Extra tickets – Orange and Florence

Good news if you were still hoping to make it to Florence or Orange.

Now that details of the stage production are being finalised, there are some extra seats available. (Don’t worry, the view of the stage will not be restricted in any way.)

In the case of Orange, there will be a limit of two tickets per person/purchase and the name of whoever buys them will be printed on both tickets.

You can soon use the following links to order tickets – starting at 11am (CEST) today.

Tuesday 15th September 2015: Florence, Italy
Ippodromo del Visarno, Viale del Visarno, 50144 Firenze

Thursday 17th September 2015: Orange, France
Théâtre Antique, Rue Madeleine Roch, 84100 Orange

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

56 thoughts on “Extra tickets – Orange and Florence”

  1. FED – when will you pass us some info regarding stage production? 🙂

    Will Marc Brickman again be involved, what can we expect to see, etc. 😉

  2. It seems the same old Italian job. No tickets at all. A friend of mine has dreamed for ten minutes.

    Hope French friends have more luck and obviously nominal tickets are the best deal.


    1. I’m sorry to disappoint your friend. Believe me, I know it’s incredibly frustrating with all this information flying around, raising and dashing hopes.

      1. No worries mate, you are doing a great job and every Irregular here have to say thanks to you for your efforts…we have to understand this is not a stadium tour (thanks God) and so many friends will be disappointed, but that’s the way, let the good times roll!

  3. It’s all a fake. I was at 10.55 am in front of Italian Ticketone site. The tickets became available only for 7 seconds. I’ve got them, but when you click to put them in the basket, they told “tickets finished”.

    We are all disgusted and bored of this kind of legalized frauds where secondary tickets agencies got always their tickets in few seconds, and the fans connected hours and hours before, remain always without any ticket.

  4. We absolutely love Firenze. We’ve been there twice and are dreaming of a third (and maybe extended) visit.

    On another point, I’ve had the RTL single on loop. It’s quite addictive.

  5. Had a moment of panic as – in my mind – no names were printed on my tickets (bought in March) for Orange, but I checked and indeed the name (surname only) appears in very small characters, lost among many other things printed in a corner of the ticket. Phew!

    They won’t bother checking IDs at the Antique Theatre, they would need a magnifying glass. 😉

    1. I’m so very sorry, Salvo. I won’t include the link you sent, only because I don’t wish to help anyone sell their tickets for such silly amounts, but I note that there are tickets for Italian concerts on eBay.

      1. No Problem FEd, I understood why you didn’t include the link. I copied just to show you what’s happening with the Italian tickets. I mean, I was lucky to buy my tickets time ago; but there are many fans that cannot see the gigs cause of these such kind of squalid vultures. This situation cannot goes on anymore. I’m Italian and it’s indeed a shame!!!

        The management should do something …. for instance, to ask to the Italian tickets circuit, to sell only nominative tickets and in a very limited number (maybe 2 or 4, no more), or something else… I don’t know but we need a stop!!!

  6. My post from several days ago:

    Having been on the receiving end of the ticket scalping market’s cruelties in the past, I am looking for the best way to sell extra tickets for the France show to true fans for a fair price. Any suggestions?

    I do not want to use sites like Viagogo as there is no guarantee that the tickets will be bought by true fans nor do I feel comfortable charging for tickets what other people who sell tickets at such websites charge given that, as I have already mentioned before, I have been known to pay extortionate ticket prices.

      1. Emilio,

        I have 3 pairs of tickets plus 1 single ticket (I am considering donating this single ticket to an ‘out-of-luck’ fan who would like to see DG in this amazing setting, either in advance or just prior to the show). I personally will be going both to the Pula, Croatia and Orange, France shows.

        1. Damir

          for being an “out of luck fan” in Pula I would donate one ticket for Orange as well. 🙂

        2. Thank you for your answer. There is another one but I don’t want to be intrusive, trust me. But I have to ask. Why did you buy several tickets more than you needed? Maybe this can bring confusion. Sure it can be different for you but, I’m sorry, I’ve found three or four guys on Facebook who did the same and, unfortunately, can’t go to the concerts and want to sell tickets at ‘fair prices’. Coincidences?

          Trust me it’s not an attack to you and I want to trust you’re genuine, but, with yours, I found 45 tickets that could be a dream for someone. I’m a dreamer, I know.

          Sorry for the long message.


          1. Emilio,

            Buying the tickets for the France show was my attempt to hedge against the high odds of not getting the Croatia tickets. Luckily my brother managed to get 3 tickets for the Pula show at one of the ticket selling points – just barely, may I add, as tickets were disappearing before his eyes and the internet connection between this ticket selling point and the ticket agent HQ kept dropping. No need to mention that there was no way for me to even establish a connection from home with the ticket agent for the Pula show.

            Originally, four people were planning to go to the France show, now it is down to two (because we managed to get the tickets for the Pula show) and I kept buying tickets until I got the seats I wanted. The scenario was as follows: I would buy a pair of best available tickets, some other customer’s order (session) would time out and better tickets would become available and I would grab them and so on. This is the reason why I have 3 pairs of good seats and 1 single ticket.

            I did not offer these tickets anywhere else, Facebook, eBay or anywhere else and since I have been known in the past to buy tickets from ticket scalpers e.g. back in 2006 I do not want true fans to pay extortionate prices but I guess that even I will have to use viagogo in the end, only it is not very likely that the true fans will get my tickets and I wanted to offer them to true fans.

            1. I’m sorry I can do more than pass the e-mail address of anyone who is interested to you, Damir. I certainly appreciate your sentiments and thank you for your consideration.

    1. Hello, I would be glad to purchase 2 tickets to any of the venues, I would travel anywhere to see Gilmour live, but no luck in buying tickets from the official sites, and the resale prices are so ridiculous.

      1. James,

        FEd can give you my email address if you are interested in the Orange, France show. I do not know if FEd would be willing to act as a dead letter box of sorts (where we could send him tickets and cashier’s checks together with self addressed envelopes) and he would just exchange tickets for checks and forward them to proper addresses. All to the end of fans seeing the shows for a fair price and bypassing the ticket scalping market. FEd?

          1. Understand. How about taking donated tickets and passing them on to those who need them, or those who were not lucky enough to get them and can not afford tickets from secondary markets. Something like the suspended coffee movement – a simple act of generosity?

      2. At this time, there’s absolutely no problem to get fair-value tickets (actually there’s no limit of two tickets) for Orange, using the link FEd posted above. Cat1, 78.50€/ticket.

  7. .. there seems to be more than one reason to stop selling anonymous tickets. If those rippers would have to appear in person with all the people that they sold overpriced, second hand tickets to let them in, it would be fun. I can imagine some reactions …

  8. Hi FEd,

    is there a way to subscribe to the posts? It’s quite difficult to keep track with the comments… In an ancient version you could either look at a last comments page that showed more than 5 comments or subscribe to a post, when adding a comment. Those smartphones make it even more difficult. I’m helping myself with searching for the actual date, but it’s not fun. 😉

    Kind regards and thanks again for all the work and the opportunities given to us fans!


    PS. In case you want to do a raffle around Christmas: it could be cool if some of us could donate prizes for those who can’t afford them…

    1. I would happily donate a ticket for April 12, 2016 if there is indeed such a raffle – as long as the recipient would be content to entertain either a 17-year old or a star-struck fan! 😀

  9. I am kicking myself for not being privy to the US presale. I was shut out from getting the seats up close for MSG night 2 this morning. Having been a Floyd fan who flew out to see David at the RAH 10 years ago, spending $212.00 for the a seat where one is 2x the distance away is tough.

    It looks like the 2nd nights have successfully stymied the scalpers though. There’s enough to go around now.

  10. Just wondering if Fed might book me a table for dinner in London before the RAH show and if possible could you have me a taxi to take me back to the hotel after? Not that you’re busy enough.


    1. You can book him a hotel near the RAH so you don’t spend money for taxi! 😀

      Great Damian, I’m with you, FEd could do more!


  11. help, help, need 2 tickets for mr.gilmour show in pula or verona, can somebody help me?

  12. Was a little curious about all the noise regarding reselling tickets, so had a nose around, and discovered tickets going for up to £8000. Saw two for the RAH going for £1000 each. The seller did mention the buyer would have to meet up with him at the venue so he could get them in.

    Stubhub had an interesting popup message warning regarding tickets which read “Unfortunately the venue and artist require the ‘lead booker’ to present ID on entrance for this event.” Not sure why they say it’s unfortunate, unless, of course, it’s because they lose money on resales and actively encourage it. Unfortunate use of the word unfortunate, unfortunately.

    Not sure what the solution would be, but perhaps extra concerts until one or two spare tickets begin to show up might do it. What if David announced 10 concerts at one venue, put tickets for them all up for sale at the same time, watched to see how many of the concerts filled up and demand tailed off, and then cancelled the rest? That would destroy the resale values of unused tickets I would think.

    I’ll never understand this kind of thing, but it doesn’t surprise me any longer. In gold panning circles they call it gold fever. Never suffered from it myself.

  13. I had no idea there were special advance tickets through the blog and I should have checked; no email received either. However I am jumping for joy as I managed to get a (good) ticket for April 1st in Toronto. *HAPPY DANCE*. I was going to go alone (as I often do, as I wept all the way through The Wall and I don’t want to embarrass my companion) but was forced to buy two in that zone. So there will be a lucky someone sharing with me. I am too happy at having nabbed tickets to grumble about anything, life is too short!

    Playing Rattle That Lock on repeat……….. David’s got the moves, and got the grooves!!

    Bella xo

  14. Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations to all those who obtained tickets, and commiserations to those who didn’t.

    We live in a world where ticket agencies rule the roost unfortunately, and having attempted to buy tickets for various artists over the last 40 years it is clear that the ordinary/true fan is at the bottom of the pile. We obsessively collect all of their recordings (sometimes more than once due to over use, sometimes due to changing formats (my original vinyl recordings still cut it when I’m not in the car) in the faint hope that when they play live, we’ll be in with a chance.

    But if you think about it our chances are very slim – if you take ‘most’ big artists these days they’ll charge you to take part in a pre-sale (with no guarantee). Also the venue, if this has corporate sponsorship (e.g. O2 Arena, London) then again if you subscribe, you’ll also get pre-sale preference. If you’re not prepared to do that, or on the right network, the available tickets are reduced. Then add to that staff who work for these agencies – how many are they able to cherry pick for themselves and/or give notice to friends and families what’s going to be soon available. On my many occasions I have been ‘in’ to the relevant ticket sale within seconds of the publicised general sale, and even single tickets are not available.

    Until laws are passed, this is just the way it is I fear.

    Every now and again, someone tries to change things slightly in our favour – it can’t be easy, and again there are no guarantees, but we’re in with a chance.

    Thank you to everyone connected with Mr Gilmour, and especially you FEd, for trying to be that someone. It’s more than appreciated by all of us – wherever we are in the world.

    For me personally – the start of Autumn, September 5th, Brighton, my daughter (One Direction rule apparently) doesn’t get why I haven’t stopped smiling since the weekend.

    Thank You.

  15. Off topic:

    Happy anniversary and the most affectionate wishes, David, to you and to your long-term writing partner, and in life, Polly. All the best to you, in this very special year. Cheers!


  16. I’ve done the ‘conduiting’ thing once before in the Chatroom but must say, this has left me speechless. 😮

  17. I too am curious to know what the stage configuration will be. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  18. Hi fed

    Just wondered if you knew when tickets go on sale for Wroclaw as I’m hoping to take my partner, hoping for a heads up to beat the crowd.

    Hope all is well.

  19. Hello all!

    I did my best to find this information myself, but I had no luck. I’m hoping someone can help – maybe FEd knows which way should I go about this.

    As previously mentioned, I’m doing some work for several Romanian music magazines, both online and print. Our market is oversaturated with crappy music and worthless stars, so I’m doing my best to provide an alternative. Sometimes, it really works: I am the only Romanian journalist that managed to speak with Andy Jackson ahead of TER’s release last year.

    As more and more info became available on RTL, I thought there may be a way for me to cover this from a journalist’s perspective. David is very appreciated here (there were even rumours about a concert in Cluj in 2016 – I hope it happens!), but our media does not cover the subject properly.

    I already have tickets for the Florence show (the days are not passing quick enough for me), but I was hoping I can somehow be a part of it from another perspective. I could not find any info about the steps required for press accreditation or the conditions a photo reporter should meet in order for him to be able to take photos. I also could not find any info about David’s photography policy – are there any restrictions for the ticket owners attending the show?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback – any piece of information is useful!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. I can forward your details to David’s Management, but please don’t shout at me if you don’t receive a response. As I’m sure you can imagine, yours is not an unusual request and a great many are being received at this time.

      1. Thanks for your help, FEd! If you can forward my info to the relevant people, that would be great! I can imagine a lot of requests are being processed right now and maybe rules for the public attending the shows were not even completed just yet. I did encounter a similar communication problems regarding the Queen show in February – although I contacted the management and the local teams months in advance, no feedback was provided (even a “no” would have been nice).

        Here’s to hoping someone takes notice this time. 🙂 Thank you, once again!

        1. No problem, my friend. I hope you’ll receive the response you’re hoping for. Enjoy the concert.

  20. I wondered how fans have managed selling their extra tickets. I bought two for Orange but I’m now going on my own. I would like to get my money back rather than have an empty seat next to me. Any ideas?

  21. Managed to get tickets for RAH in the pre-sale, but was absolutely amazed that on the official date, everything was sold out – hardly fair. I booked early and only got restricted view seats for me, missus and friend. Since then, we have decided to move abroad for work. Our friend would still like to go to the concert and take her husband and a friend. I was happy for them to do that – now, it seems I have to travel back to the UK and attend this, what appears to be turning into a scam and a sham, concert so that at least the other two tickets can be used. How can that be upheld?

    Imagine if Fred bought tickets for his partner and their two friends. Fred has food poisoning on the day and can’t get off the throne – does that mean that the other 3 have to luck out?! I think there will be many empty seats at the concert and personally I feel this sort of prima donna behaviour deserves to be boycotted. No-one is ‘that good’! Rattle that cage I say!

    1. And now more seats have been released – bet they’re not restricted! This tastes like profiteering to me. Only going now so that money isn’t wasted.

      Bring back the day when you had to buy Sounds to see the concert ads, send off your postal order to Harvey Goldsmith for £2.75 and then wait to see if you had a ticket and where you sat. 🙂

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