Happy Birthday

The blog calendar rather than my increasingly blurred memory informs me that many a blogger celebrates a birthday this month, so I’d like to express a joyful “Happy Birthday!” to Stephen for today, to Susan and Thomas for tomorrow and to everyone else who will be observing the anniversary of their birth thereafter; including David, it goes without saying, whose birthday is on Saturday.

As I know that you’d like to do the same, because some of you have already started, I’ll let you get on with it.

My thanks, on David’s behalf, for the well-wishes.

If you’d like to continue discussing the illustrious John Peel and the great many Peel Sessions of note, you are very welcome to do so (but here, not here, please).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

182 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to all our dear FEd addressed, and especially David! I wish you all health and peace.

    who’s writing this in a hotel near Hanover (CeBit)…

  2. Happy Birthday David and Happy Birthday to everyone this month!!!

    I absolutely love the remixes on the website–some of the paired down tracks. The last time I logged in I was sitting there for a minute thinking, “What the bloody hell is that marvelous noise?” I didn’t recognize the remix.

    For David’s birthday: I wish that his muse strikes him with complete clarity–that he finds his way with all those Syd tapes he has put on his computer (finishing something like “She Was a Millionaire” will either be something extremely easy or difficult, depending on his muse. In either case, I’m thrilled Mr. Gilmour is thinking about tinkering with them–and I have no doubt he will succeed in creating something beyond wonderful.

    I’m just thrilled he’s got some time to get busy.

    I wish David a year free of any new draining business matters, a year free of lawsuits, a year free of any troubles, so he can just do the magic he does when he sits down with his guitar.

    We all love you David!!! Happy Birthday and have a fantastic year!!!

    P.S. I hope that David adds extra lyrics and his voice to “unfinished” songs, like “She Was a Millionaire. I hope he doesn’t just add some guitar here and there… I’d love to hear the blend of voices. I’d just love it!

  3. I just wanted to wish David Gilmour a Happy Birthday and I also wanted to wish Susan, Stephen and Thomas a Happy Birthday too. I hope everyone will have a great and safe weekend.

    Plus Fed, I found Link Wray and the Raymen’s first album and it’s in mint condition for a price you wouldn’t believe – $2.00. Isn’t that great?

    Take Care, Thomas

    1. ‘Lo all.

      Enjoy your purchase Thomas! If Hydrea can send a Cake – it does look nice – can Thomas and I share a tune with Mr “G” on his special day? If he is passing by this way – click here.

      It’s better than that “Happy birthday” tune! That’s too old hat, once you reach a certain age.

      Happy Birthday to Lorraine too.

      Good weekend all!

    2. If Hydrea can send a Cake – it does look nice – can Thomas and I share a tune with Mr “G” on his special day

      Mike T, thanks to enjoy my David’s Cake. :))

      Happy Birthday to all bloggers this month. 🙂

      Bye, Hydrea

  4. Happy Birthday David Gilmour.

    This weekend I will watch David’s latest DVD. It brings me back great memories. I saw David live in Hamburg, March 11th 2006. Time flies.

    Happy Birthday to Snowy White (March 3rd, 62 years).

    I’ve seen him live with Roger Waters a few times. He is also a great guitar player.


  5. Just want to send my Happy Birthdays to all the above mentioned.

    Have a good one, and quite simply, Happy Days!

    All the best,
    Simon J

  6. Hello David,

    Happy Birthday! 😀

    I wish you all the very best! Have a great day with your family and friends.

    I wish you many musical inspirations in the future!

    With best regards from Berlin

  7. March, 6th.

    This is for you, Mr. David Gilmour (I suppose, the shortest Italian poem):

    MATTINA (Morning)


    I flood myself with light
    of the immense

    I think about the Venice concert of August 2006 very often…”then I close my eyes” and I can imagine you, Rick and the band vividly. I do this periodically in order to keep the images clear and sharp. The pictures in my mind have warmth, sounds and movements: treasures I cannot afford to lose.

    God gave a gift to the world when you were born; a person who spends energy on others, who touches each life he enters and fills the hearts with your own music and voice and makes a difference in the world.

    Bless you. Happy Birthday!


  8. Happy birthday, David. Hope you have a lovely day. I hope the sun shines for you.


    Julie, Kevin and Imogen

  9. Hi FEd,

    I wish share with you and all bloggers my David’s Cake.

    I prepare it with love and I hope you enjoy it.

    Please, could you leave me a slice? :))

    So, have a Great Birthday tomorrow, David! 🙂

    Bye, Hydrea

  10. Happy Birthday to Susan and Thomas! Big bisous to you both. 🙂

    I wish everyone a very good (sunny?) weekend.

    And many thanks to FEd for keeping the chatroom open all weekend.

  11. For David… have a wonderful birthday, I can’t believe another year has gone by! Nearly 4 years since the Royal Albert Hall but we will always Remember that Night!

    Have a great day.

    Best Wishes
    Heather and Phil

  12. Happy Birthday Mr G. Still 4 years older than me. I keep trying to catch up, but you keep leading the way.

  13. …and a very happy birthday from me too. 🙂

    And a link, for those who need a smile… it’s not so much the song as the video. What imagination.

    Enjoy the weekend

    1. Lene:

      That was great. Enjoyed the imagination and must have been hard work to set all that up.


  14. Wow, what a packed Birthday Calendar this month.

    Happy Birthday to everyone, especially to David and to Lorraine.


  15. I’d like to wish David a very happy birthday tomorrow! 🙂 If not for you…

    So to David, Susan, Stephen, Thomas, and my 3-year-old grandson, Rowan, whose birthday was yesterday, I’d like to share these lyrics by Bob Dylan while you blow out your candles:

    May God bless and keep you always,
    May your wishes all come true,
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you.
    May you build a ladder to the stars
    And climb on every rung,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.

    May you grow up to be righteous,
    May you grow up to be true,
    May you always know the truth
    And see the lights surrounding you.
    May you always be courageous,
    Stand upright and be strong,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.

    May your hands always be busy,
    May your feet always be swift,
    May you have a strong foundation
    When the winds of changes shift.
    May your heart always be joyful,
    May your song always be sung,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all 🙂

    1. It was the big 50th for me, I enjoy getting older, probably because I am young at heart… forever, as a matter of fact!

      Thank god for Dylan.

  16. Dear Susan, have a very, very rocking and Happy Birthday!

    Best wishes to you and all the other birthday kiddies!

  17. Dear David,

    have a very, very Happy Birthday!

    Best wishes to you and yours, and although it is your birthday, I´d have a wish, LOL: please, please, give us fans a glimpse of hope of a new tour this year… the gigs we enjoyed in 2006 and 2007 are too long ago… we are craving for more. Thankfully Fed is keeping us posted with your plans and keeping in touch with each other.

    Rock on, and thanx again for your mesmerizing music and spellbinding moments we will never forget.

  18. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and similarly happy birthday to everyone else who has a birthday soon.

    Although I don’t get much chance to visit the chatroom and I don’t post half as often as I mean to, I still remember all those great comments and conversations I’ve had over the years. Thanks to everyone who has been part of those. Hopefully my contributions will become slightly more frequent from now on.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  19. joyeux anniversaire cher David, je souhaite le meilleur pour vous, nous vous aimons, i love your music, birthay heureuse de France mon ami et bon anniversaire à tous, le meilleur regard!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my favourites guitarist in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m 16 and I play the guitar.

    I haven’t got lucky to see you live, please come in Milano early!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good time.

  21. Happy birthday to David. Wishing you God’s blessings on your birthday and always. Thank you for sharing your marvelous talents with the world.

  22. Hi Fed and David

    I’m de-lurking to wish you both, and everyone else who is celebrating this month, a very happy birthday and a prosperous year.

    Lots of love


  23. Happy Birthday David!

    Thank you for enriching our lives by sharing your incredible gift! You are truly one of a kind… rock royalty!

    I wish you a lifetime of happy days!


    1. Dear Fernando,

      We are thinking and praying for all of you affected by the terrible events in Chile.

      Stay safe, loving thoughts.


  24. Happy Birthday to David on the 6th, and everybody else mentioned. I hope you have/had a good one.

    David, thank you again for your music. It really does help. 🙂

  25. A very happy birthday, David! All the best to you and your loved ones around you!

    Thank you for your work, and your (musical) spirit! You inspire many out there to let their voices be heard, be it as guitar players, or as human beings in general!

    Greetings from Vienna!


  26. Happy, happy birthday, Dave!

    Well, I’ve just painted my son’s Strat-replica black, so it looks like yours, as he had wished. I wish I could afford a real one with your signature, but…

    Have a nice day with the ones you love. I’ll ask my wife to make a cake (if she finds a time, fortunately it’s Saturday), so we can take a bite for your 64th ( :v ), while listening to and watching Live In Gdansk.

    All the best from Croatia!

  27. Best wishes David and ‘birthday greetings’ for tomorrow.

    ‘Bottle of wine?’
    ‘Sunday morning go for a ride.’
    ‘Doing the garden, digging the weeds,
    Who could ask for more?’

    I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    We still need you. Will you still feed us now you’re 64?

    Belated birthday greetings for yesterday, Stephen. Happy birthday today, Susan and Thomas.

    As well as David’s birthday, my daughter, Sarah, is celebrating her recent engagement, therefore March 6th is decreed ‘Smile’ day.

    1. …therefore March 6th is decreed ‘Smile’ day.

      As if by magic, the Home page now has ‘Smile Web 1’. 😀 😉

  28. I just want to wish a happy birthday to Mr. David Gilmour. And I want to say thank you for the many years of wonderful music and inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.


  29. In this beautiful day, I’d like to wish an ¡¡¡¡¡amazing happy birthday!!!! for a Gorgeous person: David Gilmour.

    Perhaps one day, I will meet you, but while I hope I hope for more and more incredible albums from the best player guitar ever.

    With love Sandy V


  30. Wishing Daving a beautiful Birthday, surrounded by love, family, friends.

    This poem of Paul Verlaine describes better than I ever could the emotions and joy of listening to your music.

    “Quand Marco chantait, ses mains, sur l’ivoire,
    Évoquaient souvent la profondeur noire
    Des airs primitifs que nul n’a redits,
    Et sa voix montait dans les paradis
    De la symphonie immense des rêves,
    Et l’enthousiasme alors transportait
    Vers des cieux connus quiconque écoutait
    Ce timbre d’argent qui vibrait sans trèves,
    Quand Marco chantait.”

    Wishing you a very very long life with health and happiness.

    With deep love and admiration spanning over four decades!


  31. It’s pleasure to share a birthday with you David. Thanks for so many moments of pure bliss.

  32. In Italy it’s already your birthday David.

    I wish you all the love of this world, a very happy birthday with your family and friends, enjoy your day! Che Dio ti benedica.

    Cheers and happy birthday to all those who were born in March!


  33. Dear David,

    Just to wish you good health, happiness and unlimited inspiration for all you put your mind to. Have a wonderful birthday and please don’t deny us your magic ‘live’ for too much longer.

    All good wishes to you and yours – a hopeful fan. xx




    by Fabiola, Giovanbattista, Emanuele and Andrea.

  35. :)) Happy Birthday, David!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration!!

    ~Susan xoxo

    …and thank you to all of you bloggers who wished me a Happy Birthday, too!! :v

  36. Have a blessed and magical birthday, David, and to all who are celebrating their birthdays at this time!


  37. 😀 Happy Birthday Mr Gilmour. I’m happy since I know your birthday is the same as mine.

    Cheers from Monterrey, MEXICO

  38. HAPPY 64 DAVID!

    Have a great day with your family and friends. We wish you all the very best.

    Looking forward to seeing you again on stage.


    Flavie, Nick and Eva Moloney

  39. Have a very happy birthday!!

    You are the best guitarist in the world and also you are my favorite musician in all the world!! I have hope to return to Argentina soon. The best thing that could happen in my life is you come to do a concert in Argentina. I’m 17 and play the guitar, I enjoy playing your songs, it’s wonderful.

    You’re very important to me, in your course in Pink Floyd, and your solo career revolutionized my life. Thank you for your existence… I greatly appreciate you.

    Bella Vista, Buenos Aires.


  40. Happy Birthday to all!

    I hope you have a wonderful peaceful birthday David!

    I may not always comment, but, I keep an eye on the blog FEd and you are doing a wonderful job as always. Stay Safe.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Barbara P

  41. Hi David. Happy Birthday!

    The only question I have for you is WHEN you could come to play your music to my country, Argentina? Here are 1.000.000 Pink Floyd Fans since 1969 when EMI from Argentina released the soundtrack of “More”. Since then, the number of fans grows every year… Roger Waters came twice and played two shows (in 2001 and 2007) and there are two Argentine Pink Floyd tribute bands.

    My eyes saw Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and The Rolling Stones playing in Argentina… We are waiting you!

    Best Regards, Martin

  42. Isten éltessen David születésed napja alkalmából!

    Kívánom, hogy legalább mégegyszer ennyi ideig kápráztasd el a világot csodálatos zenéddel!!

    Öszinte szeretettel és tisztelettel:

    Zoli 😀

    Budapest, Magyarország.

  43. Happy Birthday David.

    Been listening to your music all day on my new system, absolutely live for your music, keeps me alive.

    Mildura Victoria Australia, I will see you one day.

  44. Happy birthday, Mr.Gilmour!!! Happy birthday to you from my mother and me. 😀

    With her help I became a Pink Floyd listener and fan of David’s guitar style. In next week I will play a Comfortably Numb on “The Rock-Bands competition” in my town. I hope that it will be great! And I hope that David will arrive in Russia! 🙂

    With your help I really understand what I want. Music became an instrument for explaining emotion.

    Happy birthday! Best wishes!

  45. Tchin-Tchin, David, I would like to share some cyber bubbles with you.

    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

    Thank you so much for everything, your music, your generosity, your smile, and also for giving us this great blog.

    Don’t you like this quote by Gustave Le Bon: “Il passe un vent de toute beauté sur les années.” ? – Beautifully said, I think.

  46. Carissimo David,

    la tua musica e quella dei Pink Floyd rappresentano, per me un valore irrinunciabile e carico di emozioni sempre. Mi limito a dirti un grazie infinito. Vorrei dirti tante altre cose, ma l’inglese non lo conosco e temo che non mi capiresti. Auguri di buon compleanno, di pace, di salute e di tanta serenità per te e per la tua famiglia
    con stima e tanto affetto


  47. Have a wonderful day David. 😀

    It’s your 5th with the bloggers: thank you.

    Have nice, light days with friends and family.

    A hug from Rome

  48. Dear David!

    Very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the very best!

    I hope we’ll see some beautiful day in Poland. 😀

    Have a great day.

  49. Happy Birthday, David. I hope you’ll have a great day. 🙂

    My best wishes to Stephen, Susan and Thomas, too.

  50. Happy B-Day Sir Gilmour, his notes and his songs give us everyday emotions. Thousand of these years, God bless him!

    – Gianluigi Coppola, Italy.

  51. Dear David, Happy Birthday!!!

    I wish you happiness, health, excellent mood and creative success!

    Thank you for your great music! It is brilliant! Pink Floyd is super! It became part of my life, and I even decided to learn to play guitar!

    You are the best guitarist in the world! Congratulations!

    From Russia with love…

  52. Happy birthday David, happy birthday to all bloggers, born in March!

    All the best, good luck, take care and have great parties…


  53. happy royal day, the birthday of king david, the greatest space rocker of all time… the immortal.

  54. Hi David

    ich sag`s auf deutsch: ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag and all the best for the future. Ohne Deine und die Pink Floyd Musik wäre die Welt nicht nur ärmer – sie wäre total arm. Schade, dass es euch nicht mehr gibt.

    With regards

  55. Auguri Dave… grazie per avermi regalato momenti meravigliosi con la tua musica!

  56. Joyeux Anniversaire David,

    Toujours un grand merci pour toute ta musique qui m’emeut toujours autant, le meilleur guitariste que je connaisse!

    A quand, un passage en France?

  57. David:

    All the best for the next year in your life. It shall bring you the beginning of the harvest of a long term learning period (although this period isn’t really over).

    Happy Birthday!! And go on performing as long as you feel happy with it.



  58. “Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.”
    – Jean Paul Richter

    “We turn not older with years, but newer every day.”
    – Emily Dickinson

    Happy birthday to all! I wish you the very best of what life has to offer. 😉

  59. I wish you a wonderful birthday David!

    I saw you in your live in Vienne, in France, in 2006. It was unforgettable. I’ve been loving your music since my childhood thanks to my Dad (who is guitarist too and loves your music!).

    I hope to see you another time in France!!!Please come back to France !!!

    Gros bisous!

  60. Happy Birthday David Gilmour. You’re one of my favorite guitar players and singers (next to the Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman). Good luck and have the blue sky. 8)

    I’d like to see you in the Czech Republic.

    P.S. : I listen to the albums Wish You Were Here and Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live, 1980–81), every day. :v

  61. Dear David,

    happy birthday to you, have a good day and a nice new year of your life. We hope we can travel to London and enjoy a concert of you this year!

    Best wishes to You and all the others who are celebrating their birthday today.

    Greetings from
    Karola + Jannick + Harald
    from the area of Bremen in Germany.

  62. Happy birthday David!

    I wish to see you next time in Poland! We invite you to Poland!


  63. Happy Birthday David! God bless you and your family.

    Fans from Brazil.

  64. Happy birthday David! Have a wonderful day!

    Best wishes from me and my family.


  65. Happy Birthday David,

    Wish you the best!

    Best Regards,
    Ben (Vienne, France).

  66. Olhos fechados
    Pra te encontrar
    Não estou ao seu lado
    Mas posso sonhar
    Aonde quer que eu vá Levo você no olhar
    Não sei bem certo
    Se é só ilusão
    Se é você já perto
    Se é intuição
    E aonde quer que eu vá Levo você no olhar
    Longe daqui
    Longe de tudo
    Meus sonhos vão te buscar
    Volta pra mim
    Vem pro meu mundo
    Eu sempre vou te esperar.

    A voce David Gilmour!!
    Desejo toda magia de amor.
    Que seus mais belos sonhos se realizem.
    Seja feliz hoje e sempre.


  67. Happy birthday! 😀

    Hard to believe it’s been already 4years since On An Island… we’re gettin’ old but in style and loving great music!

  68. Just wanted to leave a note of well wishing for David. I hope you have a blessed birthday. I hope you can enjoy the day surrounded by your family and friends.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us all!!!!

  69. 😀 Happy Birthday David.

    You are the best guitarist in the world. I’m 15, and I play Guitar. I like your songs, they are so beautiful, your guitar solos.

    I want you in Brazil. Please.

    Good Vibrations for you. 🙂

  70. Happy Birthday David, all the best!

    I will play On An Island tonight, just to celebrate!


  71. Dear sir, happy birthday! We wish you health!

    In Russia, you remember and love! Priezzhate visit!

  72. Happy birthday David. Hope you’re doing well.

    Celebrated your birthday by visiting a Pink Floyd cover band in the old Church, yesterday, including a round screen and the original videos. A lot of Syd Barrett songs… that made me smile.


  73. Hi Dave,

    Congratulations to your Birthday and best wishes! I hope you have an enjoyable time on this day.

    Best Regards from Germany


    P.S. I´m playing today on my red Fender Stratocaster “On an Island” for the first time.

  74. Many happy returns to David. Once again, I’ll share my cake, 33 this time around. Now, where did I put the postal address???

    Also, happy birthday to everyone else whose falls on this weekend.

  75. Dear David Gilmour,

    Best wishes from your birthday today from me and my family!

    I like you sooo much! My son, he is 36 years old, likes your music too. He is also a Music man. My grandsons, 2 and 4 Years young, have loved you and your songs since their birth. They call you “debbitt”. My husbands figure looks like yours and he lives since many years ago in his black T-Shirts, when he is at home. He helped me to write this letter to you.

    My heart is full of feelings, when I hear your music. I hear the songs in dark times, I feel better, I hear the songs in light times, I paint pictures. I dream away with your magic music in my inner dreamland.

    Thanks so much for all. You have a special place in my soul and your smile is the most beautiful smile I know. And I am happy to stay the same time on the planet like you.

    So, that was a long letter from an old fan to my old friend in music and I hope you have a long life. I hope you read these words and you enjoy a little bit.

    Happy birthday to you !!!!!!!

  76. Happy birthday David.

    Thank you very much for the music. I hope every day is a great day for you. Not possible, maybe, but it’s a sincere wish from me to you and yours.

    Happy birthday everyone!

  77. Happy Birthay, Mr. David Gilmour,

    I only wish you many more years of music dreams.

    A bit selfishly also to me, with many more tones of your incredible guitar.

    Thank you very much for many colourful daydreams.

  78. Most Happy Birthday, David!

    Have all the health, luck, happiness and family support that you need to feel strong and motivated to continue doing what you do best – sharing the love of the Universe with all of us – your devoted-to-life fans. May God Bless you with new music and songs as well as with strong spirit and body for many years to come so that we have the chance to be spell-bound by your magic again.

    You know that we are waiting for a new records and new tours – and we ever will. The magic of your music, of your guitar and voice, of your magical presence wherever you are are really very important – not only for the fans, but for the ascending Earth in this critical times.

    God Bless you and everything and everyone you love!

    Emil R. Botev,
    from Sofia, Bulgaria

  79. Hey Big Guy,

    Happy Birthday to you! May it be a family-fun filled blast! And, if I haven’t said it enough already, thank you very much for your volume of work. The art never ceases to soothe and inspire.

    All the best,
    Angelo in NYC

  80. Congratulations, a great admirer of his Brazilian magic work, from all decades.

    See you in our country even if they come to play.

  81. Happy Birthday, Gilmour!!

    And thanks for everything, his music made a part of my life, SHINE ON!

  82. Happy Birthday David!

    Thank you so very much for sharing your talents with the world. Your music touches hearts and lives and not a day goes by where it does not touch mine. Thank you and may your day and the coming year be full of happiness, health and blessings beyond measure.

    Lara in Alabama

  83. Happy Birthday, David! 😀

    Hi David! I loved you 30 years and I enjoy your music. For you the best regards, love, happiness and health. I adore you. You are a modest person with a beautiful smile, but you are always magnificent.

    From Siberia with love!

    Elena Batrakova, Russia, Surgut

  84. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, David!

    Muchas gracias por los grandes momentos que me das cada vez que escucho tus canciones o veo tus conciertos.



    Te esperamos de braços abertos!

    Como o Cristo Redentor, símbolo de nossa cidade.

  86. Happy birthday David!

    You’ve made my world a brighter place.

    Whatever you do, enjoy it.

  87. Happy Birthday, David! I wish you to be always happy, health to you and your entire family, success in music, and that on the dark side of the moon lit up the sun!

    Once again, happy birthday!

    Vorobjev Nikita 17-th
    from Krasnodar, Russia.

  88. Happy Birthday David from Poland!!!

    Thank you for your fantastic Music.

    I wish you many health and peace and neverending musical inspirations.

    Michal from Poland

  89. Happy birthday to my favourite uncle!!! Auguri Daveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I hope to see you soon in Italy… I still remember your concert in Florence in 2006… BEAUTIFUL!!!

  90. David, Happy Birthday, from my wife, Kathy, and I, and many, many, more, healthy ones !

  91. Just a wee note to say happy birthday to David, hope you have a great day. xx

  92. Happy birthday, David!

    Enjoy your day (or at least evening) and many happy returns,

    All the best

    Tomasz Poznań/Poland

  93. Hi Dave,

    Happy birthday from Bologna (Italy). I’m waiting for you to come here. 🙂

  94. Happy birthday David. Wishing You from Warsaw in Poland. When will You visit my country again??


  95. Congratulations from Brazil!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mr. David Gilmour.

    Peace be on your side and you keep rockin’ for many, many years!!!!!


  96. Happy Birthday David.

    U changed my life but NEVER gave me the chance to thank U. Third world, you know?

    Luis Claudio – Brazil

  97. Hello David

    The joy of life is another Birthday. Happy Birthday my friend and many more. Music is good for the soul and you have touched so many lives with God’s gift that he gave you, all we can say is thank you.

    We love you.

    James TN USA

  98. Dear David, Happy Birthday to you!

    I wish you all the very best! Peace, love and health and many inspirations to enchant the soul of all of us!

    Come to Brazil! 😀

    With best regards from Brazil. Bless you!

  99. David…

    Parabéns, muitas felicidades e, principalmente, muitos anos de vida.

    Eu sei que dificilmente você irá ler isto (espero que o Fed leia… e lhe passe o recado, hehe) mas gostaria de reforçar o convite do meu conterrâneo brasileiro e dizer que Curitiba está te esperando também.

    Um Abraço.

  100. Happy birthday to you, my musical inspiration and mentor.

    I guess that no one in this little world is a bigger slave to your divine tones than I. 20 years of admiration for everything you do and play… my son, whose birthday is here on Monday, says hello to you too… he’s only turning 5 years this time and of course is named by you. And he’s proud like his old man here to be living a life here with your music.

    I could probably write a million pages for you, but you don´t even read it anyway, I guess.

    Thank you, Dave. Best wishes to you… hope to hear from you again soon.

  101. Happy Birthday to David Gilmour.

    Day long Pink Floyd and solo tribute from me to David. So far have played Mihalis, Julia Dream, Corporal Clegg (though he detests that song), Wot’s… Uh the Deal (Obscured by Clouds version), Fearless, Green Is the Colour. Now Fat Old Sun then his musical contributions to Dark Side, Echoes, all of Wish You Were Here, good chunk of post-Roger Floyd and songs from David’s four solo albums.

  102. Your fans from Moura (Portugal), wish you a happy birthday. We are waiting for your concert in Portugal… we love your music.

    Rui Garrido and family.





  104. Happy Birthday, I like you very much. Congratulations.

    Parabens meu querido moro em Londres e gostaria muito de assistir um show seu. voce e o melhor dos melhores.

    Parabens e muitas felicidades.

    Eu te amo – you are the best.

    Geovanna Cristina from Brasil

  105. Happy birthday, David! Many years of life.

    Wish you were here David, in Brazil, would be the realization of a great dream. Maybe one day…

  106. 😀 Dear David:

    To my family and me you and Pink Floyd are the best: Best Guitarist and best Band.

    On your special day I, Grace Mologni, my brother Richard (like Richard Wright the best tecladist and also good human being, very well missed) and Mom Mary and husband Charlie want to wish you the best of everything.

    Thank you for sharing such a talent and music with us. We have through all our lives till today enjoyed your music. Please keep writing and playing forever.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Thanks for the happy birthday… it was great… rum cake!!!

    Hope David had fun too!

  108. Hello David, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    I am Justo from Argentina.

    Congratulations, and live forever. God Bless you and your family also.

    Thanks for your music. We are waiting for you in Argentina.

    See you.

  109. Dear David,

    I wish to you a Happy Birthday. I write to you from Argentina, and I wish to see you in Argentina soon, if it is possible!!!!!!

  110. Happy Birthday David!!!

    I look forward to many, many more years of great music and great guitar playing from you in the future…

    God Bless You and Your Family,

    Joe 🙂

  111. A very Happy Birthday David!!! Hope you stay so long with us to see you again in a show! Who knows???

    From all the fans in Canada!

  112. Belated but heartfelt


    Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends.

  113. Happy Birthday Daveee! You are my master in guitar. Your style is the best, and I wait some day to come to the half from you.

    An embrace from Argentina and congratulations.

  114. Happy Birthday David. Toivon sinulle ja bändi tulee SUOMI, monia monia FANIES. 8)

  115. Sorry I’m just “Un peu en retard” but happy birthday Mr Gilmour, thank you for this music!

  116. “God bless you and keep you,
    God smile on you and gift you,
    God look you full in the face
    and make you prosper.”

    (Numbers 6:24-26, MSG)

    Happy Birthday David. 🙂

  117. Wishing you the best on your birthday David. Thank you for all you have done, are doing and many years to come.

  118. Oh man, I can’t believe I’m late wishing my idol a happy birthday.

    I hope it was a fun day.

    Shine On.

  119. Happy birthday David!

    Love your music! I hope you’ll continue to play music!

  120. Happy Birthday David!

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful celebration. Hope your wonderful smile was seen often. Many happy memories to you and your family.

    And to all the March birthday bloggers… happy birthday too.

    Sorry I missed the date, but enjoyed reading all the wishes here from some old familiar names.


  121. This is slightly off-topic, but after rereading the excellent Mojo article on Syd this weekend, and reading the little box that has the interview with David, I wanted to make a comment.

    In the interview David notes that a lot of fans might think it “Sacreledge” for him to tinker with the material he recorded with Syd. When I read that I worried about something–Mr. Gilmour probably not only has completed works by Syd, but half finished things like, “She Was a Millionaire.” I hope he’s not worried that we, the fans, would think it’s unthinkable to finish an unfinished lyric.

    For me–a super hard core fan–that’s not an issue. I loved what Paul and George did with John’s “Free as a Bird.” I almost wept when I first heard it. In the same way I hope that David finishes song fragments he has from Syd, and I hope he adds his voice. If David doesn’t finish the lyrics himself, and lets Polly do it, or David Bowie or McCartney or even Joe the plumber, that doesn’t bother me either. Because David has the moral right. As long as he thinks the lyrics work, I’m OK with it.

    David was Syd’s friend. He helped Syd record and finish his solo albums, they had the same musical sensibilities, and he’s kept the royalty money flowing in Syd’s direction all these years. David has the absolute moral right to finish off any song he wants ANY way he wants. Even with Polly or Bowie or anyone.

    Anyway, I hope he does.

    P.S. The Smile remix is really, really magical. David should release a double album of remixes of a bunch of his songs. The originals are great, but so are the remixes. New continents of sound.

  122. Hi David,

    even if a bit late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

    All I can say is a big thank you for all the emotions and magic you are giving us with your music. Hope to see you soon on another tour to Italy/Venice.


  123. Happy Birthday to David and Best Wishes for a serene and fruitful future.

    We’ll be certainly watching. 🙂

  124. Happy Birthday David!!! Sorry for the belated wishes, but I wish you a healthy and happy year AND many more!

    Thank you for everything that you have done for us… both musically and for letting us use your website to enjoy each other’s company.

    All the best from Connecticut!

  125. Dear David,

    I’d like to wish you a big happy birthday. You are my greatest influence…

    I was lucky enough to play at The National in Richmond, VA on March 6, and I took my trusty Gilmour Signature Strat…. I guess it’s just coincidence its your birthday also. That guitar is the greatest guitar I’ve ever played…

    It’s a extremely versatile guitar, we played blues, country, rock, everything on it, and it sounded phenomenal.

    Tyler Foxwell

  126. Happy belated Birthday David! You’re an inspiration always (besides Scorpions) for me!!

    All the best, Health and long life!!

    Cheers from Manaus-Brazil
    Thaiany Mota

  127. Belated Happy Birthday to David. Sorry it has taken me so long and hope my lateness isn’t seen as not being sincere.

    Take care all and everyone


  128. Hi David,

    I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy year!

    (Sorry for the very belated birthday wishes – been off partying and such.) 🙂

    Take Care. Christine

  129. happy birthday david, for the 6th, have a great day…

    sion evans from north wales… big fan.

  130. Hello everybody from Colombia, Medellín City… What a great website. 🙂

    I would wish to see Dr. Gilmour sometime in my life… I like his music so much… David Gilmour has fans here in this country… I love his guitar´s sound… Oh God, help me to see David Gilmour in concert or personally, please…

    Saludos, adios, see you later!!!!!!

    What a beautiful thing that Colombian Chucho Merchan has played with Mr David Gilmour… OK, BYEEEEEEEEE.

  131. Happy birthday!

    Please Dave, come to Concepcion, Chile, for a benefit concert for the victims of an earthquake, February 27.


  132. 😉 Dear David! Congratulations with your BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you strong Health, Happiness and any Successes in your musical creative work!

    I must to say you’re a very interesting musician. First I’d heard Pink Floyd when I was 5 years old. It was in 1979. I very like your music because it inspired me to make music. I play on guitars very nice. You know I like to play many guitar solos from Pink Floyd’s repertoire. Especially I like such songs as: Wish You Were Here, Green Is the Colour, Fat Old Sun, Narrow Way, Wot’s Uh… The Deal, Cymbaline, Childhood’s End, Shine on…, Comfortably Numb and so on. And also I like your solo works. I listen to interesting music: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and so on. I like to perform the Blues.

    I don’t know what I do in Ukraine. Here nothing gets. It’s not such a country as yours. I like the English culture. I’d like to play with you on the stage. It would be so nice! You know how I’d like to see you. Your music has large Meaning in my life. I dream about it for a long time.

    I’d be pleased to speak with you! Thank you for the wonderful music!

    Best Wishes!!! Stanislav.

    Answer me, please.

  133. Happy birthday David.

    I know your birthday has passed but I hope you had a good time celebrating it.

    Thank you so much for all the music you have shared with us. You are a blessing to the world. Wish you nothing but happiness to you and your family for your next birthday. 😀

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