2016 North American Tour

It’s been a bit frantic today and obviously not ideal for anyone, but I hope you by now know that David will be performing four nights in North America – three in the US and one in Canada – in March and April next year. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and everything you could possibly need to know about the four concerts and venues can be found by clicking the links below. Unfortunately there is no pre-sale (I know and I’m sorry).

Thursday 24th March 2016: Los Angeles, USATickets on sale at 12pm (PST) tomorrow
Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Thursday 31st March 2016: Toronto, CanadaTickets on sale at 10am (EST) tomorrow
Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2

Friday 8th April 2016: Chicago, USATickets on sale at 12pm (CST) tomorrow
United Center, 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612

Monday 11th April 2016: New York, USATickets on sale at 10am (EST) tomorrow
Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001

Tickets will be available from Ticketmaster’s website (you can use the links here), over the phone or in person at Ticketmaster outlets. Each ticket purchased online will include a CD of David’s new album, Rattle That Lock, when it is released on 18 September. More on that soon.

The CD will be the standard version of the album. For other versions, please keep reading.

We’d all love to know who’s got tickets and where you’re heading, so I hope you’ll come back here tomorrow to share your good news with the rest of us. My fingers are crossed for you all.

I hope the following might answer any questions you have about ordering tickets, and be of some help in preparation for tomorrow. Good luck, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

120 thoughts on “2016 North American Tour”

  1. Yesssss!!!!! Tomorrow I hope TO get NY ticket and maybe Chigaco too!!!!!

    Thank David!!!!!

  2. The Garden?! Well, that’s a much larger venue than Radio City. The odds just improved…slightly…

    1. Angelo!!!! This is Jorge, got super excited about the Tour — maybe this time I can see you in NY? We’re definitely going to the LA show! Good to see you’re still around.

      Fed, I have years w/o writing — but I read the blog from time to time… It’s great to say hi to everyone!

      1. Wassup buddy! See you at both!!! LA in particular is going to be epic. 🙂

  3. AAAaAAAAAAaAAA!!!!!! So much excitement in such a short amount of time!!!! Hopefully you’re holding up well, FE’d? (Hopefully, having yourself a few pints right about now! You deserve it!)

    Hoping to grab a few tickets in the morning for MSG! (And preorder the Deluxe Edition of course!!!)

    (……Currently vibrating from all the excitement here….I think it might be reaching critical levels!)

  4. Fantastic news! MSG here I come – an easy train ride down and I’m there. Hoping I get get a decent seat before the scalpers snap them all up.

  5. Hi Fed,

    I am so happy.

    I am only concerned because some websites are selling it already.

    I should not go ahead and buy from these resources, right?

    1. Please don’t. You should at the very least try Ticketmaster tomorrow. After that, do what you have to do.

      My fingers are crossed that you will be lucky and won’t have to pay a penny more than you should for your ticket. Good luck.

      1. You do NOT need to buy tickets from scalpers before the general on sale. If you act fast during the general on sale, you should be able to get tickets. This is not like some of the European shows that had pre-sales overrun by scalpers.

      2. I was lucky enough to score one ticket to the Chicago show but had noticed the day before there were tickets online from scalpers for sale, yet there wasn’t a pre sale. How does this happen and why isn’t there a guideline in place as to having to show ID for your purchase in order to enter the venue?

  6. OMG!!!…tomorrow at 10 AM for sales opening for Toronto! How will I sleep tonight?

    It’s been a long ten years waiting, waiting… since last “being there” at Massey Hall in 2006 which was the most thrilling concert experience imaginable (for me anyways).

  7. Hey Fed,

    I just noticed that the Toronto date is at the Air Canada Centre. I am going to pass on this show. After Massey Hall this is a let down. The sound there is awful and just can’t compete with 2006. It’s too bad.

    Cheers, Howard

    1. Howard, you’re a wet blanket! 😀 I hope you change your mind and get tickets. David’s crew will make sure the sound is absolutely perfect. David expects nothing less!

      Ye of little faith.


      1. Dear David,

        I’m a little disappointed with you over this tour. Europe gets the nice venues that echo the 2006 tour. North America gets limited dates at hockey and football arenas that are less than ideal.

        This is probably your last tour ever and to go out like this is awful.

        Roger was willing to give it a good go. Tons of dates all over the world. Everyone well satisfied.

        I know Pink Floyd is finished and the only ones left touring are you and Roger. If this is your last kick at the tour can make it as memorable as you can for us like you did in 2006.

        I’m almost 60 years old and I don’t have the energy I used to have so I understand your reluctance to do a world tour and I am not asking that you try.

        I am hoping that you can add a few more dates like the last tour and let us all see you the way you deserve to be seen.

        Cheers, Howard.

  8. FEd, will the VIP package be ungodly over priced? I couldnt sleep at all last night, such a nervous wreck! hahaha!

  9. OK everyone, tickets go on sale in a few hours for all of these shows. Good luck to everyone, let’s beat the scalpers and all get the tickets we want. Hope to see some of you at MSG in April.

  10. Two laptops logged into Ticketmaster, one Smart Phone with Ticketmaster APP installed and logged in…. three locations, Toronto, New York and Chicago all open on the screen…

    What can possibly go wrong? 🙂

    1. Be lucky, mate. I’ve got everything crossed for you here. (It’s making it bloody hard to type, though.)

  11. Anticipation for 10am has got me crawling out of my skin. I may need a stiff drink after it is all set and done. Hopefully out of happiness and not sadness.

  12. Hallelujah, I’m in for MSG. Section 201, row 4. Should be a good view. I used the Ticketmaster app – much quicker than the normal site.

  13. Phew… 4 Tickets for the ACC have been purchased!?!

    The phone APP worked the best by the way….

    1. Looks like I’m going to Canada mate. I’ll look you up when I get there. 🙂

      1. I was able to score tickets via automated call AFTER the website informed me it was sold out.

      2. Any chance of adding more dates in New York/New Jersey area? I had trouble getting into Ticketmaster site as I was at work, and within 10 minutes of finally getting in all I could get were the resale tickets.

  14. For MSG, at 10am exactly, best pair of tickets I got were in the back of section 102. By 10:03, all tickets were gone. Yet there are hundreds on Stubhub, seats on the floor between 4k-10k.

    1. I got the same section offered around the same time, Peter S. I guess the true fan/little guy is out of luck.

  15. Proud owner of two tickets to see David Gilmour at MSG in NYC!

    Warning: website sucks. I had to use Ticketmaster Express phone call.

        1. I got a seat on the floor in block 3. Got all the way to paying for it, because I was in UK, it dumped the call and I lost a fantastic floor seat… devastated.

          1. Hey Angelo,

            It’s OK, I would like to try and attempt to purchase a ticket for Madison Sq on Monday morning. Would there be anyone prepared to purchase on my behalf, resident in the USA? If so I could send you funds in advance via PayPal?

            Just wondering as I find this little network here very close indeed and full of good people.

            Sincerely thanks. 🙂

  16. OK. So I bought my ticket for MSG. I have a seat in row 24 orchestra and it cost me just north of $200.

    But I was also searching for a Silver VIP ticket and one finally came up. For a $300 Silver VIP I would be sitting in 3rd row of the second level. By the way no tickets were coming up for the Gold VIP or the Front Row Package.

    Anyway, why would I pay 300 bucks to sit up in the upper sections when I could sit 24 rows from the stage for less? Sure Silver VIP comes with a few goodies.

    I don’t get the pricing logic.

    And it is absurd that the other packages were sold out within the first minute. How is that possible??

    Also my first search came up with side of stage seats as best available. (???)


  17. WooHoo!!!…got my tickets for Toronto! How stressful was that!…they went incredibly fast!

  18. Hey irregulars. You can still get single seats for MSG. At least as of 10:30 est.


  19. Got gold tix pkg section 108 row 8. Not too bad. Wanted the front row pkg, but no.

    Anyone know how much $$ the front row package is? When will 2nd show go on?

    1. For MSG the front row package was 550. In some ways that is reasonable as I have seen front row VIP tickets selling from venues for other artists at $1000+. But they were not available within the first minute of sales.

      I did search and had a Gold seat come up in row 10 for 450 but I had already bought my seat in row 24.


  20. Going to see DG in NYC!!! Cant believe this is happening… A dream coming true. So excited!

      1. Hopefully we can see you there FEd, eh?!?!?!? And I CANNOT stop listening to Rattle That Lock, so good! How can a band/one man make so many great albums?!?!

  21. Hoorah! Got two tickets to see David at MSG. Good floor seating too. Might sell the ticket I got for his Albert Hall concert now. Mmmm, decisions decisions.

    Can’t wait now for the album. Brilliant!

  22. How it is possible? I was in front of the computer at 10 and till now I can’t get the tickets…already gone!! …I never have a chance… on the other side a lot of resale tickets in the Ticketmaster web!! How it is possible??… I feel so sad about this… real fans as me can’t buy cause a lot of “bad” people just want to get some money…fuck them all.

    Waiting for Chicago… but I have no hope, I think there are some kind of Mafia (not related to Gilmour of course).

    Sad day.

    1. Yep, me and a buddy had the same experience. Logged on in advance and got nothing for Chicago. Brutal. Makes me wonder how many tickets were even available. I’m sure the Bulls, Blackhawks, promoters, etc. all had tickets before common folk had a chance. And, of course, many of those people probably cut deals with scalpers.

      Ugh. Maybe there will be a second show.

  23. That was not fun, but managed to get nosebleed tickets for Toronto. I would have bought anything but so difficult. Anyway, happy to be seeing il Maestro.

    Thank you David for also touring North America and thank you FEd for all your hard work.

  24. Thanks Guys. That was the problem then with front row selling out so fast, they were not expensive.

    Hopefully there will be a second show.

    Good luck to everyone for Chic/LA!

  25. That’s incredible: I have been trying since the first second and I didn’t find anything, for both NY and Toronto.

    Will the dates be doubled? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! 🙁

    1. The main problem was that from Europe (I’m from Italy) the only way to get the tickets was the site, because the APP doesn’t work outside the USA and cannot be downloaded from Play store and also the phone number was a problem.

      But on the site the tickets finished in few seconds, and now there are tons of them in secondary markets.

      I will be in Verona and in Florence (here I’ll have the first row), but it was a great chance to make a little on the road trip across Canada and USA “touring” with David.

      I really really really hope to get something for Chicago (like a sort of a joke at that time I’ll be doing rehearsals with my Floyd’s cover band), and I wish that all the dates will be doubled (maybe with a presale) to permit REAL fans to buy the tickets…

      Anyway, we’ll see in Verona and Florence (for the moment)… 😉

  26. I was in a meeting when the tickets came on sale, but I still managed to get some seats for Toronto.

    If the concert was in a small venue like Massey Hall, I never would have been able to get seats, so thanks David for booking the ACC. I’ve enjoyed many concerts there. Should be a great time!

  27. How do tickets go on sale in secondary markets (with specific assigned row and seat) when they haven’t even gone on sale to the public via Ticketmaster???

  28. Hey,

    FEd, I can’t believe it’s been about 9.5 years since we last “spoke.” I hope you are well.

    I managed to procure some tickets for the NYC show. We are really looking forward to going. It’s almost on the 10th anniversary of the last time I saw Mr. Gilmour in NYC.

    Anyhow, my thanks to you and Mr. Gilmour for the support you have shown the fans over these years.

  29. Is anyone having any luck with Chicago tickets? I couldn’t pull up anything on the website or the app seconds after they went on sale. Will try again in a little bit.

    1. Just tried the mobile app – pulling up single seats but nothing on the normal website. Good luck everyone.

  30. Got my ticket for Toronto. Thanks so much for the heads up email, would have missed it otherwise.

  31. Really disappointed there wasn’t a pre-sale. Tried for MSG and Chicago. Fail. Resellers snagging them up.

    Promoters/management could have done better for North America.

  32. Just wanted to say how cool that with a purchase of a ticket you will also get a copy of the new release. That kind of value you don’t see everyday and is very appreciated.


  33. Not quite a rant… BUT an observation from my perspective. I’ve been through this many times in recent years – attempting to purchase concert tickets for a favored artist or group and finding it financially unattainable because of third party companies. So here is my query to the musicians themselves (not that I actually expect interest or response).

    “Dear Musicians (David Gilmour – THIS time) and all the folks who feed into the behemoth concert tour machine –

    While I’m sure, Mr. Gilmour, you are aware of this practice to a magnificent degree, let’s visit it for just a moment. When you and your managing team announce a tour, ticketing and third party corporations collaborate with concert venues, music companies, marketing companies and who knows who else, to buy up most or all available tickets at the lowest rates before the public can even try to purchase a ticket. Then, believe it or not, they turn around and re-sell them to your fans at double, triple, quadruple and even higher rates!

    Which means – we fans for whom you are playing (and from whom you acquire your status and a portion of income) cannot actually SEE you at a reasonable price. We are left to judge if we can actually afford to see a beloved artist at the price of, say, groceries for the month, a car payment or a mortgage payment.

    While you yourself are not directly responsible for ticket gouging and the hoggish, grasping greed of said tour machines, it is your name and status that they use to drive the monster machine to ever higher and hungrier places.

    So, even though I have been listening to and loving your music since you first entered the music scene 45 years ago, I am not able to physically enjoy you in concert. Because to do so, means I have to pay extortionate amounts of money. I think they call it “what the market will pay.”

    Oh, and, if you do go along with this “fair market” practice, what is your cut from the enormous profits?

    A hopeful but discouraged fan,

    Char Schindler

    1. The topper to what you are saying and proof of complicity at the highest of levels is the fact that artists/management/promoters etc. can now choose to use what is called “ticketless entry”.

      Ticketmaster has offered this to artists for years yet most still don’t use it. It ensures that only those that purchase tickets can enter the venue thus eliminating any and all secondary markets. I applaud bands like U2, Muse etc. that employ it and really wonder what the motivation is for those that don’t.

  34. Is it in the plan to come at Montreal in 2016? I hope, there’s a lot of fans here!

  35. Something is quite fishy in trying to purchase two (2), yes only two tickets for this concert. Tried online and the telephone right on the money 12 noon for each time zone for both United Center in Chicago and the Hollywood Bowl. Was not able to purchase any tickets, even best available. Nothing, nada, zero.

    Perhaps this should be looked at a bit more closely as I thought these ticket sales were for the fans, not companies into ticket resales.

    Mr. Gilmour, have this looked at and add a date or two for the Denver area!

  36. I am soooo stoked – I got 2 tickets to MSG. Managed to see the Radio City show in 2006 with my then 13 year old son. This time he will be 23.

    Thank you David for coming to the USA!

  37. I was anxiously waiting tickets to go on sale in Los Angeles, and was dismayed by the electronic rush which kept me waiting. All of a sudden, two tickets became available and I snatched them!! The wait begins for the live show I have anticipated all of my adult life.

  38. Any idea why the top two sections at the Hollywood Bowl weren’t for sale?

    Thanks again!

  39. I woke up this morning and decided to skip this. There is no way an experience next year will top my experience in 2006. I was further disgusted with the way that Ticketmaster seemed to sell many of the tickets to resellers before they went on sale to the general public. I don’t think I can support the industry anymore.

    Enjoy, everyone!

  40. Well, woke up at 6:30am and was lucky enough to score two tickets to the MSG in NYC! On to work, then tried 12pm PST for LA and scored another pair of tickets! Seems I’m set for Gilmour-mania next year!

    Angelo, found in your blog the pictures of you and I at the Kodak Theatre in 2006! Such great memories from that concert!

    Fed, you probably don’t remember me — I was the loner Gilmour fan from Mexico who used to hang around in the blog… I guess I was 22 back then! Moved about 6 years ago to California and have been working in a tech company ever since! 🙂

    It’s good to see the old crowd getting together again!

    Shine on!

    1. Of course I remember you, my friend, and I’m very glad to hear that you’ll be seeing David again next year. Let us know how it goes, won’t you?

      1. Thanks much Fed — it’s always good to read the blog and say hi to everyone!

        I wonder if the guys from Europe are still following, I distinctly remember the guy from Glasgow, Ian, that handcrafted the wire man from blown glass for David! That was gorgeous!

        Well, hope the weather is nice in the UK, I was there last year for a short vacation with the wife, spent four days in London! I wouldn’t mind going back again for a Gilmourish reunion though! Cheers!

    2. Coucou, Jorge, comment ça va?

      I, too, remember you, the lovely Mexican who loved ‘High Hopes’ and spoke good French but didn’t have ‘ç’ on his computer keyboard… 😀

      Very happy you managed to get tickets for two concerts!

      1. Michèle — ça va? Moi je suis bien, bien ocupé au travail mais bien!

        I changed to a Mac computer so I guess now I do have the ç available any time I need it!

        High Hopes is still one of my favorite tunes and I still love listening to it… very often! I must say I’ve been exposed to listening to music in an audiophile setup (a friend of mine has an incredible setup) and I’ve been revisiting a lot of Pink Floyd’s music “the way it’s supposed to be listened to”. Fed — I think one future blog entry speaking about Pink Floyd vinyl would be fun — I have three albums in my possession (first pressings) that opened up and changed my listening experience! 🙂 I can provide ideas and some content to kickstart the discussion if needed be.

        Michèle, such a pleasure to speak to you again — and thanks for congratulating me on the tickets! 😀

    3. I remember that night well, Jorge (pun intended). We got a couple of drinks at some place in Hollywood Boulevard before the gig.

      Dude, let’s hook up in NYC and LA. Keeping with tradition there will be meet-ups before each gig. I probably have your contact info somewhere. Do you still have mine? Look me up in all the typical social media just in case. I’ll do the same. 🙂

      1. Hey Angelo — yep, you’re already added on my common social media stuff and I have “high hopes” for whatever those concerts have for us, yes — terrible pun!

        Glad to see you’re doing fine buddy! We should definitely plan this trip better!

  41. I was up till the wee hours of the morning, like many folks, worried about not getting the tickets I wanted so badly, and I decided to go for the Toronto show since I adore both Canada and roadtrips (I live “On an Island” in Ocean City New Jersey, not far from where I was born now and it indeed “felt right” 😛 ) and Chicago if at all possible. I was going to try for NYC as well but when I checked my itinerary I wouldn’t have had enough time between the Chicago show to make it back to the east coast comfortably and still get to visit family and friends in IL where I grew up, lived, and saw David back in 06 for two of the finest nights of music I’ve ever experienced to date at the Rosemont Theater (and I’ve been to too many live concerts to possibly count them all so that’s saying something, truly).

    I was able to get my Toronto ticket pretty easily and in the top tier seating to boot, so I was already beaming with joy by about 10:15am or so knowing I at least would be seeing my favorite singer/guitar player/musician and all around good chap in the music biz once this tour. 😀 Then it was a looooong 2 1/2 hours until Chicago tickets went onsale, it was then I realized getting tickets to the United Center may prove more difficult than Toronto (I checked and was still able to attempt to purchase Toronto tickets an hour ago, so perhaps their legalized scalping problem isn’t as bad as it is in the states?). I kept trying to get two tickets together for me and one of my besties who had his ticket for 06 sold out from under him just as I raised enough money to buy it for him and I was determined to not let him miss seeing Gilmour this time around. It was obvious I was getting nowhere, even using two different devices to search for tickets, so I started searching for one at a time, and just when I thought my efforts were for naught I caught a ticket in the 200’s which isn’t a bad seat all in all (near the center facing the stage). I was determined to get another ticket so I kept at it and just as I was beginning to lose hope up popped none other than a top tier ticket ON THE FLOOR, section 4 which is the left rear section of what I’d call the orchestra pit (below the 100’s!!!) which is by far the best seat I’ve ever gotten to a concert of his magnitude!! I wouldn’t have gotten this ticket had I not been trying to purchase a ticket for a friend, so remember: be generous and sharing with one another and good things will surely come your way sooner or later!!

    I couldn’t be more stoked!!! I do feel for those who weren’t able to get tickets, the “secondary ticket market” is a huge problem in this country and it’s only getting bigger and harder to combat due to the legitimizing of such sites and services that used to and still should be illegal. One thing I don’t understand is why Ticketmaster has options rights on their own site where people can buy tickets then turn right around and sell them back for inflated prices, it’s the first time I’ve noticed that part of the webpage and I was left scratching my head wondering why they make it so easy for people to buy and sell tickets from a page that isn’t responding to face value requests yet one can buy these tickets people already bought for GOBS of money. I saw a similar ticket to my floor seat for Chicago going for over a thousand dollars ON THE TICKETMASTER WEBSITE, what’s up with that?

    Thankfully seeing David live in concert again is worth more than money to me, truthfully someone could offer me a million dollars to stay home and I’d refuse it without a second thought because experiences like these are worth so much more than money to me (and I technically live well below the poverty line and had to “borrow” my mom’s credit card to make these purchases and will be dipping deeply into my savings for the roadtrip to come so it’s not like I’ve got a bunch of disposable income to throw around living on disability I receive for having been born with birth defects directly linked to my father’s Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam…

    Anyway I digress, I am thanking God that David decided to grace us with his presence again, and that at least I can take a good friend along for the ride for at least one of the shows. You gotta take that love and pass it on, my friends!! Much love and respect.

    Thanks to David for making my dreams come true once again by not forgetting those of us on the other side of the pond that love him so very very much! Blessings all around.

  42. I tried for over an hour to get tickets to Hollywood Bowl, madly trying whenever TM said search again, and did not turn up ONE SINGLE TICKET anywhere. Yet, StubHub and the TM resale site had tons.

    Yes, the system is seriously flawed.

  43. What are the odds of a second NYC show or other tour dates in the US ? MSG tickets were gone in a flash. Rattle That Lock is a Home Run ( Sorry folks, Summer in the US…baseball analogy….go figure…..) Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  44. I got my tickets for The Garden, I sat watching the Ticketmaster clock click down to zero and immediately was able to get 2 tickets. I am so excited. The Division Bell tour was my last Pink Floyd show, In Tampa FL… I was happy to see he was playing at Madison Square Garden.

    This will be the longest 8 months of my life waiting for this show. I feel incredibly fortunate to have these tickets.

    1. Was lucky enough to see 2 Floyd tours – ’87 (JFK) and ’94 (Tampa). Super excited.

  45. I just checked and tickets in the lower bowl were still on sale on Ticketmaster for Toronto.

  46. Wow FEd, what a day. You want some feedback? This was my experience.

    As I said before, Ticketmaster is broken; Perhaps not completely, but ordering online (through a browser) for day-of release-price tickets is a worthless endeavor. Today the online entertainment marketplace experience is a miserable gamble ridden with BOT style algorithms or worse. The leveled playing field Rudders spoke of earlier is playable only by cheats, cads, and miscreants.

    As someone who has been attending concerts for 33 years I have plenty of experience when cueing for high-demand tickets. As such, I had my laptop, my mobile phone, as well as an office desk phone all ready to do what needed to be done. I also had my doubts.

    Perhaps I should have been cueing in line to purchase tickets like EchoesBob, Old School Style! It’s not as though one solution can be counted on to work anymore. In fact I had not thought to call Ticketmaster until the suggestion was made here to ring the 866 Ticketmaster number (thank you Angelo and FEd)!

    At the same time my browser was refreshed and ready. At 12noon I put in for 8 of the best regular seats available. Nothing. I put in for 4. Nothing. Shit, we weren’t even 15 seconds in. 2 tickets (all I want is to sit with Erin); Fecking Nothing! I can’t believe this!!

    I got through on the phone and cheated the system by keeping the bots repeating themselves (until the tickets went on sale) and within the first minute I was able to secure a pair of section S tickets (3/4ths) of the way back for the Hollywood Bowl. We were in. I was ecstatic! Still nothing online though.

    Finally I put in for 1 ticket online and got the seemingly last Gold Hot Seat ticket available. Even at $450 face value, I jumped on it! This was at about 3 to 4 minutes after tickets went on sale. This is the point I began feeling cad-like. What the hell am I going to do with 1 ticket? It didn’t matter. . .my adrenaline was pumping!

    Then, a funny thing happened, tickets started appearing online (on Ticketmaster) in a side column. What was this? Why are these prices different than face value? Then I noticed a small resale button on the Ticketmaster site. You can buy tickets and resale them at whatever price you want, right on the site!

    I was aghast; Ticketmaster enables scalping!! Prices were rising, and fast! I found a pair of tickets on the Terrace Level for Erin and I at about $500/ea (our limit) and I was very happy with those, all things considered. Tickets for the center Terrace section, right next to us, were commanding $1200 to $1500 per ticket on Ticketmaster’s own site 10 to 15 minutes after tickets went on sale!

    It seems to me that face-value tickets were sold out 4-5 minutes after going on sale, both online, and over the phone. Free markets set their own prices, I just wish the miscreants would be weeded out so that fairness ensues.

    As it is, Thomas, Renee (and Tom) who get the other tickets, will be joining Erin and I for a Road-Trip south next year and probably only the people here, know just how excited we all are!!

    Thanks for the soapbox FEd.

  47. Hi FEd!

    I’m so happy. I have my tickets for the Madison Square Garden Show. I’ll be sitting on the floor in the middle.

    I’m not sure if this will be David’s last tour, but if it is, it brings me full circle. The first time I saw him perform was with Pink Floyd in 1977…at Madison Square Garden.

    It should be a wonderful time for all!

  48. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    Been married 29 years and my wedding song back then was Comfortably Numb!

    Been a lifelong Pink Floyd fan!

    Have seen Roger Waters, never saw Pink Floyd, never saw David Gilmour.

    Have a full tattoo sleeve of Pink Floyd to include 2 great pics of David Gilmour.

    Been a lifelong dream to see David Gilmour before I die.

    Have all of Pink Floyd’s music, David’s DVDs and a ton of merchandise.

    Patiently waited for ticket sales yesterday first New York, nothing, then headed over to Chicago venue (all online). Within 25 minutes I am now the proud owner of 2 floor tickets section 6 row 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife and I will be going to see David Gilmour Live in Chicago.

    My life is now complete !!!

  49. Wow. After reading all of these comments I feel lucky I didn’t find out until today that tickets went on sale yesterday. I immediately went on line for tickets to the Hollywood Bowl and bought two (through VividSeats) for $200 a piece. Section J, Row 8. Not great (and expensive!) but not the nose bleeds. AND it’s the Hollywood Bowl for crying out loud!! I am stoked beyond words. I was hoping that Dave would come to Northern California this time around, but I don’t mind a road trip. I can’t think of anyone else I would do this for, but I will do so HAPPILY to see David Gilmour.

    As for the exploitive nature of the concert business these days. I agree. I’ve been going to shows for 40 years and boy do I miss the good old days when it was first come, first served. I used to stand in line for HOURS to get good seats. But shows were affordable, the vibe was more convivial, and I never felt like I was being robbed by jackals. It bums me out, but not so much that I would refuse to see my absolute favorite recording artist. I only wish I didn’t have to wait 8 long months for the show!

      1. I got mine from VividSeats too. Will we also get the free album?

        No, because Ticketmaster e-mail the redemption instructions to ticket buyers.

        From their website (please see ‘New Release Included w/ Ticket’, on the right, in the ‘From The Artist…’ box):

        Every ticket purchased online includes a CD of David Gilmour’s new album “Rattle That Lock,” available 9/18/2015. You will receive an email within 24-48 hours after purchase with instructions on how to redeem your CD. Valid until May 31, 2016. US/CAN Residents only. Not valid for resale/secondary tickets being purchased on Ticketmaster.

  50. Sorry I did not post sooner. I have been in complete shock since 10:07 am Friday when I some how scored two tickets to Madison Square Garden. I don’t know what section they are in and honestly it does not matter.

    Thank you to David for coming to USA. Will be making the trip from Detroit in April. Has always been my dream to see David live. Can’t wait for the show. Keeping my fingers crossed that he will play some version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

  51. As someone who very rarely buys tickets, it’s all very eye opening and not in a good way.

    The market reality is that for just four shows in the USA the demand will generate huge prices. The artist is too decent to exploit that but the system ensures that other people are free to do so.

  52. Although I agree that trying to secure tickets is a huge pain and difficult at times, it is actually much easier and better than 20 or 30 years ago.

    Back then you had two options, either camp out all night waiting on a line or try via phone.

    All the scalping was even worse as many agents were printing out the best seats for them before opening the queue.

    I remember waiting four hours on a line and we were 7th on the line for one of the last shows the Police had for the Synchronicity tour. The tickets sold out after person number 4.

    And the Stones were one of the first to try something different. For their 1981 tour they tried a lottery system. You mailed a SASE to an address and if they picked your envelope you received a voucher in the mail that would allow you to buy two tickets at the box office. I sent in about 12 and did actually receive one back.

    Maybe in another 20 years it will get better.


    1. A welcome reminder that things weren’t always better in the olden days.

      I wonder how many people, honestly, would be willing to queue outside, in the cold, in the rain, instead of hanging on the telephone or glaring menacingly at a screen (or several), clicking away furiously. As a wider reflection on modern life and how we’ve come to expect instant gratification, are things really better now? In the case of how concert tickets are sold and resold, I’m not sure.

      Certainly I don’t think we’re any better, as people, for it.

  53. I bought two for LA since they were all that were left. My son got two for NYC. I wanted to make sure he got to see David in concert regardless of what we had to do. He has never had the joy of that. I started with Dark Side and every tour since both Floyd and solo.

    You have to do what you can to ensure the youth know what music is really about.

    As for the Ticketmaster fiasco, well with only four shows the demand is high for tickets and people will try to make a buck. Others will pay it. But it is much easier to get tickets now than it used to be.

  54. I have to say, had a terrible experience with Ticketmaster and attempting to get tickets to the LA show: I had two browser sessions open, with an extra incognito window open in each session (i.e., 4 windows) and my phone, and I never got a single non-resale ticket option (despite multiple repeated attempts). As far as I could tell it was (mostly) sold out fairly quickly and large numbers of tickets went straight into Ticketmaster’s resale system.

    I have yet to get any tickets; I’ll be periodically checking resale to look for some that have reasonable seating and are not insanely expensive.

    If only they had used ticketless entry (where you need the original credit card to enter, as fanofallfive mentioned above).

    Any idea if there will be additional shows? There’s certainly plenty of time in the schedule for them.

  55. FEd, I am hoping it is okay to ask this question and pardon if it has already been asked.

    The four North America tour dates for 2016. Are those the only ones that are planned or might there be more added at a later date? Thanks for your time.

  56. Ticketmaster is now showing another date in LA (Friday March 25), going on sale in 5 days.

    There are extra shows in all 4 cities.


  57. Just announced, 4 additional North American Tour dates!!!! David will be playing an additional night at each of the North American venues.

    I believe I read that tickets for the new dates go on sale July 27. Good Luck to all that weren’t so lucky the first time around!

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