Fan Art: Sam

Another fine piece of work, this time a black and white A2 portrait.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Sam. I think plenty of readers will relate to your prefatory notes.

But before you get to that, allow me to quickly point out that our delightful bloggers’ gallery has some new additions, so do take a look, let us know if anything catches your eye or if you have something to add, and thank you once more to everyone who has contributed to it already.

Oh, and the chatroom opens at 12pm today, if you can spare the time to pop in.

Have a good weekend, everyone; especially Lorraine and Dieter, who celebrate birthdays, and Erin and Marcus, who are celebrating the birth of their baby boy.

Over to you, Sam…

As I type this, I’m technically 18… albeit mentally I’m 40-something and going through a midlife crisis… but for a Floyd fan, I’m fairly young.

Now up until kind of recently, I wasn’t into music. My grandad showed me how to play some limited piano and I listened to what my parents listened to – Queen, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin etc. – and don’t get me wrong, I liked them, but it always seemed kind of apathetic towards music. This was up until five years ago when my dad said, ‘Sam, come over here and watch this, I know your music taste and there is a band on TV you’ll like’. I was thinking ‘Sure… not even I know my music taste’, but I went over and watched and I saw four old guys on the screen. If you hadn’t guessed, this was Pink Floyd at Live 8.

Now I had no idea about their back story, so I didn’t know what was special about it, but I knew that what I was listening to was something special. I remember leaving being awestruck and not knowing where one song started and one ended, they all seemed to segue and merge into one. I decided to look up what the playlist was and listened to the songs from CD and I remember having goosebumps as I heard them. All of a sudden I knew why people found music so important.

The rest is really history, but it’s safe to say, without this band, I’d have never picked up a guitar, continued with other instruments, started expanding my music collection into any and everything (and finding a love for Led Zeppelin along the way) and I believe I would have stopped drawing too, as music is really the inspiration to most of my artwork.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

42 thoughts on “Fan Art: Sam”

  1. Hi Fed and Bloggers!

    Thank you to Sam for this really nice portrait of David, it is so authentic, fantastic!!!! 😀

    Have a good weekend!

    Best regards from Berlin

  2. Wow. There are some really talented bloggers. I just took a look at the blogger gallery.

    What a great job Sam. Liz’s pictures of Richard Wright and Guy Pratt are beautiful. What medium have these been done in? They look like pencil but can’t tell for sure.

    I don’t normally watch a TV show called ‘Cold Case’ which airs on Sunday evenings here in the U.S., but this time I will make an exception. The CBS show is featuring the music of Pink Floyd!!! Love it, because you never know when someone will become a new fan, just like Sam.


  3. Sam,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and you portrait of David.

    You’re quite an exception on this site. Most of us are 40+, going on 18. 😛

    Birthday greetings to Lorraine an Dieter and congrats to Erin and Marcus on the safe arrival of their son.

    Thanks for the chat today FEd. Hope all goes well on Sunday, if not I’ll share a Guinness with you.

    Cheers, happy weekend everyone… 😉

    1. Hope all goes well on Sunday, if not I’ll share a Guinness with you.

      Thanks, Ken. Just in case I didn’t exude quite enough enthusiasm in encouraging my team during the chat: Come on, Red Men. 😉

    2. … well, I’d say the most of us have more that 20 years experience in being 18. 😉


  4. I really would like to have your talent, Sam. Your work is just beautiful.

    Have a good weekend FEd and everyone and Happy Birthday to Lorraine and Dieter. 🙂

  5. We have to thank your dad, Sam, for having introduced you to us.

    Having been exposed to Pink Floyd in your early teens ensures that the imprinting will last. 😀 The same thing happened to me just when The Wall was coming out.

    And don’t worry about crisis, you’ll have more, and they all happen for a purpose, which is: epiphany.

  6. Congratulations Erin and Marcus!

    We have a 5 week old at home. My wife is 47. I think she deserves a medal.

  7. How do you describe Floyd music? Its like a fog that rolls towards you, then completely envelopes your heart and senses, amazing in its simplicity, yet reaches the parts others fail to with astonishing depth and power.

    Never fails to move me. Long may it live. 🙂

  8. Hi gang,

    Congratulations on a very nice piece of work, Sam.

    Birthday wishes to Lorraine and Dieter too. Have yourselves a splendid day.

    Further congratulations to Erin and Marcus on the birth of their son. May he live a long and healthy life filled with joy and happiness.


  9. Thanks Sam, for your drawing and story.

    It gave me goose bumps reading it, but your story has happened to me and I don’t doubt it’s happened to many others. In my case it’s happened many times but the first one was when I was about 16, I’m 47 this year. It has inspired me me to buy a guitar, although I still don’t play.

    Live 8 was special for many reasons, one was that old black Strat and another was the guy playing that black bass.


  10. * Wow, Sam, so young and so talented! I’m impressed.

    Is that a charcoal drawing? (Not sure of the word ‘charcoal’, we say ‘dessin au fusain’, here.)

    I also enjoyed reading your story, how you got introduced to Pink Floyd. I like your enthusiasm. Thank you.

    * Happy Birthday to one of my best friends here, Lorraine.

    * And today, 20 March, is the first day of Spring here, yippee!

    Bye, bye, cold and snow. I wish you all a glorious spring weather! 🙂


  11. Nice piece of work Sam and fellow Gallery artists.

    If I may mention Fed, the Cold Case episode on Sunday night will feature Pink Floyd throughout the entire show. Worth a look, non? 😀


    Hope it’s filled with Love, Music, Alcohol, and Food.

    And don’t forget the cake!



    And also Greetings to all of the other Birthdays, too!!!

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  14. Wonderful portrait Sam. I like it very much.

    Mr. Gilmour must be very proud to be the motif of so much great artwork.

  15. I wish I could draw that exact, Sam. Brilliant!

    Happy belated birthday Lorraine and Dieter.

    Many congratulations Erin and Marcus on the birth of their son.

    Spring has finally sprung too.

  16. Sam, I love your artwork, it’s beautiful! 🙂

    Thanks FEd for all weekend chatroom; it was very funny and instructive for me, because I learned new words in English and I met very nice people.

    Thanks to all bloggers! :))

    Bye, Hydrea

  17. Since this topic is – partly – about the blog photo gallery, I have a question/request, please… 😕

    There are now very few photos (of David/2006 tour/venues…) left on the official site and they are not easy to look at. Many of the wonderful photos (mostly by Polly) have disappeared. So, couldn’t we have on the blog a gallery with all of these former photos? Maybe you still have them, FEd… Please…

    Someone spoke about Ross Halfin recently on the blog. I saw this photo on a wall in London in August 2007. Isn’t it a photo by Ross Halfin?


    In 1964, when I was 18, I managed to buy tickets to see Bob Dylan at the Royal Festival Hall. It was a brilliant concert: just voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica. In 1969 it was more electric than eclectic when I played here with Pink Floyd and during an afternoon soundcheck got a bolt of rogue AC from my guitar, which sent me flying backwards to the other side of the drum kit. – David Gilmour. :))

    And I found a lot of nice photos of David in concert at the Olympia (Paris) – 16 March 2006 – here, on Ross Halfin’s site.

    A bit off topic, I think… Forgiven?


    1. There are now very few photos (of David/2006 tour/venues…) left on the official site and they are not easy to look at. Many of the wonderful photos (mostly by Polly) have disappeared.

      Really? I wonder why that is.

    2. Really? I wonder why that is.

      L’art d’éluder une question, one of your numerous talents that I didn’t know yet, FEd… 😛

  18. Nice that your dad turned you on to Pink Floyd… That’s great!

    The guy who turned me onto the Floyd was 6 foot three former air force pilot with a big black fro. I was a 15 year old runaway in San Francisco in 1973 at a party sitting by a huge speaker under some blue and red lights when he leaned over to me and said, “This is going to take you places Alice in Wonderland never went to,” and he put on “Dark Side of the Moon.”

    I really enjoyed the short “Blue” remix excerpt posted on the website today–wish it was longer. One of my six year old twins, little Johnny, loves, “The Blue.” He insists I play it whenever we get in the car. He knows the lyrics and sings along. I am blessed.

    “The Blue” is my very, very, favorite song from “On an Island.” I love it when David does dreamy, swimming/flying/floating guitar solos that could/should go on forever…. (Hope he does some when he fiddles with his Barrett stuff. I hope he feels free to take a Barrett snippet like she was a millionaire and expand it into something that’s 20 minutes long. I love long-form, we-be-airborn-and-floating Gilmour…)

  19. Wow! You don’t check in for a few days and look at all the activity.

    Great artwork from Sam. Happy Birthday to Lorraine and Dieter. All the best to Erin and Marcus on the new joy in their life.

    Hope you had a smashing weekend too FEd.



    1. I’m still recovering, Andrew. The only thing that got smashed, though, was the dream of finishing fourth in the league and beating the side I most despise. (Roll on the summer, when the pleasantness of my weekend is no longer dictated by the fortunes of my team.)

      I hope yours was better.

  20. Hey All!!

    I have two weeks off, hoping to catch up with all in a chat if one is scheduled? Lots of news.

    Hope everyone is well.


  21. Thanks for the comments guys, it’s much appreciated… for anyone wondering, it was done with a pack of pencils, no charcoal involved.

    Take Care,


  22. Wow. There are some really talented bloggers.

    I would just like to echo that!! (No pun intended.)

  23. Sam, very very nice. I hope you continue with your art work. You are truly talented.

    Happy Birthday to all that celebrate in March!

    Have a good weekend FEd!

    Barbara P

  24. The intro in the letter is engaging! Really nice!

    The portrait is even more praiseworthy. It’s flawless. How much did it take you to do it? Yes, working with pencil is much better than charcoal. Charcoal is messy.

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