participate of the regular chats because I work from morning to night. However I was participate in two chats this year.

    I am very very sorry for not be successfully to buy a Gilmour show tickets today. For me it`s very rare to have aN opportunity to see a show of him.

    I don`t know why my code pre sale was cancelled…

    Mário de Lima e Silva

    1. I’m sorry, Mário. Did you receive the code from Madison Square Garden? Because they sent it in error and, as a result, the code had to be changed.

      1. Yes, FEd. I received from Madison Square Garden (I saw Leonard Cohen there 4 years ago), not from Ticketmaster.

        Best regards.

  10. My mom always said “life was never intended to be fair”. Huge bummer but I have been checking the blog every half hour for the past three days with the hope of a presale for NA. Urrrg, and now I have missed out. It is also a bitter pill to read of the people who don’t have great seats for the first show and now even better seats for the second show. Meanwhile, the rest of us will wait with bated breath for Monday morning to try and scoop half decent seats for the second show.

    I understand and respect the challenges with today’s online ticket sales and keeping the scalpers at bay. Back in the day I would be camping out at the venue waiting for the box office to open.

  11. Boy, do I feel stupid. I actually considered emailing you directly last night, but thought that would be going way overboard and being aggressively pushy. I figured that since I saw no mention of the code in my email, on this or any of the big Floyd blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter….that it must be one of those credit card special presales (ie only those who have Citibank cards or what have you). I kind of hate myself right now for not contacting you. I actually cried when this post popped up.

    I’ll try for tickets Monday morning, but am holding out very little hope (I’ll be trying for the Hollywood show which seems to be the toughest get).

    Congrats to all who scored today. And thanks for all of the info, FEd….I’m deeply crushed by this turn of events, but I can’t hold it against you. I’m the fool who messed up here and boy do I feel it. Lesson learned, next time I won’t leave even the tiniest stone unturned!

    1. Hard luck, Mel. I am sorry to hear you’re kicking yourself.

      Perhaps you saw that, back in March when the European shows went on sale, we had a pre-sale on a Wednesday before the general sale began on the Friday. The London dates required a special code. It was announced very suddenly, the links were live, the server crashed after a few hours, and lots of people were delighted to have their tickets.

      Great for those who knew about it, but there was little left behind for those who were waiting for Friday and they were, rightly, cheesed off about that.

      After that, I personally felt it would be fairer to instead e-mail the links and, in this case, password, so that fewer people would know that there was pre-sale. I e-mailed the (Ir)regulars who both comment and chat often, people who had left even one solitary comment on this blog in the past six months or so, as well as those who, since the extra North American dates were announced, had noticed that Ticketmaster had (prematurely, annoyingly, I thought) advertised a pre-sale and enquired about it. I was e-mailing people who had asked right up until half an hour before the pre-sale ended last night, and communicating with people via Twitter, so that as many people as possible could possibly obtain tickets without shouting about it from the rooftops. I don’t think I could have been any fairer, but knew that some people would still end up missing out. For that, I truly am sorry.

      Good luck tomorrow.

  12. FEd, you were really great on this matter, thank you for everything not only on this time, but also all the time you spend on this great great blog.

  13. I didn’t actually need the pre-sale code for Los Angeles VIP seats. I ended up with 4th row seats and then I ugly cried. This was really delightful. I’m so lucky.

    Thank you so much. More thanks than I can express. If ever I can repay you, just say the word.

  14. Thank you so much FEd, I got tickets for NY 2nd show.

    All the luck for those who will go for tickets next Monday.


  15. I got tickets for the Hollywood Bowl, 2nd night… thanks for the pre-sale. Great seats. Very happy.

  16. THANK YOU FED! You are the greatest. I was lucky enough to get seats behind the stage in second level at MSG on Monday. Thanks to you I will be in row 3 on Tuesday. It is really a lifelong dream come true. I feel totally blessed.

    Since I feel like I am on a roll maybe you can get David to play Shine On You Crazy Diamond at one of the shows and my life will be complete. Truthfully it doesn’t matter, he could sing the alphabet and it would sound like angels singing.

    Thanks again FEd, if you are ever in Detroit get a hold of me. I owe you one.

  17. Thanks so much for the e-mail. I thought that presale code that would not get me a pair of tickets when I tried for LA tickets – within a second or two I was told “none available.” I thought it was futile, but 15 minutes later a pair surfaced and I snagged them.

    I kept the secret!

  18. Ah, I’m pretty bummed that I missed the presale (long story short: I was sans-computer and away from my iPhone for the majority of the day). Fingers crossed for the regular sale on Monday…

    Sidenote: I’d love to hear David rearrange/resurrect some of the songs from his self-titled album and About Face, particularly “Murder.” But first, I need to procure a ticket. 🙂

  19. Thank you for the MSG pre sale update. I was able to get two tickets which had I waited for general public sale probably would have been a problem again.

    Seeing how many were on the resale list of the first show, I feel as if fans interested in the concert and not profiting from it were heard.

    Thank you.

  20. Thank You for emailing me about the presale at MSG on April 12, 2016 …. I got a ticket and now I’m extremely happy to have been able to get one. It’s going to be GREAT to finally see David again after all these years. PLEASE play Echoes at the show if possible David and I’ll be very happy!!!

    Thank you for letting a Pink Floyd fan since my 1st show in 1975 be allowed in for the final USA Show in 2016. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  21. Congrats to those who got the presale code and got tickets. Lucky you.

    I’ll be trying on Monday. Wish me (well, wish us all) luck.

    It’s rather sad how many tickets are already available on resale markets.

  22. Thanks FEd and David and all those who worked on the pre-sale idea! Very, very much appreciated.

    Can’t way for the Tuesday April MSG set!

    Love the new song too.

  23. So I was the only one who couldn’t buy nothing? 🙁

    From the first second of presale I tried and tried for about an hour, but the answer was always “sorry, no matches found”, for both New York and Chicago shows…

    OK, I was on mobile because I was out at a concert, but I think it’s more or less the same.

    I’ll try to buy them with the general sale, but I think it will be nearly impossible…

    Anyway, thank you FEd for your great job and your true kindness in the mails. Hope to get the tickets on Monday, so maybe we could meet on tour. 😉

  24. hi there fed, you have done your best as normal.

    just wondered, in a bit of a quandary. what do you think, do I buy one now or risk the general sale? do you think any great seats have been saved?

    also I have a ticket for rah on 23rd sept. can’t make that date now and the rah won’t let me return it. just seems a pity that a genuine fan can’t go. all I want is what I paid for it.


    1. I’d try the Albert Hall again because I understand they certainly are taking tickets back and selling the returned tickets to those who keep trying.

      Please let me know how it goes (and for anyone who hopes to get a ticket, please keep trying).

      1. sorry to be a pain, do you think all the good tickets will have gone for brighton tomorrow?


        1. I expect the best ones have been taken, but why wait until tomorrow? You can buy them right now, can’t you? Please click here.

          The pre-sale for the North American dates was private (sort of), lasted just four hours and is now closed. Not so for Brighton.

          (Sorry if I’m muddled.)

  25. It sounds like a good and very worthy effort in the face of wickedly fierce market force … hoping all those true friends of the Blog got what they needed …

  26. Brighton, we will come!! Hurrah! 3rd row, fantastic!

    Best regards from Berlin

  27. I’m so sorry I didn’t know. I know I’m new to the blog but I’m sorry. I couldn’t find any ticket for the European tour. Now I’ve lost these ones too. 🙁

    I know the general sale will start tomorrow but I’ll be working and I’m sure I won’t be able to get anything tomorrow night.

    Please let me know about Wrocław if you can. Many thanks.

  28. Thank you very much, Fed. I certainly appreciate the consideration and effort given to ensure that we be able to obtain tickets before the greedy scalpers raked them all in.

    I never realized it was such a stressful experience to be quite honest.

    The first time round I was unable to get MSG or Chicago tickets at the original price, only the jacked up resale tickets were available, but in the end I scored tickets to the Hollywood Bowl. Yep, I’m making the trip from Tennessee to LA!

    Yesterday during the presale for the Friday show, I tried for over 40 minutes to get tickets, but only found tickets in the $300-400 range. Maybe I was doing something wrong? In the end, I just started crying like a sucking baby and gave up. Maybe age is making me emotional, LOL.

    Either way, I will attempt to join the sharks during the public sale on Monday and take what I can get and what I can afford. I really don’t care where I sit at this point, I just want to be there for that second night with all my irregular friends.

    I hope you have some hair left by the end of this tour, I can only imagine the scads of nasty messages and complaints you’ll get before it’s all done.

    Thank you for preserving throughout these years, you’re our sturdy rock of Gilmouria! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Melissa. I’m sorry you weren’t in luck yesterday. My fingers will be crossed for you tomorrow.

      Wow, Tennessee to LA. If my limited knowledge of US geography is right, that’s some trip.

      1. I have to say I wouldn’t swap my day job for FED’s job, poor chap. 🙁 With the best will in the world he has worked wonders to enable some of us to land some prize tickets for some great gigs in the US, and Brighton in the UK. My hat goes off to him, for the hard work but also the consideration for us who are desperate to see Mr. Gilmour and Co. I honestly don’t know how you keep sane when dealing with Ticketmonster? They seem to have screwed up the presale royally.

        That aside, I did manage to score 2 BLOCK B, second row tickets for the Madison Square show. Some how Ticketb@rstard allowed me to use my UK credit card to book fabulous tickets, facilitated by FED of course. 😉 However I really wanted to go to Hollywood Bowl, and was able to get some great tickets however the same Ticketshafter website that allowed me to use my UK AMEX card for MSG, would not give me the option to purchase tickets for Hollywood Bowl.. GRRRR….

        @ Melissa… So I have two tickets, one of which is spare, for right in front – centre of the stage – in BLOCK B, 2nd row back from the stage. I don’t know how many tickets you got for Hollywood Bowl, however would you be willing to trade a spare ticket for Hollywood Bowl for my 2nd row MSG ticket on 12th April? If you are interested, maybe FED can hook us up via email to arrange… No worries if you are not interested. If however you are, this will save you (and I!) the frenzied rush when tickets go back on line on Monday. Alternatively, if you fancy jetting to the UK on 5th September, I have a spare ticket 3rd row for the Brighton Pre show… Let me know. 🙂

        1. Hi, Rob! Thanks for the offer, but I’m already committed to going to LA at this point. As far as Brighton goes, I really think I would have a difficult time managing that trip, unless you also have a spare seat on your jet… but thanks anyway.

          I hope you enjoy the show!

  29. Thanks very much!..greatly appreciative and also honored to have received the code. I scored a ticket in a fairly low row in the lower bowl with pretty much a straight-on view. Sight and sound will be astounding! My ticket for the night before is way-way up there, but still thrilled to be in the building.

    Thanks again!

  30. I will be at my computer at 9:50 PST tomorrow morning. I am hoping for tickets to the second night at the Hollywood Bowl. I live on the west coast of Canada and taking in a show at the Bowl is a rare and special occasion. The only other time I went to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl was in 2012 to see Peter Gabriel. That was truly a wonderful night and I think seeing David at the Bowl would be even more amazing.

    I will follow up tomorrow morning and let you know how the ticket frenzy went. To be honest, I am a bit nervous.

    Thanks so much for the blog and the info on the shows.

  31. I was able to get tickets without any problems going through this website by clicking on the venue, in my case Toronto. I would try this rather than going to Ticketmaster or the venue directly.

    Good luck everyone.

  32. Well, thank you again, FEd. I scored second row center stage for Madison Square Garden! I so appreciate your update after they dropped the ball.

    I am frustrated to hear the Hollywood Bowl did the presale without a password requirement at all! Some of our friends got shut out quickly as I understand. This despite your best efforts to take care of us. Cheers, mate!

    1. You’re very welcome, Mike. Madison Square Garden made us sweat, that’s for sure.

      I’m disappointed to hear this – again – about the Hollywood Bowl.

  33. “was able to get tickets without any problems going through this website”…

    What website? Hahaha, I just can’t win. It is Sunday morning and it is time to abandon the ticket search and get on with life. I think a bike ride is in the works.

    Good luck everyone!

  34. My thoughts on the pre-sale thing… What’s remarkable is the spirit that inhabits (and always did since 2006) this blog, therefore the one who runs it. Integrity, generosity, care for genuine fans, constant research of fairness, recognition of loyalty, time spent to help people, etc… I think it’s rare on the Internet, where everything seems so superficial. It’s no wonder it forged here a real and enthusiastic community.

    Voilà. Not being good with words in English, I apologize if this sounds flattering or something. Not my intention at all.

    The rest in French, please. Easier…

    I – of course – kept the secret. Pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas fait – et je sais qu’il y en a, je les ai vu sur un certain fansite Pink Floyd que bien sûr je ne nommerai pas – profiter de la confiance des gens pour les trahir, c’est non seulement immoral et indécent, voire abject, mais d’une incroyable lâcheté. Honte à eux.

    Même si nous ne sommes pas toujours d’accord 😉 , une personne en qui j’ai, et aurai toujours confiance et que je respecterai toujours, c’est notre Features Editor. Merci.

  35. Well, this place and the people involved in maintaining and sustaining its existence are special indeed. Thanks to you FEd and all those behind the scenes who give enough of a damn about the fans to give us the leg-up on the corporate sharks and re-sale leeches.

    For those who weren’t able to score tickets, I hope the moral arc of the universe bends quickly towards justice on Monday during the open sale.

  36. First and foremost, a lifetime of ‘thank yous’, to our very own The Blog- and Chatroom- Guru Extraordinaire, will never be enough!

    I had decided to embark on a chili jam making project on Saturday morning. We had a decent yield of chillies from our container garden. All the while keeping in the back of my mind that I needed to be done no later than 1:30 pm (to make sure a very sleepy laptop was at the ready for the bewitching hour). The iPad was all set to go and I had signed in to both Ticketmaster accounts and had a debit and credit card lying in wait.

    I was late getting the jam started, chose not to wear latex gloves to chop the chillies, and there I was at 1:58 pm making every effort to be ambidextrous, contaminating the keypad and keyboard with chili juice! It took a few minutes (I desperately wanted to respond to a tweet I got but didn’t dare) but I was confident and there they were – 2 seats in Floor C, 3 rows back and 2 in Floor A, row 15. We’ll decide late who sits where and with whom and will need to invite someone special for the fourth seat.

    I was shrieking like a banshee!! My husband went to tell my son, who was in the midst of a World of Warcraft battle (Ash, one still collects treasure, lots of it, in video games), the news. The deadpan response was “I heard”. 😀

    Would’ve loved to go to Brighton but we’ll have just come back from our holiday the week before and the bank account will still be smarting from the lashing it has received.

    The last time I saw David perform solo was in July 1984 in Saratoga Springs so this is an extra special treat for me and I get to share it with two of the most important people in my life. To say that I am grateful is an understatement.

    Oh, the chili jam was a huge success and I managed not to rub my eyes once! Now for some sausages to enjoy alongside.

    1. Dead chuffed for you Pav!

      Well done on hangin’ on in there and keeping the faith. x

  37. Fed.. I owe you a HUGE thank you for your heads up, sweat and toil and help in getting tickets for Brighton, and Madison Square Garden in 3rd and 2nd rows respectively. Without your help I think I speak for everyone here, we wouldn’t had had a hope in hell of getting such amazing seats.

    So I propose a toast to Fed in appreciation of his kindness, hard work and taking such good care of us who all admire the amazing work and talent of David Gilmour. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

    1. Oh, stop it, you’ll have me in tears before long. 😛

      I’m just glad I could help.

    2. Hear! Hear! For FEd’s a jolly good fellow. For FEd’s a jolly good fellow. For FEd’s a jolly good feh-eh-lo, and so say all of us. Hip hip, hooray! (Not pushing my luck FEd, just singing what we’re all thinking. 😀 )

  38. I kept the pre-sale to myself out of respect to the other long time blog members and visitors who might which to purchase a ticket. But I do agree that’s it’s the fairest possible way to go about it.

    I’m over the moon with how it panned out for me anyway. Cheers again FEd.

  39. FEd, was able to get 3rd row center for 2nd night NYC…..was able to get tickets for Monday night in the general sale but was nowhere near as good as these. So glad to see so many on here get such great seats.

    Thanks for helping out the true fans and keeping this site going all these years.

    Good luck to all trying for tickets on Monday.

  40. FEd,

    Thank you so much!!!! I was excited at the prospect of picking up better seats then what I had gotten for Monday Night’s performance at MSG. Never did I imagine getting 4th row seats!!!!! Can’t wait until April!!!

    Now the dilemma exists….both shows? or give up the first night seats? (Never have seen David live, have wanted to since I was about 9. Definitely leaning towards seeing both!)

    Thank you so much again FEd,
    Diane B

    1. both shows. seriously. both shows.

      i’ve gone to so many approximations of david, and it just doesn’t matter how many guitarists you get up on that stage, or who they are. they’re all very good, but they’re not even close to gilmour. you deserve to see him as many times as you can. you’ll never regret it.

      i’m sitting all by myself in chicago on 4/8 because i couldn’t get 2 seats together. i’m on the floor in the back, i’m short so i won’t be able to see anything and i’m thrilled. i’m so lucky.

      you won’t want to miss a moment.

  41. Sorry to go off topic but I had an idea for a game called “Guess the Setlist”

    Set 1…

    Rattle That Lock
    Tracks off the new album
    The Blue


    Set 2

    On An Island
    Fat Old Sun
    Out of the Blue
    Raise My Rent
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Coming Back to Life


    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Comfortably Numb

    1. It would be AMAZING to see some tracks from his previous album! No Way Out of Here, Short and Sweet, Murder, Out of the Blue, Near the End! I can’t wait to hear more from RTL too! I’m so excited to see him play again!!!

      p.s. I kept the secret, but was seriously tempted to give it to some of the people that were begging.

    2. Ok, I’ll play…and this is based on my fantasy list not the likely list:

      Set 1:

      Childhood’s End
      RTL & New Album

      Set 2:

      On An Island
      Crumbling Land
      Fat Old Sun
      High Hopes
      Let’s Get Metaphysical
      Pocket Full of Stones
      Where We Start


      Louder Than Words
      Comfortably Numb

      1. Oooo, nice to see ‘Crumbling Land’ on there. That always reminded me of a Byrds number and I could just see Crosby and Nash doing vocal harmonies on there.

        M I H A L I S…………..

  42. Hi FEd. Can you give us any advice how to buy tickets tomorrow when the tickets go on sale @ 10am? Is better idea to call Ticketmaster instead go online?

    Good luck for everyone tomorrow.

    1. I wouldn’t like to say, Adam. Everybody says different ways worked best for them. All options are included here.

      Good luck.

  43. Dear Fed,

    Thanks for the presale email. Alas I couldn’t swing it money wise to get a seat in Toronto. However I tried anyway to see how the process went.

    I was logged into my Ticketmaster account using Firefox right at 2:00pm. I saw the presale, entered the code into the box and the box just froze. I tried this for 10 minutes with the screen freezing every time at the same point. I then switched to the new Microsoft Edge browser as I am on Windows 10. Got in first time and pulled up row 5 Centre floor. I have a feeling the email was passed around a bit but not too bad considering.

    Cheers, Howard

  44. Two things I wanted to mention.

    1. Typically I do get direct email from MSG for presales. However I didn’t get the email error message.

    2. Unfortunately at 2 I couldn’t try for the presale for MSG and I couldn’t try till about 3:30 with the new code. But by that time the presale was sold out. Even for just one ticket. So I could not get a ticket for that show. But I am going the first night, so I can’t complain, just wanted you to know.


    1. Hard luck, Andrew. MSG shouldn’t have e-mailed anyone about any pre-sale in this case.

      1. No biggie FEd. Just thought you should know that they did not blast the presale info to all. Seems it must have been a preferred list they sent it out to.

        And I am happy I am going the first night. I didn’t really need to be greedy and go both nights.


  45. First and foremost a huge THANK YOU to FEd and Mr Gilmour for organizing the pre-sale. I had a so-so experience, some of which was the result of my own stupidity.

    I decided to go for Toronto (hometown), LA and NY. The Chicago show, separated by 4 days from the previously announced gig, just made that one too expensive logistically. I was setup at 2pm (est) with three computers to get the job done. 🙂

    Toronto, I did pretty good on. Got 3rd row (regular priced tickets)in the left of stage section on the floor but they’re on the isle so in reality they are about 8 seats plus an isle off dead center.
    New York is where my stupidity reigned. The tickets (again regular priced) came up and they were 3rd row dead center on the floor. As I said, I had the three computers going so I didn’t pay attention on the checkout. When I was filling the billing info, it was only showing inputs for American addresses. I could put my credit card info and most of my address but no Province of Ontario. Just a list of States. As I was completed my LA order on the 3rd computer I realized the error of my ways. There was a tab to hit for Canadians before the billing info went in that I had not noticed so I had just clicked on the default US. Now realizing this, I hit the back button and poof the tickets were gone. Reading above, I see a couple of people including Pavlov (who we all were cheering for) got 3rd row center. If any of you lucked into them about 8 minutes after the sale began, you’re welcome. 🙂

    LA was a whole different story. I was unable to get anything at all to come back for the regular priced tickets there. Using the gold VIP option I was able to get pool B row 5 which are amazing seats but man do they cost a lot.

    So I did pretty good. Would have done great except for the NY fiasco. I will try again for MSG tomorrow.

  46. FEd, all I can say is Thank You for I did get tickets for the Hollywood Bowl. It is just awesome to finally see David play live. You and David’s management really help us get these tickets. So again thank you all for doing this for us.

    Take Care, Thomas

  47. Thank you for answer. 7am is now. I’m almost ready to fight and I hope I will win (NYC even one ticket would be OK!!!!!! ).

  48. FEd, thank you so much. I was able to get close up to the stage for second night Toronto. This would not have been possible without the pre-sale code. It was a very classy move. All my best to you mate.

  49. THANK YOU SO MUCH FEd!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be such a great life experience. I was so worried I wouldn’t get tickets to this next show. We are coming all the way from the Midwest, I didn’t want to miss out! I am going to be in the back of the venue of MSG the first night, and 2nd row the next night! Seriously a dream come true.

    Thank you for all your hard work you have put into this wonderful site/blog/chatroom. I am so grateful FEd, I really hope we can drag you out to the Big Apple. 🙂

    1. Hey Andrew, I’m in the second row too at MSG on 12th April, in Block B.. Where are you sitting !?

      I can bring Fed with me from UK, ha…

      1. I’m in block B as well! Still cannot believe this is happening… My first NYC experience to boot!

  50. I can say just a world: FINALLY!

    Just a report of Ticketmaster situation, because I followed all the three sales in these hours.

    Finally I managed to buy a couple of tickets for Chicago, section 106, total in front of the stage.

    I was really really lucky, after about 10 mins of trying. Just for curiosity I tried again after the purchase to see how lucky I was, and tickets never appeared again in couple. For one time good luck touched me.

    I took also two tickets for the second Toronto show, and it was really, really simple: there was a lot of choice, I refreshed the search over and over again until the system showed me the section I wanted (101).

    For New York it was impossible to choose every kind of ticket, in every quantity, I think “professional” scalpers have systems to avoid restrictions or captcha, because it’s humanly impossible that after 1 minute 15.000 and more tickets are sold.

    It would be nice to get some floor seating, but the prices were really impossible for me: coming from Italy and spending two weeks between Canada and USA “touring” with David will be very expensive and with the cost of one floor seat I took tickets for a couple of gigs.

    In the end, I’ll be (for the moment) in Toronto and Chicago, willing for NY.

    Finally (again), thanks FEd, your fingers crossed helped.

    I won’t stop to thank you for all the great work you do for us and all the kindness you put always in that.

    1. Thank you, Andrea. It’s good to know that fans, not just scalpers, have been able to get tickets today.

      1. Another Happy Bunny, I got ROW 2 Block B CENTER for Madison Square gardens on Saturday evening, and FLOOR LEFT Row 31 for Toronto today.

        Thanks Fed for all your help especially in getting the amazing seats in NYC.

        As an aside… I have travelled the world, in fact I had my honeymoon in the Central Western USA, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Denver, Vail, North and South Dakota, Jackson Hole, Vegas of course, and I’ve previously rode from LA to Hoover Dam and Back so seen a bit of the US, but never been to NYC!! I will be now, never been to Canada but I will be now!! Soooo exciting times!!

  51. Thank you, FEd and Mr. Gilmour, for the pre-sale code, and everything else you’ve done with the Blog and for the fans over the last decade. It is greatly appreciated.

    I’m really looking forward to the shows in NYC.

    1. Evening All,

      Just checking with all you fine people here, I managed to get two tickets for Toronto today 1st April.
      I got 2 tickets in Block 103 which is directly facing the stage and the first block back from the Floor section. I was really happy with this and purchased them. I happened to have 2 browsers open and when the 2nd browser finally picked Best Available seats it got me two seats on the Floor L (left). I was elated. However I am left with 2 tickets which I can get refunded by Ticketmaster within 72 hours of purchasing as I have purchased more expensive tickets. So… Before I do, is there anyone here who would be interested in having these two at face value CA $ 124.00 with the booking fee? I’ve purchased them in British pounds so I may have paid possibly circa CA $ 134.00 per ticket.

      So that’s two tickets around CA $ 130-135 for BLOCK 103 on Friday 1st April. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. 🙂 There is no profit in this at all, just to help out another irregular/blogger with a chance to go, before I ask Ticketshafter for a refund.


      1. Any takers for these decent seats 24 hours or so before I need to return them to Ticketshafter? 🙂

  52. Dear FEd (and David)…a HUGE thank you for going well above and beyond in order to let some irregulars have the possibility of going to see the show with good seats. I finally have the chance to publicly thank you.

    After trying unsuccessfully for tickets at MSG for the 1st show I was so bummed out. Then you said, don’t fear more will come – I got giddy again. Then getting the pre-sale code for the 2nd show was really incredible and certainly didn’t disappoint and from reading some of the above comments it sure looks like a lot of us irregulars will be sitting together or close by.

    I was also flabbergasted to get Floor B, Row 2!!! Simply incredible and words can’t describe how thankful I am. MSG for these dates was really my only option of the four venues.

    Then my mom (74) on Sunday said how she’d love to see David once…so I tried at 10AM sharp for the regular sale this morning and came up empty on every try for 2 tickets…and then after almost an hour I tried the mobile App and I somehow got 2 tickets for her in the second tier and she is ecstatic. I think this will only be her 4th “rock” concert ever after Sting, The Police and U2. I’m sure that this show will blow her away.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for losing sleep, going through more stress than is needed just so that we little people were able to get some tickets!!!

    Sending love and thanks your way from CT…

    1. Rob, if I could ‘favorite’ this (even though I’d obviously feel more comfortable being able to ‘favourite’ it with a ‘u’), I would. 🙂

      Thanks for making me smile. I hope your mother has a really marvellous time.

      1. LOL…

        I’m sure my mum (is that better?) will have a fantastic time no doubt about that!!! Cheers!

    2. Hey rob, I’m in row 2 and block B too!! Another eternally grateful regular irregular. See you there mate. Maybe a beer at the interval?

      1. I’m always up for a pint…It will be funny looking around and trying to figure out who is who around us!

        Now there’s a game!

        1. We need to get I LOVE FED Baseball caps or devise some other discreet way of informing each other of our irregularness. 😉

  53. Thank you very much for the presale code, Fed. I was able to get 4 tix 36th row from the stage on the floor for the Friday UC show via the public sale (I got lucky). Due to your presale, I was able to get 2 VIP tix 6th row from the stage for me and my best friend for the Monday show at UC! I’ve never had tickets this close!

    You have made my dream come true! Thank you!

    1. Gosh, there’s so much love on this blog right now. I wish I could bottle it. I feel like watching The Lion King.

      “Can you feel the love tonight?
      It is where we are…”

      😉 Cheers, John. Have a great time and let us know, won’t you?

      1. Haha! I just made the comment that I’m feeling emotional and mushy today.

        I’m just so happy!

        In other words, I’m squared away on tickets for the Friday night show at the Hollywood Bowl!

        Can hardly wait.

        Thanks again for all you do, Fed.

      2. Well Fed, the distinct impression reading all of this is that the additional shows and your concerted efforts to ensure that the (Ir)regulars get a fighting chance to attend has paid off handsomely so I hope you’re feeling suitably good about yourself (and the motley crew amongst David’s management team who may have helped).

        Well done old chap.

  54. Now that was stressful. Got (2) tickets in Section P1 for the second night at the Hollywood Bowl. I was working my iPad and my laptop in tandem constantly hitting the refresh button. The big question is HOW MANY TIMES do I have to prove that I am NOT a ROBOT? First it was the pictures and I had to select the Sandwiches. I am sweating as precious seconds are ticking by and of course one of the pictures has to be a hamburger. Is that a Sandwich? I think, technically not. Tick, Tick, Tick, c’mon, make a decision. So I go with a hamburger as a sandwich and in the end it was the right call.

    I am going to the show.

    I still have to book flights, hotel, and car rental but it all starts with a ticket.

    All the best to everyone in the months ahead.


    1. They give you trick questions like that on top of the pressure of a countdown ticking by? That’s harsh.

  55. Do you think the rollout of the concert dates is over or will more be announced? Getting tickets to the two NYC shows seems to have been impossible unless you are an insider, which I unfortunately was not…….

  56. Well, it’s great to know David is still so popular………but who had doubts? One of the finest guitar players, EVER!

  57. FEd, I got a pair of tickets to the second show in Hollywood this morning when they went on sale to the general public. I of course have been checking the blog for information about the shows, hoping there would be a pre-sale and such. I read that you sent emails to anyone who had posted in the last six months a code or link to get in on the pre-sale, and while I meet that criteria, I didn’t receive notice. I’m not complaining or mad about it though, as I managed to get decent seats anyhow (although my two seats are not next to each other, I will be able to see my wife nearby). Rather, I’m just sending this in the event there is another opportunity to see David somewhere where a “heads-up” would be helpful or maybe even required to get a pair seats next to each other.

    Thanks! I can’t wait until next March, it’s going to be fantastic!

    1. I’m very glad to hear you were able to get tickets, David, and appreciate the feedback. I wonder if you might have used a different e-mail address originally.

      I hope you and your wife have a lovely time.

  58. Hello FEd,

    I am a huge PF/Gilmour fan. Back in 2006, I was travelling and missed his shows by a whisker. Had been kicking myself ever since. That kicking came to a crescendo when I didn’t check the blog for a few days and tickets for the initially announced shows in US came and went. Scalpers are having a field day, while the genuine fans sulk. I became cautious then and waited more shows to be announced.

    And, wait I did till this morning for tickets to go on sale. I had three alarms ready so I don’t doze off and 3 different browsers locked, loaded and ready to refresh, because I knew it will be a bloodbath. And, bloodbath it was. Finally managed to buy two tickets in some obscure section for the Hollywood Bowl show on March 25. Not the ideal state of affairs, but still I was damn close to no tickets. It was hard to believe that I couldn’t get decent tickets when I checked right at 10am and am on a reasonably fast Internet connection, so low latencies.

    Then I got to know about presale today. I had been checking Ticketmaster the whole weekend and missed the presale part. I didn’t know or realize that the codes were handed out here and of course that’s resulted in the good sections being sold out before hand.

    Still, I am guessing there are huge gaps in the dates at the 4 locations. My hunch is more shows might be announced. So am wondering:

    1) Is it possible that there will be more shows in US?
    2) Is it possible that there will be any shows in San Francisco Bay Area?
    3) Will you please send me presale codes next time the shows are announced? I assure you I’ll buy only two tickets and will not share the codes. I am huge fan of DG and can give an arm and leg to watch him do his magic, on his legendary black-strat, up close.


  59. Thanks again, Fed, for making this possible. I managed to get 2nd row seats for the second night in LA. We will raise the Barn again in Hollywood come March. I think we have at least a dozen Irregulars gathering for a three day BarnFest thanks to the community you helped build. We’ll have bloggers from San Francisco, LA, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and the UK.

    It’s a shame MSG leaked the password as it was obvious Saturday AM that the demand for LA tickets was higher than the bloggers could generate. There’s no really good way to do this and the fact that so many of us got the premium seats is a testament to you and the tour management looking out for us.

    Thanks again and tell David to look out for Irregular shirts and hats in March. They’ll be plenty in front of him for the Friday night show! 😉

    1. My feeble primate brain is unable to comprehend this epic BarnFest that will take place next spring. I am staring at a monolith.

        1. Ha, it is! Well we’ll have to make sure no American big-game-hunting dentists get into the barn. 🙂

  60. I managed to get a pair of tickets to the second LA show. I’m so stoked to be able to see David two nights in a row! I’ve dreamed about this for over nine long years… Wahoo!

  61. So, from what I can see on the Ticketmaster site for the April 11th date, the venue is totally “sold out” from a standpoint of being able to buy tickets from the Garden (Ticketmaster) but the “Secondary” trading market is doing a raging business for prices over $6,000 for some seats. I guess “ticket scalping” is alive and well in America.

    Seeing this trade reminds me of why I no longer go see arena shows and avoid any show where the act is still popular.

    I have been a Floyd fan since the early 1970’s and am glad to have seen the shows I did get tickets for including the Animals tour in 1977 at MSG and the Wall tour at Nassau Colosseum but it would have been nice to see David on his own, one more time……..

    “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun…….”

  62. You know, I go on vacation for ten days and miss out on what is likely to be my last chance to see David live! I am disappointed, but not overly upset. We’re getting an album, after all, and there will be video from the concerts.

    It balances out. David has never seen my band perform!

    1. Dan, I have aN extra ticket for the 2nd show at the Hollywood Bowl if you want one.

  63. Hello everyone,

    man, I can’t believe I missed the presale. Was there a presale for the 1st four shows announced or just the added dates? I thought I was signed up on the website for the emails. I was able to grab floor row 13 in Chicago but I had to buy VIP seats for 450 each. I did score floor row 21 in the Garden previously on the 1st sale for the Monday show on the 11th at regular prices.

    I’m just a big fan who doesn’t want to miss the opportunity again for good seats so what do I have to do in the future?

    1. I hope you enjoy the two concerts you’ll be attending.

      You’re probably signed up to David Gilmour Mailing List, perhaps also the Pink Floyd equivalent. The code was sent to an improvised list of people who contribute to this blog and visit our chatroom regularly.

      There was no pre-sale for the original four dates, just the four extra ones.

  64. All we can say is “let’s hope David books more dates”…………………..

    “Shine on…..”

  65. It’s quite inexpensive for tickets to David Gilmour in today’s concert market. The vast majority of seats were less than $200US. That’s incredibly low for the his unparalleled talent and legendary stature.

    I ended up with the privilege of purchasing a couple of “charity platinum” tickets for the first night of the Hollywood Bowl on 7/17. Even these tickets were less money than I am accustomed to seeing for similar seats on other tours. It’s very endearing that David doesn’t charge all that he could, which is the typical formulae for the industry.

    I will be traveling from Denver to all four shows I will ultimately see and I feel very fortunate. At any cost, seeing Gilmour is a huge bargain. But really, the ticket prices were very inexpensive comparatively.

  66. Hi Fed,

    It’s all about supply and demand. More supply less demand, less supply more demand, but you already know that.

    Your pre-sale to those who regularly contribute to the blog and chat room is what Chisel does down here. It doesn’t work; yes we get our tickets but when there are so little available and their are so many wanting to go that they pop up on eBay for up to 5 times the original value.

    Then there is the way the Stones did it. They don’t really give a fuck about their fans only their wallets. They come down here, only do one show in each city and charge the price of a small car to stand on the floor. Their tickets were on the bay for nearly 4k.

    Then there’s Roger Waters, when he toured down here in 2013 every time he sold out a show, he announced another one. Two days before his Brisbane show I got a call from a young lady wanting to know if I wanted tickets, I told here I had already bought tickets for my family. She was desperate to sell some tickets because she bought 10 to resell because she thought that Roger would only do one Brisbane show, he ended up doing three. She lost 3 and a half K and serves herself right. Roger put all scalpers out of business and good on him for doing that. Yes OK, Roger toured for 2 years; David has a family and his own life.

    Down here we don’t have to worry about the stress of getting tickets to see David, he doesn’t come down here, it’s like, who gives a fuck about those fans in Australia? When he was here last in early 1988 Floyd only sold out 10 shows in a row at the Sydney Entertainment centre and 8 in a row in Melbourne. Talk about popular, talk about having lots of fans down under. David has never been back. Left us out of the P.U.L.S.E tour and left us out of the On An Island tour. Australia is on an island you know. I don’t know what we’ve done to be snubbed. Was it that Guy told the world that David got to fly a Qantas jet in a holding pattern over Perth? And maybe the CAA are wanting to talk to David about it?

    Good luck with the tour and album. I’ve pre-ordered the LP and T from David’s site. I can’t afford to go to Europe or the States to see David, so the album is all I’ll have.

    Shine On,
    Snowdownunder (Dave k)

  67. I strongly suggest looking for single tickets. They do seem to pop up, sometimes randomly. Check frequently, and good luck!

    1. In the last 20 min, there is a single ticket for NY 4/12, sector 212, check frequently before resale start….

  68. Just adding my sincere thanks for this. I now have a ticket for both nights in Toronto. One in the nosebleed section and the second night. First row!!!! Slightly to the left but first row!!!

    Just thrilled.

  69. Long-time Gilmour fan in Brooklyn, NY. First-time post — I just discovered this blog.

    Huge Gilmour fan here. Have been since I was introduced to what would become my all-time fave album, The Wall, in 1979 when I was eleven years old. I’ve never seen David perform live though. When Roger Waters rolled through New York on his most recent tour of The Wall I spent big bucks on VIP seats at MSG. Fans will remember that ahead of the tour it was promised that David would perform with Roger at just one undisclosed show. Of course, I hoped beyond hope that it would be Gilmour atop the wall for Comfortably Numb at my MSG show, but I think we all knew deep down it would happen at the O2, and that’s how it went down.

    As everyone knows, in the press David had promised an upcoming album and tour. So like any huge fan, I signed up for updates from the official websites. It was an email from one of these by which I’d learned the locations, the dates, and the on-sale times for the 2016 tour. I’m a bartender so I work late. I set an alarm so I’d be coffee’d up, at my laptop, credit card in hand, at the stroke of 10:00 the morning tickets were to go on sale for Madison Square Garden. The instant the link went live, I clicked for a pair of Best Available. Computer said my wait time was eleven minutes. Holy Hell. Eleven long minutes pass. No tickets available. I read it again. No tickets. Call me naive, but I was shocked. No one could’ve clicked faster than me. Certainly not as many as can fit into MSG, 20,000. Over the next hour, I tried a few dozen more times. No pairs. Singles, but no pairs. By the time I gave up, tickets were popping up on the resale market at disgusting prices. I’m a true fan, but I make a humble wage. My wife and I can’t afford to spend thousands to see Gilmour multiple nights at multiple venues across the country. I was all I could do to break the bank, spend a few hundred, and see him locally. But it suddenly seemed that David Gilmour tickets just aren’t for a common fan anymore, if they ever were. I didn’t know. t went to work that night depressed.

    July 25, I get a new email that dates have been added! Oh, happy day! Tickets on sale 10:00 AM, Wednesday July 27th. I would have another shot. Alarm set, the coffee, the credit card, the laptop charged, ready. Clock strikes 10:00. I click. The moment of truth… No pairs of seats available. I click again, and again, and again, type in a CAPTCHA, again, and again, and again. No seats. Bummed out. My wife says, try calling. I think this is a ridiculous idea. But I do it. ‘Due to greater than usual call volumes, all operators are busy. Would you like to use our automated system?’ I go for the automated system as the minutes continue to tick by. It was 10:08 AM. I was frantically listening to the prompts and answering, “Yes. Two. Yes. Best available. Yes.” Despite the fact that I was calling from the quiet of my living room, the robot lady was having trouble understanding me. She would say, “I’m sorry, did you say, ‘best available?'” To which I would enunciate as deliberately as I could, “YES.” She’d respond casually, “Okay.” Miraculously, the female robot voice tells me that she’s got a pair of tickets! What?! My heart soars! I have my credit card in my hand. She asks if my address is P.O. Box blah blah blah – some address of mine from ages ago. I say no. She asks for my address. I tell her. She doesn’t understand me. She asks me to repeat it. I do. Again, maddeningly, she doesn’t understand me! But she says that I can record my address at the tone. At the tone, I carefully state my mailing address. I take a breath. She asks if I’m ready to pay for my tickets and tells me the section and seat numbers again but I can’t really take it in and honestly I don’t even care. “YES,” I say. And she says, “Okay,” and then she asks for my credit card number. I begin reading, “4-5-9-1…” She interrupts to say, “Please say or enter your credit card number.” I try entering on my keypad. 4-5-9-1… She interrupts to say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t get that. Please say or enter your credit card number now.” I’m in a wild state of panic. I very deliberately and with all my intention push the buttons. 4-5-9-1-0… “Thank you for calling Ticketmaster. Goodbye.” *click*

    I could not believe it. I could. Not. Believe. IT. Looking at my phone log now, I see that call took nine minutes. I immediately call back. All the same questions, all the same answers, until we get to the part about a pair of tickets being available. They are, of course, gone. There are no pairs of tickets available.

    I am stunned. I slump down to my computer. On the laptop again, I search for one singular ticket just because I now suspect that the website is wonky. A seat by itself IS available. Website isn’t wonky. I release it. There are no pairs of tickets anywhere inside MSG. Another 20,000 tickets snapped up in a second. I am completely crestfallen. I give the laptop a restart to kind of cleanse it of all the unlucky mojo accrued by coming that close to — yet not getting — David Gilmour tickets. I don’t know why, but I click back over to the Ticketmaster website. It’s almost 11:30 AM. Idly, I click. Nothing. I click again. Nothing. I click again…

    TWO SEATS. SECTION 119. Deftly this time, I complete the sale. We are going to see David Gilmour! I cannot believe it. I can. Not. Believe. IT!

    1. Oh my God, what a fantastic first post! Hudey, this was hilarious! I think we all can relate to the craziness and frustration. So glad you got a pair of tickets (and section 119 is a great section to come up with after all that). Have an incredible night (although that’s a given considering who’s playing!)

    2. Ha! Glad you got those tix, and welcome to this blog. 🙂

      Angelo from The Bronx NYC

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