Destinations in song

This week back in 1958 saw Frank Sinatra at No.1 on the US Billboard album chart with Come Fly with Me, an album filled to the brim with tunes of exotic places that, at certain times, really – and I mean really – know how to whet the appetite.

If, like me, you would love nothing more than to jet off, sail away, or escape whatever tedious annoyances may be grinding you down with the aid of any other permissible means of transport right about now, perhaps you’d care to join me in doing so in the safer, greener and far less costly realms of imagination.

How do you fancy the ‘Isle of Capri? A little ‘Blue Hawaii’? The titles alone sure know how to rub your nose in it, don’t they?

To inspire you, here’s the most well-known of the album’s tracks followed by a tempting and very slick, I think, verse from the pop standard that follows it: ‘Let’s Get Away from It All’.

“Let’s take a boat to Bermuda
Let’s take a plane to Saint Paul
Let’s take a kayak to Quincy or Nyack
Let’s get away from it all.”

Hands up who wants to. I can’t believe I’m the only one.

I’m thinking ‘Brazil’ would be rather wonderful, possibly Ipanema (‘The Girl from Ipanema’). Sticking with Sinatra, a week either in Rome (‘Three Coins in a Fountain’) or California (‘The Lady Is a Tramp’) would do me quite nicely.

Oh how I’d like to spend some time in (and watching, at the Nou Camp, naturally) ‘Barcelona’ (Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé); a long, relaxing soak in the culture of Berlin (Leonard Cohen, ‘First We Take Manhattan’) would be most welcome at any time of year; sight-seeing in ‘Vienna’ (Ultravox) is a must, as is lazing around Montreux (Deep Purple, ‘Smoke On the Water’), preferably with the dogs; the palaces and history of Saint Petersburg (Rolling Stones, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’) appeal to me greatly; perhaps a visit to ‘Graceland’ (Paul Simon) would help; a prolonged catch-up with an old friend in Baltimore (Nilsson, ‘Nobody Cares About the Railroads Any More’) sounds ideal; trekking across Patagonia (Manic Street Preachers, ‘Ready for Drowning’), definitely; the white beaches of Hawaii, most certainly (The Ventures, ‘Hawaii Five-O’). There are so many more.

Encourage my tired mind to journey with you today, please. Where would you go and to which song should we give thanks for the mental ticket?

The album’s title track, ‘Come Fly with Me’ of course, ends with a classic Sinatra ad lib: sometimes “Pack a small bag,” sometimes “And don’t tell your Mama.”

And that will be our next topic.

Until then,

“Let’s leave our hut, dear
Get out of our rut, dear
Let’s get away from it all.”

Excellent effort with the greens, by the way. Thank you for that.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m with you FEd – it’s grey outside and, therefore, also grey inside!

    Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away…

    Wish that I could fly
    Into the sky
    So very high
    Just like a dragonfly

    I’d fly above the trees
    Over the seas in all degrees
    To anywhere I please

    I think flying would be my superpower of choice – what would be yours?

    – Lisa

    1. …flying in wearing a pair of red knickers over blue tights might do the trick – but I guess Wayne might have seen that all before, LOL.

    2. Oh you’ll need to wear your underpants outside your trousers alright to pull that one off F’ed.

      BeeGees “Massachusets” has just popped into my mind for some reason.

      I-tunes has helpfully suggested “Train to Rhodesia” by Big Youth although it’s not a very Brit. friendly destination these days.

      Blur’s idea of a “Great Escape” would involve a trip to a great big house in the Country (David would probably agree)

      Springsteen recoomends Philidelphia, Darlington County and Atlantic City amongst other American armpits

      Bryan Ferry can probably be found having a chat to Joe in Tokyo with members of Deep Purple.

      KT Tunstall famously is on the other side of the World, which may put her in New Zealand from her native Scotland, whilst Led Zeppelin have been as far away as California and over the hills and far away in Bron-yr-Aur.

      That’s it for now, I’m cooking sausages.

  2. First things that pop up are:

    Barbados by Typically Tropical :)) – could sure use that right now!
    If Crossroads are considered a destination then Cream certainly counts
    Sailing – Christopher Cross
    If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair – Scott McKenzie
    I Left My Heart in San Francisco – Tony Bennett
    Africa – Toto
    Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Breakfast in America – “Fantastic Hobo”, oops Supertramp
    Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinantra
    Summertime in Venice – Connie Francis
    Down by the Seaside, Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
    A Day at the Races – Queen

    Oh gosh, there are just tons… have to put the thinking cap on and come back for more.

    1. Pavlov,

      Barbados – Typically Tropical. Good call. I’ll be there on Saturday embarking on a Caribbean cruise.

      Soon The Blue, so soon… hope you’re not too green. 8)

  3. Methinks I’m going to be a repeat visitor today as I journey through the memory banks …

    “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York” – Frank Sinatra
    The Zoo – Scorpions (love it!)
    Back in the U.S.S.R. – Beatles
    Downtown – Petula Clark
    Empire State of Mind – Jay Z with Alicia Keys
    Down Under – Men at Work
    Inner City Blues – Rodriguez (from the album Cold Fact, a South African favorite!)
    Takin’ care of business — BTO (“8:15 in to the city”)

    Does “Tulips from Amsterdam” qualify? Don’t for the life of me know who sang it. I’m pushing my luck here …

    Road to Hell – Chris Rea

    I’m having too much fun with this.

  4. “Winding, finding places to go” …

    “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon” …

    “Home, home again” (the ultimate destination) …

    …”high fidelity first class travelling set” …

  5. Just off the top of my head…

    Following on from 1976, we have a full blown travelog (and drug ad methinks) on Rush 2112 …. “a passage to Bangkok”

    Lowestoft’s very own the Darkness flopped with second album “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back” – but then who wants to go to Magaluf anyway?

    Lenny Kravitz – who has a beach house on our favourite Bahamian island, Eleuthera, rather confusingly closes “Are You Gonna Go My Way” the album with Eleutheria, but it has to be about the place. It’s very relaxing there so probably no-one is too bothered with spelling.

  6. The Letter – covered by Joe Cocker
    We are Marching to Pretoria — traditional/folk song
    Mountains of Burma – Midnight Oil
    Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin
    The Ripper – Judas Priest (“In London town streets”)
    Parisienne Walkways – Gary Moore …RIP :'(
    Island of Domination and Beyond the Realms of Death – Judas Priest
    Do You Know the Way to San José? – Dionne Warwick
    Rivers of Babylon – Boney M.
    Ode to Billie Joe – Bobbie Gentry (sad, sad destination that one!)
    Going to California – Led Zeppelin (duh, I almost missed that one)
    Capri Calling – Yello (“…take me to new heights…” a bit of a stretch, I suppose)

    1. “Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
      Ain’t got time to take a fast train
      Lonely days are gone, I’m a-goin’ home
      ‘Cause my baby just wrote me a letter.”

      Originally by The Box Tops.

  7. Chicago – “Take Me Back To Chicago”
    Mamas and the Papas – “California Dreamin'”
    Beach Boys – “L.A. Nights,” “California Girls”
    Eagles – “Hotel California”
    Clapton – “San Francisco Bay Blues”
    Floyd – “Grantchester Meadows”
    Beatles – “Back in the USSR”
    Mike Oldfield – “Heregest Ridge”
    John Lennon – “New York” (Not so exotic for me)

    1. I’m adding some to my list:

      Sara Barielles – “Take Me to Vegas”
      Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama”
      Neil Young – “Helpless” (takes place in Ontario)
      Allman Brothers – “Ramblin’ Man” (refers to many Southern states)
      CCR – “Down on the Bayou”

    2. There’s MOOOORRRE!!!

      Miles Davis – “Sketches of Spain,” “Flaminco Dances”
      Elton John – “Daniel” (who is heading to Spain)
      Norah Jones – “Come Away With Me”
      Kate and Anna McGarricle – “Talk To Me of Mendocino”
      R.E.M. – “Can’t Get There From Here,” “Don’t Go Back To Rockville,” “Leaving New York”

    3. CCR – “Down on the Bayou”


      Roy Orbison – ‘Blue Bayou’:

      “I’m going back some day come what may to blue bayou
      Where you sleep all day and the catfish play on blue bayou
      All those fishing boats with their sails afloat
      If I could only see that familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes
      How happy I’d be”

      That’s put me in the mood for a day of Roy Orbison. Thanks, Dan.

    4. Crosby Stills & Nash – “Marrakesh Express”

      The Stones – “Country Tonk” (references to Georgia, Texas, and New York City)

  8. I’m getting married in June and heading to Kusadasi in Turkey for a week… I can’t call it a honeymoon! That’s what the young un’s do on the first time. 😀

    …I cant find a song with Turkey other than what our American friends sing on the Thanks Giving thing.

    1. Well, Paul, there is the ‘Turkish March’ by W A Mozart. Does that count? 🙂

      Many congratulations on you wedding. Have a lovely time.

    2. What about the soundtrack to the movie Caravans? Mike Batt, I think. Although I don’t remember where exactly the movie is set … it was a LONG time ago – I loved Anthony Quinn.

    3. Not exactly romantic but an old favorite of mine is “Istanbul not Constantinople” by They Might Be Giants! :))

      Congratulations, have tea in a tulip glass for me!!!

  9. My first thought:

    Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads

    On second and third thought I have to add:

    Holiday – Scorpions (because I need one)
    Kastellorizon – (because that would be a great place to relax)

    And my thanks for mental ticket go to Comfortably Numb. The song doesn’t refer to specific destination, but it’s ending solo surely takes me away from where I am.

    Best regards


    1. There’s a Ravenswood in Chicago, that toddling town:

      “Bet your bottom dollar you lose the blues in Chicago
      Chicago, the town that Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down.”

  10. “And I feel like I can fly when I stand next to you
    So while I’m on this phone
    A hundred miles from home
    I’ll take the words you gave and send them back to you”
    – Blue October, Calling You

    Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie
    Daniel and Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
    Come Sail Away – Styx
    Sail Away – David Gray
    I Try – Macy Gray
    Sailing — Christopher Cross
    A Spaceman Came Travelling, Spanish Train, I’m Going Home – Chris de Burgh
    The Long and Winding Road – Beatles (Chris de Burgh didn’t do a half bad cover)

    “Trudging across the tundra
    Mile after mile
    Trudging across the tundra”
    – Frank Zappa, Apostrophe

    Can’t really go on without cheating …

    “Have a cigar ==~, you’re going to go far”

  11. Love the first and last verses of this one (not that the bits in between are too shabby either), Bob Dylan’s Highlands:

    Well my heart’s in the Highlands gentle and fair
    Honeysuckle blooming in the wildwood air
    Bluebells blazing where the Aberdeen waters flow
    Well my heart’s in the Highland
    I’m gonna go there when I feel good enough to go

    Well, my heart’s in the Highlands at the break of day
    Over the hills and far away
    There’s a way to get there and I’ll figure it out somehow
    But I’m already there in my mind
    And that’s good enough for now

  12. Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor? :))

    Day Trip to Bangor, by Fiddlers Dram (1979-ish British Folk Band)


    1. For UK destinations, how can we forget Blackpool?

      “American trilogy in Lancashire pottery
      It’s so fucking funny, it’s absurd
      20 feet high on Blackpool promenade.”

      — Manic Street Preachers, ‘Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier’

    2. Another mention for Blackpool:

      “Plastic California
      Looks like Blackpool, outta date
      Some love, some hate”

      ‘Plastic California’ – Stereophonics

    3. Another UK destination:

      Costafine Town — Splinter

      Never knew much about the song or the group for that matter and thanks to the oh so wonderful, magical internet, learned about their affiliation with George Harrison, them being signed to his record label, and he even played on the song under a pseudonym, etc., etc. A wonderful ditty.

  13. I have been falling in love with Greek Islands (especially the Dodecanesian Islands) for years, so the first song that came to my mind is ‘Castellorizon’ by David. Would love so much to visit it.

    Some other songs inspired by lovely destinations:

    – ‘San Tropez’ – Pink Floyd
    – ‘The Nile Song’ – Pink Floyd
    – ‘Marrakesh Express’ – Crosby, Stills & Nash
    – ‘Mozambique’ – Bob Dylan (Don’t know if it’s a ‘lovely’ destination, though)
    – ‘Caribbean Blue’ – Enya (I know, I know, Tim, Enya is boring… 😉 )
    ‘Les Marquises’ (Marquesas Islands) – Jacques Brel. Wonderful lyrics.

    And why not:

    – ‘Learning To Fly’ – Pink Floyd
    – ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ – Pink Floyd
    – ‘Walking On The Moon’ – Police
    – ‘Dreamland’ – Art Garfunkel

    – Bonnie Tyler:

    “I was lost in France
    And a million stars were glowing
    And I looked round for a telephone
    To say ‘Baby, I won’t be home’
    I was lost in France in love.”

  14. A voyage! What a wonderful idea on a minus 30 C day, thank you FEd!

    Everybody sail away for a magic trip on the wine-coloured seas to

    -Castellorizon, on the
    -Mihalis… for starters with oodles of ouzo and the benign
    -Fat Old Sun.

    Being in the area and to celebrate their new political lease on life,
    -Father’s shout: “on to Egypt” strumming
    -The Nile Song to rapt flotillas of feluccas.

    Stop-over in an
    -Ibiza Bar to celebrate
    -Metallic Spheres before proceeding along the Spanish and French coasts to eat peaches in
    -St. Tropez.

    -The Scarecrow looks at
    -“Ummagumma?” he asks, offering champagne.
    -“One of these Days I will cut you into Little Pieces.” she growls covering her
    -Breast Milky and it
    -Echoes in his poor head forever.

    -On an Island, looking green and submarine some are home-sick and dearly
    -Wish You Were Here

    -“Mind Your Throats Please” yells Corporal Clegg. “There is no
    -Time left, no

    Julia Dreams of
    -The Gnome, of
    -Dogs of War, of
    -The Division Bell and the only way out is
    -Leaning to Fly
    -Out of the Blue back to
    -Grantchester Meadows by
    -Interstellar Overdrive.

    Relief. All is well. Nobody will be late for
    -Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast or to
    -See Emily Play. Alan looks up puzzled and says
    -“Wot’s … uh, the deal? I showed you where the key is kept…

    Thanks for indulging my Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    Trip, anyone? 8|

  15. Well, as this subject is Typically Topical – Oh!! I’m going to Barbados (on Saturday) I thought it only right to deliver an A2Z before my departure and embarkation, so here goes…

    Africa – Toto
    Belfast Child – Simple Minds
    Caribbean Queen – Billy Ocean
    Daytona Demon – Suzi Quattro
    Egyptian Reggae – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
    French Kissing In the USA – Debbie Harry
    Graceland – Paul Simon
    Hong Kong Garden – Siouxie & The Banshees
    Indiana Wants Me – R.Dean Taylor
    Jericho – The Prodigy
    Kingston Town – UB40
    London Town – Wings
    Marrakesh Express – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    Nutbush City Limits – Tina Turner
    Orinoco Flow – Enya
    Parisienne Walkways – Gary Moore
    (Sierra) Quemada – Steve Hackett
    Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
    Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel
    Tijuana Taxi – Herb Alpert (It’s A Knockout) 😉
    Union City Blue – Blondie
    Vienna – Ultravox
    Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks
    Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John
    Y Viva Espana – Sylvia
    Zambesi – Piranhas

    Work prevents me from making the chat later today. See all you Irregulars and FEd of course, on my return. Bon Voyage…

    Can I therefore be the 1st, albeit somewhat prematurely, to wish David a very Happy “Bus Pass” Birthday, as I don’t return until late on that date. Happy Birthday David.

    Soon The Blue, so soon… 8)

    1. Ladies and gentlemen
      we are now commencing our approach
      To Bridgetown Barbados.
      The weather is fine with a
      Maximum temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
      The sky is blue
      And the palm trees are really cool.
      Captain Willcock and his Crew hope you have
      had a pleasant flight and that you will
      Fly Coconut Airways again.

      Safe travels KenF!

    2. Even though you’re now making me really jealous, another excellent effort. ‘Orinoco Flow’ is the winner.

      Another ‘P’ is ‘Peruvian Skies’ by Dream Theater.

  16. … being a ‘blog hog’. Hubby was a great help skimming through the collection when we got home.

    America — Simon & Garfunkel (that’s what we do every day … ‘counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike’)
    Alabama Song (a.k.a. Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar) – The Doors
    Sailing to Philadelphia – Mark Knopfler w/ James Taylor
    Meet me On the Corner – Lindisfarne
    On an Island – David Gilmour
    Jupiter and Teardrops – Grant Lee Buffalo
    Old Rose Motel – Great White
    Drops of Jupiter – Train
    Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? – Louis Armstrong
    Ventura Highway – America
    Venus and Mars Reprise (‘Come away on a strange vacation, holiday hardly begun’) – Wings
    People get Ready (For the Train to Jordan) – Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart
    Waterloo Sunset – Kinks
    Massachusetts – Bee Gees
    Space Oddity – David Bowie
    Salisbury – Uriah Heep
    Solsbury Hill and Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel
    Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
    Big River – Jimmy Nail
    Orchard Road – Leo Sayer
    The Ballad Of Casey Deiss (‘Once in Lisbon, twice in London, Travelling around for all of his time’) and Song For Sagittarians (‘Tell me you don’t want to travel, To go back amidst the noise and babble’) – Shawn Phillips, Second Contribution
    Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen (‘…there’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening’)
    I Could Feel You – Judie Tzuke (‘I thought I saw you yesterday, too far away for me to call, I ran to where I thought you would be, chasing down the memory’ – great song!)

    1. The Ballad Of Casey Deiss (‘Once in Lisbon, twice in London, Travelling around for all of his time’)

      Lisbon! Alessandra, did you see?

    2. I’ve seen it now, sorry.


      I like Mark Knopfler “Sailing To Philadelphia”. I don’t know if I could like the city, too, but the idea of sailing attracts me a lot.

    3. Alessandra,

      Sailing to Philadelphia is a great song. As for the city itself, while it’s not necessarily ‘my cup of tea’, it would be churlish of me to criticize it as I’m sure it has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses (as do all places). Someone loves it, someone calls it home.

      If you feel like sailing today, give Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills and Nash a listen … or, off topic a bit, a darker sailing ‘story’ … Rammstein’s, Seemann although my preference is the cover by Apocalyptica (J’adore. Alas, no heart emoticons?!) with the unofficial godmother of Punk, Nina Hagen, singing.

  17. As this is a fantasy trip…

    Hushabye Mountain – David’s version (not ashamed to say it made me well up a bit when I heard him sing it)

    A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain
    Softly blows o’er lullaby bay.
    It fills the sails of boats that are waiting-
    Waiting to sail your worries away.
    It isn’t far to Hushabye Mountain
    And your boat waits down by the key.
    The winds of night so softly are sighing-
    Soon they will fly your troubles to sea.
    So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain.
    Wave good-bye to cares of the day.
    And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain
    Sail far away from lullaby bay.


  18. Even though I think that, at the moment, I would go everywhere just to escape from where I am, if I could actually leave, I would choose one of these destinations… or all of them, one per month. :))

    – Mexico (Donovan, “Sand and Foam”)
    – French Polynesia/Marquesas Island (CS&N, “Southern Cross”)
    – New Orleans (RHCP, “Apache Rose Peacock”)
    – New York (Bob Dylan, “Talkin’ New York”)
    – Berlin (U2, “Zoo Station”)

    Then, in the high positions, there would be also Moscow, Lisbon and Australia, but I can’t remember any song about them now. I need more time to think. 🙂

    1. How about Michael Jackson’s ‘Stranger in Moscow’?

      The Manic Street Preachers have a song called simply ‘Australia’:

      “I want to fly and run ’til it hurts
      Sleep for a while and speak no words
      In Australia.”

      Hmm, Lisbon…

    2. Angra has a song called Lisbon … a prog. metal group hailing from Brazil:

      “See, the birds are back…
      At the docks and everywhere
      Here in Lisbon, realized
      This whole world
      so strange and divine”

    3. “Stranger in Moscow”, you are right. Speaking about Russia, in general, I could only think of “Russian” by Sting.

      Thanks for the link, I didn’t know that Manic Street Preachers song. For the moment, my knowledge of their music is limited to a couple of albums, “Know Your Enemy” and “The Holy Bible”, but I’m going to improve it. 🙂

      Nothing about Lisbon, yet.

      One more song: Kate Bush, “Egypt”, which is another place I’d like to visit (not now, of course).

    4. Another one: “San Franciscan Nights” by Eric Burdon and The Animals, even though I’d probably need the time machine to find the atmosphere described in the song. :))

      Thanks, Pavlov. If they play prog metal, I might like them. I’ll look for that song.

    1. Hubby suggested Alberta as well last night but I’m thinking Alberta might’ve been about a lady friend getting a little ‘nooky’ elsewhere and not the Province up North. Fab. song though.

      “Alberta, Alberta,
      Where’d you stay last night?
      Alberta, Alberta
      Where’d you stay last night?
      Come home this morning,
      Clothes don’t fit you right”

    1. How about Majorca, Ash?

      “I’ve got a friend, her name is Laura
      We took a holiday, seven sweet days in Majorca
      We took a plane through to southern Spain
      To see the ocean waves so blue
      We sat and watched the moon
      As crickets sung back cover tunes.”

      — Feeder, ‘Seven Days In the Sun’

      R.I.P., Jon Lee.

    2. Majorca, yes, I’ve been there once. I loved The Cuevas del Drac – translated as the Dragons Cave.

      Not only was it extremely beautiful but I’ve found it fascinating since then to learn about how the incredible ‘dripstone caves’ were made and why the water of the lakes is so clear (anyone else interested in this type of thing, look up also the term ‘Karst’).

      The clear water and the colours may well make us think of Meddle, and Echoes in particular. 🙂

      Yes, that’s a date, booking flights now. :))

  19. Hi everybody!

    I have to add to the lists Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis”, a beautiful dedication to the city of Rock’n’Roll. It refers also to Carl Perkins, The King, Al Green, W.C. Handy, B.B. King. A brilliant song from a brilliant album. Do you agree with me FEd?

    Have a nice day!

  20. And there it is, blatantly staring me in the face — the most obvious in my collection:

    The House of the Rising Sun — (although The Animals probably did the most popular cover, I much preferred Geordie’s rendition and Demis Roussos did a darn good job as well)
    Radar Love — Golden Earring

    Telegram – Nazareth (totally, totally rocks and I suspect accurately captures life on the road … that is after the novelty has worn off!)

  21. Well right now it’s a bit too warm outside for me considering it’s February… plus my kids (and I) want a few more days to be able to ice skate in the back yard…

    As for destination songs… I’ve always been found of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927” I saw Billy Idol perform it live in honor of the Hurricane Katrina victims and he did a great job of it as well.

    Some others:

    Xanadu – the Rush version, not Olivia’s…
    Trapped Under Ice – Metallica (because I still want it to be COLD!)
    Madagascar – Guns ‘n Roses
    Welcome to the Jungle – Guns ‘n Roses (it should be warm there)

    And a few from Jane’s Addiction that always work for me include, Summertime Rolls, Up the Beach, Ocean Size and Mountain Song…

    Maybe just a walk down to The Cure’s Fascination Street would work.

    Dangerous Toys’ Queen of the Nile and Promise the Moon bring me back to a coupleafew decades ago.

    Smashing Pumpkins had some; Bullet Train to Osaka, Destination Unknown (those can usually be good) and Jupiter’s Lament.

    From Bon Jovi; Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars (now that would be a weather change).

    311’s Omaha Stylee on the way to Paradise…


    This Heaven – David Gilmour (as I’d like to end up there at the end).

  22. Hello Fed,

    Well I am taking the kids down to Disneyland this weekend. Got the Club 33 hook up there which should be cool. On the way up there will be a great variety of tuneage, but I dread on the way back it’s gonna be “It’s a small world” playing in my head… over and over and over. 🙂

    ~Tomi Sue

  23. “New York, London, Paris, Munich
    Everybody’s talking about mmmmm Pop Muzik.”

    I couldn’t resist and now you’ll be singing that tune all day.



  24. Led Zeppelin: Kashmir
    Sinatra: My Kind of Town, Chicago
    Led Zeppelin: Going to California
    An Oldie: Blue Danube Waltz

    I forgot also, Green Eyed Lady from last week.

  25. More destinations:

    – Beach Boys, “Kokomo”

    “There’s a place called Kokomo
    That’s where you wanna go to get away from it all”

    Almost the same nice idea expressed by Sinatra. 🙂

    – CSNY, “Woodstock”, preferably by time machine, once again.

  26. Oh, one more, just one more please:

    Marie-Claire’s travels took her everywhere (yet possibly nowhere) in Peter Sarstedt’s, ‘Where Do You Go To, My Lovely’.

  27. On a distant shore, miles from land
    stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
    a dream in a mist of gray…
    on a far distant shore…

    The pebble that stood alone
    and driftwood lies half buried
    warm shallow waters sweep shells
    so the cockles shine…

    A bare winding carcass, stark
    shimmers as flies scoop up meat, an empty way…
    dry tears…
    crisp flax squeaks tall reeds
    make a circle of gray in a summer way, around man
    stood on ground…

    I’m trying
    I’m trying to find you!
    To find you
    I’m living, I’m giving,
    To find you, To find you,
    I’m living, I’m living,
    I’m trying, I’m giving

    Another gift from the special one!


  28. Here are a few from my playlists:

    Rocky Top Tennessee – John Denver
    Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver
    Barcelona Nights – Otmar Liebert
    Panama – Van Halen
    La Grange – ZZ Top
    Sweet Home Chicago – Robert Johnson (I love the Blues Brothers version)
    Luckenbach, Texas – Waylon Jennings
    Mediterraneo – Chuck Mangione
    Key largo – Bertie Higgins
    Paradise – Sade
    Major Tom (Coming Home) – Peter Shilling
    Road to Nowhere – Ozzy Osborne
    Down to the River to Pray – Various artists (I enjoy Alison Krauss’ version)
    Home Sweet Home – Motley Crue
    Wherever I May Roam – Metallica
    How Far is Heaven – Los Lonely Boys
    I Wanna Go Back – Kid Rock
    Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett (A great purveyor of escapism to the masses?)
    He Went to Paris – Jimmy Buffett
    Banana Republics – Jimmy Buffett
    East Bound and Down – Jerry Reed
    Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
    Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses
    Carefree Highway – Gordon Lightfoot
    Amarillo by Morning – George Straight
    Buicks to the Moon – Alan Jackson
    Highway to Hell – ACDC

    I skipped the songs in Spanish (about half my library) in an effort to save time and out of laziness to translate. However, this was a nice escape from writing a dissertation proposal. 🙂

  29. We can’t leave out “Astronomy Dominé” which is a song written and composed by Syd Barrett, the first track featured on Pink Floyd’s debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). 8)

    The song opens with the voice of their manager at the time Peter Jenner, reading the names of stars through a megaphone. The intention of this opening is to replicate the feeling of outer space, with Jenner’s voice sounding like an astronaut’s over an intercom.


    Lime and limpid green
    a second scene,
    A fight between the blue
    you once knew.
    Floating down the sound resounds
    Around the icy waters underground
    Jupiter and Saturn
    Oberon Miranda and Titania
    Neptune Titan
    Stars can frighten

    Blinding signs flap flicker flicker flicker
    Blam pow pow
    Stairway scare Dan Dare,who’s there?

    Lime and limpid green
    The sound surrounds the icy waters under
    Lime and limpid green
    The sound surrounds the icy waters

    Wow! What a ride! Now that’s some serious “innerstellar space travel.”

    When you all return from your trips I hope you make a point to visit the new London Syd art exhibition titled ‘Art and Letters’ in March at the Idea Generation Gallery. 😀

  30. 😉 Pink Floyd Fans know how John Denver ranks, consigned to their version of T shirt torture, but I happily live here:

    “Take Me Home Country Road” – John Denver

    “Take me home, country road to the place where I belong: West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home country road.”

    I used to live in Hawai’i!

    “Take Me Home Country Road”: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (pronounced Kah-mah-kah-vee-voh-OH-lay) sometimes called “Brother IZ”, or “Braddah IZ” , and yes he’s an Hawaiian God!

    “Take me home, country road, to the place where I belong: West Makaha, maukala, take me home country road!”

    Before that, Lake Wobegone (We’re strong, good looking and above average). Then Margaritaville (got sunburned, never wasted). Then north of Nawlins (Blues, Jazz and Cajun). One year in Colorado (John Denver again?!). A Halflife in Texas (where everything’s bigger and better and where all tall tales begin).

    I need a vacation from vacation! 8|

  31. Where to? …Anywhere (safe!) that has a nice warm ‘Fat Old Sun’ then I could ‘Wish You Were Here’!

    Best wishes to you all

  32. I’d like to go back to my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana… the song? Why, it has to be “Walkin’ To New Orleans” by Fats Domino!

  33. Hi Fed

    Don’t know if you caught this but we were just watching Football Focus interviewing Roy Hodgson on his travels from Liverpool to West Brom and in the background they were playing Echoes… another 10p in Royalties for David! Possibly because the track Echoes generally lasts longer than a premiership football manager’s career!

  34. How about these ‘Pros and Cons of Travelling’ quotes?

    – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

    – “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

    – “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

    – “You know why you like to travel? Everywhere you go, nothing belongs to you. When you’re home, you’re weighed down by your possessions.” – A Thai monk

    – “Thinking is the best way to travel” – The Moody Blues

    – “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” – John Steinbeck 😉

    – “Sailin’ round the world in a dirty gondola. Oh, to be back in the land of Coca-Cola!” – Bob Dylan 😐

    – “I am leaving the town to the invaders: increasingly numerous, mediocre, dirty, badly behaved, shameless tourists.” – Brigitte Bardot

    – “Join the Army! Travel to exotic, distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people, and kill them.” (In ‘Full Metal Jacket’, I think) :!

    My favourite is the second one. Oh and I agree with the Thai monk, too.

  35. Today, Monday, 21st, Classic 21 Belgian radio station (French speaking) will be broadcasting the Making Of David’s ‘On An Island’ at 2:00 pm (UK time).

    Click ‘EN DIRECT’ to listen live.

    Hope I’m not too late.

  36. Guess got another one (hope not mentioned before):

    …Carry me Caravan take me away
    Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain
    Andalusia with fields full of grain
    I have to see you again and again
    Take me, Spanish Caravan
    Yes, I know you can…

    Good day everyone!

  37. Someone I know sent a postcard (to their workmates, I hasten to add!) of a beautiful beach and blue skies and fabulous sea and palm trees and wrote on it,

    “Weather here, wish you were lovely.”

    ash :))

  38. Digging deep now for oldies, how about:

    Trains and Boats and Planes by Dionne Warwick.

    Burundi Black by Mike Steiphenson, this is actually the drummers of Burundi village which Mike added music to.

    Not as old,

    Ethiopia by Joni Mitchell, beautiful and haunting.

  39. Anyone remember Budgie’s cover of ‘Baby, Please don’t Go’? Am listening to it now as I’m wishing for warmer days and we have just been reminded (with 4 more inches) that it is indeed still winter.

  40. A few oldies:

    Carolina On My Mind—James Taylor
    The River—Garth Brooks
    Taking the Long Way Around—Dixie Chicks
    Long And Winding Road—Beatles
    Midnight Train to Georgia—Gladys Knight
    Georgia On My Mind—Ray Charles
    26 Miles(Santa Catalina)—the Four Preps
    Maybe It Was Memphis—Pam Tillis
    Granada—Various versions
    Girl From Ipanema—Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz
    Istanbul (not Constantinople) Original version —the Four Lads

    For the green songs can I add:

    Green Earrings—Steely Dan
    Big Bright Green Pleasure—Simon & Garfunkle
    Green Eyes—Helen O’Connell
    The Green Door—Jim Lowe


  41. In fact, David … type of music that makes us travel … Inspired you in a song?

    I ask because it reminds some of their songs. On An Island, for example.

  42. how about some scottish ones…

    sunshine on leith – the proclaimers
    raintown (glasgow) – deacon blue
    these streets (paisley) – paulo nutini
    caladoinia – frankie miller

    just a few. 😀

  43. Just a quick stop to say ‘hello’ …

    After scrolling through everyone’s contributions, the only song I can think of that hasn’t already been mentioned (or if it has, I failed to notice) is “Fly Me To The Moon” by Sinatra. 🙂

    As I’m sifting through my piles of paperwork, I occasionally come across random lists of songs or other notes that I’ve scribbled down in haste only to have them disappear back into the chaos before I’ve gotten around to posting them on The Blog!

    I may not be in touch as often as I’d like but I think of all my Irregular friends every day. Makes me think of that Willie Nelson song “You Were Always On My Mind” …

    Take care everyone. 🙂

    Peace ‘n’ Love always!

  44. Since I’m not the most adventurous of people I’ll leave the travelling to those better mentally equipped for it.

    There are a few destinations I probably wouldn’t want to visit any time soon though:

    “Heaven and Hell” – The Who
    “Fame” – David Bowie
    “Last Train to Clarksville” – The Monkees
    “War of the Worlds” – Jeff Wayne.

    Hopefully I’m too late for the last one, too early for the first one, and just generally miss the middle two. Not that I have anything against Clarksville that is.

    Hope everyone is well. It’s been rather a while since I was last here.

  45. I walked out of the “Doors” and into my ‘Spanish Caravan’ singing:

    “Caravan, caravan take me away,
    Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain”.

    But Gene was saying no ‘cos “I was only 24 hours from Tulsa”.

    Ian, meanwhile said to Gene you can “Hit me with your rhythm stick!”

    But then I heard “music from a dolls house” being listened to by all my ‘Family’.


  46. This is an amazingly catchy tune – hunt it down if you haven’t heard it before …

    Mambo Craze by De-phazz

    Check the scene outside of Medellin
    Make a fuss in Caracas
    Mixed guys and dark men at the bars
    Mambo’s slow Guantanamo
    Was so glad escape in Trinidad
    Outside down in Kingston town
    Stole a car in the streets of Panama
    Went too far in Bogota

    Space cake break at the Titicaca lake
    Got some more in Ecuador
    Out for a dance in a dive in Puerto Prince
    Went too far in Bogota

  47. Congratulations David! From Mexico.

    You are the best! Thanks for your music.

  48. Just a few destinations I thought of.

    TENNESSEE: Arrested Development. La Grange: ZZ Top. Statesboro Blues: The Allman Brothers Band. Blind in Texas: WASP. Copperhead Road: Steve Earle. Still in Saigon: Charlie Daniels. Dixie On My Mind: Hank Williams, Jr. Midnight in Montgomery: Alan Jackson. Chattahoochee: Alan Jackson. Blue Moon of Kentucky: Bill Monroe. Waterloo: ABBA. Main Street: Bob Segar. Sin City: AC/DC. Last Time In Paris: Queensryche. One Night In Bangkok: Murray Head. Intergalactic Planetary: Beastie Boys. Cant Find My Way Home: Blind Faith. :v

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