2015 European Tour

Who’s ready to order tickets to see David on tour again, then? We wanted our faithful Blog Irregulars to get first dibs on them, to thank you for your support, so you’re the first to hear the news.

The pre-sale will begin by the time you’ll have finished reading this.

David will be performing several dates across Europe in September – in Croatia, Italy, France, Germany and England.

Tickets go on general sale on Friday, but we wanted you to know about them first and have the opportunity to get yours before the dates are announced more loudly later today.

You can order tickets now using the links and numbers below.

Please don’t forget that there will always be a fee added somewhere, increasing the price of your ticket, unfortunately. Sorry about that.

Saturday 12th September 2015: Pula, Croatia
Arena Pula, Flavijevska Ulica, 52100 Pula

Monday 14th September 2015: Verona, Italy
Verona Arena, Piazza Brà 1, 37121 Verona VR
Box Office: +39.02.5300651 / +39.055.5520575

Tuesday 15th September 2015: Florence, Italy
Teatro Le Mulina, Viale Del Pegaso 1, Firenze 50144
Box Office: +39.02.5300651 / +39.055.5520575

Thursday 17th September 2015: Orange, France
Théâtre Antique, Rue Madeleine Roch, 84100 Orange
Box Office: +33 892 392 192 (0,34 €/min, France only) / +33 149 975 191 (International)

Saturday 19th September 2015: Oberhausen, Germany
König-Pilsener-Arena, Arenastraße 1, 46047 Oberhausen
Box Office (Central Booking Line): +49-1806-570070

Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September 2015: London, England
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP
Box Office: 0845 401 5045 / +44 20 7589 8212
You will need to quote the following pre-sale code: 19005

Ticket restrictions apply. Please be sure to read the small print and please also be advised that davidgilmourtour.com and davidgilmourtours.com are not official and have not been approved for selling tickets, so please avoid these. You have been warned.

In the case of the three London dates, you are allowed no more than four tickets per person. Names will be printed on the tickets and ID will be checked on the door to try and stop the touts. If you telephone or visit the Box Office, you need a special pre-sale code. You won’t be able to buy a ticket before Friday without this code, so be sure to jot it down and quote it. That pre-sale code again: 19005.

Sorry to disappoint anyone outside Europe, I feel your pain and anticipate your grumbles, but there are no other dates planned at this time. Further details, concerning personnel and such like, will follow as and when they become available, so please sit tight.

Good luck, everyone, and do let us know if you’ll be attending any of these concerts. I want to know how excited you are. Please tell me.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

394 thoughts on “2015 European Tour”

    1. Thank you so much for this! I’m from South Africa, living in London and never thought I’d get a chance to see David perform live. I’ve just bought two tickets and I’m absolutely elated.

    2. Same as 9 years ago…

      Not possible to order, all venues I wanted to check for (Orange, Oberhausen, London) sold out in about 10mins… 🙁

      1. I’m sorry to hear it, Bert. Maybe you will be lucky should returned tickets go on sale? I hope so.

  1. My hands are shaking FEd… but… I’ll be there. Friday 25th September with my Dad. I am genuinely shaking, never had such an intense ticket-buying experience.

    Thank you FEd. Genuinely, thank you.

    1. Thank you to all concerned for giving us this pre-sale opportunity. Absolutely fantastic news, and I can hardly believe that I’ve secured seats for all 3 RAH dates. I’m 67, still gigging, and just as excited as I used to be at my earliest gigs way back in the days of the Beatles.

  2. Great news! Much love to you all, can’t wait to listen more!

    Thank you FEd for your Irregular Love!


  3. Oh! Théâtre Antique d’Orange, what a wonderful
    place! David has such good taste… Just like in Vienne on 31st July 2006; I will never, never, never forget this concert!

    Thursday 17th September? Mon Dieu! …or Yippee! It seems I will have to skip school! 😉

    Thanks et bravo to FEd for being the first to tell us the wonderful news. 🙂

    1. Oh, it’s only school. We won’t tell anyone.

      It looks like another absolutely stunning venue, doesn’t it?

    2. Gorgeous — reminds me of Pompeii and the graphics inside the Endless River CD.

  4. What I would give to attend Royal Albert Hall – sigh! I am so, so happy for all fellow Bloggers in Europe and those in the States that will be able to make the trip. 🙂 …

    Thank you David, thank you FEd. ♥♥♥

    1. Hey Pavlov, I heard about this big metal bird that sometimes flies across the pond, bringing high-flying executives in NYC to enjoy some good old fashioned Culture … and I also heard that the London Office really, really needs a visit ….

  5. This is excellent news!!! Contemplating if I’ll take a jaunt to Europe… Household economy is not what it was last time with three little ones vs just one, but happy this is happening regardless!

    1. Be great if you can make it my friend, I hope you will get your wish for an American tour.

    1. Yeah, I like that painting. It looks like it’s going to be the tour poster. Will there be any for sale Fed ?

      Or do I have to try the old fashioned way of climbing with wire cutters between my teeth or bring a range of screwdriver heads or Allen keys, maybe even my IKEA collection, or a brick. . . .maybe sidle up to a doorman and use my daughter to distract him whilst I slip the poster out of the frame. . .

      Of course, then there’s the problem of getting it signed.


      1. I don’t know the answer to any of these questions yet, sorry. It’s still very early days.

  6. Just got two tickets. I want to cry.

    Thank you Fed, hope you remember me, it’s been a while.

  7. FEd!! You have made my day (and my dad’s, when I tell him!!)

    I’ve got us tickets for the Thursday and the Friday for RAH! (Wanted all three, but rules is rules!!)

    Cannot wait, much like Davie, hands shaking here too!!

    Thanks so much for the heads up, you really are good to us!!

    1. I can confirm that the old man is over the moon, as he is out the country and would have completely missed this!

      1. I’m so pleased to hear it, Lewis. I hope you both have a great time. I’m sure you will.

  8. Been a long time, always worth waiting. We will be there, Albert Hall. Would Italy too, where do I sign?


  9. Bought 2 tickets for me and the mrs. 25 September. Have to find flight and accommodation now. This is a must do event……….

  10. Fantastic news…..and I’ve just managed to buy 4 tickets for me and my family too. It’ll be strange going back to the RAH to see David nine years after I last saw him there in 2006. Can’t wait!!!!

  11. Taking my partner to her first real concert, I don’t include her going to Take That of course.

  12. FEd, you made my day!!!! Got Arena tickets for RAH on Friday.

    Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  13. Can’t believe this! Got middle front row on the Friday in the Albert Hall.

    Really appreciate the presale FEd. I haven’t been on the blog for quite a while – had a couple of kids which has been keeping me busy!

  14. Hi Fed

    Thanks for the email. I know I haven’t been around for a while and with news like this I’ve got some catching up to do!

  15. [Old codger Becky comes out of the woodwork…]

    Thank you so much, FEd!!!!!!!!! Incredibly exciting news!

    1. It is, isn’t it? Can you feel the love in this place today? It’s enough to knock you off your feet.

  16. Got 2 tickets for the RAH. I’m trying to book Verona but having trouble with the numbers.


  17. Absolutely thrilled for you guys way over there. Here’s hoping for additions to the colonies…particularly Canada.

  18. Hello Fed, thank you so much for the news and details. I have 2 front row for the opening night at RAH. How,lovely that ‘we’ faithful ‘Gilmourites’ will get the chance to see David perform again! Oooo so happy’ 🙂

    I think you are going to be a very popular young ‘Fed’ again!

  19. FEd, you were true to your word. Thank you so much for this excellent news.

    Friday night at RAH. I will Remember That Night.

    I can enjoy my cruise tomorrow, safe in the knowledge I’ve scored. It’s going to be magical.

    What news of David’s forthcoming album can you impart?

    1. None yet, it’s still far too early to say.

      Enjoy your cruise, my friend.

      ‘Cruise, you are making me sing…’

  20. Absolutely wonderful news! What lovely, off the beaten-track, venues were selected in some cases!

    I had to ask customers of mine to standby, in silence while I rushed to get tickets. I managed to snatch up lovely seats to:

    Orange, France
    23rd and 25th September RAH

    I’ll have some explaining to do to the wife when bank statements come back. 😀

    FEd, do you think we can work on a meet and greet with David at the shows? You know, for us old-timers on here.

    Such joy!

    1. You’ll just have to look out for the tour bus and lie down in the road like the rest of us.


  21. First row in block 2 in Oberhausen for my wife and me, with my daughter exactly behind us in the second row.

    All that wouldn’t have been possible without a little help from our friend FEd. I owe you a beer or two and hope I can return you the favour sometime soon…



  22. Apologies, FEd, with the excitement of buying the RAH tickets, I forgot to thank you for letting us know about the pre-sales. So I will now be going with my wife and two teenage daughters to see David in September and also U2 in November. I’m certainly pleased I moved back to the UK!!

  23. I don’t believe a word of this either. I have a burning feeling eBay will be fired up soon.

  24. The Glassman cometh! Just got tickets for Friday. Don’t understand the seating plan though. In 2T25.


    1. Hi Ian, good to see you in here. I still have my glass figure you made for my son’s birth back in 2006, hope you are well.

    2. Mr Pearson! Good to hear you’re still alive and kicking. I still have your glass guitar from 06 in pride of place in my man cave. 🙂 Have a fantastic time. I wish I could come over and have a few preshow aperitifs with you.

      Cheers, Howard

  25. Just got tickets for Royal Albert Hall!! Thanks a lot for helping me!! I won’t be able to sleep tonight. 🙂

  26. Excellent! Can’t wait to meet up with my friends from across the pond again. Any of the RTN Abbey Road sessioners going?

  27. FEd, thank you so much from Italy! I was resigned ’cause two hours ago I had confirmation from third that Verona had all seats sold out….but a guy, an unknown and big guy on another blog show me the light to you and I could get tickets for Florence!! YEESSSS!!!!

    I also was attempted to take a pair of seats at RAH (I fallen in love from “Remember That Night” BD), but, yeah, Florence is a good compromise for me, my wife and my baby son that cannot be with us.


  28. If memory serves, the On An Island Tour dates did not all come out at once, so I am holding out hope.

  29. Nice to be going back to see Mr G again. Just a few rows away from where I saw OAI. 6 months will fly by I’m sure, plus the new album to look forward to beforehand.

  30. Thank You So Much. I was there with my wife son and daughter in 2006. Never thought we would get the chance to do it all over again. We owe you?

    How excited are we? Well, on a scale of 1 to 10 we are registering over 100 at the moment, which will only get higher as the concert date gets nearer.

    Both my son and daughter who I have just told, who are in their early 20s are beside themselves in anticipation, what more can I say.

    Thank you David, see you on 23rd September @RAH.

  31. This is great news. I just hope David will play here in the states. Plus Fed, I hope that you will be able to see David perform.

    Take care, Thomas

  32. Many, many thanks for the heads up and for such great seats. Got 4th row on the arena floor for Friday night. Saw him there in 2006. Can’t wait to repeat it but this time with my wife who has never seen him live. Cannot wait!!!

    Thanks so much again. You rock!!!


  33. Dear Fed and David,

    Thank you for the pre-sale code, I got tickets for Wednesday and Thursday. I’m all excited but given that the blog could explode at any minute under all the pressure this evening, I’ll contain myself and not say much yet. 😀

    ash, whose cheeks are sore from grinning since I got my tickets 😀

    1. Oh yes, it could well explode (along with my head). It has David’s birthday to get through tomorrow, as well. Pray for us.

  34. Got Firenze, just need Verona now on Friday…was planning to visit Italy again anyway so now it will be just that more spectacular!

    Seeing David at a Roman Amphitheater…there must be a god. 🙂

  35. Got two front row tickets for Verona. It’s a 1st century amphitheatre, how amazing is that? He’s so cultured, our David.

    Hotel booked, just have to find a way to get there now. I do love Europe when we’re not arguing.


  36. If he don’t make a dvd or blu-ray of one of these concerts, consider me dead…

  37. If you buy a ticket, it will have your name on it. If you can’t go, then you’re stuck with it, is that right?

    1. The Royal Albert Hall staff are extremely helpful and will help as much as possible if you find you are unable to attend for good reason. That said, please do not buy tickets on a whim if your chances of attending are slim. It just creates headaches for everyone.

  38. Fed, ty so much for the headsup, what for wonderful news, a dream coming through! Sadly this website had been down over the afternoon until late tonight, so that the bestest tickets have all been gone. You know, we have been spoiled with front row tickets, LOL, and all good tickets for the RAH on Friday September 24th have been gone, so we will go on Thursday, maybe even on Saturday, if some good tickets are available later.

    Seeing the best artist of the world at the best venue of the world even 2 times would be the thrill of a lifetime. We will also seen him in Oberhausen, woohooo. So excited! The highlight not only of this year, but also of this decade. 🙂

    1. I’m very sorry about that. The very bestest tickets had actually gone before the blog caved in, the pre-sale having started at noon (UK), but I do apologise for the panic and disappointment caused.

  39. Mmmmm Florence and only 2 hours 42 mins on the train from Verona.


  40. How could I say no: to my husband, to France, to David Gilmour, a brand new solo album, AND a UNESCO heritage site ancient Roman theater??? All on our bucket lists!

    Not to mention the numerous Phedre references in my Proustian readings: weirdly, Albertine died this week: I was in a library when it happened. 😮

    We’ve got our tickets booked, and we’re out of our minds with excited anticipation!! Weirdly, I was listening to the Kinks, Fed: Apeman, appropriate for me, anyway, when I got the news!!!

    Thank you for this utterly out-of-this-Universe- fantastic opportunity, dear Fed, and for our first time venture, to South France: L’Orange or bust, Vivre la France!

    PS: Michele, no pressure to skip class, but if you find yourself free and decide to go we’d love to meet a familiar pen-pal!

  41. I’m so pleased you have a Pre Sale code, going to all 3 nights of the RAH in 3 totally different seats! Cant wait!

  42. This is super exciting news! Such a dilemma being a US Fan though. Perhaps first time international plans are in order? I cant think of a better reason!

    (Also does this put the release date for album around the beginning of September then?)

    ~Diane (Long time lurker here! It’s been a while! Hi FE’d!)

  43. Whenever David decides to come out with his new album and tours on it, he will be able to put at least one show on DVD. I truly appreciate watching my favorite artist(s) grow and yes age with time. Like a fine wine, a artist is always changing with age. Some for the better!

  44. Can’t wait to hear solos again. New and old.

    Wonder if Guy is playing on the release and tour as well? Hmmmm, and others! Let the guessing begin.

    Happy Birthday very soon David.

    Thanks FEd!

    1. Frank,

      Crosby Stills and Nash will be in Britain on tour in September. Their tour ends just as David gets back to UK !!!! Only found this out today, their dates only just been announced !!!

      Too much of a coincidence I think. 😀


  45. THANKS so MUCH FeD – Oberhausen for 2nd ROW !! Hopefully the RAH shows will work too with my holidays…! <3

    1. Heya, I’m unable to reach anyone at the number for Oberhausen and I’m having difficulty with the ticket site. How were you able to procure these?

      Thank you!

  46. Ah. So pleased for my friends over the pond. I doubt that I will venture over there but not because I don’t want to.

    If I had a choice, I would probably want to go to the show in France. Oui Michele?

    But then there is Germany too. Right Ullie?

    Of course RAH too. Lorraine?

    Well for now just send the good vibes from the shows over here when you go to the show.


  47. Joy of the internet – within the space of a few hours, I went from merely having a good day to having a GREAT day. Confirmation of David’s new album, plus tour dates. Thank you for the presale information – from Indianapolis USA, I successfully obtained tickets to the London shows.

    Really looking forward to whatever magic David has in store for us!

  48. Got my tickets! Coming from the USA! So excited to see David again and in the RAH? OMG!! 🙂

  49. FEd, are you aware of any restrictions purchasing tickets internationally?

    I’m in Australia and I recall RAH tickets could only be purchased from within the UK back in 2006.

    1. I’m not aware of this, Craig. As you can see from the above, fans from outside the UK have obtained tickets, so you should be fine.

    2. All good FEd, managed to get RAH! Extremely excited. Now all I need is a large jet!

  50. Been waiting on this for years. Hopefully manage to get tickets for my dad, bro and me.

  51. Center. 2nd row. I love you.

    I’m going from Argentina to Croatia. I waited so long for this, I don’t care about money, about my studies, I only know that if you have a catchable dream you better not miss the chance.

  52. Hi, I’m travelling to Europe in October. Are you planning or thinking about releasing new dates? Or venues?

    I have to know in case you won’t, because I’ve got to change all my flying tickets and hotels.

    1. Hi FED, I’m arriving in the UK in October 3rd. I’ll be spending the whole month there.

      I’m coming from Argentina and I’m a big Floyd fan, I saw Roger 7 times, but my lifetime dream is this.

      1. Oh, how annoying. That would be too late to catch David, I’m sorry to say.

        Would you really change all your plans for this? I admire your determination. If only you could arrive earlier…

  53. Such great news! I got two tickets for Oberhausen. Excited!

    I really appreciate the presale.

  54. What fantastic news this is! Now where to get the funds from for some tickets? 🙂

  55. It’s been a while since I commented here, funny how such an announcement can ‘wake’ a person from their slumbers! Anyhow, glad to say I shall be attending RAH in September and, not wishing to rush through the next six months or so, I cannot wait! Let’s hope there will be an announcement soon regarding David’s new album. By all accounts, it’s going to be brilliant!!!

    And for my US friends, I’m sure there will be an announcement soon, Radio City Music Hall has already been ‘mused’ over by David in recent interviews so fingers crossed for you guys.


  56. Hooray for wi-fi warmspots, that’s all I can say.

    Got myself a Friday Night at RAH in the Arena so I’ll have to wear my tiara.

    My excitement level is at 11 as long-toothed bloggers will recall I didn’t get tickets for 2006 and have been kicking my own backside ever since. It’ll be great to finally sit down again.

    And special thanks for the heads up and assistance Fed – we’re very lucky not to have to play lucky lotto with the herd.

    1. Bless you for that, Tim. You’ll have a great time (and your tiara will look marvellous, darling).

  57. Hi Fed, thank you so much, wonderful news to brighten up the day!

    Thank you very much indeed David, I can’t wait. Verona Arena (so nice!!) is the nearest place to me, I get in touch with my best friend to get there together like in Venice in August 12th 2006: unforgettable concert.

    I wil certainly back tomorrow…..have a nice day you all, many thanks.

    Bye, ciao

  58. Looking forward to David’s new album and seeing him live again. Got tickets for the Friday gig.

  59. I got an invitation to apply for Crosby, Stills and Nash pre-sale tickets this morning. They are playing several dates in Britain in September !!!!!

    Remember Graham Nash said ages ago that he’d been working with David in the studio ?

    What do you think ? What do you know Fed ? That you’re not telling us ?

    ash, who woke up thinking about The Royal Albert Hall this morning 😀

    1. Hi ash, I see you are going on the 23rd, would be really good to meet up for a chat beforehand. hope you are keeping well.

  60. Will more seats become available at 10 AM on Friday ? A lot of sections for the RAH are already sold out, I’d like to know if this is just because only a limited number of seats are available for pre-sale.

    Thanks !

    1. I have an answer for you, Patrick, but I don’t think you’re going to like it…

      All of the seats have been made available for pre-sale. No more will become available tomorrow morning, although it is possible that returned tickets will go on sale a bit closer to the event. If so, these will be announced.

      1. They are incredibly helpful at the Royal Albert Hall and working hard to deter ticket touts, and no doubt there will be returns as people with more tickets than they need realise they can’t use them and won’t be able to sell them on easily (because they’ll have their names printed on them and you’ll need matching photo ID at the door to get in). It’s just a matter of how many get returned and when – if – they will become available.

        Last time, we were able to let you all know that there were some about to go on sale, which was great. I like to think it will be the same this time.

  61. FeD,

    I expect Album details sooner, rather than later (I have seen artwork etc). What are the chances of an announcement on Friday (6th), our Beloved Leader’s Birthday?

    (He frequently seems to use his Birthday for important announcements.)

  62. Heartbreaking that I cannot attend the RAH shows. Delighted for the folks who can and hopefully there will be a live DVD next year to console myself with.

  63. Looking forward to seeing the man live at the RAH!

    Missed out on the OAI tour having moved abroad. Will not be missing out this time!! 😀

  64. A lovely deja vu; getting tickets to DG at RAH again – nine years later – all thanks to FEd and The Blog!

    Thank you!

  65. This is of course unexpected and amazing news. I remember trying (but as Irregulars later told me… not hard enough) to get tickets for RAH last time. This time was a breeze with thanks to this amazing place.

    Thank you FEd, David and management for the opportunity to pick and choose our seats! I went for most expensive first then realised it was the boxes and I thought that could be too far away. I then went for ‘Best’ but that put me on the second level up at the back of the arena. I then went for arena front and got two seats which didn’t appear to be together. I tried again and got Front Arena B 15 seats 6 and 7 which by all accounts looks pretty good to me so I am happy.

    It’s the most I have ever spend on any tickets to anything ever… but it will be an experience that we will never forget.

    See some of you on the Friday!

    1. I don’t know yet. In all the panic and excitement, I haven’t had a chance to look at tickets, travel, accommodation, etc.

    2. Fed, of course you’ll be there – David will surely want you to repeat that 10 minute spoon solo you just laid down for the album ….

      1. Well, I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but…

        There’s no trumpet, don’t worry.

    3. Oh, I would love to thank you in person, FEd. Martin Sharkey and I will be at the RAH all three nights!

  66. Thank you for sharing good news.

    I’ve just secured my seat at Konig Pilsner Arena Oberhausen Block 1.

    I saw Rush there on their Snakes and Arrows Tour in 2007 and have excellent memories. I hope that this will be even better.

    All the best FED,

  67. This is great! but I can’t order tickets for the show in Germany … the site always says that my cart is empty. 🙁

    I’ll keep trying though.

    1. Ok, now I’ve managed to get a little bit further. 🙂

      I type in my address and whatnot and I click on ‘Payment Options’ (or whatever).

      Sorry, the process could not be completed.
      Your enquiry could not be executed. Please try again later.

      1. Maddening.

        Might it be better to telephone instead? I think it’s probably time to do that now.

    2. The official site says that the pre sale begins tomorrow so wouldn’t it be a little strange to call them to order tickets? (+ I can’t speak German, I’m from Belgium). 😀

      1. You’re right, I don’t know what they’d say. Please try the website again, perhaps using a different browser this time.

      1. Did you get even closer, close enough to complete your order and receive confirmation of your purchase? Please let us know.

  68. Bought 4 tickets yesterday, September 23rd….. now I’m able to speak again… so excited!… and September 14th in Verona Arena too…. 😉

  69. Three nights to the RAH to see God again, yeah! But I’ll sure miss Richard this time around…

  70. From despair to utter joy…My wife just got me tickets to the opening night…..words fail me. I’m a wreck and I’m not even at the gig.

  71. Thank very much, FEd. My ticket booked for the 25th September….yippee….looking forward to it and will make a day out of going around London too….I have not been there for years. Hoping there will be a train back to Birmingham that night…oh well, I will sleep in the street if not…..

    1. That’s the trouble, isn’t it? A cunning way to force people to spend a night in an over-priced hotel when they really want to get home. And they wonder why people use their cars so much.

  72. Tnx FEd… this made my year! I was sure I’d miss David in this lifetime, but this came as a great surprise, and in my home country none the less! Pula, Croatia here we come – got the tix and plans to make it memorable!

    1. It’s going to be great, Goran. Looking forward to hearing from you after the show.

  73. This morning at 8am I picked up my Free Metro at Loughton Station got to page 51 around 08.30 and the advert for the David Gilmour shows at the Royal Albert Hall hit me in the face with a shock.

    Tickets on sale Friday at 10, but will the David Gilmore Blog have a presale went over and over in my head.

    I went on my office Computer at 08.55 and my log on was a very long 5 minutes. Click the David Gilmour website, then click on blog, click R.A.H. site, click 19005; click Wednesday, oh no a Jewish Holiday; click Thursday, no Arena Or Stalls Tickets; click Friday, no Arena but Stalls Block G row 11 just to the side of the stage; book 2 tickets. All over in 5 minutes, now a very happy man.

    Thank you FEd for the link, I will buy you a Coke on the night!

    Old prog rock fan.
    London England.

    1. That’s a very good seat. Congrats!! We’ve got Arena, row 16!!! Incredible!!

  74. Oh…if David needs a second guitarist…..I’m your man……

    Oh come on…..Just joking and silly in my delight of seeing David live……haahahaha.

  75. Thank you so much FEd !

    For a moment there, you had me worried and cross-checking our planned summer vacation … but – hooraaayyy – tickets for the RAH on Friday are booked. 🙂

    Date is on the family calendar, count-down started.

    Oh by the way, we have an excellent excuse for arranging a pre-gig-get-together now, I suppose …

    Impatient already,

  76. Just bought 3 tickets for Florence, me and my friends. Looking forward to seeing Mr Gilmour on stage again!

  77. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! FEd, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you….

  78. First of all, thank you very much for the info and the pre-sale code.

    I’ve just bought my tickets for the RAH.

    I’m from Barcelona and David Gilmour at Teatre Liceo, Barcelona – I think it would be a great venue for a Gilmour concert. Perhaps not big enough for all the Spanish fans. But it would be fantastic here!

  79. Are the tickets for the 25th already sold out? I bought one for the 23rd but I’m getting an error when trying to buy for the 25th.

    1. I have an answer for you:

      They are not sold out, so you shouldn’t be getting an error. Have you tried again, or perhaps telephoned with the pre-sale code? You can purchase tickets over the telephone if you quote the pre-sale code.

  80. I am coming from Hungary with my father, it will be his birthday present. 🙂

    RAH, Friday, circle sector X, 3rd row. I had no clue about the seating plan, I hope these will be decent seats.

    I never thought I will have a chance to ever see him! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the presale links, it would be impossible to get tickets tomorrow!

  81. OMG FEd, I cant thank you enough, got my tickets for the 23rd, would be bouncing off the walls if I wasn’t in my wheelchair! You’re a star.

  82. Regarding the RAH dates and the checking of ID (a good thing). As an old fart who does not have a current Passport nor a Photo type driving licence, do you know what documents would suffice to prove that I am who I think I am?

    1. Good question, Roger. Do you have anything with your photograph on, such as a library card? I’m not even sure it needs to be photographic ID, so I will check with the venue.

      1. Ah. Then that could be a problem because I’m told that photo ID is required by the Royal Albert Hall. This could be an expired passport, if it didn’t expire too long ago. Any good?

        It could be a photo with an endorsement from a doctor…

  83. The blog calendar has been updated and I just noticed that it’s Susan’s birthday today. I just think she would have been so happy to see David once again, didn’t she travel from the US to England to see him in 2006? I remember a beautiful photo of her in the blog gallery.

    Bisous, Susan, wherever you are.

  84. Thanks FED. Still in hospital but will recover very fast, now that I know there are tickets waiting for me.

  85. Really pleased to have tickets for London way up in the circle. This should be wonderful. I just hope the sound techs can compensate for the notoriously odd acoustics of the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences.

  86. I only switched the computer on to wish David a very Happy Birthday only to discover he’s given us the best present we could have. Thank you so much Fed and see you at RAH.

    Please though wish David a fantastic birthday I’d love to buy him a drink cos I know for sure I NEED ONE!!!!!

    Thanks so much.

    Best wishes

  87. The code worked and I have got tickets, it will be my third time seeing David at RAH. Last time was the 50th Anniversary of the Strat!

  88. Woohoo – this will be cheaper than last time I saw DG at the RAH. In 2006 I travelled from Sydney to see the concert. This time I live in London so am much closer (then again, I might have to pay for my brother and nephew to fly over as they have never seen DG in concert).

    Tickets now booked and excitement growing.

  89. Thank you, FEd, for passing along the exciting news! I’m so happy for all of the Irregular extended family members in Europe who have gotten their golden tickets. 🙂

    The new art work on the home page is just gorgeous and agree that it would make a fantastic poster.

    Sounds like we’ll be hearing more about the new album and everything associated with it over the next few months which should keep you quite busy, eh FEd? As much as I enjoy reading your posts on various subjects ranging from intensely serious to randomly whimsical, I happily anticipate future posts that will include details on the music that David has been creating. It’s going to be a lovely ride, isn’t it?

    It’s nice to see old Irregular friends back on the blog such as Emilio and Ian (Glassman) Pearson–so happy to hear that they were able to get their tickets! A phrase that kept running through my head yesterday was “we’re getting the band back together!” 😀 All this while I was getting ready for my grandson’s 8th birthday party, his present being an electric guitar with amp. A happy day, needless to say!

    Peace and love to everyone ~

    1. I just hope Gabrielle you get to see him over the pond, I know your passion for our man David.

  90. so i was thinking as an old irregular, hopefully some may remember me, lol. who is going on 23rd? it would be good to meet up with some old irregulars like 2006.

    fed, thank you so much.

  91. Well, it just gets better! Looks like me and a friend will be going to the Orange gig too. Woo, hoo! Sorry, am I being a just bit greedy?

  92. I just gotta have FAITH that David will tour in the USA. If he does so, it’s a very good bet that he’ll play New York!! And that would be beyond absolutely wonderful.

    If he decides to play smaller markets in beautiful old theaters, might I recommend Proctors Theater in the New York State city of Schenectady? Built in 1926 as a vaudeville theater, Proctors was designed to be grand. They just do not build theaters like this anymore. It was lovingly restored in 1998 to its original splendor, and the entire backstage area (dressing rooms, etc) were torn down and completely replaced in the mid 2000s. This past summer, it underwent another restoration.

    It is a beautiful theater, and would be perfect for David to come to.

  93. Thank you so much for this! I’m from South Africa, living in London and never thought I’d get a chance to see David perform live. I’ve just bought two tickets and I’m absolutely elated.

  94. I’m very happy for the fans that are going to the European shows. This is a very exciting time. David always gives back to the fans.

    Can’t wait for the new record.

  95. Thanks so much for the heads up. I was so excited to read this announcement. Heading to Florence, thank goodness for Google Translation. I’m trying to get tix to RAH and Verona… but I’m not familiar with the seating assignments. Stay tuned. It’s going to be the best vacation ever!

    Again THANKS.

  96. Can’t thank you enough for this FEd – I got tickets for the Friday and am absolutely delighted! Haven’t managed to seen him play live since PF performed ‘The Wall’ at Earls court in 81. SO happy that I’ll see him again this September!

  97. Thank you FEd! Thanks to you and David, I was able to reserve two nights for the RAH run. I am grateful for your help in securing excellent seating as I am coming from the States, it would have been an inconvenience to be up at a weird hour trying to get through the general on sale.

    As the anticipation builds toward September, I am looking forward to regularly following your blog and reading more of your great posts!

  98. I want to say a massive thanks to you fed for dealing with us old irregulars, does not seem that long ago I was at abbey road for acoustic echoes or is time playing with my advancing years? hope I did not break the rules by saying in early message it would be good to meet up again with irregulars. x

    thanks again from this old irregular. i’ve been busy but this blog has always been close to my heart. x

    1. Hello Simon. 🙂 My daughter and I are going on 23rd and 24th. I’m agonising over whether to try to get tickets for the Friday as well! It seems like a lot of us bloggers are going on Friday. Or it could be that that is the only day jumping off the page at me (I’m not going mad or anything Fed but this is all your fault*).

      I hope once the frenzy dies down, we can talk about how to meet up with people we’ve met here. 🙂

      *Now Fed. It’s your fault if we don’t buy tickets to the correct night to meet up with blog friends. You should have told us beforehand so we could sort it out among ourselves. When I see you I’ll give you a good telling off while I buy you a drink. 😀


  99. Hi Everyone. I am absolutely delighted to have gotten a ticket for one of the RAH shows! Thanks so much for the pre sale opportunity.

    I will be coming down from Doncaster and am currently trying to work out if I would make the last train home from King’s Cross at 23.30. This would mean catching the 23.00 tube from South Kensington. Does anyone know if the RAH has a curfew time? Would the concert be finished for 22.45? Any help appreciated!

    Cheers. Andrew

    1. I think you might be cutting it fine, Andrew, but you should be able to make it. I’d expect to be out of there by no later than half ten. I’ll let someone with more local knowledge offer their thoughts, though.

  100. Hi Fed! Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on the presale! Very excited and looking forward to this whole adventure starting up again!

    See you all there!


  101. anyone knows how many tickets were put on sale in presale? a percentage or something similar?

  102. Just would like to thank you again Fed, without you we would have gotten our tickets, you are the bestest! And please make sure that you also get some tickets!

    Looking forward so much to those exciting shows!

  103. Fed, if David does come to the states will we be able to get a chance to get presale tickets?


  104. Fed: will Nick Mason be a part of the tour?

    Jon Carin on keyboards I expect. 🙂

    Tell David we want to listen the new stuff but dont forget the Floyd gems. I´m going with friends all the way from Portugal to see him in one of the best venues in the world. Majestic.

    1. It’s too early to speculate, Pedro. All will be revealed soon. Let them get the album finished first.

  105. I’m as excited as I am curious for this. I ordered my tickets for Florence through these links. Thing is a friend of mine went straight trough ticketone to order his tickets and it said he can’t preorder before Friday. Since the show in Florence is almost sold out, will people not going through this site’s links not be able to find tickets? I mean if they dont know about this site and they just wait for tomorrow’s opening for ordering, will they be up for a big surprise of a lack of tickets?

  106. Well, every dog has its day. 🙂

    I had a lot of trouble back in 2006 with Gilmour tickets and I’m glad he decided to avoid that fuss for me and bring the gig to my country. I guess he is getting older and wiser. Hehe.

    Huuuge thanks!

    Bran from Croatia

  107. Brilliant – thank you very much. Managed to get 3 tickets for Friday’s RAH show.

    This will be the first time our 15 year old son, Jamie will get to see David. The first CD Jamie bought was DSOTM, shortly followed by the purchase of a Black Strat (replica) and now he will get the chance to see and hear the real thing live.

  108. Cheers Fed. Thanks again for the pre sale. I had the same dilemma last year when I went to the Kate Bush show at Hammersmith Odeon. I had to leave half way through the last song!

    I will see if I have any more replies – may have to stay over rather than have to leave before the end.


    1. It’s a total pain. You pay all that money for various tickets and have to leave early to rush to some station.

      I’m in the same boat. No way do I want to stay the night in the Metropolis and wake to the sound of sirens or drilling and then rush to a station. Bah.

  109. I’m absolutely thrilled beyond belief to have secured 2 x tickets for 23rd at RRH. (Thanks Fed for pre-sale information and code.) As with comments from a previous post, I never thought I would see David live and testament that the good lord works in mysterious ways…..shine on you crazy diamond!!!!!!! JC

  110. Absolutley thrilled and bouncing around the room like a two year old. Yes, got two tickets for the RAH and superb tickets they are too. Many thanks to this site for making it possible for real fans to see David live.

    Just listening makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up so god only knows what will happen in September.

  111. For those asking for additional tickets, I just saw VIP tickets offered on the RAH website for all 3 dates, however not sure if they are also all sold out, since I couldnt do any booking. It said maybe sold out or sale hasn’t begun yet.

    1. Not until this (Friday) morning. As stated up top, tickets go on general sale on Friday morning.

  112. My happiness chip just blew up. Got ticks for the thurs gig at rah. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Just randomly thought I’d hop on the blog and BAM. *faints*

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. And best wishes for David’s birthday!

    Going to take my dad this time…the concert happens to be his birthday!

  113. hello FEd

    hope all is well at DGHQ?

    I won’t be able to go, mum’s not too well, somehow I got turned into a 24hr carer, go figure

    anyways I just wanted to wish Mr Gilmour a very happy birthday!

    hope there’s plenty of cake to go round

    all the best

    1. That’s a shame, mate. As wonderful as we all know the concerts will be, there are more important things in life than music – starting with family. My very best wishes to your mum.

  114. I am transported back to 2006. The love here is growing. Already my partner Julie has told me to shut the hell up many times. She is coming with me, only ever seen Take That so this will be her first concert.

    I am hoping for some tracks from his first two solo albums; we had a bonus with that other album last month but this is the one I have been waiting for, a solo album surpasses for me any release he could do with his old band, it’s always been about David for me.

    I have just been asked when I will grow out of my obsession with David’s music, which in itself is a silly question.

  115. Yes!! Got my tickets for RAH 23/09/15. My Dad will be well chuffed, as he missed the last shows in 2006 and has gone on for years about seeing David live. Can’t wait to break the news to him that he has a ticket!!

    Thanks FEd.

  116. Glad to see David is back on the road and looking forward to the new CD. Thanks for giving fans a shot at getting some advanced tickets. That’s really nice!

  117. Dear FEd.

    It is wonderful to feel the excitement from other bloggers buying their tickets. The enthusiasm is contagious even though I am not able to buy a ticket. I feel joyful reading the happiness of fellow bloggers. I think it is very kind that bloggers got first chance at the tickets. I love the way you are responding to the inquiries. It is such a joyous event.

    A happy Blogger, Suzy.

  118. I am going to Oberhausen and all the concerts at the RAH, is there a possibility to meet David? I saw him last tour 6 times (3 times at the RAH, 2 times in Amsterdam and in Hamburg. I hope he is playing Echoes again.


  119. Totally amazing!

    This was on my Bucket List and I got 2 x great seats at RAH on the 25th.

    Many, many thanks for your help FEd.

  120. Sold out for RAH according to their site. Very impressed but not suprised.

  121. Tried but amazingly all tickets sold out before 10am. Can only buy through over inflated second chance offers – what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We’re aware of this, Michael, and looking into it. I’m sorry you’re disappointed.

    2. Not just disappointed but saddened that the only tickets available are £400 plus. Surely with such demand two extra nights would still not be sufficient. True fans cannot get fair price tickets. Why not try a different venue – WEMBLEY? Or more venues across the country?

      It really saddens me that tickets are available to such sites who clearly abuse the price. Maybe the authorities should look into this.

  122. I think, that Germany is such a big country, that needs more than one concert. There should be more, maybe in Berlin?

    Remember that in Poland Gilmour has fans too! Poland loves you David.

    I hope that you will make more events.

  123. Tying into the whole reduction of a carbon footprint, wouldn’t it be cool if one of the RAH shows were satellite broadcast live to other locations? For example, New York!!

    It was done for the Gdansk release.

    It would be the next best thing to being there.


    1. We can hope – maybe the right person will be reading the Blog? It seemed to work well last time …

  124. For all the friends who are planning to buy tickets in Florence, please be careful. I’m Italian and there’s no theatre at “Le Muline”. It’s an old Hippodrome…

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your confirmation. I’m French and I bought tickets for Firenze.

      I’m very surprised and disappointed about this area.

      I didn’t want believe it… David could choose another place. Why this one?

      It’s just an hippodrome. I’ve got the same close to my house… I don’t understand… Europe is big, isn’t it??

      Anyway… Thank you. 😉


  125. Thanks indeed for the early heads up. My friend and I will be there on the Friday.

    Excited – yep, just a little.

  126. Yessss! One night in Arena di Verona and another one in Hoberhausen Germany… a dream come true!!!!

  127. Hate so called tickets sellers. Just seen a famous site selling tickets up to £800.

    Please fellow irregulars, don’t be tempted. Hopefully you all took advantage of pre sales, if not the temptation to go to one of these sites will be overpowering. Hold fire and hope for exra dates (you never know).

    If illegal downloads are killing music then surely these criminals are killing the live event.

    1. I just hope RAH sticks to its policy of checking ID to beat these criminals. From memory of last OAI tour the same policy was in place, I took my passport but never got checked, just waved in.

  128. Booked this morning from Frankfurt for the Saturday Concert at RAH. Seen David and of course Rick 9 years ago in Frankfurt Alte Oper. Was unforgettable. I still remember these moments very well.

    I am very, very happy. Thanks David for coming out again. Happy Birthday and stay healthy.

  129. But on the DG homepage it does list two additional nights at RAH were added in October.

    Are the irregulars missing that announcement? Are those dates on sale already and sold out as well?


    1. Message from the Royal Albert Hall:

      Please note that all performances of David Gilmour are now sold out. Please check back for returns closer to the time.

      Be fair, we had to give other people a chance after the pre-sale.

  130. Oh look another ‘old’ irregular comes out of the woodwork. 🙂

    Thanks to a heads up on Wednesday we were able to secure seats for myself and my son and a wheelchair space for Louise for the RAH! Can’t wait, the memories of last time still very fresh including a mad mad meeting with Guy Pratt that some will recall! Great also to browse through this thread and see so many familiar names – hope you’re all fine and dandy and no doubt see a few of you in September!

    1. Oh we will FEd. 🙂 First time for my youngest son seeing David – he’s now nearly 20 and is studying music at BIMM in Brighton, having played a Pink Floyd piece in his audition when he was 17 ……. no idea where the inspiration for that came from. 😉

  131. Oh my god!!!! My 7 year old daughter just saw a jumbo with David Gilmour in our town Celje for concert in Pula. I was driving her to the music scool and she said: “Look mummy, there’s David!” And I was like, yeah, right! I was checking if there’s something new three days ago, and there was nothing. I could not believe it. But now I am crying, the tickets have been sold out. I have been waiting for a tour for years and now I am soooo dissapointed. I was crying all the way home.

    What to do? Will there be any new dates?

  132. I found some online. Few tickets available from 153-297 dollars. Someone makes real profit on fans. Great.

  133. As I said, I tried to get into the sales 9 years ago as well, no luck.

    I then got the chance to buy two tickets at eBay for my PF-friend and myself for the closing gig at RAH. We then got the news that all tickets would be checked at the ticket office, by name… So we had to cancel the whole trip. The guy we bought the tickets from was honest enough to refund the money.

    Anyway, no David Gilmour show…

    So now I tried again. For the shows in Orange (Fra), Oberhausen (Ger) and the shows at RAH. Bad luck… Again…

    Now I only needed ONE single ticket, as my PF-friend passed away 3 years ago…

    If there would be any opportunity…

  134. Looking on the Royal Albert Hall calendar there is nothing showing for 5th-7th October keeping fingers crossed for a few further dates being announced, as I am gutted I didn’t get tickets today.

  135. Hi FEd! Long time, no chat. Hope all’s well with you. Glad to hear all this news of albums and tours. I trust we will get pre-sale news should there be a US tour? Cheers!


    1. Oh yes, I’m sure we would do the same in the event of another tour somewhere else, somewhere down the line.

  136. Hi!

    Yeah… just found the ticket confirmation in my mailbox. 🙂

    And a look to the homepage of the Arena Oberhausen:

    Sold out!!! Timestamp March 6th 1:30pm.

    1. … and thanks to FEd’s generosity my wife and I will be enjoying the event from the first row. The tickets already arrived today and how nice they look…

  137. Florence 15th September will be a good one I think as it’s the anniversary of Richard Wright’s passing. 🙁

  138. FEd,

    Are you surprised we haven’t seen any posts yet begging David to come to Brazil?

    Ah, the old memories of the busy, busy blog are flooding back to me now.


    Have you sharpened that pointy stick again?


    1. Oh, it’s still very early. Give it time.

      I will have it sharpened good, don’t you worry.

    2. Ooo I remember them requests, lol. I also remember your pointy stick Fed, lol. i’m sure you have upgraded said pointy stick by now. maybe you are using an adapted selfie stick. God, I hate them, lol.

  139. Hi FEd,

    I managed to catch 6 shows on the 2006 tour in New York, London and Venice. Due to the panic I got a single stalls tix on 24th until I managed to get some pairs for 25th and 23rd. I’m quite happy to also go on 24th but equally I’d be happy to exchange for cost for anyone that missed out. RAH said it is not possible to pass the tix for the 24th on. Do you think there would be a mechanism for fan ticket exchange arrangements which could bypass the T&C’s on named tix/IDs before the shows?

    1. You could try asking the Royal Albert Hall to take it back and give you your money back. If enough people do this, a batch of tickets will become available for sale again at some point. I’d try that if I were you.

    2. Hi Nige,

      or you can spare that ticket for me indeed – would make a DG and PF fan very happy… 🙂 Right, FEd?

      1. But not if the ticket has his name on it and they turn you away at the door because you can’t provide matching ID.

  140. Hi FEd

    I did ask the RAH this today and they were not interested so I guess I’ll be doing 3 shows which is not by any means a problem. Hopefully David will mix it up a bit although the 6 shows in 2006 were pretty much the same apart from the additional guests at RAH, some additional songs after Syd’s untimely passing and the 2nd Venice show.

    1. That’s a pity, Nige. I’m surprised to hear it, but appreciate you letting me know.

      Enjoy yourself, however many shows you end up going to.

  141. All the venues are in beautiful places. I was in Verona in May and I will have to admit that North America does not compete in atmosphere nor historical gravitas.

    I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys these shows.

    Toronto cannot compete but still, people here are nice, polite and really enjoy good music.

    Lots of things to see if there is time off in between dates:

    1. Stratford Festival (my home town) world class theatre with swans on the river.
    2. Elmira/St. Jacob’s – farmer’s markets with old order mennonites some of whom still use horse drawn carriages.
    3. Niagara Falls. Natural wonder, can’t be beat.

    The preceding has been a shot at enticing DG to consider expanding the older gentleman tour.


  142. I was VERY excited to see David going on tour again. I started really digging into Pink Floyd in my junior year of high school. I didnt get On an Island till 2007, but I have always said I would do whatever it takes to see my #1 bucket list concert…

    Well, I didnt have that dream come true today. I really dropped the ball on this one. I woke up at 3:45 am CST to be ready for tickets at 10 am your time, and I missed out on tickets to RAH. 🙁

    With how FEd is wording things, it seems like David could be coming over to our next of the woods? I really hope this is the case, but if it isnt… Will you be telling us on here about extra tickets that came back to RAH? I am from Iowa, was ready to make all the arrangements today/this morning to come over to the UK. Any info would be much appreciated.

    And if he doesnt come to the US, or I dont get a ticket for the Europe tour… we will always have the music.

    1. Hard luck, Andrew. Here’s hoping you’ll have better luck next time.

      If I’m told that the Royal Albert Hall will be releasing returns and when they intend to do so, although now I’m concerned that they’ve taken some people’s tickets back but not Nige’s, we will let you know as soon as possible.

  143. I hope the management of David read this comment!

    In Italy tickets are sold out from this morning, but some sites sell them in large quantities at exorbitant prices! Up to 2000 (two thousand) euros for one ticket. Of course the responsibility is not yours but of those who have managed the presales in Italy.

    1. I share your frustration, Dario. Believe me, this is being investigated by David’s Management.

      1. I am angry, frustrated and furious at the thought that my passion for music and for David to be manipulated by impostors and people who just try to speculate on the passions of others. Online, concert tickets for Italy, were already sold on non-official sites, before the official channels would open the store. It is not possible that nowadays is still create such situations and that nobody can take the situation under control.

        I waited for this moment for a lifetime. And because of touts and impostors will not be able to achieve it! 🙁

    2. I hope David plans another tour date in Italy because, like said Dario and others, there’s an incredibile reselling of many tickets up to 200 until 4000 (!!) euros, beginned a few minutes after the end of ordinary selling! Another one date, why not with quantitative limits to individual selling, will be a wonderful thing for the genuine Italians and European fans.

      Many thanks.

  144. I would like to tell you about my experience in 2013 in a concert in the RAH. It was Mark Knopfler.

    My son and I travelled from Barcelona. We’ve got only 1 ticket for the concert. We bought it on resale. It was for my son, 16 years old, that has never seen MK in concert. We took a taxi to the RAH, and I left him there. Then I went for a walk in Hyde Park, by the Albert Hall Memorial, when a middle-aged couple, like me, asked me if I would like to attend the concert. They have 3 tickets and his friend couldn’t come. They told me that it was to don’t losing the money, they don’t want to pay profit at all. I offer them 50 pounds, the list price I think it was 56 or something. A fair price, I think.

    So I enter with them to the show. We were in the second tier boxes. Just 5 people. It was fantastic.

  145. Finally I got tickets for 2 shows – OBERHAUSEN, Germany (2nd row FOS) and LONDON, UK for the Friday show on 25. Sept. – THANKS AGAIN FEd for this infos before the public sales!!!

    Best wishes, Pete from Germany

  146. Over the (dark side of the) moon to have secured a ticket for Thursday 24 September gig! Saw David at the Glasgow Armadillo for the 2006 tour … fantastic. Have to venture from Scotland to RAH for this one … no sweat though, well worth the travel. Thanks so much for the heads up re. the pre-sales – the code worked a dream.

    I really feel for everyone who’s been left out in the cold by the sneaky premium ticket touting firms. I had to get my 2006 tickets through eBay and paid a fortune. So pleased to have secured a face-value ticket this time round and can’t wait to embark on my RAH adventure in September.

    Anyone else migrating from Scotland for the show/s?

    1. I’m travelling down from Glasgow with my son for the 1st night gig at RAH (10;55 flight to LCY) and staying o/night hotel near north side of Hyde Park. Anyone else from Glasgow on this flight?

      Btw FEd, thanks so very much for the presale code. I missed out in 2006 so this goes some way to make up for for that – Shine On You Crazy Diamonds!

  147. Fed,

    I am getting misty eyed over all the irregular flock coming back to roost. I am so very happy that most of you got superlative seats. So many names I haven’t heard in ages each bringing a smile or two over good memories at the Imperial pub in 06.

    Cheers, Howard

    P.S. I can’t believe it Fed, close to 10 years ago. Can you?

  148. Very grateful not only that Mr. Gilmour is still out there making music but that he is still peaking and attaining new plateaus as an artist long after most of his peers stopped making relevant music 30 years ago.

    The question yet remains: How many instruments will he master in this lifetime?

    Listening to The Division Bell 5.1 today, watching my cat sit beside me in Sphinx like position, eyes squinted, ears rotating like radar dishes picking up signals far outside the human range…

    Praying to The Gods for an American Tour somewhere down the road….

  149. I take my hat off to David and his management team for the handling of the ticket sales. Considering its a demand that can never be fully satisfied, it would appear that the vast majority of tickets have gone to genuine fans at face value.

    On that note, I wonder why genuine fans buy tickets for more than one night when they are denying another genuine fan of a chance to see David live. Just a thought.

  150. I hate Italy. Thousands of fans haven’t been able to buy the tickets because they’ve been finished in a few minutes. After about 10 minutes from the close of the OFFICIAL presales of Ticketone, lots of tickets were (and ARE!!!!) sold in other websites with prices from 200€ or so, to almost 3000€.

    That’s not correct, I’m disgusted about it.

  151. Hello everyone. Long time fan, new blog member.

    Does anyone have a link that would show me pictures of the theater in Florence? I am trying to decide which show I will see (Verona, Florence, Orange). Sadly, I will have to pay resale as I missed the presale – unless someone on here has an extra ticket. 🙂

    1. No tickets here, sorry.

      No link to the Florence venue over on the Live Dates page, I notice. I’ve looked but all I see are endless pages of sites reselling tickets. How depressing.

      Sorry I can’t be of any help.

      1. Thank you for responding. I went ahead and bought a pair for Verona. Amazing venue and most affordable resale of all shows. If prices go down, or strays become available, I will consider Florence. I will also keep my fingers crossed for US dates. If that happens, I hope there will be a presale since I missed this one. 🙁

  152. Yo FEd,

    Many thanks for the heads up on Europe.

    I saw David at Gdansk and then I flew from Denmark where I was working at the time. This time a buddy and I are heading to Verona from Warwick to see David play! Three days of Italian culture, food and drink with Gilmour sandwiched in the middle should be exceptional. I believe that we’ll be able to see the Verona Arena from the hotel’s rooftop jacuzzi so I’m hoping for some soundcheck action too. That’s not enough for me, monster telephone perseverance has also found four of us in a box at the Albert Hall on 3rd October.

    Keep up the brilliant blogging!

  153. Come al solito in Italia funziona tutto in maniera mafiosa, anche questa volta non potro assistere al Tuo concerto i biglietti sono stati venduti a dei bagarini e li rivendono a prezzi enormi.

    Buon tour David. :))

  154. Hi

    I’m a little confused, as when I tried to book tickets in ANY of the locations that Eventim are listed as “not available” however it’s not sold out. I was trying to get tickets to Oberhausen (nearest to Sweden you see) and during the time that I could see the seating charts, the seating wasn’t even quarter sold out…..any idea on what’s happening there? Eventim have been refusing to give any further information on the tickets, nice folks they are.

  155. please, i looking for 2 tickets for david gilmour tour. can somebody help me please?

  156. why, why, I ask myself why is this possible?! real fans of music, real fans of gilmour, remain without tickets, when we follow you from first albums, and then I see this bastards selling tickets on this prices. this is not fair! I was waiting to see mr.gilmour playing and now I’m crying, sorry but I am so angry… i wish you wonderful and amazing shows and hope to see you if there are going to be some more dates.

    by “this bastards” I mean people selling tickets on internet 10 or 20 times more than the first price that you made, that is not ok!

    rock n’ roll to everybody.

  157. Stefan from Romania here. A long-time Floyd and Gilmour fan, I’m so glad that I managed to buy presale tickets for Firenze 2 hours after I saw the announcement here. Thank you!

    Looking forward for the show – this is my biggest dream come true. I was also lucky enough to see Mr. Waters’s “The Wall” in Bucharest a while ago. There were rumours about a possible date in Romania – do you have any info about such a possibility? The Bontida Castle in Cluj-Napoca was mentioned…

    1. That’s a good rumour, but that’s all it is. I’ve not heard that one before.

      Enjoy yourself in Florence.

      1. Oh, one other thing: I was also lucky enough to be able to share my passion for Floyd with the fans here by conducting an interview last November with Mr. Andy Jackson himself. My hopes are up for a possible similar action as far as David is concerned, but so far I did not succeed in finding the right channel to place my request. Any clues? 🙂

        1. Sorry, no. You’d have to get in line behind me. David doesn’t like interviews much.

    2. Hello, Stefan. Do you have any information on the venue in Florence (street address, etc.)? I cannot find a link for it on the internet.

  158. Dear all

    I am Brazilian but currently living in NYC.

    I failed to see Gilmour’s tour in 2006 and never being able to forgive myself.

    Now, I failed once again on buying the European tour. Tried the day after. It was sold out already.

    I am really hoping he will come to the USA or anywhere else that I could have the opportunity to see him play.

    Any news about further dates?

  159. I really feel awful for the folks who were unable to score seats for the 2015 European Tour, really do. I have never seen David live and because of this incredibly wonderful website, was able to get some tickets and am in a solid state of jubilation. Just keep getting these whirl wind of emotional outbreaks of pure excitement rummaging throughout my body and I can’t escape it. I just want to run to the highest mountain top and scream at the top of my lungs…”I’m going to see Mr. David Gilmour LIVE at some of the most beautiful venues in the world.”

    People, can you hear me??? There’s only one thing that’s going to help and that’s six months away. I’m outta control and I can’t breathe!

  160. When I told my daughter I’d got tickets to see David, she said “thanks”. She didn’t say her usual, “that’s nice, who are you going with?” :))


  161. Hi There,

    I wish that every one has a fantastic time seeing Gilmour on stage.

    Unfortunately I missed last tour and I am having a very hard time dealing that I may have missed this 2015 tour right now as well.

    I ask, from the bottom of my heart, that if there is any further dates if someone can contact me please… I am a Doctor and when I checked March 8 everything was sold out already. I used to check his website every 3 or 5 days! I can not forgive myself.

    FEd, is there any light for me? Anything coming? US tour? More Europe?

    1. I feel you…. I really hate myself for not checking this site earlier…. maybe they’ll make a DVD out of it… it will take a lot of time before I can look at it because than you’ll see what an awesome show you’ve missed.

      Let’s hope there will be a tour next year!!!!

      1. Don’t worry D, I missed out on the 2006 tour and I’ve just about got over it now ….. but I was glad to watch the DVD all the same.

        Give “Remember that Night” a play … it’s worth it every time.

  162. Do you think he will expand his tour? I’m from Holland and was too late to buy any tickets…. 🙁 I’m so mad at myself for not checking your site much earlier… can I sign up for a newsletter or something so I can be up to date and wont miss a thing?

    I hope you write me FEd! 🙂

    1. Oow I see your latest comment…. really nothing more? There is nothing you can do about it? 🙁

  163. Dear David and management. I am sorry this is a double post but before I am afraid I replied to a birthday wish and I also had more to add. So I appreciate my voice being able to be heard.

    I know this comment will be disagreed with by many readers but I think many will agree as well.

    I am begging you to remove your restrictions for ticket sales on the secondary market. While I applaud your attempt to make a impact with this global issue, I disagree with it in this particular case for the following reasons:

    The first reason being that your tickets went on sale just a few days after announcing your tour. Thousands if not millions of fans had no idea you were going on tour never mind that tickets were going on sale. While I am thankful and excited you are touring again, I find announcing tour dates only days before a ticket sale not very fan friendly.

    Many of those tickets were sold to buyers on the secondary ticket market anyways and many people are selling tickets despite your restrictions. You are actually doing more damage then good because of your restrictions, it is raising the demand and cost of tickets on the market.

    If you want to make an impact with the secondary ticket touts this is a campaign you work on for years. You are risking empty seats and not allowing the real fans into the building while not making any real impact on a huge global issue. The only impact you are having right now is driving prices up and scaring the fans that are buying them into thinking they will not be able to enter.

    I did not know about the tour until 24 hours after tickets were sold out and I personally know of many more like me. I listen to the main classic rock station in Boston from 5 am in the morning until 8pm at night during work and commute. Not one single word was spoken about the tour and I have still not heard a peep about. The shame about American media is, if it is not happening here they do not talk about it. I am a 65 year old carpenter and the internet is not a daily event for me. I only log on for the basics and to follow my interests such as David.

    There is one positive that the secondary ticket market brings for fans. We have plenty of time to save up and buy tickets at our leisure. I would like to attend 2 or 3 Royal Albert Hall shows but being a blue collar guy this would take me months to be able to afford especially because of travel costs from the States. I am horrified to work my butt off to afford something like this only to be turned away at the door when I arrive. I have not missed a single tour David has been a part of since 1973 and I do not want to miss this one because of a stand against a business structure.

    Please remove the restrictions so we can buy our tickets without fear of not being allowed into the building.

    Please announce more tour dates with a longer duration between the announcement and the ticket sale date and leave the restrictions and this fight to musicians who tour often.

    Doing this will put more real fans into the seats, otherwise the fans who did get tickets will be sitting next to the touts who do not care about you like we do.

    This fight against the ticket touts is better served for the younger bands touring consistently out there. Restrictions for a legend like David that could prohibit fans that have been following him some for 50 years is not a good stand. If you would like to make a real impact with this issue how about starting up a group of artists to speak out about it and play a commission type role? The younger artists out there would follow leaders like David and Pete Townshend, and Paul McCartney.

    That is all I wanted to say. I beg you to consider removing the restrictions so ticket prices drop and your real fans do not have to fear wasting money to be turned away at the door. I also beg you to consider coming back to the USA. We do not have any Roman theatres but the venues you played at in 2006 was a amazing experience. Even if you only played one date on each coast like Radio City NY and Los Angeles, it would be good enough for many of us. Just give us a little taste please. I must see you one last time to complete this long beautiful romance with your music.

    Thanks for considering.

    1. Thank you for this post. It has angered me to see people with tickets telling those of us without tickets that we should take a stand against touts and not buy resale. So I said heck with that and bought resale for Verona and Florence. Yes, I am disgusted at the mark-up. But life is short and I want to see him play. As you said, not all of us are glued to our computer. So this is the only way some of us are able to see him.

      Best of luck making it a show!

  164. … it would be nice that David would add a date in Italy on 13 or 16 September as the tickets are gone. 🙁

  165. I wonder if anyone is travelling to the Pula show from London scheduled for Saturday 12th Sep, and if so what flight(s) they have managed to find to fit with the concert schedule. I can only find one return flight on the Saturday on Thomson Airways which arrives too late and is also £916.00 return from LGW.

    Any replies welcome.


    1. I’m coming over from Canada via London then Brussels then Pula. Ryanair has a cheap direct flight from Brussels to Pula on the Friday, so if you take the Eurostar or a plane to Brussels you should be able to do it all at a fairly reasonable rate.

  166. Hey,

    I have bought tickets for one of David’s concerts in London, and I need to show my credit card to pick up the tickets. My problem is, that I have lost my card a few days ago, so I won’t be able to show it in September. Do you know what I can do?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. First, don’t worry.

      I’d take the new card, along with a recent statement that shows the card number of the card that’s missing. I’m sure that will be acceptable. If you’re still worried, you could always e-mail the Royal Albert Hall (or tweet) and I’m sure they’ll set your mind at ease.

  167. Hey there FEd

    We are from South Africa and we booked tickets for the show David Gilmour is having on the 12th of September in Croatia.

    On requesting information to verify if our order was received and sending through all the information we did receive on payment of the tickets, we are not receiving much help from EVENTIM…

    The money definitely went off from our account as follows:


    Is there any way that you can assist us in finding out what’s going on? We bought the ticket through davidgilmour.com, but according to EVENTIM they didn’t receive the booking even though we received the order number…..

    We’ll be shattered if something went wrong and we can’t attend, as we did all we should from our side… Trying all avenues to find out what’s going on – and you seem like a miracle worker according to all these comments….


    1. Hi Leone,

      I’ve tried e-mailing you but there seems to be a problem with your e-mail address.

      Please can you check that, maybe provide another address, and above all, please let me know the name and e-mail address used to order these tickets, as well as the name exactly as it appears on the card you used to pay? Thanks.

  168. Hi Fed,

    So further to my last post about David being at a Steven Wilson gig in London recently, it has just been announced that Steven is now playing 2 dates at the Royal Albert Hall on the 28 and 29 September……….right in the middle of David’s 5 nights at the venue.

    Now I may be adding 2+2 to equal 7 but I can’t help thinking that maybe Steven is involved in David’s new album in some way. Lot of coincidences going on here.

  169. Hi to all,

    I’m here to let you know the sad ticket situation in Italy.

    In the Gilmour official site is written that all dates are sold-out. It’s not true. In Italy some bad business people bought several tickets at the right price and now are reselling it at crazy prices.

    It’s a shame. I hope that the organizers cancel the concerts in Italy.

    Here is a petition against this shameful behavior.

    For 20 years that I follow Gilmour, I learned to play guitar thanks to him, in my head every single note, at 11:01 am truly sorry that was not able to buy a ticket to see him one last time but most are very angry about the Italian mafia behavior on tickets.

    I hope something happens to justice.

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