For David

Further proof, as if it were needed, that time is absolutely flying by: it’s David’s birthday once again. Is it just me, or does it really not feel like a whole year has passed since I last invited you to join me in wishing David many happy returns of the day? I, for one, find it very hard to believe that it’s now five years since the release of On an Island.

Now, what I think David would like for his birthday – which is tomorrow, but you knew that – is for Liverpool to beat Manchester United tomorrow lunchtime and therefore give Arsenal, the club he has supported for some time (albeit casually, by his own admission), a better chance of soon overtaking them at the top of the Premier League table. It would be really nice if Arsenal could win the title this year, I’m sure you agree. So, if you could all wish for a Liverpool win and will it to happen, urge the ball into the back of the net, pray if you must, that would be great. It’s not for me, don’t forget; it’s for David.

Joking aside, thank you very much in advance for the kind thoughts – as ever.

If you celebrate this month, as it’s by far our calendar’s busiest, enjoy your day.

The chatroom, by the way, will be open on Tuesday from 12pm (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

172 thoughts on “For David”

  1. Hi FEd,

    This is my present for David. 🙂

    My sister Arianna has drawn his portrait and I wish share with all bloggers. I hope you like it.

    Have a beautiful Birthday David!

    Enjoy, and have a nice day to everyone.

    Bye, Hydrea

    1. Oh, many thanks from my sister Arianna, about David’s portrait.

      She’s very happy that all of you liked her drawing. 🙂

  2. Hope David has a great day. What I’d like him to do is to decide he needs to give us some more great music and get out and let us all enjoy it live.

  3. Happy birthday David! I wish you health and piece…

    @FEd: I’m an football-idiot and atheist, so the only thing I can do for you, is wish that Liverpool will win. 😉

    Best regards,


    PS. It’s now 00:00 here in Germany…

  4. I know it’s been a year. The juniper I planted on his birthday last year has grown a full five inches.

    Well…I had the juniper sproutlet, you see and…

  5. How fortunate for us that on March 6, 65 years ago, the planets were aligned just so and one of the greatest musicians was born into this world. We all owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for sharing your gift with us. May your day be dusted with love and sprinkled with blessings. Happy Birthday Maestro Gilmour – virtuoso extraordinaire!

    No doubt the “Official Liverpool Supporters Club of New York City” will be cheering for a victory!

    1. Liverpool – Manchester United 3:1

      It was nice match. 😛

      Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour. I wish you a lot of victories. 🙂

  6. Have a good yin… wish I was headin’ up the Scottie Rd tomorrow… anybody but them to win the league. :!

  7. Happy Birthday David,

    Best wishes for your day, thank you for your art which brought so much joy and happiness and turned out to be one of the most influencing things of my life, it’s sublime. You’ll always be the Picasso of guitar to me. GRAZIE.

    Happy Birthday to On An Island as well!


  8. Happy Birthday David. I will Celebrate by going to the pub and having a pint. I’ll put one behind the bar for you.


  9. David meu caro..Parabéns!!! Espero que vc esteja gozando de muito boa saúde e que tenha muitos anos de vida.. um dia eu tenho certeza que eu vou até ai te conhecer, ou quem sabe, eu consigo te trazer pra tocar na “Pedreira” aqui no Brasil (o FEd sabe do que estou falando).

    Um abraço a vc, a Polly e seus filhos.

  10. Dear David,

    Although I believe it to be unlikely that you ever get around to reading this, I shall write it anyways.

    I am currently 16 years old (although turning 17 only 3 days after your own birthday) and am, by far, your greatest fan from my school. I have never heard an artist with such a powerful voice as yours, with such powerful guitar skills and whose music is interweaved with as much emotion as yours. I am truly a great admirer. Unfortunately, although I’m English, I do not currently reside in the UK. However my father has told me that, if you ever perform live again, we shall go to wherever you will be (as he is, also, a great fan of yours). I hope to one day see you live.

    I’ve listened to Time in your honour and I shall hasten to add that there is no duration of time which could ever erase the memories of you or your music from my mind.

    A sincere Happy Birthday,


    1. Good Man, Matthew,

      Happy birthday yourself for Wednesday. Keep on passing the torch.

  11. Dave, Dave, Dave.

    Happy Birthday to you ~ I wish you happiness, peace and love and wealth and health, smiles and laughter… May all this continue to be with you today and always.

    Thank you for a lifetime of the best music I have ever heard. After all these years I am still in awe. Your music hits my soul.

    Happy Birthday Dear One.

  12. David:

    Happy birthday and the best wishes.

    It’s good to know that my idol has the same birthday as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Fed, you are right, time is flying, hard to believe that it is now 5 years ago that we had the pleasure to see David live here in Frankfurt and a few months later in the Royal Albert Hall.

    Too long no new tour and too long no new album, but anyway, a very very rocking and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to David, with the best wishes and many thanks for his wonderful music, with and without Pink Floyd.

    As I never missed any of the PF tours or his tours since 1980 I can whole heartedly say that those concerts are those moments in life one will never forget.

  14. It’s midnight in Mississippi, USA and I’m watching P.U.L.S.E and enjoying it immensely. I’ll be 55 in two weeks and will be having a David Gilmour party as my special birthday treat.

    It’s been 38 years since I first heard David and no other music has ever meant as much to me. Nothing else has been in my life that long that I could totally count on to be there through the good and the bad.

    David, thank you, thank you, thank you and have a wonderful birthday and many more to come!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  15. Happy Birthday mitic Vid. 😛

    I think the Arsenal is a good team.

    With all my love,

    Best wishes

  16. Happy birthday to you and best wishes. I am waiting for a new album or an other concert in Strasbourg (why not?)… But today, I hope you are well and in good health.

    See you soon Mr Gilmour.

  17. I don’t know who wrote this quote, but I like it:

    “A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!”

    Even better, a 366-day journey next year…

    Joyeux Anniversaire! Enjoy your trip!

    And – of course for you, David 😉 – Allez Les Rouges!!!

  18. It may take quite a bit of wishing. 😉

    But, yes, the happiest of birthdays to David! As always, I’ll be making Gilmour-themed cupcakes in his honour today.

  19. Dear David!

    I wish you much pleasure and joy on your birthday.

    I hope all of your wishes will come true and your birthday will be perfect for you and your family and friends!

    I wish you all the good luck for the next year, health and inspiration for new songs.

    All the best to you

  20. Happy Birthday David!

    Hmmm… gee, I don’t know English soccer so well, but I’ll give it a try.


  21. Happy Birthday David, hope you’re able to take a rest from any unpleasantness that may be about, and simply enjoy and take stock for yet another trip around the sun.

    The day is yours, all the best!

  22. Happy Birthday David and all the best… My Best Wishes for you…

    Greetings…from Bernd.

  23. Happy Birthday, David. As we say here, cento di questi giorni. 🙂

    Time flew by for me, too. It seems like yesterday that I was listening to “On an Island” for the first time. Five years have passed, instead… It’s almost time for a new album. 😛

    Happy Birthday to all bloggers born in March, too.

    1. ~Happy Birthday to all bloggers born in March, too.

      I’ll second that! There must have been plenty of love happening in May/June judging by the number of March birthdays. :))

      Besides David, I’d like to send birthday hugs and kisses for March to Susan, Lorraine and Nate, some of the most Irregular people I know! 😛

      I’d also like to give a David Gilmour: The Blog special mention to my sweet grandson Rowan who turned four on the 4th. There are so many happy memories of the last five-plus years we’ve spent here and he is one of them! 🙂

      Love always …

  24. I wish to David a wonderful year, I hope that he will always have the great talent that we know and will continue to give us much pleasure to listen to him.

    Happy birthday.

    Catherine, from Brussels

  25. 8) Happy Birthday David, hope its a good day for you!!!!

    Sorry. The Gunners left us so frustrated yesterday but we still believe.


  26. Happy Birthday David!

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday and will raise a glass to you later this evening. 😀

    Chris (Horsham, Sussex, UK)

  27. Many Happy Returns from Jackie & Rob and the dogs: Jodie, Gilmour & Kryssy.

    Hoping Polly & the kids bring you much happiness on this special day.

  28. Just wanted to wish you all the best. It does not seem like that long ago I was one of the lucky ones watching you record at Abbey Road, and getting to meet you. Still have the picture next to my wedding picture, guess which one I polish more.

    All the best thanks for all your input musically into my life.

    P.S. Love your Orb collaboration.

  29. Happy birthday to you, David!

    My best wishes for a lucky new year, health and many musical ideas.

    Kind regards


  30. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!!!!

    Wishing you a day filled with Laughter, Love and Fun.

    By the way: 65 – Seems to be the perfect age for another tour. 😉

  31. Desde Barcelona Feliz compleaños David. Gracias por existir. Como diria Spok “larga y prospera vida”. Un fuerte abrazo.

  32. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gilmour!

    I wish you a rainbow that will be with you all your life! Thank you for energy, that comes from the music of Pink Floyd, for sounds, that gives a boundless joy and inspiration… it can not be compared with anything, I feel myself ALIVE! 🙂

    And I wish you were here sometime ( in Kiev 🙂 ).

    Best regards, Eugenie

  33. Very best wishes on your 65th birthday. He’s hoping that, having reached ‘official’ retirement age, you have no plans to retire from music just yet. On saying that, I’ve been away from the UK for two and a half years so, with all of the austerity measures imposed by the penny-pinching coalition government, the retirement age in the UK might well be 90 by now.

    Anyway, I digress. Have a great birthday and thank for all of your great music and talent.

  34. Happy birthday, Dave!!

    I hope to listen to you and your guitar live in Italy soon!!!


    Davide Amici – Roma (Italia)

  35. Happy, happy birthday, David.

    It seems like I have been wishing you a happy birthday for eternity: at least 25 years. It soon comes around.

  36. all the best David,

    a happy day and a happy life with memories, present and future time.

    with all my heart

  37. Happy birthday David. 🙂

    I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your gift for music with us both through Pink Floyd and your solo career, it’s been a pleasure to experience it. 🙂

  38. Je vous souhaite un très heureux anniversaire Monsieur Gilmour et une chaleureuse célébration.

  39. Cheers David and have a nice day with your family and friends.

    Thank you for the music.

  40. Happy Birthday Mr Gilmour!

    I´m a doctor from Brazil, I´m 56, and of course I´m a Pink Floyd fan, and of your own work. If one day you come to Brasil, you´ll see how that people love the Floyd and your music.

    I´m writing this after reading the notice on Twitter and I´m hearing ´Remember that Night´.

    I hope you and your family have a special day! Your music and guitar riffs are part of my life.

    Happy Birthday!

  41. Happy birthday David!
    Still marooned here, hoping to see you play in London soon. 🙂

  42. HAPPY BIRDTHDAY FOR DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC!!!! 🙂

  43. Happy Birthday David!!!

    We wish you a wonderful birthday and a great party with your family and friends. All the best for the new year.

    We hope to see you live an stage again someday… Thank you for the music!

    Many greetings from the area of Bremen in Germany from

    Karola, Harald + Jannick

  44. Happy Birthday David! Thank you for the decades of musical pleasure you have given all of us.

  45. Sir. David Gilmour

    Happy Birthday and many others years of life, health and marvellous guitar solos. You are the only one. Your music is fantastic and makes my life brighter.

    The birthday is yours but I have to thank you for all the good things that happened with me since I started to play your songs.

    Thank you and happy birthday again!

    Nelso Jr.

  46. David,

    I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday. May all your wishes come true!

    Peace and love always,
    Gabrielle 🙂

  47. We did it! Someone tell Liverpool they won 3-1 Manchester United because enough fans of David Gilmour’s to fill several thousand stadiums wished for it to happen, so there! 😀

    Now may Arsenal do its thing.


    Bella x

  48. David, may you have the best birthday filled with joy and happiness.

    Thank you for all your great music over the years. Take care. 🙂

  49. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour, I have enjoyed your music very much over the last 30+ years. Your music has had a tremendous calming influence in my life, and encouraged me early on to get outdoors, get involved with life and get going. Thank you sir! 😀


    I wish you an inspired day of happy thoughts and heavenly music. I share the same birthday with you and am a guitar player as well. You are my biggest influence and I feel that we are connected on some musical frequency. I look forward to hearing more amazing sounds from you in the future.

    Happy days and all my best!


  51. david,

    i wish you the happiest birthday… and for all of us, i wish you would put out some new material! you’re the best, please don’t let on an island be your swan song. we need more!

    — sam

  52. Auguri di buon compleanno david! oggi compio anche io gli anni insieme a te! sei grande mr. pink floyd!!!

  53. Hi David, hope you have had your best birthday in many years. Get ready for Tuesday as Messi is cleaning his guns.

    Maestro, you are an inspiration… Happy birthday.

  54. Hi, Mr Gilmour. 🙂 I just want to wish you a happy birthday. It´s late now but I hope Polly gave you a nice day. I played a birthday song to you, my own version of one of my favourites, Coming Back To Life. I hope you heard it in our own little galaxy.

    Well, I hope your health and everything about and around you is good. Good night.

    Your forever truly no 1 fan… Johnny

  55. Happy Birthday Sir David!

    Have a million good ideas!

    All the best from Poland


  56. Happy birthday David,

    All the best from Poznań, Poland.

    I’m also for Arsenal, don’t have to much time to watch football matches nowadays, but I liked their victory over Barcelona in London.


  57. David querido,

    Nessa data tão especial, meu coração celebra e agradeço muito a Deus por sua vida, por sua, criatividade, brilho, e todo bem que você me faz ao mundo através da sua música. Você é especial demais. Peço a Deus que te abençoe com muita alegria, paz e saúde, sempre!

    Parabéns e muitos anos de vida!

  58. L’infinito – Giacomo Leopardi

    Sempre caro mi fu quest’ermo colle,
    E questa siepe, che da tanta parte
    De l’ultimo orizzonte il guardo esclude.
    Ma sedendo e mirando, interminato
    Spazio di là da quella, e sovrumani
    Silenzi, e profondissima quiete
    Io nel pensier mi fingo, ove per poco
    Il cor non si spaura. E come il vento
    Odo stormir tra queste piante, io quello
    Infinito silenzio a questa voce
    Vo comparando: e mi sovvien l’eterno,
    E le morte stagioni, e la presente
    E viva, e ‘l suon di lei. Così tra questa
    Infinità s’annega il pensier mio:
    E ‘l naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare.

    The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi

    These solitary hills have always been
    dear to me.
    Seated here, this sweet hedge, which blocks
    the distant horizon
    opening inner silences and interminable distances.
    I plunge in thought to where my
    heart, frightened, pulls back.
    Like the wind which I hear tossing the
    trembling plants which surround me,
    a voice from the inner depths of
    spirit shakes the certitudes of thought.
    Eternity breaks through time, past
    and present intermingle in her image.
    In the inner shadows I lose
    myself, drowning in the
    sea-depths of timeless love.

    It’s Sunday night, and I told to myself that within the end of this day I must be here to leave you my message: Happy birthday and all my best wishes, David. Thank you for your emotional music and voice.


  59. Happy Birthday, David!! I hope you truly enjoy your day with friends and family!

    Thanks again for all you do and who you are. I can honestly say that without you, my life would be in a very different place. The 5 years of this blog has changed my life and has brought such wonderful people into my life. Including our little James David, who will be 1 on March 15.

    Marcus and I are still holding out hope that we’ll get to see you, one of these days.

    Peace, love, happiness and all my best,


    Happy Birthday to all the March Irregulars!!

  60. We share the same birthday month… Happy birthday! You are a true genius and an inspiration for many.

    I am from a little country, Costa Rica – where we enjoy the ecosystem, green pastures and of course, David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd and David Gilmour solo career!

    The world must be proud of knowing that you care!

    Enjoy your day and the family!

  61. Good one FEd, I’m glad David got his wish to come good. 😀

    Wishing you all good health. I did buy David a pint in the early hours of Sunday morning, thinking of David, PF, Richard and my sister.

    PS; I went to see Roxy Music last week, it looked like one of Phil’s main guitars was a N.O.S.

  62. Happy Birthday, David, from Lancaster, PA, USA.

    We shared music stories in California in 1974. We share birthdays in March. We share a love of the blues. We share the love of a good woman. May we share many more. Shine on.

  63. Happy birthday David.

    I have been amazed with your music since I was a teen, now i’m almost 62. I could listen to your music everyday and never get tired of it. Thanks for a lifetime of great tunes – you are the best!

    All the best from me and all your fans here in Canada!

  64. Happy Birthday to you sir and here’s hoping for many more and many years of happiness and good health!

    You are by far my favorite musician and one of the greatest of all time. Keep making the world happy with your music!

    Thank you for the peace and enjoyment you bring to the world.

  65. Happy Bithday David, Sir.

    My dog Lime is 5 today, and my wife, Lesley has her birthday on Tuesday.

    Go Blue and White. Kick some Man. U. butt. Hopefully, that will be David’s present tomoorrow to go live and enjoy the day watching a game of the year.

    Let’s hope David has a project in transit, 5 yrs. sounds like the right amount of time for us all to hear something to inspire us all again.

  66. A beautiful birthday to you, you are the greatest music maker in my world.

    Thank you for the awesome sounds, many more years.

    Danke schoen

  67. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!! 😀

    May the Gods smile upon you for another year!

  68. Happy birthday Mr Gilmour. 😉 Have a good day!!!

    I’m listening to “Echoes – Live in Pompei”. Absolutely wonderful!!! 😀

    Thank you David for all your work!!

    Hugh from Paris.

  69. David,

    belated birthday wishes from Munich. Thank you for the magic that you have given us… closest to heaven that I have ever been!

    Wishing you health and happiness,


  70. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, David. You bend notes and make soaring sounds like nobody else.

  71. 😡

    Of course IF David really wanted Liverpool to beat Man Utd (which as an admirer of footballing elegance is highly unlikely) it would be churlish of me to spoil his birthday by objecting.

    However, if the collective finger, toe and entrail crossing of his collective lovely (but misguided) bloggers really did contribute to this unlikely victory (yeah, yeah F’ed, congratulations!) a part of me wishes they had applied themselves to a more worthy gift like an end to wars, peace and harmony for all peoples or a way of shrink-wrapping bacon that was also compatible with opening the bl**dy packet.

    Anyway, as you can see F’ed I have put my head above the parapet in defiance of a strict “no comment” policy emanating from the Theatre of Dreams and would like to add my best wishes for David’s birthday and wish him a great many happy returns.

    1. 😛 Oh, I’m sure David wants a happy FEd and beating the Mancs makes me very, very happy.

      Do you think Nani has stopped crying yet?

      World peace next time. 😉

    2. I don’t think we should mock Nani for showing his sensitive side, although I have to admit I didn’t blub like a baby when I broke my leg in two places playing the beautiful game!

      1. Carragher deserved to be sent off for what was an atrocious challenge, I cannot deny it, but I’m still chuckling over Nani’s dramatic reaction.

  72. Hi, and happy birthday Gil, god bless you. All my family loves you and your music too. Your music inspired me to be a better musician and human being.

    Aquiles, clasic guitarist and composer from Cuba

  73. Despite being 65 you are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

  74. hi david–i have 3 questions: is cirque de soleil pink floyd a possibility? is working a tiny bit, or more, with bernard sumner a possibility? and is working a tiny bit, or more, with brian eno a possibility?

    david, you gave me a few minutes of your time a long time ago, 1977, and i love you very much. i wish you a belated happy birthday from texas. all the best for you and yours forever.

    thanks, james

  75. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!!!! Certainly hope you had a wonderful day with Polly and the family.

    I apologize that I have not been here in some time, FED. How did Liverpool v. M.U. game go? I, for one, have missed being on here and I look forward to getting back with such a wonderful and lovely bunch of people. Were it not for our common love of David and his music and his many contributions, this site would not be here. SHINE ON ALL OF YOU!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!

    Everyone have a great evening!! And David, may you have a wonderful birthday week, my friend!! Shine On!

    (How goes it, FED?)

  76. Happy Birthday David and FEd, you’re right, the time seems to be going by so fast for it really doesn’t seem that long ago that David was touring…

    Take care, Thomas

  77. Belated Birthday greetings David.

    I believe Polly has been writing some lyrics for you. We all look forward to hearing them soon. What a wonderful gift from her to you.

    Retirement is not an option… 😛

    Birthday greetings also, to all fellow (Mad) March Irregulars. 😉

  78. Well sorry David, I’m typing this message two days after your birthday, but I wish you all the best from all of my heart, for me you’ve always been an inspiration and your music has brought freedom.

  79. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Happy Birthday to you!

    And many, many more!!! Thank you for everything David and I hope that you had a wonderful Birthday weekend! All the best from the US.

  80. … it was time to see a posting with more than one comment pages!


    Best regards


  81. Well David, I know you try to keep a very low profile, but being a rock legend is hard work. I wish you a very happy Birthday, peace, and health.

    But I cannot wish Arsenal anything but a spot in the relegation zone. Liverpool till I die… and hang on in there Blackpool.

    Damian 😀

  82. I have to apologise to Susan for not wishing you Happy Birthday on the 5th. For some reason to do with my timing and Fed’s publishing times, I couldn’t get it in. AND, I didn’t want greetings to you to get lost amongst greetings to David.

    So, belated Greetings to you Susan. 😀

    ash X

  83. Happy belated birthday to David!

    Thanks for the many years of music and inspiration!

    Much love!

  84. Happy 65th Birthday David.

    I hope you got the card and the 20 dollars for a couple of pints of Guiness I sent from Australia last month.

    Good health and happiness to you my friend – last seen at Randwick Race Course (Sydney) on a chilly August day (Nick said it was freezing) in 1971 and never forgotten.

    Chris & Carolyn

  85. For FEd.

    I was ‘chuffed’ to see The Thomas Oliver Band on Twitter. So many wonderful people share such amazing music with me and when I hear something great, I too want to share.

    Thanks for that.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Recommendations are always welcome. There’s good music out there and it’s a shame it’s hidden behind all the rubbish.

  86. Belated birthday wishes, hope I am not too late. Better that than never. Perhaps a thread of posts, “Sorry I forget”.

    Hope you enjoy your piece of birthday cake and have peace of mind. I remember the cake in 2006.


  87. Felice Compleanno David! Happy belated I should say…

    So, what did these 5 years bring?

    A lot has changed for me, a lot accomplished I hope for everyone, but still so much to climb.

    And the Sun, still fat and old as we know, and actually spitting some amazing monstrous flames these days!

  88. David,

    Happy belated birthday! As I sit here listening to the live (Gdansk) version of Comfortably Numb, I actually realized it’s probably the best guitar work and song I’ve heard. I hope you continue to play for years to come. I hope you will tour in the states again. Rock on!

  89. Have just returned from a wonderful trip to Africa so very happy belated birthday greetings to David and wishing him well for the next year and many, many more.

  90. Of course this is off topic, sorry, but I don’t know where to mention it.

    Tomorrow Friday 11 March at 2pm (UK time), Classic 21 radio station will be broadcasting the Making Of ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’.

    Click ‘EN DIRECT’ to listen live.

  91. happy birthday david gilmour. now it’s 10 days of march, but what is ages? because you are younger every year.

    i hope you come to finland some day. sing on an island. every song.

    my english is very bad. 8)

    good life for you and your family.

  92. FEd — just wanted to let you and the Irregulars know that Polly Samson’s book Perfect Lives is finally available here in the USA. I found it on and am guessing it’s at bookstores as well.

  93. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour:

    Being a teenager of the 70s, I grew up on your vocal talent and distinctive note bending. We have a little in common, we both play the Sax, we both fly. If your travels ever take you to the dry side of WA state, I would welcome the chance to meet hear you live or meet you in the flesh after enjoying your music for many, many years. My 5 sons, ages 25-16 enjoy your work as well.

    Our Best Regards to you and your family. Take good care.

  94. Happy B-day … five days later … but anyways … I’m glad that you can live one more year and keep giving us your amazing music.

    Greetings from Chile … hope you could come to see us some day! 8)

  95. This is Shakib from Bangladesh…

    With expanding love for you in my heart I am here to let you know about one of my wishes of my life time that I dare to hope that it would come true. I want to see You performing live. I can not afford it, but I can not control my mind. It feels so bad when I think that I can never see your live performance. It is certain that one day I would be earning a lot but it is also certain that at that time you might not be performing any more. Time is the good that I do not know where to buy from. I have heard that you are going to arrange one last show of PINK FLOYD and wishing to get there, but I don’t know weather it would be possible or not. Even I don’t know whether you would come or not but than again if I can manage then I would invite you and PINK FLOYD in Bangladesh…

    You are my inspiration, you are the one responsible for changing my point of views. Love you Bro…

    Anyways, at least this is enough for me for now that I am posting a comment on your blog… hope it would get to you…

    I have got a video of your early days where you were performing two pieces- GREEN IS THE COLOR from the movie MORE and CAREFUL WITH THE AXE, EUGENE. How you covered up when you sang the 6th line – “white was the light” instead of “green is the colour” – is a beauty.

    We have a band in Bangladesh named “viTRuviAn”… you are our inspiration… Thanks…

  96. Happy Belated Birthday, David. Health and happiness to you and your family. 🙂

  97. Hello FEd! Trying to post again. Hope it works.

    I really wanted to wish David a Happy Birithday but I am a little late. I would like to say I hope he had a good day and I wish him many, many more!


  98. Happy belated Birthday wishes David!! Love, Peace, Prosperity, all the way from Tennessee. Your music is truly, Poetry in Motion. 😉

  99. I know, Im late as well. My thoughts are by everyone who found relaxing hours with the family, yours and best friends who guide you many years and of course the fans as well. My thoughts also with all in Japan.

    Lately, happy birthday Sir David Gilmour from far away.

    So far from now, break down the atomic power.

    CUS all the best, god bless you.

  100. David eu sou sua fã nº 1, eu adoro vc, tenho todos os seus CDs, DVD, enfim tudo que se refere ao Pink Floyd eu tenho,tb tenho um blog que esta fazendo o maior sucesso na net…Blog Pink Floyd My Life.

    Aparece no meu blog e deixa um comentario, ficarei super feliz em ler seu comentario…te espero!!

    Grande beijo…David my life. 😀

  101. It is better late than never. :v

    Hope you had a very happy birthday David.

    Best wishes from Uruguay.

  102. Feliz aniversário atrasado para David!

    A tua musica vivera para sempre no meu coração o meu sonho era ver um concerto do David no meu pais Portugal!

    Os melhores cumprimentos do Ricardo.

  103. Happy Birthday David! I’m often late, but not usually this bad – belated greetings to you all the same.

    I got to see a Pink Floyd tribute band again in Folsom the other night, a fun substitute, but the original is always the best.

    All the best for a happy and healthy year!

    Hi Fed, I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  104. Dear Mr. Gilmour! Allow me to express to you the deepest respect and gratitude for your art.

    My youth has passed with Pink Floyd music. Now to me, 52 years and I still admire the divine music and vocal in your execution.

    Best regards! Igor.
    Moscow, Russia.

  105. i have an idea. david gilmour and the eagles unite. am i nuts? it would be something to see david gilmour and joe walsh. i have to say, seeing joe do the instrumental on comfortably numb and dave doing the same on hotel california, wow. i am not asking for them to do the tour thing, but if they did a dvd for sale at 29$ (???), i definitely would buy it. and include paul mccartney and ringo starr, and throw some beatles stuff in there. i guess the eagles would have to travel to england as paul and dave are over there.

    oh well, am i nuts, as this probably will not happen.

    howard from pittsburgh ,pa

  106. I don’t know where else I can add this question, but it has been bothering me quite long now – is there any chance that Sir David Gilmour, whose music of genius made me unable to sleep on such a late hour, will play any concert at all in the future? The thing I regret most in my life so far is that I’ve never got an opportunity to see David live, but now I know I would even travel to UK just to experience that.

    And of course – my very best (little late) wishes to David and to all of you that are here and run the page. David, you are the most magnificent and stunning musician in the whole world, thank you for every hour spent on listening to your masterpieces, for everything you do and everything you are.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Monika.

      I’m afraid there are no plans for David to perform anywhere at this time, other than a single, surprise supporting role at one of Roger Waters’ upcoming Wall shows – during ‘Comfortably Numb’.

      I do hope you get the opportunity you’ve been waiting for someday.

  107. Hi, I’m 14, and 15 in July, I am Brazilian and I am his big fan. Here in Brazil teens enjoy really bad bands, folk songs are still classified, but there are exessões, and I am part of the small number of teenagers who enjoy great bands like Pink Floyd, among others old to rock, and I want you to know that I love you too David Gilmour.

    Sorry if something is spelled wrong, because it gives a big job to translate into English, kisses! 😀 :v

  108. A day late and a dollar short – as usual! Just wanted to wish the very best birthday to the maestro. I went to see a Floyd tribute band on Sunday evening and very good they were too, but also served to show just how good the real thing is too!

    Thanks David, for the fantastic musical contribution you have made to my life so far.

  109. Sir David.

    Belated happy birthday!

    Every day that we are gifted with listening is a birthday, for with each listening, the significance of your lyrics become clearer and their message more profound.

  110. Dear David!

    You are my inspiration! A day God will give me the opportunity for seeing you to sing and play guitar here in Brazil!!! I believe that!!

    I wish health for you, David. And don’t forget: We are waiting for you in BRAZIL!!!

    Your songs make the people happier… I feel happiness, peace, love, respect…



    Maurício Júlio de Oliveira

  111. hopefully with the owners of the boston red sox they will pour a lot of $$$$$ into the club and help make them what they once were, the top of the league once more. good luck to all and of course happy b-day and truly many more. also looking forward to many more albums like On An Island (incredible).

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