Desert Island Bans

A not-very-subtle merging of two themes today, and, just in case you’re wondering, it’s not a typo. Forgive me for the mangling, it’s Friday.

You may have heard that the Republic of Congo has decided to ban the production, import, sale and use of polythene bags, as they are hazardous to our environment. Rwanda did the same thing five years ago and other countries have since moved to either ban or limit their use, including Italy quite recently.

In 2002, Bangladesh enforced a ban after it was found that discarded plastic bags had exacerbated the severe flooding of 1988 and 1998 which had submerged two-thirds of the country. The damn things, a by-product of crude oil, were and still are choking drainage systems, as they have quite literally been shown to choke cows in India, gannets in Scotland and marine life in all our oceans, resulting in declining populations of species such as the sea turtle, which tragically mistakes the flimsy bags for jelly fish. That same year, Ireland introduced a tax which was hailed by environmentalists and hissed at by people too selfish, precious, idle, vain and/or mean to purchase and carry inexpensive, re-usable bags in equal measure, yet the levy did result in a vast reduction of the number of bags used – by some ninety per cent.

The second topic: Desert Island Discs. Today’s your last chance to nominate your eight favourites. Listeners’ choices are to be revealed in a BBC Radio 4 special on Saturday 11 June, which everyone can hear online. You have just half an hour to submit yours, as no further entries will be considered after 2pm (UK).

One thing I’d never considered before, because separating eight songs from the hundreds of others that I hold dear is in itself a difficult task, is that spoken word tracks and commentary are also acceptable selections for your desert island needs. So I wonder which commentary you’d elect to hear should you ever find yourself cast away and longing for something to trigger fond memories. The Berlin Wall coming down? Nelson Mandela finally freed from prison? Margaret Thatcher leaving Downing Street for the very last time (in tears)? All such happy times.

But being both a cynic and a grump, and having already asked for your song choices – in 2008 and again in 2010 – (which I would expect to vary on an almost day-to-day basis anyway, so do fire off the eight tunes that are most significant at this precise moment in time if you wish) I thought I’d be particularly interested in the eight things that you’d like to ban, along with wicked polythene bags.

How about snotty-nosed children – and their inconsiderate parents, for that matter – who aren’t taught to put their hands over their mouths when they cough or sneeze (or to do so into their shoulders, better still) in public places and splutter and snort their horrid little germs everywhere, making innocent passers-by ill and very, very unhappy about it? Grrrr.

I also mentally noted what I anticipate to be some of the eight ‘discs’ most likely to crop up when BBC Radio 4 announce the results next weekend. If ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and Kenneth Wolstenholme’s famous commentary from the close of the 1966 World Cup final between England and West Germany aren’t included, I’ll be very surprised indeed. Which do you expect will be included?

Once you’ve thought about all that and made the world a better place, if only in your mind, if you’ve still got busy fingers (and on the condition that you wash them first), the chatroom will be open to all the thoughts and choices that you couldn’t fit onto the BBC’s strict form in time – from 4pm (UK).

Have a phlegm-free weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

89 thoughts on “Desert Island Bans”

  1. A sporting commentary would have to be a classic Murray Walker moment – perhaps the one where he had to eat his hat.

    Eight things to ban? That’s harder than choosing just eight discs, but I’m sure my shortlist would include some sort of bad driving habit such as ‘binary’ drivers or serial tailgaters.

    I listened to DG’s 2003 Desert Island selection yesterday. Far less pretentious than that other bloke that used to be in that band, although he really is the master of the understatement!

  2. i already sent in my desert island discs to bbc radio 4 after giving them a lot of thought. some are chosen for sentimental reasons.

    pink floyd – shine on you crazy diamond
    david gilmour – on an island
    queen – don’t stop me now
    europe – the final countdown
    the kinks – waterloo sunset (like david)
    the beatles – all you need is love
    rod stewart – sailing
    chris de burgh – lady in red

    i also think john lennon’s imagine will be played and also bohemian rhapsody by queen if they’re going to play the most requested songs.

    i’d ban boy racers, football and celery!

  3. I’ve decided to do my Desert Island Discs again, and then compare and contrast after I do it, with my 2008 selection. Wonder if there’s any recurrences…

    Echoes – Gdansk version
    Comfortably Numb – P.U.L.S.E version
    The Eagles – Hotel California
    Mother – Anbody Out There album
    Drown in my Own Tears – Jeff Beck (Live on Jools Holland)
    Every Rose has Its Thorn – Poison
    Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
    Pie Jesu (Just to chill me out if I went nuts!)

    Book: Any book on Welsh history
    Luxury: My Axe and Amp, of course!

    Hmm, wonder what I picked two years back?

    Anyway, Happy Days,
    Simon J

    1. Actually, and you’ll never forgive me, I thought Charlotte’s Church’s voice when she was young, was extremely mind-blowing.

      What a pity to an amazing talent that she lost her classical roots.

      Happy Days.

  4. A list of bans eh? Of course I belong to the libertarian tradition and am mindful of the perverse effects of the Prohibition era, but here’s a list of the serious and facetious …

    1) Assault rifles … I mean, shoot the duck if you want to eat it, but let the Chinese restaurant shred it.
    2) Following Whitby, tailgating certainly has to go, along with dawdling. How about right speed, right distance … not so hard.
    3) Plastic shrinkwrapped packaging that you need an assault rifle to shoot your way into. This will help the cause of 1)
    4) People milling about at rock concerts (see The Wall post)
    5) Simon Cowell. ‘Nuff said?
    6) Drunken, offensive, aggressive, unstable drinkers (unless in the safety of your own home of course)
    7) Religion … let’s get real, people.
    8) Old age … there’s really not a good word to be said about it.

    Can’t chat today F’ed, off for a photo-shoot to drum up publicity for my epic cycle ride … fame beckons …

    1. Good luck with that, Tim.

      And yes, I’d also ban lots of people from driving. I think all new cars should come mounted with paintball launchers so that you can fire something non-destructive and water soluble at those irritating buffoons who don’t bother to indicate their intentions, damn them.

      A loudspeaker would be good, too. That way you could hurl abuse and know that they’ve received the message, because isn’t it annoying when your rude hand gestures and hateful stares are wasted on them?

    2. I thought you were going to say all new cars should come with indicators Fed. :))

      They should also come with something that switches the engine off if you try to use a mobile phone. The number of drivers I’ve seen behind me (and gaining!) who are holding a phone, or going round an island whilst holding one. . . . it’s scary. I even saw one texting whilst driving on the motorway, we were in slow moving traffic but it was still doing 30mph! I saw a businessman reading documents on the motorway and I’ve seen drivers with maps on the steering wheel.

      I sound my horn, flash my windscreen wipers and wash the windscreen at them. . . and flash my lights. . .


      1. I thought you were going to say all new cars should come with indicators Fed. :))

        😛 I’m not that old, thank you.

    3. No Fed, silly billy, I know you are young and handsome/beautiful? (I always assume you are a bloke because you like football and beer). . . new cars don’t appear to have them. I’m guessing they have thought transmission chips or something so other drivers around them know the intentions of drivers of new cars. :))


  5. If only the U.S.A (yes, I live here) could be as smart as the Republic of Congo and ban the wasteful destructive bags as well. Here in the land of excess, it is only an option. I’m sure that someday we may get wise, but I won’t hold my breath. There is much to learn and little time to learn it.

    As for the inconsiderate parents of snotty ill behaved children, I could not agree more. Having sat on transatlantic flights with the above mentioned glaring at me, noses running, over the seat in front of me with parents, cocktails in hand, ignoring my subtle hints of discontent – agreed GRRRRR!

    Here’s to Mr Gilmour and a peaceful weekend – cheers!

    1. And when flight attendants do us all a favour and put the grizzly little terrors in overhead lockers, the parents complain (when they finally notice, I expect) and the steward gets the sack.

      Not that I’m suggesting that the child in the story is a grizzly little terror, of course. I wouldn’t think that any more than I would suspect the mother to be an opportunist whinger looking to make a fast buck. As if.

    2. Sign seen at a scenic view building along the Columbia Gorge in Oregon:

      “Children not supervised will be given an espresso and a puppy” :))

      Love it.


    3. I am an educator with extensive training in child psyche. Having just read the article that FEd links to, I’d have to say that the mother is grossly exaggerating the effects of that incident on her child, if not completely making it up. It would be upsetting for a child for a time of minutes or maybe hours, not months. I simply do not believe that a child would become so withdrawn and inconsolable for so many months just from ten seconds in an overhead bin. Children routinely get separated from their parents for much longer periods without psychological scars. If the child is suffering those effects, it is not from ten seconds in an overhead bin. It is from something much more traumatic.

      Hmmmm, blame it on an airline, get lots of $$ and also hide the fact of whatever has actually happened to that child. Nice!!!

  6. I’d like to ban pesticides. They don’t just kill the particular pests you are trying to get rid of, and they don’t just kill once. They kill all along the food chain. And they keep killing, long after their intended use has passed.

    I’d like to ban people who pretend they know what they are talking about, when they have no clue. I speak as an educator in a land where stupid people have been increasingly blaming education for all of society’s ills for years. Come to think of it, we should also ban standardized testing as well. Just make it illegal to give the same test to more than thirty students. Such testing is increasingly misused as a way to punish the educators who teach challenging students.

    Let’s also ban those who constantly call for bands like Pink Floyd to reunite and tour. When Syd passed and people used the occasion to beg PF to tour, I cringed big-time.

    Finally, I would like to ban whatever it is that lives on Donald Trump’s head (in the guise of his hair). The fewer of THOSE running around, the better!!

    1. Finally, I would like to ban whatever it is that lives on Donald Trump’s head (in the guise of his hair). The fewer of THOSE running around, the better!!

      Shame on you Dan! We have such little comic relief left. 😀

    2. As an organic gardener you have my vote on banning pesticides.

      And as for Donald Trump, I seriously doubt it’s of organic origin. Probably chock full of dyes, pesticides, plastics, and oil!

      But you could be right Dan, for have you seen the growth on Sarah Palin’s head? I think the critter’s reproduced!

  7. 8) Ahhh… Sigh… Islands are Magical, aren’t they?

    Fearless – Pink Floyd
    Echoes – Pink Floyd
    Dark Side of the Moon for the rest, with the exceptions of

    On the Run,
    Money, and
    Us and Them,

    as my island would have none of these problems! 😛

    As for bans, I’m getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of plastic, I’d ban more than plastic garbage bags, in fact I’d be dictatorial and ban new plastic toys (have you seen this book, Fed?), and plastic lighters (it’s appalling how many 50 year old remnants of plastic lighters can be found in some poor albatross’ crops: plastic kills!). Sea Turtles strangle to death on these plastic jellyfish. I personally extracted a bag from one’s mouth.

    Once while boating on a northern stretch of the Mississippi River after a record flood, I saw trees dripping in what must have been thousands of plastic bags as if it were Spanish Moss or some horrible floral sprays.

    Our local groceries do recycle plastic, and sell totes (I carry a tote as a purse). But seeing the damage that they do to the environment, well it’s disheartening to say the least.

    And while we’re on the subject of bans, BAN NUCLEAR POWER AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS! We have far, far too many WWIII’s, Chernobyls and Fukushimas out there just waiting to happen.

    Can I play God and ban all war, disease, and hunger? 😀

    1. Please do.

      I hadn’t seen that book, by the way, but I’m intrigued and have added it to my increasingly long wish list. I’m fortunate in that I get to spend quite a lot of time at various beaches, and the range of plastic that you find strewn across the sand beggars belief. Dogs are banned from many of them during the summer, incidentally, but mine have never left a single plastic bottle or cap, straw, wrapper, toy, dummy or broken bit of random beach paraphernalia behind for the sea to wash away and into some poor, unsuspecting creature’s gut. That really gets my goat.

    2. Those ducks have led to collection of some really good scientific data. See this.

      Whilst reading about Curtis Ebbesmeyer, the oceanographer featured in the video, I also came across this interesting site.

      This Wiki page is interesting and if you scroll down to the part about garbage patches (4 and 5), you will see that a lot of plastic is washed up on island beaches.

      I nearly said a desert island may not be the idyllic place to be deserted on after all, but let’s hope the scientific data being gathered leads to better efforts to change our polluting ways.

      ash 🙁 ( I think this smiley looks like a duck )

  8. Hi David,

    Just found out you are supporting Gary McKinnon, thank you!

    Peter Duffy

    1. Seems this could be controversial. For what it’s worth, I say it should only be banned if asparagus can be banned with it.

    2. Ban celery and asparagus?

      No way! They both are natural aphrodisiacs! (along with mangos and bananas…) :))

      1. Not you as well.

        OK, I relent. Only mushy, over-cooked asparagus should be banned. I have no real issues with celery.

    3. Celery an aphrodisiac?

      I have just eaten two bunches of the stuff and ten bananas and I can promise you it had the opposite effect.

    4. …and I can promise you it had the opposite effect.

      Just wondering what you mean, Tim. :))

      Some strange mental images come to my mind, now… 😉

  9. It’s good to know that one more country in the world decided to ban plastic bags. I didn’t hear about it.

    Thanks, FEd, for the link to the article about Italy, it was interesting to read it.

    Lucky me, I’ve never had to speak with anyone complaining about the polythene bags ban, but I’m sure some people had problems with it, since some people always have problems with everything forcing them to change their habits, particularly, I often noticed, when the required “sacrifices” have something to do with ecology.

    Not much can be done to make everyone happy, in my opinion. Educating the people about the need to respect the environment would be the best thing to do, but creating this “cultural background” is a long process that shouldn’t have been started now that saving the planet is already an emergency. Unfortunately, at this point, prohibitions are often the only way to make things change fast enough so, even if I know this might sound undemocratic, I just think it’s not important if someone feels unhappy having to obey the new rules.

    Speaking again about plastic bags, it’s not even so true that Italians were not prepared to see them disappear. On the contrary, some supermarkets (Co-ops, first) had already launched their information campaign in 2009, gradually replacing plastic bags with biodegradable and cotton ones.

    I’ll be back later for the eight things I’d like to ban. 🙂

  10. – Not sure that the best way to make plastic bags disappear is to ban them. Since – sadly, but obviously – money rules the world, maybe taxation would be more effective.

    As written in this article, it would be good to “improve the way a bag is labelled to indicate how it will biodegrade”.

    Seen in the same article: the European Commission launches a public consultation seeking to reduce plastic carrier bag waste (from 17 May to 9 August). I certainly will contribute.

    – Eight Desert Island Bans? (Makes me think of the fun topic about ‘Room 101’)

    – Céline Dion
    – Mondays – although Monday could be exactly the same as any other day on a desert island…
    – People who think they know it all
    – TV
    – DSK – if proven guilty
    – Cucumbers? 😉
    – An accordion (horrible old sound)
    – Marmite ??? (I heard in the chatroom that it’s horrible, even though I still haven’t understood what it is 😉 )

    1. I changed my mind… I would ban beansprouts, not poor innocent cucumbers… 😉

    2. Could we please save the accordion – if only to allow me to listen to Edith Piaf singing Sous le ciel de Paris (sp?) with the proper accompaniment? Please? Pretty please? 🙂

    3. Michèle, it would appear that beansprouts are also innocent. Back to the Petri dish I suppose.


      P.S. Germany is still guilty however (at present).

    4. Merci beaucoup Michèle ♥ 🙂 and of course we’ll have to be just a teeny bit greedy … living proof that us humans are just never satisfied … 😉 – wasn’t there an accordion or concertina on ‘Outside the Wall’?

  11. How on earth can we return to the dark ages before plastic bags and bottles????? 😮 What did we have before them? How did we get shopping home? What were drinks in, did we have drinks in those days?

    We had paper bags, people took a shopping bag out with them, we had glass bottles which were recycled almost without fail because you got money back for returning your empties or children could earn some pocket money by collecting bottles and taking them to a shop where the shopkeeper gave them two or three pence each. Said children could buy sweets or have a ride at the fair (I did that 😛 ).

    AND, although glass is breakable at least it is bio-degradeable. We’ve got tons of renewable material for making glass. I honestly can’t see what the problem is with returning to glass or wax coated cartons.

    What is the big deal with drinking bottled water that’s been sourced from a stream that is probably full of nasty bugs (think of bean sprouts, what water washed them and e-coli ), won’t protect your teeth from decay, and could well contain high levels of fertilisers, weed killers and extra hormones and anti-biotics from farm animal pee?? The antibiotics might be useful I suppose with the bean sprouts but I’d rather have chlorinated and flouridated water, I think.

    If the waste product from oil refinement can no longer be used for making plastics and will therefore have to be burnt, why can’t it be used to produce energy?


    1. Ash,

      Part of me agrees with you regarding returning to glass bottles instead of plastic. For one, things taste better when in glass. For example, I would much rather have a bottle of beer than a can of beer.

      However, the one downfall to returning to glass is that it is bulkier and heavier. Therefore transporting it uses more fuel.

      Seems you just can’t win.



    2. Hi Andrew, yes, I’ll agree that, but if we are saving on oil based product source material for plastics manufacture, we have more oil to turn into fuel. It might not be petrol but it still means a saving on fossil fuel somewhere surely.

      Another thing, in Britain we have miles and miles of canal which used to be used for transport of goods, fuel still applies I suppose but it might alleviate congestion on the roads thus a small saving?

      And one more, also in Britain, until a series of rail strikes 20 to 30 years ago, the rail network did a lot of transport of goods around the country, when the strikes ended the suppliers never did return to the railways.

      There may well be good fuel economy reasons for not using some of the old transport systems, I dunno. What does anyone else think?


      1. It’s lunacy that the canal network isn’t more widely used for haulage when you consider the increasing pollution and congestion on the roads.

        Re-nationalise the railways, I say, and construct more tramlines at the same time.

  12. I’ll tell you all about holding my breath and running away from sneezing people in the supermarket whilst holding my breath and passing out from lack of oxygen in the bread aisle tomorrow. . .

    Or hurriedly gathering my shopping back up from the conveyor belt, putting it back in my trolley and heading for the other end of the store because the checkout operator sneezed and coughed into her/his hand and I don’t want them touching food that I’ll take home. Yuck.

    I really don’t think this is OCD, coughs and sneezes spread diseases. (Anyone remember the public health slogan that said that?) AND diseases are becoming more exotic. We didn’t used to have this problem in and out of high street shops with opening and closing doors letting fresh air and only a few people in. Supermarkets are hot houses for germ spreading.


    1. Damn right, Ash. Let’s ban them.

      Coughs and sneezes do indeed spread diseases. Still, I think we’re probably both borderline OCD about this. Nothing wrong with that, of course; I’ve got the most rotten cold because said coughs and sneezes weren’t properly dealt with by the cougher-sneezer, and if I find out which snivelling brat gave it to me (it has to be a child, it always is), I will at least think of sly ways to make it cry.

      As I read the other day, I think I’m more likely to be CDO. That’s like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be. 😉

    2. I really don’t think this is OCD, coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

      What’s wrong with OCD (or CDO, if FEd prefers)? 😉

    3. As I read the other day, I think I’m more likely to be CDO. That’s like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be.

      Your CD/record collection is in alphabetical order too? I always thought this was the right way, I’m a bit fretful about it today though because I was listening to Seasick Steve during an interview on the radio last night and he said someone tidied up his collection into alphabetical and he can’t find a thing now. He said he had it ordered by mood and feelings. Now I’m thinking that might be a quite nice way of ordering things.

      Incidentally, Seasick Steve sounds like quite a nice guy, down to earth and normal.


      1. Interesting, but I think that would take me too long.

        Artists are filed alphabetically and their work is then ordered chronologically. DVDs are in strict alphabetical order, also separated by genre in the case of many. (Not action, thriller, horror, etc. I’m not that severe. I just like the music, comedy, football and TV series to be set aside from the movies and then put in alphabetical order.)

    4. Exactly Alessandra! 😀

      More seriously though, you’re made to think you are the ‘odd one’, irrational and obsessive because you can see and care about what’s going on. I really can’t understand what’s wrong with people that they won’t take an interest or just accept the decline in social and moral standards.

      Tell you what though, good manners stand out a mile, I really love well mannered people. I try, and hope to everything holy I succeed, to remember my manners. Surely it’s all about caring about your neighbour and treating others as you would like to be treated.

      8| Maybe we should just join them and cough and sneeze on other people so we can be social with them. (I know I’m ranting now, developing an Inspector Dreyfus tic.)

      Remember hearing about people who were prosecuted for attempted murder for knowingly and recklessly infecting others with HIV?


    5. :)) the both of you! A number of years back, some guy on the subway sneezed in my direction while I was trying to hold on to one of those unsanitary poles without actually touching it. A gob of something ended up on the tail of the raincoat I was wearing. I gingerly checked my pockets for anything I may have had in them and proceeded to remove the now contaminated raincoat and dropped it right there! I would’ve preferred to kick him in the nether regions and then another one in the nose with my knee on his way down (I’m really not a violent person, honest).

    6. Maybe we should just join them and cough and sneeze on other people so we can be social with them.


      Your words made me think about these things.

      I’ve always considered myself sociable enough, but I’ve never felt the need to excessively invade other people’s personal space to demonstrate it, or to have mine invaded by others, especially if unknown. If I remember well, physically interfering people even featured in my “Room 101” list, some time ago.

      What I think is that, apart from people who actually are bad mannered (and they are a lot), there are also some individuals who just confuse sociability or affection with the possibility to share everything, germs included, with anyone, both humans and animals, and end up being bad mannered for this reason.

      Moreover, speaking again about hygiene, some people can behave very strangely, at least in my opinion. For example, I know people who let their dog lick them in the face (which is one of the most dirty things you can do, for obvious reasons), but refuse to buy rechargeable soaps, because, they believe they’re unhygienic. Isn’t it absurd?


      Speaking about music in alphabetical order, I find it so annoying when, looking for a CD in a shop, I discover the artists have been ordered by first name instead of surname, or worse, mixing both methods. I would almost reorder everything for free, if they let me do it. :))

    7. Dammit Fed! I hadn’t even thought about chronology! Why did you plant that seed in my mind?! . . . was I happy in 1967? When was I miserable?

      Pavlov, don’t talk to me about touching things other people might have touched. 🙁 I go to great lengths to avoid touching maybe contaminated sink taps then door handles when leaving Ladies loos in case the last lady hadn’t washed her hands before leaving. 😮 I know it’s hard to believe but I’ve seen and heard some do it!

      Gentlemen, I have no idea what goes on in Gents toilets, well, I do have an idea, I believe you don’t always have to use a cubicle for instance therefore you may not have as many doors and their handles/locks to negotiate, but you too still need to wash your hands even if all you touched was your own clean self! (Don’t ask how I know but I KNOW that some men don’t wash their hands.)

      I never even mentioned the flush or the seat!

      Fed, I hope this is clean enough to publish. 😉

      ash, definitely not irrational :))

      1. I think you’ll appreciate this, from The Daily Mash: ‘British adults reminded they should wash hands after defecating’. 🙂

    8. Actually Pavlov, it’s a good thing you didn’t bash him, he’d have covered your knee in nose slime too. More clothing removal. 🙁

      You can see the headlines, “Naked woman covered in slime, gunge and goo gets off train.”


    9. We could do with an article or two like that in the States FEd although I think the people that don’t wash are possibly terrified of touching the faucets and the hand basins. Most public restrooms that I’ve had the misfortune of coming across have had poor plumbing. That’s of course where sani-wipes come in handy. I used to flush with my foot and realized that it was exceptionally rude of me for the next unsuspecting victim who might not mind touching the flush handle/button but might likely have an issue with ooh nasties from a germ infested bathroom floor. I’m always armed with wipes and tissues — even at work — but of course that ends up in landfills, doesn’t it? I tell you, there’s no winning here … really there isn’t.

      As hard as it is to believe Ash, I’ve often had to use the Gents facilities because the Ladies’ was just too horrendous to even contemplate. 😮 I have come up with a devious device (granted it’s only in my mind’s eye and for my own amusement) to take care of flushing and putting the seat down 😉 – Gents, you do not want to know and I can’t help a mischievous chuckle wondering what y’all might be thinking. Suffice it to say that asparagus and bananas will be of little use.

      I tell you, this blog sure as heck competes beautifully with sitting around the kitchen table with good people having great conversations — just love it! MUCH gratitude to FEd and the Irregulars.

    10. I have no idea what goes on in Gents toilets

      Ash, trust me, you really, really don’t want to know …

  13. I’d like a ban on supersized meals. And as mentioned above… plastic. Free for all speed laws like in Montana and Arizona. Cell phone usage in restaurants.


  14. It almost seems pointless picking 8 tracks if I couldn’t have Dark Side of the Moon with me and there’s no way I would be able to separate one track from the other. That aside, the choices du jour would be:

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond (I-V only because I might eek out an extra minute of pleasure) – Pink Floyd
    Beyond the Realms of Death – Judas Priest
    Ripples – Genesis
    Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
    Red House – Jimi Hendrix
    Time – Alan Parsons Project
    Lord is it Mine – Supertramp
    Take it to the Limit – Eagles

    I reluctantly had to give up Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, Franz Schubert’s Trio in E Flat, Léo Delibes’ “The Flower Duet” from the opera Lakmé, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Estudio en Mi de Rubira or more commonly known as Romance (why no-one ever laid claim to this beauty makes the mind boggle – where’s the pride in ‘authorship’?!).

    Of course tomorrow I will come across yet another that I’m bound to declare ‘I cannot possibly live without’ — why, oh why only 8? Where is the justice 😉 !

    Next some thoughts on the bans…

  15. MR. GILMOUR,


  16. I’m not one for prohibition or banning, however, there are certainly things, in my view, that should never have existed in the first place and we now find ourselves frantically attempting to right those wrongs and “save” ourselves, our animal friends and this place we call home.

    Not wishing in any way to diminish their efforts to ban plastic bags, the Republic of Congo have some other very serious humanitarian issues that they should be concentrating their efforts on and perhaps re-purposing those plastic bags could have put people to work – there are some amazing things that can be made with plastic bags!

    My list of bans (in no particular order) would include:

    pharmaceutical- and industrial waste (let them figure out another way to dispose of it); frivolous lawsuits; the parents of ill-mannered, snot-nosed children; using rivers and lakes as personal rubbish bins and ablution facilities — would like to start with the Citarum River in Indonesia; spitting in public places – dreadful having to dodge lung oysters on the city streets and subway stairs! Ditto on Sharon’s war, disease and hunger.

    Alessandra is right, the key is education but how do we go about it in places where, quite frankly, most folks don’t seem to give a rat’s behind and their ‘leaders’ and citizens are not held accountable – ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse!

    1. Not wishing in any way to diminish their efforts to ban plastic bags, the Republic of Congo have some other very serious humanitarian issues that they should be concentrating their efforts on


  17. I’d ban most things everyone else wants to ban except for celery and asparagus. (Throwing down gauntlet. :)) ) No vegetable should ever be banned!

    I’d ban:

    From pet ownership, people who won’t put a bell on their cat.

    People who smoke from working in food handling or caring professions. They cough.

    The Big Issue sellers who call after you “have a nice day” but don’t mean it because you walked past them. Irrespective of the fact you already gave to someone this week/were intent on buying from them when you’d got change on your way back. I’ve made a mental note of where the ones that don’t hustle you are, and give to them whenever I see them.

    Cars that are really bass speakers on wheels.

    Festivals because bands appear to prefer to perform at them rather than tour. 😡 Also festival organisers who sell tickets which then sell out, without telling us who will be on. WTF???? Festivals aren’t good value for money anyway, bands can only do a short set nowadays. (Feeling very grumpy about this.)

    All those celebrity dance/skating/opera singing/eating centipedes in the jungle TV programmes. It’s perfectly obvious the producer is keeping his awful job by telling his boss it’s what the audience wants and waning celebrities are only too happy to appear. Talk about selling your soul? Jobs for the boys?

    Thinking about two more. . . .


    1. Ash, I’m enjoying these too much. Give us another six, will you?

      It will be compulsory for all cats to wear bells when I rule the world, I can assure you. They’ll be big bells, too; heavy enough to stop the murdering little wasters from getting into other people’s gardens.

    2. As our cat, Finlay (who by the way is the archetypal devil’s cat) managed to bring a woodpecker alive through his cat flap, that’s going to have to be one hell of a big bell and will probably keep the neighbours awake all night.

      Still, might remind them of “High Hopes” I suppose.

    3. My cat (“Buddy”) is an indoor cat. No bells for him. He’s an old man now, probably 19 years old by now (he was approximately 5 when he showed up on my wife’s doorstep, malnourished and unkempt). He is deaf and has cataracts and we think he has kitty Alzheimer’s. We have a steady stream of birds at our feeders (all manner of small birds and the occasional hawk), but Buddy has never shown any interest in them. Buddy is not a hunter cat; if he were to escape in his current state, he would very likely become someone’s lunch. So, no bells for him.

  18. Like FEd on Twitter I would like to pay tribute to all those brave men who fought and perhaps died for our freedom on 6 June 1944. Thank you not only to the US, Canada and the UK, but also to Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, (France), Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Poland.

    Hope I didn’t leave out Allied Nations involved in D-Day and the Battle Of Normandy.

    1. Thank you FED and Michèle.

      That means more than you know.

      On Memorial day I hug a vet! This year it was my husband! It’s getting harder these days to find a WWII Vet to hug. And sadly impossible now to find a WWI Vet.

    2. Thanks Michèle, you took the words out of my mouth. Merci and Adieu! 😉


  19. Eight things I’d be happy to ban:

    1. Pets expositions (I don’t know if it’s the correct translation), which are just a display of owners’ narcissism, very stressful for animals. By the way, 13 dogs were found dead, yesterday, on a ship arriving here from Sardinia. Their owner was taking them to a beauty exposition. It is the second time something like that happens in only one month.

    2. Excessive use of artificial lights, especially in the outdoor, not only for ecological reasons, but also because I’d like to see the stars at night.

    3. Useless, annoying noises (people, both adults and children, screaming without any reason, mobile phones ringing in public places…).

    4. Clergy of every kind.

    5. Superstition (it’s time to leave black cats and owls alone).

    6. Excessive bureaucracy, which is a very unfair way to waste people’s time.

    And then, on a lighter note…

    7. Alarm clocks (what a bad way to wake up).

    8. Pop/R&B music and related videos (I mean, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and horrible things like that).

    1. What an inspired list. Alessandra, when I rule the world, I will be coming to you for advice.

      Outdoor lighting annoys me almost as much as outdoor heating does. Oh, I hate those awful patio heaters. If you’re cold, try going inside and/or putting on another layer of clothing. Really…

      I agree completely about people dressing up their pets, giving them silly haircuts, and generally demeaning them in order to amuse themselves and others. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. Making the poor things fly across the world to satisfy the owner’s vanity, live in a crate, coming out only to be paraded before a gormless audience where pompous judges who have made a small fortune on the side through select breeding give awards to the most dull and inbred specimens. What a miserable life they must have, existing only to enrichen man.

      Seeing so-called celebrities carrying their pets around in handbags gets on my nerves, too.

  20. My tracks:

    1. Pink Floyd – Sheep
    2. Bob Dylan – Chimes of Freedom (I’m still influenced by the last topic 😀 )
    3. R.E.M. – Nightswimming
    4. Genesis – Dusk
    5. Pearl Jam – Oceans
    6. Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
    7. Donovan – Sand and Foam
    8. The Who – The Dirty Jobs

    1. “Sympathy for the Devil” is a song about my former boss, a man I feel a great many things about, but most definitely NOT sympathy.

    2. “Sympathy for the Devil” is a song about my former boss

      Yikes Dan, are you telling us you were one of Satan’s little imps??

  21. I would just love to see this same conversation 50 or so years from now. Wonder whether our children’s children will be citing us for our inabilities or lack of vision in taking on the challenge of trying to clean things up or whether we’ll be commended for our efforts. If history and the present day are indicators, there’ll be tribunals for cell phone technology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, clothing manufacturers, etc. for knowing what ills lay dormant and not giving the masses sufficient warning about the risks (forget any personal responsibility).

    I’d also be curious whether they’d think we had good taste in music which, of course, we do. 😉

  22. Decided to follow suit, and do 8 Desert Island Bans. NB: Some of these will rile a lot of people here, please take no offence.

    1) ‘Certain’ Female Drivers – Most female drivers are good, but some are horrendous.
    2) Prawns – I’m scared of them (honestly)
    3) TV Soaps and Jeremy Kyle – Don’t even go there.
    4) Getting paid on Sick Days – I hate people who pull sickies when they’re fine – jerks.
    5) Cheryl Cole – Need I say anything.
    6) Flip Flops – What an embarrassment of fashion. When I’m on holiday, I still wear socks and old daps.
    7) Paying over £2.80 for a pint of Lager – Happy Days
    8) Loose Women – Tarts

    There we go. And now for the abuse…!

    1. None from me, although I’ll admit to sometimes wearing flip flops.

      I loathe those Loose Women bitches, but very occasionally find the strange people who go to Jeremy Kyle in search of whatever it is they need quite amusing when suffering from insomnia. I need to laugh at something that isn’t necessarily put on TV to be laughed at, having tired of talent show auditions, you see.

  23. I would like to ban the idiot telemarketers who call at the worst times of the day to give their unscrupulous jibber. To make them pay, I say hold on, put the phone down and walk away. It’s their dime, and not mine.

  24. Thought I’d check on the previous entries to compare my selection. Can’t believe I didn’t submit a set of tunes on either occasion. 8|

    Deciding isn’t easy, probably why I failed to contribute before, anyway, here goes…

    Stranger On The Shore – Acker Bilk
    When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole
    Something – The Beatles
    Legend Of A Mind – Moody Blues
    Mars, The Planets (Holst) – Isao Tomita
    Trouble – Coldplay
    Time – Pink Floyd
    Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

  25. None from me, although I’ll admit to sometimes wearing flip flops.

  26. I no longer live there, but I wear them too, with good reason!

    It’s the national footwear of Hawai’i, and if you don’t wear “rubbah slippahs, you get strung up by you flip-flops, yeah”? Just a flashback of cultural adjustment to life there. So when in Rome…

    They do serve some very practical purposes: in tropical storms they never get ruined! Second, traditionally, when removed at the lanai (porch), you keep the hale (home) thoughtfully clean. Third, you automatically know who is home!

  27. Hello,

    Am I too late to contribute to this?

    Things to ban…

    Top 100 lists in music magazines. Lazy. “If you disagree with our top 100 join the debate on our website, or, wait until next month when we’ll have a new top 100 as we’ll still not have any proper content to publish.”

    Ignorant a-holes who constantly yack at gigs. I paid to see and hear the band, not listen to you talking very loudly all night.

    Ignorant a-holes who constantly keep pushing past you to go to the bar for beer and then, likewise, to the bogs during a gig.

    Everyone from ticket agents to holiday companies charging a booking fee. For what? Doing your job? Greedy gits.

    What appears to be most motorists on the road today who drive far too fast in built up areas, pull out around parked vehicles when it’s not their right of way, thus forcing you to mount the kerb and scuff your wheels.

    Kids. All kids. No exceptions. Stay at home and out of my way until you’re 21, unless of course you’re sweeping my chimney.

    Loud music in pubs. “Fancy a pint and a shout?”

    Supermarkets, particularly Tesco’s. The decline of small retailers, particularly record shops is just one of many reasons supermarkets should be banned. How can the indies compete when Tesco sell their CD’s at cost? Buy your music from an independent record shop, just like the one in Nick Hornby’s Hi Fidelity, probably.

    The amount of time it takes to get to St Ives in Cornwall from Leicester. It’s just too far!

    I’ll get my coat.

    1. :)) I tend to agree with all of those, Kevan… even though I’m guilty of the first.

      And how rarely you find a jukebox in pubs these days. How nice it was to be able, albeit for an inflated fee, to choose the music you and your friends wanted to hear and not the (mostly) awful racket controlled by a knob behind the bar.

      (Yes, that’s meant to be read two ways.)

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