Hoping Foundation

Last night, Saturday 10 July, David performed at a charity event in aid of the Hoping Foundation (‘Hoping’ stands for ‘Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation’)… with one Roger Waters, who some of you might know.

There’s the photographic evidence, if you don’t believe me – from rehearsals.

The event, organised by Bella Freud and Karma Nabulsi, took place at Kiddington Hall country estate in Oxfordshire, England and raised a most welcome £350,000.

They performed four songs before 200 guests, accompanied by Guy Pratt (on bass and acoustic guitar), Harry Waters (on keyboards), Andy Newmark (on drums), Chester Kamen (on guitar) and Jonjo Grisdale (also on keyboards).

Songs were ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’, which, I’m told, regularly featured in Pink Floyd sound checks way back when, followed by Pink Floyd favourites: ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, and the one that got everybody singing along, ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)’.

Well, well, well… Bet you weren’t expecting that. Hoping, indeed.


  1. audiowriter

    Geez. Way to go David–very big of you. Didn’t think this reconciliation would happen in my lifetime. It can only be good and thank God you put all the bad stuff behind you!!!

  2. ciaran

    I look forward to seeing David and Roger performing CN on Rogers Wall Tour!??!

    It was great news to hear that you performed together again.


  3. col

    I don’t want to ruin the nice and happy feeling here in the blog… David and Roger did a good thing for charity, and their intentions were pure and nice. The problem is the Palestinian dirigents… i am not sure that this money will be used by the young generation. We must remember what the BBC was writing about Arafat’s attitude when it was talking about money of his people:

    “During Yasser Arafat’s final illness, questions were raised about what will happen to millions of dollars of funds controlled by the Palestinian leader, following his death.
    Yasser Arafat took personal control of Palestinian funds.

    During his years as head of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, experts say, large amounts of money donated, or raised through business and taxes, were paid directly into accounts in Mr Arafat’s own name.

    The International Monetary Fund says international aid to the Palestinian Authority has been running at more than $1bn a year since 2000.

    In 2003, Forbes magazine estimated Mr Arafat was worth $300m.”

  4. Ulli

    Well, I am of the few who are totally underwhelmed by this “reunion”, as an Olympic grudge holder I will never forget that Roger tried to destroy PF in the mid 80s and even fought for that in the courts, and I will never forget how often he was badmouthing David. I am stunned, to put it mildly, that David forgot all that, and I am even more dumbfounded to hear that David announced to play guitar on one of Roger´s Wall Tour gigs.

    Another issue is the cause of the “reunion”, I hope that they checked carefully where the money is going, that it isn’t supporting HAMAS.

    Anyway, I am less than thrilled by the latest development, and disappointed too.

    • peter m

      The make up ‘sex’ is always best. Have a sandwich and relax, will you please.

    • Mike from Michigan

      Being an ‘Olympic grudge holder’ is like holding your breath and waiting for the other person to pass out.

      If David and Roger can choose to leave the past in the past and work towards building a future relationship, that’s wonderful. I’m sure that neither one has ‘forgotten’ the past. They have just chose to move beyond it.

    • Ulli

      Actually, it is about character, you burn us once, I blame you, you burn me twice, I blame you, so you can expect the same from Roger as he used to do. I even find his facebook post unfunny and full of himself, narcissist wise.

      Anyway, I hate flip floppers and for that reason I don’t understand why David did this, and according to Roger he was begging Roger and not vice versa, what I assumed, dumbfounding.

    • peter m

      Ipso facto, you hate both David and Roger, and most of us for that matter, because we’re pleased that time and the wisdom of age have allowed for these two men to find some common ground again.

      And since you hate us all, I would suggest it is time for you to move on. No reason to be unhappy after all.

  5. Gabrielle, Washington State

    Hi FEd and fellow Irregulars,

    I think it’s fantastic that David and Roger were able to come together to do this benefit. What a great concept, too, having people bid on the performance of a song! I also love it that Guy was there playing bass next to Roger. 😛

    The ensuing debate was inevitable, I suppose, regardless of which ‘side’ was to be the recipient of the proceeds of the benefit. Wouldn’t it be nice if by helping these children, a new generation might grow up to be more tolerant of the other ‘side’ and, therefore, less inclined to simply stay the course which leads to intolerance, hatred, and violence/terrorism?

    Thanks for the link to Polly’s site. I found it very enjoyable! I just might have to get me a new book in November …

    FEd, with the big news coming from Roger, you’re going to be very busy fielding posts speculating on where and when David might be playing Comfortably Numb, eh? That should keep you out of mischief for a while! 😀

    Take care ~ peace ‘n’ love!

  6. Warren Loveridge

    Were I even inclined to, I am most ill-equipped to wade into the Palestine debate. However being the father of two delightful young kids, I cannot bear to see children suffer, and I’m totally behind anybody who seeks to better the world for them.

    Beyond this, it was wonderful that David and Roger (the mother of all rock reunions) played together. From a perspective of pure hero-worship I was thoroughly thrilled to hear the news and see the pics.

    I sincerely hope that the misplaced sense of entitlement exhibited by some fans does not colour the experience for David, and that he continues to do as he pleases.

  7. Ken

    It’s great to see David and Roger playing again, but it’s unrealistic to think that David would join Roger for the full “Wall” tour. I don’t think David enjoys doing a show wearing headphones while playing to a “click” track, and keeping his guitar playing to a strict routine every night, with few opportunities for improvisation. With “The Wall”, David would just be a part in Roger’s machine. Of course, we would all LOVE for him to do it, but David, being the great musician he is, would likely get bored pretty quick.

    I think all we can hope for at this point is David and Roger getting together after Roger finishes his tour, and maybe making some new music together, with possibly a tour to follow. Whether they will call it “Pink Floyd” or not, who knows? But to have any new music from both Gilmour and Waters would be very exciting.

    Austin, TX
    (hoping that David plays at Roger’s Dallas gig!)

  8. Sharon Woods

    Earthquake this morning: Pele did her hula this morning in Washington DC! 8|

    It was mild but we’re on alert over here.

    2 gods reunite and the others get jealous! 😛

  9. Ralph

    Hey Fed and Irregulars,

    Took me a while to read through all the comments. 😉

    Great to hear David and Roger playing together.

    FEd, could you do me a favour and whisper “Antwerp” in David’s ear ?


  10. Greg

    David… PLEASE, Play the wall show in Atlanta with Roger.

    As much as I am excited to see the Wall, I know it will not be the same and nowhere near as enjoyable without your voice and guitar.

    It would be a dream come true.

    I am sure we would all agree that without you, the Wall just wont be the same and we will end up with another Wall live in Berlin… something nobody wants.

  11. Andrew

    Unfortunately I can’t help to think that the longer it takes for David to appear at one of the shows, the more the shows will be selling out because of the anticipation of him making an appearance. And therefore in some ways this still comes back to the money. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    Personally I would be shocked if David chooses a U.S. date as much of the “special performances and appearances” have been taking place closer to home for him. If it is a U.S. date, I believe it would be NYC at MSG just like Nick Mason did a few years ago. However those shows will command ridiculous prices from the scalpers regardless if David is there or not.

    Although selfishly I would love to witness this event at the U.S. venue I am going to which is not MSG, in some ways I think it would be fitting if David chose a show in Latin America. But I would put my money on a show in London. In many ways, David performing at one show outside of England is kinda a waste unless he is planning a holiday with the family in the same area around the same time. Afterall, flying umpteen hours to come out and perform for 5 minutes just seems wasteful.

    Let’s hope there may be other surprises lurking.



    • peter m

      That’s the thing isn’t it? From the photos it looks like they were genuinely having a good time. As a lifelong fan, it is hugely rewarding to see these two enjoying themselves and each other in the service of a great cause. Wish I could have been there, but as I said the photos themselves are hugely rewarding.

      Is this the first time you’ve played with Roger?

  12. sandra

    grazie david, grazie roger. for us and for you.

    “we will meet again, some sunny day…” 🙂

    i’m so happy for you. 🙂

  13. Ronda_the_great

    I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY would love to see video and or audio from this!!!

    It would have been a dream come true to have witnessed this. Pink Floyd.

    And David’s solo career has been such an inspiration to me. I could never thank those men enough for their music!

  14. ash

    As one who was stunned to hear about David’s and Roger’s reunion, I really do feel that humanitarian relief and good causes is a great way to raise funds but much more than this, it raises public awareness too.

    I applaud both of them.


  15. Luca

    Is Fantastic!!!!! Please Dave, You and Roger Live in Italy, Milan!!!!!

    I Love You.

  16. Thomas

    Hey Dave and Roger,

    Just a small suggestion from a big Pink Floyd fan: How about releasing those songs on an official CD, raising more Money for the Hoping Foundation and making millions of your fans happy?

    Thomas from Switzerland
    Looking forward to Roger’s Wall concert in Zurich 2011.

  17. Rimshot

    Thousands are murdered in Darfur daily and the free world’s irresponsible “media” barely raises an eyebrow because they prefer Jew-bashing to reporting truth.

    All claims that the poor, oppressed Palestinians in Gaza are starving and being subjected to an inhuman embargo by Israel are LIES. There is no starvation. There is no shortage of goods for basic needs. There is no embargo. There is no apartheid. There is no humanitarian crisis whatsoever.

    Hamas somehow manages to find the resources and manpower to launch close to 10 rockets into Israel every single day.

    There simply cannot be any shortage of basic goods if Hamas can spare the effort and resources to import, build and launch Qassams every day. It is a luxury that destitute, enslaved refugees simply cannot afford. Therefore, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

    The alternative is, Hamas is being grossly irresponsible to import rocket parts instead of basic necessities for its people.

    Donating to “Palestinian” relief efforts makes things WORSE for the children. Arabs blaming Israel for all their problems is no different than Nazis blaming Jews for all their problems.

  18. Shiloh from Jerusalem, Israel

    Excuse me David. Have you ever thought of doing some research before you promote something?

    Maybe you and Roger should take a history lesson, and I will provide the link from not a Jew but a Catholic professor that knows what you just promoted is based on a lie to finish off the Jews that the piece of garbage named Hitler was unable to do. It is incredible pathetic that you two incredibly gifted artists are either so ignorant of what your promoters push, or you too have bought the great deception. May your god have mercy on your soul.

    Study this please, along with all the rest of the anti-Semites.

    Simply pathetic.

  19. Avi

    Nice to see the rabid anti-Israel artist Roger Waters performing for a rabid anti-Israel group. Perhaps if the Palestinians sought peace instead of ongoing conflict, accommodation instead of the destruction of Israel, a fair resolution can be forthcoming. But as long as the Palestinians teach hate, war, terrorism and martyrdom, peace will remain a distant dream.