Rattle That Lock…

So, who was at this weekend’s Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas – in County Carlow, Ireland – to hear from David and Polly and get a surprise taste of the new album? I’d love to know what you thought.

Also, in case you missed the Latest News, it has finally been confirmed after some speculation that the Florence concert of Tuesday 15 September will now take place at the Ippodromo del Visarno and not the Teatro Le Mulina, which is just a few hundred metres away and perhaps more convenient if you’ll be using public transport.

But don’t worry: if you have tickets for Florence, of course they remain valid for the new venue and the only thing you need to do is make sure you head to the right place on the night.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

68 thoughts on “Rattle That Lock…”

  1. Some interesting snit-bits there … I’m liking “Rattle the Lock” as a title … It’s got a little energy about it and I’m hoping for a little energy on this album as well as some more of the mellifluous stuff – interesting to see Jools Holland in the mix as well.

    The theme’s a good one too – it would be an interesting response to the death of Rick – especially as On an Island was already to some extent about loss and the passage of time …

    But it’s early days yet of course so I shall wait for more bones to gnaw at.

  2. Fed, woohooo, can hardly wait for his new album and tour! Any idea when the album will be released?

    However, I find that title a bit unusual given all his previous albums titles.

      1. If David is short of a musician, I’m a demon on the triangle.


  3. Rattle That Lock…is a great image, and a beautiful message!

    C’mon Irregulars, and…rattle that Blog!


  4. Just spotted this on the news! Brilliant way to start a Monday morning. 🙂

    David Gilmour previews new solo album Rattle That Lock
    Pink Floyd member’s first record in 10 years will surface this September

    Consequence of Sound

  5. … “Rattle That Lock” sounds cool as a title but it may be only a humorous remark. David Gilmour, About Face, On An Island and Rattle That Lock? We’ll see…

    I’m not sure I want to hear what was presented through a smartphone there, the internet is buzzing already, but the man himself presented them sound clips, so why not?



    1. Rattle That Lock is very catchy but I feel it has a familiarity of The Wall. There was a 30 second piece of a track called 5am, sounds like it was taken straight from Endless River, Gilmour at his best on the guitar.

  6. Good stuff FEd, heard some of the weekend’s Q&A, via the tweet sphere, were any irregulars at Borris, perhaps we could get some more detail?

    I can wait for more info on the album, I have been conditioned to be patient on all matters DG by yourself.

    Regards to all.
    Tom B

    1. Bless you for that and for understanding that I have to be patient, too. Although it is obviously a pain in the arse.

      Hoping for more details to filter through soon.

  7. Maybe the title is a play on words and is actually a Welsh thing, you know……….

    Ivor the engine
    Dai the baker
    Rattle (as in Simon Rattle) the locks

    1. But then again it could be something to do with canals………

      Example: your barge has just clipped a lock so the expression ‘Rattle the lock’ like when a footballer has hit the bar. He rattled the bar.

    2. I see where you’re coming from, Pete. Some sort of homage to a Welsh locksmith. I like it.

      1. LOL, except that I misread the title. It is Rattle THAT Lock.

        In all seriousness though, the recent activity and announcements have had me thinking back a lot to the 2002 gigs, the 2006 gigs, the film premiere in Leicester Square and other memorable events.

        Fantastic memories all!!

  8. Title suggest some more up tempo songs, closer to Take a Breath than to Blue, that is my first impression after seeing title revealed. And if I am correct it’s fine for me.

    Generally I’m patiently waiting for more details,

  9. Hopefully, that’s not the real title for the new DG album as IMHO, it’s awful. No doubt it’s just been picked out from the lyric sheet again. Maybe the Blog contributors should be asked to come up with a title….of course we’d all need to have a listen to the album first. 🙂

  10. Rattle That Lock…. this is a song of the disc too? Waiting for some samples of this….

    Greetings all!!!!

  11. Re George Maciver’s post (‘Consequence of Sound’)

    So David said he “was inspired to write after listening to loud speaker announcements at a French train station”? I like that idea and am very curious to hear what he will do with that SNCF jingle I’m thinking of. 🙂

      1. Another anecdote: Pianos have been put in many railways stations here where anyone can play for free. You can listen to the musician who played his own version of the SNCF jingle in the railway stations of 14 cities (video ‘Piano gare tour’).

  12. Hi FEd! I like that title “Rattle that Lock”! When is the release here in the colonies? Any chance of any tidbits being put on the website? If they are there already (June 8th), please tell me where to find them. Thanks!

      1. hey FEd, are there some near future plans for a EPK or something else, to survive the summer. 😉

        or tracklist information, cover art?

  13. Hope the new album isn’t going to be a “pont des arts” rattled lock success like ‘On an Island’. It was beautifully produced, but…. a bit ‘soft’? Sounded good at the AH though, but not often in my CD player. 🙁

    High hopes for the new album and tour…….

  14. There are some great photos of David in Ireland doing a bit of autographing on the Demotix site.


  15. Rattle That Lock? Really?

    For me, as a title for a DG release it seems to fall short. Sounds more like a title for a Stray Cats record.

    Of course I will be in the minority here as the majority will just go with the flow and think it is just brilliant.

    I am just being honest.



    1. Andrew, 😀 are you trying to rattle us?

      When I first read the title, the first image I had in my head was of The Ghost of Jacob Marley rattling his chains, I guess we could think of him as being chained to his greed and it haunted him for eternity.

      Daft, I know. But each of us has wondered about the title. We’re not going to be able to make anything of it really until we have the album in our hot little hands!

      Polly said Carpe Diem . . . to me that means live each day to the full, don’t waste your time. . . maybe rattle that lock means to try to shake off the shackles that bind you to things/ideas/a life that you will regret clinging to.

      I found my own personal meaning. . . every night I have to chain up a gate and padlock it. 😀


  16. How can I say this without people thinking you’re a bit of a groupie or nutter?

    I always worried about getting older, then you see David and he just looks so comfortable with who he is and the glasses are also an inspiration, but then again he is true music genius and I bet Polly picked the specs, I get mine from Poundstretcher.


    P.S. Photos of our specs should be posted here, perhaps a new topic Fed.

  17. How can you moan about the title of an album that has not been released yet? And maybe, just maybe, the title has a meaning to the person who wrote the album.

    Sorry but odd comments, negative comments, boil my you-know-what.


    1. I read that as “ood comments” :)) – tentacles. . . glowing ball. . . time travel. . . (for anyone who doesn’t know, The Ood are a species of alien humanoids from Dr Who).

      I’m with Damian. 🙂


  18. And people who have to mention they’re not keen on this album or that track, or the percussion was too loud or there were no words on that track.


  19. Fed,

    Thanks for the info. It will be a great album! I just hope he will come and play in the Seattle area if he comes to the States for it seems he will be playing a limited amount of concerts and it would be great to see David playing in the great northwest.

    Take Care, Thomas

  20. It’s an intriguing title. I am intrigued. If this does represent a different sound than OAI, I’m all ears. As a musician myself, it is nice to think that maybe we’ll get to hear David doing something a little different. Please don’t get me wrong: I love the music that David has done in the past. It’s just that sometimes an artist wants to stretch, and I’m always very interested to see what happens when they do so.

    1. We were actually talking about this in the chatroom yesterday, Dan, and wondering if the album’s title might indicate an angrier, louder, more forthright tone. Having listed some of the songs which David has sung, both with Pink Floyd and solo (‘Sorrow’, ‘Childhood’s End’, ‘Take It Back’), I think we agreed we’d all like to hear another song or two with a bit of bite to it.

      1. childhood’s end would be amazing live!!!!!!!!! and “or” atom heart mother, or the maybe forgotten country song (red queen theme) from zabriskie point!!!

      2. Aw, ‘Childhood’s End’! How I love that song….Cool riffs, cool rhythm guitar and a very nice solo… I’d be totally happy if something of that kind would be on the album, but the cherry on the cake would be to hear Childhood’s End live in Oberhausen. I would be a kind of deja vu, as when another favourite of mine, Fat Old Sun, was played in Munich back in 2006.

        BTW: it’s 100 days to September 19th! The countdown has begun. 😉


  21. Rattle the lock of that Saucerful of Secrets…and you’ll find some sense.

    The space between notes. That’s what I’m really waiting for.

    The thrill is not completely gone away if someone still plays the blues, thank you David for doing this.

  22. Rattle That Lock to me sounds like David wants to get going but can’t because of restrictions.

    His fingers will ultimately tell the story. If it has Blues/Jazz and a bit of Rock, I’m all ears!

  23. I like the title. Locks keep people out no matter how much or many times they may rattle it.

    One might be kept out for many reasons: status (or lack of), race, financial (or lack of), looks, religion or preferring no religion, where they are born, not knowing “the right people”, not being able to communicate, mental illness, health, education, and the list can go on and on.

    So there is much the title may encompass.

    Now the wait and see.

  24. Sounds cool to me, though I think the cover art will seal the deal.

    I think the most important question here is… Will the Wireman return? Come on FEd! We need to know! 🙂

  25. Really looking forward to the release now, doubt it’ll be too far away. I sense an announcement shortly….

    Happy Days.
    Simon J

  26. Hey FEd!

    I am just impatient to find out when and where David will tour in the US. I am afraid I can no longer do any major traveling as my health has declined. (just got out of hospital, again with heart trouble). I am going to use whatever majick/manifestations/incantations/spells or voo doo to procure a date here in Texas!

    Much love,


      1. Lorraine has a voodoo doll of me that she likes to stick pins in so maybe she can help you out with that Penny.

  27. Yesterday I received an email about a David show in KoKo London, October 18, what about this news FEd???

    Kind regards.


  28. I agree with some of the previous comments. Rattle that Lock could mean all sorts of stuff. I definitely always rattle my own lock with the hopes that it will finally give.

    That aside, I’m sure David won’t disappoint most of us, but there is always one or two…

  29. “They learned to rattle the lock and key
    To give whatever might chance to be,
    Warning and time to be off in flight”

    – Robert Frost

    1. Scholarly Chris has opened another little world of possibilities – that’s an extract from Robert Frost ‘The Road Not Taken and Other Poems’ … the road not taken and carpe diem … the plot thickens…

  30. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but since it has been mentioned here…. about the venue change for the Florence show: we know that the tickets bought for the previous venue remain valid, but given that the two venues cannot be identical as far as the seating plan goes, and all tickets are numbered (sorry if this is not the right word, I meant that tickets for this show are not “general admission”), does anybody know how this issue has been sorted out?

    Regards, Giovanni from Italy

    1. Good question, I hadn’t thought about that.

      I’m told that, as a custom-built structure inside a sports arena, there will be identical seating, so there will be no confusion; everybody will have exactly the same seat as they would have had.

  31. I am hoping he just plays what feels right to him. Also hoping he comes to Tampa. I loved On an Island so more of that style is good for me as I am growing older myself and feeling like David in that we are both slowing down just a bit but getting better with age. I also hope there is reference to Richard Wright and what he meant to David.

    Good day to you David and all others who read this.

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