Songs for driving

A completely random, yet hopefully moderately useful post today; I’m sure it’s one that everyone can make a contribution to one way or another, should they feel so inclined, particularity should they have a propensity to compile subject-specific music playlists, which is so very easy to do nowadays.

Which songs make driving more enjoyable, tolerable or relaxing?

Five that I’d confidently wager are guaranteed a swift mention, so I’ll get them in early so that your lists are more imaginative than mine, are:

– Beatles, ‘Drive My Car’
– Canned Heat, ‘On the Road Again’
– Eagles, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’
– Chris Rea, ‘Road to Hell’
– Steppenwolf, ‘Born to Be Wild’

Whether you favour the Beach Boys’ ‘Little Deuce Coupe’, Wilson Pickett’s ‘Mustang Sally’ or Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’, do tell which songs sound at their very best when you’re behind the wheel (or handlebars, even).

If you can’t think of any, just have a look at the many ‘drive-time’ compilations that record labels, possibly with a little help from radio DJs, have put together.

How about Pink Floyd’s La Carrera Panamericana (were it legally available in a format other than VHS, of course)? Have you seen it and do you have a favourite instrumental from those recorded specifically for the film?

Lastly, as an excuse to let off some steam, which are your pet hates when you’re on the road? The apparent inability of other road users to indicate, particularly at roundabouts, probably grates on my nerves more than anything else.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. … I always liked to hear “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden while driving in the Alps, but now “Animals” by PF has my preference (just imagine listening to “Sheep” within a traffic jam 😉 ).

    Best regards

    1. The Allman Brothers music would be good for most driving situations. They had such a range of soft to med, hard, southern nightime easiness. Perhaps they made something that is not yet defined properly. Most would put the tag of “southern rock” on them, but they were a little more than just that.

      It is interesting to note they used British amplifiers made to distort in such a way as to bring a new “sound” of such amplification to the concert stage; a sound that did not distort, unless they wanted it at times.

      So much for trying to explain the undefined.

  2. I had no idea of the meaning of “pet hates”, so I searched for it. That’s a strange expression. 😀

    This is (one of) mine.

    I just hate when someone, after driving too close to me for some time, finally overtakes, than suddenly turns at the first crossroad obliging me to slow down quickly.

    That’s something that happens almost daily in a narrow street near my home.

    I’ll come back later for my list. 🙂

    1. I had no idea of the meaning of “pet hates”, so I searched for it.

      The same for me, Alessandra. I first thought it had something to do with our lovely pets, cats and dogs… just didn’t understand why anyone would have to hate them… :))

  3. Hollywood Nights from Bob Seger is also a good one (I find my foot keeps pressing the pedal harder when I listen).

    Also… Panama by Van Halen (with David Lee Roth on vocals) is also very good indeed.

    But I must say that Mustang Sally is right up there – it was great when I was driving my 94 Mustang GT (5.0 Litre)!

    Happy Motoring…


  4. I listen to the Division Bell a lot when walking and driving…”Take It Back” really lifts me a bit.

    Love listening to BB King when I’m walking as well.

    Drivers who pull out at the last minute and then drive slowly gets on my goat… and people who drive too close will always make me drive at 25mph. 😛

  5. My favourite driving song is ‘Boys of Summer’ – Don Henley. Just hits the spot somehow.

    I agree, other drivers not indicating drives me mad!

  6. Hi FEd

    Quite an appropriate one for me today as I’ve just driven about 125 miles south to London to one of our offices!

    The journey started with OAI (the album) as it slowly awakens the senses! Then the second disc from the Echoes album and finally, as I hit London, Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

    My pet hates are also centred around bad driving and are usually aimed at people driving Audis! They must do a different test! The exceptions would be any of my fellow bloggers of course. 😀

    Hope everyone is well.


    1. Paul, it’s BMWs for me. I’ve never met a BMW driver who isn’t a complete and utter tw*t.

      Yes, of course that’s an ‘I’…

    2. LOL, FEd. I’m gonna resemble that remark as soon as I can afford a 750i!! But I’m a considerate driver… I always let folks in here in Branson and you just about have to around here or life would be miserable for everybody.

      Question: What is the difference in a porcupine and a Cadillac?

      Answer: The pricks are inside a Cadillac!!

    3. Couldn’t agree more FEd, but they do seem to be abandoning their BMWs for Audis!

      Is this a good time to ask what you drive?


    4. Is this a good time to ask what you drive?

      My increasing guilt at driving anything forced me to switch to a very efficient – and even more economical – Citroen C1 recently.

      Well, that and the fact that my trusty LPG-converted Ford Ka was suddenly worth more as scrap metal…

    5. F’ed, are you not aware of the dramatic improvements in emissions that BMW have obtained with their “efficient dynamics”? If applied across all manufacturers we could get a 20% reduction in Co2.

      Only justifying my likely next choice. :v

      Of course the fact that I’ve had two BMWs before renders your statement utterly false 😀 (except of course you haven’t actually met me…).

      Personally any loud rocked-up music does it for me in the car… it’s a great place to listen to loud music (on your own) without being unsociable.

      And tailgating would be my pet hate… along with dithering, not signalling, cutting me up, etc., etc… good job I am calmness personified at the wheel.

  7. Hi Fed,

    a song that should be broadcast daily when travelling on the M25 is “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel.

    Or “She Sells Santuary” by The Cult.

    “Cross Town Traffic” – Jimi Hendrix

    “Driving in My Car” by Madness

    “Ernie” – Benny Hill

    One of my pet hates on the road has to be arrogant drivers, a shiny piece of German engineering doesn’t make you a better person, wait in turn like the rest of us (aimed at no one in particular).

  8. Hi FEd and friends,

    it’s very improbable to find a moment – just in a single day – without music in my life! And driving in a town as Rome with a lot of traffic and a small net of tube is an excellent occasion to improve a musical culture!!

    I like very much “in my car” the Beach Boys, la “Carrera Panamericana” (…sorry, not so much legal BUT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to find it – DVD or tracks – in Italy and in London the last five years…), some tracks of the Beatles, Yes, Yardbirds and Who, a lot of Bach, Beethoven and Albinoni and first of all two wonderful “driving and listening to”: Learning to Fly and Cruise…

    Have a nice time you all

  9. All good choices, FEd. I would add “Running Down A Dream” by Tom Petty and “Flirtin’ With Disaster” by Molly Hatchet as two songs that I enjoy listening to while driving.

    As for pet peeves while on the road, my Number One Rage Inducer is slow drivers in the fast lane. Here in America what I call “lane etiquette” is a much bigger problem than it is in Europe – especially Germany, where slow drivers rightfully (and wisely) stay out of the way of that train of 911s, S-classes and 5-series bearing down on them at 130 mph on the Autobahn. In the USA, left-lane-dawdlers are an especially major issue in Florida (no surprise, because half the population is 70+ years old) and, for whatever reason, Ohio.

    1. …add to that the great state of NJ, and even the stretch of NY between the I-90 and a good portion of the I-87.


  10. There are lots of songs I like driving to. I love listening to OAI in traffic, it helps me calm down my road rage. 😀

    Whenever Tom Petty’s Running Down A Dream comes on, I always turn it up (to 11) and roll my windows down. Maybe it’s a California thing!

    “It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
    I had my radio on, I was a drivin'”

    As far as pets go, I’d always take mine with me. They love road trips.

    Hope you all have a beautiful day!


  11. Good driving songs:

    Bat Out of Hell – Meat Loaf
    Ace of Spades – Motorhead
    Dance of the Knights – Prokofiev

    Things that annoy, well there are so many but a few are:

    People who use mobiles while driving
    People who overtake on bends and other blind spots
    Cyclists without lights (usually wearing dark clothes)
    People who think the law does not apply to them
    People who don’t bother to signal (don’t worry I’ve got my Halfords crystal ball)
    People who pull out of junctions without looking
    People who insist it is safe to drive at 90 MPH in the pouring rain
    Lorry drivers who insist on overtaking another lorry going at 59.99MPH
    People who blame their sat navs for sending them into a river, etc, Err, hello, look at the map.

    I had better stop now, I can feel the old blood pressure rising! 😡

    1. People who use mobiles while driving

      I have a huge issue with this but particularly when I see individuals in law enforcement doing it. Although there are laws against it in most U.S. states, police and firemen are exempt from this law. Meaning they can continue to hold their mobile phone and drive. I can certainly understand in the case of an emergency but I have seen too many cops driving in their cruisers, talking on their mobile and you can tell it is not a business related call. In fact, for business they have their car short-wave radio.

      It is a poor way to set an example for the community. Anyone agree??



    2. In fact, for business they have their car short-wave radio

      …which can be heard by anyone since it is not encrypted. It’s all the same here in Germany, though.


  12. Lastly, as an excuse to let off some steam, which are your pet hates when you’re on the road? The apparent inability of other road users to indicate, particularly at roundabouts, probably grates on my nerves more than anything else.

    Don’t get me started here, FEd. I’ve got lots of pet hates in this regard.

    Firstly, spotty faced chavs who get right behind my scooter, rev up their cars with their completely illegal exhaust pipes on, and try and bully me off the road. I simply apply my brakes; hard. That scares them. If they dared to knock me off, I am so angry that I would probably start kicking the stuffing out of them anyway. At times like this, I wished I was on my big motorbike. They think that because I am a scooter rider (to keep my nurses uniform clean) they think that I have no rights at all and should ride towards the footpath. Bol—ks, I make sure I am close to the white line in the middle of the road which makes the driver have to overtake me properly.

    I cannot stand taxi drivers who constantly break the law and bully me too.

    And people who do not indicate are the biggest bugbear of all.

    Phew, now I have let out my anger towards car drivers, I feel better. 🙂

  13. Can’t imagine myself driving (or even sitting next to the driver) without listening to music – which can cause problems of choice with the family, sometimes… :))

    The music I listen to in the car depends on the circumstances.

    Workday commutes are tiring and frustrating (pressure, bad mood, bad traffic, bad drivers in a hurry, bad weather, all bad…). So I need cool and relaxing music to help me calm down. The whole On An Island is perfect, or songs from The Division Bell, or Baker Street, or Black Dog…

    For longer or more pleasant rides, I think that various, energetic, happy songs are better. And they keep you focused and awake.

    Some examples:

    – ‘The Passenger’, Iggy Pop
    – ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, Lynyrd Skynyrd
    – ‘Learning To Fly’, Tom Petty
    – ‘Born To Be Wild’, Steppenwolf
    – ‘Highway To Hell’, AC/DC
    – ‘Yellow’, Coldplay
    – ‘Call Me’, Blondie
    – ‘Californication’, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    – ‘On The Road Again’, Bernard Lavilliers

    As for the ‘Motoring pet hates’ thing, for me it would be:

    – Drivers who are constantly swearing, thinking they are better than others (especially the male drivers criticising the female ones :/).
    – Drivers who listen to very loud music with windows open.
    – People using mobile phones at the wheel.
    – School-run mothers and their dangerous illegal parking and manoeuvres at school gates.


    1. Excellent choice, ‘Baker Street’. I hadn’t thought of that one.

      Speaking of illegal parking, I overheard a fascinating argument today. A van driver (female, I hasten to add) was insisting that it’s OK to park on a bend if the double-yellow lines do not continue around said bend. :!

      Considering that she had stopped near a park and school (and a car park) – at lunch time – and her van was obviously a considerable obstruction to all, it seems strange that she seemed to think that it was perfectly acceptable to stop there… to buy a newspaper.

    2. Michèle, do you really have male drivers in France that criticise female drivers?

      Mon dieu. Such things would never happen here in England. 😉


    3. Oh, I know, Paul, every man is a Gentleman in England… 😉

      That said, I’m happy not to drive either an Audi or a BMW… Phew… 😛

    4. Mon dieu. Such things would never happen here in England.

      You were just joking, weren’t you, Paul? British men are the most pig headed, sexist bar stewards to ever walk the planet, especially when it comes to female motorists. 😛

    5. Drivers who are constantly swearing, thinking they are better than others (especially the male drivers criticising the female ones :/ ).

      …isn’t it so, that the best driver sits behind the steering wheel of the car in which we sit? 😉


  14. 1- Pink Floyd – Fat Old Sun
    2- Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne
    3- Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
    4- Nick Drake – Pink Moon
    5- Neil Young – Heart of Gold

  15. Great driving tunes:

    Anything Floyd or Gilmour, obviously – keeps me mellow and calm, and almost moron-proof.

    Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

    Puritania – Dimmu Borgir (for when you just have to give in to the angst and let rip with the sounds of finnish death metal…)

    Anything Porcupine Tree (the juxtaposition between heavy and calm is perfect for longer journeys IMO)

    Things that yank my chain:

    Morons on the phone, handheld, handsfree or any other dumb way to take your attention off the road. So crazy-dangerous I can’t even begin to tell you. Forget the current controversy about cannabis, ecstasy, heroin and horse riding (!) – driving on the phone is more dangerous than most of them!!!

    – frustrated motorbike rider in London who hasn’t many of his 9 lives left, thanks to drivers on their phones in their cars…

    1. When you see them hurtling past you on the motorway, phone glued to the side of their heads, and you know that you’re going as fast as is allowed, it does make you wonder how close you just came to being involved in a very nasty accident.

      A £60 fine and three penalty points on the licence clearly isn’t a strong enough deterrent.

  16. When I was in college, I would drive 2.5 hours to visit home every other month or so and I used to love to listen to Days of Future Past (Moody Blues) on the way home. It just fit my mood.

    When my husband and I are in the car together, we have a lot of fun if Frankenstein by Edgar Winters comes on the radio.

    Pet peeves while in the car: people who ride my back bumper and people who make left turns too close while I am waiting at a red-light (US rules, LOL).

    Fun topic!

  17. Driving songs? Hell yeah! The company I worked for had me travelling between 8 – 12 times a year. I was always compiling songs to make the 5 hour trip (longest one of the bunch) as comfortable as possible.

    Here’s a couple that this addled mind of mine remembers:

    Freeway Jam – Jeff Beck
    Final Peace – Jeff Beck
    Mihalis – David Gilmour
    Aerial Boundaries – Michael Hedges
    The Flame – Cheap Trick

    …any song by the Dixie Dregs

    Those songs that got me going at speeds that nearly got me a ticket:

    Highway Star – Deep Purple
    Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
    Going Mobile – The Who
    Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith
    I Fought the Law – The Clash
    Holidays in the Sun – The Sex Pistols
    Absolute Beginners – The Jam (though, if you remember the video, this song makes me want to run more than drive!).

    OK – driving pet peeves. Wow… too many to mention. I keep it under a thousand!

    * people with their turn signal on but never turning (we call them the “eventual lefts/rights”)
    * people who TAKE the right of way before being given it
    * those who pull out into 3 lines of oncoming traffic, and promptly stop, blocking all lanes
    * those who take a right turn from the left lane (and vice versa).
    * tail gaters
    * highbeams on all the time
    * those drivers who speed up just to cut you off, and then immediate slam on their breaks because they are pulling into a McDonalds (instead of waiting and getting behind you).

    I’ll just stop there! Hahaha!


  18. Hi FEd.

    I love to drive my car and I don’t drive without music, because it helps myself to be concentrated. When I drive, I like to listen to different songs or entire albums: particularly “Sailing to Philadelphia” by Mark Knopfler and “The Voyager” by Mike Oldfield, these albums are very relaxing for my mind. Then, in my car stereo, play Pink Floyd’s songs like “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, “Marooned”, and “Cluster One” (perfect to drive).

    Oh, when I’m on the road, I don’t stand those road users who don’t keep a safe distance to my car. I think they should go on BBC TV show “Top Gear” so they learn to drive. Don’t you think? :))

    PS: FEd and Alessandra, I’m very excited, because on Thursday 5th November I leave for London for the fourth time! 🙂

    Bye, Hydrea

    1. I hope you’ll have a great holiday, Hydrea.

      If you can find the time, at the National Portrait Gallery there is “Beatles to Bowie”. Here is the link.

      It’s really worth a visit and I think you would like it, too. 🙂

    2. Thank you very much FEd! 🙂

      Alessandra, I saw the link. Oh, it’s very interesting. Thanks! 😀

      Bye, Hydrea

  19. I think it’s one of life’s joys to drive somewhere, in no particular hurry, listening to music. Gives a great sense of freedom.

    Dakota, Superman & A Thousand Trees – Stereophonics
    Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
    Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
    The Chain – Fleetwood Mac (preferably at the traffic lights)
    Love Is The Drug – Roxy Music
    Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
    Revolution – The Beatles

    Pet hate – boy racers and old people who you wouldn’t leave in charge of a shopping trolley, let alone something with an engine in it.

  20. Hi, here is the list:

    – Beatles, “Something”
    – Pink Floyd, “The Narrow Way”
    – Supertramp, “Take the Long Way Home”
    – America, “Ventura Highway”
    – Queen, “’39”

    I like very much the song “Big Theme” from “La Carrera Panamericana”, I prefer to listen to my favourite music by home hi fi system, but it’s not bad to see the road that passes when you listen to the music, the important thing is the driving concentration.

    Yes! The indicator…

    Bye from Italy

  21. Songs for driving…

    OAI has been a permanent fixture in my car ever since its release. As others have said, it has a wonderfully calming effect, which has the power to allay the inconsiderate indiscretions of all the aforementioned morons on the road.

    Other notable miscreants on motorways, drivers reluctant to move out of the middle lane, even when there’s no other vehicle in the slow lane in sight and t*ssers who think undertaking is their right!!! Quick, turn up OAI before my blood boils… 😡

    As a cyclist (who wears very luminous clothing in the dark and is lit up like a Christmas tree) I abhor motorists who thinks they can overtake you just before a junction, so they can then turn into it, right in front of you. Are they totally blinkered and blind, or what!!!

    Oooh, I could crush a grape.

    A couple of other notable tunes to consider…

    Take It Easy – The Eagles
    Ride the Wild Wind – Queen

  22. I have my songs. 🙂

    Neil Young – Out On The Weekend
    Dire Straits – Telegraph Road
    Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror
    The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
    Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan
    Led Zeppelin – Ramble On
    The Beach Boys – I Get Around
    R.E.M. – Find The River
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

  23. Tragically Hip’s Fully Completely got me going 62 in a 30 mph on my way to college in the 1990s. Grace by Jeff Buckley did it too.

    Used to like any Doors songs, as I could drum along on the steering wheel. Yardbirds are driving staples, esp. Smokestack Lightning, and while it’d be dangerous to get absorbed in the lyrics on Piper At the Gates of Dawn, the music itself always makes my drive more interesting.

    For long drives, anything from Dark Side of the Moon.

  24. My faves have been picked so far, Runnin’ Down a Dream and Highway Star.

    For relaxation I really enjoy About Face with Let’s Get Metaphysical.

    My pet peeve is when a cyclist constantly revs a bike in neutral, even worse, a whole slew of them! The noise!!!! Bikes are made to be heard, not making you deaf.

    Also, someone so eager to pass you, does so and then slows down in front of you! 8|

  25. Oooh, good question!

    If I had to pick one single song that has reference to driving and is just the most incredible song to go for a cruise with it would have to be “One Headlight” by the Wallflowers. I’ve been in love with the song since it came out in the 90s and I was little and it has stuck with me ever since.

    If I had to pick a band whose entire catalog seems to be made for life cruising on the open road, it would have to be Steely Dan! Don’t know why, but the drive is just more enjoyable with them.

    I find that when I’m driving home from another year of university, I tend to put a little Gilmour on of course, and Floyd, but also Peter Gabriel. Listening to something like “Solsbury Hill” from Secret World Live just gets me going.

    If I had to start about all the horrible driving I see on the road, I’d run out of characters in this post! People really need to start paying attention to others on the road. This means no talking on your cell or trying to feed your kids as your driving along. What really gets me is when people straddle both lanes of the road so that they can get 2 car lengths further ahead once they commit to a lane.

    The funny thing is that all those people who tailgate and weave in and out of traffic don’t get anywhere any faster than anyone else. If only they weren’t so self-absorbed… :/

  26. My favorite driving songs would be:

    Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
    Life In the Fast Lane – Eagles
    Feel the Thunder – Blue Oyster Cult
    Heavy Metal – Don Felder
    Kick Out the Jams – MC5

    Really hate it when someone is trying to text or dial a number while driving.


  27. Great driving music really depends upon the mood I’m in and the terrain in which I am driving. For me, there was nothing more spiritual than listening to Mozart while driving in the Redwood National Forest in the northern part of California. Sometimes, nothing beats Led Zep as loud as it gets while blasting down the highway at night. I like Lou Reed in the city and The Allman Brothers in the country.

    I listened to Warren Zevon while driving down a winding country road once, it was darned near perfect.

  28. A few years ago, I found the ‘La Carrera Panamericana’ video in a CD fair and enjoyed it very much partly because it showed a different/unusual side of Pink Floyd (David and Nick, I mean).

    I remember there were some songs from AMLOR (‘One Slip’) but also nice previously unreleased instrumentals, perfect to express the high speed in this car racing, my favourite being ‘Pan Am Shuffle’.

    Oh, I also remember David’s car crash… :))

    1. Does anyone know if the guy with the yellow car he paid $400 for completed the race? It’s been keeping me awake nights.

  29. I used to drive a lot because of my sales job. Listening to the Allman Brothers, especially Southbound and The Rolling Stones– Get Off My Cloud and Pink Floyd’s– Comfortably Young.

    I never get tired of listening to these songs. Somehow they touch my soul.

  30. I can’t add to the song list but I do have a few pet peeves.

    1. When Roger drives by me and gives me a holler but doesn’t stop, even if it is in the evening and I’m walking my dog.

    2. People who ride my bumper whether at high speeds or slow speeds.

    3. Pricks who won’t let another driver in here in Branson. There are so many visitors that it’s imperative to allow some folks in.

  31. Everyone seems to have a great musical taste around here. 🙂

    Some songs that I love to listen to while driving and weren’t mentioned:

    -“Radar Love”, Golden Earring
    -“Livin’ On the Edge”, Aerosmith
    -Carl Orff’s “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”, any orchestra and choir
    -“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, The Beatles
    -“Helter Skelter”, The Beatles
    -“Dogs”, Pink Floyd

    Driving Pet Hates:

    -People who honk on the very first millisecond the lights turn green
    -People who honk behind me when I stop for pedestrians
    -People who try to be smart and go through the wrong lane on purpose just to cut the line in front of everyone
    -People who drag themselves at 9 miles an hour in the fast lane and won’t get out of the way when you make an overtaking signal
    -Pedestrians that don’t understand they do have to respect the lights, just like cars
    -People who ride with their fog lights on just because “it looks cooler”

    Yes, everything above mentioned really happens a lot here in Brazil. I really shouldn’t have been born in a 3rd world country… hehehehe.

    1. People who ride with their fog lights on just because “it looks cooler”

      And it is illegal to drive with them on if it is not foggy too. But Johnny Policeman never does anything about it. Some kids stupidly drive around with tiny blue lights on at night now here in Brum; it is almost impossible to see them. The drivers think it is cool but some sensible drivers think it is foolish and dangerous.

      And why do car drivers think that they can just plonk their car anywhere that they want too. The amount of times I have been angered by people who park partly on my drive. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!

      My husband is an MOT inspector and he takes great delight in failing idiots with their illegal lights, exhausts, etc.

      In my 22 years of motorcycling, I have noticed how anarchy is ruling the roads nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, not all motorcyclist are model riders either, it just seems that car drivers get away with a whole hell of a lot more then motorcyclists/scooterists.

      Sorry, FEd, I guess I got a lot of angst to let off at the moment. The amount of traffic near misses I have had lately due to idiots is amazing. No harm intended.

      Getting back to the main topic in hand, Lemon Jelly’s ‘Lost Horizon’s’ and any Future Sound of London is great driving music.

      When I was a kid we always used to play Chet Atkins and lots and lots of John Denver in the car. Oh, how I loved John Denver when I was a kid. We used to drive a lot between Texas and Colorado and John Denver was always on the 8-track player.

      ZZ Top’s ‘Eliminator’ was always my favourite housework music. :))

  32. ‘Lo All.

    A tune perfect for all traffic situations is Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

    People who wind me up on the road? There are too many to list, but generally drivers with either no manners or no brains. 😉

  33. Sorry, FEd, I don’t understand. 😕

    Was “La Carrera Panamericana” ever released in any (legal) format, more than VHS? I don’t think so. All those CDs and DVDs which are so easy to find on eBay are not legal versions, aren’t they?

    Unfortunately, I’ve been looking for that VHS for some years, but I could never find it, so I’ve never seen the video, apart from something I found online.

    Anyway, if someone is interested, I recently had a look at Amazon and they still have it, even though there was only one new copy available and its price was amazing. 8|

  34. Hi,

    Riding With the King… Clapton/BB.King, is a good one.

    Pet hates… or more like “pet scares”, (if that’s a word): Young men in old, fast cars, who feel immortal, invincible and fearless. (The nr. 1 cause of death in this country for 18-24 year old men are traffic accidents). One thing is solo-accidents where they kill themselves, but often there are innocent people involved.

  35. The name of the band and the title of the album are truly coincidental, but I really love the live version of Low Spark of High Heeled Boys from Traffic’s On the Road album. And, though it’s not likely to happen, how about Slow Down by the Beatles…?

    My personal driving pet peeve is the cell-phone talker who speaks with his hands.

    1. And, though it’s not likely to happen, how about Slow Down by the Beatles…?

      Great minds think alike. I’m happy to see that someone mentioned this, because it’s one that I jotted down.

      I think Larry Williams was responsible for the original?

  36. I guess “Little G.T.O” was mentioned? Liked that one.

    “Mustang Sally” is good also.

    Laptop still crashed. Looks like no recovery is possible for it.

    Hope all is well David.

  37. I’ve been listening to a lot of music in my car for the past 15 years, but here are my favorites for long and lonely night drives:

    Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
    David Gilmour – Love On The Air
    The Beatles – Drive My Car
    The Clash – London Calling

  38. Hello gang,

    Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” has a nice “driving rhythm”.

    As for the pet hates, using the middle lane on the highway, dabbling at 100 kph with nobody on the right hand lane makes me want to shout “GET TO THE BL**DY RIGHT!”

    Luckily, on the motorbike, I am seldom troubled by the congestions.


    1. As for the pet hates, using the middle lane on the highway, dabbling at 100 kph with nobody on the right hand lane makes me want to shout “GET TO THE BL**DY RIGHT!”

      Remember, Ralph, it’s an English blog, here, so… :))

  39. Wow.

    These are five songs I love to listen to while I’m driving:

    The Guess Who – “American Woman”
    Kansas – “Dust In The Wind”
    Jimi Hendrix – “Little Wing”
    Bob Dylan – “Positevely 4th Street”
    Led Zeppelin – “When The Levee Breaks”

    I like very much “Carrera Slow Blues” from “La Carrera Panamericana” – I love how David plays the Blues.

    I’ve had a rest this afternoon and I watched “P.U.L.S.E.”, when I listened to “Poles Apart” in the chapter “Bootlegging the Bootleggers” I was about to cry, that song means a lot to me and it’s definitely one of the best pieces of music ever written. GRAZIE DAVID.

    Goodnight everybody.

    P.S. I’m sorry for your Liverpool Fed, better days will come. It’s very annoying when the other team scores during the last minute, isn’t it? I go crazy every time it happens against me!

    1. Thanks, Piero.

      I don’t know what to say; it’s been such a rotten season so far. I’m at the stage now where each new defeat or injury setback seems quite funny, which is slightly worrying.

  40. I’m surprised that La Carrera isn’t released on DVD. The sound quality is amazing and exceptional!

    Another pet peeve is when you park a car decently in the designated area, when you get back, an idiot parks right next to your driver side door making it difficult to get in without damaging his frickin’ car. 😉

  41. It depends on how long the drive will be, but on long trips, house music works great for me. House music is strongly influenced by elements of soul- and funk-infused varieties of disco. 8)

    I also love driving to the Beatles “We Can Work It Out”, a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and released by The Beatles as a “double A-sided” single with “Day Tripper”. Covered by many artists’ including Stevie Wonder who did a great cover!

    Pink Floyd’s La Carrera Panamericana is a fantastic film with terrific music and guitar by David Gilmour. Several instrumentals are featured, including “Pan Am Shuffle” and “Carrera Slow Blues”. Does anyone know where to buy the film music soundtrack?

    I love the footage of Mexico and the behind the scenes footage also. My favorite part is a clip of Steve O’Rourke celebrating with the guys at the end of a day, extremely thrilled by the racing experience. The film also includes many great shots of awesome classic cars racing through towns and beautiful country side. 8)

    Highly recommend buying it.

    1. Does anyone know where to buy the film music soundtrack?

      If they do, I’m afraid it won’t be an official release because a soundtrack album was never made available, and as such their answer won’t make it past my Delete button.

      I’m sure you can find the name of the RoIO which contains all the tracks composed for the film with a little searching.

  42. Hi everybody, how are you?

    Nice topic FEd. For me it depends of the day, and the mood. You know, I like, from time to time, to put my driving skills into test and drive fast off road, some sort of rally. For this occasion I like to listen to:

    “Riding with the King” – Clapton/King
    “Hit the Road Jack” – Ray Charles
    “Best Damn Fool” – Buddy Guy (Yeah, I know it´s Ironic 😉 )
    “Earthling” – David Bowie (the album)

    When the traffic is too hard, I like to listen to:

    “On an Island” (the album) and “Meddle”

    Take care.

  43. We always enjoy seeing how far down the road we can get whilst playing Echoes (from Gdansk), especially soothing in traffic jams along with Comfortably Numb, Fat Old Sun, On An Island and Dark Side of the Moon.

    The car only seems to run on Floyd/David and Roger tracks!

  44. Anyone on the road, in a car, on a bike, scooter, skate board, shopping buggy or roller skates pisses me off. That is, if they hinder my progress, speed or otherwise get in my way. :/

    Some of my favorite driving songs below.

    ‘Driving My Life Away’- Eddie Rabbitt
    ‘Songs About Rain’- Gary Allen
    ‘Echoes’- Pink Floyd
    ‘One Of These Days’-Pink Floyd
    ‘Born On The Bayou’- Creedence Clearwater Revival (put this in your iPod and smoke it :P)

  45. I was driving today, playing one of my self-made tapes and thought I would share the songs on it. They are some of my favorites and they are all great for driving:

    Eric Clapton – Ain’t Going Down
    Bad Company – Simple Man
    Robin Trower – Gonna Be More Suspicious
    Robin Trower – Day of the Eagle
    The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
    Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Put a Spell On You
    Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
    KGB – It’s Gonna Be a Hard Night
    Lynnrd Skynnrd – I Got the Same Old Blues
    Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks
    Eric Clapton – Another Man
    Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
    Pink Floyd – Time
    Robert Plant – Big Log
    Moody Blues – The Story in Your Eyes
    The Kinks – Superman
    REO Speedwagon – 157 Riverside Avenue
    Box of Frogs – Back Where I Started
    Badfinger – Baby Blue
    Steve Winwood – Higher Love
    Janis Joplin – Move Over

  46. I must say that if I was driving at night and put on OAI, I would fall asleep. It is too relaxing and sleeping while driving is not a good thing.

    So I need music that keeps the blood flowing. Here’s a few that do the trick:

    Radar Love – Golden Earring
    Twilight Zone – Golden Earring
    I’m Going Home – Ten Years After
    Fool For The City – Foghat
    Highway Star – Deep Purple
    Free Ride – Edgar Winter Group
    Under My Wheels – Alice Cooper
    Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
    Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue

    Now that’s a list of driving tunes. Turn up the volume and you’re good to go.



  47. Great topic and such wonderful music chosen.

    A few I rather like in no particular order:

    Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top)
    Cocaine (Eric Clapton, Just One Night cut)
    Green Onions (Booker T and the MGs)
    Sleepwalk (The Shadows)
    Hold On/Aqua Marine (Santana)
    Turn The Page (Bob Seger)
    Big Log (Robert Plant)
    Life In The Fast Lane/Hotel California (Eagles)
    Heavy Fuel (Dire Straits)
    Can’t You See (Marshall Tucker Band)
    Tuesday’s Gone (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
    Tom Sawyer (Rush)
    Texas Flood (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
    Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
    Cabo Wabo (Van Halen/Sammy Hagar)
    Do You Feel Like We Do (Peter Frampton)
    Can’t Find My Way Home (Blind Faith)

    And who could forget:

    100 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall


  48. How about:

    Al DI Meola — Race with Devil on Spanish Highway

    Kraftwerk — Autobahn

    Fleetwood Mac — The Chain

    Pink Floyd — Interstellar Overdrive

    Tangerine Dream — Cinnamon Road

    Brendan AKA The Sonic Groove

  49. La Carrera Panamerica… that brings back some fond memories… especially the great ‘Pan Am Shuffle’.

  50. I prefer Pat Travers (snortin’ whiskey/drinking cocaine)… makes the blood flow and of course anything PF, but I like Pulse… nothing like live PF to cruise the Denver flyways… :))

  51. L.A. Woman — the Doors

    Suicide Blond — INXS

    …and the obscure Silver Train by Johnny Winter.


  52. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RELEASE the La Carrera Panamericana soundtrack. PLEASE.

    OK, begging over now.

    Favourite driving song is “One Of These Days.” You can time gear changes to perfection with that playing. Also “Take It Back,” is another favourite to drive to.

  53. My favourite driving songs are:

    Sledgehammer – Peter Gabrial
    Who Are You? – The Who
    Take a Breath – Dr David Gilmour!
    Break On Through – The Doors
    Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
    Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd but it must be the live version from Pulse.

    Pet hate is the take-over on the roads of all these cheap cars that are sold without indicators!!! 😉

  54. My favourite driving songs are:

    I’ll Find My Way Home – Jon & Vangelis
    Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
    I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers
    More Than A Feeling – Boston
    Take Me for a Little While – Coverdale/Page
    Crossroads – Cream
    Drive – R.E.M

  55. Maybe

    Beatles – “The Long and Winding Road” and “Drive My Car” too, I agree.

    I think, Beatles’ songs are best suited to driving and travel.

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