Songs from 1983

We’ve looked at 1966 and 1975, now it’s time for something from the Eighties.

The decade’s best year for music, I feel (and you are free to tell me that you disagree just as long as you can back it up with better examples), is 1983.

From Pink Floyd, the vastly under-rated The Final Cut; ZZ Top produced their most successful, Eliminator; Metallica released their first (Kill ‘Em All), The Police their last (Synchronicity) and U2 their most delightfully political, War.

It was, of course, the year of Thriller, even if it was released in late-1982.

It’s also remembered as the year that Karen Carpenter and Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson, died. Both in tragic circumstances, Karen was just 32 and Dennis, 39.

Which are your favourite songs from 1983? Here are five of mine, starting with another respectful tip of the hat to that great evergreen, Ray Davies:

– Eurythmics, ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’
– The Fixx, ‘One Thing Leads to Another’
– Michael Jackson, ‘Billie Jean’
– Elton John, ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’
– Bonnie Tyler, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

Thinking of it, it’s probably quite possible to compile an A to Z of chart artists from 1983 (-ish) without great effort. If you’re feeling up to it, in need of a pointless distraction from whatever you should be doing right now, see how far you can get with those unforgettable names, such as Kajagoogoo and Prefab Sprout.

You have to admit, the Eighties were and will forever remain… strangely amusing.

I’ll start you off with Adams, Bryan (‘Cuts Like a Knife’)…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. i’ll try to make a selection:

    david bowie: let’s dance
    eurythmics: sweet dreams
    michael jackson: billie jean
    kajagoogoo: too shy
    pink floyd: the final cut
    fake: another brick
    u2: war

    1. Wonderful voice, Bonnie’s. Maybe the song has been over-played through the years, but it’s still a classic.

      And she’s Welsh.

  2. David’s guitar tone during this period is my fav… The Final Cut and No More Lonely Nights pushed everybody else to try and do something different with the sound of an electric guitar, technology was coming on a bit as well with different effects for us to tinker with… but David was as usual that bit ahead of everybody else.

    The Bass player in Kajagoogoo is originally from my home town, Larne… some useless info for yis all. :v

  3. China Crisis – ‘Christian
    Jam – ‘Going Underground’
    Eddy Grant – ‘Electric Avenue’
    Toto – ‘Africa’
    Eurythmics – ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’, ‘Right By Your Side’
    Joan Armatrading – ‘Drop The Pilot
    Style Council – ‘Speak Like A Child’
    David Bowie – ‘China Girl’
    Bob Marley & The Wailers – ‘Buffalo Soldier’
    Robert Wyatt – ‘Shipbuilding’
    Police – ‘Every Breath You Take’
    Big Country – ‘In A Big Country’
    UB40 – ‘Red Red Wine’
    Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘Dear Prudence’
    Simple Minds – ‘Waterfront’

  4. The 80’s sucked… hard.

    F*Ed ~

    Not sure if you’ve seen this

    Rare footage of Syd Barrett singing with Pink Floyd on the BBC One music show Top Of The Pops has been discovered after more than 40 years. The damaged footage of the band playing See Emily Play has been restored and will now be screened for the first time since its initial 1967 broadcast.

    1. Thanks, Matt; I had. I always appreciate the heads-up, though, because so often I don’t hear about these things.

  5. Hi Fed,

    Okay… I’ll bite (a bit bored at work today)…

    I was 14 that year and about to start High School so I have a lot of these 45s.

    I will leave out the obvious Floyd entry for the year (I agree, also WAY underrated) and I couldn’t start any “best” list with Bryan Adams at the top. 😛

    After the Fire: Der Kommissar
    Big Country: In a Big Country (I still love that song – sorry Bowie, David)
    Culture Club: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
    Dolby, Thomas: She Blinded Me With Science (sorry Duran Duran, Dexy’s & Def)
    Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
    Fixx, The: One Thing Leads to Another
    Gabriel, Peter: Solsbury Hill
    Hart, Corey: Sunglasses at Night
    Idol, Billy: White Wedding
    Journey: Faithfully – my 8th grade dance song…
    Kajagoogoo: Too Shy – yup still have that 45
    Lewis, Huey and the News: I Want a New Drug
    Metallica: Seek & Destroy
    Nina: 99 Luftballoons
    Osbourne, Ozzy: Bark at the Moon
    Prince: 1999
    Quiet Riot: Cum on Feel the Noize
    Rundgren, Todd: Bang The Drum all Day – is it Friday yet!?!
    Suicidal Tendencies: Institutionalized – a classic
    The The: This is the Day
    U2: New Year’s Day
    Vaughn, Stevie Ray: Pride and Joy
    Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio
    XTC: Wonderland
    Yaz: Only You
    ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man

    Wow – that was harder than I thought… I had to leave out Madonna and others… Thanks for that great “mental break”.

    Hope some of these choices bring back some good memories…

  6. “Same Old Lang Syne”, “The Reach” and “Ghosts” from Dan Fogelberg’s ‘The Innocent Age’ are remarkable so I’ll mention them here…

  7. Totally out of topic but inspired by David Gilmour’s statue photo.

    The statue is a good metaphor of what is the blog in this period (a long period started with the last issue of David Gilmour’s live album).

    I miss the real David Gilmour whose presence is only in the form of a pale reproduction of him (not pale because it’s bad… not at all… it was a good statue 🙂 ).

    The “real” David Gilmour for me is… you know… a David Gilmour playing guitar.

    Please, do not take this as the typical Fan’s lamentation. No, not at all. David Gilmour could stop playing guitar tomorrow and I would be fine. But the only existence of the blog and the presence of us fans here is… hope. Hope to have some new thing… some new issue… I don’t know. A song… And I do not mean a rare appearance (he did some of them in last year) but… I don’t know… a proper record or a live tour… or… a Pink Floyd track coming out of an old closet.

    I really don’t know what I would like but you know Fed, let’s not beat around the bush: The blog cannot be a general forum and a discussion on David’s past. We all would like nice news for us fans. 🙂 And Christmas is close… So I do hope you will have some “exciting” news for us. (Example? What about the Orb and Gilmour collaboration?)

    Last thing. I would also have desired music from Richard. He is probably playing somewhere though… Could he rest in peace.


    1. But the only existence of the blog and the presence of us fans here is… hope. Hope to have some new thing… some new issue… I don’t know.


      I thought it was also because us fans are a good community here and like to get philosophical now and then too.

      I personally really enjoy reading various people’s views on things.

    2. Oh, I’d love there to be exciting news, even news that’s only moderately stirring; it would make my job a lot easier and give me a more valid reason to continue with it.

      Sorry, but I’m afraid there’s nothing on the horizon that I can tell you about.

    3. And Christmas is close… So I do hope you will have some “exciting” news for us. (Example? What about the Orb and Gilmour collaboration?)

      Mine and probably others’ first thought was free signed David stuff for all. 😉

      Fed, I still regret not goin gung-ho on bidding for the Crisis signed DVD covers from a few years ago on eBay. If something similar ever happens again I won’t be asleep at the wheel again.

      Cheers, Howard

      P.S. Well, since she is Welsh I guess we can allow it.

    4. ‘Lo Piergiorgio.

      You should try the new Orb CD; Baghdad Batteries. If you’re not familiar with them “it” may open a new door for you. I have listened to The Orb as long as I have listened to the big “G”, in all his glorious formats.

      P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for surprises. They do happen!

      Have fun bloggers.

    5. The only thing I can say is that I love this blog, and the only news I’m interested in is that David is fine and happy, after 40 years on stage he deserves some rest with his family, his children and his friends. I think every one of us would love to see David on stage very soon and every day, but he has to live like an ordinary man.

      I actually think that Fed’s work is not so easy as it may seem, he always finds interesting topics to discuss, though.

    6. i’m ok but david has a key for the future, and i’m sure david continues to sing and play again. back to the future my friend, back to the future with david, but don’t forget the old songs, it’s a history of rock, it’s our story!

    7. Oh, I’d love there to be exciting news, even news that’s only moderately stirring; it would make my job a lot easier and give me a more valid reason to continue with it.

      I think I can understand how you feel. It must be hard to invent new topics for us, week after week. I guess that, some time, it might also seem strange that we’re speaking, here, about everything, except for David’s music. :))

      But, seriously, what I think is that communication is the most important aim any kind of blog should pursue and all those people who come here everyday, to read what you write and share their thoughts, demonstrate this aim has been successfully reached here.

      Even though nothing new is going to be released, David’s music is still the “implicit soundtrack” of this Blog, so I think you, FEd (and David, of course) can be proud of what you’re doing here, since you’re doing it very well. 🙂

    8. Releases I would love to see (or hear, as really would be) are:



  8. On topic:

    The eighties! Ah, what a terrible decade. 1983 can only be redeemed by one only real act of creation in rock. The only step further, Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All. That was music!

    Fed, the list you made is quite scary to me… Bonnie Tyler? Brrr… I feel cold… U2? The egomaniac Bono? (OK, at the time they were not like today)…. Maybe I could save Police’s English-reggae music… What else? Electronic drums (horrible)… dull synthesizers…. terrible decade really!!! 🙂

    God bless the Nineties (Seattle…) which took away all that cocaine-induced trip and we got back to ROCK!

    Just my opinion. 😀

    1. Wow Pier, I can agree with you again… LOL. The Metallica release Kill ‘Em All is an excellent release and certainly a high point for 1983.



  9. ABC, Dire Straights, Echo & The Bunnymen, Fun Boy Three, Gary Numan, Human League, Icehouse, Joe Jackson, Kajagoogoo, Lotus Eaters, Musical Youth, New Order, Orange Juice, Paul Young, Queen (Feb ’84), Roland Rat Superstar, Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, Ultravox, Visage (Jun ’82), Whitesnake, XTC (Jan ’82), Yes, ZZ Top (Oct ’84).

    It was either this or do some ironing, so the kids are going to school crumpled tomorrow.

  10. Every time I think about it, I can’t help associating 80s music to something made by coloured plastic. Happy and synthetic, as the shapes I played with on the beach when I was very young. 😀

    Even though I prefer 60s and 70s music, I have to admit many good albums and songs have been released during the 80s and, yes, it really seems 1983 was a very good year.

    Some of my favourite songs.

    Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics
    Every Breath You Take – The Police
    Twisting By The Pool – Dire Straits
    Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
    Mama – Genesis
    Burning Down The House – Talking Heads
    Radio Free Europe – R.E.M.
    Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash
    Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield
    Karma Chameleon – Culture Club (:v I confess, I like it)

    Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind” was also released in 1983, if I’m not wrong. I like it very much.

    1. Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind” was also released in 1983, if I’m not wrong. I like it very much.

      It should be right, and it’s my highlight of that year, too. First time that Bruce Dickinson would be mentioned as co-author of songs, and the first album with Nicko McBrain as drummer.

      Who have not heard it, should give it a try. To Tame A Land is a very, very fine piece of music!

      Best regards
      Taki (who’s been travelling a lot the last couple of weeks…)

  11. Warm Greetings to you Fed and all.

    I loved the 80s, best years of my life. Here are some of my favs, and apologies for them.

    Duran Duran – Save a Prayer

    Spandau Ballet – True

    Fleetwood Mac – Looking Out For Love

    Human League – Don’t You Want Me

    Heaven 17 – Temptation

    Kind Regards to all

  12. I would have to say that Come Dancing by The Kinks had to be one of the best songs for 1983. I really can’t think of any other songs that I enjoyed.

    I even have to say that the Final Cut by Pink Floyd (Roger’s Solo Album) wasn’t my cup of tea for it didn’t really have The Pink Floyd touch.


  13. My favourite song from 1983 is ‘Big Log’ by Robert Plant. I don’t know the lyrics, I just love the guitar, the voice, the atmosphere, could listen to it for hours.


    – Genesis, ‘Mama’
    – Michael Jackson, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Human Nature’
    – Pink Floyd, ‘The Fletcher Memorial Home’, The Final Cut’
    – David Bowie, ‘China Girl’
    – Yes, ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’
    – Snowy White, ‘Bird Of Paradise’
    – Renaud, the whole album ‘Morgane De Toi’

    I’m not a big fan of the 80s. Maybe the songs were catchy, funny and good for dancing, but most of them were superficial and had no soul, I think.

    And radio stations (at least here) play this kind of music far too often, it’s very repetitive and boring.


    1. Big Log is one of Plant’s best solo efforts. Maybe this can help you with the lyrics.

      My love is in league with the freeway
      Its passion will ride, as the cities fly by
      And the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of night
      And the questions in thousands take flight
      My love is a-miles in the waiting
      The eyes that just stare, and the glance at the clock
      And the secret that burns, and the pain that grows dark
      And it’s you once again
      Leading me on – leading me down the road
      Driving beyond – driving me down the road

      My love is exceedingly vivid
      Red-eyed and fevered with the hum of the miles
      Distance and longing, my thoughts do provide
      Should I rest for a while at the side
      Your love is cradled in knowing
      Eyes in the mirror, still expecting they’ll come
      Sensing too well when the journey is done
      There is no turning back – no
      There is no turning back – on the run

      Mon amour est de mèche avec l’autoroute
      Sa passion va à vélo, car les villes fly by
      Et les feux arrière dissoudre dans l’entrée de la nuit
      Et les questions en milliers de prendre son envol
      Mon amour est a-miles dans l’attente
      Les yeux qui regardent juste, et le coup d’œil à la pendule
      Et le secret qui brûle, et la douleur qui s’obscurcit
      Et c’est vous encore une fois
      Me conduire – me conduisant sur la route
      Conduire au-delà – driving me bas de la route

      Mon amour est extrêmement vive
      Les yeux rouges et fiévreux avec le bourdonnement des miles
      Distance et de nostalgie, mes pensées ne fournissent
      Devrais-je reposer un peu sur le côté
      Votre amour est bercé dans le savoir
      Des yeux dans le miroir, attendent toujours qu’ils vont venir
      Sensing trop bien quand le trajet se fait
      Il n’ya pas de retour en arrière – pas de
      Il n’ya pas de retour en arrière – on the run

      FEd can confirm if it makes sense or is pure rubbish.



    2. Comfortable in the knowledge that my modest attempts at French contain enough rubbish to comfortably plug the Chunnel at several points, I certainly won’t try to correct the most bizarre lines.

    3. Thank you, Andrew, it’s very kind of you.

      I have to confess that I understood the lyrics better in English than in French. :))

      I just burst out laughing when I read “Mon amour est de mèche avec l’autoroute. Sa passion va à vélo, car les villes fly by”. Certainly the “most bizarre lines” as FEd said.

      And FEd, be sure I would be very happy to read more often what you call your rubbish attempts at French as it’s not rubbish, not rubbish at all. C’est tout le contraire. 🙂

    4. Michele,

      Like I mentioned to you in the chat earlier, it was done to amuse you. And it seems that amuse and entertain you it did.




  14. If you’re feeling up to it, in need of a pointless distraction from whatever you should be doing right now, see how far you can get with those unforgettable names

    FEd, I’m up for it…

    I’ve managed to compile this tenuous A-Z list from 1983, the year I became a father for the 1st time (#1):

    Armatrading, Joan – Drop The Pilot
    Bowie, David – China Girl
    Collins, Phil – You Can’t Hurry Love
    Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know?
    Eurythmics, The – Who’s That Girl
    Flying Pickets, The – Only You
    Genesis – Mama
    Hackett, Steve – Cell 151
    Images, Altered – Don’t Talk To Me About Love
    Jones, Howard – New Song
    Kajagoogoo – Too Shy(#1)
    League, The Human – (Keep Feeling) Fascination
    Men At Work – Down Under
    New Order – Blue Monday
    Oldfield, Mike – Moonlight Shadow
    Police, The – Every Breath You Take
    Quiet Riot – Come On Feel The Noise
    Richie, Lionel – All Night Long (All Night)
    Smiths, The – This Charming Man
    Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
    Ullman, Tracey – They Don’t Know
    Vaughan, Stevie Ray – Pride And Joy
    Wyatt, Robert – Shipbuilding
    XTC – Wonderland
    Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

    Continuing the tenuous link theme, which ties in with two of the above (H & K), I saw Steve Hackett perform recently, in Last Of The Summer Wine town, Holmfirth and he had Nick Beggs (from Kajagoogoo) playing Bass & Chapman stick. It was a really great gig. Check out his new album, Out Of The Tunnels Mouth. You won’t be sorry.

  15. Well, my best choice would have to be The Police with Every Breath You Take. Being born in 1985, this is 2 years before my time, however, it still rings true.

    Mr. Gilmour… if you are reading this… I would give anything for an autograph. Since the age of 5 I have been listening to your music and it has not only inspired me to play the guitar, but it has also inspired my life as well. Often, things happen in life of which you can not control and the best thing to do is smile and take it with an open heart. At this point in my life, I am married to a beautiful woman and looking forward to raising my family in the near future. A photograph of yours hanging on my wall would be more than words…

    Do consider Mr. Gilmour… Thank you for your time.


  16. You missed out on a very important album!

    Pyromania by Def Leppard.

    Loaded with some great songs – Photograph, Rock of Ages, Foolin’ and Too Late for Love to name a couple.

    Also, 1983 was the year of the Apple “Lisa” PC and something a bit closer to home to David, the red rain that fell in the UK due to sand from the Sahara desert…

    I have never been able to get into The Final Cut, it lacks the “Floyd Sound” that I enjoy and I think really showed Richard’s “quiet” contributions to the bands music and what happens when he is not involved.

    I don’t mean to start a David vs Roger debate, just offering my thoughts on why TFC does not appeal to me.

    Anyway, hope everyone is good!

    David, I hope you decide to make a return trip to the USA soon, your fans miss you! (I know of a nice backyard that could fit you and the band, I will provide the Guinness!)


  17. For me the ultimate release for 1983 is: Pink Floyd: The Final Cut.

    The irony here is that I used to hate Pink Floyd until I heard this album. When I lived in the States back in 1980 The Wall bored me to tears, but then, I was only a teenager who was more into hard rock. But when I came to England, my tasted changed big time.

    The Final Cut really moved me and I used to sing along with Roger day in and day out. Roger’s voice is so full of emotion in this album. In my opinion, some of David’s best guitar work is also on this album. There is a passage in the guitar solo of ‘The Fletcher Memorial Home’ which David sounds really angry. As a matter of fact, towards the end of this solo it almost sounds like David’s guitar says: “F_ _ k You”.

    I have always likened ‘The Fletcher Memorial Home’ with Room 101 in George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. There are a few other songs on this album coupled with the Wall which I reckon were inspired by “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Because of the 1984 connection I now know which are the “spare bricks” on The Final Cut album. What an excellent place to put all the tyrants and wasters of life and limb; Room 101 watching Big Brother on the telescreen i.e. “cold glass eye”.

    Oh no! You have really started something in me now, FEd. I am now listening to The Final Cut and am having a massive goosebump attack.

    Lastly, this album has made such and impact on me that I incorporate Poppy Appeal poppies in every single one of my paintings.

  18. There is a part of the song in ‘The Heroes Return’ which always wondered who Roger was singing about:

    “Sweetheart, sweetheart are you fast asleep, good
    ‘cos that’s the only time that I can really speak to you.
    and there is something that I’ve looked away
    a memory which is too painful
    to withstand the light of day”

    At one point in my life, I said to Roger: “Daddy” when I heard this, but then I figured that he was probably singing in character of his dad talking to his son. At one point I almost thought that Roger was my daddy. But never mind, that is the past now.

  19. Hey,

    Here’s three of mine:

    “Our House” – Madness (loved that song, and still do)
    “Burning Down the House” – Talking Heads (another big favourite)

    …no…I think I’ll make it only two, to list only true favourites.

    And the Alphabet-game: How about Boney M for B? 😛 They were probably around in 1983, though I didn’t check.


  20. Hi FEd and bloggers,

    1983 was the best year for the last “music”, and nothing at all for 80s… what a terrible period of not-music.

    I don’t know what’s happening today and what kind of rock I’ll like tomorrow, but sorry my friends, WITHOUT RHETORIC and OUT OF MEMORIES, the 60s and 70s were SO GREAT!

    I know, we all are waiting for something, for news, for a miracle… but this is just a blog, a virtual meeting place for common emotions and for a friendly “bla…bla..” without the musical “tension” of our golden rock age.

    But we’re not only old rock people, we’re simply rock and music and “reality” lovers without age, with no regrets and not many dreams… it’s enough, I think.

    So thank you FEd, day by day, for your (not too easy) job.

    1. your right, the 60s and 70s were great but, in my opinion, the last 20 years or so has produced a lot of excellent ‘underground’ music.

  21. I’m still thinking about my favorites from 1983. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this, since it is musical in its way.

  22. Your list looks like the compilation tape that was in my Craig Powerplay underdash Cassette for cruising and working. These all played in the local “disco”, which was called Bogies, but rarely ever played any actual disco music, as we were all rockers and protested loudly – we still showed up, paid cover and drank till closing, but didn’t take well to the change of our favorite party place. There’s no pictures of it, luckily, but I had the leather pants, the red kerchief headband, gelled hair and sat in the dark corner with the T-Shirt collectors – and, uh, that’s about all I remember from that year, thanks for the flashback, heh heh heh.

    So I used your list as a template to copy and paste my own over top, but some I had to agree with totally, I mean totally man.

    Good memory you got there, hey you wouldn’t happen to remember which bar I left my custom leather jacket in do you? I think I left something in the secret pocket, behind the Mickey pouch.

    Adams, Brian: Cuts Like A Knife
    Bowie, David: China Girl
    Clapton, Eric: Rock ‘N; Roll Heart
    Doobie Brothers: (Farewell Tour) Black Water
    Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
    Fixx, The: One Thing Leads to Another
    Grant, Amy: Electric Avenue
    Henley, Don: Dirty Laundry
    Idol, Billy: White Wedding
    Jackson, Michael: Beat It
    Kajagoogoo: Too Shy – yup, still have that 45
    Lewis, Huey and the News: I Want a New Drug
    Men Without Hats: The Safety Dance
    Newberry III, Booker: Love Town
    Osbourne, Ozzy: Bark at the Moon
    Plant, Robert: Big Log
    Quiet Riot: Cum on Feel the Noize
    Rolling Stones: Under Cover Of The Night
    Slade: Run Runaway
    Talking Heads: Burning Down The House
    U2: New Year’s Day
    Vaughn, Stevie Ray: Pride and Joy
    Wilson, Mari: Cry Me A River
    X: Under The Big Black Sun (OK 1982, but we were behind)
    Yes: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    ZZ Top: Gimme All Your Lovin’

    What a great way to rest – been working too hard as usual and this really got me feeling like my old self again – PLUS- I ran into a 1982 release, Dirty Laundry and the accompanying memories – Don Henley, New Years Eve, 1982, Hay River, N.W.T. – “Old… brrr… Lang… brrr… Syne…chatter-chatter-chatter.”

    Thanks for the great blog, you’ve helped me keep my head on straightish again!


  23. 1983? I was beginning a bad marriage that would ultimately cost me a job in my hometown (stocked full of calamities) ;), in some sort of religious pseudo purity and was generally on top of the world so to speak. But I did listen to some music and the tunes I remember best are:

    Every Breath You Take – The Police
    Gimme All Your Lovin’ – ZZ Top
    Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar
    White Wedding – Billy Idol
    I Want a New Drug – Hughie Lewis and the News
    The Final Cut (entire album) – Pink Floyd

    Well, those are the six things I remember. Wasn’t much of a Waters fan and thought it was getting too deep for most listeners at that particular period but I saw some things in it and I learned from it. It’s not an album I would just pick out and play at random, however. I’m more into A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell but that would be future tense if I’m to be true to the subject. But then again, I always have it around just in case.

  24. Hey there FEd!

    How have you been?

    I have enjoyed reading all of your lists. I just love being nostalgic.

    December 2, 1983 was great, I turned 25 and I got married! (We were in San Diego, CA and both in the Navy at the time). 🙂

    Have a splendid weekend FEd,

  25. Hi Fed and all…

    Totally off topic but did anyone see Cliff and the Shadows on the One Show earlier this week performing Move It? Hank Marvin is in incredibly good nick and it was a very good performance but there’s a lot to be said for David standing still on stage!!!!

    Best wishes

    1. I did… and couldn’t agree more.

      Looking forward to hearing Cliff’s Christmas tunes. I can’t decide which I like best, ‘Saviour’s Day’ or ‘Mistletoe and Wine’…

  26. Bonnie Tyler and Annie Lennox were the 80s queens definitely.

    Apart from PF of course, I was very much into Toto, Africa, and of course Queen – Radiogaga.

  27. Well, I didn’t live in the 80s; was born and raised in the 90s/00s. But I can say that probably the groups/artists that stood out would be Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, The Police and Toto (not too familiar with Toto, all I know is they are ridiculously talented instrumentalists). I’m sure there is more out there, just have to look for it.

    You’ll always find groups in among a period that don’t seem all that interesting to you if you look a little bit. Like today for example, despite the generic teen-pop culture, I could name a good number of musicians/groups that I would say about 99.9% of (Americans?) don’t know about.

    Favorite groups are still from the 60s (The Beatles) and before that (Elvis, Wes Montgomery) and one of my all time favorites from the 90s (Elliott Smith).

    Sorry I could only mention 2 really notable groups (that maybe weren’t quite as obvious, though still obvious enough for most with any sense of music). I sort of feel like a dork for commenting, but I thought I would just post a comment about someone who wasn’t around during the 80s, and show how I view things. All apologies If I came off as an unpleasant person.

    – Skylar

    1. Not at all, Skylar; many thanks for commenting.

      I like to think that such comments encourage others to find new music in every decade, because, as you say, there’s good to be found everywhere if you can be bothered to sweep aside the quivering mountains of rubbish to get at it.

  28. :/ I´ll definitely tip my hat* to your MJ choice, FEd. I just cheated and googled no.1s for ’83 and think I´ll go for:

    Spandau Ballet – True (even though “Gold” is my favourite by them)

    * Which reminds me of a Who song, you can guess which song by reading this news article.

    Answers on a postcard to: Orion´s Belt, P.O.Box M13.

  29. Three more 1983 albums which deserve to be mentioned, in my opinion.

    Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again
    Bauhaus – Burning From the Inside
    Bob Dylan – Infidels (with Mark Knopfler)

  30. My albums of 1983 (all in alphabetical order, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is disqualified). I can’t pick songs so albums are way to go.

    AC/DC – Flick of the Switch (last with Phil Rudd until 1995)
    Tony Banks – The Fugitive
    Black Sabbath (with Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan) – Born Again
    Def Leppard – Pyromania
    Dio – Holy Diver
    Fastway – self titled
    Don Felder – Airborne
    Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel Plays Live
    Genesis – The Mama Album (self titled)
    Steve Hackett – Highly Strung
    Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind (first with classic Maiden lineup)
    Journey – Frontiers
    The Kinks – State of Confusion (last disc with Mick Avory)
    KISS – Lick it Up (first without makeup)
    Metallica – Kill ’em All
    Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon (album that made me smash a Duran Duran album to pieces and made me a true rocker for life)
    Pink Floyd – The Final Cut (least listened to of PF discs but still good)
    Robert Plant – The Principle of Moments
    The Police – Synchronicity
    Queensryche – self titled EP
    Rainbow – Bent Out of Shape
    The Rolling Stones – Undercover
    Styx – Kilroy Was Here (the infamous Styx album with Mr Roboto and Don’t Let it End)
    Pete Townshend – Scoop
    Triumph – Never Surrender
    Twisted Sister – You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll
    U2 – War
    Joe Walsh – You Bought It You Name It
    Yes – 90125
    ZZ Top – Eliminator

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