Hoping Foundation

Last night, Saturday 10 July, David performed at a charity event in aid of the Hoping Foundation (‘Hoping’ stands for ‘Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation’)… with one Roger Waters, who some of you might know.

There’s the photographic evidence, if you don’t believe me – from rehearsals.

The event, organised by Bella Freud and Karma Nabulsi, took place at Kiddington Hall country estate in Oxfordshire, England and raised a most welcome £350,000.

They performed four songs before 200 guests, accompanied by Guy Pratt (on bass and acoustic guitar), Harry Waters (on keyboards), Andy Newmark (on drums), Chester Kamen (on guitar) and Jonjo Grisdale (also on keyboards).

Songs were ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’, which, I’m told, regularly featured in Pink Floyd sound checks way back when, followed by Pink Floyd favourites: ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, and the one that got everybody singing along, ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)’.

Well, well, well… Bet you weren’t expecting that. Hoping, indeed.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. And next, walking on water and curing blindness.

    Seriously it’s good to see that wanting to help others [again] can bring people together.

    1. Indeed.

      It’s a miracle.

      There’s a word I learned in Hawaii: CHICKEN SKIN.

      Frankly I’ve been walking around all day in wordless joy!

      The gods move in mysterious ways!

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  3. first of all i hope the reunion of sorts won’t overshadow the charity that this concert was played for and its work .

    second of all i hope when they got together it was not as uncomfortable as their meeting on the extras of remember that night looked . despite what i have said i am glad to see though the 2 men getting together .

    roger waters is doing a solo tour of the wall in the usa and europe so don’t bother to ask if the floyd are getting back together . after the sad passing of richard wright it would be impossible .


    p.s hi fet ed , long time no chat , i hope you are keeping well .

  4. Great to see. Woke up this morning to an email alert about this. Great way to start the day! Shine On…

  5. That’s really good that they could get together and help raise money for the Hope Foundation.

    Thanks for the great news, FEd.

    Have a good weekend, Thomas

    P.S. Sorry that I haven’t been to the chat room but as you know I am still going through a lot of medical tests, but I will be back. 🙂 For I really miss everyone…

  6. Well done! …that’s a serious amount of money.

    Was one in attendance, Fed??

    1. One was not in attendance, sadly. One was not expecting the story on a Sunday, either.

      Sorry, everyone.

    1. This is something that I have always wondered about…

      Good question. Why did they split up?

    2. Nothing like a bit of Rabbit to inspire David and Roger to go “Yeah! Why not!”, Paul! LOL! 😀

  7. Wow FEd! 😀

    What a week for me to regain my free time and uptake my DGBlog.com persona again! Also strange I looked out Dark Side Of The Moon yesterday morning and played it for most of the day…

    Fantastic of both of them to do this for charity, and I hope they raised a lot of money.

    With more and more appearances by David these days, I sure hope we see him out on the road again soon.

    What are your feelings on this FEd? As excited as we all are, I hope! 🙂

    1. My feelings are that it was a nice surprise and I’m so glad that the story wasn’t leaked! More importantly, it’s such a worthwhile cause; I agree with Roger’s public sentiments entirely. I’m glad that he has expressed his views so eloquently and sincerely for some time now, as they are not popular in many quarters, which I find puzzling because the absurdity and depravity – and above all illegality – of what is happening in Palestine is quite clear to all who bother to look.

      But as far as music goes, which is of secondary importance, with all due respect to music-makers and -lovers alike, I wouldn’t get too carried away at the prospect of Saturday night happening again. Sorry if that sounds negative.

    2. It doesn’t sound negative at all to me; it echoes my sentiments exactly.

      Fantastic that they did it, but to be honest I’ll be forever more excited by the prospect of one day seeing David live again than seeing the both of them together.

      “IT” wouldn’t be nearly the same without a certain Mr. Wright anyway. 😉

    3. I agree with you, FEd. 🙂

      Yes, music and meeting between David and Roger are important. But more than music, it’s very important the Humanitarian cause.

      I’m proud about David and Roger.

      Have a nice day to everyone.

      Bye, Hydrea

  8. … united we stand, divided we fall. I seem to recall that David told us once that re-unions for charities are possible…

    Great news anyway, I’d like to see the photographs.



    1. … forget that about photographs. The one in the entry didn’t show up in the mobile theme, that I use when checking the Blog by my cell phone.

      Nice picture!!


    2. Thanks a lot, FEd!

      I just looked at them, and while in this Blog entry a flame war and lot of speculations are running wild, I saw two elder musicians that seem to have enjoyed that small gig. If my opinion would be asked, I’d say that is what matters, and I truly hope they have left the past behind. Life is too short…

      I for myself don’t give a damn about PF’s future or if there is any. What matters are the individual members and to see them happy together. If they choose to release an album or two, as individual artists or collaborating with other, that’s fine and I’ll enjoy it. If not, that’s fine, too…

      Best regards


  9. When I woke up and saw the news I couldn’t believe this, I thought it must have been Photoshopped. :))

    I’m impressed, if only I could see or hear it…

  10. Hello everyone! I just hope the rumours I heard are true: Gilmour would play Comfortably Numb solo at UK concerts of Waters’ The Wall Tour.

    Did anyone else hear hear about it? Please let me know if my dreams will come true…

  11. My boyfriend woke me and told me about this at 6.45am this morning, and I really thought I was dreaming. We are both PF fans, but I was so sleepy, I just rolled back to sleep. Then I woke up with the reunion my mind and I screamed and grabbed the computer. It was true.

    I am so happy and envious cos I wish I was there to see it and emotional all at the same time. I am 57 years old, and I never thought I would have a memory like David and Roger ever again. Its wonderful. Oh the possibilities… how exciting. Been jumping up and down all day with glee.

    Ain’t it something, eh, Fed.

    Shine on.
    Denise! xxxx 😀

  12. Wow, happy about that! I’m wondering who joined who or were they both on the bill from the off? Maybe Dave wants in on the massive cash truck Wall tour (which suits me to go see the Wall with Dave on guitar!) 😀

    1. I can assure you that David doesn’t want in on any “massive cash truck Wall tour”, having turned down many a crazy offer to reunite after Live8.

    2. I quite agree with you FEd, however I can’t help but wonder what kind of dilemma it would be for David if Roger suddenly announced that the proceeds would go to this very cause (or some other worthwhile cause).

      I would still think his desire to be a good dad and husband would win out, but it would be a tough decision.

  13. Dear David!

    I can not describe how happy I am that you and Roger Waters performed together yesterday at a charity event in aid of the Hoping Foundation that was held at Kidlington in Oxfordshire, England and raised £350,000 for the new generation of Palestinians. This is so wonderful to hear that the walls between two very important talented men have torn down. This is one of the best news recently.

    I really hope you will collaborate together again one day in the future for the sake of salvation of humanity. You are really great men! Right now I am listening to On The Turning Away. This song of yours is so symbolic for this extraordinary happening.

    All the best to you David,
    Medard 🙂

  14. Is the relationship between David and Roger getting warmer, or is it David’s social conscience again that has compelled him to do this?

    No hope of a Floyd reunion though. It wouldn’t be right without Rick, as David said on Jools Holland’s show, Rick was a more integral part of their sound than most realise.

    I wonder though if David will appear appear on stage when Roger brings his Wall show to Britain?

  15. I’ve been up since 4am, but I feel like I’m dreaming. So I’m going to ask the guy sitting next to me to pinch me to see if I really am awake, but I’m alone.

    Fantastic to both David and Roger, but after hearing this great news my thoughts are of Richard and his family.

    Also great to hear that Guy was involved.

    What a way to start the day, unbelievable, I think I’m going to have a beer. 🙂

  16. Wonderful!

    David and Roger unite one more time for charity event.

    Finally, they smile together and it’s beautiful for my eyes and my heart see this. I always believed in their reconciliation.

    Thanks David and Roger.

    Bye, Hydrea

  17. 😀 Absolutely fantastic!!!

    This was for a great cause but the fact that the two main men of Pink Floyd have again shared a stage together is amazing. I know there has been a lot said and done by each party from approx 1985-1994 (?), but hopefully this has gone some way to realise what a great band they were and when all members were contributing to great music. As a Floyd fan this warms my heart, thank you Dave and Roger!!!

  18. WOO HOOOO !!

    Congratulations David and Roger (and Guy, Andy, Harry, Chester and Jonjo) for “just doing it”: getting together for a terrific cause and making such a huge difference. If anybody can, it’s you guys. My heroes.

    This is great news for loving fans and concerned activists’ hearts for more reason than one.

    Congratulations, love and blessings

    Bella G. xo

  19. It’s so nice to see these two back on stage performing and for a worthwhile cause, just shows that these two men will always be legends; heroes of music and humanity.

  20. So raising £350,000 for charity will get you and Roger back together!!!

    I’m in New York. Madison Square Garden holds 20,000. Roger is charging $250 per ticket for his solo shows. So the 2 of you together can charge $500. So that would be $10 million dollars in 1 night for Charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you can see if Roger can get the venue for 1 more night in October. You don’t have to do The Wall. He’s just got a stage with a PA system ready to go.

    And I’ll be happy to pay the $500. :))


  21. ‘Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation’ – Great cause. Let’s hope it’s not a lost cause.

    Nice to notice how relaxed David looked on stage. My favourite photo, here.

    Just hope this won’t make all the speculations about an hypothetical Pink Floyd reunion start again.

    1. Just hope this won’t make all the speculations about an hypothetical Pink Floyd reunion start again.

      I thought the same, Michèle, as soon as I read this news.

      I just think that, probably, it will happen again (try to surf the web today…), even if it should be easy to understand there is a deep difference between playing some songs for charity on a Saturday night and organizing a reunion, with all the pressure and hard work that it would surely imply.

      Instead of hoping in something that could hardly happen, we should simply be happy to know they played together for a good cause.

    2. Alessandra,

      I highly doubt the idea of hard work would dissuade David. He did bust his butt to get the RAH DVDs and Gdansk CDs out, after all. I think it’s more the idea of being away from home and family for such a long time. And goodness, have you seen the tour schedule? It’s insane! And it keeps on growing!

    3. Michael,

      I also think that tour schedule is insane.

      Anyway, I can’t know the precise reasons why David never wanted to take part in a Pink Floyd reunion and I absolutely didn’t want to say he wouldn’t work hard.

      All I can say is that, being his reasons good for the fans or not, he simply has the right to choose what he wants to do.

  22. Hey Fed, hey everyone, hope you are all well?

    I think it’s great that David and Roger got together for charity, just as they did at Live 8.

    For me that was the ultimate reunion and final reunion, it was amazing when it happened and unbelievable to see them up on stage together but I think the talk of a possible reunion has to come to an end now as (for me anyway) it just wouldn’t be the same without the gentle giant Rick Wright up there.

    I know this comment won’t be liked by everyone but I honestly think it just wouldn’t be the same (sorry guys).

    1. I completely agree with you Melanie. I also like that when they do shows for charity, they are billed as their individual names, and not “Pink Floyd”. That’s what they have done since Live 8, and it shows that they are all the classy guys which I have tremendous respect for.

  23. First off… Hi everyone, it’s been awhile.

    Most of you know I am from Arizona, a not so popular place right now, and in the United States for that matter. My step father is Palestinian and moved to the United States twenty years ago. I have been very disappointed in the directions my State and my country have taken in the last decade.

    Having a Palestinian step father has allowed me to explore the history of Jordan and Israel. Most Americans can tell you they hate Palestinians, but know nothing about what has gone on over there for the last fifty years. It is very hard for me to see the amount of anger from persons who think they are just like our forefathers, but act like the people we fought against fifty years ago.

    I am very happy to see there is still good will and charity in the world. I just wish there was something I could do to help change the minds of this crazy American mob.

  24. Hey, THAT is cool!! It would be great if these two could do something like this every few years for a worthy cause. It says a lot about them both that they are able to put their differences behind them in order to make music and raise money for these causes.

  25. Wonderful news!

    I never thought I’d see Roger Waters and Guy Pratt on the same stage together!

  26. Awesome they performed together. Shame Waters cannot understand that differences need to be laid to rest, life is too short to carry a burden… especially when it’s no more than a chip on a shoulder.

    Roger… when you look around your wealth, i.e., your home, cars, your life, remember it was the fans who provided all of that, your talent was rewarded by the money of the fans, didn’t fall from the sky.

    Pink Floyd is a creation and an achievement what will go down in history as one of the greatest bands in history, and a following like no other that has been plagued by stubbornness. The Wall tour is the final hoorah eh?? Any reason you could not give the fans a complete performance with Gilmour, fair that he has tried many times to bury the hatchet.

    Your are performing on a stage, not living together. Give the fans what they deserve and don’t go on with your life knowing you performed your last tour in front of millions of fans, thinking it was all your doing.

    Look at the Eagles… apparently they had differences and were able to get by for awhile and give the fans what they know and love… to be a great band. They are remembered as who they were on stage, incredible accolade of achievements… what do the millions of Floyd fans know? Misery of the best band (in my mind anyway) that ended in your destruction of the name “Pink Floyd”.

    History can be made, you can make it right, swallow some humble pride and do what’s right, Roger.

    Mr. Gilmour, thank you.

    1. No disrespect but, what are you on about? I think you’ve been reading some revisionist or at least some extremely outdated history books. Seems to me that Messrs Gilmour and Waters have indeed buried the hatchet and are each happily doing exactly what they want to do.

      These gentlemen don’t owe us anything. We’re lucky to have what they’ve already given us. Anything else we get is gravy.

    2. Here we go again. Roger and David were in a band once and they made great music together. And now they have moved on to other things. Let’s just be happy with that, okay? They played a few songs for a cause, and now you think that because you are a fan, they owe you more? Are they really supposed to say, “Hmm, we don’t like each other, but WE OWE IT TO OUR FANS…” Get real, Richard. It is what it is.

      Nor is it all one person’s fault that those two don’t like each other. It always takes two to tango. So, you don’t like Roger but you think he owes you something? Why, and how? Because he is wealthy? You may have bought a computer from some guy named Gates, who is wealthy; do you really expect him to come to your house and dance because that is what you want?

      Bottom line is that having unrealistic expectations and demands of people is a great way to be dissatisfied. Don’t blame others because you don’t know how to be happy.

    3. Peter, you are right. Roger does not owe us anything, in fact through his good graces were we able to see these 2 great performers on stage again.

      I still don’t understand why people will continue to try and argue about Roger leaving the band, after 25 years I think we all know the reason why he left. Just look at the album the Wall, basically it was Roger’s life in a nutshell. He was the driving force in the band, he did everything in his power to make The Floyd ultra rich, and successful. And he succeeded in what they set out to become.

  27. Hell hath frozen over once again. Nice to see that time does heal some wounds.

  28. I love both these guys! I am sure it was magical to be there!!!!! Here’s to another brick in the wall. 😀

  29. Incredible what two mere mortals can bring to a room…

    Great to see. To see the two of them performing together is pure joy, for EVERYONE — hope not least the two of them. Simple gestures, profound ripples in the water…

  30. Oh Lord! Is it really possible that in the broad light of the digital era absolutely none of the 200 guests managed to record at least a short clip of this highly precious performance?

    They should have a heart and be nicer to us zillions of fans who weren’t there. 🙁

  31. This is mind blowing that they are together without performing as Floyd. I feel like I’m dreaming. People went on and on about how they ‘looked so awkward’ on the extras for the DVD. They were on camera and went through a lot together, of course it will look a little stiff. Even brothers go through that crap. These two guys are a force together. United they stand…

    So happy to see this!

  32. Good to see this… Make music not war, and one step closer to peace. 🙂

    All the best, Roger and David!!!!

  33. AWESOME to see pics of the two of them playing together, now wheres the audio/video? Us fans want to hear enjoy the music from the guys!

    Really, great to see, I hope this leads to more. Together David and Roger are really awesome and highlight each others talents.

  34. Please Mr Gilmour, we wish you will tour with Roger in his tour (The Wall) – we want to see you again together, guys!! :v Please!!

  35. This was a great cause and it was good to see that Dave and Roger were able to play together again. They seem to have put all differences aside (maybe) and are at least on speaking terms now. That’s great. After all some of the best work they did was together.

    Let’s hope Syd and Rick were watching with a smile. SHINE ON!!!

  36. Great event!

    I hope they could have a performance for the same reason one more time…

    Thank you FEd, really thank you for the pic too.


    1. I’ve always had the feeling the all of David’s solo performances have had a tribute to the late Syd. Now a tribute concert for the late Richard Wright would be something special.

      I think one of the great tributes to Richard was that he got to tour with David in 2006. He always received huge applause when introduced and who can forget the crowds Richard, Richard in Gdansk. I know I’ve said this before, but can you thank David again for the tour, especially the DVD’s and LPs which is all I got to see or hear?

      A special day yesterday with the news of this charity event, and in the morning the postman delivered me a copy of Live8 (yesm I was slow getting this), great stuff, good timing and it was good to see the black was back. 😀

  37. I doubt even that Paul the octopus could have predicted that one. Great news, particularly for something so worthwhile.

    Hope everyone’s keeping well.

    x x x

    1. I believe no one had ever thought to ask Paul something like this. Seemed too fantastic.

      Wonderful news and great pictures, FEd.

  38. Fantastic… Wish I was there for that one!!!! Great to see awareness beats all other B.S.

    Rock on!!

  39. Oh my God. What news I’ve just read on the homepage… I’d love to have seen them together on Saturday night. I’m sure that something will happen again…

    FEd, I’ve never joined the chatroom, when will you open it again? Thank you!

    1. The next one is on Wednesday at 2pm (UK). Please see the ‘chat’ button up top for everything you need to know.

  40. All very nice and unexpected! Is there any video of the performance? A just cause for this concert! Sorry for my English!

    Many thanks to David and Roger!

  41. Fantastic news – maybe just maybe David will join Roger at the 02 as a special guest for Roger’s tour of The Wall.

    Here’s hoping.

    Preferably May 11th which is when I am going!

  42. Helloo Fed and all,

    It has been a while but things are good here. Hope you are well Fed and thriving.

    I saw this yesterday and like all of us was very pleasantly surprised. The pic of David and Roger at the dinner table smiling and seemingly very at ease with each other was quite heartwarming.

    Animosity of any kind truly deserves to be in the past.

    Cheers, Howard

  43. Just felt the need to say that, as a huge Floyd/David/Roger fan who goes way, way back, the news and pics of this little get together has seriously warmed the cockles of my old heart.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not there’s ever another attempt at a Floyd reunion (impossible in my view since Rick’s sad passing), it’s just lovely, beautiful even, to see these two men, who I have admired so much throughout the years, side by side on a stage doing the right thing for a worthy cause.

    Daft as it sounds, for the first time in an awfully long while, this wholly unexpected but long wished for event has given me an odd feeling of hope.

    And after all we’re only ordinary men…

  44. Hi FEd,

    Well, it’s good to see them share a stage again, for sure. When people that don’t see eye to eye come together for a cause bigger than their own egos, it sets a great example for all of us and it’s something to be proud of.

    It was good to see Guy be a part of it, too – even though I can’t help but think it was at least a little awkward. It was also nice to see Harry Waters be a part of the mix. Hopefully it was a great evening had by all.

    Best wishes,

  45. Hey Teacher(s)! So endeth the saying: “Never the twain shall meet”.

    Nice to see you two working together in harmony. Life is too short.

  46. I’m very happy to see this, well done Roger and David!

    RE: Barry Ratcliffe… I saw David outside the Hard Rock calling gig the other weekend and he also refused to shake mine or my friend’s hand. 🙁

    I didn’t even get chance to tell him how important his work is to me as I play in a Floyd Tribute Band and have had to spend hours trying to learn his parts. Oh well!

    1. Paddy – I feel with ya mate. I’ve spent YEARS loving his work in the PF, very emotional and important to me and it was a bit upsetting.

      I met Nick once, he shook my hand and a quick chat. My meeting was at Chelsea when he performed with Ron Geesin doing AHM.

    2. You know, no one should take this refusal to shake hands as in insult or as some kind of snobbishness or something on David’s part.

      Think about it, if he shook everyone’s hands, he could get carpel tunnel or something but much worse, look at all the germs and viruses that are spread hand to hand.

      I hold my breath and hurry away in the other direction if I hear someone sneeze because most people don’t cover their mouths and noses when they do. (And if they do, do you want to shake their hands? 8| )

      I think as parents, David and Polly have a responsibility to safeguard their own and their children’s health much more than any responsibility to please the public.

      (And I admit I have asked for an autograph and regret being so stupid or causing embarrassment or offence.)


    3. Think about it, if he shook everyone’s hands, he could get carpel tunnel or something but much worse, look at all the germs and viruses that are spread hand to hand.

      Haha, it’s the funniest thing I read here today. :))

      Apologies if you weren’t joking, Ash. 😉

    4. … I wonder how far a public person as David Gilmour would get leaving his home, if he shook everyone’s hand who asks for it. It must be annoying to be such a source of interest, but on the other hand, you can’t put yourself on a stage and hope to be left in peace afterwards. That is the other side of the coin, as we say here in Germany…


    5. Wow, reading that he wouldn’t shake a fan’s hand really bummed me out. I was so upbeat after hearing him and Roger had played together again but your post dropped the floor right out from under me, what a way not to treat a fan.

  47. :)) I just want to add, that I’ve been looking at the pix from the Saturday night gig, and must say that I thought Polly looked absolutely beautiful and so did Roger’s lady (I’m sorry I don’t know your name). They just looked so happy to be there and joyful that they were playing together.

    Very rightly too, you should be proud of your great guys, LOL. xxxx

    Denise xxxxxxx :))

  48. Wish I was there!

    The picture sings volumes and brings me great joy, thank you gentlemen!

  49. I must say, it’s getting a bit annoying now. Working for charity is great, but I have seen the Hoping Foundation website and some of the wording on there is wrong. It’s not a matter of opinion. Withdrawing from Gaza and receiving 8,000 rockets a year cannot be called a siege on Israel’s behalf. Gilmour and Gooders Waters need to wake up out of the high class life and start looking at facts for once. Wanna be do in my opinion.

    The real useful thing to do will be to hold charity concerts in protest of the Hamas regime that keep the Palestinians under SIEGE, that deliberately keep them afraid and as far away from peace as possible (as stated in their charter). The world needs to see this and maybe open their eyes a bit. When Israel withdrew from Gaza it was a peace gesture, removing thousands of their own people. History has shown that they offer peace and just like in 1947 when they refused, and at Camp David when Arafat refused, Palestinian leaders continue to keep their people under poverty.

    They are the ones that should be pressured, ‘get a leader in for peace’ should be the charity slogan! Or ‘Peace and no Hamas terror’. That benefits everyone.

    1. Totally agree with you, and for the one who said shut up, why?

      Why are those comments allowed here?

    2. Alejandro,

      Within reason, I try to allow all comments. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and to express it, even if some people don’t appreciate it. It seems to me that that’s the best way to make people think and to perhaps reconsider their opinions, so thank you for giving us yours.

  50. Wow, nice to come back to this news. Must have been an important reason to take part.

    Nice to see a lot of names posting still here after all these years. I lost my computer after being covered by decorator. Found it now and looks like David and Roger found something.

    I hope people don’t jump on band wagons, if you know what I mean.

    Take care Fed and all,


  51. “All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are moveable, and those that move”

    This is true!

    Thank you for sharing F.Ed.! They have done their best by supporting this important foundation through their apparition together. It’s so nice indeed to see them, they both look wonderful (I enjoyed also other pictures about this event).

    Thank you very much David and Roger! I’m sure that Rick would have played together with you.

    Best wishes /ciao

  52. I can scarcely put into words how wonderful this is! I am probably the world’s biggest Pink Floyd fan who created a 46CD compilation of Pink Floyd including solo work, guest artists, etc.

    What I was looking for was closure, a vindication of the love and faith I’ve placed in these guys. Well, I finally got it with a positively beaming Gilmour.

    Now Eclipsed goes from 1965 and Lucy Leave to 2010 and the closure I desperately needed. It is so surreal the warped sense of humour of these guys, they could play for a billion fans and what do they choose? 200 at a private function – that is warped!

  53. 🙁 This is the second time I’ve commented on this.

    I’m a Floyd fan as big as the next , but I cant believe how you are all so blind to the Israeli side to these problems.

    Why don’t you support a charity that calls for the removal of Hamas and the way they keep their people in fear and not focus on Israel as the aggressor?

    Hamas took power from Arafat who was corrupt and pocketed millions in aid. He was offered Gaza and occupied land (taken by Israel when it was attacked in 1969 and 1973 by its Arab neighbours) but refused it.

    Arab Israelis are in the Israeli government as it is a democratic state unlike all the wealthy Arab states that surround it.

    Don’t be suckered in. I don’t want to see kids hurt or killed but remember that rockets are fired into Israeli schools daily. Kids are hurt there as well but you all don’t seem to see that side of things.

    Hamas is a terrorist organisation and believes in the destruction of Israel.

    And if you’re happy with that then when it (and it won’t) happen, what will be the next target in the extremist plan?

    WAKE UP, David and Roger !!!!!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately this is what happens when you refuse to recognize the existence of a people as Israel has. They become terrorists. If this happened a couple centuries ago this would be just another war between unfriendly neighbors, but because one side is not “recognized” as a country we now consider them terrorists.

      The fact is that you can safely label both sides as terrorists, however one side is able to give aid to its children and the other side can’t. I applaud Roger and David for their attempt to help the side that can’t. I only hope that their attempt is successful, since right now the money they’ve raised is just sitting in the bank.

    2. The answer, dear Spark, lies within the riddle of the pyramid. If you solve it and take it to heart, in time you will find peace.


      Bella xo

    3. But this was for the children. I also applaud David and Roger for this charitable act of kindness.

  54. Wish I Was There !!! 😉

    David, when are you going to tour again? How about coming to Detroit? 😉

  55. Sharon Woods is an incredibly wise human being. I love how she sums it up in so few words. I think I’m in love!

    Sharon, you have a great gift, you can sum up a situation in very few words. You don’t know how rare that is.

  56. It would be great, a reunion for one concert dedicated to Rick and Syd, broadcast through all the world.

  57. Oh dear, oh dear!!

    I am really pleased that David and Roger performed together in the interests of such a worthwhile cause. But you can see already the riverlets of menace creeping into conversation. Wild musings about a PF reform. Those perhaps not quite so mad, latching onto the possibility of a guest appearance by David in Roger Waters The Wall Show. Did Roger make a guest appearance in Davids “On an Island Tour”? It was too much to hope that people would see Sundays event for what it was, a charity event and a way to increase the donations perhaps?

    I am not trying to second guess what David or Roger for that matter might be thinking, I haven’t a clue after all, but they must cringe when they see such ramblings and misplaced wishful thinking.

    Forgive me FED, I’ve just reached that magic age where I am allowed and have to have a rant. It’s allright, I will take myself off and settle down now! 😛

    I didn’t know they used to do “To Know Him is to Love Him” during testing. That would be really interesting to see.

  58. 🙂 Great to see how much money has been raised for a good cause…

    Glad to see you two together, it is a long time since we were all up the Vic and Dot, crazy pre PF days, we are still with you.

  59. For those calling for David to join Roger on his tour: Has anyone considered that David may just want to ATTEND a few gigs rather than have to play in them? He’s said on several occasions that he’s never had the opportunity to attend a “Pink Floyd” show (except for the Syd days of course), and this might be the closest chance he gets.

    1. I’m sorry; but I can’t consider Roger’s tour to be a “Pink Floyd” show. Not even the 1 show with David performing with Roger.

      Richard Wright can’t be there. Syd Barrett can’t be there.

      Sadly; let’s face the truth. Pink Floyd no longer exists, but has left us a most wonderful musical legacy.

      It would NEVER be possible for David to attend a PF show, unless it were a film being shown in a movie theatre, for David IS Pink Floyd~ and why the hell would Mr. Gilmour want to attend that guy’s rendition; complete with a “surrogate band”???

  60. I don’t think I have ever written as much on The Blog before.

    I wonder if David will pop into the O2 when Roger is there. I hope he does. Just for Comfortably Numb. Wouldn’t that be something! Dunno if my heart can stand it. LOL. 😛

    David seems to do a lot of “pop-ups” this year doesn’t he? I wish he would pop up and tell us all about it so that we can all go and create a memory. Do you think he will, Fed?

    Shine on, Denise xxxxx

  61. I’m not familiar with the charity or the cause, but once again I’m pleased to know David is doing things which makes him happy. I only wish I was there to see him being happy. 😉

    Sometimes it feels like you can’t do or say anything right, cause there’s always someone with an exception.


  62. This past week was certainly a week for old friends to get together again. It must have been something in the water.

    Aside from the pairing discussed here, Ringo Starr celebrated his 70th birthday at Radio City Music Hall last Wednesday. Along with his All-Star Band he had many a special guest come perform with him. But for the encore it was none other than Sir Paul himself who came out and performed Birthday with Ringo.

    I was not at this concert but hear that it was a very magical night.

    FEd, any insights on how this Gilmour/Waters event happened? How was this charity event billed? Was Waters on the ticket and David came as a special guest or vice versa? Or was this all impromptu? I realize there was some planning involved.

    In the end, you just never know.

    I guess there is still hope for Page and Plant as well as for Slash and Axl.



    1. FEd, any insights on how this Gilmour/Waters event happened?

      I’ll find out if I’m allowed to say anything and get back to you. 🙂

      What a treat for all at Radio City Music Hall. I hadn’t heard about that.

  63. Great David and Roger – what a nice sign of peace! And for a very good reason!! Love you both!!!

    David your Voice and Guitar is very much missed by your Fans around the world!!

  64. Nice to see smiles all round including the grin I can’t wipe of my own face since seeing the photos.

  65. David, you are a champion. I know this was done for an important cause and I am proud to be a fan.

  66. Pingback: Blue Records
  67. Great sign that Roger and David can get together yet again on stage. This says that if the “charity” is worth it, they will do it.

    Lots of questions though.

    – Was Nick not available?
    – Why no prior mention of it?
    – Will Nick join Roger for some dates as he has before?
    – Are men less stubborn or more set in their ways as they get older?

    My thinking is that the great giant PF is asleep, and just may wake… pigs do fly.

  68. Mister FEd! Any news on whether this event was officially filmed or not? If yes so, would it be released at some point? Maybe those making donations would be able to see it or something?

    1. Well, remember (although I didn’t say so above, yet I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere by now) that the 200 in attendance had to bid at an auction throughout the night for certain performances. One wealthy fellow bid £50,000 to hear ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)’.

      As far as I know, it was not filmed.

    2. One wealthy fellow bid £50,000 to hear ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)’.

      That is a very unique way to raise funds. Was there a list of specific songs that people could choose to bid on? I am intrigued as to how the auction worked. And being that there were only 200 people in attendance, that room must have been filled with some very wealthy and quite lucky people. (Lucky to have witnessed the event, not necessarily because they are wealthy. As we all know that wealth does not always bring happiness. Just look at Mel Gibson. 😮 )

      Sorry for being so inquisitive, I realize you may not have all the answers (or may not be in a position to share all the answers).



    3. Hello again Mister FEd!

      This might not be the right post to ask this question under, but so haven’t been some of the other comments.

      Is it true that David is working with The Orb on a new album? If so any news on when can we expect this? Approximately of course.

  69. Pinched myself:

    Gulf spill, still out there.

    Nope! I’m still happy! Seems I’m inoculated from gloom today!

    You guys are getting a big e-hug from me! Grab your computers and squeeze!

  70. I can assure you that David doesn’t want in on any “massive cash truck Wall tour”, having turned down many a crazy offer to reunite after Live8.

    I am sorry, but this really bothers me. David and gang made plenty of money on the MLOR and Division Bell Tour while Roger was struggling with his solo career. In my opinion that was Roger’s own fault and David’s triumph but, Roger has every right to take The Wall on tour being it his creation and that he still has some fire in his belly to come out and see Pink Floyd fans.

    That being said I always supported David and his own endeavours and I really hope to see him do a last jaunt of his own with or without new material.

    David, if you are reading this, thank you for doing this with Roger and slowly proving that mankind truly can put there beliefs and problems behind them for a good cause and to help others.

    1. Forgive me, Randy, if what I said has been misinterpreted. Roger obviously has every right to perform The Wall however, wherever and whenever he wants to. It’s his baby and good luck to him. If it generates a lot of money, good.

      What I meant was: David would certainly not join in purely for the financial benefit of being involved. If money were all that mattered, there’d have been a lot more activity since Live8.

      The suggestion that David would “want in” sensing a bumper pay-day is offensive and way off the mark.

    2. The suggestion that David would “want in” sensing a bumper pay-day is offensive and way off the mark.

      Well said, FEd.


      “David and the gang” may well have “made plenty of money on the MLOR and Division Bell Tours while poor old Roger was struggling with his solo career”. These were after all, Pink Floyd tours, both of which were promoting ‘New’ material, which befitted playing large venues.

      David’s On An Island tour also promoted ‘New’ material. He could quite easily have gone down the stadium tour route and no doubt earned a bumper pay-day.

      But that was never the intention. By opting to play intimate venues this allowed his music to be heard (as Richard so eloquently pointed out on the RTN DVD).

      Roger, meanwhile takes DSOTM and The Wall back out on the road.

      David has moved on and doesn’t NEED to do massive stadium gigs any more.

      Don’t get me wrong Randy, I don’t have a (Careful With That) Axe to grind (I’ll be seeing Roger in Manchester next May) but for people to expect some kind of reunion, well, they’re living in cloud-cuckoo-land, Richard’s sad passing means it’s a non-starter.

    3. Interesting note.

      Several years ago I recall seeing a list called Britain’s Rich List. And according to that Roger had more money than David. Not that this is an argument as both are well off. However, I certainly do not feel sorry for Roger in that area.


    4. Sorry, I meant to say that both men are well off and we need not feel sorry for either of them.

      I’m glad they have what they have and wish them both well. 🙂


  71. I definitely don’t want to take away what this concert was about, my sincere wishes to everyone that performed.

    That being said, I believe that Gilmour just cannot jump in the Wall tour because it wouldn’t be fair to the fans of the earlier shows.

    After this tour is finished… there really, I mean really, needs to be a Pink Floyd tour.

    RIP Rick, you are truly missed… please watch down on these guys and take care of them.

    A Pink Floyd tour with Waters and Gilmour would be the event of the century, you could not possibly fathom what this would be like.

    Please do this for all your loyal fans.

  72. Great news indeed!!!

    On the other hand I feel it’s a shame that is easier to everybody to defend the Palestinians, rather than the rights of the Israeli people who want to live in Peace. Why can I never read a word about Israeli families who lost their child or any other member in a bomb attack on some bus or any street? Remember that it’s always easier to see the victim when you are far from the real problem. I would like to know how would you react if you were having human bombs exploding every week in London. I don’t think it is encouraging for the peace of the world if you are only looking at one side of the coin.

    Come to Israel to see what is an Intifada, and then decide what’s the best option for the situation.

    Thanks and Pink Floyd!

    1. Could not agree with you more. Nice to see Pink Floyd fans talking some sense. I know its a kids’ charity but its also a great time for people who care to look at facts. I don’t and can’t dispute suffering, but I can dispute context and my knowledge of the conflict and having been there many times only leads me to try and air the facts.

      When I was recently in Sderot, I was with families that lost children and were suffering post war mental illness from the rockets and 2nd intifada. I’m not sure of one charity that took to the streets to help them.

      Which further leads me to the celebrities that attend theses events. It must be fashionable to attend any charity, but the founder of the hoping charity hates and has publicly hated the state of Israel and its rightful claim to the land.

      Moderate people are the ones you want to sit down with, to put your hands up and say what’s happening, right or wrong, and work to a solution. I’d love to know if Waters is a genuine friend of Palestine (which in response to someone’s comment earlier- PA leaders have had more than enough chance to grant them global recognition as a people) or a hater of Israel, that would be a shame.

      Um yisrael Chai and peace for a better future.

    2. I don’t take sides in the Israel-Palestine debate, but I long for peace in the Middle-East. It is the cradle of human civilization, after all. How is peace possible there? I don’t know the answer. No matter what solution one conjures up, everyone winds up losing something.

      I personally like the idea of making Jerusalem a neutral territory which everyone shares and nobody can claim as their own, with the creation of two distinct states of Israel and Palestine. But there are huge holes in this idea. First, it is asking Israel to give up its claim to Jerusalem and whatever land Palestine would get, and next, it is also asking Palestinians not to seek claim to Jerusalem and to be happy with whatever land it would have. Nobody wins.

  73. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, you both are so awesome. WISH CAN GIVE THE HOPE AND DREAM FOR THOSE AND ME.


  74. This is the evidence, miracles and god exist!!!!

    I hope for more surprises like this…

    Regards from Peru.

  75. Oooweee!!! I can feel it, man! A full audience participation of Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)! I’m very curious if audience members got to wear ‘Pink Masks’ as part of the performance… very cool! 🙂

    If only money was enough to save those babies… Bombing for Peace??? Dying to Live??? Makes me sad… that too many “good people” seem to have a hard time doing the right thing… pathetic!!! They are living life backwards, and if you spell live backwards, it spells nothing but evil. 8|

  76. Fantastic news,

    I watched Pink Floyd at Live 8 again last week (5 years have gone) and I was impressed again how good they were. It is good to see that David and Roger had a good time last Saturday, both on stage and backstage.

    Keep it up,


  77. @spark

    With respect to your views… you’re missing the point.

    This gig was not coming in any way from a political slant. The Hoping charity is ONLY about the children. It’s completely non exclusive and helps the children from all backgrounds. The only point is the children of the area… and also the many children in other areas who have been displaced hope and opportunities they otherwise would not get.

    1. Of course there’s a political slant. The Hoping charity is full blown anti-Israel campaigners. We know Roger’s views on Gaza and he has been to Israel to show his feelings but as much as some middle class knobs feel the pain of the Gaza population, they haven’t got a clue where the money raised goes.

      Israel is not a terrorist as someone on here has put. I suggest you read up on Middle East politics before you make comments on things you just do not understand.

      OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!

    2. The Hoping charity is full blown anti-Israel campaigners.

      You can’t say that.

      Neither, it seems, can anyone question Israeli foreign policy (“unlawful”, it’s official) without being labelled anti-Israel, which is very hurtful.

      No more, please. You’ve made your point, I think part of it is valid, but to accuse those involved as you have done is not fair.

      Children are suffering in Palestine – and in other places, of course. That’s undisputed. How much of the £350,000 raised will reach them, we don’t know, just as we don’t know how much reached Africans on the ground after Live Aid. But that’s not the point here. Many of the organisers and performers have children. This was about conscience, not politics. Sure, maybe even a few other things as well (guilt, shame, obligation, vanity, whatever), but not politics.

      If some middle-class folk want to pay large sums of money for consenting musicians to play, let them. For many of them, there’ll be a different cause next week. And that’s fine just as long as it raises money.

    3. And by the way, although it wasn’t something I wrote about last year (because David does not wish for his every move to be documented nor for anyone to mistake him for a preachy rock star), the same thing happened in June 2009 – only minus Roger Waters. (His presence is the only reason I’ve written about it now, actually. How could I not?)

      Same cause, same people on stage, same guests enjoying themselves. The only difference is this moral outrage at our beloved icons doing something which is perceived as being anathema to our national, religious or political loyalties.

      It’s a charity do. It should not offend anybody.

    4. People, I don’t think anybody is discouraging the charity events on behalf of children or any sort of victims.

      I just feel I had to say what I said because there is another very important side which is forgotten most of the time, and that is the side of the Israeli people who are also suffering.

      Yesterday when I was reading the posting, naturally came to me the feeling that I have to say how it looks like from the other side. Because if I wouldn’t it would be a way to agree with everything and that’s not what I want cause it is just not true.

      Alessandra, I still think if you are giving an opinion and you get a “shut up” answer, well you wouldn’t feel good about it right?

      So please let’s not try to play with the meaning of the expressions we use. I’m sure you are smart enough to understand what I meant, even though I have a feeling you did, and you are just trying to confuse people here.


    5. So please let’s not try to play with the meaning of the expressions we use. I’m sure you are smart enough to understand what I meant, even though I have a feeling you did, and you are just trying to confuse people here.


      I’m sure that most of the people who write in this Blog are smart enough to use their own heads, so I don’t think my words could confuse them any way.

      What I wanted to say with my (obviously ironic) comment it’s that people talk and say what they want. You can think they’re impolite or disrespectful, but the truth is that everyone has his way to communicate, being it right or wrong.

      Anyway, if a “shut up” answer coming from an unknown behind a computer cause you so many problems, how can you deal with the real life?

    6. Anyway, if a “shut up” answer coming from an unknown behind a computer cause you so many problems, how can you deal with the real life?


      I’m doing therapy to deal with real life, but there are some things which still are difficult for me to accept.


    7. I’m doing therapy to deal with real life, but there are some things which still are difficult for me to accept.

      I’m sorry, Alejandro, if my last comment sounded harsh.

      I just think I shouldn’t have meddled in the issue between you and the other blogger since the beginning, but my ironic message was only an attempt to shift the matter on a lighter note and I didn’t imagine it could offend you or anyone else here.

    8. I’m sorry, Alejandro, if my last comment sounded harsh.

      I just think I shouldn’t have meddled in the issue between you and the other blogger since the beginning, but my ironic message was only an attempt to shift the matter on a lighter note and I didn’t imagine it could offend you or anyone else here.


      I never felt that way about you, I didn’t feel offended, this is a place where respect is almost above everything, that’s the reason I decided to give my opinion and I’m happy I did because now I see more people alking about “the other side” too, and I think people deserve to know the most info as possible.

      So Alessandra thanks for trying to understand my opinion, and I would say thanks for opening my mind a little bit more about the “shut up” issue, maybe next time I will react different.

      Best wishes!

  78. Excellent, good to see that support for the world’s peoples and their human rights is not dwindling.

  79. Well done, £350,000 raised. 8)

    Great to see you guys side by side again, maybe we’ll see David standing on top of Roger’s wall again next year. 😉

  80. David, para quando uma turnê novamente?

    Portugueses esperam há muito tempo por essa oportunidade de ver David em Portugal. 🙂

    Os melhores cumprimentos.

  81. Amazing how this blog is capable of coming alive. Over 100 posts and still climbing. Yet just a few weeks ago it was a struggle to get to 10.

    And many new names too…



    1. Yet just a few weeks ago it was a struggle to get to 10.

      Was it? Even in lean times and allowing for very selective topics, it’s always averaged 50-60 comments.

    2. I won’t doubt you, my 10 comment was probably a bit exaggerated in the wrong direction. My point was just that it’s been very lean and I realize that part of that is because David is really not doing much these days (i.e. no new album or tour). Well, clearly he is doing stuff – I think you know what I am trying to say.

      What I guess is a bit unfortunate is that David will never be able to dodge that question of will there be another PF tour or reunion. When he does something like this event, it just stokes the fire.

      As a fan, it is nice to know that the door is not totally closed. And if I am not mistaken, I don’t think David ever made the comment that the door was totally closed. We can even witness that on the RTN DVD as well.

      Geez, imagine if David and Roger decided to collaborate on a project together that was not PF. Something totally different, like covers of Sinatra and Tom Jones classics. 😮



  82. 😀 I’m glad David and Roger got together. It’s a statement that says, “We’ve stopped our war, now you stop yours!”

    I have been smiling at everyone I meet since I heard the lovely news.

    Denise 😀

  83. After all the years reading posts from my PF friends, when it comes down to it you were all so far up Roger’s arse that whatever he says you all do.

    Goodbye and good luck.

    PS. When the Muslim community suggests that the UK becomes a state under Sharia law, let’s see how you – FED – and the rest deal with that!

    1. Thank you for giving us, I hope, something to think about.

      I’m sorry if my opinion offended you.

    2. Spark you are NOT alone in this issue, and I think is very important to give to them another point of view, something that they can’t or just don’t want to see on the news, or anything else.

      This is a very sensitive issue, for everybody, but when it comes from ignorance and trying to support big stars’ words and acts, just because people are insecure to have their own opinion, I cant shut up, and Fed, sincerely, I don’t think saying “shut up” to someone who is giving his opinion will give “something to think about” to anybody.


    3. After all the years reading posts from my PF friends, when it comes down to it you were all so far up Roger’s arse that whatever he says you all do.

      Oh really! Then why oh why am I a staunch Conservative? Just because someone likes their music etc does not mean that they are the fan which hangs themselves on every PF word and follows like sheep. Roger is a Socialist but I am not and even though they are my teachers, I have still have a free will. Does that make me, a Pink Floyd fan, a brown noser? Or anyone else for that matter.


    4. After all the years reading posts from my PF friends, when it comes down to it you were all so far up Roger’s backside that whatever he says you all do.

      Goodbye and good luck.

      Did I miss something? Were you reading them hear or elsewhere?

      Can we or should we get really get upset when people are trying to help children, regardless of where the children are from?

      Alejandro, I can’t see where FEd typed “shut-up”. Or is it that you’re offended that allowed it to be posted?

      Thanks to Polly for the photos, it great that she can share them with David’s, Pink Floyd’s and Roger’s fans.

    5. I don’t think saying “shut up” to someone who is giving his opinion will give “something to think about” to anybody.


      let’s try to think about it from another side.

      Even if it won’t be food for thought in general, it will surely make someone (you first, I suppose) reflect on the meaning of the word respect.

      Isn’t it a good result? 😉

    6. Spark, I really share your views on this matter, I really hope that Hamas isnt getting any money this way.

  84. Reading all those previous enthusiastic comments, I’m wondering if, maybe, the words I used yesterday, in reply to Michèle, could sound a little disrespectful to all those people who love Pink Floyd’s music and sincerely hope in a future reunion.

    No offense intended.

    All I wanted to say is that I don’t like very much the sensationalism in the words of a certain kind of fans, around the web, who obsessively speculate about Pink Floyd’s (or other bands’) reunions, as it was the artists’ duty to satisfy them.

  85. I’m in complete agreement with you when you say:

    we should simply be happy to know they played together

    Why can’t people just be happy (or satisfied?) with what they get? They always want more and more and more…


  86. NYD… that’s not who I am.

    Thank you David and Roger for doing what you do, I’m happy for you and I DO appreciate what you have given me and all your fans.

  87. Great to see that charity always brings out the best in people… especially David and Roger. I enjoy the fact that David does these surprise events even though we don’t have much of a chance to see them.

    I feel lucky enough to have seen PF (without Roger), David solo and Roger solo (going again for The Wall). That said, I completely respect David’s decision to spend time with his family and his other interests. As a father myself I can tell you that if I could I would spend more time with my family as well. Touring is a very strenuous endeavor that puts strains on the entire family.

    I’m just happy to see that David is still going out when he wants to support a good cause. Since he doesn’t do many of these it also serves to validate the cause in my opinion. More power to you David and thank you!

    Of course FEd… if you ever run across an audio or video recording of the event I hope you’d share the information with us… unless the gentlemen who paid 50,000 quid says no. 8)

    1. Hi FEd,

      That’s a beautiful website! Could you give to Polly my compliments? 😛

      Bye, Hydrea

    2. There’s some great pictures on Polly’s ‘new’ site.

      David and Roger both look very relaxed in each other’s company in the rehearsal shots.

      The ‘On An Island’ gallery has a really good picture, from the (I assume) Live8 rehearsal, it’s got a very distinctive ’60’s look about it, well done Polly.

      It’s amazing that she snapped over 10,000 shots during the making-of and tour of OAI, as she “nepotistically got the job of official photographer”. She really should produce a book of Polly’s Pics. I seem to recall saying as much in a blog entry during, or shortly after the tour. I’m sure it would still be a best-seller, even now.

      It’s also very nice of Polly (and David) to share a couple of ‘family’ portraits on the Biography page too, especially the 😛 one. 😉

      Thanks for the heads-up on this FEd.

    3. it’s got a very distinctive ’60′s look about it…

      I was referring to the era, not the ages of the subjects. 😉 😀

      Sorry for any confusion guys… 😛

    4. Thanks for the link, FEd.

      I had a look at all Polly’s galleries and, apart from the photos of last Saturday’s event and the great pictures of David, Richard Wright and the band, I liked very much the icy landscapes, in the miscellaneous section.

      They’re very beautiful, really.

  88. David, Roger,

    I’m just really pleased for you two guys that you enjoyed each other’s company.


    All of the very best to you both.

  89. I wanted to share this link with all you irregulars, but now I see it is already on the Twitter tab at the top of this Blog.

    Polly’s photos from the weekend show with David and Roger.

  90. I just didn’t know on which topic I should write, so I’m writing here. And I hope you will see this comment.

    Please, please, please come to Turkey. We’re all begging. Seeing you has been our biggest dream. My family, my friends and I, all of us are waiting for you. And we’re not the only ones. There are tons of people in Turkey who love you and your music. We know that you’re the best. There are many other groups out there but none of them is like you. They aren’t even close to you. So that’s why we’re waiting, and we will wait until you come. At least I will.

    So again, please come to Turkey.

  91. 😀 A couple of links.

    1. Review from Rolling Stone which is exactly how we all are feeling – here.

    2. Beautiful shot by Polly of David and Roger – so lovely – here.


    Love and Peace,
    Denise xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  92. I always knew that the semblance of bad blood was a hoax specifically designed for future good deed doing…

    1. You sound like a conspiracy theorist, John! :))

      I had my suspicions at times, but I chalked it up to paranoia! 8|

    2. Thanks Sharon! At least between you and I, we know that despite…, they always loved each other.

  93. 😐

    My Mom turned me on to Pink Floyd’s Music. In 1994 she bought me the Division Bell cassette. A few weeks later I bought tickets for the concert. The album, the concert, Pink Floyd’s history has been a big part of my inner self. Thanks Mom!!

    I am also thinking of Syd and Mr. Wright when I think of a reunion of these two guys (Gilmour+Waters). I believe that they would understand and be excited to see any of the existing members of Pink Floyd tour or collaborate in any form. I know that Mr. Wright’s sound was integral to Pink Floyd but couldn’t they tour under another name? Record as a different band? Even if they used the Pink Floyd name people would still be getting a chance to see a part of history.

    My mom died in Dec. 1994. Pink Floyd’s music will forever be hauntingly beautiful in my mind.

    Thank you to all of the members of the then Pink Floyd. Thank you to Syd for shining so bright. 🙂 Thank you Roger for doing this up coming wall tour. Hopefully you guys can get into a recording studio and release an album sometime in the near future, before anyone else succumbs to a fatal illness. We would love to see a tour.

    Thank you for reading and understanding.

    Love and Respect.

  94. Hi Fed and all

    I have just read about Rog and David’s little get together, it’s very nice to see not just for the music side, but that 2 people who have known each other for many years have realised life’s just too short. I’m happy for them as people, and I hope what I’m saying does not intrude on their privacy. I’m just a fan of these brilliant musicians, they are and always will be one of the very small things that makes me proud to be British.

    Kindest regards

  95. Thank you David for 40+ years of awesome and amazing music. Pink Floyd has been and will always be the greatest band of all time. No other band will be able to match the creativity and ingenuity of The Floyd.

    If you were to join Roger on the Wall tour, it would be totally awesome, especially if it were to happen in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ottawa is the Pink Floyd capital of Canada. We even busted the phone lines back in the 80s when a local radio station was offering free Floyd tickets for your concert.

    You and Pink Floyd will always be loved and admired here. Peace always.

  96. wish i would have been there, it’s so good to see that my favorite people are raising money for a good cause.

    well done as usual. 😀

  97. David, you’re awesome. Never change… well, maybe change just one thing, but after that, no change. 😀

  98. anything is impossible, it’s great and very cool news for the future, for the fans, for history of pink floyd.

    the time for dirty tricks and scrambled away from us is now on.

    thank you david, thank you roger. you are great. 😀

  99. Excellent David and Roger.

    “Wish you were here”,

    Malta now San Francisco next week. 😀

  100. Aren’t you amazed Fed that I have managed to keep my mouth shut over the debate? 😉

    Cheers, Howard

    1. Hi Howard, your comments brought fond memories of Leicester Square a few years ago and a few drinks. Glad we kept mouths open then! LOL.


  101. Sorry I don´t have the time to read all of this thread right now (cafe is closing) because it looks really good! 😀 Will do so next few days. I was just reading my emails from freegaza.org and was sent the following:

    “Thousands of words have already been written about the Freedom Flotilla, Israel is out with its talking heads trying to justify murdering nine human rights workers, brutally hijacking our boats and hauling us all into Israel, a country none of us wanted to visit.

    But we have to remember why we care and why we go and why we are so outraged at governments’ inaction. This piece by Roger Waters says it all.”

    God bless guys, keep up the Great Work.

    1. Even with video of activist throwing soldiers overboard and beating them with pipes?

      On a happy note: Roger’s comments on the gig.

      Here’s an excerpt:

      “Some weeks passed with David cajoling me from time to time, telling me how easy it would be, but I clung resolutely to my fear of failure until one day he made one final entreaty. I quote “If you do ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ for The Hoping Foundation Gig, I’ll come and do ‘C. Numb’ on one of your Wall shows”. Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather. How fucking cool! I was blown away. How could I refuse such an offer. I couldn’t, there was no way. Generosity trumped fear. And so explaining that I would probably be shite, but if he didn’t mind I didn’t, I agreed and the rest is history. We did it, and it was fucking great. End of story. Or possibly beginning.


      PS. Just heard from David, he will decide in due course which gig he wants to do, it will be a surprise!”

  102. Hey, FEd!

    I just read on Roger’s facebook page that David will “decide in due course which gig he wants to do, it will be a surprise.” 😮

    Is this true? Any chance he might be willing to take a transatlantic flight to the states? Haha, wishful thinking.

    Hope all is well.

    1. Is this true? Any chance he might be willing to take a transatlantic flight to the states?

      You never know.

      Yes, it’s absolutely true.

    2. Being the pessimist I am, my reaction to this news after the initial excitement to wonder why they would announce this ahead of the fact. I can envision some audiences actually jeering and booing during C. Numb if David does not show that night. The regular band should not be subjected to that sort of thing.

      I hope I am wrong and am overreacting, but I don’t think I am.

  103. … it’s kind of ironic, but reading some comments I came to think that 35 years later PF seem to be more right than ever:

    We’re just knocked out.
    We heard about the sell-out.
    You gotta get an album out.
    You owe it to the people.



  104. Just goes to show what feelings of deep generosity and truly wanting to help others can do… almost move mountains! Thank you, David and Roger…

    A little birdie told me that a date may be forthcoming… Pittsburgh, David, Pittsburgh please… 😉

  105. David,

    Please join the The Wall performances for more than one surprise date. Your voice is an integral part of the album and considering the limited production in the 80s, this is a grand opportunity to perform it with ease using the digital enhancements.

    We the fans have made the album top 5 selling all time. We love you, we miss you, and we beg that you come to share the masterpiece as Roger’s bleeding heart can’t bear it alone. Nobody will mind, Snowy would love to play 2nd to you, anybody would. Richard would love to look down and see you do it. It’s great you love charity, there are those in need, but in the end, the fans need YOU! Humble yourself as a hired musician, as Richard did, and don’t concern yourself with the pressure. Just let the generations of fans indulge in this opportunity to hear what we dream of. The Show Must Go On, Hey You, Waiting for the Worms, Young Lust, Mother, these songs exist with your vocals. Roger obviously admits to your superior pipes, he misses you, and loves you like we do.

    In a world threatened by acts of terror and global warming, put your good foot forward, on your pedal rack, and come see us around the world. We will sing for you, harmonies, any key, whatever you want, but don’t fade away, marooned from this classic piece of art. It’s history Sir Gilmour, one that you are well a part of. Live it, love it, embrace it, and TEAR DOWN THE WALL!

    From your greatest fan, and with due respect, at least play in San Jose, CA!

  106. hola amigos.

    hoy 14 de julio cumple años la obra maestra de pink floyd. the wall. que emocion ver a roger y david juntos en un ecenario. me parece marabilloso. ojala que dedique lo que le queda de vida en darles a los que amamos esta banda. la posibilidad de tocar en grandes ecenarios. de gira por el mundo. seria un sueño. les mando un abraso a todos desde bs as argentina. no quiero morirme sin ver a pink floyd.

  107. Great… a charity aimed at raising the next generation of suicide bombers. What about playing for a charity aimed at developing a peace between the Israelis and Arabs?

    1. This does aim at developing peace. Impoverished children are far more likely to turn to terrorism in their adulthood than children who are well fed and go to school. They also won’t hold as big of a grudge against their enemy.

      It’s kind of like racism in America. It’s not gone by any means, but with each passing generation the children become more education, more integrated, and more tolerant. And it’s because minority children are being given a chance of success that their parents never had.

  108. Hey FEd,

    Not sure if you knew about this, but, a letter from Roger about the event which ends with…

    “Some weeks passed with David cajoling me from time to time, telling me how easy it would be, but I clung resolutely to my fear of failure until one day he made one final entreaty. I quote “If you do ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ for The Hoping Foundation Gig, I’ll come and do ‘C. Numb’ on one of your Wall shows”. Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather. How fucking cool! I was blown away. How could I refuse such an offer. I couldn’t, there was no way. Generosity trumped fear. And so explaining that I would probably be shite, but if he didn’t mind I didn’t, I agreed and the rest is history. We did it, and it was fucking great. End of story. Or possibly beginning.”

    Not sure what to make of that really. Guess it will indeed happen again!

    But if you do happen to hear through the grapevine where it may be that David will make an appearance (or appearances! 😛 ) do feel free to drop us a hint or two please!! 😀

  109. With all this going on, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and admit that I’m seeing Roger in Atlanta as well as London.

    I can’t help it. I love Pink Floyd and anything Pink Floyd related. I’m an addict, and an addict will go to great lengths to satisfy a craving.

    After Richard died I knew there would never be a Pink Floyd reunion which made me very sad, but it also made me see the importance of living each day in a way that brings me as much joy as I can muster. Each person who was part of Pink Floyd created the music that I most want surrounding me, and I want to hear them and see them perform it as often as my life will allow.

    I know Roger hasn’t always been reasonable, but nor have I. I have too many dark and dangerous turns in my own head to judge why someone acted like a fool more than 20 years ago.

    I still love you more, David.

    “I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
    And I don’t care if nothing is mine…”
    — Syd

    Peace and love to us all someday. 🙂

  110. Just read Roger’s warm and funny facebook entry.

    Great story. Looking forward to his show and very much looking forward to the possibility of David playing C Numb in New York…

  111. Hi, I’m Donald, from DC. I’ve browsed the site, never posted here before, but I’m a big Floyd/Gilmour/Waters etc. fan.

    I see the latest development hasn’t been posted here yet. It gets better and better. The full post quoted below, too long to post here, is on Roger’s Facebook feed.

    “Some weeks passed with David cajoling me from time to time, telling me how easy it would be (to do “To Know Him is to Love Him” in two-part harmony), but I clung resolutely to my fear of failure until one day he made one final entreaty. I quote “If you do ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ for The Hoping Foundation Gig, I’ll come and do ‘C. Numb’ on one of your Wall shows”. Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather. How fucking cool! I was blown away. How could I refuse such an offer. I couldn’t, there was no way. Generosity trumped fear. And so explaining that I would probably be shite, but if he didn’t mind I didn’t, I agreed and the rest is history. We did it, and it was fucking great. End of story. Or possibly beginning.


    PS. Just heard from David, he will decide in due course which gig he wants to do, it will be a surprise!”

    Amazing news, I’m so happy to see this reconciliation.

    Cheers all.

  112. I’m sure someone will beat me to it, but for those who have been muttering “pretty please with sugar on top”, from Roger’s Facebook page I give you the affirmation, I for one never, ever would have dared to imagine – here.

    1. But where is David’s affirmation in this? 😀 This is what Roger has said. 😛

      I have to admit when I saw the Wall being performed in Berlin, one thought kept going through my mind at the time: “Gosh! David’s guitar is missing big time” especially during Comfortably Numb. Don’t get me wrong, Snowy White was great but the other guitarist (can’t remember his name and too lazy to check at the mo) lacked something.

  113. Anybody see Roger Waters “The Wall Live” FB page status update about this past weekend’s events that took place? Very interesting read “INDEED”!!!


  114. You can’t blame me for thinking, admittedly delusionally, that having been coming round and posting recently that maybe they could come together for The Wall tour and delusionally thinking that maybe someone was listening, could I also volunteer that they come together for the last British date in Manchester… I can but dream.

    I would be comfortably numb, been many years since I was a 13 year old wandering the streets playing The Wall to myself on cassette tape. 🙂


  115. David! Please play Roger’s Boston Show! Its the only US city that has sold out THREE DATES!!! We will love to see you in Boston!

  116. HELLO and Good Day to all ‘Gilmourites’ out there…

    I hope the inevitable ‘hype’ ++ play here ++ play there, etc. that will follow DG’s and Roger’s latest tour news does not damage the worthwhile ’cause’.

    AND sink you FED in a deluge of ‘Idiot Wind’ requests and outbursts.

    Best Wishes.

  117. Looks like the old gang are getting back together…

    Noooo… not those two… I meant those of us who have been posting on and off since this Blog started!

    Now we are getting back to more things Gilmour I may have more to say… and maybe the odd caption. 8)

    1. Ahhhhhhhh, the captions. What next? The pointy stick.

      Great to see you Rudders. Indeed the old gang maybe never went far away.


    2. Now we are getting back to more things Gilmour I may have more to say… and maybe the odd caption.

      Welcome back Rudders, oh, how we’ve missed your captions…

      How’s about this one for starters…

      “To know know know him
      Is to love love love him
      Just to see him smile
      Makes my life worthwhile
      To know know know him
      Is to love love love him
      And I do

      I’ll be good to him
      I’ll bring love to him
      Everyone says there’ll come a day
      When I’ll walk alongside of him
      Yes just to know him
      Is to love love love him
      And I do

      Why can’t he see
      How blind can he be
      Someday he will see
      That he was meant for me”

  118. Nassau Coliseum either 10/12 or 10/13. I’ll be there both nights. 🙂

    Very happy for the both of you, your families and for your legacy…

  119. I saw this question posed elsewhere, and on a normal day it would merit some serious eye rolling. But today it seems a bit of fun, thus…

    Would you want to see David and Roger do an album together?

    My answer would be, absolutely, but only if it were not under the mantle of the Pink Floyd banner. They could do an album of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs called Waters & Gilmour do Broadway (and they could argue about whose name gets front billing).

    1. They could do an album of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs called Waters & Gilmour do Broadway (and they could argue about whose name gets front billing).


  120. Chas & Dave, Robbie & Take That, David & Roger… Dalglish & Rush, please. 🙂

  121. Geez. Way to go David–very big of you. Didn’t think this reconciliation would happen in my lifetime. It can only be good and thank God you put all the bad stuff behind you!!!

  122. I look forward to seeing David and Roger performing CN on Rogers Wall Tour!??!

    It was great news to hear that you performed together again.


  123. I don’t want to ruin the nice and happy feeling here in the blog… David and Roger did a good thing for charity, and their intentions were pure and nice. The problem is the Palestinian dirigents… i am not sure that this money will be used by the young generation. We must remember what the BBC was writing about Arafat’s attitude when it was talking about money of his people:

    “During Yasser Arafat’s final illness, questions were raised about what will happen to millions of dollars of funds controlled by the Palestinian leader, following his death.
    Yasser Arafat took personal control of Palestinian funds.

    During his years as head of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, experts say, large amounts of money donated, or raised through business and taxes, were paid directly into accounts in Mr Arafat’s own name.

    The International Monetary Fund says international aid to the Palestinian Authority has been running at more than $1bn a year since 2000.

    In 2003, Forbes magazine estimated Mr Arafat was worth $300m.”

  124. Well, I am of the few who are totally underwhelmed by this “reunion”, as an Olympic grudge holder I will never forget that Roger tried to destroy PF in the mid 80s and even fought for that in the courts, and I will never forget how often he was badmouthing David. I am stunned, to put it mildly, that David forgot all that, and I am even more dumbfounded to hear that David announced to play guitar on one of Roger´s Wall Tour gigs.

    Another issue is the cause of the “reunion”, I hope that they checked carefully where the money is going, that it isn’t supporting HAMAS.

    Anyway, I am less than thrilled by the latest development, and disappointed too.

    1. The make up ‘sex’ is always best. Have a sandwich and relax, will you please.

    2. Being an ‘Olympic grudge holder’ is like holding your breath and waiting for the other person to pass out.

      If David and Roger can choose to leave the past in the past and work towards building a future relationship, that’s wonderful. I’m sure that neither one has ‘forgotten’ the past. They have just chose to move beyond it.

    3. Actually, it is about character, you burn us once, I blame you, you burn me twice, I blame you, so you can expect the same from Roger as he used to do. I even find his facebook post unfunny and full of himself, narcissist wise.

      Anyway, I hate flip floppers and for that reason I don’t understand why David did this, and according to Roger he was begging Roger and not vice versa, what I assumed, dumbfounding.

    4. Ipso facto, you hate both David and Roger, and most of us for that matter, because we’re pleased that time and the wisdom of age have allowed for these two men to find some common ground again.

      And since you hate us all, I would suggest it is time for you to move on. No reason to be unhappy after all.

  125. Hi FEd and fellow Irregulars,

    I think it’s fantastic that David and Roger were able to come together to do this benefit. What a great concept, too, having people bid on the performance of a song! I also love it that Guy was there playing bass next to Roger. 😛

    The ensuing debate was inevitable, I suppose, regardless of which ‘side’ was to be the recipient of the proceeds of the benefit. Wouldn’t it be nice if by helping these children, a new generation might grow up to be more tolerant of the other ‘side’ and, therefore, less inclined to simply stay the course which leads to intolerance, hatred, and violence/terrorism?

    Thanks for the link to Polly’s site. I found it very enjoyable! I just might have to get me a new book in November …

    FEd, with the big news coming from Roger, you’re going to be very busy fielding posts speculating on where and when David might be playing Comfortably Numb, eh? That should keep you out of mischief for a while! 😀

    Take care ~ peace ‘n’ love!

  126. Were I even inclined to, I am most ill-equipped to wade into the Palestine debate. However being the father of two delightful young kids, I cannot bear to see children suffer, and I’m totally behind anybody who seeks to better the world for them.

    Beyond this, it was wonderful that David and Roger (the mother of all rock reunions) played together. From a perspective of pure hero-worship I was thoroughly thrilled to hear the news and see the pics.

    I sincerely hope that the misplaced sense of entitlement exhibited by some fans does not colour the experience for David, and that he continues to do as he pleases.

  127. It’s great to see David and Roger playing again, but it’s unrealistic to think that David would join Roger for the full “Wall” tour. I don’t think David enjoys doing a show wearing headphones while playing to a “click” track, and keeping his guitar playing to a strict routine every night, with few opportunities for improvisation. With “The Wall”, David would just be a part in Roger’s machine. Of course, we would all LOVE for him to do it, but David, being the great musician he is, would likely get bored pretty quick.

    I think all we can hope for at this point is David and Roger getting together after Roger finishes his tour, and maybe making some new music together, with possibly a tour to follow. Whether they will call it “Pink Floyd” or not, who knows? But to have any new music from both Gilmour and Waters would be very exciting.

    Austin, TX
    (hoping that David plays at Roger’s Dallas gig!)

  128. Earthquake this morning: Pele did her hula this morning in Washington DC! 8|

    It was mild but we’re on alert over here.

    2 gods reunite and the others get jealous! 😛

  129. Hey Fed and Irregulars,

    Took me a while to read through all the comments. 😉

    Great to hear David and Roger playing together.

    FEd, could you do me a favour and whisper “Antwerp” in David’s ear ?


  130. David… PLEASE, Play the wall show in Atlanta with Roger.

    As much as I am excited to see the Wall, I know it will not be the same and nowhere near as enjoyable without your voice and guitar.

    It would be a dream come true.

    I am sure we would all agree that without you, the Wall just wont be the same and we will end up with another Wall live in Berlin… something nobody wants.

  131. Unfortunately I can’t help to think that the longer it takes for David to appear at one of the shows, the more the shows will be selling out because of the anticipation of him making an appearance. And therefore in some ways this still comes back to the money. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    Personally I would be shocked if David chooses a U.S. date as much of the “special performances and appearances” have been taking place closer to home for him. If it is a U.S. date, I believe it would be NYC at MSG just like Nick Mason did a few years ago. However those shows will command ridiculous prices from the scalpers regardless if David is there or not.

    Although selfishly I would love to witness this event at the U.S. venue I am going to which is not MSG, in some ways I think it would be fitting if David chose a show in Latin America. But I would put my money on a show in London. In many ways, David performing at one show outside of England is kinda a waste unless he is planning a holiday with the family in the same area around the same time. Afterall, flying umpteen hours to come out and perform for 5 minutes just seems wasteful.

    Let’s hope there may be other surprises lurking.



    1. That’s the thing isn’t it? From the photos it looks like they were genuinely having a good time. As a lifelong fan, it is hugely rewarding to see these two enjoying themselves and each other in the service of a great cause. Wish I could have been there, but as I said the photos themselves are hugely rewarding.

      Is this the first time you’ve played with Roger?

  132. grazie david, grazie roger. for us and for you.

    “we will meet again, some sunny day…” 🙂

    i’m so happy for you. 🙂

  133. I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY would love to see video and or audio from this!!!

    It would have been a dream come true to have witnessed this. Pink Floyd.

    And David’s solo career has been such an inspiration to me. I could never thank those men enough for their music!

  134. As one who was stunned to hear about David’s and Roger’s reunion, I really do feel that humanitarian relief and good causes is a great way to raise funds but much more than this, it raises public awareness too.

    I applaud both of them.


  135. Is Fantastic!!!!! Please Dave, You and Roger Live in Italy, Milan!!!!!

    I Love You.

  136. Hey Dave and Roger,

    Just a small suggestion from a big Pink Floyd fan: How about releasing those songs on an official CD, raising more Money for the Hoping Foundation and making millions of your fans happy?

    Thomas from Switzerland
    Looking forward to Roger’s Wall concert in Zurich 2011.

  137. Thousands are murdered in Darfur daily and the free world’s irresponsible “media” barely raises an eyebrow because they prefer Jew-bashing to reporting truth.

    All claims that the poor, oppressed Palestinians in Gaza are starving and being subjected to an inhuman embargo by Israel are LIES. There is no starvation. There is no shortage of goods for basic needs. There is no embargo. There is no apartheid. There is no humanitarian crisis whatsoever.

    Hamas somehow manages to find the resources and manpower to launch close to 10 rockets into Israel every single day.

    There simply cannot be any shortage of basic goods if Hamas can spare the effort and resources to import, build and launch Qassams every day. It is a luxury that destitute, enslaved refugees simply cannot afford. Therefore, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

    The alternative is, Hamas is being grossly irresponsible to import rocket parts instead of basic necessities for its people.

    Donating to “Palestinian” relief efforts makes things WORSE for the children. Arabs blaming Israel for all their problems is no different than Nazis blaming Jews for all their problems.

  138. Excuse me David. Have you ever thought of doing some research before you promote something?

    Maybe you and Roger should take a history lesson, and I will provide the link from not a Jew but a Catholic professor that knows what you just promoted is based on a lie to finish off the Jews that the piece of garbage named Hitler was unable to do. It is incredible pathetic that you two incredibly gifted artists are either so ignorant of what your promoters push, or you too have bought the great deception. May your god have mercy on your soul.

    Study this please, along with all the rest of the anti-Semites.

    Simply pathetic.

  139. Nice to see the rabid anti-Israel artist Roger Waters performing for a rabid anti-Israel group. Perhaps if the Palestinians sought peace instead of ongoing conflict, accommodation instead of the destruction of Israel, a fair resolution can be forthcoming. But as long as the Palestinians teach hate, war, terrorism and martyrdom, peace will remain a distant dream.

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