Fan Art Update: Lance

If you’ve been wondering, Lance’s clay sculpture is now complete – and here’s the finished article. A video of its development can be viewed here.

Thanks again for sharing it, Lance.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 3pm (UK), so have some of the Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll lined up and we’ll chat about… something completely unrelated, I’m sure.

Keep those songs coming, please.

On this day in 1969, David’s pick of his Desert Island Discs – ‘Dancing in the Street’ by Martha and the Vandellas – was a UK Top Five hit behind Diana Ross, the Supremes and the Temptations (‘I’m Gonna Make You Love Me’), Peter Sarstedt’s ‘Where Do You Go To (My Lovely?)’, ‘Blackberry Way’ by The Move and Cardiff’s very own Amen Corner, with ‘(If Paradise is) Half As Nice’. Would you nominate any of those as a song that shaped music?

If ever a recording studio influenced music more than most, it’s Abbey Road. We’ll talk about this legendary London landmark next week, by which time there may have been a decision made as to its new owners. Fingers crossed.

Until then, here’s something to consider: Should the National Trust try to save it?

Lastly, in continuing with references and bold directions to old posts that you might like to re-visit: Oasis won the BRIT’s Album of 30 Years award, by the way.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

58 thoughts on “Fan Art Update: Lance”

  1. Until then, here’s something to consider: Should the National Trust try to save it?

    Yes!! When all is said and done this is an 1830-ish building. Well within the NT historical guidelines. The fact it is Abbey Road Studios is an added bonus.

    Cheers, Howard

  2. Lance, that is an exquisite, stunning portrait of David. The shaded views adds the most human features to your sculpture. Bravo indeed! 😉

    Can you do Richard next? Just a thought. Wink, wink. :v

  3. Fantastic realistic sculpture. Love the tones, very clever.

    Sorry I haven’t been around as been planning my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, in October this year. Wow eh?


  4. Do you think the National Trust should try and save Abbey Road Studios?

    No! When I was a member of the National Trust, I used to pay to visit historic buildings etc. I think the Studios should remain solely as the Studios and not become a public interest building.

    However, I do think that the National Trust should get involved with the Battersea Power Station.

  5. Lance, your sculpture is so great that, while watching the video, I was expecting it to become alive. 🙂

    As for Desert Island Discs, I think “Dancing in the Street” could certainly feature in the list of the songs that shaped Rock and Roll.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Abbey Road studios is on sale.

    Our cities are full of symbols of our more recent and “popular” culture and, even though there is (at least in my country) a general tendency to underrate them, we shouldn’t treat them as if they were less important than the monument of the past.

    Places like Abbey Road shouldn’t disappear, or we’ll leave only supermarkets to the new generations.

  6. Hello,

    thanks to Lance for modeling this fantastic sculpture from our hero and thank you for sharing with us this little nice video.

    Happy weekend,

  7. I’m not a Brit, but neither do I want an era to end. Abbey Road, the site where so much of the music I love was created. It is enshrined by The Beatles’ fans, and should be revered also by Floyd fans — this being the site of major Floyd work up through WYWH. If I ran the world, it would always be a recording studio.

    But if that is not possible, then maybe it could serve as the British Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Or a Beatles museum. Or be turned into a school for young musicians. This being a major site for music fans the world over, its new use should in some way reflect its history.

    On another track, Lance’s sculpture is truly amazing. He is a very talented artist and I hope that he is able to use this talent to the fullest, and not just as a hobby.

    1. But if that is not possible, then maybe it could serve as the British Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Or a Beatles museum. Or be turned into a school for young musicians. This being a major site for music fans the world over, its new use should in some way reflect its history.

      Hear, hear. I think it should remain a recording studio.

      However, I wouldn’t have it for a Beatles museum; I think Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, already caters for that sort of thing.

      But the British Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or school for young musicians is a great idea.

      At least a British company ought to buy the studios as Britain does not have anything left British left. All the British institutions are gone i.e. Cadbury, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar etc.

      Lance, it looks like David is looking me straight in the eye now especially with the left eye. It is a smashing sculpture.

    2. This being a major site for music fans the world over, its new use should in some way reflect its history.

      I completely agree.

  8. Great work Lance!

    ‘Dancing in the Street’ by Martha and the Vandellas is one of my favourite songs ever. I didn’t know that David liked it so much. It definitely shaped Rock and Roll.

    Just a wild thought: Abbey Road studios to be turned into affordable accommodation for the #homeless and low-paid key workers?
    – FEd on Twitter

    That is a wild thought, LOL. I can’t see it ever happening.

    1. Neither can I, Jo. I just got to thinking, after reading an article about how few new houses are being built and how many people in the UK are currently waiting for affordable housing to become available: how much do we really care for the assorted ‘homeless’?

      Probably, generally, not nearly as much as we do for the romance surrounding a famous recording studio, it would seem.

      It was just a passing thought.

  9. Lance, you recently wrote “I am working on restoring some of the earlier warmth into the expression” and (IMHO) you did it so well. A total success. Total respect, too. Your video amazed me even more, I suddenly thought that David was looking at me and was about to talk to me! 😮

    Oasis won the BRIT’s Album of 30 Years award? I can’t believe it! Among the ten nominees, Oasis were those I least respect (since I once heard Noël Gallagher say – on Damon Albarn/Blur – “I wish they would catch Aids and die”). But of course this award has nothing to do with respect.

    EMI to sell Abbey Road Studios? I’m sorry, I don’t want to offend anyone and maybe it’s because I’m not English, but It’s not the end of the world, is it? It may be a mythical place (for music) but there are many, many more important things these days to worry about, no?

    As long as David doesn’t want/have to sell his Astoria… 😉


    1. What Abbey Road has that the Astoria lacks is the space to accommodate and record an entire orchestra. Yes, a large band can fit on the roof of Astoria, but not a full-on orchestra.

      Not only that, but The Beatles, Syd Barrett, etc. did not record there.

    2. Oh I was only joking, Dan, it’s what “Hmm…” means in French. 😉

      Have to say it’s always a pleasure to talk to you in the chatroom. (Not joking) 🙂

    3. I never got over not being able to get time off work to apply for a ticket to the recording of David’s Live at Abbey Road recording. I’ll never get over my jealousy at those of you who did go. 😡

      Abbey Road can accommodate an orchestra ? I didn’t know that.

      Will never get over it, never.

      ash X

    4. I never got over not being able to get time off work to apply for a ticket to the recording of David’s Live at Abbey Road recording. I’ll never get over my jealousy at those of you who did go.

      It was a competition of something, wasn’t it? I think the computer randomly selected names.

      Don’t be too jealous now, Ash. 😉

      Some of us were not even lucky enough to go to any of David’s concerts. I wish I did but Abbey Road for me made a nice treat. 😀

    5. Michele, I always love to go to the chatroom and talk to you, Ash, Ulli, Lorraine, F’Ed, and the other assorted “irregulars” who find their way there. It’s a fun place to waste a few hours of perfectly good time.

    6. Yes Julie, it was a competition. I knew though that even if I won a place I had no hope in hell of being able to go because of my work commitments (I’m sure there must be a devil working against me) so I didn’t even enter. 🙁

      On the other hand… I WAS lucky enough to win a ticket (I love you Fed) to go to the Ritzy for the premiere of the American showing of Remember That Night. David played at that and answered questions posed by the audience. Once in a lifetime opportunity that one.

      New York Dan, yes, the chat room is a friendly place and I enjoy chatting to you and the irregulars too.

      ash 😀

  10. Lance what beautiful work. I really enjoyed your video also. Thanks to you FEd for including the link so we could take a look!

    Hello to all!

    Barbara P

  11. Hi all,

    Great sculpture!

    Abbey Road… Surely this landmark of popular culture has to be saved and kept as a functioning recording studio, even partly opened up as a tourist attraction if needs be. It certainly shouldn’t suffer just because of the failings of EMI/Terra Firma?

    Just heard that David has contributed some guitar playing to Bryan Ferry’s upcoming solo album, can’t wait to hear it (May, apparently). Boys and Girls was fantastic, wasn’t it? Still wondering if anything will come of David’s sessions with Alex Paterson, even Q Magazine were pushing it as something to look out for (March?).

    In the meantime I’ve been listening (a lot) to a wonderful self produced album called Focal Point by Paul Cusick. It’s been put together extremely well and is very enjoyable; think a cross between Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Coldplay, U2 and NIN. Plus you can download it for free to “try before you buy” from Paul’s web site. Sorry for the plug but it is an excellent, completely self produced, independent release with great songs and great playing that’s worthy of consideration. Google it and see for yourselves.

    Oh, the irony.

    All the best,


  12. That is a wonderful piece of work, Lance. Congratulations.

    Congratulations to Ian too on the wedding decision.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  13. Brilliant sculpture Lance, the likeness is perfect.

    Abbey Road has to be saved and made available for use as a recording studio.

    Good to read that David is working on Bryan Ferry’s new album; should be a good one. “Is Your Love Strong Enough” remains one of my favourite singles of the last 25 years.

  14. i am a big fan of pink floyd. the loss of syd barrett to the disease of schizophrenia is a reoccurring theme in much of the music of pink floyd. ‘wish you were here’, ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ etc.

    david gilmour is a huge philanthropist raising money for the hungry. why did they not raise awareness, or try to help people, like syd, who suffer from the debilitating and tragic disease of schizophrenia?

  15. My name is Razvan and I live in Romania, in the city Bucharest. I have listened to your performances with the great band Pink Floyd since I was about 5, and now I’m 20. I even started to play the guitar, and I must agree that the sensation on a stage when you lean back against the sound. Thanks to my dad I had become a great fan to Pink Floyd, to your music and I was wondering:

    Can you tell me when is your next concert and the location? Because I would like to be there, it would mean a lot to me.

    Yours sincerely,
    Popescu Razvan

  16. Just read an article stating that EMI is not selling Abbey Road but they are talking to parties to revitalize the property.

    I understand that part of the problem is that it is just too darn expensive to record there but it is one of the few studios that can accommodate an orchestra.



    1. Abbey Road studios ‘not for sale’, says EMI

      Haha… Let me laugh!

      Well done, EMI, free publicity for yourself… and very effective, it seems.

    2. Well done, EMI, free publicity for yourself… and very effective, it seems.

      Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it really did take them a week to notice it was all over the news that Abbey Road was for sale.

    3. According to this article, in today’s Times, the government has now given the studios Grade II listed status, which would deter would-be buyers from knocking it down, altering it significantly or changing its use – a recommendation made in 2003.

    4. Amazing how quickly the government can move when they have motivation to. Do sod all for 7 years and then act within a week.

      I wonder if it’s got anthing to do with the ongoing court action between Citigroup and Guy Hands.

  17. ‘Lo all.

    I would Imagine the name “Abbey Rd”, would be viable for a lift and shift operation. If it stayed in Blighty that would be OK… Think ’bout it, all them techs, global artists and spongers, LOL, in a purpose built environment! Be a bit good eh? Or would it all “turn to s***”, and sound like a choir in a swimming pool?

    Let the Webber boy get it. He could get a “safe piano!”. One with an extra strong lid. Save his fingers, LOL. I’m sure he has got enough dough. Common sense, please…

    I’m done with lists Fed. I’m gonna turn into a micro chip if I’m asked for many more. I’d rather be a micro chip than a C90, eh.

    Up the Villa!

    1. I’m done with lists Fed. I’m gonna turn into a micro chip if I’m asked for many more.

      :)) Sorry, Mike.

      I am rather fond of lists, I have to admit.

  18. What a talent Lance. 🙂

    Well thank goodness about Abbey Road, a great British institution.

    ash 🙂

    1. Thanx very much – 2 days late but just noticed this.

      Either you have good memories or it is still up on the calender.

      But yes it was a good day, well weekend really, that eased the way to being another year older.

  19. I was so happy to hear (I think it was in David’s chatroom a few days ago) that EMI are not selling Abbey Rd. And to have it confirmed above is really good, too.

    Thanks, FEd, for that.

  20. Wow, Lance, your artwork is truly amazing. Thanks much for sharing. I hope many people can enjoy it on display somewhere.


  21. Pipe dream time…

    I realize that chances of the 3 remaining members of Pink Floyd getting together for a final tour are at about zero, but if David and Roger could suck it up for the fans I am sure it would be worth it. In my opinion, the only live material Pink Floyd put out that sounded good was Pulse…

    David’s solo material also sounds great, but now I crave more. What are the chances of new DG material, or a tour? What about the Wall Live tour Waters is considering? Is it still a one up game?

    Fans don’t care about politics or personal conflicts, not much time remains, did I hear the starting gun?

    1. I’ve absolutely nothing to report at this time, sorry.

      If I had a liking for the occasional random punt, I’d perhaps put a small amount of money on there being new material or live shows from David sometime in the future, whenever the time is right, just because the last solo project was so satisfying and produced a bounty of fresh ideas – some of which appear every now and then on the homepage.

      However, considering Richard’s sad passing and speaking as a fan who might not care about politics or personal conflicts but also as someone concerned for how the idea of working on anything without Richard would affect all involved, I wouldn’t allow myself to become too carried away. I like to think that view is shared by many fans.

    2. Fed:

      I hope this won’t be taken the wrong way, especially as Rick Wright was for many years my favorite Floyd member. But I think that David did some excellent work without Rick (on his first two solo records) and that he’ll be able to do the same again. He may start to work with a different musician who, while not replacing Rick, might bring a new perspective to David’s material. And I like to think that “Remember A Day” would become a staple of David’s live shows, the way that he likes to play Syd’s songs.

      But, as David told Jools Holland, there are songs like “Echoes” that David may never want to play again. And in the case of Echoes, I completely agree with David. There would certainly be a big hole in the David Gilmour band without Rick, which I hope doesn’t stop David from producing new music. Indeed, perhaps the deaths of Rick and Syd may inspire some new music and begin to fill that hole, albeit in a different way.

    3. I agree Dan, Rick was in many ways a keystone in both PF and DG music, offering a sound and style like no-one else… Of course the way David handles the guitar also creates a sound so unique it is no wonder fans never grow tired of his music. And yes, in my opinion Echoes was ‘the’ example of how David and Rick complimented each other, both musically and vocally.

      Still, without trying to actually replace Richard, I might think Jon Carin would at least be able to carry the torch for him? Assuming he is still interested in working with David and or Roger as he has in the past. I guess this might just be another one of the times I start to believe something might still come together, when it is likely just wishful thinking…

      I actually thought Richard’s death might bring the remaining members back together to honor him, but perhaps that was simply being selfish on my part.

  22. Hi, first time here, but just woke up and played Fat Old Sun and Coming Back to Life on the Albert Hall video. Tremendous, and only makes me regret more and more that I couldn’t see that show. It makes me emotional when, at the end of the gig, you see how much David’s music means to people.

    I do hope David tours again one last time so I can get there. Saw the PF shows at Wembley and Docklands Arena and they have only been surpassed by one gig.

    Oh, and apologies, that sculpture is amazing!

  23. Lance: Wow! Must say I did not expect that the sculpture was going to get so much better. Thought it was going quite well before. Guess that shows how little I understood of your talent. It was fun watching the video of the progression. All I can say now is ‘wow’! That is beautiful.


  24. Love the sculpture. Love it. Love the Morph.

    Just read the Gilmour Mojo quote where he says that he’s got a lot of Syd stuff on his computer and is thinking of sprucing it up, but thinks Syd fans would consider it a sin.

    DAAAVID!!! I BEEEEEG YOU!!! DO IT!!! Put some spruced up Syd stuff on your next solo album.

    ALSO PLEAAAAASE finish the “SHE WAS a MILLIONAIRE, SHE HAD SOME TIME TO SPARE”, Syd’s Pink Floyd song that was never finished and stick it on your next solo album. I BEEEEG YOU!!! You’d make a bunch of us hardcore fans the happiest folks in the world. I’ve never heard it. I’m dying to hear it. People keep saying it was the #1 hit single that got away.

    And take some of the stuff Rick Wright did on his last solo album and work that over as well. PLEEEAAAASE!! Don’t hesitate.

    And you always said you wanted to remix Momentary Lapse. Do it!!! We’d all love ANYTHING you do. There’s no sin in remixing anything. The Doors did it. Everyone’s doing it. I’d love to hear you “improve” things.

    Just do it!

  25. … great artwork, Lance!

    @FEd: It looks like Abbey Road is saved. At least the chances that someone will build a super market or some luxury flats there are very down.



  26. Well this is the first blog I have ever contributed to!

    Tonight, I am off to see Mastodon at The Roundhouse, which although being very heavy is not unconnected with David and the Spirit of Pink Floyd (in my opinion!).

  27. Dear you all,

    Abbey Road is saved and the artwork, portrait by Lance, now is vivid and with a soul…. two positive facts in a world of bad news in these days…

    Out of the joke: How is David, please? A lot a good news please!


  28. I just want to thank you all once again for your brilliant comments. It means a lot to this insecure arty type! I’m very happy with this portrait, it’s definitely my best to date and your encouragement has played no small part in the process.

    Of course many thanks to FEd for allowing me the space to show off!


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