The Orb feat. David Gilmour

I can now provide a much more thorough answer to the sporadic questions concerning The Orb’s new album and David’s involvement in it. I apologise for skirting the issue until now.

David is not working with The Orb on a new album, contrary to some reports, but you may remember that he had been in the studio jamming with Martin “Youth” Glover in recent months, who was at the time working on an ambient mix of the ‘Chicago’ re-recording, which was released to raise awareness of the plight of Gary McKinnon (as confirmed in News: David & Orb Rumours True – Up To A Point, 7 October 2009).

Alex Paterson was not involved in the sole jamming session and the only plan initially was for David to play guitar on that one track – ‘Chicago’.

However, as it turns out and as you can see, the result of that jam session has now been spread across the next Orb album, Metallic Spheres, which will be released as ‘The Orb featuring David Gilmour’.

So there you have it. He was working on an album with The Orb. Sort of.

It will be released in multiple formats worldwide in October this year, date to be confirmed shortly, and all artist royalties will go to helping Gary McKinnon’s campaign against his extradition.

In addition to the standard album, there will be a ‘Deluxe’ double-disc version: the first disc is the same as the standard, the second is a 3D60™ version, which, as the name suggests, allows you to listen in glorious three-dimensional sound.

3D60™ is a new sound production process developed by Youth, Mike Brady (The Jam’s live sound engineer) and Ian Thompson (musician and multimedia producer). You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy 3D60™, by the way; it will sound amazing on any headphones in any format. Have a listen.

As well as the option of downloading the standard album from iTunes, there will also be a vinyl version, exactly the same as the standard CD, but including a download card permitting you to download the full album plus an additional ambient bonus. So that’s something you’ll be familiar with from the various guises of Live in Gdańsk.

You can expect more at Latest News as additional details, including the release date and various extras that are still being worked on, are confirmed.

That’s all the exciting and unusually relevant news out of the way for the time being. We’ll return to random nonsense next time, don’t you worry.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m excited for any new music including David’s work. I hope to own this and I hope in addition to doing the new music dance some good will be done for Gary.

  2. Oh wow, I love The Orb’s work!

    I’ve just returned from my summer hols and have lots to catch up on.

  3. This is great news! I’ve been a fan of The Orb’s work since the beginning… should be wonderful with David’s guitar work wandering in and out of the music. 😀

  4. Synchronicitous orbs? 8|

    I can’t tell you how often this image has popped up recently in relation to Pink Floyd: the comment I made to Mr. Pratt was not the first in a string of orb encounters of the intuitive kind.

  5. Most excellent news, indeed! 🙂

    FEd, I wonder what you’ll be getting yourself for your birthday?? :))

    A big virtual hug to you and all the Irregulars. I’ve been far too busy of late and am in need of a good, long chat. Maybe in September…

    Peace ‘n’ love always!

  6. Great news but now it means saving money. Roger tickets, An Introduction to Syd Barrett, The Orb feat. David Gilmour and of course a donation for the Hoping Foundation.

    I´m thinking about a bank robbery. 8)

    1. David will not be touring with The Orb, sorry.

      Neither will he be involved in any promotional events for the album, should there be any.

  7. Bless the gods: Is that a performance from Hawai’i?!

    The gods are smiling and working overtime on this one!

  8. More good news! It’s shades of 2005-2006 all over again. 🙂

    On another note, I’m very happy to announce the birth of our third child, Lucas Angelo Ortiz. Lucas arrived on planet Earth 8/17/10 7:52am EST weighing in at 7lbs 4oz, and 20 inches in length.

    Mommy and baby are doing well, the Sisters are excited, and Daddy is “on an island”.

    1. Oh, that’s great news Angelo! Compliments. 🙂

      Best Wishes to you and your Family.

      Bye, Hydrea

    2. Congratulations to you, Christine and the girls! 🙂


    3. Congratulations Angelo on the safe arrival of Lucas. Best wishes to his Mum and Sisters.

      Time to start weaning him onto DG… 🙂

    4. Angelo,

      Great news. Congratulations. Just think, if this was 1969 the birth could have happened while you were attending the Woodstock Festival.



  9. Congrats to both The Orb and David for a very cool collaboration! Looking forward to the new album in 3D60-version! 😀

  10. Great news again!! Can’t wait to get this album and listen to The Orb’s atmospheric sounds and David’s fantastic guitar!!!


  11. That’s great news, I’ll look forward to hearing it.

    Nice that all the artists royalties are going to help support Gary Mckinnon’s campaign too.

    It’s just a great pity that he still has to have a campaign. David Cameron and, even more so, Nick Clegg were clear enough in their support of Gary before the election. Now they look as if they’re hiding behind select committees and PR stunts.

  12. Also a fan of the Dr’s so looking forward to this release… and no pun intended with the username. 😀

  13. Well I can honestly say I’ve never heard them or heard of them (thank goodness for Google) until today (thanks FEd).

    Well, the first thing I noticed from the 3D60 sample was that I had my head phones on in reverse.

    So it looks like I will be adding a new artiste to my LP collection. Will it be available on vinyl? (It’s just that I’m stuck in the 80s). You did say the 3D60 will be available on all formats, so I have my fingers crossed. Also do you think it will be available from the DG store?


    1. It will be available on vinyl, but not in 3D60, and I’d be very surprised if it’s not available to order from David’s website.

      I’ll let you know more on that when I know.

      Just to reiterate, you will be able to download the album free of charge as a bonus/thank you for buying it on LP. But that’s expected to be the standard version, not the 3D60 version.

    2. Thanks FEd,

      No need to thank me for buying vinyl. It’s me that needs to thank those that haven’t forgotten us vinyl heads.

      Cheers. 🙂

  14. Great news.

    Where was the footage shot that’s currently available on You Tube? It looks pretty mellow!

    All the best,


  15. I’m confused as to how something with two outputs i.e. left and right can suddenly become 3D?! A mix has depth to it as well as a left and right, but you can do that normally. Maybe I’m just being grumpy?

    I imagine the album will sound great anyway. I’ll have to check out the 3D60 site and find out the science behind it!

  16. Great news!

    I knew they’d somehow hook up after that iconic “Melody Maker” front cover circa 1994 showing the Orb V Pink Floyd (Gilmour).

    I’ll be getting this!

  17. I’m not very familiar with The Orb’s work. I went looking for some on YouTube and was surprised I had heard some but didn’t know who it was.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what David does on this album. 🙂


  18. Wow! 8)

    In these days there’s many news stories about David. I’m very happy about it.

    Well, I listened 3D60 on my headphones. That’s incredible! I think is really a new dimension of sound. I can imagine it will be the new sound of the future. 🙂

    Compliments to Mike Brady and Ian Thompson.

    Bye, Hydrea

  19. Incredible. A perfect trifecta.

    In October there will be three new David projects:

    An Introduction to Syd Barrett
    The new Olympia album by Bryan Ferry
    …and now Metallic Spheres with The Orb

    David is certainly an active creative person, generous with his talents and royalties!

    Can’t wait to purchase these three new albums!

  20. Sorry Fed, but I have never heard of the Orb. But I am very interested to get it and give it a listen, for if David is playing one or maybe more it is worth getting, for you can’t get a better guitar player than David.

    Hope to make it to the chat room tomorrow.

    Take Care, Thomas

  21. Wow, October will be double special as getting married then. Hmmmm, maybe add to wedding gift list !!


  22. One thing about David is, any time there is a newer technology, he seems to lead the way. Bravo again, David.

    Thanks Fed.

  23. This is very exciting! The Orb is a band I am not familiar with, so this will be an introduction to them. It will also be great to get some new music from David, which for me is an event.

    This is better than a PF reunion, in my opinion. PF were at their peak some 35 years ago, and while that music is my favorite, we have so many live recordings of it already… And I am always more interested in new music from David (or anyone else, for that matter) than in hearing him re-do the hits one more time. I like to know where an artist is at NOW, what they’re exploring and how have they changed. And this album of new music will do that for me.

    Thanks, David, for sharing your art with us.

    1. I’m all for that! It would give me a good reason to buy every PF album again. 8)

  24. Isn’t Youth the collaborator with Paul McCartney on his Fireman projects, including the “Electric Arguments” album?

    1. I think you’re right, Dan. Love that Electric Arguments album.

      You can download one of its tracks for free, here, by the way.

  25. 😀 REALLY like the “Pocketful Web 1” tune on the Home Page.

    Several months ago when I first got to the David Gilmour page, there were SEVERAL “short tune instrumentals” ALL of which I wished/wish were downloadable. I hope that becomes available in the near future.

    Is there any location, recording, etc. where these webtunes are kept and can be accessed?

    In wait for a response – thanks. 8)

    1. David’s wish for the homepage sound loops was that they’d come and go without fanfare, so I’m afraid you can’t download them or play them on demand at this time.

      Thanks for the comment, though, Rich. It’s good to know that you’re enjoying them.

    2. Hi,

      You used to be able to get them via a specific web address, davidgilmour/ or something similar, (can’t remember now), but it stopped so I deleted it from my bookmarks. I have about 50 of them that I downloaded (all titled such as Overture 1, Smile web 1 etc.), that I intended to mix together in Logic but never got around to. Not got them all though as sometimes I forgot to visit and then they’d be gone. As you may recall, there were loads for On An Island and the follow up live album as I have a few based upon Echoes and other live tracks.

      I always wondered, when the rumours started about David and The Orb, if the sound snippets were what they’d been working on as they are very ambient in nature, very Orb like. I’d love to hear a properly produced mix of the various snippets, it would be fascinating to hear.

      All the best,


  26. what makes me happy is that actually david is rich and it leaves hope for future projects, quickly to hear this album.

    thank you for the post, fed.

  27. I’ve just seen and heard this EPK.

    Oh yes, I definitely like the sound of this.

    Not too sure about the drum machine (is it a drum machine?), but I’m guessing this is part of the character of this type of music. Looking forward to hearing more. 🙂

    Good laugh to see these professionals, who should look after their equipment, get their cables and leads in a tangle. :))


    1. Oh, and the other thing about this is, it appears to have allowed David creative expression.

      I’m sure he enjoys being the guitarist for other artists, like Rev Al Green that time? I’m sure he enjoys playing the old Floyd stuff.

      I think he really enjoys doing something new and imaginative most of all though. 🙂


  28. I’ve just seen the “Metallic Spheres” EPK and it seems interesting.

    I don’t know much about The Orb’s music, so this album could be a good starting point for me.

  29. That’s a really nice bit of footage – thanks.

    There’s something very organic sounding about the music. I think that’s going to be my Autumn dog walking album.

  30. I’d never heard The Orb before but after listening to bits and then the EPK video, I think I’ll be listening to more. Very ethereal groove ~ David’s guitar work sounds fantastic!

    I’m looking forward to October’s release. 🙂

    Peace ‘n’ Love!

  31. David. Syd. Roger (21 more sleeps until my first Wall).

    What a great autumn. 😀

    It’s been a long time I have not been bankrupt by our boys and it feels good!

    …AND where is our gorgeous Nick in all this? He is adored and missed.

    ~Rick, RIP~ Always in the Music and in our hearts.

    Many thanks, FEd, for doing such a great job keeping us posted. Very much appreciated.

    Bella xo

  32. David on German TV, as I heard ARTE was covering young David Gilmour yesterday on its series: Straende der 60s (Beaches of the 60s), I missed it, but there is a replay next Monday, so I will set my VCR or DVD recorder.

    ARTE: Montag, 30. August 2010 um 14.00 Uhr

    Keine Wiederholungen
    Strände der Sixties
    (Frankreich, 2010, 42mn)
    Regie: Emmanuelle Nobécourt

  33. I remember, in the 90s, The Orb were sometimes compared to Pink Floyd, so I was curious and looked for some of their albums in CD fairs and one day, I had great fun when I found out their ‘Live 93’: On the cover, a funny stuffed sheep floating over the Battersea Power Station. They must have a good sense of humour. 😉

    But this time… their cover… :!

  34. I LOVE serious Headphone Music. I can’t tell you how many happy hours I spent when I was still both handsome and young, listening to Dark Side of the Moon on headphones. I’d also take big, really good, speakers and lie down with my head in between them and listen to Dark Side of the Moon.

    I’m soooo glad David is doing this music.

    Have you folks ever listened to “Castle in the Clouds” by Gong on headphones? It’s a short instrumental that makes you want to laugh out loud, it’s so stereophonically good!!!! Sheer joy and ecstasy!!!

    1. The sound is perfect. Even the cat seems to appreciate! C’est du bon David, bravo.

      Thanks FEd for this info.

  35. Today in the chat room I mentioned a character called Desperate Dan. I thought later that some of us are not British and, I think but I’m not sure, that the character may not be known to non Brits. So, I went looking for an image, here it is.

    :)) The Gilmourettes in particular will see the humour of the description I gave. 😉

    Anyone intrigued enough to want to know what we are giggling about is gonna have to visit the chat room and we might tell you but we probably have to confer first. :))


  36. Although I am pleased to hear new work coming from the guitar of Gilmour, I am also disappointed that this has to be connected to the McKinnon issue. I guess I will have to pick up a used copy at some point as I wouldn’t want any of my dollars going directly towards a cause I do not support.

    I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way but I am one of the few who will speak up about it.



  37. Thank you very much for the Orb and David footage. I had also not heard of The Orb before but David’s contribution certainly sounds great and amidst all the news on the Syd album had completely forgotten about Bryan Ferry! Thank goodness for October birthday and September wedding anniversary!!!

    Just starting to reap the benefits of the home grown vegetables! Leeks, carrots, swede, tomatoes, onions, all very good; aubergine, courgette and squash coming along nicely… despite all the hard work, still the money saved can go towards the aforesaid mentioned albums!!

    Best wishes to all

    1. I grew courgettes for the first time this year and they did very well, as did my tomatoes. Has anyone else tried the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter? Never mind sliced bread, this thing is miles better.

      Just don’t mention potatoes, please. Last year I had radishes bigger than my tomatoes. This year my tomatoes are bigger than my potatoes. C’est la vie.

      Peas and French beans are the future, I think.

  38. I’ve just been watching and listening to the EPK again. It’s really growing on me… the more I hear it, the more I’m looking forward to hearing the album.

    ash 🙂

  39. Wow, very cool sounds Mr. Gilmour!!! I love the primordial tribal groove that was sampled on the internet briefly. Sounds very familiar for some odd reason. 8)

    Never heard of The Orb but I’m definitely buying the album!

    UFO fans rock!!! 😀

  40. Hi,

    I’m just back from work, I’ve been off the Internet for a while and it’s really exciting to read the news! It must be very interesting and fascinating, I’m sure, it sounds very warm. I enjoyed the EPK… THANK YOU David, there’s a lot of emotion in everything you do.

    Have a nice weekend everybody! How are you doing Fed?


  41. Wow, I love the sound of “The Orb” + Gilmour’s guitar, this album is a good buy.

    Good wishes. 😛

  42. Off topic, but my radio station Classic 21 played yesterday a song by a band they called ‘the New Wave band Berlin’ (?) and I think I recognised David’s guitar. Beautiful/haunting guitar solo. Maybe I’m mistaken, but if not, what is this song, please?

    Hope you enjoy(ed) your break – despite your water butts probably over-flowing. 😉

    Miss you, FEd.

    1. That would be ‘Pink and Velvet’ by Berlin, best known (probably) for ‘Take My Breath Away’, which featured in the movie Top Gun.

  43. I’m still looking for the back door! It’s just fantastic that David is involved in another album and I will have it as soon as it comes out. 😀

  44. Hi,

    back from the summer holidays… bye bye Salento!

    Great news at the moment, thank you. I like very much The Orb and their version remaking “DSOTM” and Echoes, but I like more and more news about David Gilmour and the stage…

    A hug from Italy

  45. Catching up as usual. Kat and I saw The Orb last year at Rock Ness in the big tent.

    Brilliant as ever finale with the Doctor Who theme.

    1. Ehrm, that was probably Orbital. Unless The Orb have started doing a Doctor Who theme version.
      They often get muddled up.

  46. Long time follower of The Orb and D.G. here. This is my ultimate dream collaboration.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Ever since reading Nick Mason’s book (where he mentions the Orb) I’ve been hoping something might happen one day. And now it has. Very happy camper here.

    Thank you David, Alex and Martin. 🙂

  47. David,

    I’m seeing your ex-bandmate in Chicago next Thursday for The Wall. I heard that you are going to join him one day on his US tour.

    Will you be there?

    I wanted to see you on your On an Island tour in 2006 but couldn’t afford it. I’m 25 and have listened and loved every song you and Pink Floyd have written. You have helped me out with so much in my life and to actually see your artistry in person would make my life complete.

  48. Try preordering Orb through the website 4 attempts and then an email to Sony and you get this glib response:

    Thank you for contacting MyPlay Direct.

    I’m sorry that the order could not be placed. I have been able to confirm that no order has been placed under the E-Mail ID “***@**********.com” you’ve provided.

    Based on the information you’ve provided, I suggest that you enable the cookies, disable the Firewall and anti-virus in your Computer and try placing the order.

    Also, I suggest that you try placing the order using a different web browser and different Computer.

    Thank you for choosing MyPlay Direct.

    Sony Music Digital

    My only question, where can I pre-order using my g5 Mac using Safari? – Sarcasm.

  49. Bonjour DAVID, je m’appelle Yannick et je suis français, je suis fan depuis déjà plusieurs année et je ne me lasse pas de ta music magic!!

    Continus encore longtemps s’il te plais!!!! Fait nous rêvez encore et encore.

    Merci DAVID, à bientôt.

  50. erh… why is DG’s name spelt wrong in the iTunes tag on the import?

    drop the CD in the drive and it comes up with :

    1 – do you want to import A) The Orb with David Gilmore or B) The Orb V’s David Gilmore

    …and then on import CD – it’s “The Orb featuring David Gilmore”

    bless the useless muppets at Sony… they don’t know who it is or what!

  51. Listening to Metallic Spheres featuring David Gilmour. I feel like early Floyd was transported into 2010. Very cool. 🙂

  52. G’day FEd,

    I’m trying to download my Metallic Spheres MP3 bonus from the LP I bought last year. The webpass does say it’s available until the 31st of this month. It doesn’t seem to work, I’ve tried on many occasions.

    I have emailed but have not got a response. Can you help?


    1. I can certainly try, and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’m just very sorry that I did not see your message until today.

    2. Hi FEd,

      I hope you had a good and refreshing break.

      I’ve just tried it again ( and there now is a tab called “The Orb Featuring David Gilmour Digital Download WebPass”.

      When I click on this tab it goes back to the same page, a bit like if I were to click on refresh button. I’m still trying, but yet no cigar.


      1. Thanks for the update.

        I know the site’s being worked on, so I’m sure there will be a cigar soon. Apologies for the inconvenience, though.

      2. You should be able to get that cigar now, if you try. Here is the link you need.

        Thanks again for bringing the problem to my attention. Should you encounter any problems with the download, please let me know.

    3. This cigar has a nice flavor.

      Thanks a lot FEd, I’m glad that I tried the blog and I’m impressed. The link worked a treat, it was just too easy for a non geek like myself.


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