This year's releases

Ah, this year’s releases, as the typically uncomplicated title already said. Now, I realise that we’re barely three months into the year, but I think it’s started with abundant promise. Have you heard anything that particularly caught your ear?

Two albums released (in the UK) this week – yesterday, in fact – which I’m enjoying are Man Up by The Blue Van and Beat the Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I do think I should have saved more than £1-a-time by downloading and forgoing all that awful plastic, but that’s another matter entirely.

Marcus Bonfanti’s What Good Am I To You?, released last month, is also one to look out for. He’s touring at the moment, with tickets extremely reasonably-priced.

The above- and below-mentioned artist names, you’ve probably already realised and maybe even clicked out of curiosity, double as links to respective MySpace pages, should you care to give their tunes a few moments of your time.

Free downloads provide a good way of adding new material to your music collection. Here’s one from MGMT, and here’s another – it’s from Peter Gabriel’s Scratch My Back. Produced by Bob Ezrin, it’s a collection of orchestral covers of songs such as David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and Elbow’s ‘Mirrorball’, to perhaps give two of the more enticing examples.

If you know of any other goodies, and they must be legal downloads, don’t forget, please don’t keep them to yourself.

Which as-yet unreleased albums are you most looking forward to? New releases are expected from Arcade Fire, The National, Radiohead, R.E.M. and U2 this year. The one I most eagerly anticipate, though, is a fresh offering from Fleet Foxes.

Black Rock by Joe Bonamassa comes out later this month, too…

And speaking (or blogging, rather) of guitarists, there’s also a ‘new’ Jimi Hendrix album out; called Valleys of Neptune, it’s made up of previously unreleased songs, and you could win a copy here, courtesy of the nice people at Fender. Good luck.

Your thoughts on any of these, plus recommendations for others, are, as usual, appreciated; as were the birthday messages for David, thank you all for those.

You never know, 2010 could turn out to be as good a year for music as… 2006?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Really looking forward to Joe Bonamassa’s new album… he is also doing an album with Jason Bonham and Glenn Hughes which should sort the men from the boys.

  2. Wow… 2010 could turn out to be as good a year for music as… 2006?

    New album in 2010? 😉

  3. Hello Fed and friends!

    Just strolling by and thought I’d throw in my two cents worth of info on freeloads and new releases for 2010.

    First of all, my favorite website for finding free and new music is

    Once you enter the ‘Blacksheep Digital Download Side’ scroll down to the bottom left of the page and you’ll see, “Freeloads free stuff is the shi#!”. That’s it! Page after page of free shi#!

    Secondly, do look out for Black Prairie ‘Red Rocking Chair’. It’s free! If you think you don’t like Bluegrass music, give this one a go, you could be mistaken. The album ‘Feast Of the Hunter’s Moon’ is due to be released early this year.

    Thirdly, I made a fantastic buttered pecan and coconut cake today and had not a lick of icing to put on it, just saying. 😛

    1. Thanks for that, Melissa. Unfortunately the downloads are US-only, but it’s still a great starting point for everyone.

      I like that version of ‘Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands’ by Phoenix. Blue Roses are good, too.

      Do let us know if anyone else jumps out at you (musically speaking, I mean; I wasn’t suggesting cake fetishists up to no good… as if).

  4. Seems like I have a bit more than two cents worth to share.

    Just read this article on Planet Rock which is talking about the Kinks new album. Maybe not this year, but…

  5. Hello FEd and all.

    I heard on Classic Vinyl Radio today that David had recorded with Bryan Ferry and these recordings would be released soon.

    I know you can’t believe all that you hear on these stations but I was wondering if you had heard anything about this FEd?

    Barbara P

  6. Am I wrong or something’s moving on? Any other hints dear Fed??


  7. Hey FEd!

    This year is shaping up to be a great year for music already; although last year is a tough one to beat (new Young, Dylan, Springsteen all in a year!!!)

    So far, my favourite releases have been Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” (what did you think of it?) and Johnny Cash’s last American Series album “Ain’t No Grave”.

    Like you say, there’s quite a few expected releases this year. I’m most looking forward to:

    – U2 – “Songs of Ascent” (if they weren’t just exaggerating)
    – Jeff Beck – “Emotion and Commotion”
    – Crowded House’s new album
    – Pearl Jam’s EP (rumoured)
    – Whatever Neil Young has to offer (there’s bound to be something!!)
    – Fleet Foxes!!!!!
    – Rolling Stones – “Exile on Main Street” Remaster (don’t own this one yet…)
    – John Fogerty – “Centerfield” Reissue
    – Radiohead – if Thom/Phil Selway give up their solo careers 😀
    – R.E.M. – Although I hear it’s more likely to be 2011
    – Jackson Browne & David Lindley – “Love Is Strange” 2 CD live album, looks great!!!

    Should be a good year, but as I said, it’s going to be tough to beat 2009!

    Have you got many concerts lined up for this year FEd? I see Mr. Dylan is maybe making an appearance at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent this year, his only UK date apparently…

    1. Only two concerts for me this year: Paul McCartney and Ray Davies.

      I’ve never really been a fan of Peter Gabriel, in all honesty, so perhaps my opinion counts for little. It is an interesting selection of songs, beautifully arranged. However, I never cared much for the originals, so maybe it’s not surprising that I found it all a bit dreary. I found myself wishing that someone would barge into the studio and bash the keys of the piano after a while just to stoke things up a bit and inject some oomph.

      I do like the idea of a song exchange, where each of the artists covered on Scratch My Back will cover one of Peter Gabriel’s songs in return. Maybe it’s just that he’s covered songs that do nothing for me (I haven’t heard the cover of the Kinks’ ‘Waterloo Sunset’, from the Special Edition bonus disc, yet).

      I think it’s an album that will grow on you. I should listen to it again, late at night, after a few drinks.

    2. Thanks very much! :v

      It’s just another day from now on though, the number is getting big enough to start ignoring it… :))

  8. I think if David returns with a new album, this year probably is the same as the great 2006!

    vic 😉

  9. …Have you heard anything that particularly caught your ear?

    Oh sure!

    Finally in this year some of my favorite artists will be release a new album: Depeche Mode, Brian Ferry, Jeff Beck, Coldplay, Apparatjik.

    So, I think will be a great year like 2006. 🙂

    P.S.: Thanks FEd and everyone to have enjoyed my David’s Cake. Then, I’m very happy to have visited chatroom. For me it was the first time :v and I stayed with all of you very well. Thanks again to everyone. By the way, when is the next Chat? I hope to see Alessandra in chatroom, too.

    Bye, Hydrea

  10. Fed, saw both Paul in NYC second show this past summer and Ray Davies just this past Friday (March 5th) and must say you are in for 2 VERY special nights of music.

    Have fun and enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks, Tom; I’m glad that you enjoyed.

      I saw Ray Davies a few years ago at the perfect venue (St David’s Hall in Cardiff, David, if you’re reading) and I’m so glad that he’s returning for another show.

  11. Classic 21 radio station has played a lot Peter Gabriel’s ‘Scratch My Back’ last week, very odd, no guitar, no drums, no rhythm, just a full orchestra or simply a piano. It’s as if he had considered these rock songs as ‘art’ songs.

    There is an interesting interview (in English) on the site of Classic 21. It seems that only David Bowie rejected the exchange idea. I’m also delighted that he is thinking of putting out a ‘soul’ album one day.

    Albums released in 2010 that you didn’t mention? Why not Charlotte Gainsbourg (& Beck)’s ‘IRM’? I love her as an actress, less as a singer, but I have some indulgence, especially when I think of her talented father who she constantly refers to…

    Here is the first single ‘Heaven Can Wait’.

  12. This year hasn’t been very exciting yet.

    One album of 2010:

    PBII – Plastic Soup. A Dutch Prog Rock band that wants to make a statement with an album about the pollution of the sea. Mmm nice, but not overwhelming… a song with Heidi Jo Hines; the daughter of Denny Laine, co-founder of The Moody Blues and guitar player in Paul McCartney’s Wings is the most enjoyable.

    Looking forward to the releases of RPWL and the solo album of their singer Yogi Lang (with Guy Pratt). 😉

    And the new album of Mostly Autumn, without Heather Findlay, she left the band. Saw their guitarist last weekend and Fed; he’s a son of David Gilmour and Richie Blackmore. Do you think that is possible?

    It’s very quiet about David, hope he’s doing well. Maybe he works on an album? The rumour that the late Richard Wright was working on a solo album and that David would finish it is very exciting. But rumours…

    Have a nice end of the week,


  13. Hail Fellow Good Music Lovers!!!

    Mostly I’ve been listening to the new MOJO Syd Barrett C.D. The new recordings of his songs are fascinating, occasionally wonderful/brilliant (even though some are flawed). You can tell that the different singers/bands are having a blast re-imagining them. They are such good songs, they’re engaging no matter who is singing them or how.

    I also have a CD that a friend told me about that I’m newly listening to, that is actually a couple of years old that is already out of print, but astoundingly good. It’s a wistful melancholy thing called “Bleeker Street” by a variety of different artists (including David’s pal Chrissie Hynde).

    (New copies are selling on Amazon for 90 dollars–I wish I would have bought a few copies before it went out of print.) Get that one, it’s stunningly good.

    If Mr. Gilmour or the Kinks put out a record this year I will scream with joy and probably go out and get good and drunk. I’m looking forward to Exile on Main street with the bonus tracks, as well.

    I hope McCartney releases a new disc. A few of the songs on his last album as well as the Fireman album were incredibly good.

    Oh, and I’ve been listening to Nick Drake. And of course, always Gilmour and some Floyd…

  14. P.S. There’s a fabulous Court of the Krimson King reissue that I’ve been playing a lot. And Barnstorm, by Joe Walsh.

  15. … I’m looking forward to Iron Maiden’s new album that was announced recently for the late summer. Unfortunately there aren’t many records from the artists that I admire in the pipeline (or at least I’m not aware of), but I’m happy with what I get…

    Re: Concerts: AC/DC is on the list (bought tickets for May already) and I’m trying to find the time to see and hear Dick Dale this month.

    Best regards


  16. Best 2010 moment: Lyon have eliminated giants Real Madrid from the Champions League tonight. Wow!!!

  17. You never know, 2010 could turn out to be as good a year for music as… 2006?

    FEd, you’re such a tease…. 😛

    Does that mean David will be in RAH on Independence Day? Reviving his association with Crosby & Nash (and Stills).

    Today I just bought the new album from that wee Scottish lassie, Amy MacDonald – A Curious Thing. It’s just getting it’s first airing, as I type.

    1. Does that mean David will be in RAH on Independence Day? Reviving his association with Crosby & Nash (and Stills).

      I don’t know. Maybe.

  18. Well, haven’t heard yet Peter Gabriel’s new album, but I love the man, and something with Bob Ezrin included always kept my attention. The funny thing is that while I was reading FEd’s lines about “Scratch My Back”, Learning to Fly started to play on radio and I was thinking how good it could be if David teamed up again with Ezrin. His albums and songs together (LTF, Signs of Life and Take it Back) are great, and have that “Guitar Vs Keys/Synths” that is all about Pink Floyd, and that Ezrin filled while Rick was “away”.

    We all hope and believe that David will make a new record within the next one/two years. It would be great if he, in contrast with the “acoustic” feel of OAI, brings up an electronic one.

  19. Hello,

    David. Mmmm. I am this week woodshedding (sic) all of your material for a tribute band. Always a fan. Huge influence.

    In hopes this post finds you, thank you for your vision, poise, integrity and your soft voice. I have been delegated to the Rick Wright parts vocally though I feel you two shared a single voice. I feel him alive in me when we tackle Echoes I thought you should know. He is quite well and forgive me for saying he is undoubtedly singing on On An Island.

    Say Hello to Peter and Peace and Love from across the pond,

    Den T

  20. As an apparent friend of David’s how could you go past David Bowie’s Reality Tour CD? It is a fabulous cross section of his work with a great band. The versions of Five Years and Ziggy Stardust are worth the money on their own.

    If you like a tinge of country, try John Hiatt’s newie Open Road and in particular the track Fireball Roberts. A welcome return to form.

    Keep an eye out for Jakob Dylan’s new one Women & Country due in a few weeks. Hasn’t got the old man’s recognition yet but still a serious talent.

  21. Thanks for the links, some good ones there, especially Marcus Bonfanti – he’s gooooooood. You’re right about ticket prices too, it’s only £12 for the Glasgow concert. Bargain! Liked the MGMT one too.

    I read here that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are due to have an album out later this year.

    I’m off to make a Pecan Pie using Becky’s secret recipe now. Thanks for making me think pecan, Mel. 😛

  22. Hiya FEd,

    long time no blog/chat. Hope everything has been going well in David Gilmour blog world. Moved to California to study animation.

    As far as the releases go, I haven’t heard anything new that I really like as far as pop stuff goes, but if I may, I highly recommend the music of Michael Giacchino. He is a film composer who does a lot of the Pixar films. I highly recommend checking out his scores to UP and Ratatouille. Great listening.

    PS. Thanks for the Fleet Foxes mention. They are great. Glad to see they have a new album coming out. 8)

    1. Good to hear from you, Ax. All the best with your studies.

      Thanks for the recommendation. Some interesting interviews and podcasts here.

  23. I enjoyed listening to the tracks you suggested above. It’s amazing what the youth of today are doing with the axe. Great sound and great groups. Now if we could just get some to specialize in long play and give us what we had in Pink Floyd, Rush, Queen and a few others.

    I’m picking up the axe again, myself. Lessons beginning next week. I’m purchasing a Washburn electric Strat style. Playability is outstanding for a lower end guitar and I can afford it! I plan on sticking with it and should have an album out by the time I’m 70 years old. 😉 I’m just doing it for fun and to jam with locals. Wish me luck.

    1. 😛 Let’s be ‘aving you indeed.

      It’s what the next blog post will be pondering, in fact, so please hold back any comments until then; I’m interested to hear what you all think about it.

  24. New Releases!?! 8|

    My last purchase of a new album was DG’s On An Island… prior to that it was The Essential Dylan Thomas…

    I know, I know… I’m a Luddite… 😕

  25. None at all, sorry. There’s no David Gilmour album or tour planned for 2010.

    No ‘solo’ album eh.

  26. FEd, I must say that I forcefully disagree with you about Peter Gabriel (seeing as I am almost as big of fan of Peter’s as I am of PF/DG/RoWa) but I know everyone has their own musical tastes and flavors and so we will just agree to disagree and you will get no arguments from me.

    However I do agree that even for people who consider themselves Peter Gabriel fans, Scratch My Back will be an acquired taste but it is one that I was very eager to acquire and to me at least it is great!

    So on then, it looks like 2010 will be a stellar year for music as a snoop around the ol’ internet demonstrates:

    Vampire Weekend- Contra
    OK Go- Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
    Corinne Bailey Rae- The Sea
    Peter Gabriel- Scratch My Back
    Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
    Godsmack- The Oracle
    U2- Songs of the Ascent (I assume that is a working title)
    Jack Johnson- To the Sea (also probably a working title)
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Mojo
    Maroon 5- TBA
    Fleet Foxes (apparently)- TBA
    Disturbed- TBA
    Evanescence- TBA
    Arcade Fire- TBA
    Stone Sour- TBA
    Dido- TBA
    Red Hot Chili Peppers- TBA
    The Offspring- TBA
    My Chemical Romance (I am undecided how I feel about this… I enjoyed “Black Parade” but their prior work gets a thumbs down from me)

    …and Phil Collins! (Motown covers project)- TBA

    Quite a menu wouldn’t you say?

    1. I certainly would; I’m listening to Godsmack as I write this, funnily enough.

      I didn’t know that a new album was on the way, but will look out for it – thanks.

  27. I’ve been super busy recently, but wanted to send out a late Happy Birthday to David!!!

    Also, Congrats on your (Pink Floyd’s) victory in court with EMI. I’m glad the artists (for once) were able to keep control over the work they create.

  28. Wait, can someone point me to the Barn?

    If Ax can show his long-lost face, then I guess I should as well.

    Cheers all.

  29. I mentioned them in an earlier post and tweet, but here are two free Burning Saviours tracks for download. Sadly they are no more, so nothing from them likely in 2010, but maybe they’re a new discovery to someone reading this.

    If you do download, please tell me what you think of them.

    1. Thanks for the link, FEd.

      I listened to both of the tracks and they sound prog-metal, so this band could be interesting for me. 🙂

    2. I’ve just ordered a Burning Saviours album (“Hundus”) on the back of these songs. I haven’t heard that folksy-prog sound coming from a new band in a long time. They remind me a lot of Pentagram – remember them?

      I also like the sound of Marcus Bonfanti.

      Two good suggestions, FEd!

      However, I disagree with your comments about Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” and urge you to give it another listen.

    3. I’m glad that you both like them.

      They remind me of a cross between Deep Purple and Jethro Tull.

    4. Oh, interesting link FEd, thanks!

      I listened to some tracks, and in my opinion, their sound remember Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath. 8)

      Bye, Hydrea

  30. It seems that with every day that goes by I am learning of a new album being released this year that I hadn’t heard about. I’m so excited for the year of music that is to come.

    I’m a huge fan of Peter Gabriel and love his new album “Scratch My Back”. I find myself listening to it constantly and can’t decided which track is my favorite. I’m particularly fond of My Body is a Cage, I Think it’s Going to Rain Today, and of course, The Book of Love. I can definitely see why people are not easily warming up to the album though. I think most will either love it or hate it. I would recommend giving it a few tries. Having said that, I don’t think those die-hard Radiohead fans will ever warm up to his cover of Street Spirit (Fade Out), LOL! (He sang it that way on purpose! It gives the song a real sense of despair, just like he did in “The Drop”.)

    Albums I’m really looking forward to include:

    Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots (May 25th)
    Slash – Slash and Friends (April 6th)
    Jakob Dylan – Women and Country (April 6th)
    Jeff Beck – Emotion and Commotion (April 13th)
    Jack Johnson – To the Sea (June 1st)

    I also would like to get my hands on a copy of the new Jimi Hendrix album Valleys of Neptune. Anyone else heard it yet? Any thoughts/feedback?

  31. Albums I have enjoyed so far this year:

    A Curious Thing – Amy MacDonald
    Pandemonium – Pet Shop Boys

    Albums I am looking forward to this year:

    New material from Scissor Sisters and Arcade Fire
    Songs About Lulu – Rufus Wainwright
    Bang Goes The Knighthood – The Divine Comedy

  32. David, Could you PLEASE show up in Dallas with Roger on November 21st!?!?!?! Or do a tour of your own!??! We miss amazing music over here in Texas. 😀

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