Two special occasions

Do please join me in wishing a very Happy Birthday to David today, and the same to Dark Side of the Moon, which, as hard as it may be to believe, was released 40 years ago this month, no doubt making many of us feel old and anxious.

I’ll just calmly step aside now to allow the stampede of well-wishers to come charging by with balloons and party poppers and whatever else is deemed appropriate.

If you also happen to be celebrating this month, many congratulations.

Right, here goes…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

142 thoughts on “Two special occasions”

  1. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, David y muchas gracias! Su música me reconcilia con la vida y me permite ver lo bueno que hay en cada persona. Su voz me emociona y me eleva. El sonido de su guitarra me hace vibrar. Su amable sonrisa me alegra. ¡Gracias Dave por ayudarnos a ser felices! ¡Salud y larga vida! Un saludo muy afectuoso de una incondicional gilmouriana.

  2. Oh David, what can I say? To a musician’s musician. May your birthday be filled with as much joy as you have given to people the world over. How you’ve comforted me, cheered me, calmed me, entertained me. What more can a woman ask? 🙂

    Love You David.

  3. Every year I wish the God of music a happy birthday, this year is no different…

    Happy 67th Birthday! Shine on!

  4. Dear David, a very rocking and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best musician ever! I cannot believe that it is already 7 years ago that you toured, about time for another one!

    All the best to you and yours, rock on,


  5. Happy Birthday David! May your Birthday be as happy as you make me and everyone that has had the joy to hear you. 🙂

    With Love Always – Yours Suzy

  6. Happy birthday David!

    I wish you all the good luck for the next year, health and inspiration for new songs.

    David, have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

    Best regards from Berlin

  7. Happy birthday!! 67 and still a hottie!! Today my fb is all about it!

    Thank you Dave for being alive, thank you to your mom for having you! Thank you for your music, it is one of the best things that have happened to this world, seriously.

    May your year be filled with the greatest moments, and life gives you back what you have given to us. I love you.

  8. God Bless you Dear David Jon Gilmour for giving us some of the best music in the universe……. I appreciate You…… You are the man!!!!

  9. Calling us a bunch of old f*rts, are you, FEd? 😉

    Happy Birthday David, many happy returns. Have a great day!

    And Happy Birthday/Month to Dark Side too.

    Great Gig still gives me goosebumps, no matter how often I listen to it.


  10. Happy Birthday, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, David!

    Enjoy the day and the years coming!


  11. Happy Birthday, dear David. If this day has given you even the tiniest fraction of joy you’ve given to your fans these years past then it has been a joyful birthday. Hoisting a pint in your honor!

    Many, many thanks.

  12. Congratulations to your birthday and to “the Dark Side of the Moon”.

    I still miss you and you are forever in my heart. Thank you for being you. I wish you a wonderful day.

  13. Happy birthday, David. Thank you for everything you’ve done and may your life be filled with happiness, love and inspiration.

  14. All’anima mia (Umberto Saba)

    Dell’inesausta tua miseria godi.
    Tanto ti valga, anima mia, sapere;
    sì che il tuo male, null’altro, ti giovi.
    O forse avventurato è chi s’inganna?
    né a se stesso scoprirsi ha in suo potere,
    né mai la sua sentenza lo condanna?
    Magnanima sei pure, anima nostra;
    ma per quali non tuoi casi t’esalti,
    sì che un bacio mentito indi ti prostra.
    A me la mia miseria è un chiaro giorno
    d’estate, quand’ogni aspetto dagli alti
    luoghi discopro in ogni suo contomo.
    Nulla m’è occulto; tutto è sì vicino
    dove l’occhio o il pensiero mi conduce.
    Triste ma sollegiato è il mio cammino;
    e tutto in esso, fino l’ombra, è in luce.

    To my soul (Umberto Saba)

    You delight in your unending misery.
    Such, my soul, should be the worth of knowledge,
    that your suffering alone should do you good.
    Or is the self-deceived the lucky one?
    He who cannot ever know himself
    or the sentence of his condemnation?
    Still, my soul, you are magnaminous;
    yet how you thrill to phantom opportunities,
    and so are brought down by a faithless kiss.
    To me my misery is a bright summer
    day, where from high up I can make out
    every facet, every detail of the world below.
    Nothing is obscure to me; it’s all right there,
    wherever my eye or my mind leads me.
    My road is sad but brightened by the sun;
    and everything on it, even shadow, is in light.

    Your music is the perfect mirror and experience of your soul essence. Happy Birthday David!

    Have a wonderful time in this day with your family and friends surrounded.

    Bless You
    Ciao Elisabetta

  15. Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.

    Most of all, wishing you good health and happiness in life.

    Take care,

  16. Happy birthday David, have a wonderful day.

    The Dark Side Of The Moon sounds fantastic and fresh after all those years, well done Pink Floyd.

    Tomasz Poznan, Poland

  17. on this special beautiful day you have received the key.

    best wishes, love, VID.


  18. We wish you a long and delightful life! Even more delightful as the world you generously created and gave to us.

    Ganello and Family

    Please forgive my mistakes in English.

  19. I hope you have a great birthday with your family by your side. And a sincere thanks for the music that has been my favorite since I was 17 which is 40 years ago. Other music has come and gone into my life, but your music, David, has been my every day for all these years… I’m hoping against hope to receive an Immersion set for my birthday on the 28th. I’ve heard some whispering.

    Once again… have a great day with your family and eat all the cake you want!

  20. What can anyone really say?!!

    Happy Birthday to the legend!!

    How your music has been a part of my life only I know. I’m not sure if I have anything to give you that you don’t already have so here, once again, is me wishing you a—very, very— Happy Birthday!!

    And of course… Dark Side Of The Moon!!!! 😀

  21. Happy Birthday to my fave guitar player and album.

    Dark Side of the Moon hitting 40 sure makes me feel old! It still blows me away after all these rotations. I don’t think anything has ever rivalled it.

  22. Je vous souhaite un tres heureux anniversaire, vous m’ avez aide par votre charisme et votre talent à surmonter beaucoup d épreuves dans ma vie et réussi à me montrer le chemin du bonheur. Je n oublierai jamais, cher David, et vous souhaite le meilleur pour cette année.


  23. These are all the balloons I’d blown up to stuff in the chat room to surprise everyone tomorrow. . .

    Now I’m huffing and puffing to blow up some more!

    Happy Birthday David 😀 and many more!

    Love and kisses from Ash 🙂

  24. Party lights and balloons Fed!!!!! It’s smashing !!!!! 😀

    Was that all the balloons I blew up?

  25. Puff puff puff, breathing in . . . huff huff huff, going red in the face . . . puff puff. . . :))

  26. Happiest o’ birthdays to you, David! I wish I could think of something wonderfully original to express my love for your music… I’ll just say this: you’re the greatest.

  27. Happy Birthday David and many more!! Your music gave me peacefulness throughout my treatments THANK YOU.

    My birthday was March 4th. This year on April 3rd I will be celebrating 5 years cancer free and I will be listening to your music and walking up a hill that I used to take to go to school when I was a child. Enjoy you birthday!!!

    1. Bless you, Veronica. A very Happy Birthday to you for Monday just gone and for the many still to come.

  28. Happy birthday David!!! Have a nice day surrounded by those you love… and lots of beer, of course.

    And happy “releaseday” to Dark Side and On An Island!! It´s been 7 years since the last one, time to get busy again, haha.


    P.S. The balloons and lights look cool, seems like a real party! hehe …well, to be fair, we need music and beer. You can work on the music, I´ll go get some beer!

  29. Wow! Happy balloons (and bubbles) party, Mr Gilmour!

    Tchin! Bon anniversaire!

    An enormous thank you for your music and also this blog. 🙂

  30. Wishing David a very, very Happy Birthday. And I can’t believe it’s really been 40 years since Dark Side – an album which has literally changed the lives of so many people, myself included.

    Thank you for the music David. x

  31. Love the special effects!!!! You have really outdone yourself FEd and thanks to Ash for all those balloon-blowing efforts. 🙂

    Wishing the Masterful Master the best of birthdays with many more ahead. Thank you for the bountiful gifts of music you have given us.

    Anxious? Slightly. Old? Perhaps, but I couldn’t think of a better album to grow old with!!

  32. Happy Birthday David, and I wish you many more in the years to come. May you have a wonderful day with Family and Friends.

    Thank you for all you have given us.


  33. Happy birthday to the greatest, hoping for the best to you (and a happy 3 years wedding anniversary to me 🙂 ).







      1. David que tengas un buen dia en tu 67 cumpleaños, y desde España te mando un millon de besos por hacerme tan feliz cuando escucho tu voz y tu guitarra, no pierdas nunca esa sonrisa.

        Besos para ti y tu esposa Polly.

  35. A very Happy Birthday to you David! And many many more to follow… I am fondly “remembering that night”, when I took my young son to see you play at Radio City.

    Be well sir!

  36. David, Please allow me to send you more wishes.

    Health: From the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them in peaceful sleep, may you have excellent health in body, mind and soul.

    Hope: For the world and all the people in it may you always have hope.

    Happiness: With your friends, family and loved ones may happiness always surround you.

    Lets not forget Sanity: When it seems that all the world is clamoring for your attention, please remember that it is because we love and respect you.

    P.S. Instead of flowers, I’m sending you a a bunch of hugs and kisses. 🙂

  37. Happy Birthday David! 67 is the new 47 so keep it rolling for us selfish fans who are touched by your magic!

  38. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday sir David, from Paola and me!

    And many, many thanks for all your work, for your fingers and for your soul.

    Still waiting to see you play again in Italy. 🙂

  39. That David Gilmour and Michelangelo Buonarrotti share a Birthday seems appropriate. That the life journey of us all on this page is enhanced in the present by the music of one in is an unbelievable privilege and joy. Happy Birthday, dear David Gilmour. Showers of blessings to you, Polly and all your descendants. Enjoy your day, a wonderful cake, and a glorious year with your loved-ones, surely the most important thing at our age.

    The Dark Side of The Moon brings me back to a hot Rome June, preparing the French baccalauréat. The heat was overpowering, the fear of failing teachers and family overwhelming, What got me through was lying on the cool stone floor of my dorm listening to DSOTM over and over again my head on the gramophone as ‘modern’ music was strictly forbidden. When a nun suddenly burst in I thought it was the end, that my beloved record would be confiscated, my parents advised of yet another act of rebellion. But Soeur Blandine (R.I.P.) listened and said: ”Comme c’est beau!” ”C’est Bach”, I said quickly, wanting to seal my advantage. Sr. Blandine nodded knowingly and DSOTM remained and the same record is still semi-functional 40 years later. I did pass with flying colours but always associate this success with Pink Floyd’s music. Goodness. So many lifetimes ago!

    Thank you, FEd, hope you are coping with the onslaught. 🙂

  40. Happy birthday, David!

    I remember you once – in 1994 – said you just want to move people with your music. Certainly you do. It is all amazing! I will never forget the three wonderful nights in Royal Albert Hall, in May 2006. Breathtaking.

    All the best from Norway

  41. Happy Birthday from Mexico. I’m gonna celebrate my birthday celebrating yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Happy Birthday David, have a great day!

    Love to all. (Hi FEd, hope it’s all OK with you.)


  43. Feliz Cumpleaños David, siempre esperamos una celebración como la de tus 60 años (con un disco bajo el brazo).

    Shine on!

  44. happy birthday david! you’re the best! my life’s better for having your music in it.

  45. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I wish you a very happy birthday, I hope you have a nice day and time to enjoy the (small) wonderfull things in life. Wishing you many more good and prosperous years.

    “Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.”

    Greetings from Belgium!

  46. A very, very happy birthday to you, David! And…wow! 40 years of DSOTM?!?!?!

    Here’s to another 40 more! Cheers!

  47. Happy Birthday David! Hope you are having a lovely day. 🙂

    I found lots of cakes for David and Dark Side. There do seem to be a lot of bonkers fans out here. :))


  48. I’ve been quite a lot of time off the blog, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not reading it anymore. I couldn’t miss the chance to wish David the best Birthday ever. Buon compleanno David! Happy Birthday to On An Island as well. 🙂 What a wonderful album…

    I wrote an article to remember the 40th Anniversary of The Dark Side of The Moon, for all the Italian readers and for everyone who speaks Italian, you can read it at, a free online magazine.

    Hope Arsenal will make you a Birthday gift against Bayern Munich. 🙂

    Fed, congratulations for the beautiful topics you write about in this blog, it will always be my favourite one.

  49. Happy birthday Mr Gilmour! I wish you all the best.

    A virtual hug from Hungary.

  50. David,

    I hope you’re enjoying an amazing day with your family and friends. My wish for you would be all the happiness, joy, inspiration and comfort that you have given me and so many others over the years through your music! 🙂

    Peace and love to you and yours always!
    Gabrielle ~ Washington State

  51. A very big Happy Birthday to you Sir! Hopefully we shall see you here in Beirut one day where you have many many fans waiting for you and many homes welcoming you too! Please consider!

    God Bless…

  52. It’s my birthday today as well, feel very lucky to share it with the great DG. I’ve spent the day listening to my fav song Childhood’s End, only wish there was a decent live version out there. Kept checking DG’s websites in hopes of some birthday announcement of new released music, but I guess it won’t happen this year.

    Best wishes David, and Happy Birthday!!

  53. Happy birthday David!!!

    You are and you always will be the best artist and guitarist of all times!

    Thank you for your music and your guitar solos!

    God bless you and Shine on!

  54. “Je connais un moyen de ne pas vieillir : c’est d’accueillir les années comme elles viennent et avec le sourire… un sourire, c’est toujours jeune.” (Pierre Dac), and I’m sure that all of us, here, we know a fabulous smile…

    Happy Birthday, David!

    Ikkar, with love

  55. What a splendid job you’ve done decorating the place Fed.

    Happy birthday David. I trust Polly was up all night icing the cake …

    As for DSOM, I trust they’ll be spinning that disc well after we’ve all caught the last wave.

  56. Hi,

    I haven’t visited the blog in a while, love what you’ve done with the place FEd. I just wanted to stop by to add a birthday wish:

    Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all the wonderful music you’ve given us over the years. Stay healthy.


    Hope you’ve had a good day and hope to see you on the road again sometime soon.

  58. Dear David. I hope you had a great day today. Eat lots of cake and drink loads of Guinness. And a great day for such a brilliant, spiritual, and ever inspiring album, DSOTM. What a day.


  59. Firstly happy birthday David.

    Seven years since On an Island. Where has the time gone.

    40 years since DSotM, amazing.

    Never mentioned it on here before but I am an enthusiastic amateur music archivist and write the odd article for my local paper. If you go here and scroll down it will take you to a couple of articles. One about DSotM and another about Chuck Berry. Both Chuck and Pink Floyd played in Coventry on the same night/early morning in 1972. One of the earliest outings for DSotM.

    Hope you enjoy them.

  60. Happy Birthday David and all the very best for 2013.

    FEd, hope you are keeping well too, it’s been awhile since my last post but I still check out the blog to read the posts. Keep up the good work – much appreciated by many.


    I wish you a very happy 67th birthday! Thank you for what you brought to our lives through your music. You will forever be in my heart

    Bises d’une Française en Australie


  62. ‘Lo all. Well done Mr. G, virtual slippers with Velcro straps posted. FEd, love the balloon thing, although got into all sorts of trouble trying to pop them with my mouse pointer and click.

    I’m listening to OAI, my, doesn’t time fly.

    Have fun all. 🙂

  63. Just about made it.

    Many happy returns, David. Hope you spend the day “with friends surrounded.”

  64. Dark Side of the Moon is a great album and I hope that David will have a Happy Birthday!!!

    Take Care, Thomas

  65. Feels like yesterday when I was writing my 2012 birthday wish in this blog. And I still feel the same way about you and all that wonderful music you gave to us (and my English hasn’t improved as well, so I can’t be very eloquent or unforgettable, hehe).

    We are really blessed for the chance to hear and feel your music, I’m sure my life wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s amazing how from notes and lyrics, I feel I’m not alone. Never. So thank you very much for that.

    I wish you a very Happy Birthday, surrounded by your beloved ones. And a wonderful year of course.

    Always remember that you are in the thoughts and hearts of a lot of people (like me) around the world, and we are wishing you nothing but the best.

    And Happy Anniversary to The Dark Side of the Moon, one of the greatest albums of all-times. You know you are a big part of that masterpiece, so, congratulations!

    Love from Argentina. 🙂

  66. Hope your birthday was as special as the thoughts we all have for you David. Many happy returns and look forward to seeing/hearing from you soon.
    About time we saw a nice up to date family pic. Any chance?

    All the best



    Thanks once more for all your great music!!

  68. Happy Birthday David.

    I wish much health and love in your heart to keep writing incredible songs!

    Paul Hanauer

  69. Great up to date pic of David on Facebook. He’s nodding off, holding onto his guitar. Hope I look that good when I’m in my 60s.

    P.S. Fed, is it true the guitar David’s holding up is a prize?


  70. When I think of you, David, I find myself smiling every time. This is so strange to me, so wonderful, just as if thinking of a child…sorry…would like you to know… ah, you do know, I guess… Just want to say thank you for this. And wish you many, many sunny days, with your best friends surrounded, good health and love. And new music, of course, a lot of your music, as so much irresistibly beautiful as you yourself.

    FEd, thank you for letting me join you for this wonderful occasion (I’d leave the Dark Side maybe for the next time, if you don’t mind)… Oh, it seems I’m late…well, it’s better than never, isn’t it?

  71. Happy birthday David. Happy days.

    I saw the Dark Side of the Moon by a certain Australian band last month, celebrated the anniversary in style.

    Happy days all,
    Simon J

  72. OH my, what beautiful decorations, Fed! Lead-free, responsible lighting on the forum, good for you!

    Ash, that’s a lot of balloons, you must have the cheeks and lungs of Dizzy Gillespie!

    David Gilmour. Happy Birthday, and Happy Dark Side anniversary too! Let’s hope we’re all as handsome, creative and surprising in our glory days!

    This page was my very first live chat. I was terribly nervous and it was like swimming in icy rapids at first, but I found it invigorating and I never regretted that first plunge!

    Thank you all for this wonderful warm oasis dedicated to the maestro of our time!

    I love islands. This one is the best!

  73. Dude, Happy Belated! I hope it was a good one. Cheers for another year of memories with family and friends surrounded.

    From a kindred spirit in ‘The Big Apple’ with great affection.

  74. Incidentally, I came across this competition (run by EMI in honour of David’s Birthday, I think).

    Of course everybody here owns OAI, but it might be an opportunity to educate our kids with good music… Better than Justin Bieber’s? :))

    1. Kids need kids. “About Face” or “Animals” might be more desirable…err…I mean, more appropriate.

  75. Happy Birthday David, and Dark Side of The Moon.

    Happy Birthday to my wife, Lesley today, and to my dog Lime yesterday at 8 years.

    Spring is in the air, can you feel it??? YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    1. BTW, I might preface that remark with the fact that it was freezing in Berlin where we just spent a very nice (but chilly) weekend … The cold mitigated partially by eating some curry# wurst while looking at a section of the old wall …

      # That’s curry, but not as we know it …

  76. Belated Birthday greetings to you David andOn An Island.

    As for the 40 years since the release of Dark Side Of The Moon, I’ve been devoted to your music ever since the first time I heard it way back in March 1973. It still has the power to transcend the generations and is a constant companion throughout my life and that of millions of others.

    Long may it continue.

  77. Releases two works of art decades apart that still are listened to by many on a daily basis, says it all. He has the “Midas Touch”! Not to mention everything else David has given us to enjoy. Music to the ears. Always will be. Even for future generations. Just like everything that David has already given us to enjoy; it will be enjoyed by many… for decades and decades…

    Thank You!

  78. March 14th, 3.14… Happy Pi Day to all Maths lovers (and haters alike 😉 ) ! There’s a special celebration day today in Paris at Palais De La Découverte, too bad I can’t go.

    And thanks to William Jones, Welsh mathematician, for his proposal many moons ago for the use of the symbol π to represent pi. You must be very proud, FEd, the world would be such a dull and boring place without Lovely π. 😛

    Thank you, Kate Bush, too… for making Maths sound so sexy and sensual when you are reciting all these digits. :))

  79. I thought I saw Rudders and Marcus. . .

    I guess you guys tweet instead, nice to know you are still around. 🙂


  80. Apologize for the tardiness in this Birthday Wish. Took me sometime to convince another party to let me post his cover of “Hey You” as birthday tribute to David. I would never do this except this cover is exceptionally good and original in his own style. The guitarist is an acquaintance through music, I am not trying, nor is he to plug anything. Simply meant as a tribute.

    ~ Thank you.

    1. A very beautiful one it is, too. Thanks for sharing.

      I’m going to start featuring more videos like this – what the hell? – probably one a month, perhaps even one a week as there are that many (I think one a month would be best), so I hope you can all let me know if you spot any good ones. Please wait for the first one to go up, it will be obvious when that is, and you can comment beneath it in the usual way and make suggestions for other performances to be considered.

      I think from now on, in the continued absence of news, photos, contests, etc., and accepting that this blog has long since ceased serving its original purpose, we’ll have a few regular features to go along with a YouTube Tribute of some sort: informal discussion about something from that week’s Music News; much the same about something topical and more serious than music, although it could just as well be something ridiculous, so long as it can generate opinion across all boundaries and doesn’t require heavy research on my part (not that I don’t like research, on the contrary, I just get too carried away by it); a little bit of music history that has a tenuous link to David and/or is something about something that’s loosely connected to the date, or something; and last but by no means least, some sharing and showcasing of new musical discoveries, which is something we’ve been doing in the chatroom lately and I’ve really enjoyed most of the recommendations. This would all help fill white space and I’ll still plough on with the usual, occasional long-winded rant that can be avoided quite easily, I don’t mind, if only to feel that I’m earning my keep. I will throw that in when you least expect it in the manner of a very burly man, most likely in a kilt, struggling to toss a caber. I have to admit, I don’t know what the hell to write about any more and find I’m actually boring myself as well as wasting time starting but not finishing a wide range of articles best suited for other places that I’ve lost interest in so can’t expect you to care for, which is not ideal.

      So let’s try that, starting from now. Thanks for the nudge, Toni. Your acquaintance’s fine cover of ‘Hey You’ will indeed be the first in what I hope will be a good series.

  81. Am probably late in the well wishes and very late in saying thank you for the music and joy brought to me by your gifts and talents.

    Happy Birthday David and DSOTM.

  82. I discovered Pink Floyd 10 years ago, during the 30 year anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon.

    The lyric “ten years have got behind you” is particularly striking to me now! But I can say that it has been a great 10 years. I have been lucky enough to get to three David Gilmour concerts (well, one being the Douglas Adams party last year) and hopefully more will come.

    It seems that someone did tell me when to run, didn’t miss the starting gun!

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