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As today marks the birthday of one of the greatest and most soulful guitarists you will ever have the privilege of hearing, have a listen to this…

For those that don’t know, Peter Green replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (no pressure there, then) before forming Fleetwood Mac with the Bluesbreakers’ rhythm section: drummer, Mick Fleetwood, and bassist, John McVie.

Within a short time, they gave the world – and Carlos Santana – ‘Black Magic Woman’, ‘The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)’, ‘Man of the World’, ‘Need Your Love So Bad’ and most famously of all, ‘Albatross’, which you will doubtless recall David exclusively performing for Jools Holland’s Radio 2 show last year (it being one of his favourites and Green one of his influences).

Is there another Peter Green number that you think David could attempt?

As a tribute to an exceptional yet incredibly modest musician, I’d like to hear which you think are his stand-out songs, albums, solos and collaborations today.

And if you’ve recently seen Peter Green and Friends, who have been touring this year, please don’t keep it to yourself.

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  2. Dave, don’t forget “Oh Well” as well… no pun intended. You should perform that sometime as well.

    And… don’t ask me what I think of you, I may not give the answer that you want me to…!

  3. Happy Birthday, Peter!

    Peter brought a style to Fleetwood Mac that was so essential to the Band and I enjoy his work tremendously. I’m almost too timid to write because saying that Peter and his work were a big part of my growing up is like saying Bread and Butter go together. It’s almost redundant.

    I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and thanks Peter!

  4. I’m so glad I visited the David Gilmour website today! I didn’t realise it was not only Peter’s birthday (Cheers!) but I didn’t know that David liked Peter’s so much. There are two English guitarists I rate as the best in the world and both names I’ve just mentioned. Peter Green is the best white blues guitarist in the world and so much for making blues great with his Fleetwood Mac.

    I would so love to see both David and Peter play together sharing each others’ songs and others!

    If someone connected to David could contact me I would like to suggest a fantastic venue for a low key gig, perhaps to raise money for Crisis.

    Oh “Jumping at Shadows” is a classic that David would sound great playing!


  5. I do like Peter Green’s music but sorry’ haven’t got any of it’ so can’t recall any tunes/songs.

    Slightly off-topic but related, I saw Fleetwood Mac last Thursday in SECC and it was fantastic.


    1. Ian,

      If you never listen to me ever again just hear me out now.

      Treat yourself to Fleetwood Mac’s (pre Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham etc) greatest hits. You will not be disappointed, trust me.

  6. Peter played on a song called “You Don’t Love Me Pretty Baby” which was on the John Mayall album “A Hard Road”… smokin’ track.

    I could never understand how Gary Moore sold the Gibson Les Paul Peter recorded “Need Your Love So Bad” with. Well apart from if he was skint of course, which I doubt.

    If David was to give me any guitar or anything, never mind the Black Strat, I very much doubt if I would sell it.

  7. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac… what a story that reads. But what a fabulous band. They produced a string of fantastic albums.

    I did get to see him a few times when he began touring again with the Splinter Group. He had top drawer musicians around him but he was being heavily ‘masked’ by them.

    One time at Ronnie Scott’s club in Birmingham, the lights went down and a couple of blokes and their wives shuffled past me to get to their table. Of course I just had to make a comment on them getting in late and disrupting things. Anyway, at the interval when the lights went up I noticed that it was Bryan May, his wife who had been on EastEnders and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath with partner.


  8. Hello David,

    when will you come to Brazil for a show? We hope your visit has many fans of your work here and Pink Floyd, they can die happy after seeing you play.

    PS: Cheers.

    Hugs, Lucas.

    1. They’d all die happy… but then David wouldn’t be able to play a show again at a later time! 😮

  9. I bought a Fender Strat (1977) a few years ago and it just so happened to be signed by Peter Green.

    Gilmour/Peter Green dual win?

  10. One of the most unappreciated guitar masters that ever was. Like David, Peter was a master of tone and economy, only Peter had the added ability to absolutely shred if he felt the need to. What I love about Peter is that he rarely felt the need to.

    Not too long ago I watched an extended documentary about Peter Green on YouTube. I’m sure it’s still out there. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the man.

    Maybe David could give one of “I Loved Another Woman”, “Man of the World”, “Oh Well”, ” A Fool No More” a go. Or, if he’s feeling particularly generous, he might give them all a go and put them out there for us to enjoy. What do you say David?

  11. I agree with Steve about “Jumping at Shadows”, David would do a great job with it.

    “Seven Stars” from Peter Green’s 1979 album “In The Skies” is another one I like. It would be nice to listen to David playing it. 🙂

  12. Hi Everyone!

    What an absolute master! I vote for for David and friends doing ‘Oh Well’ but ‘Man of the World’ would suit him very well, I feel.

    I’m off to see the Greenless McVieless Fleetwood Mac in Birmingham on Tuesday. I’m also going to see Andy Fairweather-Low this evening!

    I hope that you are all well and have a great Halloween!


  13. As was said above, Peter Green was one of the most unappreciated guitar masters. I love his playing.

    I think David could attempt many of his songs, but the one I’d most like to hear now that “Albatross” has been done is “Man of the World”.

    1. To be honest, I’ve only heard Green’s “Albatross.” I remember reading somewhere how “Floydian” the song is, so I attained (a-hem) a copy of it, and was amazed by the song. I like to pretend it’s a missing track from UMMAGUMMA (for some reason, it seems like it fits well with the other tracks on that underrated gem). One of my favorite Beatles tracks, “Sun King,” sounds a bit like “Albatross” as well; surely George Harrison was influenced by the song?

      I do know “Oh Well,” by way of the Live album from the Buckingham and Nicks-era Mac, but haven’t heard the original; and of course, I know Santana’s version of “Black Magic Woman” (I simply love ABRAXAS and CARAVANSERAI in particular – sorry for plugging those albums. 🙂 )

      I’ve wanted to check out Peter Green’s work with the Mac but somehow managed not to yet. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

      Does anyone recommend any album in particular to start with?


    2. I think Mr G did play Albatross with Jools Holland, last year? Some time.

      I saw Peter Green a few years ago. It was a great gig with “some Captain Pugwash banter” being thrown at the great man. By both his band and the audience. It was a great gig!

  14. I love the song Oh Well.

    However, I learned something here today. I had no idea that ‘The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)’ was a Peter Green tune. It is a song that I always related to Judas Priest. Unless that is a different song with the same title. I must say it is one of the highlights of seeing Priest in concert, I love their interpretation.

    I wonder how David would interpret that song.



  15. There are so many parallels between Peter Green and Syd, musically and personally. The big difference is that Syd’s brilliance has been duly recognised, but Peter’s has yet to be. It remains sad that he got rid of his guitar collection, though this is how Gary Moore obtained the Les Paul.

    The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown) remains my favourite Fleetwood Mac song.

    I saw Peter Green a few years ago with his Splinter group. He obviously struggled to be on stage, but his playing was beautiful. If I had known that he has been playing live this year, I would make an effort to get to see him again.

  16. Happy Halloween. 😮

    I discovered Peter Green about 3 years ago and was instantly a fan.

    I thought ‘Albatross’ was one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard. When I saw David at The Ritzy, someone asked him which song he wished he’d written and he replied “Albatross”. I was beaming! The best part was that David later performed it and was brilliant as ever. (I would like to hear it without Jools in the background, no offence to him; I just wasn’t keen on his contribution as it seemed out of place as far as the feeling of the song.) My ideal setting would have been for David to play it all alone in his barn and then share it with us.

    Anyway, I have 3 songs I’d like to hear David perform:

    ‘Jumping At Shadows’ (This one begs for David’s special touch.)
    ‘Need Your Love So Bad’
    ‘First Train Home’


    P.S. I finally drank my special bottle of wine that I bought in Gdansk. It was a very good year. 😉

  17. I am so glad to see that you have posted Peter Green on the blog. I have been a fan since I first saw Peter Green play in 67 when they were called Fleetwood Mac. What great performers they were. Peter, Jeremy, Danny, John and Mick. They really could play the Blues.

    I think there is really one song I would love to hear David play and it’s called the Rattlesnake Shake off of the Then Play On album.

    Plus I never miss going to a Peter Green and the Splinter concert when they would come to Portland, Oregon. I just hope that after Peter Green and Friends finish touring over there that they will come to the States.

    Fed, what is your favorite album by Peter Green?

    Have a great weekend,

    1. I’m rather partial to the one he did as a Bluesbreaker – A Hard Road.

      I think ‘Curly’ would make a fine barn jam, if David, Guy and Steve would allow their arms to be twisted. Not too much, obviously.

      The B-side to that single – ‘Rubber Duck’ – is good, too. I’m sure Steve would enjoy that one.

    2. Fed,

      That would be cool to hear and see Steve play rubber duck. Plus you should maybe suggest it to David, for that would be a great barn jam playing Curly and Rubber Duck.


  18. Maybe ‘A Fool No More’? Great haunting slow blues, I love it.

    I also like ‘Slabo Day’ a lot, but I have been told that Snowy White played lead guitar on it (and Peter Green, rhythm guitar). Right?

  19. Hi.

    It’s my first visit to the blog and I felt I just had to contribute.

    “The Super-Natural” off the John Mayall “A Hard Road” album. It would be amazing.


  20. Hi!

    I love Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, his sound is so deep, you realize immediately how he feels the notes he’s playing. Albatross is a magic piece for me, together with the autobiographical “Man Of The World”. It seems that we all agree on both.

    For those who live in Italy and are lucky to have Sky, tomorrow at 11.30 pm you can watch “Remember That Night” on 702 Live! It’s the first time I can see one of David’s gigs on TV.

    Have a nice night everybody.


  21. A guitarist’s guitarist, if there ever was one. Peter Green. This man’s cool, soulful voice. That quiver to his vibrato. No blues guitarist in the world can touch him. None. Period. Clapton may have been deemed “God” by many, but Green was known as “the Green God” by just as many.

    I fell in love with Mr Green’s guitar work in the mid to late 90s and have been madly passionate about his work every since. I’d love to see David attempt Need Your Love So Bad and (like stated above) Jumping At Shadows as well.

    His solo albums are shoddy masterpieces, In the Sky probably his best. However, his time marked with the Bluesbreakers culminated in a great instrumental (The Supernatural), and his time with the Mac created many mind blowing moments of subtle guitar nuances and blistering blues like Oh Well, and raucous rock like Rattlesnake Shake. The arrival of Buckingham/Nicks, and all the time in between his departure (in 1970, and then again in 71 after Spencer defected the group for the Children of God (!!), most latter day Mac fans have no appreciation for this guitar legend.

    Anyone know where the infamous 50s goldtop Les Paul (with the inverted pick ups) ended up, after Gary Moore sold it many years back? Fed, any idea?

    I’d love to own that bugger!

    Great thread…

    1. Anyone know where the infamous 50s goldtop Les Paul (with the inverted pick ups) ended up, after Gary Moore sold it many years back? Fed, any idea?

      I don’t, sorry. Would love to know. (Well, as long as it’s not in some banker’s gilded den of ill-gotten gain.)

  22. Well, as long as it’s not in some banker’s gilded den of ill-gotten gain.

    Who says you don’t like to write lyrics? I think that’s a song right there! 🙂


    1. Sorry guys but that’s pretty much exactly where it is. Check it out on YouTube under Peter Green/Gary Moore Les Paul @ Dallas Guitar Show.

      Apparently greed is good for some…

  23. I like Peter Green, though he is just a bit inconsistent.

    The one song I would love to hear done by David would be Slabo Day from Blues by Green.

  24. Green Manalishi amongst many – I just admired his guitar playing no matter what! I didn’t realise he toured this year – watched him many times in the Splinter Group.

    His music nearly beats helping the roadies out at Dagenham in Essex, back in the 60s to help get some group’s equipment out and onto stage because we arrived early and had nothing to do!!

    I think the group’s got potential – Pink Floyd I think they were called…

  25. Fool No More, Apostle and Ride with your Daddy Tonight are today’s favourites but it’s always changing for me.

    I learn something new about music everytime I listen to a Peter Green track and it always brings me joy to visit the world he creates.

  26. Excellent documentary on BBC4 this week as part of ‘Fleetwood Mac week’ all about Peter’s life. Got it recorded and will keep it as it brings back so many wonderful memories when musicians weren’t prima donnas!!

    And highlights Peter’s talents… catch it if you can.

  27. I had the greatest pleasure watching the progs on telly in the early hours of Sat. We need to get this modest chappie, Mr Green, back in the recording studio. I had to keep telling myself to take in the occasional breath.

    I worked for Mecca, (Wuz General Manager) and also D.J’d and, in common with my generation was obsessed by R & B, John Lee Hooker etc., and the movement going on at the time. 1963? But, in UK, Peter must have been the master of them all.

    Peter, can you come back to recording? Can we get you writing some new enchanting tunes, and scores? Perhaps at least one of my contacts would surely help. How can you be contacted?

    Best wishes.
    John Bridgwood, spinster of this parish, and all round good egg.

  28. “I Loved Another Woman” is a great Peter Green number I can imagine David playing and singing.

  29. I went to see Peter Green and Friends a few weeks ago when he came to Ireland.

    Great night and a humble but brilliant man.

  30. Peter Green is an extremely gifted musician, I’m a fan.

    I have never attended any Peter Green concert, but I asked one of the local concert promoters to invite Peter to play in Poland. He answered me “We will think about it”.

    I listened to most of the records with Peter, which I have and it would be cool to hear David playing one of those (only ones, which were not mentioned earlier): “Out Of Reach”, “Greeny”, “Jenny” John Mayall song, but Peter played on it, it is very popular in Poland, “Merry Go Round”, “Before The Beginning”, “World In Harmony”.

    Not Peter’s, but it would be also great to hear David’s take on “Double Trouble”.

    And of course all the best to Mr. Peter Green.

  31. 8) Peter Green’s more recent work with the Splinter group has some high spots too. I love “The Burglar” for example, although it could have done with a little more of his guitar work. But his voice (like Dylan’s, and of course David’s) has improved over the years.

  32. Finding Peter Green when digging back into the ‘prehistory’ and origins of Fleetwood Mac mark 2 (as well as Danny Kirwan and even Jeremy Spencer) is like discovering treasure which you never knew existed. I just got Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston CD (1970), which has blown me away, especially the 20 minute jam in Rattlesnake Shake – unbelievable – better than sex!

  33. Saw Peter two nights ago with “Friends” at the Komedia in Brighton UK. Having seen him with the Splinter Group 3 times, I must say this was a vast improvement. For one, he actually plays lead! In the Splinter Group, most of the lead guitar was Nigel Watson, so if you get any Splinter Group CDs, the chances are you are listening to a Peter Green impression! He probably needed Nigel’s support to get him playing again, but obviously outgrew the need for this “prop”. So, I think Nigel deserves a vote of thanks for helping Peter come back to us.

    Also, Peter’s voice, though still cracking occasionally, was vastly better and more confident on Wednesday. He still seems to have a hard time meeting anyone’s gaze, and has a “frontman” (Mike Dodd) to do the intros and the banter. It is unlikely that Peter will ever fully recover from his illness, but he is doing amazingly well considering the depths he plumbed in the 70s/80s. He seems an affable, content, well-loved man pleased to be playing under his own terms and pleasing audiences in the process. Catch him if you can. Don’t expect a time-warped 1960s Peter, but prepare to enjoy a great night of some of the best guitar you’ll ever hear from someone who is probably embarrassed to be called a “legend”. But he is.

    BTW, David, “The Supernatural” has to be THE one!!!

  34. Saw Peter last night at Bluesfest, Byron Bay, Australia.

    Put on a great show. The crowd loved him.

  35. Had the pleasure of playing bass with Peter and the late great Vincent Crane on the Katmandu album in 1984.

  36. Peter Green is the man. The only close second, for me, is Gary Moore.

    Sadly, on this side of the pond (USA) me thinks I am unlikely to ever have the opportunity to see either of those fine artists perform.

  37. Given David’s expression and incredible ability to make the guitar talk, in my opinion the finest match would be ‘Slabo Day’. Such a simple, simple tune, but so melodic and loaded with emotion. Thousands can play the notes, but only a very small handful indeed can bring the tune to life.

    Obviously a totally different field, but I listened to John Williams the classical guitarist play in our local village recently and he’s another with that incredible touch.

    How is it that just a handful of people can extract that different tone simply by plucking or even just touching a string? And people try and deny that there are hidden dimensions all around us in the Universe.

  38. It is great to see so many Peter Green Fans.

    I am a professional guitarist and I play in a Cajun/Zydeco band. We play all around the United States. Peter Green was and is a major influence on me.

  39. A friend recently turned me on to the incredible talent of Peter Green. I’ve been looking at all the YouTube footage I can find on him. His voice is better today than ever, pure soul. I hope we have him on Earth for many more years to come. A Living Legend for sure!

  40. To me Peter Green is the best blues guitarist that I have heard. For John Mayall to let him play and sing on the Hard Road album speaks for itself. I have seen him perform in Australia twice and only wished I could have seen him at his peek before his mental illness. I think I have everything he has done and never get sick of his music.


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