Brighton Centre

Who’d like to attend a special tour ‘pre-view’ show at the Brighton Centre (Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2GR) on Saturday 5th September?

You’d better click here, then. Tickets are available now.

Doors open at 6.30pm (UK) and the show starts an hour later. There is no support act.

You will need to take photographic ID. The person who books the tickets must attend. Tickets can be posted to you if you’re in the UK or Republic of Ireland, otherwise you will need to collect them from the venue.

Do let us know if you’ll be going. It promises to be a good night.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

130 thoughts on “Brighton Centre”

  1. Got my tickets thanks to your very generous heads up. Front row dead centre.

    I might see if I can take my program from Blotto to see if I can get any other signatures.

    1. Managed to get my tickets so I’m a happy boy right now..anybody have an idea of how long the Preview Show will last? I’m hoping it will be longer than an hour like the last preview show at the Mermaid Theatre.

  2. Well, that solves the: Will I?/won’t I? (listen to the album before the concert) dilemma.

    Choccywoccydoohdah, here I come! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the heads-up. x

    1. You’re very welcome, Lorraine. Enjoy the chocolate. I mean, concert. (And the chocolate. Mmm, chocolate.)

  3. Very many thanks for the info re the Brighton concert. I was unsure whether to attend, as I’m already going with my family to the RAH. However, when I saw the opportunity of a front row ticket, I just couldn’t resist!

    Thanks again and all the very best to you. Will you be attending this concert too?

  4. Thanks again fairy FEd. I’m still so saaaad because I cannot go.

    Wife and son don’t understand my disappointment. πŸ™

    Congrats to all those little lucky bloggers that will attend!

  5. FEd! You and David et al are really spoiling us!! Thanks v much for the heads up too, the old man will be tickled pink, I’m sure.

    Dead centre seats nearly right at the front will be fantastic, if it is anything like the Mermaid Theatre show last time, then we are in for a real treat!!


  6. Cannot make the trip in September. Just want to thank you again, for all you do an behalf of the Irregulars, now and always, FEd. I am very excited that I can see David here in the States and hope to meet up with a few along the way. Cheers, mate!

    1. πŸ™‚ Cheers, Mike. I appreciate that. It’s been a long week and I don’t know which hurts most, my eyes or back. TFI Friday.

  7. Enjoy yourselves guys! I’m curious to read your comments the day after…

    @FEd: do we trade photos again? The gallery could suffer some new ones…

  8. I got my tickets!, now I have to plan my flight from Abu Dhabi to East Sussex. Wish me luck, and many Thanks for the heads-up.

  9. Oh my god.. Lost for words.. I actually can’t believe this has happened.. Happy beyond belief. Thank you so much FED for the heads up on this. I’m centre of the stage 3 rows back.. On an aside isn’t it wonderful that all of us here, who have gone and got tickets for this will be all sitting amongst each another!? That seriously rocks. πŸ™‚

    Happy Days!!!

  10. Pulling another late one FEd, thanks for the heads up got front row seats. You little beauty!

    Best of luck to all looking for tickets and have a great weekend.

    Tom B – Dublin

  11. I know I’ve been quiet for ages FEd but this woke me up. Front and centre Row A. Eternally grateful. Never seen David before but followed him since the mid seventies. This really is a dream come true and has made an old man very happy. Can’t stop smiling.

    Kindest Regards and hope to meet some other blog members

  12. I’ve got tickets for what is bound to be THE concert of the year, decade, century. πŸ˜€

    Do you want to know about the computer, Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster’s password, the credit card/s, the passwords for the verification codes for the credit cards, Ticketmaster’s cookies, the tick boxes, the phone numbers, the number of permutations of all of these variables and probably a few more I can’t remember or didn’t carry on to find out about?????

    Does anyone remember early adventure computer games where you had to collect things along the way various kinds of metal daggers, bottles of wine, bread, rings with various stones, amulets a sack to carry them all in? You fought various enemies along the way losing items and having to find more and more food and wine? When you finally battled your way (six months after buying the game) to the elven king’s castle and even when you’d got all the prizes to give him and a magic amulet and keys and stuff, you still couldn’t win??? Anyone remember those sorts of games????

    That’s how it was for me today! The damned site kept saying it was unable to complete my transaction for one different reason after another! I, extreeeemly careeeeefffuuuullly, checked everything was done properly on my final attempt, more than an hour after starting. I was certain the real reason I couldn’t do this was because all the tickets were selling out or if they weren’t they would be before I completed.

    Do you know what the final straw was???? The site told me it wouldn’t accept my card because I’d tried too many times to use it!

    Of course by this time I had no clue which card it was refusing, how many times I’d tried to use it or the others, oh, I nearly forgot to tell you. The fucking site kept telling me that one of my cards expired in 2009!!!! I told it to delete all previous records, I entered all my new details which were all exactly the same except for the expiry date which was still in date. They wouldn’t accept that either! I even switched the computer off and on again.

    Completely defeated and in floods of tears (honestly, real tears), I asked my daughter for help. She used her computer, my card and got the seats I wanted FIRST TIME!

    She said Ticketmaster put cookies on my computer (these cookies obviously effectively excommunicated me from the ticket buying world), and this is why it wouldn’t take my card/s or anything else of mine. I was convinced I was in the grip of computer hackers that kept making me put new card details into the ether so they could empty my accounts out. The only possible salvation from these mad genius hackers was, I have absolutely no idea what new passwords I entered in the verification thingy or thingies, no idea how many permutations or combinations and therefore. . . . neither will they!

    My daughter assured me it wasn’t hackers trying to block my purchase so they could buy up all the tickets for themselves and empty my accounts while they were at it.

    I think it was Ticketmaster’s fault.

    ash . . . who is happy and grateful for the heads up from Fed, who is thrilled to bits to have a ticket for this, bound to be spectacular show! and who is really really glad to have a clever, cool calm and collected daughter.

    1. You won’t believe this. . . I’ve done the same again trying to book train tickets to Brighton!

      One of my cards was declined and blocked by my bank because I’d tried and failed so many times to use it. πŸ™

      I didn’t realise this until using the same card to book train tickets today. Went through the process, tickets to Brighton, got the details, noticed there was a split, we have to change at Euston to Victoria then get a train to Brighton.

      I wondered if it was any cheaper buying tickets to London and then to Brighton separately, clever me, saving money I thought. Fool that I am it didn’t so I went back to my original window and clicked the purchase button.

      The Trainline website only remembered my most recent search despite my having two windows open so I almost bought tickets to London with no onward travel.

      Shut it all down, opened it again, did it all again, I can’t even remember what happened next.

      So, I rang my card provider and got my card fixed. Right, job well done. Did I buy the tickets? Checked my e-mail. . .no confirmation e-mail. . . I entered the wrong e-mail address at one point (besides all the wrong card numbers and verification codes. . . I did something wrong at every possible stage!)

      I got a phone number for the Trainline from an e-mail they sent me confirming my new password (you can imagine why I had to get a new password from them I expect). I rang them to ask if I’d bought anything. They said no, eventually, after searching for a few minutes.

      I bought the tickets over the phone instead and the guy sent me a confirmation e-mail. I mean, what’s going on?

      What he couldn’t do on the phone because it’s website booking only, is sell me insurance for missed departures or cancellations and that sort of thing. . . .Rudders said somewhere else, the phrase stuck in my head and it’s rattling about in my brain haunting me now. . . “What can go wrong?” I just hope there’s no scaffolding up anywhere.

      ash . . . who’s got tickets for David’s show in Brighton, a hotel room in Brighton, and train tickets to and from Brighton.

      1. Remember going to a train station and getting your tickets slid under a glass counter in exchange for money? Those were the days. Crazy times indeed.

      2. Which hotel you staying at Ash?

        I’ll be booking train tickets too. Two singles are considerably cheaper than a return.

        Go figure.

        Bizarre, I know.

        1. Don’t tell me that Ken! I got in a mess trying to split the tickets (thank Martin’s Money Tips for putting the idea in my head). I couldn’t make it save anything for me anyway.

          Ken, you should know this. I can’t tell you which hotel I’m staying in right here in the blog! All my fans and stalkers will try to follow me everywhere! Ask Fed to forward me your e-mail address. πŸ™‚

          Fed, if you wouldn’t mind and you think Ken probably isn’t a mad axe murderer. . .


          1. Well, I think Ken could produce an impressive A to Z of murderers, although probably not many of them would be axe-murderers.

          2. Hm, doing overtime? I spent a couple of hours recording music. The result: I know for sure, I’m not a drummer. πŸ™‚

      3. Ash,

        Geoff Duffy (and his better half) and myself are considering staying at the same hotel, as your good self. Can you advise where you have booked in please. (If it’s OK to ask this here FEd?)

  13. This is an amazing opportunity! Thanks FEd for all you have done over the past decade, and thanks to the Gilmours for their generosity. How cool is this?!!

    I unfortunately won’t be there since I have my own little “gig” with my 13 year old daughter who is picking up the guitar these days. We’re doing a little Labor Day set on acoustic at our little summer community here on Ulster Heights Lake in NY.

    If it wasn’t for that, I most definitely would have made the trip to Brighton! Once in a lifetime. πŸ™‚

  14. That’s the first time I’ve ever been quick enough to buy front row tickets. My son and I will be there, thanks very much for the heads up!

  15. What a lovely gesture, thank you, but sadly unable to attend, financially challenged.

  16. A big thank you from everyone here to those who made this happen! And I hope that those who helped, that can’t go, get their chance to shine i.e. FeD.

    This time I was in the country, had technology that knew what day it was and a signal as well (how crazily dependent we are these days…) Only issue was remembering which e-mail address and password combination it was…

    Re chocolate, do you have a favourite? I’d go for 85% dark, especially if I was drinking a beer. Anyone else??

  17. It’s been a frantic week FEd. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    I’ll be proudly perching my posterior on the second row, dead centre.

    I’ve never been so close to the stage before, in all the concerts I’ve been to down the decades. With Floyd shows it was usually always better to be further back, to take in all the lighting effects, etc.

    However, on this special night when RTL is played for, what will probably be the first time in public, it will be a privileged and emotional occasion to bear witness to David’s latest work, with (Irregular) friends surrounded.

    Just as long as Polly doesn’t obstruct the view too much, whilst she snaps away during the show.

    Is it correct that we’re all invited back to their place after the show?

  18. Thank you Fed; Tickets booked.

    Will have three spare seats in the car for the Calais-Dover-Brighton journey on Saturday 05/09, return on Sunday (for free of course)… If that’s OK for you Fed to post this?

  19. Seriously considering. Looking at airfare from across the pond now.

    Unbelievable opportunity. Thank you for the chance!

  20. I’ll also have to extend a huge thank you to FEd for bringing this to my attention. Front row for David Gilmour, I’m eternally grateful! I absolutely cannot wait. By the end of September I’ll have seen my music hero 4 times in the flesh (pun intended).


  21. For all of you still in need of tickets, I may have another good news: a couple of extra tickets for the Florence show (the one I’ll see if all goes well) will be available this next Monday. The new tickets have surfaced due to a reconfiguration of the location: the move from Le Mulina to Visarno allowed for more seats.

    Keep your eyes open and your cards ready.

    To purchase the tickets you need, please visit LiveNation Monday.

    Good luck!

  22. Thanks again to post it and give the real fans that chance!!! I by myself have no chance to go, however will be in Oberhausen and London 25th… by the way…did you know if there is a chance for 23.+24. for any tickets at the RAH box office that evenings, means for not collected tickets right before the show!?

    1. You can keep trying the RAH. People are returning tickets and they are being resold.

      1. Mon Dieu, you said “TFI Friday”, but you’re still at work on Saturday at 02:33 am, after such a crazy work week ? I admire you.

        Hope you have at least a relaxing sunny Sunday with lots of naps, beer and chocolate (but no Marmite flavoured chocolate, right? πŸ˜‰ ).

        1. Bleurgh! No Marmite allowed in this house. The thought of it anywhere near chocolate makes me want to break down and cry.

          (Yes, I’m feeling stressed.)

  23. Present! One ticket, Row D, coming all the way from the South of France. So, Pre Show, Verona, Orange, RAH! I can’t wait…Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shall we all meet up somewhere in Brighton to get to know each other and share our pre show and after show thoughts?

  24. got my tickets, can’t believe it as had no chance getting any for the albert hall. in my hometown too. πŸ™‚

  25. Hi FEd,

    I haven’t been on here to comment and/or chat in ages (shame on me), but I received your email today, and I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for the pre-sale opportunity, and to Mr. Gilmour. I am, well, over the moon. I have renewed hope to see David here in Chicago, and am so grateful for this very generous opportunity. Oh, and my lips are glued shut, of course.

    Thanks again, FEd, and I hope you’ve been well!


    Sarah Siefert

  26. DOH! – I’m in Scotland touring in a campervan starting that day!! Never mind, good luck to those who will be in Brighton, especially Lorraine who always tries to put at least the length of one UK between us.

      1. You can change your holiday Tim, don’t go on holiday. Come to Brighton. πŸ˜€


      2. Is there indeed … hmmm we’re heading straight for Inverness this time so it may have to be oats and roadkill.

  27. Blackpool to Brighton, 2 special tickets, row D front stalls, what a special person you are my friend to do that. Albert Hall September 24th, super happy.

    Many, many thanks again.

  28. Thank you for the heads up FEd. I have tickets for RAH… which I still can’t believe! and now front row for Brighton!!

    So so pleased.

  29. Bless you FEd, thanks for the heads up, not sure of coming but thank you from heart.

  30. Hi FEd and thanks for the advance notification, that’s really appreciated.

    As tempting as it was I decided not to buy one – I am flying to Verona to see him a week later so can’t really justify the additional cost and there’s the Royal Albert Hall at the end of the month as well. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure it will be brill, I know a decent local pub venue close to where I live if David wants to do a REALLY small gig. Mates rates, and all that.

    Have fun everyone and thanks again.

  31. That would be fantastic to come to this venue, but due to the fact that just a few days later I am going to se this in Pula in Chroatia I just can not afford for two venues – it’s a great pity, but what can I do.

    Anyway I hope to see David next year in WrocΕ‚Δ…w – where I live. πŸ™‚

    Hope that in Pula the show will be also fantastic – it must be. πŸ™‚

  32. I sooooooooo wish I could go…. πŸ™

    I cannot wait to go to the RAH on 25th September.

  33. Please play ‘Mihalis’ at RAH….I have my guitar ready…..’Mihhhhaaaaaaalllllllllliiiiiissssssss’ ..

    Oops so sorry, FEd. Getting carried away. I hope David plays at least one song off his first album….

  34. I can’t get over this. . . πŸ˜€ Still grinning all over my face. The venue only holds 4,500 people.


  35. OMFG! I can barely believe my good fortune. I’ve worshipped this guy since I was a young pup and I’ve never managed to see him perform live before, so to say I’m excited is a vast understatement!

    I’ve totally lucked out with these recent UK shows. I’m already booked for 9th Row Stalls at the first night of the Albert Hall and also the KOKO show in October and now I’ve scored 7th Row Centre Stalls for the Brighton gig! I’m travelling down from Scotland for the gigs and it’s costing me a fortune in hotels and travel expenses, but if I had to auction a kidney on eBay to fund this trip, I”d do it in a heartbeat. After years of missing out, the wheels of karma are finally spinning my way! πŸ™‚

    Many Thanks for the heads up on the pre-sales. For Those About To Rattle That Lock… We Salute You!

  36. I’ve booked a ticket, so I’m going to be there. I hope that pre-sale can be arranged for WrocΕ‚aw,

    Thanks a lot, FEd and of course David,

  37. Hi, it will be full concert or something short? Sorry for my English. πŸ˜€

    1. Maybe not quite a full concert, but very close to it. It’s a warm-up to prepare for the tour. I’m sorry I don’t know more.

      Update: I’m told that it is indeed a full concert.

  38. Can someone explain to me what a preview show means? Is this a full concert? I live in Norway so I just wanna be sure what this is before I buy some tickets.

    Please respond to me as soon as possible.

    1. Hei Rune. det Γ€r en stor konsert men det finns bara 4500 pΓ₯ stΓ€llet.

      1. “Yes, it’s a full concert.”

        Great news, thanks for coming back so quickly on this FEd.

        Is there going to be another name your favourite 3 PF/DG tracks survey, to encourage David to play some popular Irregular favourites, I wonder?

        1. Hell yes, Ken. Let’s do it. I’m still waiting for an acoustic ‘Sorrow’…

          1. And I for “Childhood’s End”. It’s an underrated song with a good balance between music and lyrics. I love the solo, as the rhythm section as well. I find the lyrics thought-provoking (my eyes are growing moist nowadays more than in the past) and I really like the last lines:

            “There’ll be war, there’ll be peace.
            But everything one day will cease.
            All the iron turned to rust;
            All the proud men turned to dust.
            And so all things, time will mend.
            So this song will end.”

            So, yes please, let us do a survey!

      2. I never thought it would be anything other than a full concert! I hope they make mistakes on this practice. . . sorry warm up. . . err pre-view. . . so that they have to play stuff over again till the audience says, “yes, that’s perfect.”

        (Everyone coming to the show. . .if they ask us. . . tell them it’s awful, OK? πŸ˜‰ )


    2. SΓ₯ morsomt! Hvor fra Norge? Vi er to fra TΓΈnsberg som drar.


  39. Good afternoon FEd,

    Many thanks for notification of Brighton pre-sale and we’re fortunate enough to secure two tickets! This in addition to the opening night at RAH. Like so many others, I thought I’d never see David live, then like buses, I’m blessed to see him twice in an month! I’m in a trance! It only goes to say, that without your sterling efforts FEd to keep us all informed with events as they happen; I for one wouldn’t be going to any of them! So a big thanks FEd and if our paths ever cross; name your poison (so long as it’s an half). πŸ™‚

    JC_2410 (John)

    1. You’re very welcome, John. I’m glad you’ll be there and hope you enjoy them.

  40. Just got 2 tickets for Brighton. Thanks for the heads up!

    Also got 2 tickets for Royal Albert Hall.

    I’m a happy man. πŸ™‚

  41. hi there fed, are tickets going on general sale? have all the good seats gone in presale?

    1. I think I’m the only mug working on a Saturday, Neil. I don’t have that information yet, I’m afraid.

      1. Neil, there are still some good seats if you follow the link posted. Certainly central seats in the next block back. Be quick though. πŸ˜‰

  42. Argh! the anguish, my kids are performing that night or I would seriously sit on a plane for 27 hours to get there.

    FEd, is there any possibility whatsoever that David would come down to Australia for a gig, even just a ‘one night only’ type of thing in Sydney or something?

    1. Anything’s possible, but I don’t think it’s on the cards at this point in time.

  43. Thanks for the heads up email FED. Booked three 2nd row tickets for myself, brother and Dad.

    Bring on Brighton. I’m sure it will be an amazing gig.

  44. I was really excited to get tickets for this, and must have been one of the first through the gate at the time because I had my pick of any seat in the place!

    Sadly I decided not to go in the end as I thought the price was OTT.

    I remember back on the 2006 tour I didn’t own a credit card, and missed out on the BBC gig and the blog members-only sale for the RAH as I didn’t have enough money (having already paid for tickets direct from the RAH) so I missed out on seeing David Bowie and vowed never to miss another gig due to not having enough money. Here we are some nine years later and not much has changed. I have a wife, two kids and a mortgage that I didn’t have before, but once again missing out on seeing David due to not having the money for tickets.

    Being a grown up sucks sometimes.

    Still, I have tickets for the tour proper later in the year and I hope those who did get tickets for Brighton have an amazing time.

  45. Thanks for the heads up mail FEd!! Got my tickets for Brighton. I was desperate, not fast enough to get them for RAH. Now I am happy again.

  46. Thanks for the heads up, was very disappointed at not getting RAH tickets. Now coming from Ireland to Brighton on Sept 5th, can’t wait.

    Been to see David and Pink Floyd many times over the years, most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) was when I was on the seating that collapsed in Earls Court, Oct 1994. Usher was showing me to my seat and had my ticket in his hand when the stand started to collapse, I literally had one foot on each part as it separated, managed to jump to safety but lost my ticket. I had bought ticket from a tout outside so very little come back as no record of credit card purchase. As I was still inside the venue the staff did issue me with another ticket (voucher) for a rescheduled concert, which ended up being restricted view. I believe the band visited the injured from this event in hospital, maybe I should have lay down on the ground and left the building on a stretcher.

    Looking forward to the new album and of course Sept 5th.

  47. Got tickets for me and my brother, both of us can’t really believe it. Can’t stop grinning. Missed out on that mad Friday morning for RAH.

    Brighton Centre, 20 mins walk from my house.

    1. Hello Geoff! Long time no see. πŸ˜€ It’ll be nice to see you again and Mrs Geoff!


      1. Hi Ash, I truly look forward to catching up with everybody. I have been a tad distant with the blog in recent years – ” 3 kids πŸ™‚ ” – but when the main man plays, Geoff attends. πŸ™‚ Think I said in a video here once “Music is David Gilmour.” πŸ™‚


        By any chance is that footage from outside The Ritzy still available???

  48. Thank you so much for the heads up, FEd ! Quite a nice gift indeed.

    I hope all those attending will have a great time. Won’t be able to come to Brighton myself though. Off to Greece that day.

  49. Thank you very much for the e mail with the pre sale link. I will be there!

    Looks to be that most of the seats are taken by David’s good fans with not too many left now for general sale. Hopefully this will ensure a great evening for him as well as us.


  50. Cannot wait. Got tix for Brighton. Couldn’t go to London.

    Long drive but worth it!

  51. Hi all,

    After receiving the link, I got straight into Ticketmaster and bought 2 Brighton tickets yesterday morning (centre 10th row) and was beaming with excitement (as I had missed out on the RAH). Until now – I just realised I have not as yet received any confirmation email and on logging into my Ticketmaster account it says I have ordered tickets for 5th September (it also has a reference number) but mentions that ticket number is 0 and price paid is 0!! Is this happening as this is a presale or is it just me?

    Will call Ticketmaster in the morning – will be unbelievably disappointed if I have missed out!

  52. Stumbled across this blog whilst looking for more information about the Brighton venue, managed to snag a ticket myself Saturday morning, not felt this happy since finding out he was playing at the Douglas Adams 60th birthday party (and he was sat a couple of rows back from me during the first half as well). Can’t wait.

  53. Thanks to my fantastic friend Stuart I’ll be joining this show as well. I’ll be coming from Norway on purpose. When I tried to get tickets myself I had the unpleasant surprise that a UK address was required for the credit card. So I called Stuart in the middle of the night and he got two tickets.

    See you all there!!!

  54. Thank you guys for the info, I have bought two tickets for me and my friend. πŸ™‚ No, I can’t wait to go to a Gilmour concert. I have been to 4 Waters concerts but never David and I cross my fingers that Mason will be attending the show as well.

  55. Hi everyone! Me and 7 of my friends managed to get tickets yesterday and we’re already planning a trip from Spain! Unfortunately, the center was sold out and there were only a few left on the east section. When selecting the tickets, a pop-up warned us about “restricted visibility” but we couldn’t miss this opprtunity. Has anyone been at this venue and knows how restricted that view could be?

    Thanks, and see you there! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Andrea. It all depends where you are seating in the east section. If it is the east stalls then you should be OK but they are not raised seating. If you are at the far end of the East Balcony, which it sounds like you may be, then the stage rigging might be in the way for a full view. The venue has good sight lines throughout the seating areas.

      Enjoy the concert and I might bump into you there.

  56. Hi Andrea,

    I’ve been going to the Brighton Center regularly for gigs since ’81, admittedly I usually stand on the floor whenever possible (have only been on the Balcony’s for about 4 gigs). The configuration for David’s show will be all seated similar to well-known Pink Floyd tribute acts and will likely feature the customary circular rear projection screen.

    Here is a link that gives a fully numbered seating plan as well as a good photo from the approx Row D Seat 39/40 of the South Balcony the photo will give you an idea what they mean by restricted view insofar as if you are on the East/West Balcony you will see the stage OK from most seats but the typical in house PA stacks hang down stage L/R from the ceiling which can block out large parts of the rear/side projection screens most bands use. The HD photo below the seat map can be enlarged and panned around, if you zoom in you will also notice the stairwell/front safety barriers which feature on each balcony. Depending where you are sitting these too can partially restrict the line of sight to the stage. The map will however allow you to exactly pinpoint your seats so you can work out how much will be obscured.

    Hope that helps.

    1. Thank you so much Mark and Nige! We are in fact on the East Balcony. I was worried about the view of the stage itself but as soon as I hear that guitar playing with my own ears, I’m sure I won’t mind a little blocking of the screens! πŸ˜‰

  57. a massive thanks fed. finished work saturday morning at 10.30 and started reading emails etc. and noticed an email from david – new uk date. we’ve been hoping there was going to be more uk date/dates added in future and reading the blog every week, so went straight on to the blog and read your message and clicked on here straight to ticketmaster presales. ticketmaster was so busy we couldn’t use the pick your seats so we had to opt for ‘let ticketmaster choose for you’, a couple minutes later 2 tickets bought – south stalls, row y, so we are very happy after missing out on rah after trying for hours trying to get tickets and not knowing about the presales.

    thanks again.

  58. Hi FEd, a belated thanks for the heads up on the Brighton date, I was late on parade so like Andrea I got stuck in row K at the South end of the East Balcony with some mates but hey, it’s a local gig and it might throw up a few surprises if David is still fine tuning the tour set list.

    I did however manage to get online on Monday for a good seat for the first Chicago show which is on my birthday as was the Radio City show in 2006 – many thanks for that David. Will be quite a contrast going from small venues in 2006 and 2015 to vast 20,000 seater arenas in 2016 though, like turning the clock back to 1994…only 37 more sleeps til Brighton. πŸ™‚

  59. Very excited to have got tickets for the Brighton show. If David does Mihalis or Terminal Frost it would be the icing on the cake!

  60. hi there fed, just wondered if you have any idea how long the show will last.


      1. Hi there fed, do you think they will sell any merchandise at the show? do you think any more tickets will become available for rah shows?


        1. My advice would be to keep ringing the Albert Hall because tickets are being returned and re-sold all the time; it’s just a matter of being lucky enough to call at the right moment.

          I expect there will be merchandise on sale at all the concerts, but will have to check this for you.

  61. Thanks. Any news on band members etc.? Do you think there will be any more Europe dates to tie in with the Poland date next summer?

  62. Unfortunately missed out on the pre-sale, due to being on holiday in Crete and failing to get a connection. Shouldn’t grumble, a beautiful island, gorgeous location and long hot sunny days. And I still managed to get a pair of tickets via the general sale. Strange looks from fellow bus passengers as I frantically asked those close to me to be quiet as I spent about 40 nervous minutes going through various Ticketmaster options and entering my personal details with shaking fingers. Premium telephone number, overseas call charges – can’t wait for the bill. But well worth the cost.

    Fantastic, thanks FEd for the notification; though I rarely communicate on the Blog these days I always enjoy reading everything relating to David Gilmour.

  63. Only just came across this site.

    Received my tickets for the Brighton show yesterday (28th August). I’m so excited, like many fans missed out on the tickets for the RAH shows. This will be my first time time seeing the great man live. Can’t wait.

  64. Sadly my wife can’t make this, so I have one spare ticket for Brighton on 5/9 which I’m happy to pass on at face value + fees. Will need to meet at the venue and go in together. Front stalls, row G, so should be fantastic view!


    Treated my son, daughter and nephew to a show they’ll talk about to their last days. Thank you.

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