The Wall

Yes, it’s tonight.

David will be joining Roger Waters for ‘Comfortably Numb’ at London’s O2 shortly this evening. I’d love to hear of and from anyone with a golden ticket, or from anyone who has a ticket for upcoming Wall shows, or from anyone who has used tickets from earlier Wall shows, for that matter. Heck, if you’ve ever had a ticket for anything, do join in.

If you don’t fall into the above categories, as thoroughly depressing as that is, don’t feel left out. Please feel free to spill forth anything remotely Wall-related. Favourite tracks and lyrics would be an ideal starting point.

And if your mind is stuck on songs from 1963, as is mine after the previous post (in spite of the rather witty, I thought, playlist I’ve been tweeting about this past hour), I’d still like to remember those which I may have missed.

You should expect to see some nice photos of tonight’s performance, by the way, as Polly is there, armed with a camera. You may have heard that the shows are being recorded for a future DVD release, although I obviously couldn’t tell you about any such plans, as I don’t know them, so please don’t ask. All I can say is that tonight’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ is being recorded, so that it may be posted on various websites, but is not intended to make it to DVD.

Look on the bright side: that means you’ll get to see it sooner.

I should also remind you that tonight is most definitely a one-off; David is not repeating his special guest performance at a later occasion, I’m sorry to disappoint those of you with fingers crossed and tickets for later shows.

So, The Wall


  1. Paul_C

    Never could bring myself to go to one of Roger’s shows and listen to others playing David’s music. Clearly he’s moved on. Perhaps I should!

    Had I been there, the tissues would have been out!!

  2. courtney

    thanks, FEd. to follow up, i put a few thoughts on last night’s occurrence up at the ruckus, because i just can’t help myself! too many feelings. 8)

  3. The kiwi

    Yup. I was there. Perfect seats. My darling wife in tow (who is not a fan, but standing by me). I’ve known this album for 25 years intimately, revisiting in great depth every 2 or so years. So seeing this was the greatest music moment of my life (and I’ve had some good ones…). Roger’s voice was pitch perfect, the show was phenomenal, and then David stood atop the wall. The roof lifted off.

    I’ve waited 3/4 a lifetime. It was worth the wait.

    I’m there again Sunday. While David may not be, I’m sure it will be just as emotional…

  4. Ali Collins

    24 hours on and I am still on a high from last night. The grin that is as large as the wall itself is still on my face. 😀

    Having been a huge PF fan for years, the magic that happened when Dave Gilmour appeared on top of the wall will stay with me forever. Then to finish such a awe inspiring show by having Nick join Dave and Roger on stage just made it the best night of my life!

  5. Ken

    Hopefully Roger will at least include this as a bonus on the DVD/Blu-ray, since David used footage of Roger on his “Remember That Night” Blu-ray.

    Funny to see David flub the lyrics to Numb in the final verse.

  6. Iracord

    Wow! Saw the show in LA – amazing! Seen Pink Floyd MANY times – Carnegie Hall 1972 was the most musical (“Echoes”, “Eclipse”…) but The Wall 2010 was THE most spectacular!!! As Dave sang wrong lyrics at end of Chorus 2, this – could be fixed in the mix… overdub vocal with R&H jaw replacement! 😉 – will probably be an extra!

    Oh! “Why, Pink Floyd!?” – indeed!!! I have Dark Side on audiophile vinyl – OMR – and remastered CD and colored vinyl and… – the SACD being Definitive!!!
    Really!!??? Most Floyd fans are audiophiles with NICE systems!

    PLEASE put out SURROUND mixes – mainly “MEDDLE!”- on Blu-Ray Uncompressed 24-bit, 192k, like Tom Petty and Neil Young are doing… since SACD and DVD-A are pretty much… dead! THIS I would buy!

    Not repackaged “re-mastered” CDs!!! I know Meddle was mixed in Quad – talked to Alan at NAMM this year! Release that, or remix it! James, Alan, OR Chris Thomas could do it! If not… I’ll do the best I can in Pro Tools with clever “stems”…


  7. GianLuca Giustiniani

    I wish I was there, even though seeing the picture of them three, with Richard missing, at the end of the show brings me tears.

    Thank you David for this, you returned the favour to Roger as promised. Precious. We are so happy to see you together once again, we’ll treasure these moments.

    Nice report here.

  8. mikeT

    ‘LoALL. Fed. Great! Have enjoyed the comments and watched the tube things, though, “the tube thing has given me a bad neck”… with much joy.

    I’m happy for the lucky people who had tickets for the night. I’m also happy for people with tickets over the next few shows, I’m sure you will enjoy!

  9. Jonathan Thomas

    That was insane! Without reading this first (as I was at the gig), I noticed you retweeted one of my tweets about the ‘immense’ Wall that stood before us. To which I mentioned in a later tweet that I should take it as a sign (that David Gilmour’s blog would retweet little old me) and that it would be nothing short of amazing should the man himself choose to be at the gig I’m attending.

    I never ever dreamt that he would be there and furthermore Pink Floyd would be reunited before my very eyes in front of a decimated Wall! The whole place was in frantic uproar at the sight of it. It was amazing and an event that I’ll never ever forget.

    Thank you David, Roger and Nick, you’ve made me and a lot of people very happy.

    Final thanks to @the_blog! 😉

  10. Jen

    I was at the May 12 concert when Roger Waters and David Gilmour were reunited. It was fantastic to see them come together for a one-off show!

  11. Jimmie James

    My special night to see the Wall Live was in Oakland California. Incredible show but, 3 is a magic number… 8)

  12. Jules75

    I was lucky enough to pick THE night for my Wall show and I can only describe the moment that David came on as magical. Having only been a Floyd fan for 10 years, I have never seen them play as a group so this will likely be the closest I ever get.

    I love David’s work and missed the On an Island tour so please, write more material and tour again.

    It was amazing to watch him play on the top of the wall. A master of his instrument.

  13. Richard sadler

    I was there, it was truly a magical moment, the fucking roof came off when David appeared, thank you!!!

  14. Alessandra

    I was thinking that, probably, my favourite tracks from The Wall are “Goodbye Blue Sky”, “Mother”, “Comfortably Numb” and “Run Like Hell”.

    And I love these lines from “Nobody Home”. I’ve always found them moving.

    “I’ve got wild staring eyes
    I’ve got a strong urge to fly
    But I’ve got nowhere to fly to”

    • FEd

      Very moving. This verse, well, the whole song but the sarcasm and resentment in these lines in particular, gives me the chills each time. Such an incredibly powerful piece of writing, music and film.

      “Kind old King George sent Mother a note
      When he heard that father was gone
      It was, I recall, in the form of a scroll
      Gold leaf and all
      And I found it one day in a drawer of old photographs
      Hidden away
      And my eyes still grow damp to remember
      His Majesty signed with his own rubber stamp”

    • Alessandra

      It is a very beautiful song. I think it was a good idea to include it in the 2004 CD reissue of “The Final Cut”.

      By the way, the sarcasm in that verse of “When the Tigers Broke Free” somehow reminds me of an older and apparently happier song, “Corporal Clegg”.

  15. joe kirby

    cant believe you came the day after i went to watch the wall at the o2. so disappointed, its unbelievable.

    but the pair of you, sort your shit out and take the dark side of the moon on tour. that would make my life complete.

    as for roger, honestly, the greatest show i’ve ever seen or ever will see. 8|

  16. george

    Hello Fed

    Been a bit since I posted last, but I’ve been following. Saw the show in Buffalo in October. Thrilled to see the lads playing together again even if it is only occasionally. Dave Killminster’s solo is also excellent but he plays it on Telecaster which gives it a different sound and that is kind of neat as no living human being can duplicate the sound and style of DG and the infamous Black Strat.

    Thanks gentlemen for a job well done.


  17. snow

    Thanks for the official video FEd. I can’t understand why it makes grown men cry.

    I bought the LP when I was 16, it takes me back I suppose.

    A great old mate of mine who is long gone always told me that “Time heals all wounds”. I hope he was Right.

    Cheers and good health to all the Pink Floyd family and of course that includes yourself and yours.

  18. jayfromfla

    I saw the show in Sunrise, Florida. I was in London for work and knew there was a show Thursday night. Something drew me to go see it again. Went to the O2 and walked up to the box office and scored a very close ticket. During the gig saw the cameras set up… but they weren’t shooting. Figured they were just there to catch some shots they may have missed at a previous show. I had a great view of the tunnel to back stage. In the second half of the show, I saw a steady stream of road crew and others make it to the front of the wall… some carrying cameras. Just before CN, the cameras were manned… and then is was history.

    David and the audience were in fantastic voice. The most amazing concert of my life…

  19. Gabriel

    Well… I just got back from the Roger show tonight. I flew out here to London the see the show and originally only got tickets for the last two of the six scheduled dates. However, I went down to the O2 to see if I could score a ticket for tonight’s show… and voila! I also got a ticket for tomorrow’s show. So I’ll see four gigs instead of two. How lucky am I?

    Pink Floyd is my favorite band. They are the best and David Gilmour’s playing and singing is exceptional.

    Roger’s production of the Wall is simply fantastic. It really is. If anyone has a chance to see it, please do yourself a favor and go. You won’t be disappointed and it is certainly something you will remember for a very long time.

    I found out Dave played on the 12th only a couple of hours before flying out from Denver. I must admit… it took the wind out of my sails a bit… but I’m still happy to be here.

    It would be sweet if David would play one more date at the O2. It would mean so much to fans… but I guess he’s got his reasons for only doing one performance. I’m certainly glad that we can watch the footage online. The Internet is amazing.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour for all the music you have given us. You’ve been a BIG inspiration to the world. What a joy it must have been to have such talent and experiences.

    Dave… you are the best. You’ve certainly inspired my guitar playing… in fact… you’re the reason I picked up the guitar some 25 odd years ago.



  20. sharonwoods

    It’s a long dream to see that old band play again, I’m speechless. I can’t tell you how much I want to be there.

    Long Live Pink Floyd!!!

  21. Alessandra

    Thanks, FEd, for tweeting about the official Comfortably Numb video. I’ve just seen it and it’s amazing.

    Definitely, that song needs David’s voice and guitar. 🙂

  22. Dom from Davenham

    What a fabulous performance underlining that The Floyd are still the greatest Band in Rock History and Dave is THE greatest guitarist!

    Thanks Rog and Dave for making it happen and giving those whose very first concert was The Wall at Earls Court in August 1980 a trip back down memory lane that will be cherished forever!

  23. Melissa(*_*)

    Well, that’s one less thing to be anxious about. I was hoping I’d be lucky enough to have a golden ticket to the show David would perform at… such is life.

    Great footage from the event, Fed. It’s quite emotional to see them on stage together, not just because it fulfils my own selfish desires, but it makes me feel like there’s good things left in the world. Silly thing to hang some hope on, but Pink Floyd’s music is a huge part of my life and it makes me happy to see the way it affects so many. Not to mention how nice it is to see David looking so fit and healthy! 🙂

    I’m leaving for London today, and I’m completely insane with excitement about the entire thing. I look forward to seeing The Wall on stage again and I hope to meet a few irregulars if possible.

    If anyone desires to meet up with Becky, Martin S., and myself, we will be in London till May 22nd and will be going to the 17th and 18th performances… maybe Fed could help us with e-mail address exchanges?

    Cheers to you David, for such a fine performance, for all you are and all the magic you create with a few strings…


    • KenF

      Hi Mel,

      Hope you enjoyed your 1st class stay prior to your hop over the pond. I trust your delay didn’t set you back too much.

      Sadly, work commitments prevent me from getting to London, it would have been good to meet you all, unless you can get tickets for the Manchester show on the 21st that is… 😉

      Enjoy the shows, with Becky and Martin S (and any other Irregulars you may encounter).

    • Paul_C

      Not to mention how nice it is to see David looking so fit and healthy!

      Well said Mel. We really don’t see enough of David and it’s great to see him on top form!


    • EchoesBob

      How I would have loved to be there with some old friends. Did you find the bar in the Barn? I hope you all had a great time.

      Cheers – Bob.

  24. NewYorkDan

    I just saw the video over at You can just feel the magic of the moment, especially you can see it in Roger’s body language and, of course, in the mood of that audience.

    That must have been a great day for those few who were lucky enough to be in attendance.

  25. Tres

    I went to the show in Kansas City on October 30 with my 3 sons, 25, 18, 19 and my daughter-in-law. We didn’t feel comfortable about the sitting service at the hotel, so we bought ear plugs and took my then 2 year old grandson. Someone yelled while we were walking in, “who would bring a baby to a Roger Waters concert?” My daughter-in-law said, “I would, that is my kid”. It kept him entertained, he didn’t move at all he just watched. He was probably the youngest concert goer on the tour.

  26. jeremie

    Hello Guys,

    I’m living in Belgium and wait for the show dated on 05/28th/2011!!! The most wonderful gift for me will be the presence of the great David Gilmour even for one song. “Wish You Will Be Here”!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you will grant my wish. 🙂

  27. Derrick

    Saw “The Wall Live” 2 times. Once at the Columbus show where I bought tickets for 2 of my brothers. We were enjoying a reunion of our own when we saw PF in 1994 together. I took my youngest son to the Atlanta show, he has been hearing PF since before he was born. I got to see The Wall from 2 angles, top of the stadium straight back to see the whole show and section 1, 1 seat from center 12 rows back. This was my sons first “super band” concert, his first funny enough was a tribute Pink Floyd a year earlier.

    All the shows have been great. If I could I see another.

    Momentary Lapse of Reason:
    9-16-87, Cleveland, OH (saw with best friend)
    5-30-88 Pittsburgh, PA (saw with best friend again.)

    Division Bell:
    5-26-94 Cleveland, OH(saw with 2 brothers, second section left of stage, great seats. Cleveland was light up with lasers)
    5-31-94 Pittsburgh, PA(saw w/ wife, she wasn’t a big PF fan until this. 12 rows back infront of Right towers. Felt the heat from the flames shooting up)
    In the Flesh live
    6-7-99 Charlotte, NC, USA (saw w/wife I stood eye level center with Roger. Never know if he remembers a bald guy right in his eyes singing every song, popular or not so)

    Dark Side of the Moon Live:
    5-22-07 Atlanta, GA (saw w/ oldest son, straight back middle section, pretty good seats for this show)

    The Wall Live:
    10-22-10 Columbus, Ohio (saw with same 2 brothers above 1 row from ROOF)
    18 November 2010, Atlanta, GA (saw with my youngest son, 12 rows from center stage)

  28. Damien, London

    I saw the Wall on Sat 14th and it was a great show, Roger is a fantastic showman and the band performed brilliantly but you could sense a big anti climax with the fans. I and many others felt pretty gutted, all we want is to see you guys again on stage… Was this reunion really a one off? Or can Dave, Roger and Nick do the unthinkable and perform a handful of shows together in the future?

    The Tube back from the O2 was a sombre experience, so many Floyd fans young and old looking ever so slightly disappointed and long faced that we missed Gilmour, Waters and Mason but I also sensed people were wondering will they ever get to witness the Floyd live again? and millions of people round the world wonder, hope, pray that it might happen.

    FED – what do you think?

    • FEd

      It would be indescribably huge if they did reunite, obviously, but as you can see from the comments above, if there were half a dozen such shows or several dozen, it still wouldn’t and couldn’t reach or please everyone. People would always want more and at what point would it no longer be pleasurable for the men concerned? When would the mood of the now-favourable critics change and when would the general public, even the most loyal fans, turn on the band for being shameless sell-outs peddling nostalgia only to increase their wealth? I’d hate for that moment to arrive.

      So, I don’t know. I hate to put a dampener on such enjoyable excitement and optimism, but a full and dedicated reunion is still not something I foresee nor live in hope of ever seeing, to be honest. That’s said purely from knowing that touring On an Island was a genuine joy for David; I just don’t think that trying to recreate the past ever could be nearly as satisfying, and that’s a good enough reason not to try as far as I’m concerned.

      But you never know, do you?

      Sorry to disappoint anyone. You shouldn’t ask what I think. 🙂

    • Andrew


      Actually I completely agree with you. Yes it would be wonderful but you’ll never please everyone, just ask our friends in South America. And like you say, at what point does it go past the fun and become just an excuse to rake in millions.

      But as I said before, what I would rather see is Roger and David getting together for a project other than a PF reunion. Time has passed and things have changed, so do something completely different. You don’t need to take out the PF Machine in order to do something satisfying. However, unfortunately the masses seem like they won’t be happy unless the PF beast is released again.

      So we will see what happens or doesn’t happen. You really do never know.



    • KenF


      Well done for once again portraying the ethos of what David is all about. The many Irregulars on here recognise and appreciate the perspective you convey.

      I admit I would be one of the first to sign up for the ‘peddling nostalgia’ tour, but know it will never happen. David doesn’t need to go there, why should he, he has nothing to prove.

      However, once he gets some tunes together to augment Polly’s lyrics, well, that’s another matter altogether.

      Don’t leave it too long…

    • tim_c

      I’m with you F’ed, strange as it may seem.

      I was there on Saturday and I must admit I didn’t detect the mood that Damian did, but then I was headed to Stratford and East Anglia which gives a sense of anti-climax at the best of times. 😛

      So indescribably huge would a re-union be that it would almost certainly be anti-climactic. I think one of THE remarkable things about the Live Aid Gig was that they nailed that short playlist, but I do believe that the best performances are already in our heads.

      The Wall show also highlighted that David has moved the performances on in his own direction which would not necessarily suit the Floyd. I’m all for our old friends the flying pig, the dive bomber, the pyrotechnics, but they also feel a bit passé.

      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Wall show a great deal. It’s a piece of Rock History well worthy of a re-staging, quite as relevant today (except “grumpy Roger” has moved on) and updated for Afghanistan, 9/11 and the iPod. As noted previously the visuals were magnificent and the band very professional in reproducing the album but lacking spontaneity, but then the Wall show demands precision in staging and timing.

      My biggest gripe was that although in a decent upper tier seat, my view of “Mr Screen” and THE spot where Kiliminster (and I assume David) appeared over the wall was obscured by a hanging speaker stack. Now that would have been annoying on Thursday don’t you think, for me and hundreds of others?

      Second gripe … why oh why oh f*cking why do so many people mill in and out of the arena during the show? You couldn’t have shifted me with a bomb. It’s beyond irony when you think what the show is actually about. A pair next to me sauntered back from the intermission at the end of “Hey You”. Perhaps they had a dodgy hot-dog? No of course, I’d love to get up and let you pass. If I had my way, I’d have all of them shot, believe me.

      Third and minor gripe. Can someone tell Roger that trainers can be bought in black… 😉

      All strength to Roger, he’s made a concerted effort to get out and play the music to a lot of fans. He’s very welcome to do so. If we were to get more from David, something very similar to the On an Island tour would be preferable. But remember, we no longer have Rick.

    • Alessandra

      But remember, we no longer have Rick.


      I completely agree on this and on your second gripe.

    • ash

      Yes, I agree with Fed and everyone else. We miss the present by longing for the past though. Not only that, what the artists are capable of now is so much more. They’re better, the technology, as some have pointed out is better.

      Much as I loved the old concerts, and will always love the albums, I want to see what comes next because they still have the creative genius.

      I hope David does create more and performs again, these rumours of a new album… mmmmm… then a tour? Oooooh. 🙂

      Tim, I know exactly what you’re saying. Why do people go to concerts then not pay attention? Why do they sing, and shout and chatter? Why don’t they listen? (You’ll have to see my rant in the next comment too.) THEN shout and cheer and applaud when the song ends. For goodness sake, don’t they know the artist rehearsed his arse off to be perfect and they didn’t bother to listen. Yes, I’d have all of them shot too!


    • lorraine

      Third and minor gripe. Can someone tell Roger that trainers can be bought in black… 😉

      Maybe he did have black trainers on but got a bit overexcited and stuck his feet through a couple of the bricks? 😉

    • Michèle

      Third and minor gripe. Can someone tell Roger that trainers can be bought in black…

      Yes, white trainers with all black clothes are a bit of an eyesore and draw too much attention to the feet. Maybe he just needs to see his feet better to avoid stumbling and falling down… :))

      But the real question is: Does he wear black or white socks? 😉

    • NewYorkDan

      About PF reuniting for an entire show… I’ve made this comparison before in the blog, but remember the last time Led Zep reunited? It was disastrous. It sounded just awful and nobody appeared to be having any fun. I’d expect that a reunited PF would be very much like that.

      However, a few years ago when Page and Plant did a record of NEW music, that worked out well. It did not come across as “Zeppelin Repackaged Again,” for the sound was very different and it seemed sincere.

      Can you imagine a “Gilmour-Waters” album? No, me neither. (I try to think of “Ca Ira” meets “On An Island,” but my brain doesn’t even want to go there.) Now, how about a “Gilmour-Waters” SONG? Okay, NOW we are talking!

      See, this gets at the heat of it for me. The more low-key such a reunion is, the more viable it becomes. And the less forced, the better (of course). Both men have moved in different artistic directions, and it would be a mistake for them to try to push it with anything other than a one-off. And both men seem to know it.

  29. PM

    I hate to be the proverbial stick-in-the-mud, but I’ve just watched the video, and I’m ever so slightly disappointed.

    David got the words wrong in the second chorus (has he EVER done that?), his first solo was not as crisp and precise as usual, and his final solo wasn’t as flowing as other shows / recordings I’ve heard (take Gdansk, RAH or Live 8 for a start).

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a great gesture for him to do it, and I’m sure it sounded far better than a recording for those who were lucky enough to be there. I guess I just hoped (and expected, even) a totally blinding performance for posterity sake, and it falls a little short of those expectations.

    Maybe playing at that height isn’t as easy 30 years down the track… LOL.

    Still a legend, well done, and hope he enjoyed the visit back to those great heights (in every sense).

    • tim_c

      I suspect that, it being a one-off, even the great man might not have been as “in the groove” as on a major tour.

      Sounded fine to me though.

    • Alessandra

      I guess I just hoped (and expected, even) a totally blinding performance for posterity sake, and it falls a little short of those expectations.


      This is just my opinion, but I believe those who will watch this and other shows in the future should be much more interested in understanding the meaning and trying to feel the right emotions, than in judging the musicians’ level of perfection.

      I say this as someone who was born too late to attend personally the almost totality of the shows I really would have liked to attend and, for this reason, can only enjoy the videos.

      Of course, music is art, but singing and playing are, basically, practice activities and I’m glad to see they’re not perfect, because this is exactly what makes going to a concert different from staying at home and listening to the albums.

    • ash

      I thought Comfortably Numb sounded better on others of David’s tour videos. I don’t know if an artist is more practised and sharper during a tour? (Though I do think David can do no wrong 😀 and if he was a bit off, it adds to the overall thrills of seeing and hearing him live, it’s nice if it’s not strictly like the recording we play every day.)

      I put the ‘apparently’ poorer performance down to the quality of the video and the NOISE the crowd was making.

      🙁 I have a serious dislike of crowd noise. I know everyone is gripped by emotions during wonderful music. However, we don’t get to hear it played live often. I’d rather listen, really properly listen to live performances. I can sing all I want to my CDs any time at all. The opportunities for hearing live performances though, by David and others among the greats, are becoming less and less.

      Something I’ve noticed over the years, particularly is people who barely know the work of the artist, never particularly were fans at all, but go along because it’s a ‘night out’. Then they get drunk, chatter incessantly and sing out of tune loudly to any of the songs they do know even slightly!


  30. Rudders - Toronto


    So one of the greatest moments in rock and roll concert history has been re-created.

    I only saw RW’s Wall show three times, the opening night in Toronto another one a few days later and then a show in Buffalo, New York. As has been already said… RW’s use of technology truly transformed the show.

    Kilminster did a good job playing the two solos and was visibly relieved at the end of the final solo of CN but nothing can replace have the man himself play and sing “that song”.

  31. Rick

    Great performance Dave!

    One question though… why change up the lyrics in the final chorus?

    Thanks for the show.


    • Matt

      Me thinks a case of the nerves along with another of Chardonnay might have had something to do with this. 😛

      Anyway, no matter as it worked quite well and it was actually quite a quick recovery on David’s part as he could have completely blanked and started singing a Radiohead song! 😉

    • Michèle

      … as he could have completely blanked and started singing a Radiohead song!

      ‘Climbing Up the Walls’? 😉

  32. Matt

    Instead of a Telecaster where was the teleprompter! 😛

    Great stuff here all around and “Outside the Wall” was the icing!


    I love you. I love Pink Floyd!!!

    “SHINE ON!!!!!!!”

    Thanks for your Complete Perfection!!!!!! 😀

  34. Damian Cunningham

    I managed to watch the video of Roger and David, and he was as good now as he was 30 years ago.

    Well, I was at the BBC1 Radio 1 festival Carlisle, it was very enjoyable Lady Gaga was very good and I’m not a fan. I waited all day in the big tent for the special guest and David never showed up. 😉

    Before the event Kat and I went to our favourite tea room at Lanercost Priory for lunch, now I’m not a big Foo Fighters fan but sat there with a pot of tea was David Grohl, lead singer.

    Regards Damian.

  35. Damien, London

    I agree with some of your points FED, it’s a pipe dream at most! I do hope thought that David gets a new album out and tours again, I’ve seen Roger twice and Nick at the DSTOM Earls Court show, but David I really want to see – he inspired me and probably 1000’s of others to pick the guitar up and play!

    As for the critics, if we are talking press and media, pardon the language but f**k em. The fans’ opinions are worth more than any critics working for the press!

    Long live the name Pink Floyd and all who follow!

  36. Ciarán

    Watched the show on Saturday Night. My son and I loved it. Brilliant stuff! It must have been even more special with David and Nick in attendance!

  37. Matt

    “All alone, or in two’s,
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall.
    Some hand in hand
    And some gathered together in bands.
    The bleeding hearts and artists
    Make their stand.

    And when they’ve given you their all
    Some stagger and fall, after all it’s not easy
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger’s wall…”

    It seemed to me that there was a brief moment of remembrance, regret and resolution when the last line of this song was sung.

    So much precious time spent, so much precious time and music lost.

    I’m glad these two were finally able to bury the hammer…

  38. Pavlov

    I have to concur with FEd’s reply to Damien …

    As FEd so aptly put it “…it still wouldn’t and couldn’t reach or please everyone. People would always want more and at what point would it no longer be pleasurable for the men concerned?” Besides, there could be no “reunion” – not without Richard Wright.

    We cannot bring back yesterday – it wouldn’t be the same and, trying to perceive things from the Band’s perspective as well, many of those days were dark and fraught with things that they may prefer never to revisit. Pink Floyd, and each of the Band’s members in their own right, leave us an amazing legacy – a body of work that will be enjoyed for generations. As fans, I believe, we have no legitimate claim to more.

    And PM, with the greatest respect to the expectations that you had set for yourself, I would challenge anyone, after 40 plus years of performing and playing instruments (voice included), to scale a wall and perform the way David Gilmour performed on that night! Most of us can barely stay active in the workforce for more than 20 years and perform at optimum levels.

    I’m reminded of the following lyrics:

    What do you want from me
    Should I sing until I can’t sing any more
    Play these strings until my fingers are raw
    You’re so hard to please
    What do you want from me

    I, for one, am more than satisfied that a promise was kept and the attendees at O2 on May 12, 2011 were fortunate enough to witness it and had the time of their lives.

  39. Gary Pannell

    Well, I’m very happy to say that I was also one of the lucky ones to have had a ‘Golden ticket’ on 12th May! The show was fabulous and the visual projections were so impressive and worked well with the music which was so close to the original album, and Roger’s voice sounded great. When David appeared it was a fantastic moment, he sang and played brilliantly and the atmosphere was superb, really memorable. When Roger brought David back onstage again at the end and then Nick Mason, the audience went wild again, a really special evening for all of us who were there.

  40. Bev

    We went to the show in Vancouver, this past December and it was unbelievable. I had my fingers crossed that David would be there and even though the guy who took his place was just excellent… it would have been something to see David on top of that wall.

    Way to go you lucky buggers… you scored heavy.

  41. D.Q.

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… Judging from the footage on the internet ’twas a religious experience if ever there was one… Wish I could have been there.

    FEd, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but Richard Wright would have loved this, it’s had over 4,000,000 views on YouTube.

    Mr. G. is going to love this if he hasn’t seen it.

  42. graham knight

    Hi Fed,

    I missed DG’s performance, I picked the wrong date, oh well, but I am going to the O2 on the 18th and still looking forward to the “show” nonetheless.

    All the best Fed.


  43. anoska

    I saw the show in Moscow. And I saw video from the London concert with David Gilmour. And I want to say thanks to Mr.Gilmour, for he did it with Roger. It was really great.

  44. Rudders - Toronto

    Fed said “It would be indescribably huge if they did reunite”

    PF Re-union?… Nah… don’t do it.

    If they were to do anything (which I personally don’t think they need to but if they did) then do something different, something new.

    I would like to see these guys talking about their life together, the tours, the albums, the bits that went wrong, the bits that went well.

    There is already a lot of recorded interviews, “making of” documentaries, guest appearances, Live8, Live DVDs, Box Sets etc. etc. and with the forthcoming Wall DVD and the Pink Floyd Discovery, Experience and Immersion editions there’ll be even more stuff officially released.

    I have a sh*t load of PF stuff in my man-cave but the priceless item for me, which cost nothing, is when David Gilmour said “We know him” when my name was mentioned to him by Phil Manzanera.

    Let us just enjoy what we have and not be greedy…

    • ash

      Did you see the broadcast Rudders? Were you able to record it? I distinctly remember David and Phil talking about you, the look and smile on David’s face was priceless.

      He said something like, “Rudders? Oh yes, we know him.”

      I think they are fans. 😛


    • NewYorkDan

      I know it’s the wrong band, but sometimes I think we should just “Let It Be.” It is what it is, and now it’s time to move on. Sometimes you just can’t go back, and it really makes no sense to try.

    • Rudders - Toronto


      I did see the broadcast and was heard to be saying quite loudly… “that’s me, that’s me.” 🙂

  45. sharon woods

    If I were standing on that wall? 8| I would have forgotten every word or lyric to every PF song I ever knew! But I’m afraid of heights! Some guitar gods CAN scale walls!

    Comfortably Numb was perfect! The singing from both was perfect! Roger Waters frozen in the corner of an abstract eye, rotating like a galaxy, David Gilmour shining from the light of the eye-galaxy! The choreographed precision to the visuals and music was perfect. Roger breaking the wall while one looked up and the other looked down, what an awe-inspiring moment that was…and silhouetted Roger lifting that abstractedly ominous edifice while David played that Stratocaster like the guitar god that he is… it was a form of performance art I’ll never forget!

    I hope that outside the wall, they continue to make art together.

    Does anyone know if Nick Mason played his drum-kit that night?

  46. mark

    I was there on the 12th and and to see Roger and David perform together was like being in rock heaven. 😀

  47. mikeT

    Fed, I hope Mr G had a stout pair of boots on and not his slippers. Working at that height, without a harness, hard hat or even a fluorescent bib! It’s just wrong! 😀

  48. Ian Pearson

    Was there on 11th and really enjoyed show. Had very comfortable seats and great centre view. Only learnt recently that David appeared next day.

    Oh well, that’s how it goes. Price of chips soooooo expensive and should be outlawed!!!


    • tim_c

      I may be a naive old soul but I had packed myself a few tasty titbits to eat on the train back to Norwich after the show (the last time I bought food on a train I acquired a “sausage roll” that was literally inedible and that’s saying something where I am concerned) … and then fell foul of the “No food / drink / breathing” rule in the O2.

      I therefore had to stuff my face before the show and the question of chips, expensive or otherwise never arose.

      I was surprised to see bottles on sale inside though … nice to see the prohibition is purely commercial and nothing to do with safety. :/

  49. Taki

    Hi FEd and fellow bloggers,

    I was reading the blog entries and decided to add another few eurocents…

    Rudders mentioned his priceless item, so will I:

    My first priceless item is that I can hear them play my favourite songs in my head whenever I want. The second one is the legacy of DG guitar licks that make every of my days when I get a guitar in my hands. Both, only few artists achieved them. 😉

    Generally, it is not easy to give back to an artist as a fan, so at least I try to give them respect as persons (I surely do) and to support them by buying their records/concert tickets.

    I’m grateful for the music and the chance to attend some concerts years ago, I accept the fact that DG may has other plans in his live and I do not expect him to explain himself.

    Pavlov’s quote “What do you want from me…” describes the situation perfectly, which is actually sad. Why can’t we just be happy with what happens without being so greedy?

    Sure, I’d loved to be in London in the right time, but seeing the two peaceful together, means more to me…

    Best regards


    • Alessandra

      I’m sure that means they came out not stunning, as usual, but only beautiful. 😉

    • tim_c

      Probably couldn’t find a way of air-brushing out those white trainers.

      I can’t believe Polly fell into the old “finger over the lens” trap and surely the two fingers days are over as well…

  50. angelle

    Jealous is not a hell. It is a serious expressions on love, “no jealousy, no love.”

  51. Howard Bayliss

    What happened Fed!!??

    Did I miss a PF reunion?? Darn, late again. 😉

    Cheers, Howard

  52. Phil


    When will we have some actual news on here about David? A couple of guest spots in three years, when will DG do something in his own right again??

  53. Santiago

    Hey FEd!

    Everyone talks about one more Pink Floyd reunion but what I really would like to have is more action on David Gilmour career. I mean… I absolutely loved On an Island, and I’ve never seen David Gilmour doing a solo concert.

    Do you know something about future plans? New album/tour? Do you think there’ll be something in the future or is On an Island album and tour the end of it?

    • FEd

      There are no plans at this time, but I certainly believe that there could be something, some day, when the time is right and inspiration strikes. That’s just me being a hopeful fan, by the way, knowing that David’s last big project was an enjoyable one and that there were a lot of ideas left over.

      I’m with you, Santiago: I’m not thinking along the lines of a reunion of any sort and wish that others wouldn’t allow themselves to get too carried away by last week’s one-off show, either.

  54. Beppo the Mime

    I like the lively discussion regarding a reunion of the remaining Pink Floyd members. Personally speaking I think the band’s integrity in all things past would be held more sacrosanct if they DIDN’T undertake a huge massive tour. In truth, not everyone would be happy. It just couldn’t happen. There are those who are common place fans, and there are the raving nutters (myself included) who would equally be wishing for a dust off of Fearless, versus songs that have been played to death by both Floyd camps, together and apart.

    Like another group that I’m hoping will call it quits in the near future (ahem, the Who) I find that I hold the latter group accountable for what they do to the brand name of the band. Some might argue that it wouldn’t do the band’s name any harm by touring around one more time, but I disagree. Again, for me, the Who were a combustible unit with drive and integrity up to and including the early 80s. However, what they’ve become to me since Entwistle’s death is a cover band to their own music. I certainly don’t wish this to become what Pink Floyd’s artistically and creatively rich and storied career could become if they do a “best of” sort of tour. I say let it lie and go out on top, without catering to the almighty dollar.

    Nuff said…

    • NewYorkDan

      I read in interview about a year ago with Roger Daltry in which he said that The Who had broken up following the abyssmal half-time show at Super Bowl.

  55. Dan

    Saw The Wall tonight, amazing, what a performance. Really wish David and Nick were there tonight as well, but for those lucky ones it must have been a very special moment to witness.

    I would love it if the remaining Pink Floyd members would get together for one last time to do one more concert. I missed the last concert 🙁 and would love to see them Live.

    Oh well, I can dream can’t I? 🙂

  56. David

    May 12, 2011 was my 50th b-day! I saw Roger Waters performing the Wall in Oakland about 6 months ago, and wanted to see the show again. While looking at dates in Los Angeles, I noticed that it would be performed on my b-day in London…. Hmmmm, that could be cool, and the rumor that David would play one England date made it all the more intriguing.

    We had a wonderful visit, went to Liverpool and had a very British Invasion history and sites vacation.

    That we got to see David play with Roger was the icing on the cake… Since we had seen the show before, when there was only one on the wall, we knew immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The energy and excitement at that moment was incredible – I will remember it always!

    Thankyou Tom, our new Scot friend that bought us a round when you learned it was my b-day.

    David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters – Thank you for a wonderful b-day present!

    Cheers – David

  57. floyd89gr

    Wish David could join the show in Athens’ upcoming event 8th of July …

    We miss you David, here in Greece … 🙁

    How I wish you were here. We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Rrunning over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears … Wish you were here.

  58. Dr Phang

    Playing for the enjoyment of it is a lot different than being chained to a relentless schedule and all the expectations that come with that…

    Who could blame anyone for not dedicating their entire life to only one thing in particular?

    It seems very strange to me that anyone would do such a thing.

    Life is just too short… Enjoy the magic!!! 😉

  59. Michèle

    Love Nick’s sense of humour. 😉

    “It was a very nice thing to do but it could become a bit cliché if we kept climbing to the top of the Wall and kept hugging each other onstage. I mean, I think enough is enough. I mean, we’re English after all. We don’t do that hugging thing a lot.”

    Source: Rolling Stones magazine (May 18).

    • Michèle

      I don’t know if I am allowed to post it, but this comment by a reader of the article (Rolling Stones magazine), is exactly what I would have liked to be able to write here on the blog:

      “I really really Hope Dave stands ground on this one!!! No Reunion!!! As much as I would like it to happen, PLEASE Pink Floyd dudes, don’t give up, it’s what every other band is doing… and you never were like ANY OTHER BAND. YOU ARE PINK FLOYD, THE ULTIMATE BAND. You don’t need to try to cash up on Nostalgia, or just go around and grab cash… the odd reunion like that seems more genuine and heartfelt… You are the band that will never need to reunite to stay relevant, you will always be relevant. Stuff you did 35 years ago still sounds ”out there” nowadays. That says a lot I think. Plus Rick is not there so it will never be “Floyd” again. Thanks for such moments as this one… This is what it’s all about… Don’t come back. Stay true. Stay Pink Floyd, the band of all bands!!!”

    • Pavlov

      From the same article, I also enjoyed:

      “Were any more words exchanged backstage after the show? “You mean apart from ‘Fuck off. I hate you?’ ‘I never want to see you again?’ No.” ”

      Amusing to ponder how many might take that seriously …

  60. PM

    My deepest apologies if my comments offended, that was not my intention, and as a life-long Floyd, Gilmour and Waters fan I think it a wonderful sight to see those guys acknowledge their joint past and share the stage again.

    I guess I’ve just become accustomed to these guys being able to make the earth shatter with their performances, so, as someone else said, perhaps I should just have enjoyed the significance and beauty of the occasion and not been such a nit-picker.

    I’ve just watched the film of the final bit, with Nick, and was quite moved.

    I know and understand that a major ‘Pink Floyd’ tour is highly unlikely, but now they have come to terms with their past, I’d love to see them write and record one or two more songs together. A better song-writing team has never existed. Live in hope…

    • ash

      Don’t apologise PM, I don’t think anyone would take offence. 🙂

      If we were all in a queue to get in or at the pub afterwards, we’d all be talking about these sorts of things. What a dreadful world if we all had exactly the same opinion.

      That said, every one of us here does have the common opinion that Pink Floyd are the best band in the world, ever. 8)


  61. Tk

    Was lucky enough to have chosen the 12th as my day to see the Wall, and a perfect choice it was; the moment David lit up atop the wall a wave of joy spread around the arena the like of which I have never witnessed at a concert before.

    What a night, something I will never forget, more so for the warmth the guys showed to each other and the obvious joy on Roger’s face on this historic night.

  62. Anita

    I saw the show in Oslo on 1 May, and it was really amazing!! 😀

    But still I couldn’t help wishing David would perform on guitar and vocals, it’s not quite the same without him. That said, they all did a very good job on stage and the show was magnificent. 😀

    Enjoying all the clips from London 12 May nowadays on YouTube!

  63. IMcK

    Very many thanks to both David and Roger (and Nick) for allowing us to see the high definition professional footage of the ‘events’ at the 02 in London on 12th May, and so soon after it all happened too. Rather like with the Live 8 concert, it’s frustrating for thousands of genuine Pink Floyd fans to not be able to get to these ‘one off’ events, so being able to see such footage is a big bonus to us all (even if it might not have been the best ever actual performance of Comfortably Numb).

    There’s another topic for discussion or a poll on the Blog – what’s the best ever performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’ caught on camera?

    • Rudders - Toronto


      By a country mile it has to be P.U.L.S.E…

      The second solo… the glitter ball opening up… it just gives you shivers down your spine.

    • Ed

      I don’t know that it’s caught on camera… but hasn’t David Gilmour stated his favorite live performance was in New Orleans, 1994? From time-to-time it shows up on YouTube as an audio recording.

  64. Ralph

    Hey FEd, gang,

    What a treat to the May 12 audience and what a roar when David appeared atop the Wall.

    I hope all who attended had a wonderful time.

    Undoubtedly a priceless moment.


  65. steve magyar

    I’ve seen David once solo and the band twice and I hope that the ice is finally been broken and maybe I can see the band a third time. The Floyd is the best band on the planet with music that I have in my head 24 hours a day. Come on guys, just one more tour and I can die with a smile on my face. I’ve been staying home watching the rain. I Welcome back The Machine.

    P.S. Is it true or is it just me. Does The Band say “Hello Syd” on every LP since Syd left The Band?

    Palm Coast
    Florida USA

    • FEd

      Does The Band say “Hello Syd” on every LP since Syd left The Band?

      It’s the first time I’ve heard of that.

      Anyone else?

    • Steve

      Maybe it’s me but listen closely to the Air traffic Control during “Learning to Fly”. Hello Syd and Shine On.


  66. Danny

    Speaking of “Comfortably Numb”, was the one with Kate Bush and David filmed? Maybe that can go up on the website and You Tube. Wondered why it was never included on the DVD, I thought it was a good performance, plus Kate singing live is a rare event.

    Even if PF don’t do anything live, and there is a great tribute band, I always felt they should have gotten together to do a series of shows just so people could watch and listen to Animals and Wish You Were Here live.

    • ash

      Danny, have a read of what the Features Editor and some of the other bloggers have said about this. The band may not WANT to perform the old stuff and if they did for the reasons you suggest, it would be without passion and they’d be accused of cashing in.

      Maybe what you and others are longing for is a return to that age in our concert going history? After all, we can all hear the recordings. The Floyd were undoubtedly the best band way back then, as demonstrated by the recordings and the longevity of our love of hearing them.

      I’d go (or try to) if they did come out on tour again but I honestly feel that what the guys are able to do today has so much promise and with such better facilities available, new work would be very welcome. We can enjoy all the recordings of the old stuff can’t we? Why imprison the guys in the past? They have significantly improved skills now, let’s see them show them off!

      You’d never hear Animals or WYWH over the noise of the crowd nowadays anyway.


  67. lisa

    FEd – forgot to say yesterday – great still photos on the site – the wall breaking is a great photograph!!


  68. steve

    missed it by one night… gutting. but never mind, good show, the clips looked amazing. all it needed was richard.

    just need david to hit the road for a couple now (please). if he wants a hand, let me know. 😛

  69. Leighski

    Was lucky enough to experience ‘The Wall’ twice at the O2 last week but alas missed the opportunity to see the reunion on Thursday evening. Have managed to watch it from the Roger Waters Fan site and it was superb. Great to see Nick, Roger and David on the stage together again (if only for a ‘fleeting glimpse’!)

    Comfortably Numb is possibly THE BEST track of the album and Dave’s guitar playing is without flaws – pure genius. The big question is… When is Dave performing again!!! 😕

  70. EchoesBob

    The only reunion I’d like to see is the stellar band from David’s 2006 tour. Of course there is a huge hole left by Rick’s passing, so let’s let David enjoy his retirement. He’s said a number of times that there is much music he can’t see playing again without Rick.

    David has given us much over the years and deserves to finish his career on his own terms. If that means being a devoted family man who only makes a few appearances a year, so be it. He’s earned it.

  71. NewYorkDan

    WHAT!!!! No Rapture???? So, that holier-than-thou colleague I was hoping to get rid of… is still here on Earth? RATS!!

  72. RG

    It was a great night. Thank you David. Thank you Roger.

    Being there we only had our fingers crossed – we hadn’t seen this post by the time we got to the arena. Hence the crowd’s delay in recognition, as we had to rub our eyes to make sure we weren’t seeing things!

  73. Nick

    I saw “the Wall” in NY, last October…I thought David was coming when we saw a helicopter land in the parking lot, but…

    Thanks for playing with Roger again. It means a lot to us. I wish you guys could bury the hatchet and play, but I guess it just goes too deep.

  74. Derek Heslop

    When Roger’s tour was first announced I missed out on getting tickets for the Manchester shows (before extra dates were added). Every time Floyd, yourself or Roger go on tour, I always just miss out on getting a ticket, so I decided no matter where i had to travel to I wasn’t missing it this time.

    As Roger wasn’t coming to Glasgow or Scotland, me and 3 of my pals decided on a trip to Amsterdam instead and caught The Wall in Arnhem on April 9th. We had the time of our lives and it was better than we could have imagined, we hoped that you would decide to join Roger at a show outside the UK and go to Arnhem but it wasn’t to be.

    It was great to see the 3 of you back together on stage again on the 12th of May at the O2, it looked like a lot of old quarrels had been put to bed.

    Please please please will you guys do one last tour with Pink Floyd, do it in the memory of Rick and give the fans that were too young first time round (I was 9 when you split up) a chance to see the greatest band in the history of music on stage one last time.

  75. diana


    at the moment from Houston… I don’t know how long.

    Special night, really… I think David will not repeat this moment, I’m sure.

    Time is a great doctor and life is too short.

    I loved PF since 1967, the band was the sound of my life, so I’ve loved what last night happened. I miss Rick a lot, but this fantastic night was really unforgettable.

    Thinking of you from Texas

  76. Gerry

    Outstanding show!!!!

    To see The Wall live was amazing, just shades EC in 94 for me (no mean feat).

    An awful lot of prayers would be answered if these 3 legends would get it together for 1 last series of shows, imagine the demand for tickets!!!! Wow.

    But then maybe I’m “banging my heart against some mad bugger’s wall”.

    Shine on.

  77. Huw

    Saw ‘The Wall’ in Manchester. An incredible night as I’m a big Pink Floyd fan and this piece epitomises them to the full. The night missed Dave’s guitar tone, style and feel – no one can get near it but still a brilliant show all the same. Roger is mellowing with age and appears to be admitting to making a few mistakes and being a bit messed up back then.

    Dave needs to tour again and I need a front row seat. Dreams sometimes come true!


  78. Sabrina

    Everything was great, like a dream! Unfortunately I was not able to see it live since I’m from Argentina…

    Please David, come here to play, it would be surreal! I hope you consider making this dream come true! There are a lot of people here waiting for you! 😀

    Thanks a lot!

  79. Alex from Romania

    We all hope that David will perform in Romania. 2 million fans will be waiting, sadly… we don’t have a stadium big enough.

    I hope David or Pink Floyd will perform here in Romania. I pray to god for that. 🙂

  80. steve magyar

    I’m happy to hear that “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” has been on the billboard charts for over 741+ weeks (being consecutive) and has returned this week at #47. For those counting this means the album has been on The Billboard Charts for over 1000 weeks. That’s close to 20 years strait.

    The album “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON”was also voted The #1 Best Album Cover of All Time.

    The Floyd made the Greatest music ever made, period. How could you better a song like “The Great Gig in The Sky”?

    I’ll probably take some heat for this but I think Pink Floyd wrote more of what everyday life is for us all while The Beatles did write some great music I believe Pink Floyd in the long run will leave The Beatles in the dust. I love The Beatles but I rather listen to The Floyd any day. I like to stay home and watch the rain. I think everyone would agree with me on that one.


    Steve Magyar
    Florida U.S.A.

  81. steve magyar

    One last thing. Does anyone know where Syd’s mirrored Strat is?

    One more for ya. What album did all 5 members appear on? I have the album signed by all 5 members. No, it’s not for sale sorry.

    Shine ON


    Hello!!! I come from Mexico, and what can I say about you; not only you, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wricht (R.I.P) and Syd Barrett (R.I.P)? You are awesome, the way you put your feeling in the song and introduce those feelings in my head, the best lyrics I have heard in my short life, and let me tell you that my favorite Pink Floyd albums are Animals, Dark Side of the Moon and Division Bell.

    Please, I beg you, come to Mexico City. I would give all the things I have only to see you, man. You are the best guitarist of the world, please come to Mexico!!!


    Oh by the way, I want to buy all the Discovery Box Set and all your albums alone.

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