A New Year…

…but same old blog. Happy New Year, all.

As I recall doing at about this time last year, I would like to get an apology in nice and early relating to the absence of exciting news of forthcoming albums and concerts. There isn’t going to be any for the time being, I’m afraid.

I’m also sorry that silly rumours still spring up like mould on cheese you should have eaten by now and falsely raise your hopes. I guess some people just need the attention.

So, the random stuff you sometimes like, sometimes hate, will continue in lieu of the kind of thing I know you hope to see (me, too). As ever, I hope you can dip in and out as your mood allows, and I thank you for it.

Pictured is the latest from Lance’s excellent sculpture. How good is that?

And how nice that BBC Radio 2 will re-broadcast the Mermaid Theatre concert during the final week of this month, possibly the first week of the next. Precise details when they’re available, but I trust you’ll all tune in to reminisce about On an Island‘s first real public airing, which many of you were able to attend, of course.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

79 thoughts on “A New Year…”

  1. Happy New Year to you too FEd. It’s good to have you back despite “the absence of exciting news of forthcoming albums and concerts.”

    I have some exciting news for you.

    My son and daughter both got engaged to their respective partners at Christmas.

    Then to start the New Year with a bang, the ‘Mighty Whites’ kicked that team from Salford out of the FA Cup in the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. :))

    Looking forward to the Mermaid re-broadcast. Thanks for the heads-up, FEd. 😉

  2. Working late again, FEd? 😛

    Lance’s sculpture is, in a word, gorgeous! As I sit gazing at it, David is pouring out of my computer speakers singing A Great Day for Freedom. Perfection.

    Since I posted a note on the Christmas Songs page, I started doing the office work awaiting me, which required that I also start up my usual random mix of music. Oddly (or not so oddly) enough, every song that has played in the last hour or so has been David/PF. D’oh… just as I plug that in, Warren Zevon starts singing Mutineer! :)) That’s okay, it’s a beautiful song, too. In fact, wouldn’t that be a fantastic song for David to cover?

    G’night all…

  3. Wow, a new blog entry posted at 21:59, a chat scheduled at 19:00 later this month, what a start! I’m impressed. Any other good resolution for 2010, FEd? 😛

    I’m also impressed by Lance’s work. That’s brilliant.

    I have to say that David has now a more severe look. I prefer when he smiles. OK, it’s just me…

  4. Hi FEd,

    I was beginning to wonder if you were gonna make it to 2010. Glad to see you made it.

    December was a crazy month: graduation, holidays, moving. I expect to have some spare time until James David gets here (middle of March). Looking forward to catching up with everyone in chat.

    You always make this place enjoyable, I’m sure you have all kinds of things up your sleeve for this year. Can’t wait!

    Peace and love to you all

  5. Welcome back FEd!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. So far, we have had a rather nice and mellow season (with the exception of playing Beatles Rock Band! Of which I am a total retard.) 8|

    Last week I had to have a biopsy done on my thyroid, due to some nodules growing and multiplying. I will get the results this Friday.

    Other than that I’m still working with federal inmates straight out of prison (finishing their sentences at the halfway house).

    Take care,

    1. Sorry Penny, can’t let you get away with using the term ‘retard’.

      It is highly offensive to disabled people. It is discriminatory and derogatory. It may be in common usage. That doesn’t make it right.

      Ignorance is your only defence? Not any more.


    2. I was too harsh with you Penny.

      I realise you used the term in a self deprecating way and that when a term is in such common usage, people don’t realise or remember the origin so don’t realise how offensive it can be. Instead of humiliating you in public, which I apologise for, I should have sought to educate in a more gentle manner.


    3. I hope you don’t get a nose bleed way up there on your high horse.

      You don’t even know me. I am disabled.

    4. I’m sorry, I should have removed the offensive word in the first place. It is used far too casually nowadays and I’m ashamed to say that, in my haste, it simply didn’t register as being as inappropriate and disrespectful as it obviously and understandably is to many people. I suppose we hear it too often and, like many other words, its true meaning sometimes goes straight over our heads. Either way, it should have been removed.

      My apologies again. Discussion now closed.

  6. Happy New Year!

    I can’t believe we’re coming up on 4 years since the OAI release? There may not be any news here to celebrate, but its nice to know The Blog is still here to browse, pop in here and there with a comment, or just lurk about.

    Thank you to David for keeping it active, and to you, FEd, for minding the store.

  7. Happy New Year, and welcome back.

    Every new year I am squirming, waiting for the blog to reopen. It’s one of those, ‘you don’t miss it till it’s gone’, sort of deals.

    I love the layout of the website. It’s as colorful and exciting as David. Well, that was straight up lie. It’s not as exciting as David and he wears black most times, but I always see colors when I hear him play.

    Lance, you’ve done a wonderful job on the sculpture. I’ve starred at pictures of David long enough to have made one for myself, but I have a hard time expressing my artistic side, so I’ll just continue to gush about him here till I find my inner artist and create something. I did make a sculpture of a little mouse once…

    Wish I could make the chat on Thursday, but I have to work, so I’m shooting for next Tuesday’s chat. I hope to see a load of you there for a drink, frozen mangoes and some foolishness.

    “Sing to meeeeeeee…” 🙂

  8. Salut;

    David je te souhaite une bonne année ainsi qu une bonne santé!!!! Passe boire verre en Suisse… 😉

  9. Hi Fed and you all here at this blog,

    Hope you all have a healthy and Top 2010 and yes, I missed you all. I’m happy with this same old blog… 8)

    Hope David is allowed and able to do his thing, let him live his own life and I’m convinced we’ll hear now and then something of him. And that should be enough for us fans. We have enough to re-explore again, like the Mermiad gig.

    Keep smiling and say “hi” to David and Lance.

    Nick from a white South too…

  10. Hi FEd!

    Happy new year to you, the team and all bloggers here! I hope, 2010 started without any bad surprises for you.

    Are that snowflakes running down the screen? Don’t you have enough of that “white plague” in the UK? 😉

    Lance’s picture looks good, he’s got talent for this, I think. But it reminds me a little bit of a death mask like on the cover of Rory Gallagher’s last CD “Wheels Within Wheels”. I really hope, that is not a bad sign… :!

    So let’s look happy into this new year 2010.

    Kind regards

  11. Welcome back Fed!! Looking forward to another great year on the blog.

    Cheers, Howard

  12. Happy New Year FEd and to all bloggers! 🙂

    I hope you spent quiet moments during Christmas Holidays and I’m happy to see a new post after many days, because I missed the Blog and your interesting topics.

    Bye, Hydrea

  13. Thank you FEd and Happy New Year to you and to all.

    I’ve always enjoyed your random stuff, so 2010 will surely be a wonderful Blog year for me. 🙂

    Lance, your sculpture is just great.

  14. Happy New Year to everyone.

    That’s coming along really well Lance, the skin texture is lovely.

    I’m expressing my artistic ability using the mediums of chocolate cake and ganache today, my ‘baby’ just turned 17 – god, I feel old.

  15. I’m also sorry that silly rumours still spring up like mould on cheese you should have eaten by now and falsely raise your hopes

    Did you hear the one about David joining Roger and Nick for some Wall shows this year? 😉

    Cheers, Howard

    P.S. I LOVE to stir things up Fed, as you know.

    1. Did you hear the one about David joining Roger and Nick for some Wall shows this year?

      What a wonderful dream, Howard! I was thinking along the same lines.

      I have to admit when I went to see the Wall in Berlin back in 1990, I could help thinking that David’s guitaring was surely missed.

      But dreams are fantastic. :))

  16. Happy new year to all!

    Happy new year to you FEd! How were the days off? Went everything fine? (I hope so!)

    Best regards


  17. On a positive note: Lack of news or a lull in activities could suggest David is busy writing and composing for a new solo album.

    Sorry, FEd, I couldn’t resist…

    Happy New Year everybody!

  18. Hello Fed and welcome back,

    The exciting real news that I’ve been hearing about is the discovery of the 1967 footage of Pink Floyd’s appearance on Tops of the Pops doing See Emily Play. I’ve read the MOJO article and also the post on Brain Damage about the screening the other night and the comments about this rare footage sound hopeful. Yes, the film hasn’t survived well as it wasn’t stored in the best of places (on someone’s shelf) but the fact that it was found and is still in a state where some restoration can be done on it to make it viewable is amazing news. I only hope that one day we might be able to see this footage ourselves of some rare images of Syd Barrett playing one of my favorite songs.

    All the best for the New Year everyone! :/

  19. HNY to you Fed and all the Blogies! Good to have you and the Blog back! Hopefully you didn’t get snowed in… as the snowflakes all over the screen here seem to indicate.

    Looking forward to the blog and chats.

  20. Happy New Year everyone! 😀

    Hope everyone is well – I myself am doing quite well at present, although things are a bit dull. I have a positive feeling about this year, however!

  21. Happy New Year to everyone!

    I´m sure we´ll have another fine year here at davidgilmourblog.com.

    Lance, the sculpture is great!

  22. Happy New Year Everyone. 😀

    Hope you all had a good one, and that resolutions are being stuck to.

    Looking forward to The Mermaid concerts.

    BTW Fed, is there any more news on David’s collaboration with The Orb?

    Also I’ve noticed an Alex Paterson on here, if you are the Dr Paterson, do you have any info? Really looking forward to hearing what you have been working on.

    1. Not so much as a whisper, sorry.

      And that’s Our Ecky, not The Orb’s. Most likely to have been working on houses, that one. 🙂

  23. ‘Lo All and “Merry New-year!”

    Like you say Fed, scrape the mould off. I read, don’t ask me where?, “apple wine was abundant”, that Mr G. was in training with NASA Astronauts in Florida, for a secret gig on the Space station? LOL… with Steven Hawkins? They don’t do Furry slippers on the space station do they?

    More random nonsense in 2010 please.

  24. Happy New Year Fed and all my dear friends… another year together on Gillimour’s Island… 8)

  25. Happy New Year Fed! I guess we are used to the routine now. :))

    Hope you had a great break and wish you and everyone here a successful blog year.

    How’s the weather in the U.K.? It’s like being in Canada except that the U.S. is getting more than we are.

    Olympics coming soon. Good Luck to all our athletes, and finally. It will be great to see The Who at the Super Bowl this year.

    1. Oh, the weather’s been wonderful. I like snow. I would have liked more of it, actually, but a few flakes and the UK grinds to an embarrassing halt. A great excuse that doesn’t get used too often for all the shirkers out there, no doubt.

      I don’t include my postman in that slur, though. He should have a statue erected in his honour.

  26. I take as positive signs the fact that there are still a Blog and an ever-updated Website. If he didn’t plan to do SOMETHING else, why would he keep paying for a F’Ed and a Web designer and all the related costs?

    Hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since OAI. Where does the time go?

    Happy new year to all. I sure hope that 2010 is a better year than 2009.

  27. Happy new year to all,

    Nice of you to join us F’ed. Looking forward to whatever 2010 brings.

    By the way, I’m probably being thick, but what is this emoticon supposed to be? :!

    That’s a fine piece of work by Lance… I hadn’t realised it was an evolving piece. I have to say the lips and chin are particularly good. In fact I’ve now forgotten what the real David looks like! Perhaps you could find one from the archives, in a Santa hat, F’ed? (That’s not to say you should put the hat on to find it… oh grammar ain’t what it were).

    I have a very fond memory of standing transfixed in the doorway the first time that Mermaid show was on the box…

    1. I wondered about that too Tim :! I think it’s a ‘good idea’.

      A lightbulb going off in your head.

      ash :))

  28. Best of the New Year to you, FEd, and to everyone. I’m looking forward to some more thought-provoking topics on the blog. Thanks for keeping it so interesting. 🙂

  29. Wow FEd, great way to start the new year with Lance’s beautiful art work.

    I was worried we may have heard the last from you.

    Here’s to a new year!

    Barbara P

  30. :v Hi,

    I recently walked around Pefkos on Rhodes (where I live), and was looking at the old villa that David and the rest of PF used to own there when a wave of melancholy came over me! I listen to the “Live in Gdansk” version of Echoes, which is just perfect, then I think of David’s words to Jools Holland where he said that since Rick’s death he won’t be able to perform Echoes again. When you listen to that recording you can see why. Virtually the whole piece is David and Rick interacting intuitively. Their musical relationship is one that requires no words, it’s instinctive. I just stood by the villa and thought of Rick and the days when they were here writing some of that greatest music the rock world has ever been fortunate enough to receive.

  31. Welcome back FEd, team and bloggers,

    Happy new year and a note: FEd, you can always make the blog so nice year after year with… nothing, no news, no new music or tracks, no interview or press presence… in an absolute normal way of life!

    Believe me you are great, so thank you for your job and fantasy.

    The sculpture is very brilliant but I read a drop of sadness or too much calm in the steel of the eyes. I remember a different look, with a different rising smile.

    A hug,

  32. Happy New Year Fed and everyone here. 🙂

    Love the snow on the site Fed, am really sick of the snow outside now, it is beautiful but I’m going nuts stuck indoors. Nice new emoticons too.

    I wanted to use this one before Michele. :/

    Sculpture is great Lance, after marvelling at how good a likeness it was, the next thing I thought was “look at the whiskers!”. So clever how you’ve done that.

    ash X

    1. 😛 , Ash. But I will no longer use the angry emoticon in 2010. It’s on my new year’s resolution list… like every year since 2007. :))


  33. Hi FEd,

    I wish to say to you something about your topic.

    I don’t know why many fans or other persons disturb David with rumors or other stupid things about a possible new solo album. This type of pressure disgusts me, because I’m a quiet person and I have a great respect about David and his work.

    I think this kind of “fans” must show respect to him.

    I think to myself: why this pressure? David is human, he is not “God”.

    Maybe somebody would think this?

    PS: Oh, I like new emoticons, compliments. :))

    Bye, Hydrea

    1. PS: Oh, I like new emoticons, compliments. :))

      You as well? I have to admit, I preferred the old ones, but maybe we should keep these ones if you like them more.

      Thanks for noticing them.

    2. I also much preferred the old ones, they were so cute…

      Pleeeaaase, old emoticons, rebel and come back!

    3. My apologies for disgusting you! 😉 But fans will be fans and icons will be icons! 😉

      No, you mustn’t play these strings until your fingers are raw but one man’s fun is another’s hell and it all depends on which side of issue you are on. It works both ways from my angle.



  34. Hi… I am writing from Peru, I am 24 years old and simply think that Pink Floyd’s and David Gilmour’s music is the best ever…

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  35. Lance:

    Your sculpture of David is spectacular. Very difficult to capture just the right look on a face from photos. Yours is spot on. The likeness is uncanny. Beautiful work. Expecting it to speak!


  36. Thanks again for your brilliant comments on the sculpture – they are a real confidence boost and very constructive. I am working on restoring some of the earlier warmth into the expression and with FEd’s support I will send a final update soon.

    Happy New Year.


    1. Lance:

      It is your choice to put whatever expression you want on the sculpture and it would be right. After all, David has many expressions. I’m sure each of us likes a different one. And sometimes he is serious which can also be mysterious and thoughtful.

      So far I haven’t seen an expression on his face that I didn’t like.

      I really like how you have done the eyes. I feel it is one of the hardest parts to get right and to make look so alive.

      I am definitely a fan of your sculptural talent.


    2. Lance, you rule!!

      Now a request, please… 😀 Could you do a version with long hair, let’s say dated around 1972?

      All the best and peace to everyone.

  37. Happy new year and it good to see you back FEd.

    The sculpture looks great. I’m thinking that doing the sculpture is a bit like playing the guitar. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

    In regards to rumours, I’ve heard some that are unbelievable, so I won’t repeat them.

    No tour or LP, no problems as long as Dave is healthy and happy there’s always the chance of something in the future. So of course all the best and Happy New Year to Dave his family and also to all the crew.


  38. As a teenager I heard of Pink Floyd, hearing their music and not paying much attention to them as a Band… that was in the 70s… the Music is what stayed with me, haunting my Soul through the years. I would hear their songs and I would think, man… their music is off the hook… takes me to another space and time, that’s for sure.

    Anyhow… I recently watched the Pulse concert and once again my Soul was ‘stirred’… I was pleased as punch to find there was a DVD and CD of this concert tour. I obtained both. I listen to it constantly.

    Much Love to You David and A Grand New Year… you’ve aged beautifully!

  39. Hi Fed and all.

    Happy New Year, although we are well into it now.

    I haven’t visited the Blog for a while so was going through some of the old strings. 2010 is here. And time is passing far too quickly.

    I haven’t been able to wash my car for months. A bit low on the priority list of life, I hear you cry. But this is very important. I take the girls (my two German Shepherds) up to the woods on the Chilterns most weekends for a long walk. They loved the snow. I did my first ever movie with our Christmas present of a Camcorder. It was mainly of the “girls” frolicking in the white stuff but I also put music to it. I can tell you all want to know what music I used!

    For the first 4 mins I used that beautiful operatic piece from the film Hannibal by Hans Zimmer. The second 4 mins was “Remember a Day”. They both went remarkably well with the shots I took. Anyway, when we finish our walk the “girls” are wet, muddy and panting madly. Layla, the younger is a long coat and attracts mud to herself by just barking! So the back of the car gets plastered and of course the windows are a grimy film from the slaver that gets spat onto the glass everytime they pass another dog and a chorus of baying cracks up. I can’t be bothered to change my walking boots which have picked up as much muck so the drivers side mat is like a building site.

    So dear reader. It gives me inordinate pleasure, once in a while, to have a clean car.

    Fed, you will note there are no rumours in that piece. 😉

    1. :)) I know all about owning a dirty car and the torture of not being able to clean it often or thoroughly enough, Julian. Mine’s covered in sand mostly, inside and out, which makes cleaning time such good fun because it manages to get absolutely everywhere. The rear windows are a disgrace, too. I’m sure they lick them when I’m not looking.

      Your girls sound like my boys. Layla’s not the only one with that talent, I can tell you.

  40. Better late than… never! Happy New Year to One and All (or All and One).

    I really like Lance´s sculpture as I feel it accentuates David´s wonderful lips. If I was to try and be poetic I would probably compare the upper and lower lips to the letters M and W, or maybe of a Seagull flying over the sea just above its own reflection.



    P.S. Later this New Year on 10th October is the main day for all “Hitchiker´s Guide to the Galaxy” fans. Especially if you watched the Matrix Movie´s binary sequences…

  41. Happy (slightly belated) New Year to you FEd.

    David’s music helped keep me sane over the last twelve months while I have been unemployed after being made redundant last year.

    A private investment company took over the pharmaceutical company I worked for and decided to save money, as a result of which I was kicked out with fifteen years of my life in a cardboard box. To add pathos to the event, and at the risk of sounding like a character from a Charles Dickens novel, they actually made me walk seven miles through snow to attend the meeting at which they gave me the news.

    Anyway onwards and upwards for 2010.

    Very best wishes to you and your family.


  42. Happy new year for you and for your family, David master, master, master, master.

    I’m from Bogotá Colombia.

    David, Comfortably Numb is the soundtrack of my life, and I listen to that masterpiece at least once a week. I’m a guitar player and your work is my inspiration.

    Here in Bogotá Colombia many people love you. God bless you forever master. Please come someday, please…

    att Mauricio Villamil

  43. David,

    I am a fan of yours from Pakistan. I love your work, your smile and your gentle ways.

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