Favourite instrumentals

Thanks for bearing with me while I took some time off to re-charge worn batteries. I hope you’re all keeping well and didn’t miss me, or each other, too much.

I’ll return straight to randomness with today’s topic… for when words just seem to get in the way.

This was top of the US charts in 1958: The Champs and ‘Tequila’.

There are many, but let me know your favourites – from David solo and with Pink Floyd, too. (Best ever: ‘Marooned’ from The Division Bell? It won Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the Grammys in 1994.)

Jeff Beck is the award’s latest recipient, by the way, with his version of the Beatles’ ‘A Day in the Life’. You can search for past winners here; be sure to select Rock as your Genre.

Here are some that stand out in my mind, perhaps unforgivably leaving out many by Jeff Beck, Mike Oldfield and Carlos Santana; only including one Ginger Baker drum solo; and deliberately omitting ‘Albatross’, ‘Apache’, ‘Anji’ and probably several others which begin with the letter A and are very worthy of inclusion:

– Booker T & The MGs, ‘Green Onions’
– The Dave Brubeck Quartet, ‘Take Five’
– Cream, ‘Toad’
– Traffic, ‘Glad’
– The Who, ‘Underture’

If you’ve missed chatting, you can do so tomorrow from 3pm (UK). See you there.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I also like the Comfortably Numb solo from Gdansk, it was the best. 🙂

    Marooned is a solo-song but I like it too. Too bad that is very hard to play on the guitar. 🙁

    1. Marooned is a solo-song but I like it too. Too bad that is very hard to play on the guitar. 🙁

      … but solo #2 in Comfortably Numb isn’t really easy to play, too. I’m working on it since a couple of weeks, and while the notes are rather easy to play, if find it difficult to express the right feelings for that song. Comparing the solos of various recordings, I hear the same message everywhere, although the solos differ a lot… That’s the artist’s talent that I admire.


  2. I’m going the easy way leaving out PF and DG instrumentals:

    Misirlou (Twist) – Dick Dale
    Ghengis Khan – Iron Maiden
    Sarabande – Jon Lord
    Tico Tico – Les Paul
    Air De Bach – Uli Jon Roth / J. S. Bach
    Not Of This Earth – Joe Satriani
    F.B.I. – The Shadows
    Into The Arena – Michael Schenker
    Eruption – Van Halen
    Peaches En Regalia – Frank Zappa

    10 should be enough FEd. 😉

    Nice to have you back, by the way and I’m curious to see what newly charged batteries can achieve…


    1. I think Tico Tico was written and played originally by Ethel Smith. A talented organist.


  3. Definitely Marooned – particularly the version from the Strat Pack concert.

    @Razvanpinkfloyd: I’ve been trying to learn this version of Marooned on the guitar. It’s not THAT difficult to learn, but playing it without the benefit of a pitch-shifter makes it harder! :))

    Not too difficult to learn, but very difficult to get it to sound anywhere near as good as Mr. Gilmour makes it! 😀

    1. Yeah. Marooned at the Strat Pack concert is great.

      And this concert clearly shows the difference between him and the others.

      😀 David Gilmour is pure emotion.

  4. Peaches en Regalia from Hot Rats by Frank Zappa.

    From Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive and indeed Marooned

    David Gimour: Castellorizon

    But to link them together (apologies if this has already been asked):

    Did Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa ever play Interstellar Overdrive together? Do you know Fed?

    1. I’m afraid I don’t, Ben, but I do know the festival that you’re referring to. It was the Festival d’Amougies (or the Actuel Pop and Jazz Festival, held at Mont de l’Enclus in Amougies, Belgium), in October 1969. Zappa was the host and later said that he hadn’t performed with Pink Floyd, but had just been on stage during their performance. With a guitar.

    2. Speaking of Festival d’ Amougies, do you allow me to post this video?

      It appears on a documentary film about the festival, that had been realised for Belgian TV.

      I love this version of ‘Green Is The Colour’.

    3. I recently came across a picture of Frank Zappa with Pink Floyd in late 1967 (Syd Barrett staring off into space with arms dangling down) and the caption says it is believed they were playing Interstellar Overdrive.

      The caption says this is one of the very few times when Barrett’s Floyd were joined onstage by another musician.

  5. My favorite PF instrumentals: One of These Days, On the Run, Any Colour You Like. And of course, Dave’s “Let’s Get Metaphysical,” and Richard Wright’s instrumentals on his wonderful WET DREAM.

    Hmmm… Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” (my favorite PF track that PF never wrote); “Diamond Dust” by Jeff Beck; Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” is a real ‘monster’; a number of Vangelis’ tracks from the BLADE RUNNER film; Hendrix’s gorgeous “Villanova Junction” from WOODSTOCK; Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti westerns; Camel’s THE SNOW GOOSE.

    More recent stuff: some of the Flaming Lips’ instrumentals (Yoshimi part 2, Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon, Space Bible with Volume Lumps, The Wizard Turns On); Burial’s creepy, urban dystopias. Oh, and my favorite “OK Computer”-era Radiohead track that’s not by Radiohead: the Doves’ “Firesuite.”

    On the ambient side of things, I love a lot of Brian Eno’s instrumentals (beginning with ANOTHER GREEN WORLD, and including sides 2 of Bowie’s LOW and HEROES), Tangerine Dream’s PHAEDRA, Boards of Canada’s MUSIC HAS THE RIGHT TO CHILDREN, many tracks by Aphex Twin (VOLUMES 1 and 2 for starters).

    And I love jazz and jazz fusion, I won’t even go there, my post would be too long.

  6. A few delicious ones:

    Any Colour You Like – Pink Floyd
    Aqua Marine – Santana
    Brush With The Blues – Jeff Beck
    Duane’s Tune – The Dickey Betts Band
    Journey Of The Sorcerer – The Eagles
    Wild Theme – Dire Straits

    All the best.

    1. Journey of the Sorcerer – The Eagles

      Hell, yes. 🙂

      I could kick myself for forgetting ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’ from Long Road out of Eden, too.

  7. Hi there.

    David Gilmour – Raise My Rent (the best damn guitar solo ever) and Mihalis
    Jeff Beck – Where Were You and The Pump
    Pink Floyd – One of these Days, Main Theme, Careful with that Axe, Eugene (Ummagumma version) and Mudmen (again)
    Frank Zappa – Watermelon in Easter Hay
    Ozzy Ozbourne – Dee (strictly speaking, this should be Randy Rhodes)
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Ballad of 32
    Dick Dale – Misirlou and Pipeline

    1. “Careful with that Axe, Eugene” isn’t an instrumental, there is a line of lyrics and some great screams, too. A single line is also heard in “One Of These Days”, too.

      Go ahead and cut me into little pieces, one of these days, for being pedantic. 😛


    2. I don’t know how I forgot Raise My Rent. And I agree with you and add along with this one, intro to Coming Back to Life is equally badass. (Excuse my language but I can’t think of a more effective word at the moment.)

    3. How could I forget about the instrumentals on Dave’s first album?! Still, my favorites on that album are the vocal numbers – “I Can’t Breathe Anymore,” “No Way,” “There’s No Way Out of Here.”

      I do love the instrumentals on ON AN ISLAND, particularly “Then I Close My Eyes” and “Red Sky at Night.”

      And I neglected UMMAGUMMA as well. My favorite instrumental is Richard Wright’s – the mellow, ambient section (reminds me so much of what Eno would do a few years later).

      Another favorite instrumental is from the “Kraut-rock” band Cluster’s 1974 album ZUCKERZEIT, a track called “James.” And I’m surprised no one mentioned Santana’s “Samba Pa Ti” yet, from ABRAXAS. (Although CARAVANSERAI is my choice for indispensable Sananta album.)

      I said I wouldn’t mention any jazz, so I’m breaking my rule: from Oregon’s MUSIC OF ANOTHER PRESENT ERA (which features Ralph Towner and Colin Walcott), two amazing tracks: “The Silence of a Candle” and “Baku, the Dream Eater.”

      I prefer Mahavishnu Orchestra’s first album to their second, but the 2nd has the track “Sanctuary” which I never tire of listening to.

      Free-jazz/fusion guitarist Sonny Sharrock’s amazing ASK THE AGES has some wonderful tunes, and I also love another album he made around the same time, Last Exit’s IRON PATH, which is *criminally* under-rated. (And his GUITAR solo album is none too shabby either.)

      Then there’s Miles, in a genre unto himself. Who doesn’t love his “pure” jazz stuff? And everything his fock/funk fusion bands did is indispensable (IN A SILENT WAY, BITCHES BREW, LIVE EVIL, ON THE CORNER, etc).

      And since I love early Genesis, I’ll throw out a few instrumentals: “Los Endos,” and Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings,” “Clocks,” – just about any instrumental from VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE and SPECTRAL MORNINGS.

    4. “Careful with that Axe, Eugene” isn’t an instrumental, there is a line of lyrics and some great screams, too. A single line is also heard in “One Of These Days”, too.

      Go ahead and cut me into little pieces, one of these days, for being pedantic. 😛

      Taki, I was thinking the same about ‘Tequila’.

    5. … just about any instrumental from VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE and SPECTRAL MORNINGS.

      Good call Michael D.

  8. Here is a link to Frank Zappa’s ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay’ and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Ballad of 32’.

    (Pardon the woman’s noises – I suppose this could be likened to ‘Je Taime’, another one of my favourites.)

    Real goosebump material.

  9. Maybe someone already listed this, but I think the best instrumental of all time is Memphis by Lonnie Mack.

  10. my pleasure is to play ‘marooned’, wonderful music, i prefer the pulse version, but i like strat pack too.

    i like too ’cause we’ve ended as lovers’ by jeff beck but i prefer a different version by steve lukather and lee ritenour.

    ‘castellorizon’ and ‘raise my rent’ are genius instrumental songs.

    i don’t want to forget ‘careful with that axe, eugene’ – a best of psychedelia music – and ‘cluster one’ of the division bell album.

    david is great.

  11. I love Classical Gas by Mason Williams and Going Home (theme from Local Hero) by Mark Knopfler. Jeff Beck’s new album has some really nice playing on it… but Marooned is in a class of its own.


  12. Welcome back Fed,

    As far as David is concerned then the jam freebie given on Xmas day the other year is an awesome piece of music.

    You mentioned Green Onions but another Booker T classic must be Time is Tight.

    Another fave I never got bored with is Mason Williams and Classical Gas.

    Now I don’t suppose you can say an awful lot but while you were away Roger Waters announced dates for his The Wall tour. I have read many rumours, particularly on US websites, that David and Nick Mason may join him. Can’t see it myself however…

    1. Now I don’t suppose you can say an awful lot but while you were away Roger Waters announced dates for his The Wall tour. I have read many rumours, particularly on US websites, that David and Nick Mason may join him. Can’t see it myself however…

      No, neither can I.

  13. A quick off-the-top-of-my-head list before I head out the door ~

    Misirlou, Dick Dale
    Green Onions, Booker T & the MGs
    Take Five, The Dave Brubeck Quartet (don’t mean to copy, but GO and TF are favorites long-time favorites)
    Last Date, Floyd Cramer
    In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, The Allman Brothers Band
    Grazing in the Grass, Hugh Masekela
    Jingo, Santana
    Sketches of Spain, Buckethead
    Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Jeff Beck
    Marooned, Pink Floyd (my absolute favorite instrumental of all time) 🙂

    FEd, it’s nice to have you back fully charged. 😛 I hope to make it to chat tomorrow — I’ve been missing you all!

    Peace ‘n’ love,

  14. Oh, Welcome Back FEd !!! :))

    Here’s my list:

    All David’s Barn Jam sections


    Pink Floyd – “Terminal Frost” “Cluster One”
    Thomas Newman – “Any Other Name”
    Alan Parsons Project – “Mammagamma”
    Within Temptation – “Mother Earth” (Orchestral Version)
    David Arnold -“Independence Day” Soundtrack
    Blues Brothers – “Peter Gunn Theme”

    See you on chat tomorrow with my pizza recipe… 😛

    Bye, Hydrea

  15. Here’s a few (one could go on for hours):

    Castle in the Clouds (best heard with headphones), Gong
    A Spanish Piece, Pink Floyd
    Any Colour You Like, Pink Floyd
    Marwa Blues, George Harrison
    Mihalis, David Gilmour
    Junk (instrumental version), McCartney
    Clearlight Symphony, Side One
    Almost anything off of “Wired,” Jeff Beck
    Drop in From Top (and maybe Waves), Richard Wright
    Any Hendrix instrumental from Electric Ladyland
    Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold, and Slush, Bonzo Dog Dooh-Dah Band.
    Can-Can, Can
    The Great Gig in the Sky
    Almost anything from Red Queen to Gryphon Three, Gryphon
    Kathryn Howard, Six Wives of Henry VIII, Rick Wakeman (love that big guy, especially when he wear his cape!)

  16. 1 Marooned – Pink Floyd
    2 Cluster One – Pink Floyd
    3 Come In, Number 51, Your Time Is Up – Pink Floyd
    4 Raise my Rent – David Gilmour
    5 Mihails – David Gilmour
    5 When You’re In – Pink Floyd
    6 Any Colour You Like – Pink Floyd
    7 El Farol- Santana
    8 Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
    9 Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
    10 The Narrow Way Part 2 – Pink Floyd

  17. From one David to another David!

    I’d shake your hand for all the joy and comfort your music has brought to me over the years. As far as what songs I enjoy of yours and the collective group you’ve been blessed to work with? …It would be far, far easier to say which one I don’t care for… but that was before ’67 (PF) and is hardly worth listing.

    I even have an ex that wouldn’t let her last ex play any of your music, because it reminded her of me. (One of these days, I’ll have to get that poor sod a DVD or two of your shows.)

    Anyways, rock onwards,


  18. Check out “Victory is Won” by Santana on his “Shaman” release; definitely Santana-sounding but I dare say Gilmour-esque.


  19. Hi,

    Return To Tunguska – Alan Parsons & David Gilmour
    One of those Days – ….?

    Reeds – Troy Donockley (from the Madness of Crowds)

  20. Europa – Carlos Santana
    Mihalis -David Gilmour
    Time Is Tight – Booker T and the MGs
    Telstar – The Ventures
    April – Deep Purple

  21. David Gilmour – Raise My Rent
    Pink Floyd – Marooned
    Genesis – Horizons (Great song, can’t believe no one has mentioned)
    Steve Hackett – Howl

  22. Actually I was lucky enough to see Jeff Beck perform his rendition of “A Day In the Life” live a few months ago. It was unbelievable, what a talent.

    I always liked listening to Eberhard Schoener for electronic instrumental music. Ever hear of him? He is very much like Jean Michel Jarre who is another phenomenal instrumental music performer.



  23. I hope you got your batteries re-charged by solar power FEd.

    If I was to state my favorite instrumental it would be Cluster One. I love Marooned as well (OK, I love the whole LP), but Cluster One always gives me goose bumps and sets the mood for the rest of the LP.

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  25. Here I am, late in the day, listening to another random, favorite instrumental ~ Tacoma Trailer from Leonard Cohen’s album ‘The Future.’ It’s a beautiful musical meander in melancholy. 🙂


  26. Good to have you back, FEd and it’s good to hear you had a good rest. I will admit I had withdrawals but I’ve just not got my fix, as Leonard Cohen would say.

    The five instrumentals that I most like and I like instrumentals are:

    The Messiah Will Come Again – Roy Buchanan
    Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
    Tacoma Trailer – Leonard Cohen
    La Villa Stangiato – Rush
    Marooned – Pink Floyd

    I listen to Marooned quite often as well as Tacoma Trailer. My two favs are the two PFs.

    Leonard did a masterpiece on TT and the others are simply fantastic.

  27. Two songs that sound great at 3am after a big night:

    Jeff Beck’s version of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    Sade – Punch Drunk

  28. Help!

    I am stranded in the UK as my flight back to Canada was cancelled. I attended my mother’s funeral last week.

    If anyone can give me a lift from Derby to Manchester Airport next Saturday, please let the Fed know who can forward any messages to me.


    1. I’m really sorry to hear that, Rudders.

      Happy to oblige, if anyone is in the area and can help out…

    2. Commiserations on the loss of your mum, Rudders. Hope you get home OK, via Manchester on Saturday.

      Sorry I can’t be of assistance. 🙁

    3. My condolences to you, Rudders. 🙁

      Peace and love to you,

  29. Hello FEd, it’s nice to read the Blog again. 🙂

    Here are some instrumentals I really like.

    After The Ordeal – Genesis
    Embryonic Journey – Jefferson Airplane
    Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin
    Orion – Metallica
    Underture – The Who

    And these are my absolutely favourites from Pink Floyd and David.

    One Of These Days
    Any Colour You Like
    Terminal Frost

  30. Hello FEd,

    I would say my favorites are:

    Overture- The Who
    Albatross- Fleetwood Mac
    Blue In Green- Miles Davis version
    Take Five- Dave Brubeck
    Mudmen- Pink Floyd
    Jessica- Allman Brothers Band

    …and most importantly:

    Then I Close My Eyes- David Gilmour

    1. Then I Close My Eyes – David Gilmour

      How could I have forgotten this one?? :! It’s one of the best instrumentals of all time! The live performance at Gdansk can’t be beat ~ love it, love it, love it!! 🙂


  31. ‘Castellorizon’ for the David solo, not just for the music itself but for the happy memories it brings with it.

    I’m torn between ‘Cluster One’ and ‘Marooned’ for the Pink Floyd one and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Tacoma Trailer’ is a lovely one.

  32. Hi Fed,

    If Rudders was going from Birmingham or if for some reason his flight is changed then I could go and get him, however just wouldn’t have time to get to Manchester and back.

    Let us know if he is successful.


  33. Oh and allow me to throw in “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams as well.

    Forgive me for using what is now a cliched term but it sounded pretty “epic” for its time… and it still does.

  34. Not sure if this counts or not but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of 28 Days Later and think its some of the best instrumentals from a film soundtrack in the last couple of years. It truly added to what was going on in the film and that is what music such as this should do. Makes me think of the great film music instrumentals the Floyd did with the albums More and Obscured By The Clouds.

  35. I was just flying over here, but I ever wanted to ask this to Mr.Gilmour – I know that he never comes here – so who knows if this will reach him in somewhat way…

    I live in Pozzuoli – Naples (Italy)… when I saw “Live at Pompeii” for the first time, I was very surprised when during the movie appeared a short film sequence made over the Solfatara Volcano here in my city… also I think that the sequences with all four Pink between the vapors are caught still in Solfatara.

    So I just wanted to know if David an the others enjoyed this wonderful city.

    Thank you all and sorry for my English.


  36. Santo and Johnny, Sleepwalk
    Main Street Electrical Parade
    Allman Brothers, Jessica
    Sunshine of Your Love, Jimi Hendrix
    The Nearest Faraway Place, Beach Boys
    (I agree with the person who posted) Embryonic Journey, Jeff. Airplane
    Almost anything off of Siesta, Miles Davis
    Picnic on a Frozen River, Faust
    Tangerine Dream, Rubicon, Side One
    Flying, Beatles

  37. Wow, this is a probably the hardest one ever, most of the music I listen to is instrumental, so I would say pretty much anything by bands like Explosions in the Sky, Red Sparowes, Mono, Mogwai, Vangelis, etc would be included, but I’ll pick three standouts…

    Rush – YYZ
    Leo Kottke – Machine #2
    Vangelis – L’Enfant

  38. One of my favourite instrumentals is definitely Camel’s Stationary Traveller. Another would be the, probably, little known title track of A Third Of A Lifetime by Three Man Army but there are so many good instrumentals, many of which have already been mentioned.

    Off topic for a moment, does anybody now the year of David Gilmour’s Gretsch Duo Jet that you see him use on the ‘In Concert’ DVD? I know they’re still in production but I should think that his is an original 50s or 60s model. Any idea? Fed?

    1. Off the top of my head, I’m afraid I don’t know, but I can certainly try to find out.

      Unless someone else knows…?

    2. Hi Fed. Sorry I’ve been such a stranger, but I’ve been working 80 hour weeks (which is a big improvement over a year out of work).

      David himself said this about his Gretch to the BBC in an interview around the release of On An Island:

      “Working in a rural environment in a rather nice studio, I’ve been using a rather old electric Gretsch Duo Jet guitar on a rather quiet clean setting, which is rather unlike the machoness of the Stratocaster. ”

      General consensus of the Gretch owners I know say this is a late ’50s Duo Jet and most likely a ’57 or ’58. It has Fillertron humbucking pickups which weren’t released until ’57.

      David’s Duo Jet sounds fantastic on ‘Where We Start’ especially from the Gdansk DVD.

      Cheers everyone.

    3. Hey BobBobBob! 😛

      Regarding the economy/jobs, it’s either feast or famine these days, isn’t it? To quote from The Eagles’ song ~

      Take it easy, take it easy
      Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
      Drive you crazy
      Lighten up while you still can
      Don’t even try to understand
      Just find a place to make your stand
      and take it easy

      Peace and love to you!

  39. Hi, I’m from Argentina… my English is awful… want to know if David is going to play in Argentina some day… I think his show is amazing…

    Sorry again for my vocabulary…


    1. I hope you get a chance to see him somewhere, someday. No shows are planned for any part of the world at this time, sadly.

      And believe me, your English is not awful. 😮

  40. Great to see you back in action FEd. Stay well and every ready (batteries, get it?).

    Fav instrumental – “Albatross”.


  41. David/Pink Floyd:

    To the obvious ones already mentioned (such as my favourite, ‘Marooned’), I would add ‘Island Jam’, the gem that David offered us on the blog (or was it on the site?) when it opened in December 2005. Magic.

    I have always dreamed of a complete instrumental album by David…

    To mention more recent music:

    Why not ‘Exogenesis Symphony’ from the last album ‘The Resistance’ by Muse? Maybe not totally instrumental, but I love the fusion between the classical piano, the synthetiser sounds and Matthew Bellamy’s voice. Yes, I know, you don’t like his voice. 😉

    Here is ‘Exogenesis Symphony part 3 (Redemption)’. Brings out a lot of emotion in me. Reminds me of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (that I love too).

  42. I am not fond of “Atom Heart Mother” as a whole, but there are some great solos and individual sections therein. There is an extended section around the middle of the piece where David solos and Rick provides the fills. I love the interplay between these two musicians, which gets even better in “Echoes” the following year.

    I love Rick’s solos that round out the end of the WYWH album — especially as he plays the notes of “See Emily Play” just as it begins to fade out.

    Favorite instrumentals? Let’s not forget the music of Bach, Purcell and the likes. Not to mention Miles Davis and the jazz masters. If we include forms other than pop/rock, there are millions of pieces to choose from. And the choosing gets to be pretty danged tough.

  43. DEFINITELY Castellorizon (one of the best things David ever has done)
    Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfeast (I especially like the soothing guitar while the bacon is frying. I even taught myself how to play it, and sometimes still do.)
    Any instrumental off of Clockwork Orange (especially Wendy/Walter’s stuff)
    Any instrumental off of Phil Manzanera’s “Diamond Head.” (That album is S… Hot! Effen S… Hot!!!)
    The James Bond Theme music.
    Any Eno instrumental on his first 4 vocal albums (especially Through The Dark Trees)–I love Eno.

    At the risk of seriously embarrassing myself… hmmm… how do I explain? When I was a kid growing up in L.A. They had a lot of top 40 stations that played instrumentals that are absolutely awful, that you’d hear after say, “Satisfaction” by the Stones. Anyway. These are beyond awful–so awful I love them.

    Theme from a Summer Place (Percy Faith) (Ha, ha, ha!)
    Hocus Pocus Focus
    Popcorn (Hot Butter)
    Love is Blue
    Classical Gas
    Joy, Appollo 100
    Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Vince G.
    Dueling Banjos
    Charlie Brown Cartoon Music, Vince G.
    Ha, ha!!!

    Fed. Maybe someday you should do a blog about guilty pleasures–bands and songs you listen to, when you’re alone, that you’d never admit to liking to your friends. (Like–hmmm for example–I admit I like the Herman’s Hermits, “Mrs. Brown” and “I’m Into Something Good.” Ha! Ha!)

    1. :)) I like the sound of that. I’ve got loads – and share your fondness for Herman’s Hermits.

      Freddie & The Dreamers?

  44. A few of my favorite instrumentals would have to be,

    Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
    One Of These Days – Pink Flyod
    Buck’s Boogie – Blue Oyster Cult

    Also enjoy Hawkwind as a lot of their stuff was mostly instrumental with just a few lyrics or spoken words.


  45. ‘Lo all. Good to see names both old, and new. Hope you had a nice break Fed.

    Amongst others. The Apollo CD by Brian Eno. The obvious DG/PF stuff. And anything by Jon Hopkins.

    I don’t know about that, Snow Goose. I tried it and it didn’t do it for me. This did though; Roy Harper.

    P.S. It.s not technically an Instrumental but it’s nice.

  46. WB FEd,

    All of David’s & PF’s best instrumentals seem to have been mentioned already. So, I’ll add some of Rick’s…

    Mediterranean C
    Mad Yannice Dance
    Sweet July

    As for other acts, here’s some instrumentals you may or (more likely) may not have heard…

    Tubehead – Steve Hackett
    Twice Around The Sun – Steve Hackett
    Sweet Dreams – Roy Buchanan
    Sylvia – Focus
    Fluff – Black Sabbath
    Opa Loka – Hawkwind
    Ether Ships – Steve Hillage

  47. Evening Star, Fripp and Eno

    Any instrumental off of Beat, King Crimson (I’m not sure why the critics like Red so much, I’ve always thought Beat was the best latter period King Crimson album)

    Anything off of Blue Bell Knoll or Victorialand, Cocteau Twins

    Anything off of Greatest Hits/Whipped Cream, T.J. Brass

    Saudad, Love and Rockets

    Jeteme’, Jane Birkin? (I know that technically she’s actually singing something in French, but I don’t speak French, so it’s kind of an instrumental. OK. It’s not? It’s still a great song.)

    1. ‘Je t’aime’, Jane Birkin? (I know that technically she’s actually singing something in French, but I don’t speak French, so it’s kind of an instrumental. OK. It’s not? It’s still a great song.)

      Are you referring to this song?

      An instrumental? Hmm… A suggestive, sensual, erotic instrumental, then… :))

      From Wikipedia:

      “The explicit eroticism of the song was declared offensive at the time of its release. The lyrics are commonly thought to refer to the taboo theme of engaging in sex without love, and were delivered in a breathy, suggestive style. The song culminates in simulated orgasm sounds by Birkin.” 😉

      Or maybe you were just joking…

      Anyway, I agree, it’s a great song. I love it.

  48. Thank you very much FEd… I`m really sad for your notice… I`m from Argentina, so if David makes a show in Brazil… I`ll be there…

    Thanks a lot…

    Be happy.

  49. The first which comes to my mind is “Theme For Young Lovers”, I love it.

    How are you all?

    Have a nice weekend.

    David, I hope you’re fine and happy!

  50. Welcome back FEd,

    powerful batteries now? You need… I think!

    Delicious topic I agree with every track but please listen to the wonderful “Adagio di Albinoni” by the Doors.

    I love classic music in rock: Jon Lord (of course), Castellorizon and On an Island Jam and every sound played by the Rick Wright’s fingers, the best keyboardist in the world after a certain JS Bach.

    A hug from Rome,

  51. Solo part in Ummagumma’s “Astronomy Domine”
    Rick Wright’s “Waves” and others from Wet Dream
    “Main Theme” and “Dramatic Theme” from More
    Leo Kotke’s “Tennessee Toad” and “The Brain of Purple Mtn.”
    Beethoven’s 7th — the allegreto – (Zardoz soundtrack)
    “Obscured by Clouds”
    “More Blues” (I’ve always liked that one)
    “Journey of the Sorcerer,” which is known to many as the theme to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    And I have my ticket to see the Eagles tomorrow night! Good seat too – lower section of the Shark Tank.

  52. Sorry for being late on this but there are a few pieces that come to mind regarding instrumentals:

    Bill Bruford–Forever Until Sunday, Palewell Park
    King Crimson–Lark’s Tongues In Aspic Part 2
    Charles Mingus–Don’t Be Afraid The Clown’s Afraid Too
    Steve Hackett–Walking Away From Rainbows
    David Gilmour–Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Pink Floyd–Mudmen (from Obscured By Clouds)
    Happy The Man–Service With A Smile

  53. Some that weren’t mentioned (I think);

    Jam 292 – Hendrix
    Pali Gap – Hendrix
    Shine (live) – BeBop Deluxe
    Samba Pa Ti – Santana
    Something’s Got Ahold of My Toe – Traffic
    Bouree – Jethro Tull
    Steppin’ Out (live) – Cream (though any version of this Clapton did will do)
    Little Martha – Allman Bros

  54. One that I haven’t seen mentioned is Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner–the STUDIO version. You can find this on the 4-disc box set from a few years ago and on the old Rainbow Bridge album. On the studio version Jimi layers a multitude of guitars and basses to give the Banner a more “widescreen” treatment and it’s a fun tour de force to hear. You should all seek this one out as it’s well worth hearing.

  55. Hi,

    thanks everyone for these posts. My first post here.

    Saw Floyd once, Barcelona 1994. One of the best days of my life.

    I love instrumentals. Floyd: my favourite maybe Cluster One.

    Also, for example, Mike Oldfield´s Amarok. Strange Oldfield does not appear in previous posts.

    Again, thanks.

    Keep talking,

  56. I’m gonna go for a non-mainstream option and say ‘Voyage 34’ by Porcupine Tree. A 30-minute trip!

    As for the Floyd, favourite instrumental is probably ‘Atom Heart Mother’, or for no vocals at all, ‘Marooned’.

    ‘Terminal Frost’ ranks highly with me too.

  57. I can’t believe nobody said “Rumble” by Link Wray! Crunchy, menacing, and actually quite easy for a novice guitar player. If you haven’t heard it, check it out!

    In fact several of his choons are worth a mention…

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