Happy Birthday

It’s been a tough few days for this old Blog, so it’s taking a short weekend break to get patched up and its batteries recharged.

Thank you for all your kind messages (you big softies). We’re most definitely feeling the love, don’t you worry about that.

Back soon and missing you already,

It’s David’s birthday today.

I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in wishing him a very happy one.

Happy Birthday, David. Enjoy yourself.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

94 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. Thank you for all the bountiful gifts you have given us over the years and continue to give us. All we can offer in return is our love, our loyalty, and our utmost respect.

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a year filled with an abundance of joy!

    1. Dear David and management.

      I know this comment will be disagreed with by many readers but I think many will agree as well.

      I am begging you to remove your restrictions for ticket sales on the secondary market. While I applaud your attempt to make a impact with this global issue, I disagree with it in this case for the following reasons:

      The first reason being that your tickets went on sale just a few days after announcing your tour. Thousands if not millions of fans had no idea you were going on tour never mind that tickets were going on sale. While I am thankful and excited you are touring again, I find announcing tour dates only days before a ticket sale stupid. Many of those tickets were sold to the secondary ticket market anyways and many people are selling tickets anyways. You are actually doing more damage then good because of your restrictions you are raising the demand and cost of tickets on the market. If you want to make an impact on the secondary ticket touts this is a campaign you work on for years. You are risking empty seats and not allowing the real fans into the building while not making any real impact on a huge global issue. I did not know about the tour until 24 hours after tickets were sold out and I personally know of many more like me.

      Please remove the restrictions so we can buy our tickets without fear of not being allowed into the building. Please announce more tour dates with a longer duration between the announcement and the ticket sale date and leave the restrictions and this fight to musicians who tour often. Doing this will put more real fans into the seats, otherwise the fans who did get tickets will be sitting next to the touts who do not care about you like we do. Leave this fight to the young artists and musicians who tour every year and allow your fans to buy tickets anyway that is possible to them.

      Thanks for considering.

  2. ♫♫♫♫Happy Birthday to you ♫♫♫♫
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ (¯`v´¯)
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ `•.¸.•BIRTHDAY DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ ¸.•´¸.•¨) ¸.•¨)
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`★
    ♥♥♥ Best Wishes, have a great rocking day ♥♥♥
    The best birthday gift for us is your upcoming tour and new album!
    ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫Thank you for your music, shine on ♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫

  3. Just wanted to wish David a very happy birthday. Time flies don’t it?

    Have a great day, a great tour. Your new album will be straight in at Number One.

    See you in Verona and London.


  4. Here it is David’s Birthday and he gives his fans the gift. I am very happy that he is going on tour and will bring extreme happiness to those fortunate to see him. It was very kind that the bloggers got a head start on the tickets. Very considerate and as always, thoughtful.

    I will not be able to be one of the fortunate souls to partake in a life event as seeing David in concert. I always hoped I would be able to experience such an event as it would be very meaningful to me. I will find comfort in buying the DVD when it comes out.

    I would like to wish you, David, a Birthday that brings you as much happiness as you bring others. And may you have good health and many, many more Birthdays to come. The World is a kinder more enjoyable place because of your beautiful music.

    With Love, Always-Suzy.

  5. Happy birthday, David. Wish I could give you a present like the one you gave us last year and that you will give us in 2015. Nothing material, but you can be proud of being such an important part of the music score of our lives.

  6. Happy birthday, David. Enjoy your special day.

    Looking forward to hearing those Gilmour tones at the Royal Albert Hall in September….

  7. Many happy returns David. I doff my cap to you on this fine day. 🙂

    Dear F’ed. sum it up in one word:


    Thankyou so much for the preorder thingy, was hoping for the Friday show but I’ll not be picky!! I tried to get tickets for a friend on the general release…

    FIVE THOUSAND person queue on RAH site. Bonkers!! Needless to say if I had tried to get tickets for myself I would be a very unhappy bunny right now!

    I have sooo many questions, but I’ll limit myself to 3:

    Do we have an album name yet?
    Do we have a list of the expected band on the tour?
    Do you know if David plans on playing the new Floyd album on the tour?

    So Stoked!! Thanks again 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday David! Have a fantastic one and all the best for the album and the tour ahead…by the way, that saw will be onstage??? Ciao!!

  9. Even though we were all waiting and hoping about this news, reading it is absolutely exciting and great.

    Back on this day in 2006 remembering the release of On An island and the following world tour, today we are ready to book the ticket anyway before the announcing of any title. David is David, the only one.

    Today also happens to be David’s birthday, so would like to wish you Happy Birthday!

    “Alla sera” sonnet by Ugo Foscolo

    Forse perché della fatal quïete
    Tu sei l’imago a me sì cara vieni
    O sera! E quando ti corteggian liete
    Le nubi estive e i zeffiri sereni,
    Maybe because of the final rest
    you are an image, to me so dear you come
    O Evening! Both when you are courted joyously
    by summer clouds and calm Zephyr winds

    E quando dal nevoso aere inquïete
    Tenebre e lunghe all’universo meni
    Sempre scendi invocata, e le secrete
    Vie del mio cor soavemente tieni.
    and when from the snowy air worrisome
    and long darkness to the universe you bring
    You always descend, wished for, and the secret
    paths of my heart you gently keep.

    Vagar mi fai co’ miei pensier su l’orme
    che vanno al nulla eterno; e intanto fugge
    questo reo tempo, e van con lui le torme
    You make me wander with my thoughts on the footsteps
    leading to eternal nothingness; and meanwhile flees
    this cruel time and with it go the armies

    Delle cure onde meco egli si strugge;
    e mentre io guardo la tua pace, dorme
    Quello spirto guerrier ch’entro mi rugge.
    of worries amid which it is with me consumed.
    And as I look at your peace, sleeps
    that warrior’s spirit that inside me roars.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, thank you again.

    Happy Birthday
    ciao Elisabetta

  10. Have a fantastic birthday and thank you for all our presents!!!!! Endless River, new album, tour and many years of wonderful music.

    Have a great day and a great year.

    Love Heather

  11. Happy Birthday David ~

    my son was born to “On An Island”; I held him for the first time to “Where We Start” as the sun rose in January 2009 ~ thanks for being part of that memory.


  12. Happy birthday David! Happy many returns!

    Thank you for the album The Endless River. Can`t wait for the new solo album!!

    Thank you very much for the tour dates this year. See you in London.

    All the best to you

  13. David

    I really hope that you will have a very special Birthday!

    Take Care, Thomas

  14. Hello, FEd and everyone,

    do you still remember me? Some years have passed since I wrote in the Blog, but I still think about you all and hope you’re well. I think my English changed much more than myself, so, please, excuse me if I’m making mistakes.

    I’m writing to wish David a very Happy Birthday and thank you, FEd, about your email, a few days ago. This time I could get some tickets for the show in Florence and I’m so happy! It’s the first time for me, I still can’t believe it!

    Bye for now, I don’t write, but I still read the Blog when I have time. Interesting and nice posts and comments, as they have always been.

    1. I’m very happy to hear that you’ll be at the concert in Florence. Have a brilliant time.

  15. Happy Birthday David. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Thank you for all the years of musical happiness. I wish you all the best and many more happy returns with the love of family and friends.


  16. Happy Birthday old boy.

    Hopefully Polly will be getting you something to go with that Hendrix strap that featured on the last tour ….

  17. I know you have a good sense of humour, so – all in good fun – Tchin!, Mr Gilmour.

    Thank you so much for visiting Orange.

  18. Happy birthday, David! I’m proud to have lived in this time so I could share this world with you, and your magic music. I wish you the best and please, please come to South America soon! We’re waiting for you!

  19. Congratulations on your birthday. 🙂 Looking forward to go to London for the concert in September.

    And thank you SO much Fed/DG-team for giving blog-fans the chance to pre-order tickets, even from out-of-UK.

  20. Happy birthday dear David, I hope you visit soon Latin America and hopefully CHILE, GRANDE GILMOUR, MAESTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA CHILE MIERDA!!!!!!!!

  21. My birthday wish for David is that he fully enjoys the outpouring of excitement and joy his decision to play and record music brings to all of us who appreciate the nuances of his art. For a shy and quiet guy he sure creates a stir! Toast to his birthday and to the fun surprises of 2015.

  22. Happy birthday, David. You will always have a special place in my heart because that’s where I keep my treasures.

  23. Happy birthday David. Thanks for the early heads up on the tickets. See you in September.

  24. Happy Birthday, David! Here’s to a great upcoming year. Hope to see you here in the States! 🙂

  25. Wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday from all North of the border.

    Well, me anyway.


  26. Happy 69th birthday today to David!

    And tomorrow will be the 9th anniversary of David’s concert at the Mermaid Theatre in London when David was just 60 years and 1 day old!

    Thanks go to FEd for tickets for that show when my wife and I sat in the 3rd row!

    Gary Hurley aka Old Prog Rock Fan.
    London England.

  27. Happy Birthday from Mexico!!! I’m gonna celebrate my birthday celebrating yours!!!!

  28. Happy Birthday, David!

    Feel the cosmic flow of hundreds of thousands of fans in deep gratitude for who you are, then go make music, make history, make art.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this: I’ll see you in France in September!!

  29. Happy Birthday, Mr Gilmour!!!

    Very much looking forward to the new album and attending the concert at the RAH in Sept.

  30. Happy Birthday David! I hope your day is spent the way you want and that you enjoy it!!

  31. Happy Birthday David! We wish you good health and many happy returns of the day! We like your show! Thanks for your work. Lord be with you.

    Arina, Vladimir, Ksenia. Russia

  32. Happy Birthday David.

    Thanks for all the great music you’ve created. It has made an incredible impact on our lives and we’re so very grateful. We were elated with joy yesterday to hear the tour announcement. Words cannot express the giddy feelings of overwhelming joy. Thank you. We purchased tickets for Italy, France, and two nights at RAH. We’ll be traveling from the US to follow you across Europe. Hope you’re enjoying a very special birthday and life is bringing you all you desire.

    P.S. The songs you recorded on video from your boat studio where you guys switched instruments was the best music I’ve listened to in my lifetime. Certainly the coolest music I’ve ever seen or heard. I love your music. Thanks again.

  33. Happy Birthday, David. I know this year will be a busy one, hopefully it will be a fulfilling one as well.

  34. I wish you the best for your day David. All the people here love you and love the bliss of your Music. I’m looking forward to listening to the new album and I hope I will be able to attend one gig.

    Enjoy the night!

  35. Happy Birthday David! I am looking forward to seeing you in concert on the 25th September at the fabulous RAH (I will wave! ha!). Can’t wait to hear the new album!

  36. I hope you have had a wonderful Birthday David and are doing things that are far more enjoyable than reading comments on your blog. 😉

    I was just looking for the artwork files to the ‘New Castellorizon’ Birthday Card I made all those years ago… I can’t find it. 🙁 I still have the T-Shirt though which I will no doubt wear at RAH. 🙂 Also see my related avatar design if any of you don’t have the foggiest what I am talking about.

    Have a good weekend everybody!

    (Was there a two or three smilie limit? I have forgotten.)

    1. You’re alright. You didn’t use the same one over and over and over. Hate that. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

  37. Happy birthday David. Inspired me to pick up a guitar aged 10, 18 years later and I still haven’t put it down.


  38. A very Happy Birthday to you David and many, many more!!!

    Thank you for all of your music and charity work that you’ve done over the years and I hope to see you when/if you play in NYC!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  39. David ~

    Here’s wishing you a wonderful 69th year and many more to come!

    Both you and Polly have been in a brilliantly creative zone and I know that I’m not alone when I say ‘thank you’ for your many musical gifts, past and present. I’m also looking forward to reading The Kindness by Polly.

    It appears that your European tour dates have already sold out (no surprise!), so congratulations on that. I am hopeful for a US west coast appearance *sorry, I just had to*.

    Along with Emilio, I’m wondering if you’ll incorporate your saw into the tour and, along with tim_c, if you’ll find a way to attach your Jimi Hendrix strap to it. 😀

    Anyway, cheers and I hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved day of rest/relaxation with your loved ones! Thanks again for being part of my life’s soundtrack for more than 45 years. 🙂

    Peace and love always to you and yours ~
    Gabrielle ✌

  40. Happy birthday to you!!! All the best for you!

    To say it with Mr. Spock’s words: Live long and prosper. 🙂

    …how many days until Oberhausen?

  41. Happy Birthday David! Thank to you for the extra shows at RAH! I just got my ticket for Saturday night!!! Now just need to find a flight from Philly….

  42. Happy Birthday David!

    You’re still my number one Strat wielding gun.


    Kevin McCue, Buffalo, NY, USA

  43. Happy birthday David! Here’s wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends as well as many many more years of good health and happiness. We all love you very much.

    Ok now I realize this may seem daunting at first, but TRY not to get too intimidated by all the candles on your birthday cake. Should be no problem really. (You may wish to put the fire brigade on speed dial just in case.)

  44. This is truly the weirdest of synchronicities!

    I am not suggesting that David Gilmour trade his axe for a saw, it’s just that I had been reminded recently of my love for musical saws as a girl just two days ago, and I had no thoughts of them for years! I’m grinning ear to ear!

  45. Happy Birthday David, your music is simply gorgeous. Your music will live forever in people’s hearts!!

  46. Best wishes and many happy returns of the day!

    Was at a funeral today FEd so again thanks for the head’s up e-mail, I would have missed the general release tickets. Extra dates too I see. Great stuff.

    Good to see you earning your crust again, busy bee for the next six to nine or more months eh?

    Have a good weekend all!

    Regards, Tom B – Dublin

    P.S. Did I read both David and Polly are attending a book festival in Borris? Lots of pots on the boil!

  47. I am sure it is no coincidence that today, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft of JPL is successfully orbiting the protoplanet, Ceres today, hidden away in the asteroid belt. Exellent driving and timing, thanks NASA; and, a new, possibly tectonically active world to discover!

  48. Happy Birthday! We were, are and will always be together on the bright side of the moon!

  49. Huge happy birthday wishes David. I hope you have had a great day of fun with the family and spent time doing something that you really enjoy (be it in the barn or just a quiet walk across the fields or a beach??!!).

    Thank you for enriching our lives. Your music inspired me to pick up a guitar and what counts even more for us as a family is the fact that your playing and music puts such a huge smile on our autistic son’s face every time he hears it. I recall with fond memories back in 2006, driving up the M6 after the concerts heading to the Lake District listening to the OAI album, with one very very happy teenager son with a smile from ear to ear, in the rear of the car! One very happy Coleg Elidyr resident!

    Thank you also for the huge present released today, great timing! I appreciate that we shouldn’t wish our time away but we are so looking forward to seeing you again at the Albert Hall and have been lucky enough to get a front row seat for the first time ever, 🙂 starting to believe in miracles! A pub back bar would have been equally as good but the Albert is something special when lit correctly.

    Have fun and enjoy life to the full, you deserve it for what you continue to give to others. Love to you and Polly for everything, THANK YOU.

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir David and many HAPPY RETURNS!!! – Thank you for the music over all the years, thanks for the new tour too – see you again in OBERHAUSEN, Germany and LONDON!!

    Best wishes from Germany, have a great day!


  51. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, David! (Just wanted to change it up a little….) I hope you are having a marvellous day. You deserve it: you have given us fans a superb gift with the upcoming tour! It makes me so happy to look forward to this! And when the album comes out we all will be insufferably ecstatic. 🙂

    Thank you and happiest of birthdays to you!

  52. Happy birthday dear David! Hope you are having a great day.

    See you in Oberhausen and London in September. We are looking forward to the concerts.

    Best wishes from Bremen in Germany!

    1. …Karola from BREMEN, very nice!! I am Pete from BREMERHAVEN – nice to “meet” you here! 🙂 Which show(s) you have booked for LONDON? I will be in OBERHAUSEN too and Friday, 25th Sept. at the RAH in LONDON!!

  53. Just wanted to add, if you’re stuck for a birthday prezzi, get a really good metal detector. It’s a great way to get out and I’m sure you have plenty of land to check out, maybe find some Roman relics.


  54. Happy birthday David.

    Thank you for everything : best music and dreams…..

    Lucky Luc – Floreffe – Belgium

  55. Just dropped the cake I made for you, Mr Gilmour…and forgot your card again !!! ……..I know ! ……but I’m very busy at present.

    Hip, Hip, Hurrays anyway. 🙂

  56. Very Happy and belated Birthday, David. Sorry so late, I had double strokes in January and am still in recovery.


    1. Very best wishes to you, Penny. I’m sorry to hear that.

      I’m also sorry to have made your belated greetings even later while the blog was down, getting patched up, but thank you for them.

  57. Belated birthday wishes to David, who gave us the best present by announcing a tour.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in the Royal Albert Hall in October.

  58. “… missing you already, FEd” … You’re a tease, aren’t you? 😛

    Oh yes… you just crossed it out… 😀

    That said, I’m very happy to see The Blog is back as well as the photo gallery!

    Those “exquisite skills”, eh?… Bravo.

  59. Dear David,

    I hope you had a great day on your Birthday. 🙂

    I’m sorry I didn’t send greetings on the day. I tried. 🙁 I sent two messages from my phone but they just disappeared. When I got home to my computer the blog had gone in to meltdown.

    Thank you for coming out to play again. I’ve got tickets to see you in London.

    ash X

  60. Belated birthday greetings David.

    Apologies for not writing earlier, I’m away at the moment, OAI (well, several in fact).

    So looking forward to September.

    Hoping you had a great day.

  61. Oh My, late as usual.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID. So sorry I am this late. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, surrounded by your loved ones.

    Thank you for The Endless River. I absolutely love it. I’m waiting for the solo album as well.

    Thank you for all the wonderful years.

  62. A late birthday wish for you, David!

    And thank you for all the incredible music. I hope your birthday wish comes true.

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