A gift from Guy

Following from the success of ‘My Bass and Other Animals’ and ‘Breakfast of Idiots’, Guy has a new show – called ‘Wake Up Call!’ – and has kindly offered a pair of tickets to your choice of the next two (UK) dates: London and Manchester.

The first is on Friday 22 October at London’s very beautiful 20th Century Theatre (at 291 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2QA). Doors open at 7.30pm and, brilliantly, there will not only be pizza on sale in the interval, but after-show drinks available in the bar right up until midnight. How good is that?

Tickets are still available (and reasonably priced at £13.50), helpful travel details can be found here; for anything else, please telephone 020 7229 4179.

Please note that it’s for over-18s because Guy sometimes has a potty mouth.*

The following night, on Saturday 23 October, Guy will be participating in the Manchester Comedy Festival (at the Engine House, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY).

Doors open at the later time of 9.15pm, with the show itself starting 9.30pm. Tickets cost just £7.50. Again, it’s for over-18s only.

For more information, please telephone 07874 152338.

To be in contention to win a pair of tickets to either of these shows, just tell me which one you’d like to go to and why it’s that one and not the other. The distance from your home and time spent travelling won’t cut it; I’m not particularly fond of either city, to be honest, so amuse me. Why is Manchester better than London… or not? (It’s for fun, so please don’t take it too seriously.)

Be sure to start with I’d like to see Guy in _____, not _____, because…

No entries will be considered beyond mid-day Thursday Friday.

Many thanks for your continued generosity, Guy, and all the best with the remaining gigs.

If you already have tickets, or caught Guy’s previous shows, do tell.

Lastly, the chatroom has just opened, if you’ve nothing better to do right now.

* He doesn’t really, it’s because there’s a licensed bar at both venues.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

41 thoughts on “A gift from Guy”

  1. I’d like to see Guy in Birmingham, not London or Manchester, because when we meet up in the bar afterwards (Guy does this, he meets with his fans :D) I’ll still be able to get home drunk afterwards.

    Thanks for the offer of tickets Guy and Fed, I’m not able to travel this weekend but would love to see the show.

    I saw Guy perform ‘My Bass and Other Animals’ a few years ago at an arts centre in Birmingham, so funny and he invited the fans to meet him in the bar afterwards! That arts centre has re-opened during the past few months after a massive refurbishment. The bar and the food are good Guy. 🙂


  2. Fun contest FEd! I’m not particularly fond of either London or Manchester either! Looking forward to reading what everyone writes about these cities.

    I wish I could be there, but it’s too far for me to travel.

    Is Guy going to be touring this show around the UK like the two previous tours? I’d love to see it.

  3. Aye… Guy’s up for a beer alright. Mine was with him before the show, so he’s not fussy when he drinks. 8|

    Pic in the gallery, I think.

    Good show and top bloke.

    1. Off topic, sorry.

      About Bryan Ferry:

      I listened to his new song “You Can Dance” and I like it! 🙂

  4. I’d love to put my name forward, but I can’t afford the travel right now.

    Kind of Guy to offer.

  5. Thank you, by I also live too far from both cities.

    I would have chosen the theatre in London, as I absolutely love Notting Hill (the area), the atmosphere, the pastel-coloured houses, the Portobello Road Market, ‘The Duke Of Wellington’ pub…

    Sorry, Manchester. 😉

  6. I’d rather see Guy in London, not Manchester, because “LondonDan” rolls off the tongue more easily than “ManchesterDan.” It’s a moot point, since my actual name is “WrongSideOfTheOceanDan.” It could also be “IGottaWorkThisWeekendDan.” (Sigh.)

    1. IGWTWD, aka WSOTOD,

      are you feeling as wretched as I am? :/

      The gods work in mysterious ways!

  7. No takers so far?

    Like Mal, I’d love to go along, but my budget won’t stretch to pay for the train fare. London is closer, also the earlier start time would allow me to get a train home instead of staying the night.

    Cheers though, Guy!

    1. I know the feeling, Sam. These are lean times and it can’t be the ideal situation for anyone who’s touring.

      Is there no blogger, or friend of a blogger, living in the centre of Manchester or West London? The Engine House is not far from Manchester Metropolitan University… Where are the students when you need them? They usually like freebies.

    2. We went to see Jeff Beck at the Clyde Auditorium last night and I was shocked by the number of empty seats – looked like around half of them to me. Judging by what’s still available for Joe Satriani on Friday, looks like that’ll be much the same.

      Neither artist was charging over the odds for the tickets and it’s a nice venue.

  8. I would like to see Guy in London rather than Manchester because I can’t get any Woodbines these days and I understand that is the currency for smokers in that part of the country. I don’t possess a flat cap and my German Shepherd dogs would not pass for Whippets!!

    I also have a further problem dear Fed/Guy, my tender Southern feet just can’t cope with the cobbled streets. My zimmer frame just gets caught on the undulating surface.

    Of course there is a positive side to Manchester; they know how to make a pie up there and their fish and chips are to die for.

    I also get put off by hairy Lancastrian guys calling me “love”, or am I confusing that with a county just over the hills to the east? Not hard for a chap from south of Watford Gap!

    😉 Hope it goes well Guy. My Missus and I would love to be there with you.


    1. :)) You’re in, Julian. Two tickets for London are yours.

      I hope you and the good lady enjoy. I’ll e-mail you the details ASAP.

  9. I’m not really fortunate so I placed a bid on eBay for the Pink Floyd “Oh By the Way” box set. I got it for 95$ Canadian. But 5 minutes ago I opened the thing and it is a FAKE and REALLY CHEAP one. Is there anyone here to help me get my money back?

    I doubt M. Gilmour is reading this but there must be someone here to help me with this?

    Look at this INSULT! (The article is not by me but I got the same thing.)

    And by the way, nice Guy, you’re really a talented musician!

    1. Finally I’m OK, the seller e-mailed me back and I’ll get my refund. But hey, don’t get fooled like me. He says:

      Thank you for the information, I’ll refund your money of course and $12.00 for shipping back to me. I am looking at the webpage, I’m quite interested in passing this along to the wholesaler I buy these from. Sending refund now.

  10. Like New York Dan, I’m definitely on the wrong side of the ocean to even try for one of those tickets Guy has kindly contributed.

    We need a lot of laughs during these trying economic times and I can assure you that if Guy ever did a comedy tour in New England, it would be SRO all the way!

  11. I’d like to see Guy in Leeds, not Manchester, because… I’m a proud Yorkie and very reluctant to stray over the border.

    However, I am willing to make an exception, on this special occasion to see Guy perform his ‘Wake Up Call’ and buy him a pint of whatever afterwards. Just so long as he signs my copy of ‘My Bass and Other Animals’… 😉

    1. :)) It’s a deal, Ken. A pair of tickets for Manchester are yours.

      An e-mail with all the necessary details will be on its way shortly. Hope you have a great night.

    2. Well, my trusty TomTom got me safely over the Pennines and across Manchester, into a very convenient car park opposite the venue, which houses the Anthony Burgess Foundation Trust, just before 21:00.

      On entering The Engine House, I advised the delightful lady on the ticket desk (who by the way, was delicately carving a “Wake Up” access stamp, using half a potato) that I was the recipient of free tickets generously donated by Guy on David’s blog. She seemed happy enough to believe my story without confirmation, and let me and my wife, Carol, in. Nevertheless, I handed her a copy of your email as proof, which she gladly accepted.

      The venue was also staging another act, as part of the Manchester Comedy Festival, who was still performing, so, as we were in Manchester, I felt obliged to order a Boddingtons from the bar in the reception area. A dozen or so, other people were sat waiting for the ’Wake up Call’. Guy made an appearance and was chatting to the organisers by the ticket desk just as the previous act’s audience emerged into the reception area, suddenly it felt like you were in a sardine can!

      In order to relieve the pressure the organisers started checking people’s spud stamps to allow access into the performance room, however. Guy had other ideas.
      He hadn’t done his sound-check or got his (liquid) refreshments in place, so we were ushered back into the reception area.

      Don’t get me wrong, it was all very light hearted, I imagine Guy just wanted to get into ‘the zone’.

      The performance room was set-up with approximately 15-18 rows of free-standing chairs, with about 12 seats to a row, an aisle ran down the centre. An ambient PF track was discreetly playing in the background before the show commenced. I imagine the audience was about 80-100 strong.

      Then we were underway.

      A telephone started ringing over the sound-system, it was the ‘tour manager – Steve’ being politely told by his various call recipients to ‘f*ck-off, Steve’, then a phone on a table, on the stage started ringing, Guy comes charging down the aisle, picks up the phone, a conversation ensues, concluding with… yep, you guessed it.

      The next hour and twenty minutes or so, was a fine collection of anecdotes, based oddly enough, on the title of the show. This ranged across a whole spectrum of artistes who Guy has performed with (and some he hasn’t, allegedly), ranging from PF to Robert Palmer, Duran Duran and David Coverdale, to name but a few. A common theme of the night, oddly enough, related to ‘Mid-West’ hotel room Mini-bars, which seemed to be an instinctive port of call after the ‘Wake up Call’.

      Interspersed between Guy’s recollections, he availed us of some Bass rhythms from various tunes to add humour to these events, Duran Duran was notable for their originality (utilising the same riff for three different songs).

      The show concluded a 23:00 with Guy plugging his availability to sign copies of ‘My Bass and Other Animals’. I had taken along my hardback copy, which Guy willingly signed.

      However, as I was driving back home that evening I didn’t linger long enough to offer him a libation, I think he had already gone through a bottle of white wine during his show and besides, he’d have the Mini-bar back in his hotel room.

      Carol and I safely transited back across the M62, passing several gritters on the way, as the temperature hovered around freezing. It was a thoroughly entertaining evening. Thank you Guy and FEd for making it possible. If I ever get the opportunity to meet you again, preferably pre- or post-David Gilmour show, I owe you one.


  12. 1. I’d like to see Guy in clothes, not naked, because of that ugly tattoo on his butt. 8|

    2. I’d like to see Guy incognito, not in public, because people would talk… 😕

    3. I’d like to see Guy in P.U.L.S.E, not in the Venice Concert, because of the haircut… :))

    4. I’d like go see Guy in Toronto, not in another location, because I just do! 8)

    1. NewYorkDan,

      Incognito means that your identity is kept a secret… it’s just a play on words…

  13. Dear FEd

    My missus and I had a fabulous time at Guy’s “Wake Up Call”. Many thanks for the tickets and for arranging everything.

    Guy was on top form. We and the rest of the audience enjoyed the evening and Guy’s particular gift for relating funny rock stories. His boss from the “On an Island tour” was there with his wife Polly, which was a pleasant surprise.

    We had a super evening so thanks to you for organising it and thanks to Guy for the tickets and a very entertaining evening.

    I shall never look at anyone named “Steve” in the same light again! Especially if he is a Tour Manager. Go and see Guy’s show to see why!


  14. I would prefer to see Guy in Manchester than London, because I hear Pino Paladino is in London this week. We all know Guy can’t compare to Pino…!! Only joking, of course.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the concerts.

  15. David, when can we expect you to come to Montreal, Canada???

    I’ve seen Mr. Roger Waters 3 times in the past 4 years. I would love to see you live as well. Please, and I’m sure i can speak for all David Gilmour and Pink Floyd Fans, please, please, please make a north American tour… And you know what would be even better? If yourself and Roger made up and toured as Pink Floyd, that would be the above all, end all concerts of all time.

    But please consider touring Canada (Montreal).

  16. So FED… an added reason to LOVE this blog!

    Thanks Guy, your father in law would be glad.

    A hug from Rome

  17. Hello FEd,

    I just can’t curb my enthusiasm as I sit here listening to Metallic Spheres — with headphones on. An incredible trippy experience with the 3D60 technology. Have the press published their take on this release?

    I hope the Gilmour~Orb collaboration generates stacks of funds for Gary and the praise it deserves as a cooperative project.

    What a great collection of music! And I haven’t used these old headphones for so long — it’s rather a nice re-visit.

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