Peace One Day

Today is the International Day of Peace, if you didn’t already know, an annual opportunity for United Nations agencies and various humanitarian organisations to together show that peace is attainable through their ongoing life-saving activities and assorted attempts to both educate and inspire.

Established by a UN resolution in 1981, making today’s anniversary the thirtieth, the first Peace Day was marked in 1982. Please take a brief moment to reflect on how many times peace has been fractured since 1981 and for what price? I’m reminded again and again of the child solider. Is there a more soul-destroying image than a child cradling a Kalashnikov?

Thanks to a quite brilliant film maker and inspirational peace campaigner named Jeremy Gilley, this International Day of Peace now has a fixed calendar date – and has since 2001. Now, on this day, all nations and people of every imaginable religious and political persuasion are invited to honour a cessation of hostilities and to further increase public awareness of peace-related issues through imaginative means. Thanks to celebrity and corporate support, and with its message spread with relative ease by social media, the Peace One Day, as has been seen with Live Aid and similarly successful mass movements for change, arranges concerts, requests donations, sells merchandise and all revenue goes into the ongoing campaigns to spare lives and educate.

Last year on this day, the movement drove the World Health Organization, with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, to vaccinate over 50,000 children and women of child-bearing age against deadly, preventable diseases, such as polio, meningitis, diphtheria and tetanus. They also launched a nationwide polio immunisation campaign targeting some eight million children across Afghanistan – the first mass vaccination of its kind.

In all, more than 650,000 people benefited from such life-saving activities held worldwide on one solitary day.

Next year’s target is the greatest yet: a Global Truce, a ceasefire, the largest ever recorded cessation of hostilities enabling relief workers to reach civilians in need of food, water and medical supplies. One day without any violence at any level of society. This year’s event begins the countdown to that vision.

A stirring TED Talks recording of Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley, from earlier this year, tells the story.

I’d love to share your feelings, particularly as Gilley has blogged, “There is no point in being cynical; cynicism is simply a way of justifying inactivity.” Discuss?

“Peace begins with a smile,” said Mother Teresa, so surely we can all manage that for starters. If you want to do more, this year’s theme is ‘Peace and Democracy: make your voice heard’; here are some ideas for what you could offer beyond your smile.

The chatroom will be open to smilers everywhere tomorrow – from 3pm (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. And Troy Davis will be executed by lethal injection on the World Peace Day… Will he die with a smile?

    Shame on this crazy world.

    1. And another five (at least) opponents of President Bashar al-Assad apparently shot dead by Syrian security forces…

  2. Well, thanks for the update on this absolutely wonderful movement!! At the risk of sounding like a contestant for Miss World, I think Jeremy just might make one day of truce… The TED presentation is brilliant, full of infectious optimism, enthusiasm… I for one am inspired and will do my piece for peace. Thanks again.

  3. Here are some beautiful reflections on war and peace from the amazing Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, who was Director of Peace Meditations at the United Nations before his passing four years ago . . .

    “The absence of war is not and cannot be the real peace. Real peace is the unmistakable establishment of celestial harmony and universal love.”

    “World peace can be achieved, revealed, offered and manifested on earth
    when in each person the power of love replaces the love of power.”

    “Peace begins when expectation ends.”

    “Man invents war.
    Man discovers peace.
    He invents war from without.
    He discovers peace from within.
    War man throws.
    Peace man sows.
    The smile of war is the flood of human blood.
    The smile of peace is the love, below, above.”

    “Peace does not mean the absence of war.
    Peace means the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness.
    Peace means a flood of love in the world family.”

  4. I had better get my tin helmet on or hope that the peace-loving irregulars do not get inspired to throw rocks at me …

    Of course, a day of Peace and more importantly a day when we pause to reflect on the price we pay for war and violence of all sorts is worthwhile and a good thing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a World where we had to declare an International Day of War to remind ourselves how unpleasant the whole business is? In fact the Day is and has to be worthwhile in and for itself. But I do not believe that it shows that peace is attainable, only that violence is delayable. As a day of raising awareness and funding for activities to promote peace and try to put right some of the wrongs it is undoubtedly a good thing, and you are doing a good thing F’ed by making us aware of it. My radar may be sadly out of tune but I was not aware of the day, nor that it had been going some 30 years and I can be pretty sure that it also escaped the attention of warlords, pirates, drug barons and various bands of militias stalking the less fortunate parts of the Globe. Being a UN initiative, I am however sure that it was taken fully into account by all of the Security Council Members when deciding actions over this period. It is sadly the case that peaceful, loving, non-violent people already make every day a day of Peace and their example does not have any impact on those who want violence and to make war.

    I was tempted to ask how on earth could it be possible to quantify the amount of benefit of one day of Peace? You cannot quantify an absence of something, nor can you lock down a period of time and make an absolute claim for it. I see on more careful reading that the chief benefit is the amount of good we can do in the “window” created whilst hostility ceases although I’m a little unsure about whether the mass immunisation programme, worthy as it is, can be claimed to be a direct benefit. We had better hope that these things happen in spite of war, not only when we have temporary peace.

    I’m also a bit unsure about the lasting effects of an interruption to war and violence. Should we trust that the evil people in the World are not so cunning as to delay their killing until one minute past midnight on the next day … what a mess they would make of our statistics. Imagine that in the middle of the battle of Stalingrad, or the Normandy Landings, or the battle for Iwo Jima or any other we care to mention there had been declared and, if you can also imagine it, upheld, a day of peace. Would a single person fewer be dead at the end of the war? We already have the famous Christmas day truce and football game, with or without disputed offside decisions, in No Man’s Land 1914. It’s a wonderful story, reminding us of a human element amid the madness of trench warfare, but it did not change the course of the war and I am sure the killing soon caught up with itself.

    I’m just not sure that this creates any real cross-over between those who would have peace and those who would have War. Are these people somehow unaware of the harm they do? Surely they balance gain and loss, risk and reward, like the rest of us do. To Gilley’s essay question, is cynicism simply a way of justifying inactivity? Well, apart from cynicism not being a “simple” thing, I certainly don’t have any better idea. I just hope that the opposite of cynicism is not the idea of promoting activity which achieves equally little.

    In the meantime I’ll try and smile a bit more (I’m afraid to say I don’t have one of those nice, toothy, shiny smiles, much as I would like to) just in case I can personally inspire someone who is otherwise having a bad day.

  5. I gave up on hoping for world peace.

    That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support a campaign for a ceasefire whilst aid is delivered.

    Sorry Fed and everyone, I won’t be able to get into chat today. If there is a lock in I might be able to get in later. 😀

    ash 😀

  6. Yes indeed, we have the United Nations in session and I wish they would get the hell out of Manhattan, take the building, and its contents and move far off in to the ocean where these so-called leaders can enjoy their pretence of peace. All honorable intentions went by the wayside many moons ago and the poor folks ‘on the ground’ are feverishly attempting to make a difference to little avail. I think their motto is “We the peoples … A stronger UN for a better world”. What a farce!

    Yesterday also happened to be International Rhino Day. While this may seem quite trivial in the great scheme of things, the purpose is to bring attention to the senseless slaughter of the rhino … again, for (wo)mankind’s selfish indulgences and appetites. We’re an f’d up lot.

    We keep looking for peace everywhere except from within. 🙁 Cynical? Not at all from within my mind’s eye, simply realistic. On that merry note, there’s little that will prevent me from making all noble efforts to greet each day with an enormous smile on my face. 😀 Having said that, United Nations diplomats snarling traffic in their ‘shadowy’ vehicles and making getting around more complicated may periodically tempt me to extend a middle finger … with a grin of course. 😉

    1. Yesterday also happened to be International Rhino Day. While this may seem quite trivial in the great scheme of things, the purpose is to bring attention to the senseless slaughter of the rhino …

      Not trivial for me; I sponsor a rhino through the WWF. If I ever rule the world, the tables will be turned on poachers and hunters and they will be tormented instead.

      Did you know that the rhinoceros can live for 60 years? Chance would be a fine thing.

    2. The Rhino has been on the earth for more than 20 million years. The Northern White Rhino is now extinct in the wild. Three of the five species of rhino are critically endangered. Their only predator is humans.

      I was at a safari park last summer that has several southern white rhino. On this particular day all of them were at the exit from one part of the (drive through) park to another. There were several keepers in several Jeeps (?) maybe Land Rovers (?) trying to herd the rhinos away from the road so that cars could pass. Keepers manoeuvred their vehicles up steep grassy banks, turning to come up behind a rhino and nudge it to make it move. Again and again. :))

      It was comical and a real privilege to watch. The rhinos were not going to move for anyone. Finally the keepers told drivers to mount the grassy bank and go round the rhinos! It was so lovely to see these animals up close.

      ash (who wishes she was eloquent enough to give a more vivid description of this close encounter)

    3. I know we were talking about rhino, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to quote from this article about endangered primates. Humans are primates too and we are related to all of them.

      “You could fit all the surviving members of these 25 species in a single football stadium; that’s how few of them remain on Earth today,” said Russell Mittermeier, the president of Conservation International.

      I think the most worrying thing about the quote is that humans fill tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands or more?) stadiums.

      We are the most successful species on earth. There are so many of us because we use the resources all the other species need, to expand our own population. In effect, we, are replacing them.

      The Rhino is one of the animals being displaced/replaced by humans. The article I sent the link to is regarding 25 species of primate, there are many more (but half of all primate species are endangered). There are only FIVE species of rhino and the northern white rhino has only four individuals left. You’d lose them in the half empty stadium of rhino I should think.

      Fed, I should have said, good for you for sponsoring one, you know I was thinking it. 🙂 Sorry, I get full of passion and rant (sort of).


    4. Oh dear, I’m sorry if I sounded very gloomy. I just wanted to report the situation so that readers, (who do have power, we all have power to help effect changes in how we vote, shop, donate, sponsor) would be kept aware of the plight of some animals. So, here is some more good news about rhino: 🙂

      At the end of the 19th century the southern white rhino was on the brink of extinction with approximately 20 animals left. However after years of conservation measures their numbers by 2007, had grown to over 17,000. That is a wonderful example of what we can achieve when there is a will.

      Also, for some of the endangered primates, breeding in captivity for release to the wild has been successful. So has re-forestation corridors.

      Conservation measures do work and our continued support is worthwhile.

      Again, sorry if I was too gloomy or cynical.


  7. I so wish you ruled the world! ♥

    I’m wondering whether the poachers’ ‘horns’ are aphrodisiacs. 😉

  8. I think FEd’s hands cramped up from the last several posts as this one is very short. 😛

    World peace. I think the last time we had world peace was in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve roamed around naked and enjoyed the land. Then Eve had to bite that darn apple and spoiled it all.



  9. … I watched the news on TV a few minutes ago and my first thought after reading this post was: they chose the wrong name for this day, it should be called “utopia day”. 🙁

    Sometimes I really wonder how far humanity came after all…

    Almost as to cheer me up, I just received an e-mail that “Discovery” and “Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Pack” are on their way to me. 🙂

    Best regards


  10. With regards to the prospect of a world without war, one of the best things one can do is raise one’s kids right. I know this sounds silly but I also try to recommend “War is a Racket” by Marine Major General Smedley D. Butler to everyone I can. It’s a timeless, really slim, easy to read book that gets to the heart of the matter.

    Hey everyone, are you as excited about the DSOT Immersion Box set as I am? I’ve actually bought a new 5.1 amp, a new Blu Ray Player (my old one couldn’t read SACD discs) and am mounting a bunch of extra speakers in my library in prep. (I’m buying some L. shaped brackets on my way home tonight, and my drill is fully charged. I’ve found my old green lava lamp as well.) 🙂

    It comes out in the States on Tuesday. I’m utterly thrilled. Really excited. REALLY EXCITED!

  11. Let there be peace on Earth,

    …and let it begin with Rhinos! 8)

    Bravo, and wonderful, Fed! There’s absolutely, positively nothing trivial in supporting or advocating for endangered species!

    I think the rhinos stand a better chance of surviving their violent tendencies than we humans have in completely overcoming our own violence.

    Peace for a day- That grand Christmas truce, free from the grinding hopelessness of the trenches speaks across time with such a deep resonance because it is possible.

    This cause isn’t in vain. In fact my hero list is full of impossible men and women, Ghandi, Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Clara Barton, the Dalai Lama, Tolstoy, Lennon and Ono, Martin Luther King, President Kennedy, whose voices echo in our actions today!

    I’m sowing my own garden tonight: All we are saying, is give peas a chance! 😛

  12. FEd,

    I’m going off track here but just curious as to what you can share.

    As you undoubtedly know that PF and EMI are re-releasing material and including some neat new stuff that was not available officially before. So next week is the release.

    A local radio station here in NY will be having an invite event (you can win a seat by calling during contest times) where Nick Mason will be there to preview some of these items as well as chat. (Unfortunately I currently don’t have a seat at this exclusive event.) 🙁

    But this morning I also heard that David will be joining the morning show on Tuesday. They made it seem like he will be in the studio but I do know that many times they call in.

    So is David coming to NYC next week to help promote some of this PF stuff or will he just be calling in from jolly England? Any insights here?



    1. Andrew,

      I’ve just heard from David and can confirm that he won’t be “on any breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, supper or late night shows anywhere,” sorry. He has recorded a syndicated radio special with Redbeard, so that is more than likely to be used extensively and cleverly by stations everywhere, but he’s now finished with his promotional duties.

    2. I’ve just heard from David and can confirm that he won’t be “on any breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, supper or late night shows anywhere,” sorry. He has recorded a syndicated radio special with Redbeard, so that is more than likely to be used extensively and cleverly by stations everywhere, but he’s now finished with his promotional duties.

      This made me chuckle. In all this doom and gloom for Peace (and do not let us forget Palestine’s bid to reclaim what little bit of land is left to it as a State) the re-releasings and “Immersion Paks” are a huge source of Joy. Chatting on twitter today, Floydians were expressing hopes David Gilmour would be present for the “Algie flies again” event at Battersea on Monday. My thoughts were more of the “DG will be probably taking refuge in his bike shed/beach-hut and avoiding publicity like the plague” sort, if we are to go on past experience. :)) That being said, there are no words to describe Wembley ’74 Live DSOTM and DG’s gentle, teasing riffs during Money. Enough to make a grown woman cry – and, hurrah! it’s included in two of “the paks”.

      Thanks for letting us know David and Redbeard got together again. Now that’s an interview to look forward to, Redbeard being, in my modest opinion the best, most professional Pink Floyd interviewer. Nick Mason’s latest chat with him was wonderful.

      So, peace, huh. I am getting old and cynical but I see global popular support for the Arab Spring (now Fall…) young people rallying against BART police killings of homeless and mentally ill people in San Francisco, occupying Wall Street, taking risks, being brave, raising consciousness. There is a movement, which at one point during the 00’s seemed to die out completely, and that surely is cause for celebration.

      On Monday, Ottawans will be demonstrating on Parliament Hill with the Dene and other First Nations against the Alberta tar sands. Time to invest our oil zillions into natural, renewable energy. We will be there.


      Bella x

    3. I didn’t mean to get under your skin as your response appears but I guess David gave you some bum info as he did call into the NY morning radio show today. You can listen here.



      1. You didn’t get under my skin at all, Andrew; I was just repeating what I was told – and with a smile (I should have added one for clarity, I now realise) – as I hope and fully expect there was a smile when I asked your question. David is far too pleasant to be so snappy.

        Thanks for the link.

    4. You can listen here.

      Andrew’s link didn’t allow me to ‘play’ David’s interview. 🙁

      Maybe it’s the same as this one?

      Love the bits of ‘Breathe’ and ‘Us And Them’. 🙂

    5. OK, FEd, thanks for clarifying. Certainly no hard feeling from this side.

      I must say that when I listened to the replay of the interview on the website, I found the “extras” portion where David continued speaking during the commercials to be far more interesting than the on air interview.

      It was nice to hear him again.



  13. I may hurt the cynics of the blog, but I tend to agree with Jeremy Gilley when he says “There is no point in being cynical; cynicism is simply a way of justifying inactivity.”

    I think that cynicism is – sometimes – just an easy (intellectual) way to deal with the harsh realities of life without providing any attempt to find a solution. It’s always easier to demolish than to build, no?

    This article probably contains a lot of exaggerations, I don’t agree with all that is said, but, nonetheless, I found it interesting:

    ‘Cynicism about extreme poverty’

    On a lighter note, just for fun, here is a site that you, cynics of the blog, might enjoy to visit:

    ‘The cynic’s sanctuary’

    Interested, FEd? 😛

    Don’t forget to click the links ‘How to Know if You’re a Cynic’ (to see if you are eligible) and ‘714 Things to Be Cynical About.’ (Which number would you choose as the ‘top’ thing to be cynical about? 😉 )

    1. Two excellent links to content that really make you think. Thank you.

      I shall think and get back to you, now that I’m even more torn than usual.

      “You find yourself wishing you lived in a different era, like the Neolithic.” :))

    2. Thank you for the Cynic’s Sanctuary Michèle.

      I took the test.

      Of the 714, I managed to calculate a value for my top thing by a series of additions of some of the others I really liked. My answer was number 16. However, I really liked numbers 59, 360, 449 and 705.

      ash :))

    3. The Cynic’s Sanctuary site is a fabulous tongue in cheek distraction … thanks for finding and sharing the link Michèle. If the ‘How to Know if You’re a Cynic’ quiz is accurate, I have found yet another place I am most welcome. 😉

  14. I remember the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 where us peace loving new age hippie types gathered to pray/meditate for peace on Earth. I was optimistic, hopeful, naive, and younger. I’m 64 years old now and find myself hoping that change comes for the next generation because I know it won’t come in my lifetime. 8)

  15. I wonder where cynicism stops and realism starts… I’d describe myself as a cynic but I don’t see it as the destructive force described in these articles (maybe I’m just not hardcore enough).

    Of course there’s not an excuse for sitting on your backside doing nothing as the world crumbles round about. There is absolutely no excuse for letting people die of hunger and/or treatable/preventable diseases. So much of it is down to first world countries exploiting third world countries though (with a bit of greed and corruption thrown in for good measure). Governments using overseas aid budgets for their own ends. The one I remember reading recently was Imran Khan asking foreign governments (including the UK) to stop giving his county aid as it was going straight to a corrupt elite.

    Then there’s drug companies making billions if not tens of billions in profits while people are dying for want of medication that costs a few dollars. It’s obscene. To me, it would make a lot more sense for a proportion of every country’s foreign aid budget to go into the manufacture of medicines. There shouldn’t be patents on drugs either.

  16. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow the blog these days.

    About cynicism, I think the “it’ll never work, so I don’t have to do anything” attitude, only benefits the same old privileged ones, who have no interest in changing anything in this world and can unfortunately count on many people’s laziness, ignorance and, sometimes, tiredness and disillusion to reach their purposes.

    We should have never let them manipulate our lives, making us feel unable to change the reality.

    For FEd:

    As you’ve always been so kind and supportive when I spoke about my problems finding a job, I just wanted to let you know that I finally managed to get the eight months job I was speaking about some comments ago and I will work in my local statistical office, collecting and recording Census data. It is just a temporary and underpaid job, but it’s something which, I hope, will at least improve my curriculum vitae.

    I’m so happy about it: finally, I have something to do. I couldn’t stand this complete inactivity anymore.

    Thank you very much for reading. 🙂

    1. I’m very happy for you, Alessandra! (Where is that ‘Thumbs Up’ emoticon when you need it?)

      I hope you will still find time to write on the blog, as I always enjoy very much reading your comments. 🙂

    2. Thank you very much, FEd and Michèle.

      As for finding the time to follow the blog, no problem: night is long. 😀

  17. I’ve just found this thought by Vincent van Gogh:

    “In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism and skepticism and humbug and we shall want to live more musically.”

    I don’t know what he exactly meant by “living musically” or what we should do to live in that way, but I somehow love the idea. I’m sure that if we lived more musically, the world would actually be a peaceful place. 🙂

    Speaking about the importance of trying to change things for the better, did you hear about Moving Planet?

    It’s not directly connected to peace, I know, but it seems anyway a chance to do something useful for our planet.

    1. I hadn’t heard about Moving Planet, I don’t think, but I hadn’t heard about Peace One Day either, until this year.

      So many days for every imaginable cause now… I must suppress the cynic within at this point (well, it is quite late and I’m tired) because I think it’s amazing how so many passionate people across different continents are able to unite beneath a common banner and, thanks to the wonders of technology, make it all appear so vibrant and exciting and seemingly ever-reaching. It’s truly inspirational. Yet I sometimes wonder if it’s changing anything, or enough, or if it’s actually pushing cynics deeper into their own pits of cynicism because much of it seems so sickeningly self-congratulatory and all the grand symbolism, however original and impressive it may at first seem, somehow manages to merge into one colourful mess in the end (at least, it does in my mind).

      It’s a bit like the Labour Party Conference taking place in Liverpool. Talk about preaching to the converted. Can’t they all just commit to a determined and preferably quite rowdy march down through the Home Counties, where the electorate would quite possibly vote for a horse if it had a big enough blue rosette pinned to its chest and its neighs could be positively interpreted as promises to preserve their affluent self interests, and shake lecture the most Tory-looking locals, or something? It would save on all the paper and lighting.

    2. I understand your point perfectly, FEd. The list of International Awareness Days is amazingly long. And what about the Awareness Months and Years? Of course, that may seem absurd.

      To be honest, I’ve never actually thought all those separated initiatives (often ignored by the mass media, hence by all those who still have no access to the web) are the best we can do to change something in the world. If I could choose, I would find it more useful to ask for rights or try to raise awareness on social problems all together, joining huge events, massive protests in the streets or something very visible, which wouldn’t easily go unobserved.

      What I think is that it’s more convenient for the “Powers That Be” to give the people who fight for social issues or try to promote their causes many different dates during the year (and the illusion to be important), instead of letting them protest all together, giving them real power.

      Of course, I’m not saying that Awareness Days/Months/Years are useless; I firmly believe in the importance of sharing thoughts and information, I also joined some of these events with pleasure and I will always do it in the future. I’m just saying that, when we speak about social issues, numbers count and being divided may not be the right strategy.

      I had always considered myself sceptic, am I cynical instead? 😕

    3. Just out of curiosity, I searched the web for the complete lists of Awareness Days, Months and Years and this is what I found.

      I just realised I had forgotten about Awareness Weeks and Weekends. 8|

      Reading Twitter’s suggestions for who to follow, this morning, and noticing the incredible number of associations, events and charities of any kind, made me think again about your words:

      the grand symbolism, however original and impressive it may at first seem, somehow manages to merge into one colourful mess in the end (at least, it does in my mind).

      Even if, in general, I respect and trust the honesty of those who organize themselves, often without any institutional support, spending their own time and money to promote causes in the interest of the community, I can’t help being a little sceptic again and wondering how many of those socially useful realities are just fakes.

      As I could often understand listening to people’s words, such a high number of initiatives, apart from making the single messages unclear, only contributes to raising suspicions towards volunteers’ and associations’ honesty, as if, in the end, none of them were actually worth trusting. This is another reason why I said a few bigger events would work, in my view, better than a lot of smaller ones.

  18. “….he’s now finished with his promotional duties.”

    You mean to tell us that there’s not going to be a “Why Pink Floyd?” promotional world tour (including Brazil, of course)?

    …I guess I can dream. I’d certainly find that particular (and very unlikely) news (or any performances by the surviving Pink Floyd members) to be a lot more exciting than yet another re-issue of the Pink Floyd back catalogue. Sorry to be a killjoy!!!

    …Okay, on saying that, I am likely to buy DSOTM and WYWH (yet again!!), but only for the live recordings.

  19. Short and sweet…

    Peace on Earth is a non starter. All you can hope for is to minimize it.

    Cheers, Howard

  20. One anti war DVD documentary that is fairly recent that I also like to recommend to further the notion that most wars are–for the most part–a racket by a few very wealthy individuals to accumulate even greater wealth, is “Why We Fight.” That one is really, really good.

    I’m so excited about the release of the immersion set tomorrow, I can hardly stand it. But I’ve suffered a supreme disaster. I got a 5.1 amp, new Blu Ray player, speakers, etc. and I had it set up perfectly. I’d been listening to Elton John’s 60’s birthday Blu Ray, at Madison Square garden. The sound was beyond ecstasy. And I was tethering my amp remote to a stuffed animal (with three kids and a wife it’s the only way to not lose remotes constantly) when I hit some mysterious button and the sound went out. I can’t bring the sound back no matter what I do. The remote control has more buttons than an advanced scientific graphing calculator. 16 rows worth. Duel function buttons. I spent an hour fiddling with it and NOTHING works. The instruction booklet for the amp has the thickness and is about as easy to decipher as a Greek Bible. I’m going nuts trying to fix this thing. These new electronics boxes are insane.

    I’m actually most looking forward to the primitive Quad mix of the 70’s. They had super separation of instruments and flashy effects back then. I love primitive separation. I’m going to have a blast. If only I can get my new amp to work. Hah! Not an easy thing…

    P.S. I’m really hoping that SONY made ALL the CDs in the immersion set dual layer SACD/Conventional CDs, so that if you have a SACD player you get the higher sampling rate for ALL of the discs.

    1. I can’t bring the sound back no matter what I do. The remote control has more buttons than an advanced scientific graphing calculator. 16 rows worth. Duel function buttons. I spent an hour fiddling with it and NOTHING works. The instruction booklet for the amp has the thickness and is about as easy to decipher as a Greek Bible. I’m going nuts trying to fix this thing.

      Oh dear, how frustrating. I hope you’ve got it working by now. (I’m told that throwing doesn’t help, but suspect that, after an hour, I’d probably have thrown it.)

    2. DQ, what you have to do is invite someone who has a six year old over, the kid will sort it out in no time.


  21. Reading about potentially deadly infectious diseases made me think about measles, which is also one of the main causes of death among young children, especially (but not only) in the world’s poorest countries. A simple vaccination would be enough to save so many lives, as the very positive results of the Measles Initiative clearly confirm.

  22. One of my favorite anti war movies is this little French fable of a movie, “The King of Hearts” with Alan Bates and Genevieve Bujold. It’s on the light side, I think it was made in about ’67, but it gets the point across that war is sheer madness. It’s a charming little poem of a movie. Another good anti war book is John Hersey’s “Hiroshima.” He really doesn’t take an obvious stance, but by the end of the book, you are scratching your head thinking, “How could we drop the bomb on ANYONE?” To this day I am horrified that we dropped the bomb on two beautiful, ancient cities, and just vaporized a whole lot of men women children–innocent people who didn’t want war, had nothing to do with war, didn’t start the war, probably only wished that it would end. You read about little girl school children wandering around with their backs burned off. They didn’t start the war , had nothing to do with the war… Sigh. I’m just haunted and horrified.

    I fixed my amp last night. I have to work late tonight. I can’t stand it, I’m about to jump out of my skin. The immersion box set is arriving by UPS at my doorstep sometime today and ‘Ive got to work all day and can’t go home and listen to it. Hah!!! I woke up smiling today. I smiled my way to the bathroom. I smiled my way to work in the car. I’m smiling now. The Dark Side of the Moon immersion box set is coming out today. The happiness I feel is as big and wide and fresh as the September sky!!!! YAAAAAAYYY!!! Today’s the day!!

  23. Hello again Fed, et al,

    Just in from seeing Crosby & Nash on the opening night of their European tour at Vicar Street. Wow, a great opening night and the boys were in fine form. The band were tight too. Good to see Stevie Di again.

    World peace – we can change the world!

    Best regards,

    Tom B

  24. I always think how violent our world is, just pause for a moment and think of all the places in the world where it would not be safe to visit because of war.


  25. Hey Fed,

    With all the slow blog updating, I am starting to think you are moon-lighting on the job. 😉

    Cheers, Howard

  26. Hey Fed,

    Can you just tell David and his friends a really great big THANK YOU from his many fans. Tell him “THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!”

    I can’t begin to tell you how much fun the immersion box set is. It’s impossible to convey how much the music has meant all these years and how fabulous it is to have all this new stuff to listen to. I unlock my library in the morning when I get up these last two days, switch on the lava lamp and the music machines/fire up all the six giant speakers–little Johnny comes running down the hall and we both listen to immersion music before we go to work and school. I listen to the music in my car on the way to work. When I finish I run home and listen to it until well after midnight. It is WONDERFUL!!! WHAT INCREDIBLE MUSIC!!!

    I ALSO LOVE all the stuff in the box, the marbles, the two books, the scarf, Storm’s cards, etc. I just LOVE IT!!! Everything is good!!! Sometimes I just stare at the Blu-ray menu: the prisms and light are so beautiful and the accompanying music so fantastic.

    And thank David also for putting out that nice GDANSK box set the other year (I loved everything in that one too–the guitar pick especially) and he did an AMAZING job with the “Remember That Night” Blu-ray. Simply amazing. It’s all so very good!!!

    Just tell him a really big THANK YOU and let him know he has literally made gazillions of people all over the world really, really, really happy. Thanks!


  27. Hey Fed,

    Hope you had a good break. Were you thinking of doing a topic about the new PF releases and the Why PF campaign?

    Cheers, Howard

  28. I really hope you had a good break and I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday… 8)

    Take Care,

  29. October 4th.

    Dear F.Ed.

    Whoever you are, wherever you are I wish you the most happy birthday!

    Party hard and may this day bring to you all things that make you smile.


    Ciao Elisabetta

  30. The peaceful demonstrations that started in New York and are now spreading across the USA, are commonly referred to as a Wall Street protest. In its third week, this protesting is all about corporate greed and the way young people are denied a voice at the table. The protesters are succeeding in spreading their message about the impact to the common man of our corporatized world. Whether or not you agree with the message, I feel that you’ve gotta respect the young people for sticking up for themselves, voicing their opinion when they see things aren’t right, and exercising their right to political dissent and free speech. This, for me, is the beginning of peace.

  31. Hey FEd~

    I hope you’re enjoying your day! My granddaughter shares your birthday and turns two today. 🙂

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  32. If women start leading the power house nations, we will get closer to times that reflect goals surrounding the International Day of Peace.

  33. I just bought the vinyl box of Live in Gdansk. Great music, I really like it a lot, but I was very upset by the strong anti-communist message put forward on several pages in the book that followed. And the likening of Poland as a “democratic EU member” transformed from “repressive communism” is just sickening. As if the EU, a 100% capitalist union, had anything to do with democracy!!

    I don’t think so Mr. Gilmour. Please stick to your music only. The reality is a bit more complex than this black and white propaganda. Actually, this propaganda is reminding me of the 1980s Reagan era rather than “freedom” or something that you sing about. Capitalism is crap and as usual in crisis, look at the current turmoil, no, socialism lives! Never give up!

  34. Hi FEd,

    Just thought I’d send some belated Happy Birthday wishes to you from across the pond. Hope it was a good one. Looking forward to being more active in the coming months.

    All the best,

  35. Slightly off topic but this gave me some peace.

    To me the PF reunion just happened, just like the article states. I think the Rolling Stone issue dated October 13 with the PF article is just brilliant (as David would say). And for me certainly puts to rest the clamor of a reunion as both sides address the question and provide clear responses.

    David put PF to rest at the conclusion of the Division Bell tour and it would appear that Roger will when he concludes his current Wall tour. Seems they are both reaching a place of content. However Nick is still privately hoping that they all get together again.

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed the full article, it certainly is worth the read.



  36. What a perfect day… England lose and Wales win. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  37. Hey Fed,

    I love the immersion box set. Have been enjoying to no end. Love EVERYTHING that was included. It’s utterly wonderful from beginning to end. No complaints. (I hope there are immersion box sets for ALL the albums.) But I’ve got two questions:

    1) Any idea why all the CDs weren’t released as dual layer (conventional/SONY SACD) discs?

    2) In the mid 1970s I used to go to art house theaters a lot and they had these package movies like “The International Animation Festival” that would included Pink Floyd’s “Time” which featured those animated clocks that show up in the “screen films” of the Blu-ray disc. But the ENTIRE animated film for the whole song didn’t make the box set. Any idea why not? I was sure it would. It was “of that time” and millions of people must have seen it. They had one for “One of These Days” in Meddle, too. The entirety of the Time cartoon didn’t make the cut? Any idea why not?

    Fond Regards and Much Gratitude and Happiness.

    1. I don’t know the answers, I’m afraid, but if I can find them, I will gladly let you know. That was a fantastic piece of animation.

  38. Hi, all. I am not a blogger, so here goes.

    Back in June of 1988, I invented a huge airship for disaster relief as I was moved by the plight of the Kurdish refugees fleeing Afghanistan from the invading Russians, huddled on the hillsides of Iraq. For 23 years I have attempted to get the CooperShips airborne, and once again we relaunched the CooperShip on the Fourth of July this year – Our first video on YouTube can be found by searching “dallas airships.”

    If we had CooperShips on January 13 2010, we could have saved 10,000 lives a day by administering aid and supplies to Haiti.

    God bless all of you for your loving hearts, minds, and actions. Like the original Pink Floyd guys, I studied architecture, then stuck with it from 1977-2007.

    Dale Cooper Harris

  39. Hi, FEd. 🙂

    I’m not writing because I’m in a hurry to see the blog working, but because two weeks have passed since you said you would have been back the following week, so I’m wondering if you are OK.

  40. ok fed, times up, which city are you occupying?????

    time to get back to blogging, we miss you. 😛

    1. How sickeningly awful. I’ll never understand why anyone would want to own – I hate that very concept of ‘owning’ another living being – large, exotic and, in many cases endangered, creatures. Nor go to gawp at them in cages and stun them momentarily with the ceaseless flash of a camera, for that matter.

      The human race really is sick and twisted. What a thoroughly selfish and over-indulged person Mr Thompson must have been.

    2. The human race really is sick and twisted.

      There will be 7,000,000,000 of us next week 8|


  41. I would have liked hearing you play “Riders on the Storm”.

    I have enjoyed so much your playing on P.U.L.S.E.

  42. 😀 You’re back!!! Where were you? We missed you! We tried running this place on our own but it just wouldn’t work without you. 🙁

    Lovely to have you back and I hope you had a great time, especially on your Birthday.

    ash 😀 and kisses and hugs, clinging to your legs in case you try to walk away :))

  43. YOU’RE BACK!! Not shouting (actually I am 😉 ), so, so happy, happy, joy, joy … 😀 ♥♥♥♥ — doing a little jig and gesticulating wildly.

  44. Welcome back FEd. Wondered where you’d gone. Really do miss your posts even if I’ve been very quiet personally. It’s only because I have nothing useful to say.

    Hope all is well.


  45. Every once in while I get a visual of aliens orbiting Earth seeing our overall big picture then thinking-; “WTF!, what a stunningly beautiful planet. They are so lucky. Why are they killing themselves over borders, religion, power and greed? Smarten up, morons. We wish we had what you have… and please recycle”.

    P.S. I don’t believe in aliens. Just a concept.

    1. :)) I was talking to a friend about this John, we could go join the aliens to escape the human race.

      I think it would be better for most of the human race to leave, mind you, by the time we get this built, we probably won’t have any fuel left to fly it!

      ash :))

    2. No problem Ash! We’ll just get a hold of Doc’s ‘Flux Capacitor’ and make the necessary modifications to convert it from time travel to space travel. I’m sure it’s just sitting around on a shelf somewhere in a Hollywood warehouse.

  46. Good to have you back FEd.

    That must have been one helluva birthday party!!!

    Where did you end up? (New Zealand, per chance, watching the boyos?) They were so unlucky against France (apologies to Michèle) robbed by a very poor decision. 🙁

    1. Oh, I wish I’d been there, Ken. No such luck. It was a good run, as you say, ended by a controversial refereeing decision. Shame.

    2. (apologies to Michèle)

      Haha, no need, I have felt more offended by the rubbish New Zealand press before the final, as for example the ‘Herald’ headline: “Wayne Shelford on the All Blacks: Beware the filth of the French”.

      Glad we made the All Blacks tremble.

    3. … ended by a mysterious inability to kick the ball between those posts at the end of the pitch I fear. 😮

  47. Hello FEd, how are you? I’m so happy to see you are back. 🙂

    I’ve seen a “search” button has appeared (it hasn’t always been there, has it?). It’s a very good idea.

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