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What exciting news: Kate Bush set to release new music in 2011, reports the Guardian today. What charming comments the news has provoked, too.

I was writing about sustainable fishing, but that can wait a day or two more, as I suspect this is of much greater interest to the majority reading.

For today, then, please recommend a Kate Bush song for everyone to listen to in respectful celebration of the exciting prospect of something new to come.

Here’s ‘And So Is Love’, the second track on, and fourth and final single taken from, 1993’s The Red Shoes album. The guitarist, if you’re wondering, is none other than Eric Clapton. Jeff Beck also features as a guest on the album.

The sad video reminds me that it’s soon time for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, which I hope I can encourage those of you in the UK to participate in, and those outside the UK to at least think about for a moment. All that is required of you is that you spend just one hour in your garden noting which birds visit. You can do this at any time during the final weekend of January, and the data you collect and then submit online helps the RSPB — the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds — collate a useful overview of bird species across all regions. Indeed, bird populations reflect the health of the planet on which our future depends, and surveys such as this help correctly place birds on either a green, amber or red list indicating a level of conservation concern.

If of interest to you, last year’s results are available to download. If you’re now thinking about this more seriously and wondering what you can do to help birds, no matter where in the world you reside, the RSPB also offers some practical advice on how to help make your garden more wildlife friendly: from constructing a wildlife stack out of recycled materials which you may have idly lying around, to what types of food you can put out for the birds to feed on (as opposed to relying solely on those horrible, plastic encased suet balls which, left in their wicked mesh, are, in fact, an obvious danger to hungry birds and therefore best avoided).

The ‘And So Is Love’ video also reminds me of this, which probably proves in part why writing about fish, or anything else really, has seemed such an insurmountable burden upon my fragile mind this week. For being so easily distracted, I apologise.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 2pm (UK) should you wish to continue the discussion about birds, fish, Kate Bush or anything else with me and our chat (Ir)regulars for a period up to and possibly exceeding two hours. Newcomers welcome; please see the Chat guide for all you need to know about our chatroom.

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  1. My favorites from Kate Bush were “Hounds of Love” and “Running Up That Hill,” the latter featuring a certain guitarist you may have heard of. It is good to read that she’s working again.

    Two days ago I heard a cut from the new, as-yet-unreleased REM album. It is really HOT!! If this song is an indication, this new record (their 15th studio album) will be even better than Accelerate!!

    1. So that’s something else to look forward to.

      I’m also looking forward to Mogwai’s new one, entitled Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Free MP3 download, if anyone’s interested, at mogwai.co.uk (on the right, after the tour dates).

    2. Two days ago I heard a cut from the new, as-yet-unreleased REM album. It is really HOT!! If this song is an indication, this new record (their 15th studio album) will be even better than Accelerate!!


      I also listened to three songs: “Discoverer”, “It Happened Today” (with Eddie Vedder) and “Oh My Heart” and I liked them.

      If what I read is true, the new album should be very good. 🙂

  2. That’s great news. Think Kate is very under rated and feel her “Aerial” CD didn’t get enough playing. I often chill out to second CD. Any track is good on it especially “King of the Mountain”.


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  4. I would think the appropriate track to play in honour of our Kate must be “Wow”.

    Being a Lowestoft boy (well, -ish) I look forward to your wise words on the demise of the Fishing Industry in the UK … another one decimated in our lifetime.

    We’re religious feeders of birds in our house …. by which I do not mean that we don extravagant robes and swing incense whilst hanging out the peanuts (although that might amuse the neighbours) …. and I recommend it to everybody. We have an apple tree that it like an aviary without the bars (much the best sort), attracting a constant stream of varied, beautiful and hungry birds. It is, like so much “giving”, its own reward.

    Unfortunately we also possess (well, he would disagree about that) a rather black-hearted killer in the form of one Finlay the cat who brings an element of survival-of-the-fittest into what would otherwise be a utopian situation, but cats are fervent Darwinians and our scoldings go unheeded I’m afraid.

    Talking of religiously feeding the birds, I also liked the “Jesus Christ” alternative Family guy clip as well, and nice to see a certain prism hanging on the wall of the record shop – here.

    If it’s not too offensive, I keep remembering another Family Guy episode where “Black Jesus” is mentioned – here. Avert your eyes those of a delicate disposition, people have been burned at the stake for less.

  5. There’s not a lot she’s done that I don’t like. I think what I liked best about her though, was that though my teenage years (in the dark days before ceramic hair straighteners) she made having frizzy brown hair that emitted a strange red glow acceptable.

    The track with Jeff Beck you mentioned is a favourite of mine: ‘You’re The One I Want’. Always loved ‘Breathing’ too.

    Nice ancient interview from French TV – here.

    1. Nice interview? You must be joking. Classy Kate but insolent and pitiful TV announcer. 😉

      But nice to hear that Kate Bush worked with Alan Stivell (Celtic harp) on ‘The Sensual World’.

      She also appeared on Alan Stivell’s album ‘Again’ (1993), providing keyboards and backing vocals on the track ‘Kimiad’.

      Wasn’t Kate’s mother Irish?

  6. Never heard And So Is Love, wow. Love the guitar licks also. Running Up That Hill too.

    I may purchase her new one when it comes out in N.A. just to see who the collaborators are.

    I think it would be a real treat to see Kate join up with Stevie Nicks together, that to me would be an incredible album from two fantastic ladies. What potential.

  7. My favourite KB track is certainly “Running Up That Hill”, although I also have a soft spot for “The Man With The Child In His Eyes”. It will certainly be interesting to hear anything she may have been working on in the past 5 years or so.

    I actually took part in the Big Garden survey last year – I shall certainly have to do so again this year!

  8. A Coral Room (from Aerial).

    Just close your eyes, listen, and let Kate’s lyrics and music paint evocative images in your mind.

    In fact, the whole Aerial album has the ability to conjure up a kaleidoscope of tranquillity. A blissful album.

    Great news about the impending release of new material from Kate. I wonder if anyone we know has been collaborating with her this time around?

  9. For me it has got to be ‘Army Dreamers’. The video is a real tear jerker too, especially with the coffin draped with the Union flag on it.

    The lyrics and music are good coupled with her wonderful vocals in the aforementioned song.

  10. The bad news is that I’ve seen a recent survey showing a 60% decrease in sparrow populations in Europe. The causes are unknown, and probably complex, although habitat destruction must play a significant role. Also it’s certainly ironic that a bird considered a pest species is now on the threatened species list. Sad.

    The good news is that Kate Bush will release new music in 2011. She is probably my favourite female artist, amazing creative talent, sublime and unique voice. Gorgeous woman, too.

    Favourite songs:

    ‘The Man With A child In His Eyes’
    ‘Don’t Give Up’
    ‘Army Dreamers’
    ‘A Coral Room’ (about how she feels about the death of her mother, I think.)

    For some obvious reason, this version of ‘Running Up That Hill’. 😉

    And how about ‘Gaelic Song’? Just beautiful. I think it’s a cover of ‘Women Of Ireland’, which was also covered by Sinead O’ Connor, (Breton) Alan Stivell and The Christians (the awful, IMHO, ‘Words’ – I hate that song).

  11. Here in the States, we have a new problem where thousands of birds have been falling from the skies after apparently dying in flight. They are being discovered in isolated, specific places: one thousand birds in this square mile, a few hundred along that stretch of river, etc. All since the beginning of 2011, and all in American southern states like Alabama and Kentucky. We don’t know yet what’s going on.

  12. My favourite Kate Bush songs:

    – James And The Cold Gun
    – Wuthering Heights
    – Running Up That Hill
    – Hello Earth
    – Don’t Give Up (with Peter Gabriel)

    Big Garden Birdwatch is a nice and important initiative. If I lived in the UK, I would be happy to join it.

    Looking out of my windows, I’d say the birds I see more frequently are sparrows, seagulls, robins, pigeons and turtledoves, starlings, hooded crows and (a lot of) magpies. It seems a big number of magpies and crows were introduced, here, to limit pigeons and starlings populations, so their number started increasing and it’s now too high. All of the birds I mentioned are very easy to see, here, in every season, except for robins and starlings, which can be seen only in winter and swallows and blackcaps, which arrive in summer.

    Unfortunately, it seems swallows population is declining, because air pollution and agricultural pesticides reduce their fertility and kill the insects, which should be their food.

    Thanks for the RSPB links, FEd. Very interesting.

  13. My favourite KB song is “Moments of Pleasure”. Beautiful melancholic lyrics, a perfect Winter song. Can’t wait to hear her new music.

    P.S. I know it will never happen, but my ultimate dream would be to see David and Kate on tour together…

  14. On the Kate Bush news all I will say is, ho-hum. I tried once to listen to her Red Shoes release and was so incredibly bored that I fell asleep. But I know others here are excited about this news, so good for you.

    On the bird issue, I enjoy watching what birds visit not just my yard but wherever I may be. It is always exciting to see a species that I have not seen before or one that I rarely see. Hummingbirds are one of my favorites but not one that I have seen in a long, long time.

    But it is events such as this which is very disturbing. Not only did this happen in Arkansas earlier this month but a similar event happened in Sweden. There is speculation that fireworks were the culprit. No matter it is still extremely unsettling.



    1. How sad. It seems to me to be another very good reason to ban the horrible things.

      And how can anyone, in this case the truck driver who has claimed responsibility for the bird deaths in Sweden, not think it “a big deal” to run over “about 70” living creatures? It really makes me upset and angry to be reminded that we share the only world we have, and will ever have, with such pathetic, mindless morons.

    2. Michele,

      I am sure you tell your eager pupils all the time that mathematics is full of beautiful forms and logic, but not often sexy and sensual so I think maybe Kate has it.

      I did once have a dream in which a beautiful (lady) maths professor whispered seductively in my ear that she would do anything to help me penetrate the mysteries of Giraud’s axioms, but just at the critical moment the sound of chalk on the blackboard proved to be a right turn-off. :))

    3. Well here is a follow-up to the Arkansas story. Now they are saying that it was just too many birds in the sky and they were running (slamming) into things.

      And Michèle, I am sure you know how to make mathematics sound sensual and sexy especially “un a un.”



    1. I hope you had a good one, Dan.

      Happy Birthday also to Roger for Saturday and Terrence for today. May you enjoy many more.

  15. Great news about Kate Bush. Thanks FEd!

    How about this one: Kate duet with Rowan Atkinson, Comic Relief, April 4 1986.

  16. I really wanted to give a listen to the video of Kate Bush, but Sony won’t let me hear it here in the states because of copyrights. Thanks any FEd.

    Take Care,

  17. Cool news the ones about Kate Bush. She is one of my wife’s favourites which had the records, so that I had the opportunity to listen to the songs that weren’t aired. As it turned out I liked her too…

    My favourite song of hers is “Running Up That Hill”…

    Regarding birds: I read an article about them today in the newspaper about the bird watch here in Germany and the results were rather confusing because the number of the amateurs differ from the scientist’s ones. All in all the report didn’t seem to be alarming to me…

    Best regards,


  18. Thanks for the ‘Running Up That Hill’ Michèle! A classic performance that I would have mentioned myself had I not been so late 😉 …and what’s with the comment about a ‘Ridiculous Guitar’? Any is good in my opinion. 🙂 But then, what do YouTube commenters know! For a while I thought the bass player on this was a very young and very mulleted Guy Pratt! I think an (Ir)regular put me right on that one.

    Back to Kate. Great to get some more from her. I love Aerial and I think I would move mountains to see her if she played live.

  19. Great news.

    I don’t think I could choose just one favourite song because of all of the different phases of her career, but if I had to it would probably be from The Dreaming as that was when first I was smitten. 🙂

    My wife has always said that she is the one girl I would probably leave her for. 😛

  20. Kate Bush, wow, what a legend and discovered by our David.

    I was working on Blackpool Pleasure Beach when I first heard Wuthering Heights. I was 13 years old. Running Up That Hill, another classic, I always remember her performing this on TOTP.

    As for birds, we have a bird feeders in the tree at the front window. We have a greedy robin on holiday from Norway, our native robins bugger off to Italy but get eaten by the locals. Finches, tits, sparrows, I’m on my way out to top their grub up now.

    As for fishing, I fly fish for the Salmon. I don’t catch many but my pal Andrew catches plenty, he takes a scale sample, puts the fish back and then gets a report from the Environment Agency.

    Kind regards to all

  21. Good morning,

    I’m back in this blog.

    “Wuthering Heights” is among my favorite ones, with the strange and cold “Running Up That Hill”. But also, I recommend you the “Aerial” album, the title song “Aerial”, “Nocturn” and the hit single “King of the Mountain”…

    See you!


  22. Hi. I’ve just launched a government e-petition calling for “Oh England, My Lionheart” to be adopted as the English National Anthem (England doesn’t currently have one of its own. We have to use the overall UK anthem instead). If it receives 100,000 signatures, the matter has to be considered by parliament. Therefore I’d be grateful to any British visitors who take the time to sign it.

    The petition can be signed here.

    Thanks for your time. 🙂

    1. What do we already use in tournaments where all the (British) home countries have fielded a team?


    2. As far as I am aware the English team always uses the British National Anthem – perhaps we just love a good dirge.

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