The 45s

Some R&B to end the week, I thought would be nice, from a young British band called The 45s. And they really are young; in fact, they’ve only just left school, which makes what you’re about to hear should you choose to click the ‘play’ button all the more remarkable. Be sure to turn the volume up first, won’t you?

Their first single, ‘Around and Around’, is released next month.

As well as originals, there are several covers on their YouTube channel, including the Dr Feelgood classic ‘Going Back Home’, which was co-written by The Pirates’ Mick Green, whose driving guitar helped Paul McCartney’s Run Devil Run band rock – most notably Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club in 1999 – along with our very own David, keyboardist Pete Wingfield and Deep Purple’s Ian Paice on drums. That concert, one of my favourites, is one you might find time to enjoy again this weekend if this post has put you in the mood for the unmistakable rawness and energy of the Fifties that inspired so many of our best-loved musicians and, thankfully, continues to similarly inspire the next generation. The very best of luck to them.

Let me know if you like their sound – and floppy hair – as much as I do, and if you’ve found anything new to listen to lately, please don’t keep it to yourself; there’s some seriously good stuff out there trying to be heard above all the din of mass commercialisation, we shouldn’t forget.

The chatroom has just opened, if you’ve nothing better to do for a couple of hours. Everybody’s welcome. First-timers are advised to read this first.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and keep on rocking.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    1. The only thing he seems to be apologising for is being wrong on a point of law, rather than his misplaced arrogance.

      Nice to see him getting his teeth stuck into something though. 🙂

  1. Nice sounds FEd…that young gentleman on guitar is using a Wilco Johnson Telecaster…well done that man!!!

  2. On-topic:

    They’re cool … I was reminded of Lemmy when I saw the bass player’s technique.

    Thanks for sharing, FEd!


  3. Oh!

    …Gov’t Mule have a new album out at the end of the month with one disc of new material and a second disc with the same songs but with different guest singers like Dr John and Steve Winwood.

  4. Wow, as well as being incredibly foot tappingly lively and a very refreshing change, the lead guy also managed to purloin Phil Manzanera’s shirt!

    Best wishes

  5. They’re good! Thanks for giving me something new to listen to this afternoon. I was just poking around YouTube looking for something interesting and finding nothing. This is just what I needed.

    It’s nice to see a British band that’s not trying to be as slow and miserable as Coldplay!

  6. They are all just 16 years old and they say: “Our passion is to write and perform music. Our inspiration comes from Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll and any music with soul!”. Impressive. I suppose the band name refers to the old 45 rpm vinyl record? Funny too, they wear just black suits. Tout un symbole…

    I don’t know if they are famous but I discovered the British band Django Django last year via ‘Le live musical du Figaro’ on French TV and I like their sound. They remind me of the Beach Boys.

    Here, the four videos from this TV show, a cover of a Monkees song included.

    This year, they performed at Glastonbury. It’s on YouTube, if anyone is interested.

    Completely different, I know… but, recently, I also discovered Danish (Hi, Lene ) songwriter, pianist, singer Agnes Obel. Just beautiful.

  7. It’s a nice energetic and confident performance from such callow youths. I can’t say the floppiness or otherwise of the hair is a major attraction for me though (this may be envy).

    A bit of old time rock’n’roll has its place but I find it ultimately unsatisfying …. I’m too young (yes) for it to be my own reference point and before long I’m wishing for a funkier rhythm and some extended guitar solos to come along …. When all’s said and done this music was as much about limitation of space and amplification as anything … And then along came Mr Marshall and Jimi H and blew it all away (his Jonny B Goode is a cracker though ….)

  8. I dare say this makes me sound terribly off the pace but I’ve just plugged into Soundcloud which looks like a good way of listening to a few new tunes ….. I’ve been spotifying a bit lately as well but I still tend to keep “discovering” old stuff … e.g. although I had heard of it I had never listened to “Weld” (the 1991 live album) and what a masterpiece that is from the grizzled old godfather of grunge 🙂 … not terribly closely related to the 45’s but it’s the same foot I’m tapping.

  9. WOW! They are really young. It takes me back to the good old days when we had the battle of the bands during a car show and we thought we were so cool playing on stage back in the mid sixties.

    Take Care, Thomas

  10. Just read a fascinating book about the making of ‘Atom Heart Mother’.

    ‘The Flaming Cow’, written by composer Ron Geesin, details his collaboration with Pink Floyd and gives a real insight into how the piece was created . All delivered with Ron’s usual wit and warmth.

  11. This is the ‘newest’ music I’ve heard in recent weeks – still haven’t decided what to make of them. Too much symbolism in the lyrics and visuals to digest in a short period of time.

    1. Good Call Pavlov … nice to see the Dawg is still on the trail.

      Never listened to a lot of QotSA but I’m a sucker for 15 minute epics and this one has lots to like … some good grooves, above par drumming, plenty of melancholy and nicely pared down where it needs to be.

  12. Gotta love the Blues, I recently told a friend about the above mentioned Cavern concert with David and Paul. I’ll give it a go this weekend.

    The 45s remind me of the Stones. If they stick around and play, they’ll be babes next to Richard and Mick. How ’bout that concert eh?

  13. Would you believe I spent Saturday in the Company of Kid Creole and the Coconuts at our Local University 50th anniversary bash … and indeed they were foot-tappingly rather good … the smooth old fox and his easy-on-the-eye coconuts had a surprisingly tight band.

    This isn’t it but the sound is much the same …

  14. Thank you for sharing. I liked them. That era is great & they do a good job of pulling off the retro look.

    Unfortunately, with my iPhone speakers, I did not understand all the lyrics. That can be frustrating. That is why I always appreciate the artist that includes the lyrics when they sell their CDs. Thank you David/Pink Floyd! Your fans do appreciate all you do. (Not to imply Internet or radio can do such. But sure helps when one does not hear very well.)

    What I enjoyed most was the fact that they do new music with the sound of the 1960s. Therefore, I can listen to a style of music I love but yet it is new. So guess I am not old-fashioned any more…

  15. Sounds good, there’s also a young Irish band being raved about too – the Strypes, I think they’re called, similar sound as the Yardbirds. Makes a change nice change from ‘get lucky’ on the radio very minute. I had never heard of James Vincent McMorrow either until I purchased his album before I went on hols – good stuff – a real grower! Warning he’s not RnB!

    Anyways carry on Fed, doing a Trojan job as ever. I’ll pop by again soon!

    Regards, Tom B

  16. Front man Ray Davies was on BBC Breakfast this morning. He said it is possible the Kinks may tour. Also Ray’s new book Americana is a must read.

    Regards Damian.

  17. Happy birthday to you, FEd! 🙂

    Wishing you peace, love and happiness.
    Gabrielle ~

  18. The 45s gave me a flashback to The Yardbirds. And they’re still teenagers? It gives me hope for the future of music. 😉


  19. Hi Fed!

    All my warmest wishes for your birthday: have a nice day


    Ciao Elisabetta

    1. Oh, very cute. Just not when they’re in my garden, tormenting my dogs, killing the birds.

      Thanks very much.

  20. Duh, apologies here fed and a very happy belated birthday.

    So is it pipes and slippers yet or are you still strutting your stuff?


    1. Not sure, Damian. Not so much ‘strutting’ but occasionally I do manage to venture out into the light, often while wearing slippers. I should do it more often. No pipe, though.

  21. Oh no, I missed your birthday? I feel horrible. Please except my apology. Happy belated birthday. I have been around but too much drama in my life to be on the computer lately. Still reading when I get the chance.

    Luv and hugs.

  22. Happy belated Birthday FEd. And may you have many many more! The “Good Ones”, like you need to stay on the planet as long as possible.

    This is the first year sense I have been blogging that I have heard of your Birthday date. I would have wished you a good one the past few years too (since I have been blogging to this site-the only one I blog to).

    Also it is wonderful seeing some of the regulars that I have not seen for a little while blogging Birthday wishes to you. I was hoping they were still out there. I always worry and wonder.

  23. Great shout, FEd!! Thanks for having posted it, it sounds so good.

    I hate the way art is treated nowadays. No respect for real artists and people are just cheated by those who are supposed to be the greatest preservers of music. Money, money, money. It’s what it’s all about today, mostly.

    I say mostly because we’re lucky enough, though, to have the chance to listen to recent groups like Arcade Fire (new album out on October, 28th) and something so magical like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Their music is emotional but really really authentic, with main influences from the late ’60s. I love them. If you have the time give a listen to “Better Days”, “Please!” and “If I Were Free” from the last album.

    Peace and love.

    Hope David is fine and happy.


  24. There are some inexplicable thing, that makes a huge difference between those of ’60s and today’s new boys. Can’t explain, but … something is wrong with the last. You can copy a style, but you cannot copy the passion. “Around and Around” by The Animals gets me jumping on my seat with their “crazy sound”, indeed, although that is not my kind of music.

    Nick Mason said that when Pink Floyd started their career, they did not know they lived at some “these ’60s”, and they did not know how long it would last and how meaningful it could be; they just played their music and enjoyed it. Just do what you really like. Maybe it’s a secret? But now, for many young musicians this all seems to be a job, this is business and this is money.

    Sorry for my grumbling.

    Happy Birthday FEd. And thank you for all you do here.

    1. Thanks very much.

      Please, grumble any time you like.

      You reminded me of a tweet I somehow noticed last week, from the singer Jessie J, whose own type of music I don’t personally care for* but still, I had to agree with her and admire her for ‘saying’ what she did.

      *Thinking of it, I think I only know one of her songs and that’s ‘Price Tag’ (it topped the charts in 19 countries, apparently), about how she “just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag,” which seems similarly admirable.

      We need to take it back in time
      When music made us all unite
      And it wasn’t low blows and video ho’s
      Am I the only one getting tired?

      Why is everybody so obsessed?
      Money can’t buy us happiness
      Can we all slow down and enjoy right now?
      Guarantee we’ll be feeling alright

      By the way, the plural of “ho” is now going to bother me all day. Hos? Ho’s? Hoes? I think I want it to be “hoes” yet expect it should be “ho’s”… (and we don’t always get what we want with spelling, do we, “roofs“?) Bloody English language.

    2. This is great, that I remind you of a naked skinhead, FEd! :))

      As for Jessie’s “saying”, that is not exactly what I meant. Dancing, as well as making love (not war) world is not my ideal at all. But I have to agree that the “saying” deserves much respect. These are not the same things indeed, when you are not in the music business, not deal and not depend of it, and thus you can say what you want (as I do), and in the opposite, when you do realize, that if you sing this song, it’d be the only thing you ever sing (as Jessie did). Well, maybe I excessively dramatize, but it’s the fact, that she still has the only song recorded, right? – while it got more than 280 million (!) views on YouTube. How can it be like this indeed? What a witchery business should it be! 🙂

      “Video ho’s”… I guess it’d be incorrect, but I’d like it to be “ho”s, as… what they are? They are not homes nor houses, they are not horses neither. They are not even holes. So, I think they are only worth to be written as “ho”s.

  25. Unfortunately, with my iPhone speakers, I did not understand all the lyrics. That can be frustrating. That is why I always appreciate the artist that includes the lyrics when they sell their CDs. Thank you David/Pink Floyd!

    I thought they do so for listeners abroad the UK (whose first language is not English). So, if my “David Gilmour” CD has no lyrics included, does it mean that it’s not legal, manufactured by pirates? But I got it from quite a legal place in the Internet…

  26. Glastonbury sold out in 1 hour 27 minutes and a good line up, going from the rumours David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode and please, not our David, as I ain’t got noooo ticket.


  27. Guess I have missed noticing it was your Birthday previously because using the library computers with the half hour time limit I did not have time to read all the blogs. And last year I was unable to get to the library for a while in October.

    I mentioned in a previous blog above regarding ” old-fashioned”. It applies more to the radio station I listen to playing classic rock. Thinking about it music does not become old fashioned. The works of Beethoven, Mozart, etc.; still are very popular today as is David/Pink Floyd. They are timeless…

  28. Nothing new, sorry, I just wanted to pay tribute today to the great Jacques Brel on the 35th anniversary of his death. What a great songwriter he was, acerbic, sardonic, provocative, but also so poetic and tender. Et un grand interprète aussi. Maybe he influenced some artists all over the world (James Dean Bradfield from The Manic Street Preachers, I think, no?)

    I wish everyone here could understand the beautiful lyrics of ‘Le plat pays’, ‘Ne me quitte pas’ and ‘Les Marquises’ (the Marquesas Islands where he is buried near the grave of painter Gauguin).

    A little quizz? Which Brel song includes the lyrics “Moi je t’offrirai des perles de pluie venues de pays où il ne pleut pas”? 🙂

    1. You lot are such a bunch of lazy people… 😉 Is there a ‘disappointed’ emoticon here? I need one…

    2. Well, don’t want to offend anyone, eh? Just wouldn’t like you or anyone else (myself included) to have to deal with the terrible mental image of poor Brel – and all the Marquesan worms around him – spinning in his grave… Mon Dieu! 😮

    1. FEd, my feelings, as well. As David stated in his acceptance speech at the Q awards in 2008, the snub (my word) by the powers that be at Glastonbury was a considerable disappointment to both David and Richard. I wouldn’t think that he would be inclined to perform there, in my humble opinion.

      That being said, it would be so lovely if David would find it in his heart to record and tour again as in 2006. I can think of nothing I’d like more, musically speaking, of course! 🙂

      Peace ‘n’ love to all ~

  29. Happy Birthday Fed. Many Happy Returns, as they say. Keep up the great work. You are 53 now????

  30. Are Crosby and Nash on David’s new album Fed?

    Sorry, I know I’m being naughty.


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