Beautiful songs

It’s Monday (you may already be in need of a feel-good pick-me-up), the sun is shining (well, it is where I am, anyway), I’ve spent the morning at the beach thinking the world is of incomparable beauty with its light blue sky and golden sand adorned with seashells of so many shapes and tones, and to top it all off, it’s Suzanne Vega’s birthday. So smile.

After enjoying ‘Small Blue Thing’, hit me with the most beautiful songs you can think of. It doesn’t matter where you find their beauty; in sadness or in joy, whether it pours from the music, is enshrined in effective wordplay, or it’s simply the image that either conjures up in your mind which is most beautiful of all (thinking of Leonard Cohen’s “the sun pours down like honey” line, from ‘Suzanne’, funnily enough; you’d be hard-pressed, though, to find better than the “million bright ambassadors of morning” who “come streaming in on sunlight wings”, I’m sure you know where that comes from… and yes, now I think this post should have been about imagery, pure and simple, instead).

Anyway, reach for your pocket lighter or box of tissues, if you must, because as Louis Armstrong noticed and quite rightly honoured in captivating song, and managed to sing with a broad smile on his face, ‘What a Wonderful World’.

One of the most beautiful which I can recall is James Dean Bradfield’s version of Jacques Brel’s ‘Voir un Ami Pleurer’ – ‘To See a Friend in Tears’. The music is poignant, yet I find something quite awe-inspiring in the following lines:

“It’s true our mirrors don’t show heroes
We lack the courage to be Jews
Without the elegance of Africa
With our youthful fireworks all defused”

I’m also reminded of the short, unforgettable and Grammy Award-winning Eagles instrumental, ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’. Its title says all that needs to be said and the music makes you tingle. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful, Glenn Frey.

Instead of blathering on about my other thoughts, I’ve included some lyrics so that maybe you can recognise the song. You should identify the first, but then the man who sang it best could make even a tax demand sound like a thing of beauty.

01. “Like painted kites those days and nights went flying by
The world was new beneath a blue umbrella sky
Then softer than a piper man, one day it called to you
And I lost you to the summer wind”

02. “I was once like you are now, and I know that it’s not easy
To be calm when you’ve found something going on
But take your time, think a lot, think of everything you’ve got
For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not”

03.“If I could reach the stars, I’d pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart so you could see the truth
That this love I have inside is everything, it seems
But for now I find it’s only in my dreams”

04. “Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy, dancing way you feel
As every fairytale comes real
I’ve looked at love that way”

05. “I close my eyes, then I drift away
Into the magic night, I softly say
A silent prayer, like dreamers do
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you”

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’d have to say that there are many songs that come to mind. Most of these songs I deem as beautiful not only because of the entrancing mood that overcomes me when I hear them but of the places, people and events that are inextricably attached to each song. Just a few, then…

    1) Wichita Linesman by Glenn Campbell – talk about an emotionally rich backing track and equally evocative vocals of a yearning quality. I can’t get enough of this one.

    2) Sara – Fleetwood Mac. Again, a mesmerizing backing track over which Steve Nicks just puts down the most siren-like wail ever to be recorded.

    3) Sunrise by The Who – Pete could write some killer songs in his day, but this plaintive ditty as an ode to a woman he is enamored with (some say it was written in honor of his mum!) is sparse in instruments (just a slightly echoey acoustic guitar plucked and maybe even double tracked) and Pete’s falsetto voice. Gives me chills and my goosebumps get goosebumps!

    4) My Love by Paul McCartney – of course we all know Macca can write some stonkers in his day. This wonderfully crafted open love letter to his then wife Linda just sweeps you away in its majesty of orchestration and the simplest beauty of its lyrics.

    5) Imagine – John Lennon. Again… simple backing track and direct and poignant lyrics that hit home time and again.

    … I could go on…


    1. “Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world”

      ‘Imagine’, although over-used down the years, is still stunningly beautiful and so timeless. Possibly the most beautiful of them all. It was on my list. Your others weren’t, but should have been. ‘Wichita Linesman’ is a great shout.

  2. “The summer wind came blowing in from across the sea …” – he was born in a town just down the way from me and it is there that Frank Sinatra Drive meanders adjacent to the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

    Father and Son is one of my husband’s favourite Cat Stevens songs.

    Change the World – Eric Clapton

    Number 4 has to be Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now.

    The fifth one always reminds me of the movie Blue Velvet … “in dreams, I walk with you”. I never developed much of an appreciation for Roy Orbison until much later in life and I’m still exploring.

    Suddenly have this overwhelming urge to go dancing on the beach at sunset! 🙂

    I’ll be back with a list of songs I behold as beautiful.

    1. Oh, very good one… Father and Son. Man, I well up every time I hear that. Killer in the vibes dept!

  3. I only recognized your second song. This is another one I like by the same artist, even if it’s a cover. 🙂

    “Morning has broken, like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for the springing fresh from the world”

    More songs:

    “And a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees
    Laughing as it passes through the endless summer
    Making for the sea”

    “On a trip to ___ ___,
    Saw a crater in the sun
    A thousand miles of moonlight later”

    “In the chilly hours and minutes
    Of uncertainty
    I want to be
    In the warm hold of your loving mind”

    “There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in”

    “We lay side by side
    Between the moon and the tide
    Mapping the stars for awhile”

    I think some of them won’t be hard to guess. 😉

    1. Wonderful examples, Alessandra. I’ll let someone else name them, but noticing something by Donovan, another of his that I always found particularly beautiful is ‘Sadness’:

      “Sweet dream, my baby
      Lie here in my arms tonight
      Don’t cry, I’ll hold you tight
      And soothe all your worry away”

  4. I’ve mentioned this song before…

    Sonnet 18 by that illustrious recording duo Gilmour and Shakespeare is a belter of a beautiful song.

    For the very few of you out there who don’t know the song it is on the Special Features of the David Gilmour In Concert DVD.

  5. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Besides the sentiment of the song, what a wonderful voice. 🙂

    For me this next song, I’ve included some of its lyrics, describe an unconditional love, a love I feel for the love of my life. It’s called Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith.

    “I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
    Watch you smile while you are sleeping
    Far away and dreaming
    I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
    I could stay lost in this moment forever
    Well, every moment spent with you
    Is a moment I treasure

    Lying close to you
    Feeling your heart beating
    And I’m wondering what you’re dreaming
    Wondering if it’s me you’re seeing
    Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we’re together
    And I just wanna stay with you
    In this moment forever, forever and ever

    I don’t wanna miss one smile
    I don’t wanna miss one kiss
    Well, I just wanna be with you
    Right here with you, just like this
    I just wanna hold you close
    Feel your heart so close to mine
    And stay here in this moment
    For all the rest of time

    I don’t wanna close my eyes
    I don’t wanna fall asleep
    ‘Cause I’d miss you, babe
    And I don’t wanna miss a thing
    ‘Cause even when I dream of you
    The sweetest dream will never do
    I’d still miss you, babe
    And I don’t wanna miss a thing.”


  6. PF:

    So you think you can tell
    Heaven from hell
    Blue skies from pain
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?


    The rain falls down on last year’s man,
    that’s a Jew’s harp on the table,
    that’s a crayon in his hand.
    And the corners of the blueprint are ruined since they rolled
    far past the stems of thumbtacks
    that still throw shadows on the wood


    I saw her today at the reception
    A glass of wine in her hand
    I knew she was gonna meet her connection
    At her feet was her footloose man
    You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    But you get what you need


    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom
    Let it be


    So break the bread and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    When I see the faith in my children’s eyes

    Happy Birthday Suzanne!

    Artists are people of wonder and their eloquence is beyond imagination. It’s a crying shame there are actually laws limiting the creativity such as the hemp laws here in the States that were created to protect the Hearst timber prices.

    It seems that greed has overtaken us and overturned the order of the soul, as LC put it.

  7. My softer side is coming out now… :v

    Joan Armatrading has some wonderfully beautiful tracks…

    1. Love and Affection
    2. Willow
    3. The Weakness in Me
    4. All the Way from America
    5. Me Myself I
    6. Show Some Emotion

    JA wrote the music and lyrics to her songs and has a distant PF connection as Snowy White once played in her band…

    1. Oh gosh, I had better hurry and finish my “beautiful songs” list — Joan Armatrading’s Willow was on it. I think she’s fabulous! It’s grown to two type-written pages and I’m trying to edit it down.

      Every time I see your Avatar, Rudders, I’m reminded that I have yet to find a way to recreate the Division Bell sculptures to put in my “garden” on my terrace. Much to do, much to do …

  8. This list “stretches” the definition of beautiful. 🙂

    Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Rogers and Hammerstein
    You are so Beautiful, Dennis Wilson/Beach Boys version
    Crystal Ship, the Doors
    I Want To Hold Your Hand, If I Fell, Beatles
    Ruby Tuesday, Mick, Keith and the boys
    Wondrous Stories, Yes
    Big White Cloud, John Cale
    Paris 1919, John Cale
    “I’m as corney as Kansas in August, High as a kite on the fourth of July…” Rogers and Hammerstein
    The Blue, Mr. Gilmour
    It Would Be So Nice, Pink Floyd
    See Saw, Pink Floyd
    Julie With, Eno
    Waterloo Sunset, Kinks
    Tattoo, Our Love Was, Sunrise, the Who
    I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love, Pet Clark
    It’s a Beautiful Morning, Rascals
    Sunday Morning, Velvet Underground
    Zip a Dee Dooh Dah, Disney and/or Harry Nilsson
    Without You, Harry Nilsson
    Castle in the Clouds, Gong
    Falling in Love Again, Marlene Dietrich
    Killing the Blues, Sister Rosetta, Robert Plant Allison Krauss
    Once Upon a Dream, Sleeping Beauty
    Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin
    Sing Swan Song, Can
    Sweet Angel, Jimi Hendrix
    Maggie May, Rod Stewart
    Out of the Blue, Roxy Music
    Good Vibrations, Beach Boys
    Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, Hermann’s Hermits
    Beautiful Daughter, the Move
    Can’t Get It Out of My Head, ELO
    Sit On My Face, Monty Python
    I’ll See You In My Dreams, Joe Brown, Concert for George
    Girl on a Swing, Town Feeling, Kevin Ayers
    Golden Hair, Syd Barrett
    Hushabye Mountain, David Gilmour, Meltdown Concert

    Did you see David in the documentary the Shermann Brothers’ Story “The Boys.” It’s wonderful to see him suddenly appear out of nowhere, after you’ve been seeing people like Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke and Walt Disney and you’ve been hearing things like “It’s a Small World.” All of the sudden, there’s David Gilmour! Looking so friggin’ cool it hurts. It’s so surreal. So unexpected. So friggin’ wonderful. I cheered out loud when I first saw him in it. I couldn’t believe it. FANTASTIC!!! Mr. Gilmour would have had to OK them using his clip. It’s beyond cool. I’m so glad he did that. Just LOVED it!!!! Ther Shemann Brothers are great!!!

    And did you see that Gilmour’s On an Island cover is on Broadway in the background of the Disney Movie “Enchanted”? I love that. What fun. Friggin’ wonderful!!!!

    1. I haven’t seen the Shermann Brothers’ Story, actually. Here’s the trailer, if anyone else thinks they should, considering that the chances are they’ll know most of the songs off by heart.

  9. – ‘Don’t Give Up’ – Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
    – ‘Tears In Heaven’ – Eric Clapton
    – ‘Nothing Else Matters’ – Metallica
    – ‘High Hopes’ – Pink Floyd
    – ‘Child In Time’ – Deep Purple
    – ‘The Guests’ – Leonard Cohen
    – ‘My Immortal’ – Evanescence
    – ‘Heal The World’, ‘Earth Song’ – Michael Jasckson
    – ‘Ne me quitte pas’, ‘Les Marquises’, ‘Le plat pays’ – Jacques Brel
    – ‘L’hymne à l’amour’ – Edith Piaf
    – ‘Moonlight Sonata’ – Beethoven. Not sure if it counts as a song.

    – One for Sharon: ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole 🙂

    – Also, one I like very much, I don’t know exactly why, I don’t even understand the lyrics, but listening to it always gives me some sense of hope: ‘Adiemus’ – not an Enya song, I think, but written by Karl Jenkins – Welsh? 🙂

  10. Ali In The Jungle – The Hours

    It’s, not, how you start, it’s how you finish,
    And it’s, not, where you’re from, it’s where you’re at,

    Everybody gets knocked down,
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    How quick are you gonna’ get up?
    How quick are you gonna’ get up?
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    How quick are you gonna’ get up?
    Just how are you gonna’ get up?

    Like Ali in the jungle,
    Like Nelson in jail,
    Like Simpson on the mountain,
    With odds like that, they were bound to fail
    Like Keller in the darkness,
    Like Adam’s in the dark,
    Like Ludwig Van, how I loved that man, well the guy went deaf and didn’t give a —-, no…

    No, no, no

    It’s, not, where you are, It’s where you’re going,
    Where are you going?
    And it’s, not, about the things you’ve done, it’s what you’re doing, now,
    What are you doing, now?

    Everybody gets knocked down,
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    How quick are you gonna’ get up?
    How quick are you gonna’ get up, now?
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    Everybody gets knocked down,
    How quick are you gonna’ get up?
    Just how are you gonna’ get up?

    Like Ali in the jungle,
    Like Nelson in jail,
    Like Simpson on the mountain,
    Well with odds like that, they were bound to fail
    Like Keller in the darkness,
    Like Adam’s in the dark,
    Like Ludwig Van, how I loved that man, well the guy went deaf and didn’t give a —-, no…

    Oooh, ooh, ooh
    No, no, no

  11. 1) “In dreams I walk with you, in dreams I talk to you, in dreams you’re mine, all the time, with you ever in dreams, in dreams.

    2) Your baby doesn’t love you any more. Golden days before they end, whisper secrets to the wind.

    Had to throw good old Roy in for that one Fed. 😀

    How about Running Scared and my fave of which you know of I’m sure.

    1. Hey Mr. Par!!! You are so right!!! Roy Orbison did some amazingly beautiful stuff.

  12. For a band that normally sounded like this (which I personally find beautiful but can see why some wouldn’t) this song came as a bit of a surprise when I first heard it…

    There are many other versions but the Höyry-Kone version wins for me.

    And it’s hard to go past This Mortal Coil, especially “I Come and Stand at Every Door”.

    For lyrics (which I don’t always pay a huge amount of attention to) probably my favourites are

    “My David, don’t you worry
    This cold world is not for you
    So rest your head upon me
    I have strength to carry you”
    (Porcupine Tree, ‘Lazarus’)


    “This night is filled with cries of
    Dispossessed children in search of Paradise.”
    (Dead Can Dance, “In Power We Trust The Love Advocated”)

    1. “I ask for nothing for myself
      For I am dead, for I am dead”

      One of the most haunting songs I’ve ever heard, and this version more so than the Byrds’.

  13. Beautiful songs? There are so many pieces of beautiful art that I do not know where to begin. I will refer to melodic rather than lyrical, although both go hand in hand. So I will chose the songs that really move me and in no particular order.

    1. ‘Dust in the Wind’ – Kansas
    2. ‘Help Me Make it Through the Night’ – Gladys Knight
    3. ‘Love’ – John Lennon
    4. ‘The Blue’ – David Gilmour
    5. ‘The First Time’ – Roberta Flack
    6. ‘Secret Love’ – Doris Day
    7. ‘Sunshine on My Shoulders’ – John Denver
    8. ‘Where Were You’ – Jeff Beck (actually an instrumental, does that count?)
    9. ‘The First Time (again) – Leona Lewis
    10. ‘The Power of Love’ – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    11. ‘All By Myself’ – Celine Dionne
    12. ‘Like Someone In Love’ – Bjork
    13. ‘Green is the Colour’ – Pink Floyd
    14. ‘Jar of Hearts’ – Christina Perri
    15. ‘Everytime’ – Britney Spears
    16. ‘Beautiful’ – Christina Aguilera
    17. ‘Don’t Leave Me’ – Pink
    18. ‘Can’t Live if Living is Without You’ – Harry Nilson
    19. ‘Each Small Candle’ – Roger Waters
    20. ‘Songbird’ – Fleetwood Mac

    Thanks FEd! Now I need a big box of tissues to wipe away the tears which are quickly turning into meres.

    1. Instrumentals definitely count.

      Albatross! Usually by Fleetwood Mac but David did a great version a few years ago on a live radio show. Did anyone get a recording? Is this available to hear again?


  14. “As darkness falls and waves roll by
    The seasons change, the wind is warm
    Now wakes the owl, now sleeps the swan
    Behold a dream, the dream is gone”

    “Take this dream the stars have filled with light
    As the blossom glides like snowflakes from the trees”

    “Far away across the field
    The tollling of the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spells”

    “Subtle voices in the wind,
    Hear the truth they’re telling
    A world begins where the road ends
    Watch me leave it all behind”


  15. Then there is ‘Julia’ by John Lennon.

    ‘Her hair of floating sky is shimmering,
    in the sun’.


  16. These are a couple of songs that I’d like to suggest for a better Tuesday:

    Neil Young – Words (Between The Lines Of Age)

    David Bowie – Lady Stardust

    Pink Floyd – Summer ’68

    Janis Joplin on “Me And Bobby McGee”

    Koko Taylor – I’d Rather Go Blind

    The Jayhawks – All The Right Reasons

    Deep Purple – Soldier Of Fortune

    Arcade Fire – Antichrist Television Blues

    Have a nice day everybody!

  17. All I Have To Do Is Dream by the Everly Brothers.

    You’ve Got A Friend written by Carole King but I like the James Taylor version best.

    If this voice doesn’t make your heart melt, you’re not human. 🙂

    Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones

    ash (wiping tear from eye and going back to cold, heartless bitch mode)

  18. This wannabe cold, heartless bitch needed to get tough enough to look for more beauty and romance. :v

    This did it for me, well, for about 40 seconds anyway.

    (Sharon, it was you somehow led me to this.)


    1. :)) I doubt there’s much cold and heartless there — too much passion in your posts!

  19. I felt guilty for not including these on my last list…

    You’re Going To Make Me Lonesome When You Go, Dylan
    For All We Know, The Carpenters
    A Heart Needs a Home, Dimming of the Day, Richard and Linda Thompson
    There’s No Tomorrow, Elton John and Leon Russel
    Song for You, Leon Russel
    Harmony, Elton John
    Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Neil Young

    Hey Brits,

    I noticed there’s a big scandal over on your side of the fair Atlantic, where Rupert Murdoch “had undo influence on your politicians and “Free Press.” That you folks are questioning how independent the government is and whether or not the press is really free or very responsible.

    We’ve got it even worse over here. None of the major media outlets and absolutely no one on TV or Radio explained how the crooks in Wall Street and in the Banks destroyed the world economy. None of them has named names or asked for heads to roll. If it weren’t for the internet, no one would know ANYTHING over here. It’s a chilly feeling when you realize the press isn’t free anymore. That there’s no way for the public majority to find out what is going on or what’s important. Most people get their info from TV, and TV is telling us nothing. To quote Mr. Gilmour’s old buddy Mr. Waters: we’re all being “Amused to Death” over here. It’s chilling when one realizes that one’s society/press/government has been completely corrupted. Oh well.

    I bought a new grill this weekend that I will try out today, and also take a long swim.

  20. Nice topic FEd!

    There a surely more than a couple of beautiful songs, but I’ll name one and quote another one:

    PF’s “Julia Dream” and…

    And then as the sail is hoist,
    You find your eyes are growing moist.
    All the fears never voiced say you have to make your final choice

    Best regards from the hot south of Germany


  21. I’ve always found it difficult to articulate my relationship with- and to- music. More often than not, it’s the musical composition that initially ‘grabs’ me – the instrumental and vocal (where vocals apply) nuances, if you will. The lyrics come well after the fact and I often find myself “alarmed” to discover that the story being told is quite different from how the music makes me feel. Of course I conjure up images but it is mostly an internal physical manifestation of what I hear (heart wanting to burst with either overwhelming joy or sadness, ripping at the gut, etc.). Thus, another reason to feel so very privileged to be part of this community – music talks to people in different ways and here it’s okay.

    Which brings me to beauty being ‘in the eye of the beholder’ or in this case the ear of the listener. Some of my personal “beauties”:

    Annie LenNox – Into the West and her interpretation of Whiter Shade of Pale
    Georges Zamfir – Einsamer Hirte
    Marillion – Beautiful
    Mike Batt – Fishing for the Moon
    Parish & Toppano – Cello
    Kayak – Niniane
    Pink Floyd – The Great Gig in the Sky
    Lenny Kravitz – Sister
    Uriah Heep – Come Away, Melinda
    Roy Buchanan – The Messiah Will Come Again (one of the most underrated blues guitarists ever – he made a guitar squeal and cry so that you could actually feel it on your nerve endings!)
    Gary Moore and Phil Lynott – Parisienne Walkways
    David Bowie – Five Years

    More to come… sorry. :v

  22. Cat Stevens – How Can I Tell You?
    Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven and the Rain Song
    Genesis – Undertow is one of them but there are many others
    Don McLean – Vincent and Empty Chairs
    Joan Armatrading – Willow (also referenced above)
    Shaun Phillips – She Was Waiting For Her Mother At The Station In Torino And
    You Know I Love You Baby But It’s Getting Too Heavy To Laugh or more commonly known as “Woman”
    Ozzy Osborne – Changes
    Sarah McLachlan – Answer
    David Bowie – Five Years
    Pachabel’s Canon in D
    Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
    Eagles – I Can’t Tell You Why
    Nazareth – Please Don’t Judas Me
    Pavlov’s Dog – Episode
    Magna Carta – Old Man or Two Old Friends
    Alan Parson’s Project – Old and Wise
    Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed
    John Lennon – Mother
    George Harrison – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Art Garfunkel’s cover of When a Man Loves a Woman (this has got to be one of the most haunting covers)
    Scorpions – Still Loving You
    Albinoni – Adagio
    Beautiful theme song from an amazing movie – The Last Valley
    Handel – Largo
    Yello – Sweet Thunder
    Deodato’s cover of Ave Maria
    Georges Zamfir – Einsamer Hirte
    Kayak – Niniane (Lady of the Lake)
    Parish & Toppano – Cello
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
    Roxy Music – Sentimental Fool
    Smashing Pumpkins – Crestfallen
    PM Dawn – I’d Die Without You
    Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole (beautiful in a raw kind of way)
    Soundgarden – Blow Up the Outside World
    David Gilmour – Marooned
    Bach – Air on a G String
    Vangelis – Rachel’s Song
    Enigma – Return to Innocence or The Dream of the Dolphin
    Chopin – I think almost anything composed by Chopin is beautiful in its simplicity but Etude No. 3 in E major Opus 10
    Strawbs – Out in the Cold
    Nat King Cole – A Thousand Thoughts of You (gorgeous!)
    Supertramp – there are so many that are beautifully composed (I especially enjoy If Everyone was Listening, Lord is it Mine? and A Soapbox Opera)
    Great White – Gone with the Wind

    There is one that I would love to share with everyone but unfortunately I have never been able to find a link for it anywhere – it’s an interpretation of a classical piece composed by Béla Bartók played by an American jazz keyboardist, Chick Corea. It really is so beautiful.

    So sorry folks for bombarding but my mind has been racing a mile a minute and I haven’t even made a dent and took out so many…

  23. ‘Lo all, Fed.

    I think this is beautiful. I also think this is and this.

    The subject ‘beautiful music’ is vast. My Dad told me, as his Alzheimer’s was kicking in, that this was a beautiful piece of music. Was he wrong? …Does “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” apply to music?

    My personal favourite has to be the dawn chorus. Would love the lyrics for that one! Have fun.

  24. When and where is your (Pink Floyd) next concert?

    I’d like to come and see the beautiful show, if I only know where I have to travel, and the beginning time of the concert interests me.

    Finland is so far away and it takes some time to order tickets and so on…

    1. I’m sorry to say that there are no concerts planned at this time, but I do hope that the chance comes some day and would love to be able to give you all the details. 🙂

  25. Oh, dear… this could potentially be an eternal list, I’m not altogether sure how to cut the baby, so since Fed caught her breath of inspiration, let’s focus (mostly) on the sea!

    Here’s what moves me here and now!

    ‘The Blue’ – David Gilmour
    ‘7 Seas’- Echo & the Bunnymen
    ‘Ivo’ – The Cocteau Twins
    ‘Echoes’- Pink Floyd
    ‘Orinoco Flow’ – Enya
    ‘All Souls Night’ – Loreena McKennitt
    ‘Lei Pikake’ – Hapa (We saw them perform at a HI bookstore: what he can do on a Tahitian ‘ukulele…)
    ‘Ka Uluwehi ‘O Ke Kai’ – Hapa
    ‘Hi’ilawe – Gabby Pahinui, a giant of slack key guitar!
    ‘White Sandy Beach’ – Braddah Iz

    Incidentally, Michele, if you listen carefully to Braddah Iz’s introduction to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” you will hear him say, “hey, this is for Gabby.”

    1. I didn’t notice, Sharon, thanks. You made me curious, who was this “Gabby”, a friend of his or Gabby Pahinui, the Hawaiian guitarist?

    2. Just wanted to apologise to you, Sharon. I realised too late that you were ‘Greenisthecolor’ in the chatroom and you were responding to my question about Gabby and I didn’t even thank you.

      When the chatroom is very busy as it was yesterday, I am not able to follow all the conversations, sorry. 🙁

    3. No apology necessary, c’est d’accord Michèle!

      I seldom can make it to the chat and I realized only as an aftherthought that I needed to introduce myself!

      I hope Sando didn’t think I was being rude… I minimized the chatroom box because I read slowly! I thought it would pop up when active, sorry Sando! :v

  26. How could I forget ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ by Led Zeppelin?

    *Jaw firmly dropped at the beauty*

    As a matter of fact, why is sad so beautiful?

  27. Astronomy Domine is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and recorded, in my book, and I want to rant about one thing.

    In the new Pink Floyd UNCUT extravaganza, as with so many other lists, the original Astronomy Domine is rated as being a better version than the Ummagumma Gilmour/Wright Pink Floyd version. The original Astronomy Domine is also the version that gets included on the greatest hits albums.

    But I think that’s wrong. I LOVE Syd Barrett, I worship the guy, but he’s not as good a guitar player as Gilmour, and on Ummugumma Wright was a better keyboard player than on the original version, and on the Ummugumma album–to me–it’s like listening to Hendrix do “All Along The Watchtower” vs. hearing the original Dylan Version. (Well, maybe the difference isn’t quite as extreme.) The Ummugumma Astronomy Domine BREATHES. It takes you to the moons of Jupiter and back. The incredible subtle and nuanced interplay between Gilmour and Wright leaves your jaw hanging. You can stick the Ummugumma Astronomy Domine on road trip tapes, on massage tapes, on heavy metal tapes, you can stick it on any tape you want and it works. It’s friggin’ miraculous. Lightning in a bottle. The original is more compressed and primitive. It’s incredible, but it’s not “cosmic-touch-the-smile-on-god’s-face” kind of thing.

    Gilmour and Wright did something utterly amazing with that song, on that album. And it’s not been properly appreciated by the critics. (Sigh.) Oh well.

    1. Is the Ummugumma Astronomy Domine better than the live 1994 versions of AD or even David’s live versions of AD in 2006?

    2. David did an incredible job on the recent Abbey Road studio version of Astronomy Domine, but Rick Wright plays the piece like he did on the Barrett version. Instead of “conversing” with Gilmour’s guitar leads, he repeatedly will play this jarring chord, like he does on the original version–and there’s relatively little interplay between Gilmour and Wright–not like there is on Ummugumma. This makes the piece feel slightly more claustrophobic for me. I like spacey, synthesizers swimming with a spacey guitar with both being in sync. On Ummugumma I feel like Gilmour and Wright are in complete sync.

      As for the other versions, I feel as though Wright’s playing is just a tiny bit more “noodly,” less focused, and less programmatic. I don’t feel like I’m going to a world or a cosmos as interesting as the one you find on the Ummugumma version. But what the heck. I could easily be wrong about what is best.

  28. This is a great topic. Beautiful Songs. Once you get started on it, you can’t stop.

    OMD: Souvenir
    Love and Rockets: Haunted, and Saudade
    Cranberries: Dreams
    Mary Hopkins: Themma Harbor, Sparrow, Those were the days
    Led Zeppelin, Going to California
    Led Zeppelin, That’s the Way

  29. This track is from one of my favourite films, Blade Runner.

    ONE MORE KISS- Vangelis

    One more kiss, dear
    one more sigh
    only this dear
    it’s goodbye
    for our love is such pain
    and such pleasure
    and I’ll treasure till I die
    so for now dear
    Au revoir, madame

    But I’m how d’ ye not farewell
    for in time we may have a love’s glory
    our love story to tell
    Just as every autumn
    leaves fall from the tree
    tumble to the ground and die
    so in the springtime
    like sweet memories
    they will return as will I

    Like the sun, dear
    upon high
    we’ll return, dear
    to the sky
    and we’ll banish the pain and the sorrow
    until tomorrow goodbye
    one more kiss, dear
    one more sigh
    only this dear
    is good bye
    for our love is such pain and such pleasure
    and I’ll treasure till I die

    Like the sun dear
    upon high we’ll return dear
    to the sky
    and we’ll banish the pain and the pleasure
    until tomorrow goodbye


  30. I would like to add a song to the list.

    My favourite Elton John song: “Funeral for a Friend” from Yellow Brick Road. Beautiful instrumentation on that one.

    Also, “One”, from U2. :v

  31. To our French friends on this day of La Fête Nationale – may the voice of the people and unity prevail always.

  32. “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath.

    “We sail through endless skies
    Stars shine like eyes
    The black night sighs
    The moon in silver trees
    Falls down in tears
    Light of the night”

  33. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker/Billy Preston
    All We Are – Kim Mitchell
    Love Will Keep Us Alive – Paul Carrack

  34. Today is “Le Quatorze Juillet”, Bastille Day. Have a good day Michèle (and all our French readers)! 😀


  35. For me the most beautiful songs were written by The Beatles: In My Life, Yesterday and my Mum’s fave And I Love Her.

    I also think She Said and Galadrial by BJH along with a host of songs by The Moody Blues including the wonderful Driftwood are incredible songs.

    One from the more recent past that I particularly enjoy listening to is How Did We Find Our Way by The Pineapple Thief.

  36. Thank you Fed for all the interesting topics you come up with and for allowing us to comment, I know we’re not easy to handle. 🙂

    I wanted to say about the fevered discussion I was involved in last week, Julie and I had a chat yesterday in the chat room. Julie courageously approached me, I was too scared to raise the subject. Scared of myself as much as Julie!

    Julie was worried in case there were any hard feelings. I was worried too. Neither of us bears any ill feeling toward the other and we agreed it would be a much different situation if we were all sat in a pub discussing life, we’d be laughing and joking throughout such a discussion and agreeing on plenty.

    Being in another’s presence is much different to having written conversations because we can see body language, facial expressions all those sorts of things.

    I’d like fellow irregulars to know that I think life is too short for falling out with friends made over several years in a place such as this blog and that Julie and I are at ease. 🙂


    P.S. Fed, I know you said the subject should be closed but I’d be grateful if you’d publish this please.

    1. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL BEAUTIFUL and no, I’m not shouting … I’m emphasizing! 😀 ♥

    2. Ash, I just had to say something in chat, I had to hold an olive branch out to you. I am glad that we are friends. You have made me very happy. I had to convey to you that I meant no ill will at all.

      Hope to see you in chat again. 😉

      FEd, stop reducing me to tears all the time with beautiful music and beautiful friends.

  37. All I Ask – Crowded House.

    They have many songs that could be included but this one never seems to get mentioned enough.

  38. So many beautiful tunes. So many beautiful memories. Music is the smell of yesterday for me. Wafting sweet memories.

    When I was growing up in Macon, Georgia I heard Duane Allman and all his buddies at Capricorn play in the parks, at the farm, at the Macon Opera House and at the Big House. They were everywhere and we were so lucky to have them for a short time.

    Beautiful songs:

    (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding
    Layla ( Eric Clapton) as played by Greg Allman
    Marooned by David Gilmour and Richard Wright
    Every Grain of Sand by Bob Dylan
    Why I Sing the Blues by B.B. King
    Hello, I love you by The Doors

    I can smell the honey suckle and feel the vibrations of the guitar.

    Make music and be merry!

  39. Hi FEd!

    This is one of my favorite sad songs. I brings me to tears. There is a version sung by Ilse de Lange that gives me goose bumps. Please have a listen if you get a chance.

    I Still Cry written by Julie Miller

    “I’m making flowers out of paper while darkness takes the afternoon
    I know that they won’t last forever but real ones fade away too soon

    I still cry sometimes when I remember you
    I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
    I said goodbye and I know you’re alright now
    But when the leaves start falling down I still cry

    It’s just that I recall September, it’s just that I still hear your song
    It’s just I can’t seem to remember forever more those days are gone”

    Have a lovely weekend!


  40. Sorry if I’m off topic, FEd, but I would like to share something that, after reading your post, seemed like a funny coincidence to me. 🙂

    I was in a bookshop yesterday, looking for something to read and, among the new releases, I saw the first Italian edition of a 1966 book of poems by Leonard Cohen, called “Parasites of Heaven”. Looking inside, I discovered Suzanne Vega wrote the foreword.

    I didn’t know she was a fan of Leonard Cohen before reading it in the book.

  41. I don’t know if we are allowed to speak about this here, as it seems to me we never spoke about it before, but I’ve just seen your tweet and I’m sorry for David and Polly and, of course, for their son.

    I hope those months will pass quickly for him and his family, so that they’ll soon be able to leave this bad time behind.

    1. Thank you. I was responding on Twitter (perhaps I shouldn’t have; I just felt I’d be expected to pass comment at some point and don’t much respect those who choose to remain silent when it’s more convenient to do so) to what seemed like an awful lot of hate. Maybe I got it wrong and all those people I assumed to be so heartless have never made a mistake or behaved badly in their lives and are thus entitled to cast the first stone and many more after it. If that is the case, what a relief it is, I suppose, to live among such righteous and exemplary people… although I’m not sure how righteous or exemplary anyone can claim to be if they take such delight in another’s hour of despair, and without consideration for the tremendous upset it causes family and friends.

    2. I’ve been out all day, I checked my e-mail when I got in and when I closed it, the news page came up. There was an article about Charlie. My first thought was for the agony all the family must be going through, real anguish I’ll bet.

      People can leave comments on stories, newspapers on line do the same I believe. Some of the comments were sad that it wasn’t recognised that Charlie has been punished more for being famous and photographed so much, there were loads of other youngsters doing much worse than him. The punishment seemed excessive.

      Then there were others, really, really venomous. You are quite right Fed, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

      My heart goes out to all the Gilmour family, Polly must be distraught and and I expect David will struggle to hold himself together to support her.

      My very best wishes to the family and Charlie, I can’t imagine how he must feel.

      Best wishes to you too Fed, because I know this will be hard for you to deal with the hate mail.

      ash XXX

  42. Fed, I feel in no particular order: for Prince Charles and Camilla; for scores, possibly hundreds of civilians, security, law enforcement officers and young people who were injured financially, physically or mentally during the Dec. 9th riot.

    I do not feel sorry for Charlie Gilmour. He is an adult. He wasn’t divorced from his actions.

    This is court justice and I feel that the judge was correct in every assessment. It’s not my place, nor is it the judge’s, to take into account how the family feels, no matter who they are. Charlie has brought the upheaval of his family on all by himself without any help. It might do them all some good to reflect on how Charlie came to this.

    Drugs are still an elephant in the room, aren’t they?

    Fed, with all due respect for your position, from the point of view of the law, Justice was served.

    1. I do respect that, Sharon. I wasn’t excusing anyone’s behaviour, nor inviting opinions of the resulting outcome, and after publishing the comments received over the weekend, I will allow no more on this matter and hope that everyone can respect that.

      I just wanted a moment’s thought for how Polly, David and their family are feeling.

      Anyway, that is all.

  43. I am so sorry this has happened to your son and your family. We all have done things we regret. I am sure he feels terrible for the pain he has caused. Our youthful exuberance is both a blessing and a curse.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  44. I was listening to Dark Side of the Moon this morning. I’ve listened to this album on and off ever since it came out. I have to say Dave, your guitar playing just blew me away, even though it is the nth time I’ve listened to it. It is just awesome.

    I listened to the first half of the album and then I went on the internet and looked at the Guardian website and saw this awful news about Charlie. What harsh treatment! I don’t know if I’m in order here to say all this, but please can I just send my humble best wishes to you and yours at this terrible time. You have given me so much over the years. You and Pink Floyd were and are such an important feature on my cultural landscape. And after all, on this day when others are being shown up for what they really are, and the corruption and immorality of their actions have been exposed, Charlie is actually a hero. Please be proud of him, and help him through this terrible time.

    My beautiful song? Helpless, by Neil Young.

  45. Beautiful songs….

    Refugees – Van der Graaf Generator

    We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago – Hawkwind (Check out the amazing amateur video to this on YouTube, 40 years ahead of its time.)

    Bed Shaped – Keane

    High Hopes – Pink Floyd

    Private Universe – Crowded House

  46. Whilst I don’t support his actions, I certainly support what Charlie was rightfully protesting about. His sentence by far outweighs the crime, particularly when you consider the levels of horrific violence against people that go completely unpunished in the world today. Due to his high profile status, he is obviously being made an example of by the judge.

    As a loving and devoted parent myself, my thoughts go out to David and Polly.

  47. I’m sorry about Polly and David and I pray for their son.

    So, I wish to them Joy and Love. 🙂


  48. Following yours, Alessandra’s and Pavlov’s sentiment: it is hard to remain silent.

    When our children break free from the protective circle of our arms – as they must – we know Life is going to come at them. Our greatest fear is that we cannot foresee how.

    Paul Simon’s beautiful song “Mother and Child Reunion” sustained me during the terrible months my 4-yr-old twins were kidnapped by their father and taken to a foreign country. We did eventually reunite.

    Today I dedicate this song to Polly and David, and to all brave parents around the world who are separated from their beloved children.

    “No, I would not give you false hope
    On this strange and mournful day
    But the mother and child reunion
    Is only a motion away
    Oh, little darling of mine.

    I can’t for the life of me
    Remember a sadder day
    I know they say let it be
    But it just don’t work out that way
    And the course of the lifetimes runs
    Over and over again.

    No, I would not give…

    I just can’t believe it’s go
    Though it seems strange to say
    I never been laid so low
    In such a mysterious way
    And the course of a lifetime runs
    Over and over again.

    But I would not give…

    Oh, the mother and child reunion
    Is only a motion away
    Oh, the mother and child reunion

    Bella x

  49. So many beautiful songs, so many beautiful thoughts, many of them listed above.

    Songs or music often transcends on a phrase, a chord change or a lyric and the beauty of it is often when it coincides with a particular moment, mood or memory for the listener.

    F’ed, with the greatest respect (you know) I always like to give you a little Radiohead on such occasions … I don’t believe you are yet a lost cause.

    To have a listen to “Sail to the Moon” written for Thom’s son – here.

    I don’t believe any music will touch me more than “the Great Gig” but I can honestly say that On an Island and its touring shows include far more beautiful music than we have a right to expect. Old softy that I am, I’m finding it very difficult to listen to the guitar solos of the title track without a tear in my eye and ditto that beautiful piece of cornet playing by Robert Wyatt on “Then I Close My Eyes” which is fast becoming a favourite.

    I make a song association between beautiful and sad I suppose, but I try to remember that joy is itself a beautiful thing and so much music also transports us there.

    1. Welcome back, Tim, and well done again. (For those who don’t know, Tim has just cycled 500 miles to raise funds for a local hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.)

      I’m listening now. The words are beautiful, but Thom’s voice, although not troubling me quite as much as usual, I have to confess, still spoils it for me.

      “Maybe you’ll be president
      But know right from wrong
      Or in the flood you’ll build an ark
      And sail us to the moon”

      1. Old ones, really, if you’re using Internet Explorer. It’s one of the tweaks I still need to make. The usual ones will be back shortly.

    2. (For those who don’t know, Tim has just cycled 500 miles to raise funds for a local hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.)

      Congratulations, Tim. That’s great. 🙂

  50. Was checking out Coming Back to Life on YouTube and started surfing for Gilmour. I landed here.

    Wanted to ask what you thought of this song? I know it’s a cover but there’s just something about it.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks

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