For David

Further proof, as if it were needed, that time is absolutely flying by: it’s David’s birthday once again. Is it just me, or does it really not feel like a whole year has passed since I last invited you to join me in wishing David many happy returns of the day? I, for one, find it very hard to believe that it’s now five years since the release of On an Island.

Now, what I think David would like for his birthday – which is tomorrow, but you knew that – is for Liverpool to beat Manchester United tomorrow lunchtime and therefore give Arsenal, the club he has supported for some time (albeit casually, by his own admission), a better chance of soon overtaking them at the top of the Premier League table. It would be really nice if Arsenal could win the title this year, I’m sure you agree. So, if you could all wish for a Liverpool win and will it to happen, urge the ball into the back of the net, pray if you must, that would be great. It’s not for me, don’t forget; it’s for David.

Joking aside, thank you very much in advance for the kind thoughts – as ever.

If you celebrate this month, as it’s by far our calendar’s busiest, enjoy your day.

The chatroom, by the way, will be open on Tuesday from 12pm (UK).


  1. Davd Mitchell

    hopefully with the owners of the boston red sox they will pour a lot of $$$$$ into the club and help make them what they once were, the top of the league once more. good luck to all and of course happy b-day and truly many more. also looking forward to many more albums like On An Island (incredible).