Happy Birthday to David

As you’ve started sending your birthday wishes in already, I might as well just get out of the way and leave you to it.

There you go. Don’t mind me. I’ll be watching Beat Beat Beat, if anyone wants to wait until tomorrow to do this.

Happy Birthday, tomorrow, David.


  1. Bernd van der List

    Dear David…all the best from here…to you…sitting here …listening to the wedding song from David B. and wait for a Invitation from David G. …cheers…and watch about you…from the Heart ….Bernd v. d. L.

  2. Eric W. Hunt

    Happy Birthday, Sir!

    Thank you for all the beautiful music. I’m listening to “On An Island” right now. One of my most favorite albums ever!

    Thanks again and I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Many more!

    Eric W. Hunt
    Houston, Texas, USA

  3. Bernd van der List

    ah…are you really in France in studio.?…near the Charade? in La Fabrique?…or is it a Joke?…hope to see you soon…Shine on…

  4. Stephanie

    Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!

    Here in Germany we have a popular song “Life starts at 66”.

    This should also be your motto and I wish you the very best for the next 66 years.

  5. Damian Cunningham

    Hi Fed, I was just kidding but it was 21/02/1964. Still pinch myself driving, such freedom and puts my mum’s mind at rest. I gave the bike up.

    Kind regards

    Can’t get over how quick time goes by, I was 16 when I saw The Wall at Earls Court, and David would have been 35 ish. I remember looking through binoculars when he was on top of the wall and was shocked to see he had his hair lopped off, got mine chopped 1 week later. Role models eh? LOL.

  6. Carry Marshall

    Happy day, David. I’ve lived a parallel life with you, from afar, since Hyde Park to Vancouver. I gauge my progress along the path, not in an OCD way (!), against the progress of Floyd…in its many guises. You are very simply the best. Have a great year!

  7. Florian P

    As the popular German-language singer Udo Jürgens once sang, “mit 66 Jahren, da fängt das Leben an” — life starts at 66.

  8. Steve Harris

    Happy birthday, David. Just viewed the making of Wish You Were Here. Absolutely brilliant! I hope there is a new solo album in the works for the future.

  9. Karina

    Drogi David,

    wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu urodzin!!!

    Dziekuje za muzyke ktora trafia prosto w serce sluchacza.Pozdrawiam serdecznie.




  11. Roger Stegman ,Crete

    OHHH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (I´ve sent it before in Facebook.)



  12. Luis Soares

    Happy birthday Master David Gilmour,

    Thank you for your wonderful music.

    From Portugal,

  13. Adrian Manole

    Dear David,

    I wish you best health possible to have, you and your band colleagues are with me in my mind and soul every day since 1969 when I listened you first time on radio and recorded a few of your songs on my tape recorder without to know at that time the name of the band.

    Of course, I “Wish You Were Here” …in Bucharest, but perhaps it’s just an amazing dream in my head.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAVID …with best regards from Bucharest, ROMANIA….looking to have a talk with you saying please and many thanks for the sounds I was lucky to be contemporary with and each vibrating from your strings enhances my soul with light and happiness. I hope, with your kindness to may have a communication. I wish also to invite you here in Romania, a sanctuary of amazing wild landscapes, less known abroad.

  14. David W. Dobert

    Have a wonderful birthday, sir, with many more to come !

    Be well !

  15. Manukgr

    Happy Birthday Mr.Gilmour! Your songs helped me pass many difficult times!!

  16. Claudio Beltramo

    I met you when I was 10 years. Since then your music and Pink Floyd has illuminated the path of my life, opened my mind and projected into a life more pleasant to the sound of the chords of the Gibson. I am grateful to God for giving you the talent you have.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and many more!

    Claudio Beltramo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  17. Mon

    Super happy birthday David!!

    Thanks for all these years of wonderful talent and fantastic music! Your music is a big part of my life.

    Hope you had a fabulous day!!

    We love you from Minnesota, USA

  18. Leandro

    Happy Birthday David, send you the best wishes from Argentina to you and your family!!!

  19. tony

    hope you had a great day david, i spent it listening to the immersion set of the wall. now can we have the older albums with the same treatment please, or at least the release of the live recordings of the wall on dvd?

    best wishes, tony.

  20. Howard Bayliss

    Happy belated Birthday David…All the best!!! and a big hello to you Fed!!

    Cheers, Howard

  21. Omero (Ommy One Kenobi)

    David, your music is the sound of my life since I was 12. All my best wishes of a lot of wonderful birthdays, hoping in a performance to live together in a next future everywhere…

  22. Tim Hiergesell

    Yups, I am late again – so many comments…! 66 is 06.03.= `46 I am really not sure what it means.

    Enjoy your time with yours. All the best and God bless you.


  23. Víctor H. Latrónico


  24. Rob_P_From_CT

    A HUGE happy Birthday to David and many, many more!

    It’s events like this that get me out of “work” mode and back onto the blog – it’s been too long. I hope that you were able to share your day with your family and friends. Cheers and thank you!

  25. Thomas O'Connell


    I really want to thank you for the music you wrote and played. I hope that you will have a Happy Birthday…

    Take care,

  26. Ikkar

    « C’est dans le mois de mars que tente de s’ouvrir
    L’anémone sauvage aux corolles tremblantes. »
    ( Alfred de Musset)

    « Les grands artistes n’ont pas de patrie. »
    ( Alfred de Musset)

    Happy birthday, David !

    Ikkar, with love

  27. John nff

    Happy Birthday David!

    Did you know that…

    66 is the lowest number that shares a strobogrammatic prime factor with its invertible partner, i.e., 66 and 99 are both divisible by 11.

    Just another reason to hoist yet another one.

  28. Christine T

    Hi David,

    Belated birthday greetings as usual, but I wish you health and happiness always! 🙂


  29. Ana Maria

    Já é dia 09, mas ainda estou a comemorar seu aniversário, David. Desejo-lhe muitos anos ainda de vida para mostrar que os bons nem sempre morrem jovens como, dizia um jovem poeta e músico brasileiro, que, aliás, já morreu. Longa vida para vc e felicidades à sua família.

    Ana MarIa

  30. tim_c

    Ooh that Douglas Adams Party looks a good gig, not only for our man’s little turn.

    Don’t suppose anyone was kind / far-sighted / enterprising enough to film it, were they?

  31. Pavlov

    May I just say ♥♥♥ … what a way to honour a friend’s memory and could’t be more thrilled that the proceeds were donated to amazing causes – especially Save the Rhino International. Way to go Defenders of the Defenseless!!!

  32. IMcK

    I sent my birthday greetings last week, but the message seems to have got lost out there somewhere in cyberspace. 🙁

    Anyway, I was watching the RTN DVD tour documentary a few days ago and was thinking how great it would be to see you tour again sometime in the not-so-distant future. On saying that, I’d be more than happy to settle for ‘just’ seeing you perform at the Ottawa Bluesfest this July!!!

  33. Damian Cunningham

    I hear David is looking for a Triangle player for his new album, where do I send my CV Fed?


  34. Helen white

    I love your music forever. Happy belated birthday.

    I hope and pray you come to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada someday and play your soulful music. Hope you do a tour soon. I will be there.

    • FEd

      That’s lovely. Thanks, Sando.

      I hope the dream comes true some day. Honestly, if I could wish for David to visit any part of the world to perform, it would be Brazil.

  35. jouni kalevi roivainen

    happy birthday david. we are all waiting, when you come to finland. on the island. and about face is yours, not pink floyd.

  36. Joseph

    Dear David;

    Happy Birthday! Your music has inspired millions and mine the most! I’ve been listening to you and everyone else since I was about 4 years old and I’ve been here since. Shine on you crazy diamond!