Musical brothers

The UK’s chart-topping single of this day in 1966 was this one – ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ by the Walker Brothers (originally recorded by Frankie Valli as his first solo single, fact fans). It was their second UK No.1 hit, following ‘Make It Easy on Yourself’, and only their fourth single.

What a fine baritone voice the enigmatic Scott Walker, or Scott Engel as he was born, has. Drummer Gary Walker was born Gary Leeds. The group’s third and founder member, guitarist John Maus, is no more a Walker than the other two, but he gave the band the Walker name, so chosen as, on account of being under-age, it was the fake ID that allowed his group to maintain their residency as house-band at California’s Gazzari Club.

His website includes an article about a certain Fender Telecaster which appreciators of musical instruments and students of music history alike might enjoy.

Speaking of which, Phil Taylor’s triumphant history of David’s iconic Black Strat is now in its third edition, if you didn’t know of its latest revision.

So the Walkers weren’t brothers at all, but there are plenty of blood relations in music. To wrap up another week, let’s hear of and a little something from any brothers whose music you’ve enjoyed. My obvious favourites will always be The Kinks and Beach Boys. Which are yours? Even if it turns out that they’re only brothers in name, let’s remember their contribution to music today, be they Righteous, Chemical, or Doobie, and note how many ‘Brothers’ actually have a genetic right to use the label.

The chatroom is currently open and will be until 2pm (UK), if you want to drop by.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

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  1. Musical brothers:

    The Doobie Brothers. I imagine they got made fun of for their name.

    Daniel My Brother.

    Brothers In Arms.

  2. Just a quick skim of the iPod …

    Genetically legit:

    The Allman Brothers Band
    Van Halen
    Bee Gees
    AC/DC — damn, I have visions of a runway show using “Shoot to Thrill”
    Blue October — [I heart them soooo much]
    Jackson Five (I admit it, I have ‘Ben’ on my playlist :v)

    Brother Where You Bound? – “Fantastic Hobo” — use of the word brother?

    Not on playlist … The Osmonds (hey, we didn’t have them on our ‘the’ list!) — granted they were a family but there were brothers also.

    Everly Brothers
    The Naked Brothers Band (eew)
    Jonas Brothers (don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by them)

    Not legit but I’m going to throw in anyway, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Hey, why not?

  3. Oh, I listened to ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ by the Walker Brothers.

    Beautiful song FEd. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Forgot …

    CCR – the Fogerty brothers
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Nickelback — ‘Burn it to the Ground’ is one bad-a$$ party song!!
    Kings of Leon

    I thought Arcade Fire was just a husband/wife collaboration but lo and behold, the husband’s brother shows up as a band member and their grandmother was a member of The King Sisters!! :)) Their grandfather was a jazz steel guitarist [thanks Wiki – if it’s accurate].

  5. How ’bout

    The Smother Brothers (funny comedians but also musicians)
    The Blues Bros. (hey, they tried)
    The Allman Bros. (great)
    The Bellamy Brothers (for all those Redneck girls)

    I’ll stop here.

  6. The Allman Brothers, which were blood brothers (Gregg and Duane). Previous weekend 40 years passed after their Fillmore East gigs were recorded, and than released, time flies. But music is timeless.

    Other brothers: Liam and Noel, Kings of Leon members.

    FeD you mentioned Phil Taylor, few months back I picked up Queen’s “Rock Montreal” CD and was quite surprised with special thanks to Phil Taylor and all at Astoria studio. Material wasn’t mixed there. Is Roger Taylor a brother of Phil Taylor or maybe they are cousins or should I look for answer somewhere else?

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    1. Is Roger Taylor a brother of Phil Taylor or maybe they are cousins or should I look for answer somewhere else?

      I have no idea, Tomasz. I don’t think they are related.

  7. Hi FEd and fellow bloggers,

    For me it would have to be Supertramp’s Brother Where You Bound featuring a certain Mr. Gilmour.


    1. Good choice, Hoss.

      I’m also reminded of the Sutherland Brothers (both with and without Quiver, which of course comprised not only of Floyd session and touring guitarist, Tim Renwick, but also drummer Willie Wilson, who played on David’s first solo album and was a member of Jokers Wild before it).

  8. Thanks for the song, FEd. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers is up here in Branson.

    Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen is about brothers as well.



  9. The Everly Brothers and the Righteous Brothers are the first to come to mind.

    I loved the Everly’s harmonies and would listen to my older sister’s 45s and LPs over and over back in the ’50s.

    In 1963 I got the Righteous Brothers LP ‘Right Now! which includes Bye, Bye Love, coincidentally, as well as Georgia On My Mind which could be applied to the girl’s-names-in-songs list (as could Little Latin Lupe Lou). 😀

  10. The Allman Brothers. Southern Rockers at their best. Gregg and Duane were brothers in the band until Duane was killed in an accident. Very sad loss. Of course Gregg continues on to this day with other members to keep the old rock group going.

    I just purchased Gregg Allman’s new solo CD but have not had a chance to listen to it yet. I don’t know about all of you but I have a hard time finding new music that I enjoy listening to. I find myself listening to the past most of the time.

    Also, The Everly Brothers, which were really brothers, come to mind from days gone by.

    Hope you have a good weekend! It is Spring weather and I am going fishing!


    1. Thanks, Ulli. Good fun, wasn’t it?

      My favourite of Sir Paul’s comedy cameos is still this one, though (a spoof of the American Idol-type format with Peter Kay – in drag – as Geraldine). Watch from 2:32.

      Speaking of Peter Kay/Geraldine, did you see the duet with Susan Boyle?

  11. Hi FEd,

    that’s an interesting topic!! I listed some I like to hear:

    – the Young brothers (AC/DC)
    – the Schenker brothers (Scorpions)
    – the Van Halen brothers (Van Halen)
    – the Hawking brothers (The Darkness)
    – the Allman brothers (same)
    – the Fogerty brothers (CCR)
    – the Knopfler brothers (Dire Streights)
    – the Bouchard brothers (I need more cowbell!!
    – the Gilmour brothers (on the promotional film for DG first solo album)

    Then a couple of brothers with impressive teeth: :))

    – the Gibson brothers (Bee Gees)
    – the Osmond brothers (The Osmonds)

    Best regards,


  12. – The Beach Boys.

    – Mark and David Knopfler, even if David played only in the first two Dire Straits albums and left the band while they were recording the third. Here is one of my favourite Dire Straits songs, “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”, from their second album “Communiqué”.

    – Ronnie and Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    – Ramones, who are not brothers at all.

    – The Everly Brothers (Don and Phil Everly).

    – Dean and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots.

    – Vinnie Paul and Darrell Abbott (better known as Dimebag Darrell, killed on stage by a fan in 2004) of Pantera. I really liked their music some ( 😮 twenty!) years ago, but I recently realised I can’t stand their noise anymore. I’ve grown old, I know. :))

  13. Musical Brothers:

    The Everly Brothers
    Lester and Willie Chambers; The Chambers Brothers
    Barry, Maurice, Robin and Andy Gibb; The Bee Gees
    Sly and Freddie; Sly & The Family Stone
    Angus and Malcolm Young; AC/DC
    The Ramones
    The Allman Brothers
    Ronnie, Donnie, Jonnie Van Zant; Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Eddie and Alex; Van Halen
    Chris and Rich Robinson; The Black Crowes

    Peace, Love, FEd, and everyone!!

  14. The Isley Brothers were all six of them brothers and one brother in law. Various combinations of them worked together over the years. Although there were many great songs by them, they wrote this one and it connects nicely to a cover performed by another group of brothers, The Christians, of whom there were three brothers and on one whose middle name was Christian.

    The Blues Brothers were depicted as real brothers in their stage and film act. Here is a great bluesman performing in a Blues Brothers film.


  15. This is for Lorraine on her Birthday.

    All the guys in this band adopted the same surname but were not actually related.

    Happy Birthday Lorraine!

    ash X

    1. Good one Ash! Happy Birthday Lorraine — March is a great month to have a b’day, isn’t it?! 😀

    2. Any other way to share tim_c?

      Message: “This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.” 🙁

  16. Braxton
    The Kinks (Ray and Dave Davies)
    Allman Brothers (Duane and Gregg)

    Just to add a few to the list.

    Bev :))

  17. Why not musical sisters? :/

    – The Ronettes – ‘Be My Baby’
    – Martha And The Vandellas – ‘Dancing In The Street’ – even though I love the Bowie/Jagger version way better.
    – The Supremes – ‘I Hear A Symphony’ – Michael Jackson also sang it with a famous ‘brother’ band, The Jackson 5 – Lovely. The voice of an angel.
    – Las Ketchup – ‘Asereje’ – OK, I know… 😉

    I have found a little trivia game for you and anyone interested:

    Can you name the real or fictional ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’ bands from the title of one of their songs?

    Won’t reveal my score. :! Will you reveal yours?

    1. 18 out of 28 for me. Must try harder, particularly as I missed Big Brother & The Holding Company and only speculatively entered ‘Jonas Brothers’ on the off-chance that they’d be there (like Pavlov, I’ve no idea who they are or what they sing).

      Thanks for finding and posting, Michèle.

      For Taki, who wanted more cowbell: The Chambers Brothers. 😉

    2. Fun quiz. Awful score – 12 🙁 . Never heard of the Scissor Sisters but will, of course, go and find out.

      Earth, Wind and Fire came up over the weekend – founded by Verdine and Maurice White.

      Can’t believe I forgot the Scorpions and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

      1. Never heard of the Scissor Sisters but will, of course, go and find out.

        In that case, you missed their ‘Comfortably Numb’ cover. Lucky you.

    3. Oh my, oh my, oh my, The Scissor Sisters! Don’t know what to make of the cover I have just heard.

  18. One just for Lorraine today: Stereophonics – I’m not 100% sure, but I think that lead vocalist and guitarist Kelly Jones and bassist Richard Jones are brothers.

    Happy Birthday!

  19. :)) Hello David,

    We keep watching “Pulse” DVD and I really hope we can see your show as a family. Last time I saw you was in Tokyo, “Delicate Sound of Thunder” tour (I believe).

    Please come around Miami area in the near future for tour?

    With highest respect,
    Lina from Curacao

    1. ‘Lo Lina. Thinks “Hang on to your P.U.L.S.E disk”. Check David’s home page for “Hoping Foundation”. Hope you find it. 😉

  20. F’ed,

    At the risk of converting a gimme, the first brothers that spring to mind are Jonny and Colin Greenwood of Radiohead. 😀

    You may wish to fetch some cotton-wool for those ears of yours …

    Some examples of the younger Greenwood … a man rarely upright!

    Is Guy still reading theses days? Here’s one for you, mate!

    As I’m writing this on Monday morning, I expect there’s a good few posts above me in the list and they probably include anything that springs into my greenhouse-addled mind (the thumb’s a bit better thanks for asking) i.e.

    Brothers I would certainly listen to…

    Malcolm and Angus Young of AC/DC
    Eddie and Alex Van Halen of, duh, Van Halen
    Those charming Gallagher boys (ex) of Oasis
    The multiple Followills that are the Kings of Leon

    Brothers I would normally avoid …

    The Jacksons
    The Osmonds

  21. ‘Lo all. How about the Reid brothers – “Jesus and Mary Chain”, one of their earlier albums is a cracker, can’t remember, though?

    Or even this pair of Scotland’s finest. Great tune Fed. They are brothers, aren’t they? LOL.

  22. Anathema (from Liverpool) – they have 3 brothers… Danny, Vincent and Jamie Cavanagh.

    1. I don’t know whether to hope they would NOT play as PF without Rick Wright, or to hope that they will. It wouldn’t be PF without Rick. I think I want them to perform together, but not call it PF. Maybe “Roger, David and Nick play an evening of Pink Floyd in memory of Rick” or something like that.

    2. I’ll buy tickets whatever they decide, we all will. Can you imagine not going and then regretting it? 8|


  23. Greetings David…

    Happy Trails from The Blackfoot Confederacy Native American Tribe of Alberta Canada.

    You are a great man and Brother.



  24. Hi Fed, I trust you had a great weekend.

    As you know I have moved to a little market town in Cumbria. We had friends up for the weekend, so we took them in to Brampton for a meal. Bbeing a smoker I nipped outside for one and over the road is the Conservative club. I could see lights flashing in the upstairs function room and I thought someone had the juke box on because I could hear Money. Against all my principles I made my way over and up the stairs of the club and there was a a solo artist playing the legendary song. He was a very good guitarist.

    Sorry, off topic as usual but had to share that one.

    Damian 8|

  25. Hi FEd,

    A lot of good brothers have been mentioned already so I”ll try not to repeat. The only set of brothers that I see missing that I’d like to add are the Vaughan brothers, both the late/great Stevie Ray and older brother Jimmie. They did record one album together as The Vaughan Brothers with “Family Style” and Jimmie was a member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds (there’s a “The” band that I don’t think was mentioned) and I don’t think I need to list Stevie Ray’s accomplishments and will simply say that he is missed by more than just me.

    That’s all I can add today…now it’s back to the grind. Keep up the good work and hopefully see you in a chat sometime soon.

    Peace! out, Rob

  26. A little groggy this morning from staying up well past what has become my acceptable bedtime. The Scissor Sisters opened up a whole new, and quite unpleasant I might add, world of Pink Floyd covers for me and I spent well into the wee hours of the morning watching You Tube clips. I’m hardly a purist but for me, covers of Pink Floyd were (and still are) off limits. I saw a lot — Dar Williams, who in her own right is very talented; Gregorian, Limp Bizkit (I do love their cover of Behind Blue Eyes); 50 Cent (I don’t understand!); Korn; Dream Theater — there are so many out there. A very credible rendition of Great Gig in the Sky with Bianca Antoinette doing the vocals (she has an amazing set of pipes!).

    I have been reminded by my dear, patient husband that many of my beloved classical composers/musicians – Chopin, Beethoven, Puccini are all “covered” or “interpreted” and that’s how excellent music lives on. Alas, my curiosity has left me so, so sad. Oh well!

  27. I once read that the line-up of Joker’s Wild included (bass player) Peter Gilmour. Please, excuse my ignorance, but is he a brother of David?

    1. Yes, you’re right; he replaced Tony Sainty in the early months of 1966 and lasted until that summer, by which time the band had become a trio.

      As mentioned previously, David’s brother, Mark, played guitar on the promotional film made in support of David’s first solo album.

  28. Very interesting link about Fender Telecaster. Thanks FEd.

    After “Her Majesty” Stratocaster, I think Telecaster is one of the best guitars. So, surfing on web I find this nice website about Black Fender Telecaster Thinline. 8)

    Enjoy and have nice day everyone. 🙂

    Bye, Hydrea

  29. glad someone mentioned the proclaimers, craig and charlie. how about the alexander brothers, the young brothers (ac/dc), the harveys (alex and les – don’t think they ever played together, but i’m sure they jammed) and of course the reids (jesus and mary chain)? all scots and all making great music.

    1. Of course they count, they made Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies and Silly Symphonies!

      ash :))

  30. I once saw ‘The Orphenadrine Brothers’ play an open air ‘spontaneous’ free gig in the middle of the Robin Hood Gardens estate in Poplar, East London. They were so good I painted a picture of them – here. This event was based on the similar occurrence which took place in 1978 when the ‘Homosexuals’ played in a car park at the Speedwell estate, Depford – ‘Hearts In Excile’ – fantastic.

    Sadly I think such gorilla performances have now been hijacked by singers in airports trying to sell mobile phones.

  31. Hi Fed

    Just surfing backwards through some of these. I am absolutely amazed at your in depth knowledge of all things musical. I thought my knowledge was reasonable, but mine pales into insignificance against you Sir. Just humour me… have you really got an encyclopaedic knowledge or do you google the answers!!??

    Sorry if I am off subject, but I am just blown away…


    1. Clearly I’ve got too much time on my hands. Either that or something of a ‘gift’ (?) for picking up the often completely pointless.

      Do you know, even though I never watch and have never watched Big Brother, I somehow know the gist of what’s been going on? It’s quite alarming.

    2. Wear that as a badge of honor FEd–the fact that you’ve never watched Big Brother. That kind of TV is toxic and just robs people of precious hours of their lives, better spent taking a walk, or reading a book, or talking with a friend. That kind of TV is hideous. Amuse the masses with such garbage, so they don’t notice they are being robbed, exploited, lied to, and that our overpopulated world is in deep, deep, trouble…

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