Recap and album formats

So, just to recap. There has been a lot to take in today, hasn’t there?

We know that David’s new album, Rattle That Lock, will be released worldwide on Friday 18 September. Produced by David and Phil Manzanera, with lyrics by Polly Samson, of its 10 tracks, three are instrumentals. More on this, and the album cover, a bit later; we don’t want to over-do.

We know that the album’s first single, also ‘Rattle That Lock’, will be played in its entirety for the very first time tomorrow morning on BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show, along with some chat from David. Expect to hear him from about 8.45am (UK), but you’ll be able to listen to the programme on demand later.

Now that we have a global release day – that being a Friday – the likes of iTunes, Spotify and all the rest of them will make the single available to download and stream worldwide as the clock strikes midnight (New York time) tonight, so do look and listen out for that.

Michaรซl Boumendil, whose four-note jingle which precedes station announcements in France inspired the song, was on RTL recently discussing how the song came about, should you wish to test your French.

Its lyrics, written by Polly, were inspired by Book II of John Milton’s Paradise Lost (which also featured in her recent novel, The Kindness, some will recall). If you haven’t seen it yet, David and Polly briefly explain, here.

(Yes, that is Steve DiStanislao on drums. Isn’t it good to see him again?)

Another familiar face – and indeed voice – is singer Mica Paris. She features on the track, along with Louise Marshall and The Liberty Choir.

Back to the album. It will be available in four formats:

1) A CD edition with clothbound, foil-blocked cover, very much like On an Island, with a 22-page booklet of artist and album session photographs taken by Polly and Kevin Westenberg.

2) A deluxe two-disc boxed set. Choose from either CD+DVD or CD+Blu-ray. This includes the album in 5.1 Surround Sound, four Barn Jam films from January 2007, four non-album audio tracks, four documentaries, two promo clips, two hardback books, a double-sided poster (oh yes, you know the one), postcard and pick/plectrum.

3) Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with full-size 16-page photo/lyric booklet including the aforementioned artist and album session photographs, plus a download card, so you can download a copy of the album as well.

4) Digital download.

All will be available to pre-order tomorrow from the usual sources. If pre-ordering from iTunes, apparently you can have the single straight away thanks to something called ‘Instant Grat’, so that’s nice.

I think that’ll do for now. Have you taken it all in?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

158 thoughts on “Recap and album formats”

  1. It really is all too much to digest so quickly. I’m absolutely obsessed with the album cover.

    19 hours, 7 minutes and a few seconds left …

          1. I’ll try an I.D.

            I see ravens, starlings, magpies, possibly a crow, a dgb (darn gray bird), a possible killdeer?

            There are 2 or 3 whatsits in there that are blurred but don’t have American equivalences.

            I never thought I’d have a birding opportunity, courtesy of David Gilmour, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’m lost trying to read Paradise Lost…

        1. At first, looking at a small version of the sleeve, I thought the flash of orange and gold had to be Kingfisher. What incredible and beautiful birds they are. I’m quite disappointed now.

          And no robin? Britain’s best loved bird? Come on, that won’t do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. I think I see a UK robin: second bird from the open birdcage door.

            Yes, I’d hoped for the beautiful UK Kingfisher too, Fed. Brings to my mind as well in that classic Grantchester Meadows lyric:

            “See the splashing of the kingfisher flashing to the water.”

            Not to get too birdy:

            I love love love the song “Rattle That Lock”: the title, lyrics, music, artwork, portrait shots, graphics, all of it! I cannot wait to hear the rest!

            The song really grooves!

          2. I like that, Fed. Do I dare say that my name is Robin and that I am quite fond of them, too? ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Should we start a petition? I am happy to see a blackbird on there, however.

      1. Can we talk about Paradise Lost too? I’ve never read it and I feel stupid. ๐Ÿ™


        1. It will be my son’s text for English this coming school year! Actually rather brilliant as far as the classics go and subject to all sorts of interpretation.

          1. Don’t feel stupid Ash – a whole lot of people will not have read Paradise Lost and written as it is in Ye Olde English it’s not exactly a page turner …. but what better excuse do we need to have a wee nibble?

        2. Thanks Tim. ๐Ÿ™‚ I found it very difficult to read. I’ve read a few summaries and have a gist of it now. ๐Ÿ™‚

          I have to say, at this early stage of Paradise Lost, I can’t fathom why God allowed the fallen angels to continue to exist and go on to attack God’s new creation, Man.

          Hmmmm. . . . interesting.

          Anyway, here is a picture of a beautiful bronze (I think it’s a bronze) statue of Lucifer, created by Jacob Epstein.

          I have seen this piece at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It is huge, imposing and beautiful.

          I was astonished to see that it was Lucifer and not Michael although the same artist has made a Michael defeating Lucifer, for Coventry cathedral.

          ash ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for the many, many updates, tweets, whatever FEd! Thanks to GEMA I can’t see David’s newest video but I suppose, I’ll find a proxy later…

    First thing tomorrow morning I will to listen to RTL using a streaming service while ordering the Deluxe package. I hope that by then more information about the participating musicians will be available (the singers, front and background we know, a drummer too, but bass, keyboards et cetera?).

    I had a beer already, but tonight I’ll have a cigar, too. The months coming will be a helluva fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Sitting in our yard alone, with my Strat a thought popped up: will there be a guitar songbook available?

      I had really bad luck with the OAI songbook: the first I recycled it by mistake (along with other stuff), the second which I bought used (and quite expensive) I found soaked up with rain in my mailbox and only after years I managed to buy a third from a British public library in mint condition. I’m going for sure and if one will be published, I’ll buy 2 copies…

    2. … and I listened and I listened and I was wonderfully impressed, if I’m allowed to use a tricolon. I like the balance between lyrics and guitar and the way the song starts and fades out. Rattle That Lock’s solos on the Telecaster fit perfectly but I’d be a liar, if I say I’m surprised. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Can’t preorder yet, but there’s plenty of time…



  3. Will the single be released as a hard copy? If you’ve told us already Fed, I’m sorry, I missed it in all the flurry. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love that picture of David. . . .must have that picture. . . If you were responsible Polly, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’d have thought so, but having just checked, which has all album formats available for pre-order now, there is no CD single there. I’ll find out.

      These are their prices, by the way. I should add that they have a Pre-order Price Guarantee, which means that, should the price decrease between the time you place your order and the release date, you will be charged the lowest price.

      Download – ยฃ7.99
      CD – ยฃ10.99
      CD+DVD – ยฃ22.99
      CD+Blu-ray – ยฃ27.99
      Vinyl – ยฃ22.99

      Do let us know where else you might choose to pre-order and what they’re charging. As convenient and reasonably-priced as Amazon is, please consider the independent shops and stores. Many of them will also deliver. I’d be more than happy to include a plug for them.

      1. I’ve just been looking at the links on the front page Fed for pre-order from Amazon. The link for the deluxe version takes you to the download at ยฃ7.99 and the link is also showing only Blu-ray not DVD.

        I’ve just checked HMV their (infant) online site isn’t listing Rattle That Lock yet.

        I would prefer to go collect mine from a record store. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. I’ve just jumped in on the CD / DVD bundle from David’s site – ยฃ41 but this does also see me striding around in the long sleeve T shirt, in which I will look very svelte no doubt, and all those various goodies.

    2. Wouldn’t it be great if it was released as a vinyl 45 rpm single? Imagine that artwork printed on something larger than a CD. So unlikely but one can dream.


  4. (Yes, that is Steve DiStanislao on drums. Isnโ€™t it good to see him again?)

    Yes, fingers firmly crossed on that one.

  5. So the album’s finished. So I’ll put my triangle away then Fed.

    Great to hear David will be on the Chris Evans show, only the best and 12 million listeners, not that David needs any publicity. Really great to know Polly has made a big contribution again I’m sure the Album will be sublime.

    Still playing Endless River – wonderful, poetic, spiritual and moving piece of art.


  6. Thanks FEd… Is it greedy to buy more than 1 format…?

    Talking of being greedy, the next thing I’d like to know is who will be in the touring band. But plenty to digest for now.

    I hope these are the first of many great days to be a David Gilmour fan.

  7. Well it was a great day for all of us and thanks David and Polly for this.

    Want personally to say thanks to you FEd and congrats for what we’ve seen during this day, sure was hard for you! but, what can I say, great communication, great work, everything is in its right place, fantastic sense and patience.

    You really deserve an applause for what you have done today, bravo mate!

    If someone wants to know how to run some (legendary) artist’s website, please give a look at this.

    Enjoy your evening and have some rest!

    Much love

  8. So, the album will be released AFTER the Pula, Verona, Florence and Orange gigs… it’s a bit sad, we won’t be able to recognize any of the songs. On the other hand it will be a very interesting experience and huge privilege to discover the new album – live – before anyone else. I wonder if David will play the new songs in the same order as they appear on the album…

    1. The idea of hearing the album for the first time live really appeals to me. Think I’ll try to not listen to it before the RAH…might also start a diet on Monday; give up drinking gin and definitely no more dogs.

  9. It’s unfortunate for our American Irregulars, that there’s no pre-sale, like we were able to avail ourselves of for the European/UK shows.

    Hopefully everyone from here (over there), will be able to acquire tickets for their chosen venue(s).

    Now that the various album/CD packages have been revealed, how long will it be before we can expect to see RTL merchandise appearing FEd?

    1. I have it in my shopping cart on Amazon – US$37.98 (deluxe CD/Blu-Ray combo) so it appears to be available to us in America for pre-order.

      Is it 9:59 am yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow, the Album cover looks great. I am just really sad to see that David will only be playing three shows here in the states. Now I will have to hope that a DVD will be made so that many of us can at least see the concert.


  11. Just heard it (thank you BBC Radio 2) and I love it! Everything, David’s voice, his guitar, the choir, the rhythm and energy… You rock, David!

    Amazing how David can transcend everything he touches, even a simple jingle that used to get on my nerves in the past… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Just listened to David’s new song on Radio 2.


    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album in September!

  13. Great song, and great vocals!

    Just plug and play, no tricks, just a band playing and in 2015 this means rock’s still alive.

    I’ll order the album at my local shop (nostalgic I know but it’s my way to celebrate) but I’ve given a look to the packages.

    Is it a Gustave Dorรจ’s illustration of Dante’s Divina Commedia on the Deluxe inlay?

    1. Best question ever. I have no idea, I’m sorry, but have added it to my list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I must say that the title track is rather catchy….I cannot stop singing the chorus in my head….:)

    I look forward to the album release and am pondering on which to purchase, the deluxe or the ordinary. I don’t do digital downloads so I now have two things to look forward to in September. The said album and the concert at the Royal Albert Hall. All exciting stuff!

  15. New single, wonderful, can’t wait for rest of album. Lovely to hear David on Radio 2 and we were probably only 2 of the many beaming smiles and toe tappers around the world tuning in.

    Album cover, stunning, will hopefully make a gorgeous T shirt??????

    Thank you so much.

    Best wishes

    1. Ooooooooh. . . . there’s an idea. . . . T shirts! Ask David to make some that have the picture from the single, please!!!!!!

      ash ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Thanks for that, gosh what a lot of super stuff! Could end up broke again!!!!

      1. … and following my own advice, I cancelled my pre-order at A***** and placed an order for the Deluxe Bundle at the official DG shop.

        1. I did! I did, thank you Taki. ๐Ÿ˜€

          I discovered it and ordered a Deluxe set with the T shirt and Long sleeve shirt. I’m dead pleased!

          ash ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi,

    A bit disappointed by the interview: why do interviewers insists on making questions about PF? This was an interview to introduce David’s new album and, apart from the reasoning behind its name, nothing relevant was asked. Well, it was nice to listen to David’s candid response about the telepathy of listening to the single for the first time on the radio at the same time as all the rest of mortals… and getting this spoiled by being on the radio itself.

    On my side, kind of mixed reactions. The song is really catchy and can’t get it out of my head, but still unsure about my feelings. Too poppy? David’s voice suffering too much on the high registers? But can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to be here again, witnessing the release of his new record. To all the critics and cynics: Please remember how fortunate we are!!!!

    Regarding the cover: it’s not what I was expecting at all. Nice to be surprised and waiting to be able to see it in its real size format (LP cover size). Like the concept but the extremely photoshopped termination… can’t tell yet.

    I hope the boxset quality will be the same as TER. I still enjoy getting the box from the shelf from the very moment I touch it, it’s soft glossy touch is unique in my collection.

    All in all, I wouldn’t judge the record until having the whole product on my hands. As a fine piece of art, we need to see all pieces together (artwork, lyrics, music…).

    On the ordering, I think I’ll wait and go in person to a physical store in Madrid to have the pleasure of taking it home and listening to it on the release date. If anybody wants to support independent stores, I’d strongly suggest buying it from Excellent customer service and their engagement with off stream music is unquestionable.

    FEd, thanks for these busy last days. I’m enjoying a lot being here again.

    PS: Apart from discussing artwork and song names, can we have a post where each musician playing on the record will be revealed, like we had in the past?

    1. I’d like that. If it’s still possible and not too late, I’ll definitely do that.

  17. So full of trepidation with just over an hour to go – I might even take to biting my nails!

  18. Oh and please, will we have the privilege here on The Blog to ‘play’ with you (FEd) and bloggers like we did in 2006?

    I mean, for example you asked us to choose and post four words relevant to the track ‘The Blue’ (OAI) and the winner was the one who guessed yours. You said (31 August 2006):

    “This time, we want just four words relevant to โ€˜The Blueโ€™, presented exactly as follows:


    I remember the limericks game too…Oh it was great fun! Of course we don’t need any prize, it’s just to play. (But no Blotto, please! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    But I do know it was lots of extra work for you… And too many questions too…

    1. It was fun. Much more so when the details aren’t all revealed together, in a hurry, as in this case.

      1. Yes, your thunder appears to have been stolen this time around FEd with the deluge of news in such a short period.

        Don’t let that stop you though, it would still be good fun to indulge in the games of a decade ago.

  19. I can’t believe tickets went on sell today in the USA in NY and there are none available right at the start of the sale. Just can’t believe it. NONE but stubhub has tons, at 3 grand.

    So depressed at this moment, words can’t describe.

    1. It took me about 20 minutes of having no luck but then I managed to score. Perseverance and credit card won out in the end. Good luck.

    2. I’m so sorry, Wendy. Won’t you keep trying?

      I’d normally remove the name of sites such as StubHub, as I don’t want to encourage the touts or scalpers in any small way, but I’m keeping it in in the faint hope that enough people might be so disgusted that they will be determined to avoid it and kick up a fuss. Fat chance, I know. People want to see David perform and might pay whatever the ridiculous inflated asking price is. Money talks. But on principle, it’s absolutely wrong and time that somebody put a stop to this ridiculous legalised scalping.

      And before anyone defends them, I know that StubHub and all the others allow people to sell tickets to events they are unable to attend, and sometimes you might even be able to buy a ticket for less than the buyer paid for it originally. But it would be fairer on everyone else if, tough luck, those people unable to attend had to miss out or have someone hang around outside the venue to sell their ticket for them (preferably at face value, although preferably the likes of Ticketmaster would have to take tickets back and issue refunds in the first place). As it is, it’s too easy for everyone to buy more tickets than they need and too acceptable for people to think they have the right – because tickets aren’t cheap, I know – to buy some extra to sell on and make a profit. Hundreds of tickets were on there before any had even been sold. The sheer scale of it is staggering and sickening.

      I really am very angry and very sorry.

      1. I’ve just written a very long post and cancelled it. It was boring. The whole story is boring. And disgusting, it’s the right word. The point is, there is a lot of dirty money around this mad game, and a lot of words that are attempting to ruin a great weekend of music and fantastic news. This is not fair towards David, too, I think.

        Don’t know where the dirt begins, but in every case is disrespectful and illegal.

        What a sad thing, from that cage is still flying some pig too.

        Hope all my friends here can attend the shows at a fair price.

        Have a good weekend everyone.


      2. I’m a Yank who ran into the same ticket clusterfart as countless others and I am absolutely LIVID. The scalpers have stolen the show from true fans and are holding it hostage. This was a predictable outcome so why didn’t anyone think to make the tickets non-transferable like some of the European dates?

        PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add more shows, specifically Chicago.

    3. Wendy, keep trying. I was able to get tickets to MSG. People are trying to buy them and throwing them back. I would call Ticketmaster and TALK to a rep directly. Hang in, maybe a second show will be added….best of luck!!!

  20. Listen to new song on iTunes: check
    Pre-order new CD package: check
    Buy tickets for Madison Square Garden: big check

    I feel a half day coming on, don’t think I can work any more with all of this going on. A perfect start to the weekend!

  21. Got 4 Tix to the MSG show on 11 Apr 16. Thank you for the blog I checked it every day for my David Gilmour updates. Thank you again!!

    Gonna be a great show!!

  22. Just heard Rattle That Lock for the first time: pure classic Gilmour magic going on in Rattle That Lock. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Now that the ticket buying frenzy is over (for some of us) I have listened to the single and watched the video…

    What I want to know is what has Rossi and Parfitt ever done to Polly so that she “would never accept the Status Quo”? ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. All IMHO, of course:-

    – I like the new single, especially the trademark DG guitar sound.

    – Not too keen on that album cover. Looks like a Ladybird book illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’.

    – I’m pleased I don’t live in Canada any more. Only one concert at only one venue in such a vast country doesn’t allow very many Canadian fans to see David. Still, I suppose that’s one more concert than almost every other country in the world…..including Brazil!!

    – Looking forward to the new album, especially the deluxe edition.

  25. Shout out to FEd for all the effort put into the last few days. Also, thank you to the individuals who did not sell out to SnubHub. After an hour of refreshing, I was able to secure to tickets to MSG.

    Hang in there, everyone!

  26. Hi everyone,

    I like Rattle That Lock, but I have an impression that Phil Manazanera had more to say this time. After few auditions music is somewhat closer to Roxy Music or Bryan Ferryโ€™s best solo albums from mid 80โ€™s than to Pink Floyd. It is OK for me, as I like Roxy Music very much.

    As of formats: Iโ€™m interested in vinyl version and Blu-ray Boxset. Personally Iโ€™m very glad that Mr. Bernie Grundman was involved in preparing vinyl version. He did a magnificent job on โ€œLive In Gdaล„skโ€, where at last bottom end sounded as it should. As far as I can see it is single album, so it should contain about 45 mins of music. 5 min is already revealed, so 9 pieces or ca. 40 min is still a secret.

    In case of Blu-ray and vinyl downloads it would be cool if hi-res (FLAC) would also be available, it is strange that even if someone spends extra money on the best quality versions gets as a bonus of mp3.

    But as of today it looks very, very promising.

    Thank you FEd for your hard work.

    Thank you David.


    1. Hi Tomasz, I hope all is well with you! Thanks again for Abbey Road. I’m still flying on a kite from that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. There are some single seats available at the ACC in Toronto but the price has gone up from $85 to $121…. this is on Ticketmaster.

      1. Hello Angelo…you probably don’t remember me but we locked horns in the old days of the 2006 tour on a blog discussion about environmental concerns. I believe I pissed you off on a grand scale.

        Glad to hear you will be attending the Toronto show. I would be thrilled to meet you. I have to guess that you still resemble your avatar, so if I spot you in the beer line queue I’ll give you a nudge. Conversely I still kind of look like my avatar, albeit add a few wrinkles. I also have an entry in the blog gallery of pics. I believe it’s #9 of 40 labelled as John. So if you see me in there somewhere at Air Canada Centre, please also give me a nudge.

        Peace and Happiness always.


        1. Hi John! I can’t remember the specifics of that back and forth, but I must have been riled up! I pretty much look the same, about twenty Pounds heavier at the moment and thinner on top. Oh, and I rarely walk around with a bouquet. ๐Ÿ™‚

          I’d love to connect with you in Toronto! Perhaps you Canadian folk can recommend a meet-up location pre-gig?

  28. FEd,

    One more question about Barn Jams from 2007. Will they be different from those 3 which were included Live In Gdaล„sk 2cd/2dvds and box or the same?

    Thanks again,


      1. The preamble says “including Rick’s final recorded work” so that much post-date the Barn Jams on TRN … So I’m guessing new …

  29. Hi Fed,

    The last 12 months have been incredible, first TER and then this, and they are so different, at least the placid/dreamy Louder Than Words compared to the immediate and up tempo Rattle That Lock.

    Apart from everything I am impressed by the Bass guitar line, so cool, is it David playing???

  30. I tried to buy a ticket for NYC at MSG at 10:05 am it was sold out and scalpers asking $6,000 for a front row ticket which is insane. I’ve been going to Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters shows since the 1975 tour but I’m disappointed now….

    I wish David would PLEASE play a show at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC in 2016.

  31. Hi Fed and everyone. Liked the single but disappointed no 78rpm!

    I always find I buy the CD + DVD, play the latter a few times then never again, but always play the CD.

    Really hope the words are in black text on white and are easy to read. Please no over-design. I have lost my magnifying glass.



    1. Bright writing on a black background is a killer, isn’t it? Just turns to stripes.

  32. Oh nooooooooo. I missed most of the BBC Radio 2 interview. Any links with you Fed to have a catch up?


  33. Let me start off by saying, (and I think I can speak for EVERYONE that tried to get a N. America tickets today) F*CK TICKETMASTER!!!! FEd, why no pre-sale for us? In less than 5 minutes, tickets were sold out and being resold for 2 and 3 times more (and higher). Ticketmaster takes another cut on the re-sale, as well…BASTARDS!!!

    With that said, I think between all of us, we got enough to cover all the Irregulars out here. We are going to have an EPIC meet-up for the Hollywood shows. Guy, we’ll let you know where we’ll be so you can swing by again and say ‘Hi!’ – I’d love to buy you another beer (just one, I know he’s working).

    Pre-ordered the deluxe and vinyl sets, and I guess since I bought the max of 8 tickets, I’ll get 8 regular CDs also, as they are giving them away with the tickets.

    Marcus and I didn’t meet until after the OAI shows. We’ve been hoping, for years, that David would tour again and that we would get the chance to see him together. We met here, because of him. Hell, even named our son after him, James David (also giving respect to 2 of our other favorite guitars, Mr. Jimi Hendrix and Mr. Jimmy Page). The fact that we get to experience this together is amazing! The fact that we’re going to experience it in LA with at least 10 Irregulars is even more amazing! I love our family here!!! FEd, you should think about coming to the LA show too! I’m sure we could get you a ticket.

    Love and Peace to all!!! Now for a stiff drink!


  34. Hello everyone, just got tickets for Chicago show, still looking for MSG show, if someone knows someone who is selling some tickets please, I’m interested.

    Thank you FEd, all people of the Blog, I’ll see David!!!!

  35. Such a shame to have to read tweets from Irregulars who cannot get tickets. Let’s hope additional nights get added especially as everything sold our so quickly!

  36. Hello Fed and fellow Gilmour fans. Been a long time since I posted, but I’ve been following the site regularly. I’m the guy you posted the picture holding my new black Strat many years ago!

    Saw Gilmour twice in Chicago back in ’06 and I was fortunate enough today to buy 4 face value floor seats for United Center! It’s sad that so many people are just trying to profit from this special occasion and somehow it is ‘legal’ to do so. Maybe another show will be added so more true fans can see the master at work…who knows? That’s up to David to decide.

    Anyway, these are exciting times and I truly feel blessed. Love the new single as well as the album cover!

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Fed and Cheers to everyone!

  37. Just had a listen to Rattle That Lock. Where does the maestro get the inspiration to write such wonderful music? Loved it very much, and I keep thinking: can’t wait for the tour and album but it’s so far away, then you bloody realise it’s just round the corner.

    Where does time go? I always remember listening to Dark Side of the Moon, I was 13, and the words “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you” and as a 13 year old thinking on those words, I thought, nah, ten years, that’s eons away. 38 years ago.

    Live life to the full.


  38. Got a ticket for the NYC show… Tried for 4, but the gig sold out in minutes.

    Have to ask, what’s with the Ticketmaster “resell” feature? Seems lots of peeps bought tix to instantly turn around and resell on Ticketmaster for big mark-ups. Sort of goes against the spirit of the Albert Hall rules, no?

  39. I love the single…it is so nice that the music of David and Polly has matured through the years. I feel as though we have grown up together and thinking about it, we have. Since this will probably be the last album I will have from David and Polly, it will be great to go out with a bang! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers to all of you!

    P.S. As I said, the camping trip was awesome, but unfortunately I came home with a lung infection and got a terrible rash from the antibiotics. I am full of itch medicine and resting comfortably. I met some great people and Coal Bluff Park was definitely worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Wish I could make one of the concerts, but veterans don’t get paid crap in the U.S. I would love to see and hear David live once before I die, but it just isn’t in the cards. It’s okay, though, for I am a firm believer that you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.

    Always remember that enough is as good as a feast.

    1. I still love your outlook on life!

      Do you know Tishomingo State Park? NE corner of MS? I used to love staying in the cabins and hiking, there. Tupelo, Elvis Presley’s birthplace is close by!

      1. I have been to Tishomingo many times and I love it. I have only stayed in a cabin once. I can’t afford it now. Mississippi has some of the most beautiful state parks. The only place I love more are my beloved Smokey Mountains.

  41. I broke down and got myself 2 tickets as a present.

    This will be a new venue to see David again but not at Massey Hall. Should be interesting.

    Great to see a Blue Jay in the mix of the Bird Picture.

    When I heard Rattle for the first time my ears perked up as the guitar lead sounded trebly? Then I realized watching the video that it was that beat up old and beautiful Telecaster David hasn’t used in a while since I believe was About Face.

    Thank You FEd, I’m sure you will be busy for the next long haul. Many Thanks for the heads up. Too bad we regulars couldn’t get access earlier. C’est la Vie!

  42. I’ve just discovered the official store ! ! ! I’m sure that wasn’t there before . . .

    Anyway, the picture I wanted of David is there on a T shirt ! I’m gonna have David on my chest . . .


  43. I tried for an hour to get a pair of tickets to MSG. No luck. And I simply refuse to pay the jacked up prices on the resell or on sites like snubhub. So unless David adds more shows, I will not get to see him.

    MSG is the place where I saw Floyd in the summer of 1987 (or was it 1988?) and Roger’s KAOS show that same summer. It would have been amazing to see him there again.

    1. Oh Dan, I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t got a ticket. ๐Ÿ™

      Fed? Get Dan on a guest list or something. Won’t there be seats for the band’s friends and family, I bet they are not all used at every show.


        1. Thanks for that thought, Ash. If FEd could do that, we would all get to see the shows and nobody would actually pay for a ticket.

    2. Gave up after about 7 odd hours of juggling phones and multiple online windows on multiple devices. Tried again on Saturday and then for a bit on Sunday.

      I too refuse to pay a King’s Ransom …

    3. Hang in there Dan. I think the demand for more shows will open more venue dates.

      I didn’t order because of appointments and hope for a more expanded and less punitive set of release dates. I’m hoping for Washington DC, or Baltimore, myself.

      That said, I want to give Aloha to all irregulars who both did and didn’t get tickets and so deserve them. My heart just drops when I see who didn’t get them and why. I’m looking up the HI word for b*stards now, which I’m sure is a very long one…

  44. Lots to take in, for sure. Mr Guts will be devastated, but then again, if he were there he’d be chasing off all the other birds as he’s the neighbourhood Boss and no one messes with Mr Guts when there’s food on the lawn.

    This album has taken me by surprise. It feels as if years have fallen from tired shoulders and cage doors have indeed been broken open. Ms Samson seems to have come of age as a song writer too, very impressive.

    It all gets a bit too glitzy for me around the time of a new album release, but I’ll be watching and I hope David enjoys his release and his tour. I somehow feel there’s more to come too, and I must admit I’m curious about this new sense of freedom. Now, do I really want a new plectrum that much?

  45. Order the USA Rattle That Lock – Deluxe Pack, with the LP, T-shirt, Longsleeve, Litho and Keychain.

    Also order the CD, CD/DVD, CD/Blu-ray and LP here in Norway.

    To bad there was no CD single of the track released like the did with OAI and Smile single back in 06.

    Wonder I get the impression that most songs on the album and not just the title track was inspired by the book, Paradise Lost: Book 2? I based this on diffErent interviews and that thing they did back in june.

    Am I wrong on this?

    If it’s just the title track I find it very very strange that they included that book in the deluxe sets.

      1. Absolutely, I was thinking to it this morning, there are few David-PF songs that are so easy to remember.

        Writing a really good pop song is difficult, bravo David!

  46. DG is planning to perform on four occasions BEFORE the new album is even released??!! I am personally planning to see the concerts in Pula, Croatia (12 Sep 2015) and Orange, France (17 Sep 2015).

    It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE that David’s people are even considering releasing the new album ONLY AFTER four concerts have already taken place!!! Every fan, every musician, every music lover knows that one needs to listen to new material a sufficient number of times before one is able to enjoy it in its fullness during a live performance. This way Mr. Gilmour is going to spring all these new songs on the audience and expect them to enjoy them and appreciate them while the audience will be focused on the fact that they are hearing the songs for the first time, live, in an amazing setting, and at the same time the audience is supposed to try to enjoy what is most likely DGโ€™s last tour outside the UK?! This is simply too much! One needs to know the material in advance in order to appreciate and enjoy every sound, every finesse, every nuance!

    On top of it the UK fans will have had the ample time to become acquainted with the new material before going to the RAH shows and their concert experience will exceed by far that of the non-UK fans. This is a clear-cut case of discrimination of the non-UK fans. We have not deserved this and this comes from a fan from godforsaken Bosnia who, for example, went to Amsterdam in 2006, to Heineken Music Hall, having to buy tickets from ticket scalpers for, in Bosnian terms, an obscene amount of money, just to see Mr. Gilmour play live.

    I have no complaints about the concert locations or ticket prices but the release date of the new album is simply offensive.

    1. … on the other hand, there is a chance that people keep quiet and listen more carefully because they do not know the songs by heart. I, for myself, think it will be very fine to have one surprise after the other (with the exception of RTL and other classics, I hope David Gilmour will play, as he mostly does).

      1. It’s how they used to do it, after all.

        Didn’t David also do the same with ‘Smile’ back at the Royal Festival Hall in 2001?

        1. Yes, he did, but that was one song – SEVERAL years ahead of the release of the new album, before the new album was even close to being finished.

        2. One of the main selling points of an album for me is, what was the live show like? If I enjoy it, then I’ll buy the album.

          Of course, you know that some albums are definitely going to be worth buying even if they never tour it. I think for this one, I’ll not listen until after the RAH (but I might change my mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). There will only be a few days, you won’t get familiar enough in that time anyway.

          Like Taki says, it’s good to just sit and listen. I know I don’t want some out of tune dreadful voice singing along behind me. I’ve paid to hear David and his band, not the singalongers who could do that at home with the album.

          Maybe they see it as a huge badge of being the greatest fan in the world if they know all the words to all the songs and can sing them all at the top of their terrible voices. Who let all this riff raff into the room?

          I’ve almost talked myself into selling my ticket . . . .


          1. For God’s sake, don’t do that. Ticketmaster are making it too easy to resell tickets as it is.

      2. Would you have enjoyed and would you have gotten same pleasure from e.g. Echoes on the first listening as much as you do NOW at a live gig given that you have heard it zillion times and that your mind and body already braces for the pleasure at that first tone?

    2. Well Damir, yours is a fair point but I don’t think that shows will be less interesting for fans (or there is discrimination…), and if you know PF story, this is not the first time in which an album is played before its release…simply, think that you will be one of the luckiest to listen to the new stuff first and enjoy the experience!


      1. Emilio,

        PF used to play new stuff as a part of “ongoing tours” to test it in a way and that new stuff would often suffer changes before it was released but first they would get back to studio and finish the new album. It was work in progress. I have read all of the books out there on PF and I do not remember them releasing an album in the middle of the tour?! Please correct me if I am wrong.

    3. I am actually glad that it’s all the way it is. I have a ticket for the Florence show and I can’t wait to get there and see/hear the man play (brace yourselves, this will be a long one).

      I’m from Romania. We’re a bit more fortunate than Bosnia, but this does not mean that our music life is all that exciting here. On rare occasions, we get to see musical acts at their peak of talent, but most of the times the Great Bands or Singers reach us only in their very late stages of life and career, when they matter only as a part of History.

      My first great musical influence was Queen. I’ll always regret failing to see them with Freddie. It was in 1986, we were under communist regime and I was far too young when Queen came to Hungary – the closest country to Romania they ever played in during the Freddie years. I know most of Queen’s great performances by heart. In February, I was lucky enough to see Queen with Adam Lambert and one of my childhood dreams came true. As fabulous as it all was, something was missing and I understood that only when I rushed, weeks later, to revisit the YouTube videos other people posted from that show: as I was sitting in my spot, I knew almost exactly what will happen next. There’s a specific type of joy you get from discovering something magnificent – I was already accustomed to that magnificence and I was no longer 100% there.

      Ever since I laid my hands on the ticket for Florence, I stopped listening to Pink Floyd or David. Of course there is the occasional tune on the radio (but it does not happen all that often in Romania) and of course I could not stop myself from giving RTL a few spins. Beyond that point, however, I don’t want to go: seeing David live is my second huge musical dream and I need this to sink deep into my every cell. Having no idea about how the album sounds like will actually be great for me and I think it should be great for all the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket. How often do you get to say you heard it first live?

    4. This is a clear-cut case of discrimination of the non-UK fan.

      Oh don’t worry, that probably means that David will add new dates in Croatia, Italy and France after the release date of the CD and the London gigs… ๐Ÿ˜€ – ๐Ÿ˜€ – ๐Ÿ˜€ and, if so, no one there will complain about any ‘discrimination’, right?

      Enough ๐Ÿ˜€ to make it clear that I’m joking?

      However, FEd; if you ask David for these extra dates (and also one in Wales, I’m not selfish), I won’t complain either… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Maybe I should have written: “discrimination – for the lack of a better word”, because all of us who are going to enjoy DG’s music live in these awesome venues (in my case two Roman amphitheatres) have something wonderful to look forward to in our lives. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nonetheless, I feel that the concert experience would be much more rewarding if DGโ€™s people decide to move the album release date forward.

        On a separate note, having been on the receiving end of the ticket scalping marketโ€™s cruelties in the past, I am looking for a best way to sell extra tickets for the France show to true fans for a fair price. Any suggestions? Is one of the FB fan groups the way to go?

        1. I honestly couldn’t say. I would like everyone to be able to return tickets they no longer need to the relevant Box Office, but this is rarely an option. I don’t know if it is an option in this case, however…?

          1. No, it is not an option in this case either.

            8.1 An event ticket cannot be reimbursed, even if lost or stolen, and cannot be returned or exchanged, except if the event is cancelled or the organizer decides to refund the tickets.

            I do not want to use sites like Viagogo as there is no guarantee that the tickets will be bought by true fans nor do I feel comfortable charging for tickets what other people who sell tickets at such websites charge given that, as I have already mentioned above, I have been known to pay extortionate ticket prices.

            1. I do appreciate your position and genuinely respect you for not wishing to profit from your unwanted ticket.

              If anyone would like me to pass a message on to Damir, I’d be happy to do that.

        2. In my mind I would call you really really lucky.

          Just being at a gig and not knowing what’s going to come and how they gonna sound would be an amazing experience that you don`t get too often. I have tickets for 3 London shows, but in the aftermatch I would rather have had 3 tickets for the shows before the album release, since that would be a more special thing.

          I remember back in 1994, when I saw the Floyd live in August, I was always jealous of the Americans who saw the first 2 gigs (March 30th and April 3rd) since the Division Bell was not released in America at that time. It was released on April 5th.

          1. nfloyd,

            Do you have good seats for the London shows? Do you want to trade 2 tickets for one of the London shows for 2 tickets for the Orange (France) show?

  47. Hello FEd,

    How do you do?

    Sorry, I was not here for months… you know what life is… but, when you have good news like that album, and tour … in French, we say “Que demande le peupe?”. Fantastic!

    Also, more personal: my daughter, who is student, has got her diploma (master) summa cum laude, and the theme was… Pink Floyd!

    I wish you a very good week!

    Ikkar, with love

  48. A couple of shows at the start of the Division Bell Tour were done before the release in the US, for example. But really, think to the last year. First a Pink Floyd record, then David’s record and tour, who could predict this? Let the ‘try’n’buy’ stuff to other kind of artists…and enjoy one more time what will happen. I personally look at the whole story as a gift from one person who still have ‘lots of things unsaid’…and I’m grateful to him for this. I can respect your point because you’re surely a person who needs to know more before to go to a show (some friend of mine is with you, BTW) but I’m looking forward to it as a great experience.

    Bless you and look: we’re talking about another Maestro’s tour…and it’s 2015. Enjoy it!


  49. The deluxe package looks really nice, and the price is reasonable for what you get. Looking forward to more Barn Jams too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Oh, do you all remember when new material was road tested before the release date and nobody complained? Don’t take it personally, Damir, I’d feel personally proud and happy to have the chance to listen to new material before the rest of the mortals have got access to the physical release! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The whole record release process is quite complicated and we must take into account that the record mix was finished one week ago and lots of ahead planning is needed to go into production mode, especially taking into account the saturation in the vinyl pressing plants. All us Europeans should be happy to see the record released in September timeframe, to tell you the truth.

  51. I wanted to let the folks who could not get tickets for the US shows to not give up. Keep trying. I have had experiences in the past with a show being sold out and then one day I put in a request and bam, tickets come up.

    I can’t explain why but someone once told me that sometimes tickets get put back into the system because a card transaction does not go through. Sometimes the venue holds back a certain number of tickets. Sometimes the promoter holds back a certain number. Then they realize they may not need as many and release them back into the pool. Sometimes though these are not put back in until closer to the concert date.

    Also sometimes more tickets are released closer to the date once they figure out the stage configuration. You just have to have faith and keep trying.

    Also, I have not heard the song played here in the states. Not really surprising as rarely do radio stations in NY play new music by classic rockers.


  52. A bit disappointed to have missed out on tickets for the MSG show, was hoping to plan a U.S. trip around it. Hopefully there’ll be another show, seems lots of irregulars have missed out.

    I like the sound of the new record, brought back memories of About Face but much cooler. The cover looks good, I was a bit slow to figure out what the dash was doing in the word lock until it finally dawned on me it was a key. Who thought of putting a key in the word lock, genius and sounds like something Storm would have done.

    Keep it coming FEd, you’re on a roll now…

    Regards to all,

    Tom B – Dublin

  53. Anyone have extra NYC-MSG tickets they need to unload? My older cousin missed the day of the ticket sale. He’s been a Floyd fan since the 60’s, and is a Vietnam vet (not sure if mentioning that helps, but what the hay…I’m proud that he went through that hell and came back alive).

    1. You are right about the hell the Vietnam veterans went through. Then there was the hell to go through at home with people’s bad attitudes and dealing with the VA and the way it was back then. I didn’t go to Vietnam and I was still called a “baby killer” in the airport one time!

      Please tell him I said “Welcome home and thank you so very much!”

      1. I shall, thanks! I I was able to score him and his lady tickets for MSG. He’s stoked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. I just had to share…

    Rattle That Lock is quite an earworm. I played it for my 3 and 4 year old grandchildren and all day long I would hear those sweet little voices piping up with “wattle dat wock” for the rest of the day! I wish you could have heard them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. FEd,

    Thanks to Erin and Marcus I am now going to see David at the Hollywood Bowl and the seat that they got for me is in the fourth row. I am still in shock for I thought I would never see David play again. I am so happy to be with the Irregulars and to be going down with them to the concert. But it would be great if you would be there with us FEd.

    Again thank you Erin and Marcus….

    Take care, Thomas

    1. I’m really pleased for you, Thomas. I hope you all have a brilliant time. I’m sure you will.

  56. Had a thought… steady.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ for those of us going to Pula in Croatia on Sat 12th September, this will be almost a week before the release of Rattle that Lock. With that in mind, if David chose to perform the album in its entirety as he did in 2006 with on an Island, it would mean none of us would know any of the songs prior to going to the concert.. which would be interesting.

  57. Without cause we don’t discriminate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Worldwide broadcasting would be the only way to avoid any discrimination I suppose. Why don’t do it, I can’t understand. Sorry if you did discuss this earlier, but. ..David Gilmour really can’t be everywhere and anywhere his fans are able to get to and where they want to see him.. .

  58. Suggestion Box Item: RTL Album Release Listening Party and Chat? Rolling times for the global audience?

    I’m sure plenty of folks will have already listened by the time the “party” in their area goes live, but the reactions would be fun to share.

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