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David caused a rather nice surprise on Saturday when he made a guest appearance at Bombay Bicycle Club’s final night at London’s Earls Court. It was Earls Court’s final night, too; the bulldozers will be rolling in soon to demolish the iconic venue, replacing it with – surprise, surprise – luxury flats.

You tried, valiant Save Earls Court campaigners. Hard luck.

Although I’m sure that pedants everywhere will be secretly glad to see the back of a building that obviously should have had room for an apostrophe amidst its red lettering, music lovers will mourn the loss of a venue that has played host to many a legendary, bootlegged gig.

Pink Floyd, of course, performed Dark Side of the Moon here in May 1973; The Wall in August 1980 and again in June 1981. Their record-breaking run in October 1994, which culminated with P.U.L.S.E on CD and DVD, unfortunately can never be mentioned without remembering the seating collapse which injured some and infuriated many more.

There were so many other memorable gigs at Earls Court besides these, I’d love to know if you were fortunate enough to attend any of them. Perhaps Led Zeppelin in ’75, or the Rolling Stones in ’76? Queen, maybe Genesis, in ’77? Supertramp in ’83? Elton John in ’93? Oasis in ’95? The Who in ’96? R.E.M in ’99? U2 in 2001? Metallica, perhaps even Radiohead, in 2003? Surely Roger Waters in 2007…?

The Brit Awards and World Music Awards have also been held at Earls Court down the years.

The old place witnessed many a sporting event too, everything from gymnastics to wrestling; it was an Olympic venue in 1948 and most recently hosted the volleyball in 2012.

There have been Boat Shows, Motor Shows and Ideal Home Shows, even a Peace Rally by the British Union of Fascists in 1939, said at the time to have been the largest indoor political meeting ever held, with some 20,000 in attendance.

It really has a remarkable history, but back to Saturday.

David joined Bombay Bicycle Club for ‘Rinse Me Down’ before performing Pink Floyd favourite, ‘Wish You Were Here’.

Guitarist Jamie MacColl introduced David as follows: “This man gave me my first guitar and was one of the first people to play this venue, and by my count has played here more than 27 times.”

If you recognise the name, the late singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl, who we always hear (thanks to ‘Fairytale of New York’) and remember with such sadness at this time of year, was his aunt. A good excuse, I hope you’ll agree, to reacquaint yourself with two of her songs, ‘No Victims’ and ‘You and Me Baby’, on which David provides guitar.

In other news, you might be as impressed as I am to learn that Jamie MacColl’s great-uncle was the late, great Pete Seeger.

And if that’s not enough trivia for you on a Monday (seriously, how much do you want?), his grandfather, Ewan MacColl, among other things, wrote the Grammy Award-winning hit song ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. I never knew that.

So farewell, Earls Court. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed, especially when the million-pound, glass-fronted penthouses spring up and Londoners see the super-rich, who take so much from their great city and give so little in return, dancing on your grave.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I was there 22.10.94. Absolutely out of this world. What a venue to host the pure brilliance that is Pink Floyd!

    Dave Gilmour, you are a legend. I am proud and honoured to have had the chance. Memories!

  2. …. I’ve only meta-memories of Earls Court, some nice concerts banned on discs, that is. Anyway that’s the way it goes. People always built new buildings after demolishing older ones, beautiful and ugly….

    I wish I’d been there for this last gig to enjoy David Gilmour’s appearance but I obviously live in the wrong country. 😉

  3. Just thought that ‘Wish You Were Here’ was a fine choice, about missing a place – the venue – as well as missing a person…

    As for the demolition of such an iconic place, it’s just one more proof that profit motive always prevails upon respect for history or culture … Sad.

  4. That must have been a real surprise seeing David Gilmour playing with Bombay Bicycle Club. Plus playing for the last time at Earl Court.

    Now the big question, were you there FEd for the concert?

    Happy Holiday,

  5. Apart from seeing Pink Floyd there the one band I do remember seeing at Earls Court was Bad Company. This was not long after they were formed from the ashes of another iconic band Free.

    In fact this was the only place you could see them at that time. That was the tour it seems. Even the programme, which I still have, depicts the words ‘Bad Company Live at Earls Court’ all over it.


  6. Sad to see it go as fond memories of our only show there, Roger in 2007….Sheep has never sounded the same, it was brilliant that night as was the whole evening. However, every time we watch the DVD of P.U.L.S.E, that must have been the show to have been at, absolutely fantastic and we really ‘wished we were there’.

    Still at least we still have the Royal Albert Hall where we saw ‘On an Island’ in 2006 which was outstanding and the O2 where we just happened to coincide with David’s Comfortably Numb on May 12th 2011 and gave us all another night to remember.

    Best wishes and happy memories

  7. I’m so slow on the uptake. I never knew they were knocking the place down and building affordable housing for the rich who can only afford to buy one.

    I was there in ’80, ’81, ’94.


  8. I’ve got great memories of concerts at Earls Court; Pink Floyd in 1980, 1981 and 1994 and also Roger Waters in 1984.

    It’s sad to hear the place is going to be demolished……and it’s a shame there weren’t any Endless River concerts there too. 🙁

  9. Sorry for being off topic, but I thought this might interest you and bloggers… (I first read the news on Classic 21 website.)

  10. And if that’s not enough trivia for you on a Monday (seriously, how much do you want?), his grandfather, Ewan MacColl, among other things, wrote the Grammy Award-winning hit song ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. I never knew that.

    😮 … now that is worth knowing! Wow!

  11. If you recognise the name, the late singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl

    Sad loss indeed Fed. Her rendition of Billy Bragg’s “A New England” is still one of my all time favs from the 80’s.

    Cheers, Howard

    1. She was wonderful. Her cover of The Kinks’ ‘Days’ is one of my favourites. A lovely video, that one, too.

      I also love the fact that she released an album called Electric Landlady (on which, if memory serves me well, Guy plays bass).

  12. I’ve been into the Earls Court arena twice – the first time to the Motor Show, which was nice enough and did feature a 2nd hand Lamborghini previously owned by Rod Stewart …. I wasn’t tempted to buy …. and the second time for one of the “P.U.L.S.E” shows – where thankfully the seats all stayed in place.

    We had front row seats on the upper side so really quite a good view and I have a distinct (and irrevocable) memory of the first guitar note of ‘Shine On’ shooting through me from that epic PA system and realising just what a show this was going to be ….. much preferable to my previous “AMLOR” tour show at creaking and too sunny Wembley Stadium ….

    That said I have no particular attachment to the venue … I think all venues of a certain size are much the same and am much more interested in seeing if David can find somewhere a bit nicer for that old man’s tour (does saying it out loud make it more likely to happen?)

    Nice to see David keeping his hand in though …

    1. much more interested in seeing if David can find somewhere a bit nicer for that old man’s tour (does saying it out loud make it more likely to happen?)

      Keep saying it, Tim. We must all keep saying it.

  13. It is sad when these iconic features that have been with most of us for a good proportion of our lives, are then no more.

    I was first taken to Earls Court by my Dad in the 50’s to some exhibition which I can’t remember now. Then as a teenager with my mates we went to the International Motor Shows and drooled over Ferraris, Lambos and scantily clad ladies draped over the bonnets of Aston Martins, in equal measures.

    Then over the years the concerts by PF and Roger Waters.

    It is a shame that the skyline will change in this part of London and I echo your chagrin Fed, at the rich who will be the only people who will be able to afford the replacement in the form of luxury apartments.

    On a brighter note, I wish everyone here and in the world as a whole (rich and less rich) a very merry Christmas and peace in your world. Thanks and peace to you Fed.

  14. I’ve visited the now sadly departed Earls Court on 4 occasions.

    Was there for The Wall shows in ’80 and ’81 and The Division Bell/P.U.L.S.E show in ’94 on the 12th October, the 1st night, when the seating collapsed. I can remember whilst having to depart prematurely, through the cavernous halls area, after the show had been cancelled, walking past Dennis Waterman and his then wife, Rula Lenska. Returned there a couple of weeks later, for the re-scheduled show.

    FEd, you overlooked the fact that the Royal Tournament was held there too, from 1950 until 1999 (or perhaps it was an intentional omission, so as not to appear as being jingoistic), I used to really enjoy watching it on the Beeb, particularly the Field Gun Competition.

    1. FEd, you overlooked the fact that the Royal Tournament was held there too, from 1950 until 1999 (or perhaps it was an intentional omission, so as not to appear as being jingoistic)

      Now that had genuinely slipped my mind. I’m glad you remembered. I love all that; one of the best days out I’ve had was to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, even if they invite you to sit on swimming floats because the seats are so bloody uncomfortable and charge you for their loan. An amazing spectacle.

      (I like to leave out the ‘Royal’ – that’s always deliberate.)

      I’m so sorry that I’ve chopped the end of your comment off, Ken. I think it’s going to be one of those days. Please do add it again, if you don’t mind.

    2. (“I’m going to cut you into little pieces”)

      As I was saying….

      The link I shared is of one of the Field Gun competitions that took place at Earls Court in the same year that Pink Floyd did their run of 14 Division Bell shows there.

      Twenty years earlier, I was serving in the Royal Navy and took part in the Brickwoods Trophy competition, which was a contest between shore establishments from the Portsmouth area. In 1974 I was based at HMS Dryad an establishment at Southwick (where Churchill and Eisenhower had developed and oversaw the D-Day landing plan). I bizarrely volunteered to challenge myself (and to improve my fitness at the time) and was part of the team that took part in that year’s contest.

      The training was very intense, (yet rewarding in many ways) and I can recall an incident early one morning, whilst going through the routine, when the shipmate who had the onerous task of loading the shell cartridge into the breech of the gun barrel lost part of a finger, as another sailor who had the task of closing the breech block and firing, reacted somewhat prematurely.

      He must have been made of stern stuff as he was back in the team a few days later and took part in the event when the day of the competition arrived.

      Happy days.

      Anecdote over.

      Sorry to keep missing the Chats these days folks, life keeps getting in the way, I’m afraid. Hope to catch up again with you all, FEd and Irregulars sometime soon.

      Until then I hope you all have very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Which promises to behold great gifts from David.

      As Tim keeps saying, Bring on the ‘Old Man’s Tour’.

      (P.S. Leeds Arena would be nice and handy for me. 😉 )

  15. Being a New Yorker who has never been to your side of the pond, I’ve sadly never been to Earls Court. Been hearing about it all my life, having first read about it in Miles’ book about the Floyd in 1979. It makes me sad that this place is being demolished. It must be hitting some people pretty hard. I imagine that for those who grew up in and around England, it must feel the way I would feel if Madison Square or Radio City were to be demolished.

    1. I hear ya Dan. Like Maple Leaf Gardens where I saw my first ever concert on behalf of my brother to see DSOTM Tour in Toronto 1973? That place shook literally!!!!

      Merry Xmas Everyone and you too Fed. LOL!!!!!!! Happy 2015 also!

  16. Just like to take this opportunity to wish you Fed, David, Polly and family and all fellow bloggers a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful New Year.

    Best Wishes
    from Heather

  17. My wife (girlfriend at the time) lived in Wimbledon for a year, any time I visited we’d take the tube into town and I remember passing the venue several times wondering what the inside was like. I eventually made it there just the one time, October 20, 1994, still remember the excitement walking out of the tube station opposite and emerging up the steps to see the giant red letters, it’s all coming back to me, might watch the DVD later. It was filmed that night, I think. Great memories.

    Merry Christmas to all and a very happy new year!

    Tom B – Dublin

    1. Well said Michèle.

      9 years old and going from strength to strength.

      The 10th promises to be a good one.

    2. Lovely flashing lights indeed, Ash! Could not see them on a mobile last year. So warming.

      Happy Birthday to The Blog and thank you to The FEditor keeping it one of the best places on the internet.
      Has it always been 22 October by the way? Why did it seem to me the date was somewhat in March? …poor my head 🙂 …

      The best wishes to FEd and all the bloggers. And Merry Christmas to all.

  18. … all the best for those who celebrate Christmas, enjoy some free days for those who do not. 🙂


  19. To all who frequent this site. I wish you all a Happy Chrimbo and Happy New Year.


  20. It is a fact that David is a legend.

    The endless river, lovely album. All the musical references and reminiscences of beauty and melancholy have the perfect trade mark of the sound of Pink Floyd, thank a great artwork of both David and Nick, together the unforgettable keyboards of Rick.

    An album to be listened and enjoyed absolutely uninterrupted, endless.

    Thank you for the amazing release.

    To David, Nick, Polly, all the families, to you Fed and all:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  21. Dear FEd and fellow Bloggers:

    Just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday however you celebrate it and may the New Year only bring good tidings. Love the dancing lights.

    In regards to the topic of this blog, it is sad to see old land marks/venues torn down. It is a positive when they can be renovated keeping their original motif. It is especially sad that they are destroyed because a few can afford to own the area when many enjoyed the venue.

    How wonderful David graced the stage the last night it was open. How fortunate the audience was that evening.

    As far as David going on tour, that would be a dream come true if I could get a ticket. But it seems the outlets have pre-sales for special credit card holders, therefore selling out before the “general public” even has a chance. At least that is what happened with “On an Island” tour in the Bay Area.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday.

    Peace on Earth is always a hopeful thought, without hope there’s nothing … and I always hope big…

    Thoughtfully, Suzy.

  22. Just want to wish you all, FEd, David, and bloggers, a great Christmas and a happy new year! Much love to you and your families!

    Ciao, Emilio

  23. I was there, Earl’s Court, the 19th May 1973. For the Dark Side of the Moon concert.

    What a gig, what a night to remember (sorry somebody said that before). Until then all of the Pink Floyd concerts that I attended were the usual size places in Portsmouth and Brighton, but Earls Court…

    The size of the venue, the sound, phenomenal. The whole visual experience was knockout.

    I also remember this guy behind us dressed in caftan and Wellington boots, he stood up and sang along to Great Gig In the Sky note perfect in every way to the album, that moment was priceless.

    I’ve still got the program ticket stubs.

  24. Love the adoring lights Fed. A toast! True story!

    I wish to say I had seen Joe Cocker in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada many moons ago to help a cause for the community. People died because of water issues that I won’t go into details. However, as my friends, wife and I entered the venue. My ears perked up right away in the early afternoon. A country band was playing, my face went to the stage and I witnessed this guitarist playing his Telecaster out of this world. Brad Paisley was playing. Unfrickenbelievable!

    Joe came on stage later, I went to the front as possible and witnessed his incredible voice, that records cannot replicate. You had to hear it live. He was the show.

    The Guess Who ended the night with Burt and Randy playing each others classics. Joe stole the show, I loved it and will always cherish that beautiful summer day and evening.

    Cheers! Happy New Year All You Bloggers!

  25. Sorry, really silly one this. But if you happen to catch Suzie Quatro on Top Of The Pops singing Devil Gate Drive, check out the big fella in a yellow top playing the piano and dancing. I would swear it’s Roger Waters. Cracks me up every time I see him.


  26. Well I’m probably one of the few to have only listed to The Endless River now, which is this morning, and now as I sit in the car in Kendal waiting in Ernest for the rain to stop. I could not have heard it before Xmas as I was informed someone had got it me as a present.

    I’m no music expert in riffs and names of instruments and stuff, my opinion is simple. Brilliant, couldn’t ask for better. My only query is, why not earlier? This is dream Floyd material, I’m sure a lot of hard work and much effort went into putting this together. I hear The Wall. Meddle. Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here… Great to hear Nick letting go on the drums. Thought I heard Rick talking at the start.

    All in all, goosebumps/raised hairs/a lump in the throat means this album has cracked it for me.

    From a simple layman,


  27. Hello Fed and everyone ! Happy New Year to you all !

    I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. . . I’m just glad it’s all over. I hate the shopping !

    The Christmas lights on the site were lovely Fed, I’ve got some just like them in my bedroom at my Mum’s house !

    About Earls Court, I never visited the venue. 🙁 I have been to a good few concerts in London, but never at Earls Court. I wish I had visited now, I have read that it was a beautiful art deco building.

    I can hardly wait for more information about David’s “old man’s tour”. We’re going to have to stop repeating that, it could cause a positive feedback loop and both David an us will start believing we are old !

    Again, Happy New Year Everyone !

    ash 🙂

    1. Dear Michèle, what a terrible time the world witnessed in Paris! I think the whole world was touched by the display of unity by the French people.

      “Je Suis Charlie” – the speed of the spread of the slogan around the world was amazing!

      A story on the news here in Britain regarding the march in Paris headed by many leaders of many countries, described how several of these leaders looked up at the buildings where police officers were stationed. One officer saluted to the people below, apparently the crowd went wild and were cheering and applauding the police officers!

      I have to say, I am grateful for our police and security forces for being willing to go out every day to do their jobs and be ready to put their lives on the line to protect us whenever they are needed.


    2. Sad what happened and it still amazes me what humans are willing to do to other humans…

      Can’t stand the politicians and media hypocrisy, though. Fighting for free press, my ass… Where are you when the news won’t help you to promote your business or criticise you? Forbidding articles, criminalising authors, political correctness is what you can… An exception maybe was Mr Hollande who was a target of satirical media himself and thus could be authentic when talking about free media and tolerance.

      Sorry for the rant, but I get mad when people’s death is only instrumentalised for other means.


      1. Well said, Taki. Such hypocrisy on display. It was hard keeping the contents of my stomach from trying to leap out of my mouth at the sight of all those world leaders, so many of them despots and tyrants, walking arm in arm in Paris. Hoping nobody would remember all the journalists they’ve got locked up and had tortured back home.

        As controversial comedian Frankie Boyle tweeted of those gathered in London: “Glad everyone’s celebrating free speech in Trafalgar Square, and not in Parliament Square where they’d be arrested.”

    3. I wonder if these links would be of interest:

      What does the law mean for you?

      There is some good information about a recent law passed in UK, a campaign run by an organisation called PEN, and links to what the new law means for various people or groups.

      Nothing at all to do with the recent events but given how the conversation has gone, I thought it might be of interest. 🙂


    4. Who said the world leaders were there to “fight for free press”? Freedom of expression is (should be) one of the foundations of a democratic society, but most of the countries represented were not even democracies. My feeling is they were joining the two million people spontaneously marching in Paris (four million if you include the rest of France that day) in a display of unity and solidarity, to show their willingness to fight terrorism which is a cancer that spreads everywhere, therefore is a threat for the entire world.

      Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. Among the two million people gathered in Paris, there were black, white, old, young, kids, Muslims, Jewish, Christians, atheists, policemen, maybe ex-prisoners, maybe, how do you say, chavs? All different, no one better or worse than another (like world leaders, after all), but united against terrorism and hatred and it’s all that mattered that day. To me at least.

      The minute of silence was not held for Charlie Hebdo but in memory of 17 victims of terrorism, killed in the name of Islam by cowards who had nothing to do with Islam. Not all victims were working for the magazine, two were cops simply doing their job, four were killed for just being Jewish. Nothing to do with press. Blind terrorism.

      It was hard keeping the contents of your stomach from trying to leap out of your mouth at the sight of all those world leaders, so many of them despots and tyrants?

      Me, I felt like throwing up at the sight of …

      – the carnage in the office (be it Charlie Hebdo’s office or another one)

      – the coward who deliberately shot down an injured cop on the ground who had held his arms

      – the terrorist who killed a policewoman in the back with no reason

      – the same terrorist who attacked a Jewish store and murdered four people, he had put bombs in the store too

      And yes, when I read the news about 2,000 people killed in Nigeria by Boko Haram.

      Not forgetting the unbearable images I saw yesterday about Auschwitz and the extermination of more than 1,000,000 Jewish. Another form of terrorism, no? (Thank you, the Soviet forces who liberated the biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz.)

      Sorry, but the world (with all its defects and absurdities), therefore its leaders, must react and act against all forms of terrorism. It won’t make me feel like throwing up.

      Apologies for the approximate English (and this too long comment).

      1. United when it suits them, you mean.

        After all the candlelit vigils and hashtags, what then? More armed force? More state surveillance? Another terrorist atrocity somewhere else in response to the latest bloodshed?

        There is so much hypocrisy around this issue, it’s sickening. We are terrorists in the West, too, don’t forget. By far the most capable of inflicting widespread terror. Maybe our leaders should get together in Paris and do something about that. Here’s a hashtag for it: #PigsMightFly

  28. Я Шарли

    Oʻwau iho no Kale

    Je suis Charlie

    Yo soy Charlie

    I am Charlie

    This is a poignant piece: it’s possibly by Banksy. But truly, a picture speaks a thousand words.

  29. It seems that the updates to the blog are slowing down. Hoping that it is just me that is wondering about this. For I do enjoy the blog immensely. The topics you post are wonderful FEd and the input from fellow bloggers are wonderful. Would hate to think that anything is wrong.

    The New Year was greeted with an atrocity. I am sure it has everyone concerned. But there is more good than bad on the planet. Times like these we must hold onto the good and not let the bad have control.

    My thoughts are with everyone and let’s all think positive.

    Thoughtfully, Suzy.

    1. My apologies, Suzy. You’re very kind and right to encourage more positive thinking.

      Back soon.

  30. All quiet here. Wherefore art thou Fed! Having trouble with leaks again? Or maybe getting prepared for a big announcement, i.e. David’s going on the road again?


  31. A little silver lining: the amazing displays of support and solidarity from all around the world. ‘They’ can’t win, ‘they’ won’t win. #NotAfraid.

    BTW, the drawing is actually by French illustrator Lucille Clerc (who works in London), who posted the tribute on her Twitter page just after the shooting, with these words: “Break one, thousand will rise.”.

    1. Bless you. I’m back now, I can’t drag Christmas out any longer (although I gave it my best shot), so expect the usual January topics coming soon. It’s not news yet, sadly. There’s a bit more time to kill with random nonsense first, so please bear with me and play along.

  32. I made leek and potato soup as a starter on Xmas day, bit of useless information for you to digest.


    1. Leeks are going to debut this year, next to the parsnips. Our Christmas tree is also still thriving!

      Do we know that Christmas time is over at all? No! Never! 🙂

  33. Welcome back FEd from your annual hibernation (you’ve earned it once again) after a productive year on the PF front.

    Nice to see you sowing the seeds for what promises to be an epic year regarding output from David.

    “It’s not news yet, sadly. There’s a bit more time to kill with random nonsense first, so please bear with me and play along.”

    In the realms of this domain that is as good as it gets in relation to a confirmation that things WILL be happening. Eventually.

    In the meantime, bring on the random nonsense…

  34. FEd, you must be skiing in the hills of Austria again.

    I am going to keep an eye on Saturday’s match with Reds versus West Ham. My lovely is from there you know and they are putting up a good fight with your lot, LOL.

    1. Oh to be skiing in the hills of Austria…

      The Hammers are doing very well this season, and I’ll bet Andy Carroll scores against his old club. He never got a fair chance at Liverpool, in my opinion, and how we need a goalscorer right now.

    2. Dear F’ed,

      As a Liverpool FC fan, all I can say at this point is trololololol. 😀

      Anyhow looking forward to what 2015 brings! Hope everyone had a nice break and are stoked for a great 2015.

      1. 2-0 win for Liverpool, then. So good to finally have Daniel Sturridge back. Let there be more goals.

  35. Soon be time to dust off the old Obscured by Clouds LP and buy a new Sharpie for another possible kick at the can. 😉

    Cheers, Howard

  36. Been away a while. My good foot broke due to Charcot’s and now the joints are becoming deformed. Treatment has to be delayed until it can determined if my kidneys have enough remaining function to withstand the treatment. On the bright side, I’ve been offered 3 kidneys so far!

    When I was a child, I used to love to go to an amusement park out on the lakefront. All too soon, it was torn down to make room for condos. I remember being so sad and disgusted. But childhood dreams and their places are as fragile and quick moving as smoke.

    So much we must put behind us and move forward. I am busy doing just that. Since I can’t walk anymore, I am concentrating on things I can do while sitting. When I was a child, the Spirograph drawing set was all the rage. My son got me one for Christmas and I am having way too much fun with it! I’m getting back into cross stitching, rug hooking and my ever present crossword book…all while listening to David!

    1. So much we must put behind us and move forward.

      Quite right, that’s good advice. 🙂

      You hang in there and feel better soon.

  37. Groovyjuve, you have an excellent attitude!

    I also remember the Spirograph from my childhood. Haven’t thought about it till you mentioned it. It was entertaining.

    Isn’t it wonderful to have loving and caring offspring. Makes life enjoyable.

    Hoping you feel better soon. It helps to have good tunes to listen to also, as you mentioned. Helps lift the spirits. Take care.

  38. I saw Pink Floyd at Winterland in San Francisco, CA. It was billed as an evening with Pink Floyd…this was right before the album Dark Side of the Moon…that was the best concert I have ever been to…

    I’m laying here listening to Ummagumma, I feel this is one of their best albums also. They were way ahead of their times…

    God bless all of you and thanks for some of the very best music for the mind…

  39. Is any FEd out there!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!

    Is any FEd out there……. Am Fmaj.7 ……………… 🙂

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