Three apologies

It’s been something of an up-and-down year for this peculiar blog, has 2012, and not because I’ve spent much of it moderating aboard various rollercoasters, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that I had (allowing for time to travel from one to the next; vomiting; waiting in line; dizzy spells; broken and lost electronic devices; more vomiting). I wish to leave you and it by apologising for being rather useless, it has to be said, too many times. It’s an apology that is long overdue. Maybe in 2013 I’ll publish all the things I started writing about and gave up on, but probably won’t.

I also have to apologise because, regrettably, this week’s scheduled chat on Friday is cancelled. Oh God, don’t hate me.

So, with the apologies out of the way and no need to dwell further on the downs – because, as Noddy Holder screams best, it’s Christmas – I’d like to thank you once again for being good enough to share your thoughts on just about everything throughout the past twelve months. I have enjoyed your wit and wisdom in equal measure and thank you sincerely for not always keeping it to yourself, because how very boring that would be.

All that’s left for me to do is wish you a Happy Christmas, if you celebrate it, and more importantly, a Happy New Year. Peace, goodwill and all that.

Oh, and I also need to say that the David Gilmour In Concert app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iGiveUpAlready, etc. has been delayed and I don’t know when it will be available. Another apology. Sorry about that. You can expect any updates to pop up over on the homepage, though.

Lastly, really this time, because grumpy radio stations probably won’t play it, even though the lyrics remind us that this is ‘a time for hating and fighting to cease’, which is much better than wishing it could be Christmas every day (sorry, Wizzard, but who would really want that or be able to afford it, for that matter?), have a bit of Cliff Richard to finish off with. I hope it makes you smile. I think there’s something the matter with you if it doesn’t, actually. I mean, just look at the swaying. Much better than ‘Saviour’s Day’.

But if it doesn’t make you smile, and I’d really like you to smile, even if only a teensy bit and just for a second or two, this should do it. Or maybe this. Or maybe you could just add a video of your own and let me get on?

Cheers, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “Three apologies”

  1. Hello to all. Hope your Holiday Season will be a safe one shared with people you love and care about.

    FEd you are too hard on yourself! You have a wonderful blog with thought provoking topics and many loyal bloggers that give me hope for humanity. All of you keep it coming…. FEd, I hope you are feeling better. Also I am sure any writings you produce will be more than worthwhile. So please do.

    I tried to watch the above video but it stated that it is unavailable in the USA. There is a song by Steve Miller “I Want to Make the World Turn Around” that has positive thought to it. Goodness knows the world needs some positive in put. Although the most thought provoking excellent musician ever is David Gilmour! Talk about great music that makes people think!!!

    I hope the best for everyone.

  2. Boy oh Boy, the swaying, twisting leaning business at the climax is full on. Just one pair of legwarmers short of a full workout. As Christmas songs go, it’s a fair effort .. it at least sounds deliberately festive but I think I’ve reached the sad, fatigued time when these songs are all too familiar and heard too often. Come on Radiohead, Muse et al, who will step up and give us something new? (No, it’s OK Bob, you stay where you are.)

    Thanks for those videos … if you can watch without smiling you need putting to sleep once and for all (animal lovers won’t need telling)/
    I can’t match it for festiveness but inspired by Cliff’s moves, I feel compelled to add this classic to the pile … watch it folks (unless you are Scandinavian) … you won’t be disappointed. It just keeps getting worse, I mean better, oh I don’t know …

    I fully expect this to be performed by the regular chat irregulars (you know who you are) if the much hoped for reunion can ever be convened … which I predict will be within weeks of David’s gig in Rio. Hey, they could get him to open the next Olympics … now that would kill a few birds with one stone.

    So, brushing aside Fed’s apology, which we all consider quite unnecessary, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas (I believe it is quite appropriate for those of us of an atheistic disposition to hijack the event) and or holiday. I shall be in Germany and then back in time to walk the dogs on the beach in Norfolk on New Years Day.

    1. So that’s what happened to Andrea Dossena after he left Liverpool: he let his hair grow back, dyed it blonde, went all ‘retro’ and formed a tribute band to Swedish pop and tight trousers. And to think I always thought he’d joined Napoli.

      Awful, Tim. Shockingly bad. Love it.

  3. Mon Dieu! Not sure what to understand when I read “I wish to leave you and it”, but you fear me. I hope it doesn’t mean that you have decided to leave us and the blog for ever. It would be the end of the world before Friday 21st!

    Merry Christmas and my best wishes for 2013 to everybody here.

    Even though it’s hard sometimes, may we never forget that we live in a wonderful world

    Would love to read whatever you publish, FEd. Please don’t give up.

    Bisous à tous.

    1. Ah, the world hasn’t ended. I hope they got the time right. Wasn’t it supposed to be ending at around 11am?

      But in whose time zone…?

  4. Apologies accepted although absolutely not necessary in my ever so humble opinion.

    I can’t speak for anyone else (although I’d love it if I could 😉 ) but The Blog and Chat have been an anchor for me this past year … a place where I could put my feet up if you will; engage in banter about everything from anarchy to zoology; learn new and wonderful things; vent and opine about comfortable and positively uncomfortable subjects; give the routine and often mundane a bit of oomph; traveled down memory lane; and laughed so hard I’ve cried and cried so hard I’ve laughed. Gosh, I’ve even won something!! Now tell me, where does one get that all in one place? And to say that I am ever so grateful for this would be an understatement.

    Thank you FEd!

    Wishing everyone the merriest of Christmases and may 2013 move us closer to peace and harmony.

    Having been on a major blues mission for the past year or so, I leave everyone with a little something … here.

  5. Say it ain’t so! Please take a breath, take a deep breath….. SMILE.. 🙂 Thanks for all the SMILES! 🙂

    So….come back with more!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Best of Blessings and CHEER UP! CHEERS MATE.

  6. I’m going to have a few words with you over not opening the chat room today! I would do it now and tell you off, thoroughly, but I have to go out!

    Don’t you dare close the blog down for Christmas until I get back and nag you!


  7. To Fed and all,

    Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

    Take care all those in the UK especially if travelling through flooded areas…DON’T!

    To all in New York, hope you are all recovering from Sandy and wish you well for the future. To everyone else, Joyeux Noel etc.

    To David, Polly and family, all good wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    And lastly to Fed,

    Have a lovely Christmas break and happy new year, some of your topics this year have been very thought provoking and thank you for keeping everything going…it is much appreciated.

    Best Wishes to all

  8. Hey Fed and all,

    Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and New Year. I haven’t said much this year but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten this wonderful group of people and the most Fedest of all Feds.

    Cheers, Howard

    PS. We really must get one more reunion under our belts before we all expire. I am available for any planning.

  9. I was going to send this to the “60 years of UK singles” topic because Bobby Darin died on Dec 20th forty years ago. This song was a multi million selling song for him and reached No.1 in the UK charts.

    HOWEVER, I decided I could put it in here because I hope everyone gets a ‘Dream Lover’ in their Christmas stocking. I’ve told Santa I want one in mine. 😀

    ash (in shameless hussy, had a drink at the office party, guise)

  10. Now where was I? Oh yes, telling Fed off . . . I was going to tell you in the chat room. . . .

    Fed, DON’T apologise at all, a lot of us have not been writing back to you. The thing is, right now, everyone (not me) is too busy shopping at every available opportunity to be bothered to write to the blog. We’ll all be sorry if you disappeared whilst we weren’t looking. Don’t make me tell you off again.

    Whilst looking for seasonal YouTubes, I like Animal from the Muppets and seeing as Fed gave us some really nice animals, I thought something from Animal would be good, anyway, I found this and liked it and decided that despite it not being seasonal, I’d share it. :))

    Have a lovely Christmas everyone,
    Love from ash X X X

  11. Merry New year everyone. FEd I have sent you a pair of virtual flip flops for all your efforts on the Blog over the years; Keep it up.

    Have fun everyone, peace and health to all.

  12. Happy Solstice everyone. The longest night of the year. Good to nestle in and stay warm. Now the days will get longer-so more to look forward to.

  13. There is never any need to apologize ever Fed. THE FEED TO CANADA DIDN’T GET THROUGH WITH CLIFF. HOW CAN THIS BE??? OH MY!!!!

    Love the Animal Carols, made my day.

    Be Well and keep Blogging Fed. We survived the end of the world and it so happens, you too.

    Merry Xmas Everyone!

  14. You called this blog “peculiar” Fed, and Michele reminded us somewhere that it is now seven years old. It got me thinking. . .

    Many of us have been writing for years, there are lots of us who just pop in now and then but who are obviously reading over the years. David reads the blog? Still? Do we entertain him? I really hope so.

    Merry Christmas David to you and the Family. 🙂

    I was further thinking, we don’t actually nag David to come out and play but he must know we all have tongues hanging out for any morsel, maybe he will come out again, maybe he’d like to meet a few of the bloggers who have (hopefully) been entertaining him. Of course, maybe he’d rather keep right away from a bunch of stalkers! :))

    Anyway, I found this. It’s exactly what I’d do if I ever got the opportunity to meet David.

    ash :))

  15. To all: I wish you a happy new year, piece and health for everybody!

    FEd: No remorse and no need to apologise. You still do quite more than average. 🙂

    Best regards,


  16. Hello FEd

    No need for apologies! I think everyone here knows what hell of work a blog like this causes. And the things that do not go because of this or that… don’t care too much about, that’s life, no one can plan perfectly.

    Wish you a good Christmas season and all the best for 2013… may things go better in the new year.

    If you are tired of listening to all the old fashioned Christmas songs, maybe this one is better for your ears. 😉

    But if you like to rock your Christmas tree, listen to this.

    My working year is done and dusted, now a lot of time to relax. 🙂

    Take care

  17. I truly noted such a sort of bitterness in your words, I hope to be wrong of course, although, in the meantime I am sure you, as a professional open-minded person, you will surely know how to find out the proper formula to share and develop your opinions, based on the music or your life experience, with the best pleasure to be read by the bloggers.

    This is my special wish to you, all the best, dear F.Ed!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to David Gilmour, family, collaborators, the F.Ed. and everybody here. 🙂

    Cheers/Ciao, Elisabetta

  18. However you celebrate, Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that these give you a grin, wherever you are!

    Flashmobs around the world:

    However you celebrate,

    Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that these give you a grin, wherever you are!

    Flashmobs around the world:

    First and foremost, Cardiff, Wales: Nadolig Llawen!!!!

    Hawai’i: Mele Kalikimaka!!!

    Birmingham, UK doing the Greek Zirtaki: Καλά Χριστούγεννα, or Kalá hristúyenna.

    Copenhagen, Denmark, I love this performance: Glædelig jul in Danish!!!

    Paris, France, flashmobbing to Psy’s Gangnam style! In French, Joyeaux Noel, Michele!!!

    Or, in Korean, 즐거운 크리쓰마쓰 (jeul-kkeo-un keu-ri-sseu-ma-sseu) С Рождеством, моя милая!

    To my husband who loves studying language and culture, Mockba!! Putting on the Ritz, American style!

    Finally, I’m not sure how the Aussies celebrate Christmas, but I’m sure that beer must be involved!

    1. Oh dear. Imagine being on that plane (second link). I’d have been reaching for some rope, not my camera. :))

  19. FEd, there is no need to apologize for keeping this Blog alive even though David has been inactive in recent years. There is no need to apologize for an interesting mix of topics both light and serious. I’m a writer (when not teaching or raising a child) and I know how often writers abandon what they have started, it’s part of the process. So, no need to apologize for being a writer. Or for the technical glitches that can put an app on hold indefinitely. You’re doing great things here, FEd, and we irregulars appreciate it all.

    Happy Holidays and may the new year be just as wonderful and unpredictable as this year has been.

  20. Seasons greetings to you FEd and all the intrepid Irregulars who continue to make this Blog valid. Despite your apologies for the ups and downs of the last 12 months, we’re all still here albeit another year older (and wiser?).

    It’s certainly been an up year for me, with the safe arrival of my 1st grandchild and my daughters wedding day, so it’s not all been down.

    Your continued perseverance FEd is still valued and will hopefully become more meaningful in the future.

  21. Belated but only just – Merry Christmas one and all. Hope the coming year brings contentment and lurve.

    Ian xx

  22. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Full Moon. Something we all view wherever we may be on this beautiful planet.

  23. No, no, no, do not close the blog, don’t even speak of it guys. I have only just found it a couple months ago and enjoy it so much. Knowing fellow Floyd fanatics are out there is comforting in this present world, don’t you all think? Having a forum to talk about them, especially David gives enjoyment to my day and joy is hard to find at times. Ash, nag him, please.

    FEd, you’re doing us a great favor, hope that makes you think that this is all worthwhile and cheers you up. Happy New Year.

  24. Hi dear people,

    this blog changed a lot since its birth.

    December 2005: an event before David Gilmour’s tour and a place where it was possible to discuss and remind some themes and songs about the gigs and the tour experience.

    So day by day the blog became a private room for philosophical questions.

    THANK YOU FEd you have been really wonderful with your fantasy and all resources from your mind all over the thoughts and all over the world.
    Disappointment (a lot) for David Gilmour: the blog was just a part of the plan to sponsor the tour, a commercial act without emotions, no happiness, no pain in a very English way.

    Dear FEd, I hope to read your words and arguments by your name in a different area of the web. NEVER MIND, nobody could delete the huge Pink Floyd’s ART.

    Thank you mates: we shared a dream.

    A great hug
    Diana from Rome

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