‘The Levels’

A little something new and interesting for you – have a look.

David recently got together with Everything But The Girl’s Ben Watt to record a live version of the song ‘The Levels’ – from Ben’s new album, Hendra – which you can stream in full right now, if you wish, thanks to the lovely people at NPR and The Guardian.

David does indeed play on ‘The Levels’ on the album, which is released next week. Ben will also be touring from next week. All the details you need can be found at www.benwatt.com.

The chatroom is now open, closing today at 6pm (UK), so do let us know what you think of the track and video either there or here, below, in the old-fashioned way.

We hope you enjoy it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

32 thoughts on “‘The Levels’”

  1. Niiiiice! Thanks for sharing FEd. It’s always a pleasure hearing David Gilmour playing lap steel….


  2. I am typing as quietly as I can. Beautiful and peaceful. Going to go outside now and listen to the wind. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing the link. Already streamed it 5 times and I like it.


  4. I’ll repeat the comment I made in the chat room yesterday after we watched and listened. . . That was great!!!!!

    I too love to hear David playing lap steel (err. . . and anything else too!)


  5. Cool song, the lap steel guitar reminds me a bit of ‘A Pillow Of Winds’.

    But how is it that this song makes me smile and feel sad at the same time? I didn’t understand the words, but read somewhere that Ben Watt said about it: “The song is about how we deal with loss”.

    Just makes me think of Peaches Geldof’s father. How sad. She was 25…

    1. Very, very sad indeed.

      I’m sure everybody reading this sends their most heartfelt condolences to Bob, and his family, at this horrible time.

  6. The stage of greiving that I hear is someone approaching ‘acceptance’, the person in the song still feels the loss but is making plans of how to go on. At least that is my interpretation. Again, haunting and beautiful.

  7. Cool. Don’t know Ben Watts but wish I was there to hang out. Nice beard David. C’mon July 3rd for us to land in Jolly Olde England.

    How about those Reds Fed, I’m with ya on winning. Go Toronto FC. and %$#& the Leafs, what a bloody shame, I’m embarrassed to mention those twits.

  8. Soon, probably next month, I will be in the 21st century and will be hooked up to my own Internet. Then, I too will be able to hear “The Levels” and David doing his magic. I know it is good because everything David does is good. He also associates with talented artist. So “The Levels” must be good.

    I will also be able to hear/see all the “this” that fellow bloggers and FEd are kind enough to share. At least, I hope I will be able to, as I will still be using my iPhone as my medium to the net and it does have limits.

    Cannot wait to join in and be able to hear and see the “this”.

  9. A nice tune that, I was also reminded of ‘Pillow of Winds’, I used to fall asleep to that!

    Thanks for the listen FEd, enjoy the long weekend, those of us lucky to have one, that is.

    Regards, Tom B

  10. In rememberance to Mr. Storm Thorgeson. He is remembered through his creativity…

  11. I just had a mild heart attack and had an interesting time in the CCU. The Veterans Hospital is a teaching hospital and young 3rd year students work with the doctors. I had Dark Side Of The Moon in my portable player and the cover on my table. When rounds were made, we had great Floydian talks and I surprised them by telling them I was 17 and in high school when it came out. When I came home this afternoon, they gave me a new copy of the CD as my copy is worn out!

    It’s good to be alive with a fresh CD to listen to!

  12. hi david

    just wanted to say this was amazing

    you and ben together, wow x

    please may i ask if you will be doing a tour yourself or with pink floyd members x

    there is no one on this earth that can play fender like you david x

    1. There’s no tour in the pipeline at this time, sorry. (Admittedly, a Pipeline Tour would be rubbish.)

  13. Lovely song and nice getting a good look at David’s studio (At least I am assuming it was his own studio due to the amount of his gear in there.)

    Not sure about the beard though, he’s starting to look like Jack Hargreaves. I was expecting him to look up at any minute and say “HOW” and give us an explanation on fly fishing.

    The video was brilliant and a very intimate look at both artists.

  14. David, thank you very much for the beautiful game, I am happy to see again after a long absence playing on stage.

  15. The “beard” looks great on this gentleman and scholar, whose heart and mind and hands have crafted words and melodies that truly touch the (my) heart. Your music I count as one of my greatest blessings and joys in life. And how anyone can tear their focus away from those mesmerizing, ‘nowhere to choose, just blue’ David Gilmour eyes to critique facial hair is beyond me!

    I wish David Gilmour and Polly Samson love and peace and many days as in “Where We Start.”

  16. Just heard that David is to play with Ben Watt in Islington on Monday night. Bernard Butler will be playing with Ben too. Still some tickets left. Should be fun!

    1. Are you going, Lewis? If so, I hope you enjoy the gig and tell us all about it.

    2. I am indeed FEd, I thought it too interesting sounding to pass up!

      I’ve been listening to the album “Hendra” too and it is sounding very good.

      I will be sure to let you know how it goes! After all its been a few years since I saw David play! (Amadou and Miriam gig perhaps was the last?)

  17. Lewis and anyone else lucky enough to attend Monday night, a delicate and important task is hereby being assigned. The audience must be appreciative enough to remind those on stage how rewarding it is to play to an audience, without interjections or hoots that might engender memories of less enjoyable live gigs. Heck no pressure, just the hopes and dreams of fans wanting a live tour rest on your shoulders. Go!

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