2013 hopes

Or 2,013 hopes, if you like, if you’re that hopeful. A new album, tour and/or Pink Floyd reunion concert extravaganza is, needless to say, always assumed to be among those hopes. Still extremely unlikely, that last one, though. Might as well dash that dream and get it out of the way nice and early. (Sorry.)

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you had the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years.

I’d like to look back at 2012 later this week, just for one last time, just to be reminded of the things I’ve forgotten or might have completely missed. For now, though, please share with me your hopes for 2013. Health, happiness, prosperity, Champions League qualification… I want to hear it all. Let us all feel excited about, or just grateful for, the year ahead; may it be a good one for everybody who is reading this when there’s probably something that they ought to be doing instead, such as working.

Bring it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. My hopes for this year?

    That David will bring out another album.

    That my album will be a success.

    And to play guitar with the man himself.

    On about ‘High Hopes’ LOL………………….

    p.s. I can type all day if I wish as I work in the evening. 🙂

    p.p.s Or read all day as I work in the evening. 😛

  2. Hey Fed,

    Aside from the usual, world peace etc, I would love the Live at Pompeii soundtrack released on CD and vinyl. A long overlooked PF item.

    Cheers, Howard

    PS A David tour would be good as well. I need an excuse to visit London.

    1. Be great to see you again Howard. I was looking at a photo a few weeks back of us in that pub in Leicester Square with a glass guitar. Hope you are well.


  3. Welcome back FEd and a Happy New Year to All!!

    Christmas was quiet and beautiful – just as I had hoped and New Year was exciting: we were invited to a kid-friendly Salvador Dali/avant garde-inspired function and it was the nicest time I’ve had at a social event in recent memory! We were able to ‘invoke’ a little theatre and suspend disbelief for a handful of hours and all the guests (including kids ages 5 to 17) got in on the action!

    My hopes for 2013 are generally the same as they are every year – read more; listen more; give more; stop procrastinating; fill the time I have with quality. etc. – and it always turns out that life does life and has this funny way of working out just the way it’s supposed to. I do, however have wishes to see an end to man’s inhumanity to man – especially the chaos that is Syria. I wish to see an end to animal poaching specifically the white and black rhino (close to 460 were killed in 2012 and almost 450 in 2011 — seems the horn is becoming more and more valuable).

    I wish for those near and dear (that includes fellow bloggers) a 2013 filled with health, wealth, and happiness (seems like I have an abundance of these 3 anyway and no, not the monetary kind of wealth although it’s a useful tool and and it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra. ;))

  4. I’m looking forward to complete some tasks as clean up the basement, find out why my recording computer stutters when recording, install a power meter monitor where the family can see its energy consumption “live”. 😀

    Some good records to buy and the odd gig to attend would be nice, along with all around staying healthy…


  5. Well..I’m going to grow some badass Chillis in my new greenhouse and hopefully record some songs on my 8 track… Thanks JulieD… the blog is getting a bit like Gumtree. 😉

  6. Hopes, wishes and dreams for 2013…

    May your hair, your teeth, your face-lift, your abs, and your stocks not fall
    and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol,
    your white blood count and your mortgage interest not rise.

    May you find a way to travel from anywhere to anywhere
    during rush hour in less than an hour, and when you get
    there may you find a parking space.

    May what you see in the mirror delight you
    and what others see in you delight them.
    May someone love you enough to forgive your faults,
    be blind to your blemishes and tell the world about your virtues.

    May the telemarketers wait to make their sales calls
    until you finish dinner […]


    (Author unknown)

  7. Aside from trying to lure David to sunny and warm Arizona for a concert or two, my hope is for comfort for the families of the victims of violence in Newtown CT and Aurora CO. And for God’s sake, some sanity regarding gun control in the U.S.

  8. Prosperity. My hope for 2013 is prosperity for the ones who are truly the “servants” of the world it has come to be. Not one of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but where the true opportunity exists so that one isn’t concerned about where their next meal is going to come from – a homeless shelters/vs street. One in which we have a true effective healthcare system that actually works to improve access to care, affordable.

    I hope the world once and for all will truly embrace human rights on all issues, especially the rights of people with disabilities… One that the UN Treaty that got us pointed in the right direction…. Prosperity to where one will not be threatened with losing the home for their family because they are facing difficult times paying bills due to octal expenses…

    Prosperity…what does it mean to you?

    1. Exactly that. A fairer society, a living wage, employment opportunities for all who are able to offer their labour and support for those who are not. But if that has to be achieved by ‘stealing’ from the rich, through fair taxation and the closing of loopholes, that’s fine by me. The rich would still be obscenely prosperous if they had a bit less.

  9. I can hope for world peace like I do every year, or I can hope David knocks on my door one day and says “Hello, I heard that you wanted to meet me.” Yea, world peace is more likely. However, Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone gets what they wish for.

    1. Peace to you, Carolyn, and thanks for the laugh!

      I’m not sure I’d survive the experience: world peace is much less taxing.

  10. I’m an educator. And now that I’m also a daddy, I find it more important than ever to work towards some sort of meaningful gun control here in the US. This DOES NOT mean I want to take someone’s hunting rifle away (though why someone would make a sport of going into the woods to shoot Bambi is beyond me). It’s the military-style semi-automatic assault rifles that I want to ban. This is the type of weapon that was used in the school shooting in Connecticut last month, and in the movie theater in Colorado last summer, and in countless other such mass murders including Columbine some fifteen years ago. People just shouldn’t have these killing machines in their homes. My hope for 2013 is that these things become as illegal in the US as they should be, with possession becoming grounds for a lengthy prison term. I want my daughter and my students to feel safe in the world, to never have to fear that some crazed gunner will burst into their classroom and start shooting.

    1. Amen to that Dan.

      From a European perspective it truly looks like a no-brainer, that one … unfortunately those foxhole lovin’, Day of Judgement totin’ NRA types just might qualify on that score.

    2. Extremely strict gun control laws and an all-out ban on assault rifles is just a start and there should be a global initiative immediately in conjunction with vigilance and counter-measures to the illicit/black market trade in firearms. While “school shootings” are far more prevalent in the United States, they are by no means exclusive to the US thus a global approach. I cannot even begin to comprehend why there is a need (or desire for that matter) for the average citizen to possess these things (unless there are far more people who believe in a ‘zombie apocalypse’ than the Discovery Channel ‘told’ me just a few weeks ago. ;)) Then we (and by that I mean the experts in the field) need to set about identifying a host of issues that may/may not act as triggers (no pun intended) from social mores; mental illness; parenting; education; permissiveness; gaming; the medical profession readily prescribing certain drugs to our children without long-term data being available on the efficacy; etc. and dealing with them swiftly and decisively. And with all the respect in the world for educators, I worry about them carrying firearms as well. They could have a “crazed gunner” ‘wannabe’ in their classroom and be over-powered or they could be a “crazed gunner” themselves.

      It’s an extremely complicated debacle for which solutions need to be found immediately!!

    3. I am a firm supporter of an individual’s right to protect themselves. If someone wishes to own a legally licensed firearm or cross-bow to protect their family and homestead from intruders, rabid animals (if veterinary assistance is not readily available), then they should. I have no issues at all with individuals who choose a lifestyle where they hunt, fish and gather for their sustenance (it’s not my ‘cup of tea’ but I respect their right/decision to choose that for themselves and I do enjoy the homemade venison sausages on occasion. :))

      There will always be individuals (whether sane or insane) with nefarious intentions and we really have little control over their intent but we can certainly limit what ‘tools of destruction’ they have access to.

    4. No way should teachers be armed! What a scary and dangerous idea. Then, why not arm the students too? Fighting evil with evil never solved any problem. Teachers are not warriors, they are educators. The problem is too many guns, not too few.

      I think the NRA’s insane, obscene idea has nothing to do with protecting students in schools, it’s all about profits for the gun industry. They are just afraid of any kind of gun control.

    5. I’m horrified that any teacher anywhere would want to bring a gun into their own classroom. Most schools in the US have a zero-tolerance policy regarding weapons on school grounds. Any kind of weapon or toy weapon, anything that would promote a culture of violence, is grounds for suspension if found in a child’s possession. In New York State that suspension can last up to a year. In that context, how can any teacher defend his/her “right to bear arms” when her students clearly do not have that right? Besides, what kind of message does that send? That “might makes right” and whoever has the deadliest weapon is the winner. That the classroom is NOT a safe-haven after all. That you better not make your teacher mad, because you never know if he might be packing a piece.

      Sickening, that a teacher would WANT to create this kind of environment in their own classroom.

    6. I am not a supporter of the NRA but just could not wrap my head around the notion that they may have advocated for arming teachers … I went and read the transcript of the press conference that was held and no-where do I see the arming of teachers specifically unless it has been suggested subsequent to their December 2012 press conference. If anyone cares to read it, here’s the link.

      How I wish we could time travel to simpler times …

    7. This link leads to two clips of Brit Piers Morgan on CNN attempting to debate gun control with an angry and irrational man. This is either hilarious or scary, depending on your outlook.

      1. I did like this tweet of his: “Opposing assault weapons isn’t anti-American. It’s the opposite – I like Americans so much I want more of them to stay alive.”

    8. Re those Piers Morgan clips.


      (apologies to Janice from “Friends”)

      (apologies also to fellow atheists)

    9. Being American, but having spent time with my UK family, I have an interesting perspective on gun violence that is rarely explored in the media here in the US. I have cousins who lived through the Blitz, my grandmother lost two cousins in the first war and as history has shown, Europe has a horrible history of war and genocide. On the other hand, we Americans have suffered much less during our brief history. Quite frankly, citizens of European nations are tired of conflict. They have been willing to take the necessary steps to limit this violence and as a society work together to prevent it. It’s simple, in the USA, there hasn’t been quite enough suffering to force the necessary action. I hope we don’t have to go through two millenniums of violence to reach that point.

    10. I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and safe 2013.

      I wish things were different here in the US, it’s unfortunate that things like these mass murders happen it makes me sick, and then to think that our corrupt government and judicial system lets the psychos plead insanity and they get away with murder. I am a gun owner, I hunt, I target practice as a hobby and for protection, and it seriously angers me that these few horrible people ruin it for us that are very responsible and respect a firearm for what it is not as a toy. I have seen a few comments on here about these shootings, I would like to clarify that the media reports a lot of BS as we all know, in not one of these crimes was an assault rifle actually used… most recent the elementary school shooting they found the AR15 in the trunk of his mother’s car, it was two pistols (Glock .40 caliber) that was found with him.

      I respect everyone’s opinions and understand where everyone is coming from but I believe firmly that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Take away guns and regulate all you want but that’s not going to stop these terrible people from doing these things. Seriously you can make a home-made bomb and get all the info. on how to do it right at the tip of our fingers online. If they ban or even regulate things it doesn’t matter because the black market will get flooded and then it’s even worse, cause now you have criminals running the streets and easier for little kids and just about anyone to get them. I agree something has to be done, but stripping the rights of people will only cause more damage and more problems in the long run. I truly believe we the people really need to wake up and realize that our very own government is so corrupt and dysfunctional that guns are the least of our problems. I hope to god I didn’t offend anyone because I do respect everyone’s opinion and understand I just hope one day all the madness will end…

      Sorry i got carried away with that, I love Pink Floyd, and especially David Gilmour, his music is so pure straight from the heart, today’s music for the most part is so terrible I don’t even like to call some of it music. We need more musicians not clowns and fake entertainers. David, please keep blessing us with your REAL music… since nobody knows the true details with you and the rest of the band I hope one day you guys can forgive and forget before it is too late, one last tour would be amazing and no matter where it is I’ll make sure I’m there.

      Thanks and everyone, peace be with you!!

      1. The same to you, Kyle.

        You certainly haven’t offended me, by the way. I agree that violent and emotionally-disturbed people will still find new ways to hurt others without guns. Just look at the amount of knife crime in London, for example. Surely we can’t ban knives.

  11. Happy New Year 2013!!

    Health and happiness to David Gilmour and his family and to all Gilmour/Pink Floyd Fans!

    I am very happy to be here again in this blog.

    My first wish for this year: new songs from our David and a little nice tour.

    With best wishes from Berlin

  12. I Hope David will do some concerts through Australia! I saw him in 88 (or 89/87 it was so long go) and it was FANTASTIC! I would like to be able to see him again in the great southern land.

  13. Well happy new year to one and all.

    A great new song and video from Mr David Bowie and a very happy birthday.

    For the new year some bloody sunshine, I’m getting a bit fed up with these leaded skies.


  14. Happy New Year to all, and hopefully this is the year David decides to bless us with some new music, if for no other reason than to see if he’s been keeping up with his sax lessons.

    1. Quite right, Michael. I’d forgotten about the sax lessons.

      Happy New Year to you and yours.

  15. Happy New Year Fed and blog irregulars!

    2013. 🙂 Here it is and it’s going fast! I’ve noticed already the nights are getting lighter.

    Nice to see you back Fed after the scare you gave us. :! As you well know, it’s taken me a long time to recover from the GREAT BLOG ABSENCE of (what year was it? anyway, you know when I mean).

    No escape for you.

    I’m hoping to go to a few concerts this year, hoping to get over my chocolate addiction (Christmas got me hooked), tame the garden, soak up some sun, see more of the people I love.

    I hope to catch up on loads of films I missed last year.

    I think the concerts will be the best, I always love the knowledge that I have a concert to look forward to. :))


    1. As you well know, it’s taken me a long time to recover from the GREAT BLOG ABSENCE of (what year was it? anyway, you know when I mean).

      That was… I can’t remember either. 2008/09? Oh well, all in the past now.

  16. Your inspiration and hope give the world Hope. I will always admire your music in the year 2013 and hope you all don’t give it up. We need you now more then ever.

    God Bless

  17. We’ve been ‘Puppy Parenting’ for a charity called Canine Partners for the last year and a bit. This spring Ella will be leaving us and moving on to Advanced Training.

    My hope for this year is that she passes with flying colours and goes on to bring as much happiness into her new partner’s life as she has to ours.

    1. Isn’t she lovely? I’ll also wish for that.

      Good luck, Ella, and well done, you. That’s a brilliant charity and further proof that dogs are better than cats. 😉

      (Just a running in-chat joke, folks.)

    2. I’d love to burrow my head and nuzzle … right there … that golden patch … just under her chinny, chin chin♥!

  18. Hi FEd and Co,

    I hope you had a great new year.

    I do realize that with the deaths of Steve O’Rourke and Richard the Pink Floyd dream is over. The last PF LP did go to number 1 in the US and the UK, was a Grammy winner and finished off with that great song, which was latter to have its ending reworked for an even better finish, they did do it all.

    My hopes for 2013 are that David, family and crew all keep in good health. Some more music from David would be a bonus, and a tour would be more than a bonus, a trip down under would be unbelievable. David left us off the last two tours, I’m not complaining just curious, as the last time he was down under with PF (24th Feb 88) they did 10 shows in a row in Sydney, 8 in a row in Melbourne as well as a few others. Thank you for the film crew on the latter tours.

    I am hoping to visit your half of the world in the next couple of years, and I’m always hoping to see David preform before he or I move on.

    As somebody once wrote in a song “Nobody lives forever” I hope all those who leave us, do so peacefully and quickly. I also hope that all those who join us get to live full and fruitful lives with some great music being produced in the year that they are born in. I also hope to see 2013 producing some great clips and some great tours (The Wall, was the best show I saw in 2012 by a long shot, it had people with hearing and brains on the mixing desk).

    I also hope for a bit more Freedom, Democracy with a touch of Socialism, especially in the Middle East.

    I’d also like to see some gun control in America, but I’m not holding my breath, unfortunately it’s in there culture, just look at what they produce for TV, Film and games. What I do know is that I was against gun control when it was introduced here, but I respected the reason why it was being done, how could I forget. We’ve had it for about 10 years now and it’s one of the BEST things that has ever happened down here.

    Cheers and good health always,

  19. Hi Fed

    Will be quite content to settle for the first 2 of your options, maybe new album and/or tour…reunion not necessary!

    There’s always hope…if not a lot for the high street stores the remainder of which can now be housed in 6 former prisons…or will the poundshops take over those as well!!!!

    Happy New Year to you all.

    Best wishes

    1. Ugh. Those and betting shops.

      Has the gold bubble burst yet? I hear on the radio every day that it’s only a matter of time before it does, so I’m expecting all those people that buy your unwanted jewellery to clear off soon, as well. There’ll be nothing left. I wonder if butchers and bakers (if there are any left whose name isn’t Gregg, that is) and even candlestick-makers, why not?, will ever make a comeback.

    2. If energy costs keep going up I predict a boom in the candlestick business … you heard it here first. Just don’t make them gold ones.

  20. I would love to see David be able to tour Australia, we have many fantastic venues especially a new open air venue near Melbourne called Hanging Rock. A very beautiful place. If that wish cannot come true an album would be fantastic.

    Best wishes to all.

  21. Happy new Year to all.

    I hope everyday that I create a masterpiece out of glass and that I can create my own destiny with minimal dependency on others.

    I would love for the “gang” to have a reunion like we did in 2006 and of course FEd to be guest of honour!!!!


    1. Ian,

      We could be cunning and commission a new glass-man to honour Fed and then the old curmudgeon would have to arrange something so we could present it to him …

      Tee hee.

  22. 1. Wales to win another Grand Slam.
    2. Wilko Johnson to make a full recovery.
    3. RW’s Wall DVD be released.
    4. Me to finally learn the second CN solo.

    That’ll do me.

  23. (Very) High Hopes for 2013….in no particular order:-

    – Newcastle United to win a trophy
    – New David Gilmour Album
    – David Gilmour Tour
    – David to write something on his own blog
    – David to guest at one of Roger’s stadium concerts
    – U2 Album and Tour
    – David, Nick and Roger perform some Final Cut concerts
    – About Face Tour released on DVD
    – Delicate Sound of Thunder released on DVD
    – Full Pink Floyd at Knebworth ’90 released on DVD
    – Pink Floyd Live at Venice in ’89 released on DVD

    …….hmm, 2013 could be a disappointing year then!!!!!

    All the best to everyone for 2103


    1. IMcK,

      I think that pig will be back over Battersea power station before the first one, old sport.

  24. Happy New Year All!

    Happy to hear that David has an album coming out in March, er Mr. Bowie that is. Where Are We Now? is a real treat for the beginning of 2013. It would be nice if Mr. Gilmour had a bit piece somewhere on the album. Who knows? Wishful thinking.

  25. My only hope for this year is that Gilmour’s music transforms every life that it touches, just like it changed mine :), thanks Mr. Gilmour.

  26. My wish number one, in terms of music, would be a new David Gilmour Album! That would be simply fantastic! And of course a tour all around Europe, where he plays his solo material and a few odd Floyd tunes!!

    High Hopes!

  27. My dearest dream is to go to a David Gilmour concert.

    Does anyone know for sure his tour plan for 2013? I can’t find any information. Oslo? Stockholm? Copenhagen? Or any other concert arenas in Europe?

  28. My hope, sanity. My wish, a non-judgmental view of people who are affected with mental illness.

    I’m Bi-Polar. I can’t understand why I should be ashamed. It took 32 years and near catastrophe for me to go see a shrink. It’s a disease that effects the arts community, more than any other group. We need to be as open as we are with breast cancer. Too many musicians live with mental illness (you can place your own joke), I’ll end with: I’m back playing with my band, I could take David on alto sax, but I would like to play trumpet duets with him.

    Please keep an open mind about Mental Illness, we did not choose the disease, it picked us.

  29. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with “Major Depression”. I was going through what I refer to as a “bad patch”. I have spent many years going into and coming out of this depression. I agree artistic types are prone to these “mental illnesses”, ha! I believe what it really is, is that some human beings feel emotions more fully than others. Mental Illness is everything from cigarette “addiction” to schizophrenia. It seems like too many human conditions are labeled a mental illness. This is not to diminish psychic suffering in any way, or to negate the need for these people to get a little “help” along the way. I like the saying, “I have Major Depression”, it does NOT have me. Would I give up my delight in crying at a beautiful sunrise or the sound of beautiful music in order to avoid the pain of sadness? I would definitely not. Bring on the pain, I can take it, just don’t take away my happiness with pills. This is a slippery slope I chose not to navigate. God Bless to all those who suffer.

  30. A wish for 2013. It’s late here, after 3 am. I’m an insomniac, always have been and I’ve learned to deal. Was watching TV, “Hard Rock Calling”, saw a couple good ones, Stevie Nicks although why she is considered hard rock I can’t conceive. Rod Stewart, always delightful (but still not hard rock) and then a band I never heard of, The Killers. To make the story shorter after getting a severe headache I had to turn off the TV. I put The Wall into my Discman, put in my headphones and lay here in the quiet dark listening to the music. I laughed at “Need a Dirty Woman”, cried at “Mother” and was consoled by “Comfortably Numb”.

    My wish for 2013, that everyone disgusted at cable TV has the sense to turn it off, and listen to really good music instead. My recommendation, anything Pink Floyd or David Gilmour. It will make you feel human. It will give you a “space cadet glow”, like it has for me tonight.

    Happy listening everyone.

  31. My number 1 BUCKET LIST request… see David Gilmour LIVE!! It needs to happen. Please, David, tour in 2013 so that we (who have become to love you) can see you play ONE time live. Love you.

  32. I understand David and Roger have creative differences among other things but I just would like to fully understand why they say a Pink Floyd reunion will not happen. Is it the size of the production that they don’t want to get involved with again, stadium tours, etc? Or is it a combination of bad blood and that? I know they don’t need the money. I’d like to think they would tour one last time for the fans or as David mentioned in one of his interviews, since he is in his “declining years” would want to go out and tour at least one last time.

    Just wondering…

    1. I really couldn’t say, but I imagine it would be just too much like hard work, especially when you have nothing to prove to anyone, no new material to present, and will be inviting all sorts of accusations at a time when people are having to tighten their belts more than ever just to make it through to the next pay-day.

      Personally, I don’t understand why they would want to reuinte, never mind why they might not. 🙂

  33. I agree with you. I guess it’s not about the fans anymore. They’ve paid their dues and proven themselves over and over again through the years. They’ve given many wonderful shows. Nevermind doing it for the money, they have plenty. As a fan I know it’s just wishful thinking.

    I remember when I lived from hand to mouth and I still came up with the $75 for a ticket to the Division Bell tour. I don’t think the die hard fans will mind spending their money to see them again and there are plenty of them to fill stadiums around the globe.

  34. Is there any chance of a tour from David in 2013 in America?? Thanks for all the fine work.

    Thanks David for all the years of happiness your music has provided myself and friends. God Bless you.

  35. I wish for 2013 to convey my heartfelt thanks to David for sharing his talent with the world. Without getting too heavy, I am alive and well today because of it. The joy you have given to so many is one thing, but I’m sure I am not alone in saying, during times of desperate searching for some meaning to life, your music has shone a light in what could have been an otherwise dark and dismal existence.

    Forever grateful. Thank you.

    Happy New Year. 🙂

  36. Hello Mr Gilmour, recently purchased an EMG DG20 pick guard for one of my Strats. Love it! Any recommended tone adjustments?

    Love your playing, you have taught me patience in my playing. The emotion you put into your playing is second to no one.

    Who is your favorite team in the Champions League?

    Keep on “bringing it”.

    A true fan. Lee

    1. I’ll leave the guitar question to the guitarists, but can answer the football one for you: it’s Arsenal.

  37. First off, a happy new year to all.

    The year to come is full of ‘high hopes’ for me as I became a grandfather two weeks ago. I am totally smitten and as proud as can be.

    Mrs Pete is still in remission so all is going good with her personal fight. So after a few lows during the last few years I am making the most of the recent highs.

    I sincerely hope that things improve for those currently experiencing hard times. In fact lets hope we all keep safe and well during 2013.

  38. I understand perfectly well why a “reunion” tour is something to not be taken lightly. Like you say, the process of putting together a production is an arduous task. It’s a lot a hard work and an enormous investment in time and energy. And really, without Rick, it’s not really a reunion in any event. If David (and Nick and Roger) want to perform together on some occasion, it should absolutely be on their terms and enjoyable for them. After all, they have worked their entire lives and deserve to spend their time as they wish. We have plenty of their wonderful music to keep us company and have been fortunate that they have been with us for so long.

    Cheers to you FEd and the work that you do with this blog. I’m pleased to discover this blog.

    FYI, I still can’t get my wife to watch War Horse, but really its a wonderful film and the ending isn’t nearly as bad as some say.

  39. Greatest hope: to see David Gilmour performing High Hopes, no matter where across Europe. Just to see Gilmour till I die. 😉

  40. David,

    I saw Pink Floyd only once, but it was breath taking! Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1975, Ivor Wynne Stadium. A wonderful summer afternoon and evening. Dark Side Of The Moon Tour. David, is it all right with you that I dream a little of the past and go see a Pink Floyd tribute band?

    Oh how I long for great days long gone, when cell phones and computers did not exist. When we all listened quietly in most of what we did.

    God Bless Everyone and you David! Rock on!

  41. Hey Carolyn, 🙂 I missed reading your message last time I was in here, however, I think it must’ve subliminally entered my brain as I flicked past it eager to get to the end of the page so I could leave a comment for Dave.

    My most favourite therapy is putting on a Floyd album late into the night. Works a treat especially if I’m feeling down. I haven’t treated myself in a while, and have just recently splurged on the Discovery box set, ahhhh! I have it and the Discman on the bedside table, and quite often turn off the box to lose myself in the wonder.

    Now going nuts with online shopping buying up everything I can find on DVD so when I fancy a bit of TV and there’s only rubbish on I can get my Floyd/Gilmour fix that way also. Oh happy days. 🙂

  42. Hello,

    I would like an official recording of the 1977 tour, it’s my favourite. Or maybe Dave can play his wonderful guitar in a song of Roger’s long awaited new album. No reunion but almost Floyd again!!!


  43. Apart from personal plans, I have 2 music-related (rather unrealistic) wishes:

    – David’s solo concert in Ukraine.
    – I hope that solo material Richard Wright was working on, will be finished and released. It’d be sad that the work he put so much effort into, will go in vain.

  44. Venus,

    Saw your comment this morning again (I check the blogs often) and the thought came to me that all of us that have used Floyd/Gilmour Therapy for our woes are certainly the better for it. Would love to read comments from others that use/have used this “therapy” successfully. I hope David realizes how much he means to us.

    I was also thinking about dear Richard (so sadly missed) and would certainly love to hear the music he was working on, when and if it becomes available. As to a Gilmour tour, I still can’t help but think the man has paid his dues and deserves to forget about going on the road. I would like for him to sit back, relax and be creative and maybe it will eventually turn into an album for us all to enjoy.

    Right now I’m in the mood to create “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”, for myself, a gentle one of course. Cheers everyone.

  45. David:

    I want to thank you for playing the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard in my life and for giving me emotions that only those who have music in their blood know.

    I learned to play guitar at 6 years old (I’m 30) and I know every note of every solo of all Pink Floyd albums and his solo career.

    I am Brazilian and unfortunately do not have the financial means to be able to realize a dream, listen live to you play guitar. This is my hope in my life. Listening to you play guitar live someday and if God allows me, play a song with you.

    Excellent year 2013 or 2.013 hopes for you too.

  46. My English is very bad. I write in Spanish. I’m sorry.

    Soy de la ciudad de Córdoba, República Argentina. Tengo 48 años. He crecido con la música de Pink Floyd primero y de David después. No puedo decir que conozco toda su música pero la que estoy escuchado y redescubriendo, me alegran el alma. Es un verdadero placer para los oidos de cualquiera escuchar su música y sus letras. Somos muchos, en esta parte del mundo, los que todavía tenemos la esperanza de que algún día David visite nuestro país y, además, mi ciudad. Sería una alegría inmensa poder recibirlo en nuestra casa. Gracias.

  47. Eso esta bien, Pablo, podemos traducir en la computadora. He leido tu comentario en Ingles. Buen dia para usted y su familia.


    1. Many thanks for your response, although i can also use the resource to translate it, I wanted to be authentic. Here we are coming to the autumn, the most beautiful station of my city and it is almost night therefore, if you’re here, would have to tell you: good evening!

  48. Yesterday was the birthday of David. But it was impossible to send my greetings (David has hardly ceased to celebrate that I haven’t greeted … )

    Anyway, i hope you’ve had a very good time with family and friends.

    Greetings to all!

  49. I finally returned to Pink Floyd recently. I realized something I missed in my early years. David Gilmour is probably the most talented music artist of our time.

    Thank you sir.

  50. Good afternoon! Here it is still Monday. And before returning to my home, I cannot leave without hearing (for the thousandth time) A Great Day for Freedom from the concert in Gdansk. I never saw someone enjoy both the music they are playing. Incredible, beautiful. Impressive. It is something that leaves you breathless.

    Until next time!

  51. There are so many things I would like for 2103. Too many to write here, so I’ll write the number one on my list: RESPECT FOR VETERANS. Not all vets are honorable, but most are hard working and proud of their service to their country even to the point of giving their life to protect their country’s freedoms.

    I naively thought that people would appreciate us. Like I’ve said before, I get treated like a lazy bum looking for a handout. I’m here to tell you that you cannot live on what you are paid no matter what your disability is!

    But there are only two things I want: Respect and enough income so I don’t have to live hand to mouth and count on others to get me to the VA for my appointments rather than pay $60 to get there and back.

    I don’t want you to fall to your knees, just a little respect.

  52. David, please go on tour this year. I don’t care where it is, I will come no matter what the cost is. I have survived being in the US Army through 3 major military conflicts, and I don’t want to go to the grave without seeing you perform live. I would have given anything to have seen you in Gdansk. Hell, I would pay to come to the UK to just listen to you jam on your boat in a practice session!

    Anyway, I want to thank you for being the most talented guitar player in the world and blessing us with all of your incredible music.

  53. I would like for David Gilmour to come to Gaffney, South Carolina to perform. My whole family enjoys your music. And the past 2 years we have listened to CDs and DVDs. And I for one listen to songs everyday.

  54. A little late, but better than never, right?

    Although 2013 is in its last months, I’ll over extend my hopes to include 2014.

    I was able to see Roger’s version of The Wall last year and took my son to his first concert. Needless to say he was blown away. But he, like myself, tends to prefer David’s music more. So with that, I’d really, really like to see David on tour at least one last time. I’ve seen all his solo tours and the last two Pink Floyd tours along with their 1980 The Wall show in Nassua, NY.

    So please David, please, just one more tour so I can allow my son (and maybe even my 14-year-old daughter) to experience a real concert.

    Life is too short, allow us all the chance to thank you for all that you’ve given us over the years one last time. Heck, you don’t even need to put out new material. Please consider playing some of the lesser heard songs, like Fat Old Sun or heck, anything from Animals would be great!

    Thanks David, I can’t explain in words what your music and Pink Floyd’s music has meant to me over the years. You got me through some very, very rough times and still do. Your music is my escape when things get too tough to deal with.

  55. Thanks Tyrone for writing. And to think that the last time I wrote in the blog was in March …

    As it is, it will have opened many other topics, important, yes, but I think that has been distorted. Roger was in my country, Argentina, in March 2012 with The Wall Tour and I went with my two children (20 and 18 years old). Impressive! But … David is another thing. David is music. He is “The” music. He is to close the eyes and dream. And the dream is that David wants to depress these beaches and play his guitar along with his band for the delirium of us all …

    Here, we pray also that David assembles another tour and passes by here. I know it’s not the same without Rick but he is in every one of us and if David comes, we are going to be all together. I think that David can still surprise us. So be it.

    Good night!!

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