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I take it that you’ve all seen David performing with the legendary Al Green on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross by now. It’s available on BBC iPlayer until the weekend and on the ever-dependable YouTube until (if) forced off in shame.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that, never mind a choice scattering of Desert Island Discs, Al Green would be the most perfect castaway to spend a potential lifetime stranded with on a desert island? What a jolly man.

There’s something quite special about artists you’ve always admired unexpectedly collaborating in some shape or form. If you’d been asked – and, let’s be honest, you probably once were – to list all the musicians you’ve ever harboured hopes of some day seeing David make music with, would you have thought of Al Green?

It was a real treat, all the more so because it was so unanticipated.

For fun, and also as a demonstration of optimism, which we all need now and then (now that anything is possible, right?), which artist or artists would you most like to see David perform with? In fitting with the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross performance, David should be the backing musician rather than the lead. Stand-out performances for me back in the real world include B.B. King, The Who and Paul McCartney, yet the list is longer still. If you want to let your imagination run wild, which seems to me to be a very encouraging thing to do on a Monday, please elaborate further: where and what would they perform?

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 4pm (UK), which is terrible timing, now that I notice that not one but two World Cup matches kick off at 4pm (UK). As ever, please see the calendar for future-dated chats and Twitter for examples of the absurdly random things that we tend to examine. Likely topics tomorrow, it goes without saying, will be Mexico-Uruguay, France-South Africa and vuvuzelas.

New faces in the last few chat sessions have been very welcome. If you’ve not visited before, don’t be shy or too disappointed (surprised?) to learn that David does not chat. It’s fans-only, but we’ve a nice bunch; if you’ve nothing better to do tomorrow, you know where to find us. Vuvuzelas and Dutch beer welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

56 thoughts on “Surprise collaborations”

    1. I was thinking the same. Amadou and Mariam, taking lead vocals, gave ‘No Way’ a distinctly Malian flavour. It was a surprise and a delight. But I still wonder what David thought of this version…

      And (for fun, eh?) I was thinking that David could join this project…

      “Come on Posh, you know you Wannabe in it…”

      Come on David, you know you Wannabe in it… 😉

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  2. I would like to see David perform with Sia… really laid back tunes from this young lady would suit David’s style.

    C’mon Slovenia! 😀

    1. My guess is that you’re also enjoying England’s poor showing at this World Cup.

      For shame. 😉

  3. Oh!!!! Yeahhh!!!! That’s a wonderful video about “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” – Thanks FEd! 8)

    I didn’t know Al Green’s original version of “Let’s Stay Together” but I knew the Tina Turner cover.

    Enjoy it, here.

    So, it could be nice if David play with Stevie Wonder or Ben Harper.

    About Chat:

    See you FEd, Michele (“Ma Belle”) Lene, Lorraine and all other bloggers tomorrow! 🙂

    I’ll be there!

    Bye, Hydrea

    1. What a voice, Tina Turner. Thanks, Hydrea; see you in the chatroom tomorrow.

      How about David playing some guitar for Tina Turner? Plenty of good tracks on her (and Ike’s) Feel Good album to choose from, not least the title track. She could belt out some Blues classics, too.

      I like to think they’d do a re-worked-to-include-more-guitar ‘Private Dancer’, which I’m sure everyone knows was written by Mark Knopfler with Jeff Beck playing lead on the record.

      I can imagine the On an Island band having some fun with her earlier, up-tempo R&B numbers, such as ‘Nutbush City Limits’, actually.

      And speaking of album-cover photos, as we have been, we mustn’t forget her 1991 compilation, Simply the Best

  4. I watched Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, although this is something I do rarely because of the host. Bring back Michael Parkinson!

    It’s always good to see DG on TV, but I couldn’t hear his guitar! I felt it was drowned out by the piano of Jools Holland, which seems to happen every time Jools Holland is on TV. I’ve stopped watching Jools Holland’s programme because he always takes over.

    I agree that it was a very unlikely collaboration and Al Green sounded as good as he ever did. My favourite collaboration, however, must be with Paul McCartney at the famous Liverpool Cavern Club. This concert is available on DVD and is one I put on often. I thought this type of music suited David more and also had the bonus of not featuring Jools Holland.

    As for vuvuzelas, they are ruining the World Cup. I watch with the sound off.

    1. Look on the bright side, Mal: the vuvuzelas did drown out the sound of England fans booing against Algeria for much of the game. What would Wayne Rooney’s reaction have been had he heard their ungrateful jeers at half-time? I’m thinking a red card and an even redder face.

  5. Would have prefered you not to mention ‘France-South Africa’, but, since you did…

    Go, South Africa! I hope you win tomorrow. France doesn’t deserve to win any game.

  6. That was a lovely surprise on Friday – thanks for the tip off.

    It’s lovely watching watching David just being a brilliant musician and looking like he’s having great fun doing it. To my mind that’s what music should be all about.

    Al Green was a bundle of fun in the interview. Loved the way he just kept answering “yes” to all the ‘what he got up to a good few years back’ questions. JR had no chance.

    I’d love to see David playing in Bob Dylan’s band.

  7. Vuvuzelas sound line a swarm of bees. Word is from the Zulu language and means “noise”.

    Trivia in case you did not know. 🙂

  8. I would love to see a David Gilmour/Robert Fripp collaboration (and Fripp would likely be the composer without being out in front). I would also like to see David collaborate with any of the 1970s lineups of YES.

    In a different mood and without changing time signatures, I’d love a duet with David and Norah Jones. Or, in yet a different mood, how about David with Michael Bouble? David’s music has a jazzy side, let’s hear it some more!

  9. Mr. Gilmour looking quite trim as he is backing up Mr. Green.

    Been playing older DG and lots of OAI right now. Lots of stress in life lately and this music makes life more peaceful for me. At least it seems to put me in a mellower mood or reflective. Right now favorites are Pocketful of Stones, Sorrow, Marooned and Metaphysical.


  10. OK. Back in 1985 I was thrilled beyond words when I had heard (from Pete Townshend, whilst being interviewed by David Letterman) that he had collaborated with David Gilmour.

    Aside from that, here’s a short list of artists I’d love to see Mssr Gilmour work alongside:

    Mark Knopfler
    Peter Green
    Jeff Beck
    Steve Morse
    (if alive) Freddie Mercury
    Fish (ex lead singer of Marillion)
    Steve Marriot (again, if alive)
    Steve Winwood

    Wow, I sure let the mind go wild eh? :))

  11. I always thought it would be cool if David did something with the Eagles, either with the whole Band or with the individual members.

    Or maybe something with Sting?

    Hope to make the chat tomorrow.


  12. Hello from hot and muggy Canada!

    Thank you so much, dear FEd, for letting fans know about David appearing with Al Green. BBC iPlayer does not work here but thank heavens for YouTube. I was able to share the joy with some of David’s many Canadian fans. This was such a great surprise since earlier this year, The Blog had mentioned David was not planning any public appearances for 2010 which was a bit of a downer. But there he was, rocking the moves and the mellow grooves we love so much. 😀 Wonderful!!! BTW, not so surprising to find him rocking with Al Green: David has always been somewhat into Soul and Motown. On my playlist of his favourite music there are quite a few such songs.

    Maybe some folks in England know The Wall will be performed several times in Canada this fall. Seeing it live is on every self-respecting Floyd fan’s Bucket List since we were either too young, too far, or having babies the first time it was produced. I have tickets for three shows in two different cities since I know I will be crying too much to take it in properly the first two times. Many, many fans plan to see it several times, tickets are gone, gone, gone.

    If you do have contact with David please let him know it is an honour for us to see The Wall live – one cannot quantify how much he will be missed – knowing how fundamental his contribution is to this opus.

    Cheers to everybody in England. At least you qualified for the World Cup, vuvuzelas n’ all. 😉


  13. Al Green still has a great voice and it was good to see him back, for I saw him back in the 60s and he still has it.

    Take Care,

  14. I would love to hear David play with Bob Dylan; “All Along The Watchtower” (or maybe he has and I don’t know about it?).

    Wonderful and fun topic, FEd, and it gets the creative juices flowing!

    ~Susan xoxo

  15. Please come to Argentinaaaaaaa! We are waiting for David for years! Roger has been here…

  16. It’s always good to see DG on TV, but I couldn’t hear his guitar!

    I have to agree with you Mal. The mix seemed to have omitted David’s Gibson completely.

    David Bowie was a very pleasant surprise collaboration at RAH, perhaps DG could repay the compliment one day.

    I don’t know why, but Andy Williams sprang up in my head. :!

    Moon River would sound rather good with David bending his Strat.

  17. The Pretty Things; playing “Love Keep Hanging On” at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers Belgium (40 miles down hill), 6th of November 2010. 😉

    Mostly Autumn’s X-mas show; Mother Nature & Mery X-mas Slade at the the Oosterpoort Groningen (a great theater) in the far far North.

    Troy Donockley on his magic Uilleann Pipes and David doing the guitar break on “Orkahaugr”, every night in my dream, a vuvuzela awakes me rudely…

  18. Heard Robert Plant is planing a new tour with a so-called “Band of Joy”. I think David´s guest appearance would be a very joyful surprise.

    But of course David would be an asset for every musician/band.

  19. Surprising collaboration. I always enjoy anything David chooses to do because I know he only does what makes him happy. Cheers!

    As I told some of you in chat, my job situation looks bleak. The hospital that I work for has been put on the market for sale to the highest bidder. Rumors of it being turned into a nursing home are flying. This would mean devastation for the entire diagnostic department which includes myself. Times are tough.

    It seems the bad news come more frequently these days. I’m thinking of all humans who are suffering in one way or the other right now… may relief come soon for us all.

    Anyway, I came to spread sunshine.

    I captured this on my way to work one morning. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

    Some times, things are good… like the last two days I’ve spent in an elevated level of awareness 😉 , floating around the lake on a float. I’m fried up like a strip of bacon.

  20. Whoever David is playing with, next time I would like to be able to actually hear him…

  21. Wondering if David and Vince Gill wouldn’t be a great duo. Voices and guitars!! Would be worth a listen for me.

    I also like the idea of Brian McKnight, Rob Thomas, maybe Oleta Adams for something different.

    Just trying to think of some nice voices to blend with David’s.


  22. … a lot of work and meetings kept me away from the blog the last days, but now I found some spare time before continuing with the run of the mill:

    A surprise collaboration would be one with Roger Waters. Not that I expect it to happen this century or that I see any benefit for anyone, but it would be THE surprise.

    What I’d like to hear (and possibly see) would be a collaboration of David Gilmour with the guys with whom he recorded OAI. 😉 But then who am I to ask for that?



    PS. I liked to drive home from office today. Totally empty streets! The first positive result for someone like me who doesn’t care a thing about football and the World Cup. 😉

  23. Off topic.

    FYI, Guy Pratt is a co-host in the most recent podcast “It Will Go to Penalties.” He’s quite funny. Worth a listen.

  24. Bravo David, even though he didn’t kick in a wicked guitar lead, which he could have. It was nice to see him laid back and letting Al do a great rendition.

    How about England today? So close. Yet far to go. Maybe!

    I would love to see David collaborate with Stevie Nicks. Wow.

  25. WTF!!! …Tina Turner? …Bjork? etc… Is everybody gone crazy!!! Give me a fucking break!!!

    …I think David would have a much better time kicking guitar ass with more of the likes of Dave Brock in a Hawkwind project…

    That would be more respectable in my humble opinion.

    1. Errr, no, John! Bjork is one talented lady. Her debut album has some really good stuff on it and I can imagine David accompanying her.

      I believe her first album came out when she was 11 and she grew up on a hippy commune.

    2. Julie… I own her debut CD. I respect your opinion but don’t agree.

      And please don’t use “Errr (name)” when responding to someone else’s opinion. It’s rude, demeaning, insulting and disrespectful of others’ opinions.

    3. …please don’t use “Errr (name)” when responding to someone else’s opinion. It’s rude, demeaning, insulting and disrespectful of others’ opinions.

      When I used the word, “Errr” I was trying to say that “No, I have not gone insane when proposing Bjork” that is all. No disrespect intended to you at all. No wordsmith am I.

    4. At least Julie didn’t use the F word. And she has the right to her opinion too. Seems you took offense from one of the nicest of bloggers here.

      You have your opinion and she is entitled to hers. Let’s just ease back and enjoy the differences.


  26. It was lovely to see Al Green accompanying David and great to see that David is still willing to do live performances… who would we like to see him performing with??? Well, Guy Pratt springs to mind along with Phil Manzanera, Dick Parry, Stevie DiStanislao, Jon Carin… if you get my drift!!! I’m sure we can be very patient!!

    Thank you though for warning us not to go out and buy up all the tickets for Al Green’s show! …but what about Bryan Ferry????

    Best wishes to all

  27. I also like the idea of David with Joan Baez. Beautiful acoustic guitars and voices.


  28. I was listening to Radio 2 today and I heard that Muse are going to have a very, very special guest on their gig at Glastonbury. It made me wonder if David was going to put in a surprise collaboration again.

  29. As far as collaborations go David’s guitar playing has always evoked some great imagery and atmospheres. I’d love to hear him do something with Brian Eno where he’d be able to add guitar textures to Eno’s work.

    I’d also love to hear David work with Brian Wilson because they both write some fine melodies and vocal harmonies. Aside from his guitar abilities David’s voice blends well with other voices so a song or 3 with Brian would be nice to hear.

    As far as other guitarists go, Steve Hackett’s name comes to mind. Steve always added some great sounds to the old Genesis stuff so I think that he and David could come up with some great music.

  30. Mmmmhhhh… it’s not a new idea BUT what do you think about a certain Roger who’s going to put on the stage a very new gig (“The Wall” ) and to get a guitarist has to mix together 4 guitarists at all…?

    It could be a very crazy idea just once in the tour…


  31. David playing with Mark Knopfler, Neil Young or Leonard Cohen would be just great for me.

  32. I enjoyed seeing David with Al Green on “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” but agree that you could barely hear his guitar over Jools Holland and the horns.

    It would be cool if David turned up one night on tour with Al Green and if they did “You Ought To Be With Me”. That’s my favourite of all by Al Green.

  33. I believe this: the Legend of David Gilmour in Pink Floyd came from the collaborative efforts through ingenious talents and conflicting personalities. I respect Al Green’s work, and I absolutely love David Gilmour’s work but I would personally sing the highest praise should David Gilmour reach beyond his own comfort zone for the sake of posterity!

    Please: for the history books?

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