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Not that it’s gone quite to schedule, this announcement (well, does anything?), but you probably now know that there is video footage from last month’s charity event benefiting the Hoping Foundation and its surprise reunion – care of Roger Waters’ latest Facebook post.

Please don’t all go rushing over to the Hoping Foundation’s website (the link’s been left out on purpose); the video’s not there yet and, frankly, you’re overwhelming the server. It’s not going to be there until Monday at 5pm (UK). Thank you for your understanding.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the two-minute taster provided by Roger, now also available over on the DavidGilmour.com homepage.

We have David’s wife, Polly, to thank for the video, by the way. She gave it to Hoping for exclusive use on their website with the wish that you lot would perhaps consider making a modest donation in return for viewing it. A donation is not required, but would be much appreciated – as were the donations many of you have made since hearing of David’s involvement with the charity (which stands for ‘Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation’).

There’s no longer any need to check back on Sunday, but I look forward to hearing what you thought of the performance when you see the video proper on Monday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

83 thoughts on “Hoping video”

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  2. Great!!! Fantastic!!! You two are the guys!!! Came to Brazil together, please. “I wish you were here”.

    Marcelo Mello

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Polly for filming the event and allowing the footage to be shown – David and Roger are amazing!!

    Really looking forward to seeing the full video!!!!

    Helen 😀

  4. Hi FEd

    Just back from Kinsale, after a week of Guinness and fine sea food… any body coming to Ireland should check this place out!

    Looking forward to Monday and of course Sunday when David’s boys are gonna get stuffed :! …hopefully!


  5. Super!!!!! It is a Great Emotion!!!!!!


  6. The clip looked and sounded great, really really good. I’m so jealous of the audience who obviously loved it (mutter mutter… too damn good for them… rotten b****ards).


  7. Wow! Can’t wait until Monday… really looking forward to this!

    Please play Glastonbury 2011.

  8. That’s really good to see them together for a great event.

    Take care, Thomas

  9. So, it’s Polly’s video. Then, why was Roger the first to mention it on the web? Not very ‘fair-play’ to David and Polly. Just my opinion. And OK, it’s not that important.

    Thank you, David and Polly and total respect to you for offering it to the Hoping Foundation.

    Looking forward to viewing it on Monday.

    And also, thanks to FEd for working on the weekend to keep us informed.

  10. I’m totally at a loss for words. Just out of the blue, these guys do a surprise performance together (only their second time in nearly thirty years). And now, equally out of the blue, we learn that there is a VIDEO of this performance, and that we can catch it for FREE. Wow.

    Free, that is, unless we get bugged by our sense of right and wrong, and rightfully feel the need to donate some cash. Which I think we should do. After all, who wouldn’t pay $19.95 to purchase this as a CD on Amazon?

  11. I wonder if Roger sneaks downstairs early on Christmas Morning, opens up all the presents Santa has left for the kids, then runs back upstairs to tell them what’s there.

  12. It is such a pleasure to see these two guys on stage together again. And it seemed much more pleasurable for both compared to the Live8 get together.



  13. Nice teaser. Will have a look at the full video when I get home. Thank you, Polly.

    Greetings from the currently hot Greek island of Lesbos to you FEd, the Irregulars and everyone on the blog.

    Will check back in on the 25th.


  14. Very classy! After all these years, you guys have only gotten better!! Keep it up, the world needs ya!!

    To David, I’m still looking for that guitar case you’re missing. If I find it I will blog here first.

    Scot Johnson – Florida

    1. ‘Lo All,

      Great, innit, Fed and the Gang. Thanks a Billion!

      I just can’t get to grips with the enormous difference this has made to my day! Here’s big, old me sat in front of my PC with the amenities to do so. Pissed off ’cause I’m skint, out of work, etc. and at the same “time” being able to do so! Fed, watered and clothed, without the fear violence. There are many struggles in “our” world. Too many to mention!! I hope this one, the Hoping Foundation, gets as much recognition as it deserves. 🙂

    2. Don’t think there’s much more to say that we didn’t all say when it was initially announced.

      Just awesome to see, and hear!!! 😀

  15. Just saw it. Wow! Amazing! So exciting but also so moving.

    I’m so happy it happened. How can’t one dream of seeing them again together? “Two musical legends reunited”, indeed.

    And how I missed Rick’s piano on ‘Wish You Were Here’.

    Thank you David, Polly (for the video), Roger and all those who contributed to this event.

  16. Thank you very much David! Unbelievable, that you invited Roger to sing the Phil Spector Song with you!! There was always a lot of humour in Pink Floyd, that’s for sure now!

    I watched the video right now, a few times, and I loved every second of it! And of course I donated as well, the situation in Gaza has to change soon, hopefully!

    And David, please keep on surprising us!!

  17. just watched the full video. all i can say is: amazing. would have loved to have been there.

  18. I’m sooooo happy!!! What a gig and a half!!!!!!! Loved Comfortably Numb and grooved on down to Another Brick In The Wall!

    Amazing concert and a fantastic charity! Please donate what you can to the Hoping Foundation.

    Helen 😀

  19. I’m feeling Pink today!

    Syd Barrett and Rick Wright can’t be too far away. This was a lovely, intuitive and crazy vision realized, and I hope this performance marks only the beginning!!!

    Coming down to earth for one second, however: I’ll never understand how people will try to talk over a performance, especially a Pink Floyd one! Cheering, yes! Applauding, yes! Swooning from heart attacks, yes!

    That said, it was epic, gorgeous, beautiful, and I hope there’s more to come.

    I missed Nick Mason, but I hope he’ll have his moment in the sun?

    Ms. Samson, you understood history was being made here: THANK YOU for recording this!

  20. Wonderful! It fills my heart to see them play together again. A big ol’ NYC-pat-on-the-back to Polly for recording this lil’ tidbit of history for a great cause.

    It may be trivial in light of the actual purpose this event was for, but this video can also serve to help another good cause: the “Don’t Stand on Your F*CKING CHAIR During a Concert” Cause!!!


    1. It may be trivial in light of the actual purpose this event was for, but this video can also serve to help another good cause: the “Don’t Stand on Your F*CKING CHAIR During a Concert” Cause!!!

      :)) I had a holy-shit-what-the-fuck-are-you-thinking moment there along with you Angelo. Polly did a good job working around the obstruction so we could enjoy the view. 😛

  21. Of course I am enjoying this and think it’s great. Nothing better than watching people having fun. It’s heartening to think how powerful emotions can be and people can make a difference. It is entertaining but I hope more than that. Easy to take this without deep meaning but it has made me think. Made me think that it is never worth the effort to fall out with anyone and we as humans are so fragile.

    Important that we all get along, yes?


    1. Keep Talking. 😀

      Damned right Ian, the only way to solve problems is to talk, negotiate, stoop to conquer if need be. Win the peace.


    2. I agree Ian. Life is too short not to love.

      I really enjoyed the video. Thanks David!

      I never thought we’d see this in a million years, although I did hear about a tweet from FEd that suggested it had been videoed. My friend wasn’t sure you were being serious FEd!

  22. Saw the full footage and I really enjoyed the moments. Such memories from the past. Thanks to all involved. 😉

  23. It is Floyd MAGIC and Floyd FIREWORKS, you guys playing together again!

    Reunite for a relative short time. Show the world your compassion, good senses and sound.

    Longer lines make stronger bars. Glue the world. We really need a fix.

    Thank you!

    Per – Holland

  24. 😛 En décembre au centre Bell, j’irai voir THE WALL de waters; Roger invites-donc Polly et Dave pour le duo comfortably numb; une sur la photographie et l’autre pour sa voix d’étoile et sa guitare solaire…

  25. I’m not sure why dear Polly has not used a very basic feature on every video recording camera called the “zoom!”. First of all, why so far away?

    2- Why have the camera on a tripod without any operator to have it move around, zoom in, get some closeups, their face, their hands playing the guitar, the faces of the crowd? This is not just another gig to say, well, she wanted it to just be a home made video of her husband… it’s Roger and David’s first reunion after Richard passed away! It’s a big deal!

    3- You can still have a casual and humble amateur recording but a lot more artistic. If she was busy taking pictures, they don’t have any friends that would want to help out??

    I’m still very happy that at least there’s this video. Definitely better than nothing. But David is very careless when it comes to the fans. Roger is a lot more in touch with his and Pink Floyd fans, and is very considerate when it comes to thanking the fans for their support. As for David, he is pure talent, yet doesn’t give a hoot to whether our continued support gets rewarded or not. He does small concerts that it is impossible to find tickets for and he refused to have a reunion while Richard was still around… I mean at least for Richard’s sake!! They did a whole album dedicated to Syd! I think Richard deserves at least one brand new original Pink Floyd song dedicated to him, if not an album!

    Come on David! You’re not an old fart yet! Give yourself some credit and do your last big Pink Floyd masterpiece!

    1. Ignore for a moment that wonderful body of work that David and Roger created together in the 60s and 70s. After all of that, David gave us two PF albums (which would not have happened without his leadership and vision) when Roger was on his own career. More recently he reunited with PF at Live 8, though he clearly was reluctant to do so. Then he gave us an album of new music plus collectibles like the “Arnold Layne” EP. THEN, he gave us a live CD PLUS a live DVD. Now, the video from a one-off with Roger. And you say he is “careless” about the fans. Because he doesn’t play sports arenas.

      David owes you nothing. No matter what he does, you’re always gonna be wanting more. You’re always gonna be waiting for the next big thing, instead of appreciating what’s actually available to you.

      That, it seems to me, is “careless” and disrespectful of David.

    2. Well, for starters, this would have been filmed more to your liking, but the suggestion – “very careless” and inconsiderate David’s suggestion, I hasten to add – was unfortunately vetoed.

      What you have is an unmanned video camera recording from a cabinet at the sound mixing desk. The result of which is now very welcome by those who were against the idea of filming anything in the first place.

      With the greatest respect (and I mean to the performers), the cause of displaced Palestinians living as refugees in deplorable conditions is a bigger deal, and Polly and the friends you speak of were there to support the cause. Not everyone goes to a concert – and don’t forget that this was a fairly low-key charity event – with the intention of filming, which means getting in the way of and irritating others (who had paid a lot of money to be there, of course) against the known wishes of those present and on stage, so that others back home can watch later. The camera positioned where it was bothered no one and now, hopefully, the recording can generate some more funds, which would not have been possible had David and Polly not set the camera in place.

      I do take your point, of course, but please take mine. I think some of your comments are completely unreasonable, all things considered.

    3. Frankly I wouldn’t blame him for not giving “a hoot” if this is the kind of shit he has to put up with.

    4. How rude! 😡

      It sounds like Roger may have been the one who didn’t want it videoed, so how wrong you could be about Roger being more in touch with his fans than David.

    5. 8| Blech… it’s like someone dropping in to say hello but instead taking a big crap on your floor, demanding that you hand over your favorite heirloom embroidered sink hankie for them to wipe their butt, slamming the door as they leave, AND wanting you to thank them for the visit!

  26. first, waters, you have a magic of your own, your past works on the wall especially. your voice in it was masterful, i loved the movie and live in berlin 1990.

    that said though…

    to david gilmour, i truly apologize. now realizing, much the central heart of the sound of pink floyd. i’m sorry and not sorry to say i was one of those “wow, waters, what would floyd be without him” but get this, i’d also say: just listen to time, breathe, brain damage, money, shine on you crazy diamond and oops… the voice i was commending was really gilmour!! take nothing away from waters, sounds great, but my correction, gilmour, you are definitely the heart of pink floyd and together, when all sung faithfully, you can probably sing a novel.

    the reason for not being sorry too is that waters is a great voice in all of it too but I gave him your credit too and for that i am truly sorry. until i actually saw videos from pulse, i thought waters was singing some of that. same thing too, take nothing away from wright or mason, their blend made it all happen too.

    would love to see you come out with a new CD with a sub for wright. rip to richard and syd, well miss you, your music lies in our hearts forever — all the best to you waters, gilmour, mason and the best to pink floyd.

  27. Very funny to see those two sing ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ together. Yet strangely moving as well… lovely!

    1. It had been niggling away at the back of my memory since I heard it, it reminded me of something else then the lyrics popped into my head!

      This may not be the time or place but do you remember we have considered cover versions we would like to hear David do?

      How about this?

      David’s intro to “To Know Him Is To Love Him” reminded me so much of this song. David would make a great job of this, I think.


    2. I loved that song by The Teddy Bears when I was a little girl. :))

      Needless to say, I much prefer David’s version ~ especially his bluesy guitar. 😉 Very nice, indeed!

  28. Come on! Don’t put up a video like this unless you’re going to reform.

    Going to see Waters’ Wall tour. Put David on guitar, COME ON!!!

  29. You and Roger need to get back on the road together for the Wall tour. Amazing as it will be, without David, it just wont be as good as it could be.

    I will be in Atlanta for the Wall, please be there too!!!!

  30. Another quick post… Got done watching the video from the hoping gig again. Looks like you two had an incredible time.


    “You gotta be crazy” if you won’t tour the Wall with Roger. Your fans are “Raving and Drooling” for you to do this! “One of These Days” you guys would “Keep Talking” and the fans have had “High Hopes” of this for many years.

    We will sacrifice “Sheep”, “Dogs” and even “Pigs (3 Different Ones)” for this to happen.

    Your fans may unleash “The Dogs of War” if you end up at the show we are not at! We all know everyone will “Run Like Hell” from them, even “Learning to Fly” wont help.

    So, “Take a Breath”, “Breathe in the air” and decide it’s “Time”.

    I’m pretty sure deep down somewhere, you want to do it and if you don’t, there might be “Sorrow” later on. So, be like Nike and Just Do It!!!

    We want to be left “Comfortably Numb” left only to play with “Dominoes” one more time!

    Hope to see you in Atlanta!

  31. Oh… FEd, sorry, but I saw today the Hoping video because my connection is “really, really, BAD!!!”

    Well, I felt emotions when I saw it and I’m very happy to see David and Roger together again. In particular, see them unite to support young Palestinian refugees. So, I’m sure this initiative by the Hoping Foundation will help many people.

    Thanks Polly for the video! 🙂 I think it’s a beautiful present that you gave to everyone.

    See you FEd and all in chat! (I hope my connection will work well…)

    Bye, Hydrea

  32. David is very careless when it comes to the fans. Roger is a lot more in touch with his and Pink Floyd fans, and is very considerate when it comes to thanking the fans for their support. As for David, he is pure talent, yet doesn’t give a hoot to whether our continued support gets rewarded or not.

    Well, I’m thankful to be able to see this video and we can only see it because David and Polly shot it, not Roger.

    Also it’s hardly shaky mobile phone quality that some of us are happy with from concerts we were never likely to be at! None of us would have gotten into Kiddington Hall to see this amazing reunion for ourselves, would we!

    So thanks David and Polly! 🙂

    1. I think it’s a good way of making more money for Hoping.

      Maybe it should have been a requirement that everyone donates something before they can play the video and maybe donations over a set amount could allow you to download it.

  33. I thought it was great. David was so good.

    Many thanks to David and Polly for filming this.

    I can’t understand why one or two people have moaned about the quality of the recording. Consider, it was a small gathering to raise funds for charity, it is like seeing someone’s home video for goodness sake, we are very, very privileged to see ANY of it.

    I will (lightheartedly) echo Angelo’s comment about the audience, standing on the F*cking chairs :)) and why do people wave their mobile phones around and their beer glasses? AND why don’t they sit down quietly and LISTEN? Am I a boring old fart for wanting to hear the band at concerts? 😕 I bet I’m not the only one who remembers when that’s what audiences did.

    Anyway, it was obviously a great night for all concerned and I thank Polly and David again for filming it. It was extremely generous to let us in for a glimpse of your private world.


  34. Good to see them play again, and who gives a shit what the film quality was like?

    Thanks for taking the time to set up a recording Polly.

  35. I want to thank you for that, David and Roger.

    Every time you get back together, you prove to be great men as well as great musicians.

    Do it again. We miss you.


  36. I am very happy to have seen the video of David and Roger. Thank you.

    As for the complainer that said David is careless, it is people like you that caused Roger to put the Wall up in the first place.

  37. Many thanks to David and Roger for getting together to do this gig, to Polly for recording it for posterity and to all of them for allowing us to share the moment!

    Oh, and thanks to Polly for the quick adjustment during David’s second guitar solo on Comfortably Numb!! I felt a bit anxious for a moment. :))

    Peace ‘n’ love 🙂

  38. I had no computer for some days, so I watched the Hoping video right now and I really liked it.

    Thanks Polly and David. 🙂

  39. Just simply amazing. Has made my year. Thank you Rog and David. Thank you so much.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  40. Please get back together. It would be the world tour to end them all…!!!


  41. Hi!

    Well, the tribute that Dave paid to Wright after Rick’s passing made me cry a lot then. So, a few days ago I watched the Live 8 performance again, and, for the 2nd time, Dave’s version of Remember a Day, and then, I went to the HOPING web site to watch their video… and Christ! To Know THEM, Is To Love THEM. I cried again. Why? Well… I’m 27 years old, and since I was a three year old boy I listened to their records, mostly The Wall.

    I try to keep my feet on the ground, only waiting to see Waters playing The Wall here, since I’m from Brazil, and attended to his 2007 concert. Sadly, Pink Floyd or Dave never came here, and I’m almost sure that they’ll never will (but I hope that someday someone will prove me wrong). And as many Floyd fans always ask Dave and Roger things like “hey guys, get back together, do a new tour and record a new album”. I don’t see it coming.

    Both of them have different points of view, whatever it is, Dave’s songwriting is very soft and poetic… Roger’s is famous for his political and social critics. Can you people imagine how can they write again together? I can’t. And to keep Floyd’s legacy untouched, they could at least try to do a new song, but I think that they both know that they should not do this. Floyd’s legacy is so high that anything new can sound too corny, unnatural, or not like the Pink Floyd we were used to in the 70s.

    I like to think that if it has to happen, it will.But Dave, Roger and Nick: don’t take too long.

    From my heart.

  42. I tried three times to leave my donation to the Hoping Foundation (sorry for the rhyme 🙂 ), but I don’t know why, the system always refuses it.

    Is there anyone here who had the same problem? If yes, please, could you explain me how to solve it?

    Thank you very much.

  43. I LOVED seeing this, as well. It gives me hope that there might be a Pink Floyd tour in the future.

    I’d given up on the idea–completely given up on the idea–until I saw this video. It provoked a thought from left field. Even though David has said he’s finished with PF, he may still tour as PF. With revenues from royalties plummeting towards zero, these days, in the music industry, he might end up in a situation where he really wants to. He and Polly have a lot of kids, and probably a whole lot of overhead. What if the financial crisis has been as hard on David, as it has been to so many others? What if suddenly, due to the bankers and other Wall Street criminals that perpetrated the global financial meltdown, David has much, much less than he did a couple of years ago? There is nothing in the world that could make as much money as a final Pink Floyd Tour. Nothing. He might be able to get close to 100 million for a really big tour. Polly and the kids know this, and might not be averse to one. If he tours with Waters, the numbers could be higher, than if he and Mason toured as PF. But of course, with Waters he’d have to split the take three ways.

    Anyway, I was sure that I’d never see a Pink Floyd Concert in my lifetime again. Now–after seeing that video and wondering about what the financial melt down might have done to David’s bottom line, I’m not so sure.

  44. fantastic music, skillfully played for a good purpose. please go on with events like that! you have this wonderful music and you’re famous – that WILL change things and reach people.

  45. Mr Gilmour, Mr Waters and Ms Samson,

    Thank you so much for this “gem”.

    This one feels so much more genuine than “LIVE 8” – sorry about that! But I think this was much more relaxed. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing and of course for filming it.

    I think this will start again all sort of rumours about you guys making a Floyd album but I think this is nice treat for the fans and I hope they will all remember what this was about: charity for the “Hoping Foundation”. (You guys are no ragged band but the greatest show on earth.)

  46. Nice to see two of the best together on stage again, Roger’s conceptual talents and David’s masterful musicianship. I’ve seen them both in concert, but never together.

    I can see how Roger must have been a handful in the PF days, I saw him solo in ’85 and he was quite unhappy with the audience, and rightly so, there were fireworks going off and a lot of noise from the crowd. At one point he dropped his headphones off and walked off the stage. (No spitting though.) Indeed a tense atmosphere, and he would have started stacking the foam bricks himself, if there were any to be had. Saw him again with DSOTM tour, he could not have been more gracious and entertaining, a totally different experience.

    Dave is Dave, but Roger seems like a changed and happier person, perhaps mellowed with age. Hopefully we’ll see a bit more of this in the future!

  47. Thank you so much Mr Gilmour, and please tour with Roger Waters. I would travel from Sydney to anywhere in the world for a PF concert.

    Thank you so much for helping HOPING. I lived in the middle east and around the refugee camps for some time, not something you’d imagine in this time and age.

  48. Just another quick THANK YOU SO MUCH to Polly for a) making the recording and b) making it available to us.

    (And to D.G. and R.W. and the band of course!)

  49. 😀 Thank you indeed Polly for the footage and all the wonderful photos that you have taken during this benefit gala for HOPING. I will be sure to make a donation as I have in the past and plan on doing so in the future that and with Crisis.


    Williamsville, NY

  50. Great stuff! I just checked eBay’s MissionFish charity thing (you can give from something like 10% to 100% of your auction price automatically via eBay) and it doesn’t look like this particular Palestinian charity is registered with them.

    If anyone reading this has contact with them please do ask them to register at missionfish.org and I’ll be more than happy to add them to any future auctions I have.

  51. Hello David.

    Pink Floyd I love more than anything else in the world. Tomorrow, October 2, will participate in this event in some way about you and will be a bit like having you here in Milan. I’d give a year of my life for a thundering QUL days in Venice where I have made to jump into the heart by the pleasure of being right there for you “SACRED MONSTERS OF ROCK”. I have all your albums and DVDs of live concerts. I miss you to death, a bit like a child who has been away from his favorite toy. When I die I want your music sounds to me at the funeral (as in “ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA” with Robert de Niro).

    Love you and not a day goes by that plays at least one album.

  52. I don’t know where to begin. I’d like to raise my hand to ask a question.

    I’m thrilled to see this site. If there’s a chance David, Polly and other such wonderfully passionate-about-charity artists are here, I’ve indeed perhaps flowed quite miraculously at the right moment into a perfect embrace-place for pondering a massive solution that’s been in the works for weeks shy of 30 years—a solution to be generated by an extraordinarily focused performing arts project.

    My question is, thanks for waiting, is it possible to share on this site such a vision to permanently fund all good charities (with the stipulation that it’s an idea long in the works needing gentle feedback and co-nurturing, a free idea ultimately worth trillions)?

    Thank you for this wonderful site, FEd. Key to my thesis work was Benoit Mandelbrot. I came across his obit on BBC a few days ago while listening to The Orb 3d60. A nearby headline mentioned possible PF reunion, which led me to this video thread and blog.

    I’ve been on a flow 30 years pursuing the most natural strategy to circumvent politics and unite popular opinion for comprehensive social change, all the while profoundly feeling how it’s so very David, Roger, Nick, and Rick forever/no past, and here I see such a heartwarming sign delivering hope for all things to heal.

    All best,

    MS Interdisciplinary Studies:
    Theoretical Physics, Advanced Peace Strategy, Defense Statistics & Analysis
    U of Oregon 2009

    Dark Side; Sept. 23, 1972

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