Extra North American dates

There are some extra dates for North America, as many of you were hoping.

Tickets available on Monday 27th July from Ticketmaster’s website (links included below), mobile app, over the phone or in person at Ticketmaster outlets at the times shown.

There are no further dates to be added.

Friday 25th March 2016: Los Angeles, USATickets on sale at 10am (PST) Monday
Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Friday 1st April 2016: Toronto, CanadaTickets on sale at 10am (EST) Monday
Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2

Monday 4th April 2016: Chicago, USATickets on sale at 10am (CST) Monday
United Center, 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612

Tuesday 12th April 2016: New York, USATickets on sale at 10am (EST) Monday
Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

79 thoughts on “Extra North American dates”

  1. Thank you, David!! Still no pre-sale huh. Last time there was only one day notice and it was a frenzy. Now with almost a week notice, I’m guessing it will be even worse. Good luck everyone!


  2. Thank you David! Guess I’ll book a hotel room in Toronto and go to both shows if I can get a ticket for the 2nd show!

  3. Thank you FEd! My guess is they’ll be ‘sold out’ well before that 10:00 am start time. 🙁

  4. Glad they added dates…….best wishes to all who are going to be trying for tickets!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for adding additional dates! I was crushed to have missed out on the first 4 concerts. I tried getting tickets as soon as they went on sale, but was unable to pull up any acceptable seats.

    Let’s hope the real fans get the tickets this time around!

  6. I’m going to do everything in my power to get tickets somewhere… anywhere. David’s music has had a profound effect on my life. I have to say though… just briefly looking at what is available, the ticket prices are outrageous. The show, I’m sure, will be worth every penny and more. God, I hope I get to go.

  7. Morning FED, any chance, any chance at all that a presale could be considered? I tried all day from 10AM last week when the US tickets went on sale. Everything sold out on the Ticketmaster web. Being based in the UK, we couldn’t get through on the phones as there was no facility to hold in a queue- it told you to call back. Also the automated system wouldn’t work for non-US customers as the credit card payment required you to have a zip code in your address.

    Could you please check if there would be a likelihood of a presale as this would give some of us in UK and Europe a chance to travel to the US to see David.

  8. In all the excitement, we (or at least, I) forgot that maybe you should have been on holiday, FEd, it’s July after all. Instead of that, you’re dealing with everyone and everything, management (I presume), news, bloggers (their joy, comments, questions, sometimes frustration or even complaints), plus all that happens ‘behind our screen’ that we probably can’t even imagine. It’s great. The Blog is really THE place to visit. But headaches and square eyes for you by now, I suppose.

    I do hope you can soon take a break and forget us all for a while.

    Thank you for your continued help and patience. We (and David) are very lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you for “speaking” what is in my mind Michèle. It’s all too easy for us to often overlook FEd’s Herculean efforts and take this special place we have here for granted!

      1. I’m used to being taken both for granted and for a mug in this job, don’t you worry.

        Thanks, Pavlov. 🙂

  9. Good news for overseas fans…Good luck with getting the tickets you’d like. 🙂

    I’m sure this will be one of the concert-highlights in my life.

  10. Hoping to knock two birds out with one stone, and get another set of tickets for NYC… I mean, I will already be there and all. Was semi bummed that I wont be seeing him on his last show in the US… But if I score 2 more on Monday, all will be groovy! Well, regardless all will be good. I mean I get to see David Gilmour live in concert, life could be worse. 😉

    1. That’s the spirit. Things could always be worse.

      Good luck on Monday, Andrew. I hope you’ll get the tickets you want.

  11. Nice!! David is kind. Good luck everyone who did not score tickets before. Hopefully the ticket scammers will develop a sudden case of blindness at 9:59am.

  12. Hello, I would like to know how many songs you play from Pink Floyd albums?

    Thank you, you are the best.

  13. Can David just do extra dates in the UK and not bother with North America?


  14. I see presale mentioned on Ticketmaster site for new April 4 Chicago shows. Also shows a VIP package. Both on sale 7/25, but how do you get code for either?

  15. Does anyone know . . . . if huge sections of tickets are allocated to another ticket agency for sale? I think that happens in Britain therefore one seller might sell out but there are other agencies who still have tickets available.

    Another thing I wonder about, Ticketmaster has outlets where you can go in person to buy tickets, do they have a “ring fenced” allocation to sell? Even if only for the first couple of days?

    It appears to me that there could be a monopoly which is inadvertently allowing buying and instant re-sale for massive profit.

    I don’t think this goes on in Britain but I’m dismayed that it is happening and it will just be a matter of time before it comes here.

    Do Ticketmaster make extra money out of facilitating these re-sales? Is that legal?

    I feel for our blog friends trying to get tickets. (I like Damian’s idea mind you.)


  16. I really hope to get the tickets for Chicago and NY, I managed to buy 2 for the Toronto show, and if I’ll get the next Monday the plans for a couple of weeks in North America along David’s tour will start.

    It’ll be very difficult without the presale, but I hope for all the blog’s people to be lucky this time.

    Thank you FEd for all the updates.

  17. Hi FEd,

    sorry about this, I know you are up to your oxters these days, talk about buses nothing for ages then 3 come along together. Anyway, I noticed on the ticketmaster.com site there is a presale notice for MSG tickets for Sat, any clues on how to get access to those presale tickets or is that info not available?
    Just asking……

    Oh I echo Michèle’s comments from earlier……you are indeed appreciated by us lot on the other side of the screen!

  18. It does not look like an old man tour. I am happy for American fans, but I’m afraid (yes, I literally am afraid) that 8 concerts per month is a bit too much, and the huge arenas is certainly not what he thought of, don’t you think? And planes, hotels, all these “pleasures”… Do not you think?

  19. Hi FEd,

    Sorry to trouble you, I see that you should be on holiday. Do you know how much the Front Row packages were? I was double-fisting it between my lap top and my smart phone app. But I barely managed to get a single seat in Chicago through my laptop. The only option in Hollywood (other than standard seats) was the charity platinum seats.

    I would love to get a front row package for any night 2, anywhere in North America, but would like to know how much they are before hand. Does anyone know?

      1. It’s okay, don’t worry. I found someone else with one and it was USD $550 for Los Angeles and Chicago.

        I really can’t thank you enough. You are so appreciated.

  20. Hello Fed. Hope all is well.

    I noticed a presale for the United Center show for this Saturday at 1pm on Ticketmaster. I called Ticketmaster and they said I need a promo code from his fansite. I recently signed up on the mailing list with my updated email address a few days ago, but I haven’t received anything. Can you please help me? Please explain the procedure for I don’t want to miss out on a presale opportunity!

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

  21. I notice Ticketmaster has a presale listed beginning Sat @1pm for Chicago. Any idea whose presale this is?

  22. There will be presales for these shows! How do I get a passcode? I need to score a seat!

  23. Guys, please don’t smoke. I have spent the day coughing and gasping for breath. This is not a good way to die.

    1. Well said. Three small sentences but so much truth in them.

      I hope you feel better by now….

  24. Will there be a tour of Australia?

    I’ve heard that David doesn’t want to do grandiose shows in large stadiums? Performing at the Vivid Festival in the Opera House may be a nice fit? This is a festival of lights, lasers etc. where many of the larger buildings and the Opera House are illuminated with exquisite and artful lighting during the end of May. The festival runs for 3 weeks.

    I saw the Pixies perform there 2 years ago and they were absolutely fantastic and the size of the crowd was modest being in the Opera House.

    PLEASE DAVE, make it happen!?

  25. Hi FEd!

    It’s great having the extra dates added, but ONLY 4 venues? WTF? What about the rest of the US? Texas has some fabulous places, and quite a few of them. I can’t travel much any longer because of declining health issues. I have been in the hospital 5 times this year, already!



  26. Royal Albert Hall, best gig to see Mr Gilmour, in his own back yard.

    Roll on 24th September.

  27. Happy to have no pre sale in NY. Madison Square Garden usually has pre sales and it is a problem if you don’t have the card they require, usually American Express. If this is David’s management’s doing I applaud them.

    My issue is, with no pre sale why are there so many tickets on secondary market (i. e. Stubhub)?

  28. Just saw this on Le Mulina Facebook page:

    We communicate that the date of David Gilmour in Florence on 15 September, scheduled at the racetrack of Mulina, has been moved at the racetrack of Visarno.

    We communicate, moreover, that, solely and exclusively for the show Florentine, will be put on sale a very limited number of tickets on livenation.it and ticketone. It starting from 11.00 hours of Monday, July 27.

    Tickets with the term “Theater Racetrack of Mulina” remain valid for the new venue.

    Hope it helps someone to get a ticket.

  29. I like FEd.. xoxo

    Got a ticket for the 11th, but of course now I’ll have to go the 12th as well.#

    Any info on a special guest or two for either date?

    I have a feeling this is going to be a great experience.

    1. Good luck. I hope you get that ticket.

      No word yet on who will be joining David on stage, but all will be revealed soon.

      1. That leads me to believe there will be “quests”…sWeeT…

        Been apart of the J Beck forum/blog since forever, (mostly just a reader nowadays) and have had the greatest experience meeting people either on the forums or even at the shows. Good stuff.

  30. Looking forward to Hollywood.

    Thanks for everything FEd. You do great work here.

  31. Earlier this week the Ticketmaster website showed there would be a presale of the New York concert on the 12th. The presale was supposed to start at 2P.M Eastern daylight time. This has since disappeared.

    What happened?

  32. I tried to get tickets for the first date in New York the moment tickets went on sale. No luck. Now a new date was added. Got a message from Madison Square Garden about a pre-sale on Saturday, only to get another message that the previous e-mail was sent in error and tickets to general public go on sale on Monday.

    I wonder who gets tickets during the pre-sale. I don’t feel very optimistic about getting tickets on Monday. Ticketmaster owns an aftermarket ticket company. Huge profits from that. The way I see it…it’s a Ticketmaster scam…

  33. Anyone have info on the presale passwords to the new shows? I really need tickets to the LA date.

  34. Hope it’s not to juvenile of me to try and ask for Poles Apart to be played on 04/11. I’ve read what the song is about, but damn…Really dig it.

  35. David,

    So glad you are touring North America. Come visit us in the south for a show, we are feeling left out. Dallas or Houston would be a good venue. “Just sayin”!

    Looking forward to your new release.

  36. Thank you schmank you…add more dates…you know as well as I do that only a small percentage of real fans have a shot at tickets unless they go get scalped…the only way to avoid this is to play the shit out of the cities and kill the secondary market like U2 did.

    Thanks for nothing yet!

    1. Please spare me this “real fans” nonsense. Plenty of “real fans” have tickets, to more than one concert, on more than one continent. Plenty of “real fans” aren’t going to attend any.

      How many dates would be enough to “play the shit out of the cities” exactly, anyway? (Which cities?) And how much should the tickets cost if there were, perhaps, five times as many gigs? And should “real fans” only be allowed to attend, say, two or three of them? Maybe you’re only a “real fan” if you attend several, I don’t know.

      You have to admit, you’re being completely unreasonable. Were U2 trying to “kill the secondary market” or was their real motive to make as much money as possible from as many people as possible?

      Besides, I thought this was meant to be an “old man’s tour”.

      1. Well said FEd.

        ‘Real’ fans have stayed loyal to The Blog, throughout its existence, through good times and the lean times too.

        It’s amazing how the other “Real fans” only ever come out to play at showtime and then DEMAND that David brings his Old Man’s Tour right into their own backyard and also expect to then pay a pittance for the privilege (nay, their right) to see him!!!

        1. Fed has ALWAYS said, “When there is any news, you’ll get it here first”!

          Now, if that’s not telling fans how to find out about tours and get in there before the ticket touts, I don’t know what is. I mean, Fed has even said, if he’s got an e-mail address for someone who’s posted here, he sent them a notice about a pre-sale. You know. . . what else do you want???

          AND another thing, you need to show a bit of respect for David and his team, everyone who’s been here for ten years would never speak to David or the team the way you did. How can you attack the very man you claim to be a fan of because that’s who you’re speaking to when you speak here Nanker!


          1. Fed has ALWAYS said, “When there is any news, you’ll get it here first”!

            That’s not always true, unfortunately, but the thought is always there.

    2. I nearly gave food to a troll . . .

      If you’d read the site Nanker. . .like some of us other real fans. . .

      The devil made me do it. . .

  37. To borrow a recent phrase……I am rattling your cage, FEd, to see if any new dates have been unlocked……(see that pseudo-clever use of words?)…………

  38. The Rattle that Lock video reminds me of what The Floyd showed during the Animals tour in ’77 at MSG. The animation they played during the Wish You Were Here album comes to mind. Definitely MTV style video but great for the ’70s wannabe psychedelic mainstream audience of the time (of which I was a willing participant)……..not too trippy but definitely dark!

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