Wroclaw 2016

Thought you might welcome another chance to catch David performing in Europe – that’s next summer, not this summer – this time in Wrocław, Poland.

Wrocław is one of the two designated European Capitals of Culture for 2016, and David will be playing in the beautiful Market Freedom Square on Saturday 25th June as part of the Polish city’s celebrations.

More details when we have them, but do let us know if you plan to be there.


  1. Taki

    How cool’s that? I think I spend a part of my next year’s vacations in Wrocław for some sightseeing and gig…

  2. Pavlov

    This is starting to give Rattle That Lock a whole new meaning for me … something has been unleashed, something good and beautiful!

  3. KenF

    You kept that one quiet in the chat this afternoon FEd.

    Does this mean we can anticipate announcements of other venues too, I wonder? Our American cousins will be hoping so. Who knows he might even turn up at the Copacabana.

  4. Álvaro Ramos

    I’ll give all it takes to be there. I’m from Brazil and still don’t have my tickets for this year’s tour, and I NEED to see Dave!!!!

  5. Michal

    I will be there, for sure. 🙂 I was in Gdansk, I can’t wait for Wroclaw!

    BTW, it’ll have been almost equally 10 years.

  6. Tomasz

    Just heard the news on the radio, thank you very much for confirmation. Very much looking forward to see David performing in Poland again, but Oberhausen first.


  7. Michèle

    Wow! Very happy for the Polish fans! I think Polly will enjoy the visit too, as Wroclaw has been named World Book Capital for 2016 (UNESCO).

    Hoping for the Spanish fans that David will also perform in San Sebastián, the other European capital of culture for 2016… 🙂

    • Cesar

      That would be really nice Michèle, but unfortunately this culture capitals are not getting a lot of promotion anymore. At least in Spain. It would be great to see David again in San Sebastian as there it was the only time I attended a PF concert in 1994. Still remember the thrill on the year I became 18 years old (I still have the t-shirt I bought at the concert, to my wife’s despair).

      Anyway, I’m more than happy with my tickets for London and lost all my hopes for a visit to Spain. 🙁

  8. fanofallfive

    I hope to be if some particular person gives us a jump on tickets. 🙂

    • FEd

      Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? Some 150,000 people gather at the Market Square to see in the New Year, or so it says here.

  9. Emilio

    That’s great news, as a lot of fans are expecting! 2016 will be another great year of music, we hope!

    Who knows what we’ll have more…follow the Blog and we’ll see.

    Thanks David and FEd for this news and have a great weekend, ciao!

  10. Simon emery

    I’m going to RAH but I’m desperate to go to Wroclaw so hope I can secure tickets. Will there be a pre sale?

    Sorry Fed, I know you don’t know yet, LOL, just eager to not miss out as I did for Gdansk, for me judging by the sound, one of the greatest concerts I never saw.

    Please give us the heads up ASAP mate.

    • FEd

      I don’t expect there will be a pre-sale for this. It’s not clear how many songs David will perform yet.

      • Tomasz

        Cold shower, so it looks that it won’t be full production David Gilmour concert, rather live appearance. Blog entry is tagged with Leszek Możdżer, so I can imagine acoustic version A Pocketful of Stones and for example Wish You Were Here, maybe a few more. Still if there will be a chance to buy tickets, I am going to be there.

        Thank you, Fed.


  11. Radek

    I was born in Wroclaw!! Magic place. 🙂

    You are welcome Sir Gilmour!!!! I’m a big fan of you and Pink Floyd!!!!!

  12. Giorgi

    Would love to visit the town from Germany. See you David next year as well, this year we are coming to Oberhausen!


  13. damian cunningham

    Think it’s a must but it’s a long way down the line.


  14. Radek

    Piszmy po Polsku!

    Jestem z wroclawia i to bedzie zaszczyt normalnie…

    mam nadzieje ze zdaze kupic bilet. Nie jak ostatnio. 🙁

    • Tomasz

      Czy coś już słychać o biletach we Wrocławiu? Jak się ta impreza będzie nazywała? A na co nie zdążyłeś kupić biletów?


  15. NewYorkDan

    I’m DYING to find out if and when David is coming to the US of A.

  16. frank

    That’s good news. You are so lucky abroad.

    David must be in great shape to keep this going. Bravo! Break a leg, er, um, don’t break a leg.

    You know what I mean.

  17. Tom B - Dublin

    G’day FEd,

    Exciting news, David’s already planning a year ahead, mmmm, promised my wife a trip to the U.S. next year for our ‘special birthdays’, mine was last week – I’m kinda holding out for some dates though, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

    On a separate note – I noticed Donovan had a new retrospective out recently, didn’t David travel to Ireland to record some stuff for one of his albums sometime in the 90s? Was that ever released? Probably one for the Donovan FEd – but I think you’ll come through on this, you’ve got lots of little helpers.

    Tom B

  18. Maxinux

    Good to know David plans to play in 2016, hope he comes closer to home …

    Greetings to all …


  19. Jad

    It is one of my best wishes to see David Gilmour live. His live music for sure will give lots of good energy. I hope I can make it for his concert!

  20. Groovyjuve

    My news is not so hot. In fairly short order, I will go from a walker then to a motorized chair. In two weeks, I will go on my last camping trip with a childhood friend. The key word here is adapt.

  21. Groovyjuve

    Well, I got the rest of the news today. If I live another five years before going on the Great Adventure, I will be lucky. I’ve got some living to hurry up and do. But, if you are in the neighborhood, drop by…I am just DYING to see you!

    • FEd

      Oh, mate. I am sorry. 🙁

      Your words serve as a reminder that we all need: to grab life with both hands and live it, and love it, because what matters most is not how long we have on Earth but what we do with that time, and, above all else, the difference we make to the lives of those around us.

      (I’m sorry if that sounds like a load of corny bullshit right now.)

      • Groovyjuve

        Fed, your words make me want to get up and get on with it. I am not afraid any more. I’ve lived a great life and I have no regrets. I am curious about the Great Adventure and what is in store for me. I have been listening to Alan Parsons’ Time and When I’m Old and Wise and Gordon Lightfoot’s Salute.

        Cheers to you all. There’s a great meal waiting for whoever stops by as well as a lot of good music!

        • FEd

          I’ll drink to that. 🙂

          As someone who is afraid and has far too many regrets, please know that you are an inspiration.

          • Pavlov

            Inspiration indeed. Wow …

            I was recently ‘scolded’ for being a “wuss” and that I needed to “grow a set” because I didn’t want to deal with a particularly emotional situation that had presented itself. I thought I could defer it for a few months but my “guide and mentor” (for lack of a better way to describe this person) wouldn’t budge and whittled away at me (it took hours and hours) until I was raw and ‘caved’.

            Groovyjuve, you’ve just reaffirmed that there’s no truth to the phrase “you only live once” — YOU LIVE EVERYDAY!

  22. frank

    It’s so great to see David having a kick at the can again. Let’s hope he can share more experiences for everyone. Impossible, I admit. At least we can hear him from anywhere.

    Right, people?

  23. Emilio


    So sorry to hear that, but I want you to know I admire your courage.

    Really we all should care more of everyday’s little things, thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Love from Italy,

  24. Suzy Smith

    Let’s hope he can share more experiences for everyone. Impossible, I admit. At least we can hear him from anywhere.

    Right, people?

    Correct Frank.

  25. Suzy Smith

    I’m sad of your news Groovyjuve. Live each day to the fullest. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset (even though you may not see them, you still “feel” them) and enjoy everything in between and the kindness others offer.

    Hope you enjoy your camping trip. It always lifts my spirits to get out in nature. It is real…

  26. damian cunningham

    Another Brick In The Wall played on the Chris Evans show this morning – Radio 2 with 12 Million Listeners.


  27. JulieD

    I would love to go, but I am making plans to go to Pompeii instead….

  28. Sharon Woods

    I’m so proud of Hawai’i today, Fed! 🙂 If only the rest of the country would follow suit as well!

    I was in the hospital for a few weeks but feeling much better.

    We are immersed in French, preparing for the concert!

    Groovyjuve: never give up, my friend!

    • ash

      Hello Sharon, 🙂

      First of all, glad to know you’re recovering. I was sad to read your news about Hawaii banning plastic bags. Not that that is bad news.

      It brought back to my mind how much plastic waste there is and the environmental damage it is causing. You already know about Kamilo Beach. See also the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This plastic waste is not generated by Hawaii, it’s from all over the world!!!

      I read this article this morning which is what prompted me to write this comment.

      I remember a recent article Fed placed on the blog twitter about LEGO (how much plastic? over how many years? and surely the most favourite toy even for us grown ups).

      I find it terribly sad that human activity is affecting the food chain in the oceans. The best of it is, we could be using glass bottles instead of plastic, they will biodegrade down to sand (if children don’t collect them for the returnable deposit) if they don’t get re-cycled. Paper bags for shopping, or fabric re-usable bags, use the cardboard boxes the supermarkets leave for customers to use because we can re-cycle but it will break down in the environment, not last forever.

      This is quite an interesting article actually because some plastic could be locked away safely in rocks but can you imagine in 50 million years time a geologist discovering a toothbrush inside a rock in a Himalayan type mountain? 😀

      Thank you for commenting Sharon and giving me an opportunity to post these links. I know I’m preaching to the converted to a lot of people reading the blog but hopefully, some people who don’t know the damage plastics can do, will read and change what they buy.

      Remember wooden toys? Rag dolls?

      Fed, please delete this if you think it’s too long or off topic or unsuitable for a music blog. 🙂


      • FEd

        Don’t worry, it’s certainly Important Stuff and that helps to keep me awake when I’m twiddling my thumbs, waiting for music news to remind everyone that this is still indeed a music blog.

      • Sharon Woods

        It’s really good to be back, Ash!

        It’s great to read your posts on ecological topics again!

        I’m sorry if I was not clear in my post: I recycle everything plastic as well as plastic and paper bags, glass, cardboard, paper and keep totes and a compost bin as well. I use a lot of home-raked mulch on my garden beds, thus cutting grocery runs for plastic-bagged garden mulch to zero. I’ve even worked on what I see as “closing the cycle” by keeping a “victory fruit and veggie garden” to reduce shopping trips! We used to shop at 2 organic fruit and vegetable markets, but they are now sadly closed, so we’re waiting for our own fruit to mature in our own organic home orchard (apples, cherries, pears, and peaches). One thirsty almond tree. 😉

        I shop American wherever I can, and avoid buying food that contains artificial ingredients, in my case, high fructose corn syrup. Our groceries in WV still insist on using plastic bags. We are near enough (2+ hours away) to the Atlantic Ocean that sea birds and sea turtles could be harmed by mistaking the plastics for food. The amount of plastic on beaches, islands and everywhere else is heartbreaking. I pick up plastic trash wherever I find it.

        I entered a rubber duck into our Rubber Duck Classic last year to call attention to the Pacific plastic garbage patch. All ducks were successfully “caught” with a net after running raceway rapids. They’ve been recycled annually and will soon race the rapids once again!

        Fed, are we the only Americans going to France?? I’m feeling conspicuous in groups…

  29. PETE

    THANKS for GREAT NEWS again FEd, hope there will be more dates for Europe following in 2016…fingers crossed!

  30. damian cunningham

    Did I just read correctly the band line up for the tour: Nick Mason on drums and Polly on vocals?


    • ash

      Oh wow, wouldn’t that be great!!!

      What about Guy, will Guy be with them ? Have any more in the line up been announced? Where did you read this Damian?

      ash 🙂

  31. Emilio

    Nine years ago, today, Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett was starting to shine his light elsewhere in the sky.

    Remember him with a song, friends… mine’s ‘Opel’.

    Ciao Syd.

  32. Jacek

    I can’t wait to that date – Mr Gilmour coming to my city. 🙂 It will be the greatest show in Wrocław by now I am sure of this. Hope I will get the tickets or I will go to my friend’s flat, who’s living close to Rathouse. 🙂

    Wrocław is a great place for this music, this city is called meeting place and it’s not only a motto, it’s really a good place to meet. 🙂

    So welcome to Wrocław.

  33. Vince

    Just managed to get me and my father a ticket each at The Royal Albert Hall! After phoning everyday for the last 2 months 2 tickets were returned and we are the lucky souls buying them!

    We can’t wait. 🙂

    • FEd

      That’s excellent news, Vince. It’s great that your persistence was rewarded. I hope you both enjoy the show.

  34. Michèle

    Love you, Greece. You’re such a wonderful and proud people. Wish you all the best.

  35. Joanna

    Can’t wait for the ticket release. We are from Australia and my husband turns 60 next year. What a fabulous way to rock that milestone with a surprise birthday trip to see our favourite band, he would be blown away.

  36. Maurizio

    I’d like to be in Wrocław. Please let me know further details. Thanks. 🙂

  37. Henk

    When can we expect further information, FEd? 🙂 I would love to go to Wroclaw, but it’ll be a bit too much when Dave will only play a couple of songs…

  38. Zuli

    Hello, FEd.

    I am an owner of Russian fanpage about Pink Floyd and I check regularly all the news related with David Gilmour. Thank you for your blog.

    I live in Cracow and I was very excited about the concert in Wroclaw but now I see that there are no more information about this date at davidgilmour.com and there is no Wroclaw concert listed. Had the concert been cancelled or we still have the hope to see him in Poland? If it is cancelled please let us know because many of fans in Russia and Ukraine were planning to go to Wroclaw since it is the closest city in Gilmour’s tour map.

    • FEd

      If it has been cancelled, nobody told me.

      It’s still some way off, so details are few, and this date is not really part of the tour (technically speaking), so perhaps it is not listed for this reason. (I can’t say I noticed if Wroclaw was listed, and has since been removed, or if it was never listed there in the first place.)

      I wouldn’t worry just yet.

      • Zuli

        Thank you, FEd, for your kind answer.

        Looking forward to see Mr. David Gilmour in Florence this September and in Wroclaw next year!

  39. Adrianna Griffiths

    I live in Brighton and unfortunately I missed David’s Brighton Centre event last weekend. I was devastated about it, so my husband and I have decided to combine visiting my family in Poland with a Wroclaw stop on the way to attend the open air concert in the Market Square, and also to explore the beautiful city as neither of us have even been there before. The hotel in the old town is already booked, now we are just waiting impatiently for the tickets to become available.

    Lovely Mr Gilmour, it would be so incredibly wonderful if you cared to perform in Brighton again. I’m sure it would be a sell out.

    All the best,

  40. Francesco

    Hi Fed

    Hope you had a nice Xmas break.

    Any news regarding Wroclaw 2016?


    • TW

      I think (and hope) that those news (hopefully together with the other European Dates 😀 ) might come next week, as Wroclaw is going to present its program for the celebrations next week.

      But that’s just me guessing.

  41. Damian Cunningham

    Hello Fed, I hope you’ve had a well earned rest and you are now carrying a few extra stone.

    Thought you may be interested in a petition here in the UK. More than half a million Brits have signed a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK. As you will be aware he wants to stop Muslims coming into the USA. Well, this petition has been well reported in the USA and the comments by a lot of people there has gone quite anti-UK, the usual stuff, ban UK products, don’t visit the UK, we saved you in the war.

    I thought it would make for great discussion, that’s if you ever needed any input from me.

    Glad you’re OK,

    • FEd

      It would.

      I wouldn’t ban him, though. I’d put him on TV, up against some of our most capable debaters, and let him show himself up as the silly fool he is.

      • Taki

        Oh, a little child would outsmart him right away, FEd. Actually you only need to let him bubble away…

      • Pavlov

        I’d love to put ALL the current potential candidates for US President up against the UK’s most capable debaters — every last one of them is a silly fool. We’ve got everything on offer — apathy to zealotry and throw in some lying buffoons and a plethora of other unmentionables in-between. It’s been entertaining to a degree but I am now tired of it and the show is only now just starting in earnest.

        • FEd

          In return, obviously, you’ll have to take our many dishonest, corrupt and completely out-of-touch politicians for your greatest minds and sharpest tongues to embarrass on national television. That’s only fair.

          • Pavlov

            And then, when we’re done with them, we can ship them off to a deserted island and they can have at it. 🙂

          • Damian Cunningham

            Sorry in advance but has Guy done the Q&A? ALSO a Happy Birthday to him.


          • ash

            Oh Pavlov. 😀 I think the very ironic truth of the matter is, that’s exactly what all politicians want!

            They’ll screw up their country but retire on a ridiculously huge pension which they ensured they’d get during their twenty, thirty, bent (which means illegal dealings to many people) and twisted years in politics screwing the people out of decent earnings whilst they ensured the multi-nationals and big business had it all their own way so the owners and bosses who contributed to the “party” got stinking rich too. They’ll all retire to the same luxurious desert islands where the servants work for barely enough to feed their families. (Sorry about the long angry sentence/s and/or bad punctuation Fed.)

            Here is (some of) the evidence.

            They don’t care about us. We are the serfs. The prime minister spouted today at PMQs about how sorry he was and of course more would be done and more money would be poured in to support people who have been affected by the floods.

            ALL the homes, businesses, schools affected will have to have their floors ripped up and their plaster hacked off then new put back in place before furnishings and fittings can be put in. I’m deliberately spelling this out, bear with me. . . . Simple. Be done in no time with the prime minister’s promise of more financial support.

            It won’t be done in no time because there aren’t enough builders and skilled tradespeople to do the work!!! No matter how much money the Prime minister promises (huh!)

            Politicians of the past were told this was going to happen, they’ve had climate warnings since the 70’s. They lined their own pockets and left for warmer climes without doing anything about it. You have to wonder what will today’s politicians run off from.

            ash (Thank goodness for music!)

            • FEd

              When – that’s when, not if – the wealthy residents in the Home Counties find their properties threatened with murky waters, see how quickly the politicians act. They’re an absolute disgrace.

          • Michèle

            It won’t be done in no time because there aren’t enough builders and skilled tradespeople to do the work!!!

            Just a thought… Why doesn’t they (Cameron and his ‘acolytes’) allow the 6000 migrants blocked in the Calais ‘jungle’ to enter the UK (as they all wish) to do the job?

            Yes, it’s cynicism, or sarcasm, if you prefer. Sorry.

  42. Terry Hewitt

    In the states they have Trump, in the UK we have Nigel Farage with Boris Johnson not far behind on the idiot stakes.

  43. Damian Cunningham

    Someone kindly got me a book for Xmas. Psychedelia and Other Colours by Rob Chapman. And I got Kat Polly’s new book which she very kindly signed. She is really enjoying the book, highly recommended, I’m not a big book reader but I did start writing one myself sometime ago but as you very aware of Fed my English is appalling.


    • FEd

      Don’t you worry about that. As Twitter shows us each and every day, people we might expect to have the best grasp of English can be pretty sloppy when left to themselves. They obviously have good editors.

  44. TW

    Hi FEd,

    The official Twitter Account of Wroclaw 2016 says here that the official information about the gig in Wroclaw will come on Tuesday.

    Does this mean that the tickets will come then or is it just to get the people’s attention without something really happening?

    (If you don’t want to post it, because you’re not allowed to answer this question yet, then just don’t post this comment. I won’t blame you. :D)

    • FEd

      They’re right, all will be revealed tomorrow. I’d better not say more than that. (We’ve waited this long, what’s one more day, right?)

      Have your credit card ready, though. 😉

        • FEd

          Excellent. If you eat your lunch at your desk like I so often do, a word of advice: be careful not to place the plate on top of the credit card, which creates a panic because suddenly you can’t find it. You don’t want to spoil your lunch. You’ll probably use the card before lunch, anyway, but clear some space just in case – that’s my advice. I hope it helps.

          • TW

            Thanks for the advice. I just won’t eat lunch, probably before because I’ll be too busy watching out for the mail between 11 – 12 o’clock. 😉

            Have a good and relaxing evening! 😀

            • FEd

              Please don’t let the postman keep you talking. If he’s there now, make an excuse to go back inside.

            • FEd

              Now it is. (Well, almost. There’s just enough time to boil an egg if you like the yolk runny and the water is ready.) 🙂

  45. Flc

    Hi FEd, do you think there is any hope for a concert in Denmark or Sweden …. or should I try to get tickets for this one?

  46. Rino

    Hi everyone, I cannot understand the website for buying Gilmour tickets for Wroclaw??? Has anyone had any luck???

    Can I not buy the tickets through like Ticketmaster???

  47. Rolf

    Hi Everybody, especially our Polish friends!

    I read the concert will be broadcast live on Polish TV. Does anybody know what channel it will be and if it will be available by satellite (or cable) in the rest of Europe?

    Would be great to know well in advance…!

    Thanks everyone who can post a good reply.

          • CG

            just over 2 weeks away, is the polish tv channel known yet that will show the live concert? it could make a difference if it’s a free to air or cable channel, as advert breaks on a free to air channel will possibly impact the length of songs and flow of the concert – i remember david gilmour saying the venice satelite broadcast in 1989 to 100 million people was tough as songs were shortened and he had a digital countdown display in front of him for each song…hopefully it’s on a cable channel so it’s advert free.

            • FEd

              That seems quite late. Maybe it’s not a live broadcast?

              If I can get an answer, I’ll let you know.

          • CG

            if the concert starts at 8pm, perhaps they join the live tv broadcast in progress right after the intermission at the start of the second set, hopefully showing all of the second set and encores, then pre taped 30 minute interview program after the concert ends…fingers crossed it’s advert free.